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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  September 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CDT

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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the fire at a cedar rapids landmark that needed
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fire at a cedar rapids landmark that every resource the city had. the next step more than two years after the proposal was denied. the first look after one of the most anticipated nood rekov roy project. welcome this morning. taking a live look at a still dark i-380 and cold stream avenue. you can see on the roadway that not only are the headlights on, that's a good thing, but the road has some water on it, too. already seeing rain fall. be sure to be careful. your morning commute. welcome this morning. >> let's go on over to rebecca with our weather first forecast. >> we have some heavy rain moving through parts of eastern iowa and most of the area is going to be seeing that threat for heavy rain as the day goes on. this morning, we've had a flash flood warning in effect for northern counties, and it is still raining. this includes the city of walk
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this continues, once again, until 7:15, and there is still rain that is falling and moving in. this is all associated with a very slow-moving cold front, and we do even have lightning strikes in here so not too safe to be outside at the moment. so you do want to make sure that you're not spending too much time outside, and if there are any flooded roadways that you come awe cross, you want to avoid them, and you just don't know how deep they could be. further down to the south, we have a few more scattered showers and storms that have developed further closer to highway 30 this morning, just to rapids going through waterloo and portions as well, and throughout the rest of the day we do have flood watches that are in effect that stay in effect through tonight, and that includes northeastern iowa with that darker color. that's a flood watch. further to the south is a flash flood watch, as we could have multiple rounds of showers and storms chl we could get breaks here and there in the later part of this morning. later on this afternoon after about noon is when we could see
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that could lead to flooding or flash flooding. a day to stay aware, make sure you can get alerts and be extra cautious on the roadways this morning and throughout the rest of the day today. we'll continue to track these storms for you, let you know when we'll dry out in your weather first forecast coming up in a bit. a fire has shut down a popular cedar rapids restaurant and damaged a local bar that's just next door. >> right now, fire officials are still trying to figure out what caused the flames the destroy sent every truck and firefighter they had to battle in the 90-degree heat. it happened right after 3:30 and closed a busy road along first avenue during the afternoon commute. riley's was closed at the time, and a manager at moose mcduffy's next door called the fire in. ie firefighters were working on the building and talked to both of the owners. >> same spot, same location. it has been a spot where people
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meetings and family gatherings here. it's railly quite a loss for the community. >> that was scary when i'm out in the back parking lot looking at the firemen up on top with access and chain saws wonder is that my roof or riley's roof. >> one firefighter had to be sent to the hospital for heat-related illnesses, but he is expected to be okay. the salvation army was on scene handing out water and gatorade to firefighters. remember, when you see breaking news, let search kgan cbs 2. more than two years ago, the state shot down a proposal to build a casino in cedar rapids. now, city leaders say it's time to move on. at least three members of the counsel told the gazette they want to look at other options. the city purchased a large plot of land on the west side of the river after the flood of 2008. it's one of hundreds of city-owned properties the group is looking at for redevelopment
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options, mayor tells the gazette his opinion hasn't changed. now, a building also impacted by the '08 floods has new life. cbs 2 news reporter stephny johnson tells us the excitement surrounding the new auditorium in iowa city. >> good morning, kelly. you can see how beautiful the new building is just by driving by it. cbs 2 news got a tour of the new facility after more than 30 months of design and a million hours of construction. the new is com main lobby, box office, lounges, dressing rooms, and, of course, the 1800-seat auditorium. the staff says the auditorium is the largest classroom on campus. >> the team from the -- the get go had the spirit, had this feeling that they knew that hanter was a special place and it.the official ribbon cutting ceremony and open house is
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take place there over the next few can head over to our website cbs 2 iowa dot com to preview the list for yourself.stephanie johnson cbs 2 news. efforts to raise the minimum wage -- throughout linn county efforts to raise the minimum wage throughout county could inch closer to reality today. that's when supervisors are scheduled to vote on a second reading of the ordinance. that meeting was supposed to be yesterday morning, but the board delayed the vote by 24 hours to add more proposal. if approved after a third reading, the minimum wage would rise by $1 an hour on january 1st and then rise again the following two years, settling at 10 -- 10.25 an hour. city governments would have an option to opt out of the ordinance. this morning, supervisors will also hear how some communities are looking to rethink public transit. the metropolitan planning organization says that cedar rapids public transit system may
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a regional transit authority. the npo says it would spread out the cost between communities and provide better service. right now, public bus routes in marion are operated by cedar rapids through a contract. >> the revenues being generated and distributed over to the city of cedar rapids is not enough to compare to the services that are being provided for those communities. >> the power transit service operated and could be proposal. it would take years, though, to get the system off the ground. one candidate for the board of supervisors wants leaders to cut their own salaries. randy ray is challenging brent olson for his district 4 seat. says it would save the county 33-thousand dollars a year for each supervisor .and ray says it would be easier to justify keeping the board at five members. i worry a lot about the loss
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this is problem solving for both. it cuts their salaries, which most people are concerned about and it gives the representation that people are worried about. about.ray says he would propose the extra money that is saved on salaries, if his plan becomes reality, should go towards improving rural roads while the population of linn county grows. should go towards improving rural roads while the population of lynn county grows. today, the two major party nominees for president will both york about national security. that forum comes as gop nominee donald trump got support for nearly 90 leaders. if he's elected, he'll order top generals to come up with a plan to quickly defeat isis. the first time since the democratic convention, a cnn orc national poll has given donald trump a narrow two-point lead over clinton. this year, there could be
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disabilities than any other voting group. a new report from rutgers university found more than 35 million people with disabilities can cast a ballot this november. that's up 10% from 2008. but the number of those people who will actually vote could depend on several things like voting barriers or get out the vote campaigns. disability rights advocate mccoy believes this segment of population is becoming a growing voice in the voting process. >> i think candidates this election year, are really getting that if they want to be -- have serious consideration for -- for their positions, they need to reach out to voters with disabilities. >> the iowa secretary of state 's office has revamped their web site, breaking down information on voting accessibility. for more information, you can go to our web site it's 6:09 now on this wednesday morning. it's raining and 69 degrees in market.
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tour of the brand new capitol rotunda in washington dc. and showers and thunderstorms are already moving through eastern iowa this morning. later on today, there will loikly be more rounds that could lead to flooding. so flood and flash flood watches have been posted through tonight. i'll track those storms for you hour by hour with your weather
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products
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here is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while he's taking the shirts right off our backs. welcome back. it's 612 tame time. showers and thunderstorms are moving through eastern iowa. we do have a flash flood warning that is in effect until 7:15. so we have about another hour for this warning where there could be flash flooding occurring. we have not gotten any reports in iowa. we have just over the border into parts of minnesota where they have had reports of flash flooding occurring there, and so there could be some flooding on
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headed toward northeast iowa, you want to use caution on the roads and never drive through flooded roads. you do not know how deep they could be or what's actually happened to the ground below it. still have rain moving through parts, as well as in lancing right now. we've already had radarest mats up to about 4 or 5 ifrmgs of rain and even in northern parts of county, upwards of 6 inches of rain fall, just estimated by the radar right now. further out to the east towards county, about 3 inches so really in the warning area, anywhere from about 2 to 4 inches of rain has already fallen, and there is more moving in from the west, all associated with a cold front that has been very slow moving and producing these showers and storms through the night. it's almost been raining in parts of these areas for about 12 hours now, and it's going to continue to rain through the day today. we also have some more scattered activity that has developed further to the south in between highway 20 and highway 30 north of cedar rapids some showers
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but still some rain fall. but once again, we are anticipating multiple rounds of showers and thunderstorms later on today. that is why flood watches and flash flood watches have been issued for almost all of eastern iowa with the exception of washington counties, and they may be added later on today. the dark green are flood watches, bright green, flash flood watches. regardless, flooding is a possibility today and is a real possibility as we have multiple rounds of showers and storms. place going to lead to high rainal rates. we could have breaking here and there around 10:00/11:00, but another round is going to be moving through. i think that's going to be the heaviest of rain we'll start to see after noontime today that we could have very heavy rain especially in between highway 20 and i-80 today, and that will likely continue into tevening hours and through the night tonight. that is why those watches stay in effect through the overnight hours. the reason why we have this tropical air mass in place is
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moving through parts of mexico this morning, and that is setting up a pathway to the midwest and bringing in some very tropical air, and that is leading to the potential for flooding because these -- the moisture in the atmosphere right now is not very typical of september weather. so that is why there is that possibility of flooding today as this cold front sinks to the south, but it will move out and then by the time we reach thursday and even into parts of early friday, we will have some but for today, muggy and warm. temperatures in the low 80s area wide, and that chance for showers and thunderstorms. drying out on thursday, and then we will be warming back up and we'll have that chance for showers and thunderstorms once again on friday. drier and cooler and more fall-like air moves back into eastern iowa by the weekend, but for today, stay weather aware and just avoid those flooded roads and make sure you have a
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today. >> thanks, rebecca. for the past several months, the capitol building in washington has been under construction. >> as congress returned yesterday, the great rotunda finally reopened after a 13-month project was finally wrapped up. >> cbs 2 news anchor scott pelley gives us an inside look at the capitol. >> congratulations to you. >> this was the first tour today to bend over backwards to see george washington ascending into heaven. this time lapse video shows the scaffolding and drapery that were used to restore the iron work, install lighting, and repaint the fading fresco. >> this is all original. it's all 150 years old? >> yes, it is. >> the head of the project is steven aye rshs. he took us up the dome for 60 minutes before the work began. >> this is the top? >> this is the top.
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what a beautiful view. >> the dome was built of the high-tech material of the 1860s, cast iron, but 150 years later, pieces were falling, and there were more than 1,300 cracks. >> it looks magnificent and beautiful from the ground, but when you get up close, there's rust all over it and broken pieces and some of these are big, 40, 60, 80-pound pieces decoration and ornamentation. >> so the dome was covered in scaffolding, and the cracks were sewn together. the remainder of the scaffold to be removed by inauguration day this january. >> that is so cool. now, we're also taking a live look right at the capitol this morning. you can see some of that scaffolding is still up, too, but imagine that view from the very top, especially the place like washington dc where you don't have many skyscrapers. >> yeah. that, i bet, is an amazing view.
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72 degrees in arlington. >> after the break, the new way young adults are choosing to
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your??????? your??????? welcome back. 6:20 now taking a quick look at what the bus stop forecast is going to look like. 73 degrees this morning. scattered storms and muggy outside. super hot yesterday. today is going to be kind of yucky, though, but we have a gornlous view from our sky cam that we're taking a look at right now in the studio. it is so nice outside. >> there it is. >> yeah. >> how beautiful. sdpr all that clouding -- the clouds in the background and the sun kind of poking through. that's like a -- that's like a painting you hang on your wall. >> yeah.
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well, a new tape of mouzing says it's all about access, not ownership. >> chris martinez shows us how it trades privacy for social connections. >> you've got your outlets. >> beck is showing her newest guest around this renovated loft she calls the future of housing. >> we're in the sharing economy. people are sharing their homes, their cars. tasks are being shared online. people who are on vacat staying in the area on a temporary basis. its part of the movement toward co-living. more buildings like this are popping up around the nation that offer dorm like living with modern amentities. residents can live, eat and exercise together.(bridge: chris martinez/ cbs news/ los angeles)podshare is a no frills version of the same concepta& a stay here costs just 40 to 50 dollars a night. that price includes a bed - tv - and storage area.what's missing - is privacy.every pod is wide open - to encourage
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(sot-elvina beck/ podshare founder) "give up a little bit of privacy and gain a whole lot of social ability or collisions as we call it here." those 'collisions' often come in common the shared kitchen.milennials sammy burkhart and emma greenspan became friends while staying here.(sot-sammy burkhart/ podshare guest) "like, i like sharing everything, it's funa& i feel like it brings us closer." (sot-emma greenspan/ podshare guest)"there's a lot more value to the experiences than having ownership over something."right now - podshare is only in l-a but beck hopes to stretch the model far beyond california. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles podshare opened their first location in l-a back in 2013.
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it's right now it's degrees in still to come...the big settlement for one former fox news anchor who says she was harrassed at the network.
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good morning. eastern iowa this morning, some of which has been heavy and on going for several hours. so that has led to a flash flood warning until 7:15. it's the northern half of the county, which does include lancing and the city of walkon, and we still at this moment have rain fall moving through the area. flash flooding is possible and could continue through the next hour or so. we also have scattered showers
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30, and throughout the day, we're going to see multiple rounds of showers and thunderstorms. here on predictor, we could see a break by the late-morning hours, but then another round likely moves in after 1:00 today, and some of which could be very heavy. we have the potential to see flooding area wide across eastern iowa today. remember never to droif through nooded roadways, avoid them, and stay weather aware. make sure you have a way to get warnings because the rain fall will likely continue into parts of this evening as well. >> thanks, rebecca. more than a hundred designers are set to unveil the comeback --where florals, ruffles and bohemian prints will dominate the runways.with an '80s comeback where florals, ruffles, and bohemian prints will dominate the runways. with just hours before the show kicks off, designers are making last-minute changes to their collection, which features spring and summer trends. >> i think that fashion week is changing in some ways.
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ways to show their collections, and a fashion show is not the only way. so some people are taking it to private appointments where it's really focussed on the buyers and the press looking and -- and receiving the collection kind of without the whole instagram crowd. >> new york fashion week officially runs from the 8th until the 15th of september, but fashion designer tom ford kicks off the event, debuting his collection tonight. kind of an interesting statement that they're not wanting instagram crowd there. >> right. >> when you think that would be one of the greatest ways for them to get the word out about their new looks. >> so i guess the idea, though, is to unveil it in a more private kind of setting and kind of buy people in that way. kind of interesting, though. >> i know. >> i guess kind of a throwback to some of the '80s stuff. >> yeah. how do you feel about that? >> i don't know. some of those trends come and go and come back in style. >> yeah. i think over the summer people were kind of looking like the
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around again. i'm ready for the '50s to come back. >> well, if bell bottoms ever come back, i don't know. 6:27 right now. thanks for joining us this morning. >> coming up after the break, the 2016 presidential candidate
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the developing information in one of the right now on cbs 2 this morning, developing nfths in one of the biggest unsolved murders in the mid waste. sdpr the latest details after a former cedar rapids substitute is fired for an alleged inappropriate relationship with a student. the brand new contract before one of the biggest games of the year. welcome to cbs 2 this morning. we are taking a look at i-380 at barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio.
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the suspect in a decades-old ?cold case has confessed to abducting and killing 11-year-old jacob wetterling in minnesota. minnesota.wetterling was riding his bike with his brother and a friend on an october night in 1989 when a masked man grabbed him. that man, police thought, was danny heinrich. f-b-i officers interviewed him back then but never had enough evidence to charge him. as part of a plea deal
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evidence to charge him. as part of a plea deal, he will not be charged with the boy's ending years of speculation. the young boy's loss was not in vain though, the jacob wetterling act was named after him years after his disappearance. it created guidelines for states to implement sex offender registry programs. more than two decades later -- those laws are still protecting children.but some iowa experts say the high- profile cases are dictating laws -- which put low-risk offenders in difficult situations. rc: those that commit offenses against children have enhanced penalties and restrictions, and not all of them are indeed high risk to offend again." again."right now -- there are more than 80 offenses that can land someone on the registry -- and not all are considered a high-risk to offend learn about the drawbacks of the registry -- visit our website - cbs 2 iowa dot com. the cedar rapids community school district has officially
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its investigation into an inappropriate relationship between a substitute teacher and a washington high school st. student.the district says some details in the investigation have to be kept confidential - but also said the intial probe teacher and washington high school student. the initial probe in february was not effective, in fact, it was not reported to the district at the time it was happening chl the district also says maerly beth haglan should have been removed from the substitute teacher list durg -- during investigation. farmer principal and administrator michael johnson resigned from their post this jill stein could get in serious trouble for spray painting construction equipment at a dakota access pipeline protest in north dakot. dakota.the charges would be for trespassing and vandalism. a spokeswomen for stein says activists invited her to leave a message at the site -- so she wrote "i approve this message" in red spray paint on leave a message at the site so
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the construction sites along the pipeline in iowa.they haven't released exactly where the protest site will be -- but they say dozens of people are willing to risk being arrested.the pipeline will cross 18 counties in iowa on it's way from north dakota to illinois. a town in central iowa is taking a new approach to attract new officials in perry - which is about 40 miles northwest of des moines - are considering a plan that would do away with property taxes for 10 yes would lure builders and potential residents. residents.another town in the same county - did the same thing in 20-11 and saw huge results.more than 300 homes have been built in adel since then - compared to just 80 in the six years prior. a man in western iowa has been jailed for attacking his girlfriend with a hammer after she refused to let him tattoo his name on her chest. chest.the sioux city couple had only been dating for about a month.28-year-old jonathan boggs is now facing charges
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28-year-old jonathan bogg s is now facing charges for domestic assault and going armed with intent. when the woman refused to get a tattoo, she tried to leave. that's when boggs threatened to kill her with a hammer. authorities are looking into events leading up to the near drowning of a young toddler. it all happened monday afternoon in cascade. investigators tell cbs 2 news a 13-month-old was left alone in a bathtub. when a parent came back into the room, the child was unconscious and underwater. the toddler is now at university of iowa's hospitals and clinics, but the child's conditions has not been released. bill cosby's sexual assault case will go to trial no later than june 5th. that's a decision yesterday from pennsylvania judge. cosby is charged with drugging and molesting andrea back in 2004. that same judge yet to rule on whether other accusers will be able to testify in the trial and whether or not a deposition or phone call recorded by her
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roger ailes have settled a lawsuit with former anchor gretchen carlson.. carlson..she sued them back in lawsuit with former anchor gretchen carlson. she sued them back in july for sexual harassment and retaliation. 21st century fox apologized to carlson tuesday. the settlement is worth (2) -- 22 million dollars. frms your kids are going to have to roll up protection this year. the popular flu mist is not effective, leaving parents and pediatricians with only one option, the flu shot. the american academy of pediatrics sects everyone six months and older should be vaccinated by october. mylan is accused of limiting competition to drive up the cost of life-saving drugs. the price for the auto injectors has skyrocketed to $600 over the
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now, the massive increase is impacting schools across the country and in eastern iowa. many people need to have the medical device to treat severe allergic reactions. following a banner year, the head hawk is now sticking around for a while longer. kirk signed a new six-year contract extension, which will keep him in iowa city through 2026. with the extension, he'll make $4.5 million a years and now one of the top ten highest-paid coaches in all of college football. the four-time big ten the year said signing the deal was very important to him. >> there's no way to describe it. it's a really neat thing, and i feel really privileged and honored to be able to do it in such a praet place with so many great people. sdpr over the last 11 years, one of the things i've said aven is my desire is for kirk to retire at iowa. over 20 years now, he's demonstrated all the reasons why i feel that way.
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leading the hawkeyes. hawkeyes have moved up in both new polls just released tuesday. the new ap poll, the hawks jumped one spot to 16, but in the coach's poll, iowa skipped five spots, ranked ten now. alabama and clemson, last year 's national title game, they are both one and two in those rankings. saturday night's clash is iowa's annual black and gold spirit game. sections will be coordinated to wear their assigned color. fans sitting in sections that end wear black. fans who are in sections that end in even numbers are asked to wear gold. the game kicks off at 6:30 saturday night on the big ten network. tickets are already sold out. don't forget to watch eye on the hawks tomorrow night. cbs 2 sports anchor zach hanley will be joined by the gazette's mark and mike to give a preview of this saturday night's big
6:40 am
it's and right now in it's de. degrees.there's still more cbs 2 this morning to come.but first let's take a look at what we're working on for fox 28 morning live. live.a student is starting college to study physics - but - he's only 12 years old. plus - funding to fight the zika virus is once again up for debate - find out how the latest measure faired in congress.that's coming up fox 28 morning live, eastern iowa's only local news at 7 a-m.
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we upped the ante at culver's to create the new crispy southwest chicken sandwich. all-natural, whole white meat chicken breast. topped with spicy pepper jack cheese and jalape?o ranch. on a lightly buttered, toasted ciabatta roll. the perfect cheese for pepper jack is going to be creamy and mild, and it's really going to tone down the spiciness of the peppers. you're going to taste the cheese first, and then you're going to get just a little bit of warmth from the peppers. it's really good.
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welcome back. we are coming up on 6:43 this morning. we already have heavy rain fall moving through eastern iowa through the night and into this morning. some areas have been seeing rain on and off for about 12 hours now because of a slow-moving cold front that has been producing these showers and storms. that is why a flash flood warning is in effect for northern counties until 7:15 this morning. so it will expire in half an hour, but it is possible that there are flooded roadways and flash flooding occurring in this area. if you are in counties are headed thwart n never drive through flooded roadways. we still have rain fall moving through portions of walkon, also in lancing and has now exited the city of decora, but that warning does stay in effect until 7:15 as we already had heavy rain fall move through. radar est mats were close to 6 inches of rain. also east, 2-and-a-half inches there, and just to the northwest of lancing, about 3 inches of
6:44 am
we still have rain falling and moving into the area from the west due to, once again, that slow-moving front that is going to continue to produce multiple rounds of showers and thunderstorms, and that activity has new developed further to the south, closer to highway 30. right now, the city of monticello, heavy rain fall and lightning, also manchester, and waterloo. we are going to continue to see activity this morning. make sure the kids have the rain gear and they are not outside for long, especially where lightning is occurri near and just on both sides of highway 20 right now. we will have the possibility of additional rounds of showers and storms so want to keep the rain gear handy throughout the day and through tonight. we also have the possibility of flooding. that is why flash flood and flood watches are in effect through the night tonight. this dark green color here in the northeast is a flood watch, and further down to the south, the bright green is a flash flood watch. that is where the concern is turning this afternoon for the possibility of flash flooding
6:45 am
multiple rounds of heavy rain. i think we will get some breaks here and there, especially after about 9:00 this morning, but then we could see another round move in close to noontime, close to the lunch hour, and that could produce very high rain fall rays because we have such a tropical air mass overhead that we could see very heavy rain and flash flooding occur through this afternoon and into parts of this evening. it's all because of this front that's moving through, but it's also working in conjunction with tropical storm newton, which is this morning, and it has set up a tropical train of just very tropical air, very moist air leading to these high rain fall rates and possibility of flooding today. avoid flooded roads. stay aware on the roadways. make sure you have a way to get warnings, and you can always get the latest online at as it stays -- the rain chance stays pretty elevated through the day today. otherwise, it will be warm and muggy with temperatures in the
6:46 am
have a little bit of drier air in place for thursday. rain chances go back up by friday. drier, cooler, and fall-like air moves back in by saturday and sunday. >> thanks, rebecca. frms now, let's take a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories on this wednesday morning. police in iowa city are asking for the public's help looking for a suspect in an assault last friday. officers say a man was hit in the head with a bottle at the intersection of washington and lind streets in downtown iowa city. the victim says the suspect about 6-1 with brown hair. crimestoppers is offering a $1,000 award for information that leads to an arrest. a cedar rapids woman is pleading fwlt to steal another person's identity to take money from the government. 39-year-old robinson filed tax returns in both her name and others without them knowing. she also lied on section 8 housing forms by not reporting all of her income. she faces up to 17 years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. the first custom-built
6:47 am
eastern iowa. the riverside drive domino's in iowa city got its first dxp. the reconfigured chevy park has only one seat for the driver and replaces the others with warming ovens in the back of the car. it has a built-in navigation and specialized lights to advertise for domino's. the company is rolging out more than 150 of the delivery cars across the country. i wonder if i can get them to deliver to cedar rapids. >> that is a really neat car. for them to have the side the pizza out. i hope it comes to cedar rapids. be fun to see it driving along. >> that'd be pretty neat. it gets the point across and it's creating a lot of buzz, too. this is pretty neat. 6:47 right now. 72 degrees in hazelton. >> just ahead, we're updating the most important stories for
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your??????? your??????? welcome back. taking a quick look over a rainy northeast side of see car rapids where it is 73 combrees, and the picture behind the graphic, 77 down in iowa city. 71 in waterloo, and 68 in decora. chls more than two years ago, the state shot down a proposal to build a ka see cedar rapids. at least three members of the council told the gazette they want to look at other options. purchased a large plot of land after the flood of 2008. it's one of hundreds of city-owned properties the group is looking at for redevelopment options. despite the calls for new options, mayor tells the gazette his opinion hasn't changed, and he's still looking at ways to revive the casino project. efforts to raise the minimum wage could ifrmg close -- inch
6:51 am
that's when supervisors are scheduled to vote on a second reading of the ordinance. that meeting was supposed to be yesterday morning pu the board delayed the vote by 24 hours to add more legal language to the proposal. if approved after a third reading, the minimum wage would rise by $1 an hour on january 1st and rise again the following two years, settling at 10.25 an hour. like a similar increase in johnson county, city governments would have the option to opt out of the ordinance. this morning, lin county supervisors will also hear about so are trying to rethink public transportation. the metropolitan planning organization says the cedar rapids public transit system may work better under the control of a regional transit authority. the npo says that it would spread out the cost between communities and provide a better service. right now, public bus routes in marion are operated by cedar distributed over to the city of cedar rapids is not enough to compare to the services that are being provided for
6:52 am
service operated by linn >> the transit service operated by lind county could also be included as part of the regional transit proposal. it would take years to get that system off the ground. : one candidate wants leaders to cut their own salaries. randy ray is challenging brent olson for his district 4 seat. ray told cbs 2 news the board would save the county 33- he says it would save $33,000 a year for each supervisor, and ray says it would be easier to justify keep tg board at five members. >> i worry a about the loss of the rural area if we would go to three supervisors. i think this is a problem solving for both. it cuts their salaries, what most people are concerned about, and it also gives a representation what people are roarlied about. fl he proposed the extra money
6:53 am
today -- the two major party nominees for president will both speak at the same forum in new york about national security. security.that forum comes as g-o-p nominee donald trump got support from nearly 90 retired military leaders.trump says if he's elected in november -- he'll order his top generals to come up with a plan to quickly defeat isis.clinton accused trump of insulting veterans with his campaign rhetoric and also for proposing dangerous military plans.for the first time since the democratic convention -- a c-n-n, o-r-c national poll has given trump a narrow two point lead over clinton. it's now on this morning.right now it's degrees in when we come back, we'll take a look at the three stories you'll need to know on this wednesday morning.
6:54 am
"is that credit karma again?" "just wanna see if my score wanna check yours?" "scores don't change that much. i haven't changed." "oh really?" "it's girls'night. ah huh." "they said business casual." "i love summer weddings!" "oh no." "yeah, maybe it is time. maybe i should check my credit score." "try credit karma. it's free." "oh woah. that's different."
6:55 am
here are the three stories you need to know to start your wednesday morning. morning. welcome back. here are the top three stories you need to know about. right now, fire officials are
6:56 am
riley's cafe. investigators say it started near a ventilation van. the fire department sent every truck and firefighter they had to battle those flames in busy road during the afternoon commute. we're now just days away from the opening of the new hancher auditorium in iowa city.that's wrapping up more than 30 months of designing and a million hours of construction. the building was closed after the floods of 2 ne yesterday. a ribbion cutting and public open house will be held on friday. hawkeye head coach kirk ferentz has now signed a contract extension to lead the hawks for six more years.he's now signed until 20-26.with the extention -- he'll make four-point-five million dollars a year -- and is now one of the -- top 10 -- highest paid coaches in all of college football.he and former hawkeye bob stoops are now the longest tenured coaches in the
6:57 am
thunderstorms today. still have a flash flood warning in effect for northern counties, and that stays until 7:15 where it could be flash flooding occurring. we are starting to see the rain let up there, but it won't be the only rain we see today. we have more scattered showers and thunderstorms that have developed north of highway 30 now this morning. otherwise, it is just downright muggy with the clouds and the rain. temperatures are in the 70s as you step out the door, and we do watches in effect through tonight. so multiple rounds of rain.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, september 7th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? after nearly three decades, a family finally learns painful details about the kidnapping and murder of the haunting confession played out in a minnesota courtroom. hillary clinton picks up an endorsement this morning from a major texas newspaper that hasn't chosen a democrat since before world war ii. and if you are not happy with either presidential nominee, the libertarian candidates are in studio 57. we go searching to the secret of a long and healthy life. seth doane is in an italian


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