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tv   CBS 2 News Noon  CBS  September 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm CDT

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the company just put this out a month ago. it is beautiful outside today. i met the iowa river landing where fryfest is ongoing right now. it is just perfect to weather. you cannot ask for anything better. the humidity is low and the sun is shining. we are starting to warm up but it is very comfortable. you can come out here and enjoy some of the activities going on. right now back with rebecca in a moment. right now, tropical storm hermine is making its way across the southeast after making landfall as a category one hurricane overnight in florida. at least one fatality is being blamed on the storm so far. kenneth craig is in south carolina with the latest on the storm. >> reporter: weaves -- weed lash the bulkhead while
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storefronts. the storm made landfall overnight near the florida panhandle as a category one hurricane. the first for florida in with a decade. a seven foot storm surge and several inches of rain flooded streets and downed trees, knocked out power to more than 100,000 residents. >> we will spend the coming days assessing the damage and responding to the needs of our communities and families. >> reporter: heavy rain and 60 mile-per-hour winds to georgia and south carolina. >> we are taking the storm very seriously. >> reporter: charleston mayor, john tecklenburg, reminded residents that because hermine is no longer overcame, it is still a threat. >> we are expecting serious winds, serious rainfall that could lead to flash flooding. >> reporter: a long charleston's waterfront, hermine is more of a spectacle than a threat at least for now.
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not really prepping or anything like that. >> i love it. i absolutely adore. >> reporter: benjamin moore has lived here all of his life. he is taking the storm in stride. >> i'm afraid it's going to be are and inland. that's what it usually does. >> reporter: from here, hermine is expected to move up to the northeast and stall off the coast of new jersey for labor day weekend. kenneth craig, cbs news georgia power reports more than 76,000 customers are without power statewide as hermine continues across georgia. samsung is recalling its new galaxy note 7 smart phone. the recall comes after worldwide reports of the device catching fire while charging. samsung said it found a problem with the battery in some of the phones and is now halting all sales. the worlds highest selling
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ago. the company plans to replace all 2.5 million galaxy note 7 sold so far. the former stanford swimmer convicted of sexual assault is now out of jail after only three months. brock turner was released this morning after serving half of his six month sentence. the sentenced caused a major uproar as many say it was too lenient turner sexually assaulted an unconscious woman outside a fraternity house at stanford. turner now plans to live with his parents must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. a waterloo police officer will not face formal charges for his treatment of a suspect. this body cam video shows officer adam with nine or yanking on the dreadlocks of a handcuffed suspect it also shows him yelling at the suspect, hitting him in the head and pushing him into a squad car. the suspects attorney sent this video to the fbi and cbs2. officials say montavis keller
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at the end of a high-speed chase. keller now wants that officer fired for this incident. the attorney general's office reviewed the footage and decided not to charge officer whitmire. waterloo police chief said the officer was punished internally pinned keller will stand trial later this month. a cedar rapids man is seriously hurt after a motorcycle crashed early this morning. brevard county sheriff said michael long on the lewis access road when his motorcycle hit a deer. he was taken to the uihc with life-threatening injuries. more criticism for colin kaepernick after the -- he once again refused to stand during the national anthem last night. this time his teammates, joined the quarterback in his protest. his actions first captured
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national anthem at a previous indefinitely continue his protest. we want to know what you think about his's our question of the day - by sitting during the national anthem - do you believe colin kapernick is disrespecting the country?to answer - just look for the question of the day link on our website, cbs 2 iowa dot com. college football is just about to kick off in the corridor - but not before a big fry-day ev. event. stephanie johnson is live in coralville right now, at the trade show at fry-fest's it going stephanie?
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coming up on the cbs 2 news at noon,what tropical storm herm-een could mean zika virus in florida. florida.and - if you're planning on hitting up kinnick stadium tomorrow for the hawkeyes kickoff or just making plans for the holiday- you won't want to miss
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vernon: a lot of childish bickering stopping you from getting things done. sounds like washington, but it was my house as i raised three daughters while starting a small business. i'm monica vernon. we've got to help hardworking families with affordable childcare, expanded family sick leave,
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because it's time to get something done for the middle class. tropical storm hermine could also have a devastating effect on florida's f tropical storm hermine
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mosquitoes.the biggest problem is standing water, which attracts the lead up to hermine, florida officials removed even the smallest traces of water to stop the spread of zika.but the storm is a double-edged sword. "the good news about hurricanes is that they can wash away mosquito populations. // the downside is that the hurricane will interrupt any ongoing efforts of mosquito control. and then as the floodwaters recede, we could see the reappearance mosquitoes."another problem florida is facing in fighting zika is cost - the director of the c-d-c said this week that funds have almost run out.the house will consider a one-point-one billion dollar zika bill when it returns from vacation next week. many people are getting an early start on the holiday weekend on this fry-day. 2 meteorologist
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coralville,with a look at your weather first forecast from fry-fest 20-16. 20-16. it is gorgeous outside right now. you couldn't ask for a better start to the holiday weekend. in really to kick off football season. this is the whether you dream about to start football in. it's going to be a beautiful weekend and a great day to come down. landing where five rest is ongoing right now. it's going to remain gorgeous throughout the day today. temperatures right now are in the low 70s. they are still in the 60s north of highway 20. the dew point is low. that makes it feel comfortable outside right now. dew points are in the mid-50s. that's why it feels so nice outside.
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mid-seventies this afternoon. we will fall through the 70s at 6:00. by 9:00, 65 degrees. temperatures will cool down quickly. they will be similar to this morning with low temperatures close to 50 degrees areawide. mostly clear skies with light winds. you may need a light jacket once again. you may need them if you are tailgating early for the iowa game. kickoff is at 2:30 pm tomorrow. it will be sunny and beautiful for the game. you will want to bring sunglasses with you. this is because of a big area of high pressure in control right now over much of the midwest. tropical storm hermine is moving up the eastern seaboard and is starting to move out of florida. we're seeing some relief in northern parts of for it. this will continue up the eastern seaboard and influence our weather. as it moves up the east coast, it will block our high pressure for moving off the coast. that means the nice weather
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holiday weekend. we stay dry. we stay comfortable because that high pressure can't move. that means it will feel comfortable outside. the dew point temperatures will remain low in the comfortable range throughout the entirety of the holiday weekend until monday. it will start to be a little sticky outside. by tuesday, wednesday and thursday, you will start to notice that humidity out there. after this nice dose of fault, we will actually have a taste for now, if you look at the extended forecast. temperatures in the mid-70s today and tomorrow. low temperatures again near 50 degrees. by sunday we hit 80. by labor day, we're back closer to the 90 degree mark. notice the humidity. we're at 90 on tuesday with a chance for showers and storms. the highest chance for rain will be late tuesday into
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middle of the week. right now, it is gorgeous here at the iowa river landing. behind me they are starting to set up for the concert tonight. it is five dollars to get in for the concert which is hairball, a cover band's performing later today. there will also be fireworks and food trucks. the tradeshow is going on until 8:00. this is going to be a great night to come out and enjoy fryfest. get ready for hawkeye football because it is a gorgeous day. it will be a great weekend. weather. i hope you can get down here to coralville at the iowa river landing. back to you. into this for me because i'm stuck here for a while. still ahead, a potentially dangerous part of holiday grilling that many people don't
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right now we as a right now we are this close to the holiday weekend. for many people, labor day weekend is one of the last chances to grill outside. of course grilling is a staple of this season but it can expose you to chemicals linked to campell -- cancers. there's something about the grill that makes it nice.
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>> grilling is a perfect way to prepare meet i think. >> it may be tasty but grilling too much maybe bad for your health. oncologist, said tim echols form when meet, poultry and fish are cooked at high temperatures and smoke from fat that trips and burns on the grill have both been linked to call it, pancreatic and breast cancer. >> some people who assume mesa have been grilled on a high heat on a regular basis may be at increased risk for cancer. >> reporter: they are some things you can do to reduce your risk. start with a clean grill and cook foods that lower temperatures for a longer time. >> we also recommend marinating meats. marinating increases the moisture. that will decrease the formation of the chemicals. >> reporter: mark wilson and his wife tried to keep that advice in mind whenever they grill. >> every day there is something new. there is a new risk to look out
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>> reporter: experts say gas grills are safer because they cook more evenly. roots and vegetables can be grilled with no health risk. don champion be and, cbs news, dallas. experts also say it's a good idea to have a food thermometer handy when you grill to make sure your foods are cooked thoroughly. coming up, the one simple factor now making car seats easier for parents and safer for likely stay with her a& at least through election day. government sources tell circa that fbi agents found evidence suggesting the effort to have clinton conduct government business on a private email device and server that would not be accessible under public records law or to congressional oversight might have been intentional.the sources say agents found evidence showing that secretary clinton's team likely violated the federal records act hundreds.. and possibly even thousands of times.comey sot:00:47 - 1:00 hice: did secretary clinton,
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department's policies or the federal records act?come: i don't think so.sources say the fbi did not recommend criminal prosecution, in part because the law only allows for misdemeanor convictions and also because it wanted to defer to mrs. clinton's former employer, the state department, to recommend legal action. the state department's internal watchdog has already concluded mrs. clinton and her aides did not comply with the former federal prosecutor said the fbi and justice department could have brought charges against mrs. clinton based on the sheer volume of violations agents you get enough instances of people violating the federal records act and if it's a group of folks then you could look at things like a conspiracy, or a criminal enterprise, that could bump it up to a felony.but the former chief of the fbi's criminal division says such a case wouldn't have been sexy >> you get enough instances of people violating the federal records act and if it's a group of folks, you could look at things like that as a compare and see or criminal enterprise. that was certainly bump it up
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criminal division said such a case would not have been sexy enough to pursue sid agency stretch by terrorism, organist crime in cyber threats. >> seldom do expend agent resources at an investigative time with the top available paternity is a misdemeanor. >> the clinton campaign did not return calls seeking comment but former president bill clinton had it few words. >> this is the biggest load of bull of e i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us.
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he end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan. i'm chuck grassley, and i approve this message. two thousand and nine, the state budget was in shambles.
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, auditor and secretary of agriculture voluntarily cut their own pay ten percent. but, lieutenant govenor patty judge refused to cut her hundred and three thousand dollar salary by even a penny. is that leadership? unemployment rate remained new information. the u.s. unemployment rate remained at a low 4.9% in august. employers added 151,000 jobs just last month. that is low compared to the
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so far this year the u.s. economy has added more than 1 million jobs but wage growth slowed considerably. some account -- some economists say the fed will not raise interest rates for the time being. more americans plan to hit the road for this labor day weekend than any labor day in the past. a trip advisor survey said holiday travel is up 10% from last year. the majority of those will drive but plane travel is also about 6%. the top vacations are beach trips, city getaways, like escapes and national parks. right now it seems as though automakers are making it easier for parents to install child car seats. a new study from the insurance institute for highway safety shows more than 170 cars evaluated got a good or acceptable rating. last year the majority of them only got a poor or marginal rating. engineer say the most important
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improved placement of where the latch hardware is that makes it easier to latch which means more parents will do it correctly and that means better chances for keeping kids safe. let's take a second to remember life before itunes or smartphones. a new music player throwback comes with a huge price tag. sony is selling a new walkman four $3200. it is meant for high tech junkies o superclean sound. apparently a lot of the wiring inside that device is gold and copper. the updated walkman has over 250 gigs of storage. why not. this is blinked out, plated in
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i'm patty judge, and if you don't think washington has changed chuck grassley, try and ask him. the senate is broken. why are you leading all the obstruction? if you get your way and defund planned parenthood, where am i going to get my cancer screenings? if i'm paying more for medicine because your medicare plan passes, how do i afford that? are you even listening? i approved this message because, chuck,
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fry-day, let's head back down to coralville, coralville,where before we leave you on this friday let's head back to coralville were stephanie johnson and rebecca kopelman both live at fryfest 2016.
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of all things hawkeyes. ladies, how's it going? >> reporter: it's awesome. and it feels awesome outside. there is a lot of hawkeye gear going on. you can feel like everyone is ready for football season. the weather will be beautiful for it. temperatures will warm into the mid-70s this afternoon. 73 by 6:00. 65 by 9:00. nice weather continues tomorrow for kickoff at 2:30 pm. 77 degrees and beautiful. what's going on tonight? >> reporter: lots of things. the tradeshow is going on inside the marriott convention center. that ends at 8 pm. at 6:00 a concert will go on featuring, hairball. and also at 10 there will be fireworks. it's going to be a good time out here. >> come down and have a great
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is.
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>> bill: we're not waiting. >> brooke: you only just signed divorce papers. we shouldn't be rushing into this. >> bill: ending a marriage that was dead a long time ago. and -- and haven't i been the poster boy for -- for patience, i mean, counting the days until well, no more. we have nothing to hide, no one to protect, no fears. our life together starts now.


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