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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  September 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm CDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: the sprint to the finish. reaching out to african-americans. >> why wouldn't they vote for me. >> quijano: while clinton invites the press on to her new plane. >> i'm so happy to have all of you with me. i have been just waiting for this >> quijano: also tonight hermine ruins labor day weekend for millions. >> no ocean for us. >> quijano: a young boy's murder may be solved, but why did it take 27 years. and going up, life without limits. >> what does it feel like when you got to the top? >> it felt really cool. just like i was flying or something. >> quijano: this is the cbs
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>> quijano: good evening, scott is off tonight, i'm elaine quijano. a race that began more than a year ago has just 64 days left, with a new urgency this labor day weekend. democrat hillary clinton got help on the campaign trail from her husband, the former president. also a vice president, her running mate and a former opponent. republican donald trump was joined by mike pence. both parties, ohio was the focus. the trump and clinton planes were eve pack-- tarmac in cleveland at the same time. major garrett begins our coverage. >> reporter: donald trump and running mate mike pence greeted large, enthusiastic crowds amid food huts at the canfield fair in the typically democratic stronghold of youngstown, ohio. the throng circled trump and pence and shouted their labor day approval for a gop ticket that aims to cut deeply into blue clar north eastern ohio. >> we're going to bring jobs
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>> reporter: the four days ago drew vice president joe biden an comparatively splaller crowds, trump met with reporters for the first time in months on his private jet and summed up his labor day pitch. >> we're bringing back jobs. jobs is the whole thing. it's going to be so vital to this country to bring back our jobs. our jobs have been taken like be grant took richmond. >> reporter: with that civil war reference trump also african-american and hispanic votes with a thinly defined civil rights agenda. >> the democrats have a-- haven't done it. the level poverty is 40%, the youth can't get job, 58% unemployed, i'm going to fix it, why wouldn't they vote for me. the democrats get their votes every four years and then wave bye bye. i'm going to fix it. >> reporter: trump also implied hillary clinton is meet for failing to meet as trump did with recent flood victims in
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>> she didn't have the energy to go to louisiana. and she didn't have the energy to go to mexico. she should have gone to mexico. and she should have gone to louisiana. >> reporter: trump was also asked if he would participate in all three presidential debates. >> as of this moment, yeah. i look forward to the debates. i think it's an important element of what we're doing. >> reporter: after leaving these fair grounds trump told us the size of the crowd and its enthusiasm convinced him he can win ohio. who now happily call themselves trump supporters. but elaine, here the climb is still very steep. president obama carried this county twice with more than 62% of the votes. >> quijano: major garrett, thank you. >> hillary clinton spent much of august raising money out of public view. today she was back on the campaign trail. here's nancy cordes. >> reporter: clinton kicked off labor day with a new ride
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her campaign press corps which has been flying separately until now with little access to the candidate. >> i wanted to welcome you on to the plane. >> reporter: first stop, cleveland, ohio. a battleground state so important, clinton's plane had to share space on the tar pack with donald trump's and his running mates. >> he managed to turn his trip to mexico into an embarrassing international incident. >> reporter: high profile supporters went after trump in other battleground states. pennsylvania. >> he really does believe that workers make too much. >> reporter: clinton's running mate compared trump to nexton. >> even richard nixon produced his tax returns. >> reporter: the trump campaign likened clinton to nixon over the weekend after fbi documents revealed that her computer specialist deleted an email archive three weeks after news us of her server broke last march. clinton was peppered with questions about that on her
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>> mrs. clinton, do you feel that you contributed to the perception that there were these blurred lines between the state department and the clinton foundation by having several employees who seem to go back and forth between the two? >> no, i don't, nancy. look, everything i did at the state department i did in furtherance of america's interest and our security. the state department has said there's absolutely no evidence of any kind of external influence. and i know that to be the fact. and i know that the people who work well to pursuing the foreign policy that the obama administration set forth. >> reporter: clinton goes into the fall with an advantage in most battleground states. the latest cbs news battleground tracker has her up four in north carolina and up eight in pennsylvania. nancy cordes, cbs news, cleveland. >> quijano: tonight hermine is still causing trouble after ruining a lot of labor day plans.
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thousands are still in the dark. at least three people were killed in the south. the northeast was spared the high winds as the storm headed out to sea. but hermine is still sending large waves crashing in new england. here's demarco morgan. >> reporter: as hermine turned up the northeast, she put a fizz el on the unofficial last day of summer. thrashing waves and dangerous rip currents kept most beech goers from new jersey to cape cod out of the water. geraldine dry spent the weekend at coney island. >> no ocean for us. you step on to the water but the lifeguards were looking at us so we had to run off. >> reporter: hermine kicked off with a punch, a cat one hurricane that came shore early friday morning in florida with 80 mile per hour winds and dumped up to 18 inches of rain. it quickly lost steam as it veered through the carolinas. still, tropical storm warnings were issued for shoretowns up the east coast.
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to this royal caribbean cruiseship headed from new jersey to bermuda. passenger derek peterman. >> when you see the crew on a cruise ship starting to get dizzy and sick you know it has gotten pretty bad. >> reporter: the owner of the beach comber restaurant in wellfleet, massachusetts, is relieved to be spared by the brunt of the storm. any concern when it was moving frup florida. >> pretty much from the beginning they thought it would stay east of us, which was fine with me. >> reporter: this slow-moving system is packing 60 mile per hour w england. and could make landfall by wednesday. elaine, it's expected to head back out to sea later this week. >> quijano: demarco morgan, demarco, thank you. >> a new hurricane formed today in the pacific. newton is about 200 miles southeast of cabo san lucas, tracking toward the baja peninsula. remnants could hit arizona by wednesday. >> today president obama flew to laos after a turbulent few days at the g-20 summit in china.
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strike a deal with russia to stop the fighting in syria but that did not happen. margaret brennan is traveling with the president. >> reporter: president obama left his 90 minute meeting with vladimir putin empty-handed. >> we haven't yet closed the gaps in a way where we think it would actually work. >> reporter: putin pulled back at the last minute from a ceasefire deal in syria. turning down the u.s. offer to coordinate air strikes against isis and al-qaeda-linked terrorist. consider making such an extraordinary proposal shows how powerful vladimir putin has become. >> good evening, everybody. >> reporter: on the eve of what would have been another tense meeting with philippine approximated rodrigo duterte, the white house called it off after the leader publicly insulted president obama. >> then speak speaking in tagolog he said he called the u.s. president a sofn a bitch if
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judicial killing of more than 2,000 suspected drug runners since july. the president said he was aware of the insult. >> i have seen some of those colorful statements in the past. and so clearly he's a colorful guy. >> reporter: elaine, the white house says that president obama will instead meet with south korea's leader to discuss north korea's latest ballistic missile test >> r 1 ose 0 : margaret brennan-- . >> quijano: thank you. mr. obama's trip to laos is the first by a laos paid a terrible price during the vietnam war as american bombs rained down in a secret campaign. as adrianna diaz learned the wounds are still fresh. >> reporter: try telling brong yang the war ended 43 years ago. in july, the eight year old picked up what he thought was a ball. instead, it exploded. >> these bombs are just waiting out there on the land to be
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>> reporter: channapha chamvongsa has made it her life's mission to get rid of the millions of unexploded bombs still littering laos. >> this is a volume ofable problem. if we could get them out of the ground there wouldn't be death and injury in the future. >> reporter: during the vietnam war the u.s. dropped 270 million bombs on neighboring laos in part to cut off north vietnamese supply routes. craters from the blasts still scar the laos is the most heavily bombed country in the world per capita. on average, bombs were dropped here every eight minutes for nine years. chamvongsa has lobbied the u.s. congress and raised millions to clear the land. one acre can take more than two months to clear. >> it took seconds for the bombs to drop but yet it's going to take at least a lifetime or two
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after the war, chamvongsa and her family fled to the u.s. when she was six. but when she learned about the legacy of the u.s. bombing campaign, she knew she had to return. >> i would hope that, you know, little children would be able to walk to school without having to fear that they might not return at the end of the day. >> reporter: a bomb killed-- bouncy is i fan done's grandson i >> there was so much blood, she told us, she was just five years old. the family is now afraid to work their land. >> there's so much work to be done. we're going to be able to finish this job if people continue to be committed rtd so that children like brong yang can play outside without consequences. adrianna deez diaz, cbs news, laos. >> quijano: american shoarps
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longest streak of falling food prices in a half century. that is good if you have a family to feed. not so good for farmers. here's manuel bojorquez. >> reporter: heather bu en says putting food on the table has gotten easier. >> definitely less painful to go to the store. >> reporter: the texas mom tracks what she spends each week and says savings on staples like breg and eggs add up. >> i would say i can save anywhere in about $25 to $50, sometimes on my grocery bill in >> reporter: the average price of a dozen eggs has dropped from $2.57 a year ago to $1.54, down nearly 40%. a gallon of milk is about 40 cents cheaper. a pound of ground beef, down about 50 krentsz. the reason? the nation's food supplies have been steadily growing while demand has declined in major overseas markets like china where a strong dollar has made american goods more expensive. >> it's good for u.s. consumers
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texas who owns one of the nation's largest cattle operations. >> 18 months ago these cows were worth $3,000, and probably worth $1500now. >> that loss in value for you means? >> several million dollars. >> reporter: several million dollars. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: he says it is a price drop smaller ranchers may not survive. the government has already tried to boost the dairy industry by buying 20 million dollars worth of cheese that will now be distributed to food banks. whether that is enough depends on how long isis-- prices remain lower in the grocery aisle. michael buyers is c.e.o. of fiesta mart. >> i think that's anybody's guess right now. what we're hearing, it could go on through the end of the year an possibly into the first part of next year. >> reporter: but not everything is cheaper. elaine, the price of some fruits an vegetables has actually increased due in part to a draught in california. >> quijano: manuel bojorquez, thank you. >> coming up next on the cbs evening news, the murder of a
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now thatmy favorite part adjustable base, is to be able to lift your legs up a little bit, and it feels like i'm just cradled. change your sleep, change your life... change to tempur-pedic. now thru september 11th, upgrade and save on select tempur-pedic mattresses and adjustable bases. tonight thousands in minnesota are remembering jacob wetterling ling by leaving an outside light on. wetterling ling vanished 27 years ago. his remains were fou l week. jamie yuccas reports some say this was a case that should never have gone cold. >> reporter: 11 year old jacob wetterling ling was a typical minnesota kid who loved hockey and time with his family. on the night of october 22nd, 1989, jacob, his brother and a friend biked to a convenience store. on the way home, a mass gunman approached the boys and abducted jacob letting the other two boys go. >> he grabbed jacob and then he told me to run as fast as i
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would shoot. >> reporter: last week 53 year old daniel heinrich told the fbu where wetterling ling's remains were located as part of an ongoing plea agreement. david unse is a reporter with st. cloud times. >> i think they were waiting until they had def proof, names have come and gone in between the time of the abduction and where we are today such that there were other people who looked like they were good suspects. >> reporter: court documents show authorities interviewed heinrich at least three times beginning just months after the abduction. tire marks from his also consistent with those at the crime scene. he was never charged. >> reporter: i have always believed that they have been associated. >> jared shy easterly was kidnapped and sexually assaulted nine months before jacob disappeared. authorities found dna on the sweatshirt he wore that i da. investigators then searched heinrich's home and discovered child pornography. >> they said the good news is we have your guy. the bad news is, statute of limitations exist in your case
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>> reporter: jared scheirl's attack was proceeded by eight incidents there in 1986 and 1988. one of those sick times was troy cole. >> i got a statement to the city police the night it happened and i never heard anything back from anybody. there is only one unanswered question now that i want to know, is why didn't they do anything about it. >> reporter: this is the spot jacob was abducted from nearly three decades ago. it's just blocked from his family's home. and never get over this tragedy, elaine. the wetterling lings did release a statement earlier today saying that they have received an outpouring of support but they are still deeply grieving. >> quijano: heartbreaking story, jamie yuccas, thank you. >> next, another star athlete has joined kol inkaepernick's
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burn. new alka seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief. today president o bma defended
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stand during the national anthem while in china the president said the 49er's quarterback cares about some real legitimate issues, though he acknowledged it is a tough thing for the military to accept. kaepernick says is he protesting racial injustice. on sunday soccer star megan ropinoe joined the protest by kneeling before a came in her words to keep the conversation going. the largest living pry mate has been prove-- pri mate has been moved to the erred list. falling by 70% in 20 years. it's now one step away from extinction. illegal hunting is mostly to plaivment the new is better for giant pandas, they are now off the endangered list. after hugh o'brien died today at his home o in beverly hill, o'brien became a star in the late 1950st playing the real life hero wyatt erp in one of tv's first westerns. he also started an organization
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with more than 350,000 graduates. hugh o'brien was 91. >> in the queen's song don't stop me now freddie mercury saning that he was a shooting star leaping through the sky. that was prophetic. today on what would have been his 70th birthday, a group of international astronomers named an asteroid after mercury who died in 1991. >> up next, disabilities are no match for determination. it's easy to love your laxative... ...when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases, and softens to unblock naturally. so you have peace of mind from start to finish.
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what body aches? what knee pain? what sore elbow? advil liqui-gels make pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. >> finally tonight it's been said the only limits are the ones you set for yourself. chip reid discovered how true that is. >> eight year old mather stover
5:57 pm
bifida and has no use of his legs. but what he does have is fierce determination. >> what does it feel like when you got to the top. >> it felt really cool. like i was flying or something. >> his chance to fly was made possible by eric gray who founded cat list sports which teaches climbing to people with all kinds of disabilities. >> it just brings me joy to see that, you know, to see people push themselves and just go as >> reporter: the ropes keep them from falling but the upward progress is all their own. >> what is the hardest part of this, john? >> remembering to breathe. >> remembering to breathe. >> dr. jonathan lessin has had parkinson's for 13 years. >> yes, get it. nice. left foot up. >> reporter: climbing, he says, is the perfect therapy. >> it's like you walk in and you feel stiff and you feel like you can't walk.
5:58 pm
muscles. and you feel like you can run out of here. >> reporter: gray who lost an eye to cancer calls climbing an equalizer. >> you see a lot of people come in in a wheelchair and all of a sudden they leave the cheel chair-- wheelchair behind, you can't tell whether they have a spinal cord injury or cerebral palsy or spina bifida it just looks like someone's climbing. >> reporter: just ask broken in a car accident. >> when you first started, what did you think? >> i didn't think that i would get to the top, that's for sure. >> reporter: and how far did you get. >> i made it to the top. it was a big challenge and i did. so i'm proud of myself. with no legs. >> reporter: no legs, but here all you really kneeled is heart. chip reid, cbs news, alexandria, virginia. >> pure forth teud. that's the cbs evening news for this labor day. i'm elaine quijano. scott will be back tomorrow.
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right now on cbs 2 news, recent restrictions at a local summer spot have some upset. 16:34:41 "by the time you get out here, it's closed." recent restrictions at a local summer spot have people upset . >> how the changes are helping law enforcement fueling frustrations for visitors plus what's being done to help. help.and ...the presidential candidates hit the campaign trail this labor day but can't shake on going controversies. i'm mark albert at the white house with the race. a gorgeous end to the holiday weekend- but you might want to keep an umbrella nearby. nearby.let's go straight to chief meteorologist terry swails for a look at your cbs
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this labor day, many of us are taking the chance to make some late summer memories. the north tonight in wisconsin and minnesota and we have a quiet tonight i had to extract thank you terry this labor day many are taking a chance to make lake summer memories. right now the state natural resources commission is considering a proposal to ban alcohol at some lakes. for now though from only have to leave the beach at 6 pm. melanie moore has the latest. >> reporter: some beachgoers said the holiday is about


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