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tv   CBS2 News Live at 5  CBS  September 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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right now, live at five, fire crews are battling a fire right now fire crews battling a blaze at riley's on first avenue in cedar rapids. kevin has been gathering the latest details for at least an hour. what's it like out there? >> host: you're familiar with first avenue. this is usually very busy but it's completely shut down. it. >> host: it reporter: it it it there is drop down ceilings inside for the fire to hide. i tell you that because that's why all the footage you're seeing now, all the
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sure the building doesn't have more fire inside. that they still have to fight. what we know about damage, riley's was choseed. it norm -- closed. it normally closes about 2:00 in the afternoon. the owner said that everyone would have been out by about 2:30 or so. it was actually the folks at moose mcduffy's next door who first started to see the smoke. they realized it was coming from riley's next door. they came outside, felt the fire. and the fire department is just right down the street. they're just catty corner. it's a 3-alarm fire. that means that cedar rapids fire department called out everybody they had to come here. that comes gown to -- down to 10 trucks, 20 to 35 firefighters. one of those firefighters went to the hospital with heat- related illnesses. he was not injured fighting the fire. he went to the hospital because
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it's about 92 to 95 degrees. it's humid. there is not a lot of wind. you can see some of the firefighters have started to take off the heavy equipment. but right up here in front of the engine number one here in the shade, there were a whole bunch of firefighters camping out before. maybe 5 to 8 guys just trying to get a little bit of shade cycling out doing the duties they have to do to make sure that folks stay safe around riley's. just to recap on the public safety side, none of the public was hurt. one firefighter went to the hospital. heat related illnesses. we did speak to the owner of riley's who is just happy nobody got hurt. he didn't know about the firefighter at that point but none of the public was hurt and he wants other people to show loyalty and find another riley's to enjoy food at. >> our biggest concern was that no one got hurt and
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-- empty when the fire occurred and now it's a thought of our customers. that faithfully come here seven days a week. and it's a loss, a meeting place for them. >> reporter: back here at first avenue now, just to recap a 3-alarm fire at the riley's on first avenue. that means they called everybody out. all 10 fire trucks and as many firemen as they could get. none of the public were hurt. this was inside riley's. riley's had already closed. one firefighter is in the hospital with a heat related illness. ee was -- he was not injured fight ing the fire. those firefighters are still up on the roof taking apart really much of the roof. trying to make sure the fire is not going to spread anywhere else. the damage to citywide cleaners will be minimal and the damage to moose mcduffy's will be extensive but only smoke damage. there were no flames there. they just had a lot of smoke
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for one firefighter in the hospital with a heat related illness. follow us on twitter and facebook live. all the latest information, we'll put it up there and also back on the cbs2 news live at 5:00. now let's check in with tarry. i know it's an unstable atmosphere now. >> reporter: very much so. we hit 91 for the high today. temperature of the summer so far. and with the dew points in the mid-70s it felt more like 103 degrees at some times this afternoon. now we have a flash flood watch that goes into effect tonight and into the day tomorrow. across the northern third of the viewing area, essentially highway 20 to the north. you can see the rainfall forecast here indicates the potential for at least two to three inches of rain tonight and later tomorrow. the rest of the area gets another inch or two possible in
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just to the north, northwest of us. they are developing in north central iowa and moving into the northeastern part of the state through the evening hours. heavy rain later tonight and tomorrow. the suspect in a decade's old cold case says he did abduct and kill 11-year-old jacob wetterland of minnesota. he was riding his bike with a brother and friend in 1989 when a masked man grabbed that man police thought was danny hiemrick. officers interviewed him but never had enough evidence to heinrich ended up in police custody last year after a separate case turned up child last year after a separate case turned up child pornography. he led officials to the remanys end -- remains ending years of speculation.
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fairance is sticking around. today the school extended his contract through 2026. the school said he is one of the top coaches in the country and has a strong momentum surrounding the hawkeye football program. he will make 4 and $4 and a half million per season under that extension. we want to know what you think about the new contract extension. do you agree with it? do you not? go to our to tell us how you feel about it. the district fired stephanie van houseen, a homeless liaz onafter the summer after several documented commrapts from -- complaints from colleagues. saying she was unprofessional in the way she handled issues. she contacted an attorney and state officials and the school district is reviewing the situation in a hearing tonight.
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is asking neighbors to rally in support of her at the meeting. governor terry branset has new recommendations for better ijication in -- education in iowa history in the schools. they outlined 11 suggestions effort also comes after the iowa department of cultural affairs was granted 100- thousand dollars to digitize iowa history from the library historical museum. sot: gov. terry branstad - gov. merrill actually donated uniforms donated uniforms for some of the soldiers and donated his pension - there are just some great iowa examples that are part of american history that we want to make sure are included. included.branstad does say he's not sure about the funding from the state budget just yet. there are many exciting
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bit.among them is homecoming. formal gowns can cost cbs 2 news anchor kelly d'ambrosio reports, students can save money ?and have a fabulous time at the dance. the school days are back and students are already looking forward to the homecoming dance. parents on the other hand are sweating thinking about the bill.amanda with the iowa fashion project says now is actually a great time to sho. is actually a great time to shop. wedding season so a lot of the local boutiques, catherines in iowa city. they're all trying to clear out the inventory so you'll find a lot of gowns on sale. >> reporter: she says shopping consignment stores like elegant repeats will help cut the cost. >> you can find the dresses at a fraction of the price and anything that you might need. so from jewelry to shoes to accessories, it's all here. >> reporter: nicole miller knows first-hand.
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only wear them once so...and since that is a true statement, renting a dress online is a great option but be careful the online store is . legitimate.there are a lot of companies out there that the gowns are actually knockoffs. so they use the picture that the manufacturer provides but its not the manufactuer that prodcues the dress so when it comes in the sizing is wrong the material is not high quality and its just not the dress your daughter or teenager had their heart set on. for online options dayna suggests rent the runway or promgirl dot com.for a really unique option, there are designers locally who'll custom make a dress. dress.whats great with local designers is they'll work within your budget. so we'll have alist of those designers you can contact on our website. amanda says in the end the perfect dress is the one that reflects the teens personality and style. enjoy the process of finding the dress finding the accessories getting your hair and makeup done. all of that
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kelly d'ambrosio reporting, to find out more about iowa fashion project visit cbs2 iowa-dot-com. there is a big event coming up in the life of a five-year old center point kindergartner. ? cbs 2 news anchor scott sanborn recently talked with the parents of hayden grimm and has his story. story.karen, hayden has been through more in his 5 years that most people experience in a lifetime. he had three open heart surgeries before the e just six days old. he was born with half-a-heart, but you can't tell that by just looking at him. hayden is an active, happy, otherwise healthy young boy. still, otherwise healthy young boy. still that doesn't mean there are not concerns about the future. >> i always wonder when the next shoe will fall. we have been so lucky with him. >> if the surgeries either don't go well or look like
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we would consider a heart transplant as well. >> thaetsz the only -- that's the only other option really to achieve a normal life. hayden's journey and the one big event he's really looking forward to this coming weekend. one his family hopes you'll attend, too. that's tonight on cbs 2 news ten at 10. now - let's check back in with chief meteorologist terry swails whose been telling us about some unusual september
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a blistering day in eastern iowa. temperatures in the upper 80s to lower 90s. our dew point is in at 75 degrees. so the current index how it feels with the combination of the temperature and all the moisture in the air is at 100 degrees. and here are some of the highs from around eastern iowa today. 86 way up near the minnesota border. charles city 88. then you get to waterloo and just to the south of dubuque there. degrees. iowa city one of the warper spots -- warmer spots at 92. with all the moisture and heat in the atmosphere there is the possibility of strong thunderstorms in the northern contease tonight. the -- counties tonight. the primary threat is heavy rains and a flash flood watch has in issued from highway 20 into southeastern minnesota and southwestern wisconsin. that will last through much of the day tomorrow. rainfall forecasts are a little difficult to pinpoint at this
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half of our viewing area could see 2 to 3 inches of rain here in the next 24 hours. potentially if we get training locally higher amounts than that. further to the south, the rest of eastern iowa looking for amounts probably closer to an inch, maybe two inches before the whole system kicks out tomorrow evening. as far as the radar goes, most of the storms currently are found up here in parts of minnesota and wisconsin. we've had brand in north central iowa and now you can see the storms that extend from st. ann's up to lyon springs near the minnesota border. those are strong ones there and have the potenls to produce winds and certainly very heavy rains and these are back building into western iowa so eventually they'll come across northeastern iowa tonight and here is the issue. we have a very slow moving front draped across the state. south is the 90s. northwestern iowa in the 70s.
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there -- instability from there and of course that's the lift to get the thunderstorms going. another interesting feature is the tropical moisture coming in from hurricane newson. so that -- newton. that moisture is coming up. gulf of mexico moisture coming into the midwest and the combination of the two led to a moist atmosphere and any thunderstorm is likely to produce very heavy rains in a short period of time. so at 7:00 tonight, most of the tiers counties. they kick into wisconsin and as the low level jet develops tonight, additional thunderstorms start to develop in north central iowa. you can see how those start to expand. 3:00 in the morning, most of us have a good chance of seeing a good shower or thunderstorm and in some areas those are likely going to be heavy and last through much of tonight and be around for parts of tomorrow as well. tomorrow looks to be a warm
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not quite as bad as today. but the dew points well up into the 70s. muggy conditions and the potential of more heavy rain and stronger storms tomorrow afternoon. the forecast for tonight then, as low temperatures in the upper 60 to lower 70s. very warm night for this time of year. scattered thunderstorms will be developing. most in the northern counties late this evening and after midnight before they get into the rest of the area. then for tomorrow, muggy conditions. scattered showers and around. temperatures in the mid-70s up in the north. mid to low 80s. potentially as warm as 88 around washington. and the extended forecast as dry day on thursday. in between storms. could start again late thursday night or friday. temperature of 79 friday afternoon. and the weekend definitely cools down with highs in the 70s for saturday and sunday. by then, the sun will be back in the skies. still ahead live at 5:00, a first look at one of the
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meanwhile here is a live look over downtown iowa city. major construction project happening there on washington street near bubuke. more news -- dubuque. more news ahead.
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a university of iowa building destroyed by the 2008 a university of iowa building
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has new life. reporter melanie moore got a sneak peek of the new auditorium and she is live now to give us a look. melanie? >> host: karen, there is already a schedule of all the artists that will perform here and as we saw today now this of 30 months of design and more than million hours of construction.staff say its the largest classroom on campus. box office, eating areas, lounges, dressing rooms, rehearsal areas and of course the 18-hundred seat auditorium. now it just needs artists of dance, music and theatre and...the audience. dance, music, and theater and of course the audience. >> and the team from the get go had the spirit. this feeling that they knew that hafrner was a special place and cha they wanted to do everything they could do to create the most wonderful
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possibly do. and i think they have done it. >> reporter: the official ribbon cutting ceremony and open house will be this friday. covering the corridor in iowa city, melanie moore, live at 5:00. here is a live look outside. thank you, by the way. here is a live look at riley's where a fire has been burning this afternoon. although firefighters look to have it under control. it was a 3-alm point. so far no injuries reported but no word on the amount of the damage. we'll keep you posted. terry will have another look at the weather when live at 5:00 comes back. first let's look ahead at 6:00. pause on the minimum wage debate. plus property where a cedar rapids casino was supposed to sit has an uncertain fuchler. and -- future.
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an update to breaking news, . an update to breaking news we're following. fire crews still on the scene at riley's cafe.
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portions of first avenue.
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and now a final look at
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the candidates come out swinging. >> once again donald trump is totally unfit and unqualified to be our president. >> putin looks at hillary clinton and he smiles. boy, would he like to see her. >> pelley: as the fall the battle in the battleground states. also tonight, a confession in the abduction and murder of an 11 year old 27 years ago. >> it's incredibly painful to know his last days, last hours, last minutes. >> pelley: a sexual harassment suit against former fox news chief roger ailes is settled with an apology from the company


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