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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  September 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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concentrated across our central and southern counties. a flash flood watch is in effect from highway 20 down to the south all the way through our southern counties. so this will be in effect the rest of tonight and very early in the day tomorrow morning. as we go to the radar now you can see one cluster of thunderstorms has passed off to the east of that. that dumped an inch of rain in cedar rapids. things have quieted down a bit now. you can see some additional storms trying to form from iowa city back to cedar rapids and then along highway tama. a strong storm located to the southwest of washington. this is the area i think has the best chance of seeing the heavier rains tonight from highway 30 on to the south. if we get the storms going there, the threat for some locally heavy rains and some flash flooding. we will be back with more in a few minutes. a former substitute teacher at cedar rapids washington says she is not guilty of having an inpresent relationship with a student. mary beth haglin entered the
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in interviews with cbs 2, however, haglin admitted to having sexual contact with a student. she is charged with sexual exploitation by a school employee. haglin says the school tried to cover up the controversy. long-time principal ralph plagman and activities director michael johnson resigned their positions at the school along with district human services officer jill cervello. the district says school followed. also developing tonight a favorite breakfast stop in cedar rapids will reopen this week. just in a different location. a fire charred the inside of riley's cafe on 1st avenue yesterday afternoon. as cbs 2news first reported the restaurant was closed but the manager next door called the taken to the hospital for a heat-related condition - but is recoveringinvestigators tell cbs 2 news the fire
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known yet.on friday, riley's will begin serving food out of daisy's garage - which is located just down the street. riley's is a cedar rapids staple and its building has deep roots in city history. 2 news reporter joe huisinga shows us how they are preserving the history for the future. yesterday when owner richard pankey heard the restaraunt was on fire he thought it was done for and while buildings can be replaced a history it holds cannot. cannot. tuesdays fire at rileys cafe took a toll on cedar rapids hisy history the part that rileys was in was the first commercial store front on this block of first avenue between 8th street and 10th street starting as a grocery store then a plumbing shop the building has been a popular restaurant since the 1970.and for the last 13 years it's belonged to the penky family
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luckily the flames were contained saving some precious s memories a lot of family pieces in this restaurant a home to local history history theres probably only two of those left in existence those cedar rapids flags just like that one and some ironic collectables it's an english fire bell bell little did we know that it could have been used england. little did we know it could have been used yesterday. fortunately, the place was empty. >> reporter: a local spot with food fit for a president. >> i think he had two eggs, he said, i am just gonna eat. don't mind me. of course, inside here there were a dozen secret service men and there were that many outside. >> reporter: a local icon. >> riley's is popular for a lot of reasons. >> reporter: hoping to rise from the ashes. >> we are hopeful to come back in this spot and rebuild what
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daisy's on friday they will have all the riley's staff as well. family and friends are gathering to remember a cedar rapids teen killed one year ago. 15-year-old aaron richardson was found bleeding on the street last september. he died a short time later at shootings in cedar rapids last year - and all that violence has many saying enough is enoug. enough.we're working on that angle right now for ten at 10. linn county is now just one step away from increasing the minimum wage. today the board of supervisors passed the second ordinance. if approved, the minimum wage would increase one-dollar over the next three years to reach 10-25 an hour.the first bump in pay would go into effect in january.the final vote - which will decide the fate of the measure - is scheduled for next monday. right now - the new university of iowa children's hospital is putting together its final
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to open at the end of this year. 2 news reporter steffi lee joins us live to give us an inside look at the new facility. construction started in 2012, and as you can see the project is going according to plan. working on this project say it's going according to plan. when the hospital opens in december of the goal is every child come through has a quality and memorable experience. it's a sight to committed to making it happen. >> reporter: and $360 million. >> it's all around the patients. >> reporter: when finished it it will make all children feel welcome. construction crews are still installing computers and getting the building online - all the way up to the level 11 when we're putting final paint and touches on it."iowa board
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directors toured the new facility wednesday.nat popand were drawn to the new equipment -and colorful designs to soothe and distract the kids from the procedures they'll receive.the tower even overlooks kinnick stadium.nat pop construction? sot: 20:38:44:17 between all the neonatal and intensive care unit rooms and the pediatric icu rooms and our med serge we have 183 beds enabled - ready to go to serve their needs. other than twin rooms on the nicu floor - they're all single patient rooms - sot: 20:35:21 space for both the patient and those family emenities." providing a space project directors say will be efficient enough to bring the needed care to children in iowa and surrounding states. sot: 20:45:19:18 we've got thousands of people totally committed to our project - that's really the power of the project and the power of the spirit here. the community is welcome for a public tour in november - those dates are november fifth and iowa city, steffi
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a 100-year-old iowa city home homeis now being considered for the national register of historic places. places.the home - located on west park road will be reviewed by the iowa city historic preservation commission tomorrow.after the meeting, the commission will forward its recommendations to the state historic preservation office.built in 1917 - the home blends tudor revival and craftsman-style elements from the 19th and 20th centuries. the impact of falling food prices is being the country. country.the average price of a dozen of eggs has dropped three cents.the price of milk - 40-cents cheaper.and a pound of ground beef - down about 50- cents from last year.the drop is good news for u-s consumers but bad news for food producers.the government is already boosting the dairy industry by buying 20-million dollars worth of cheese - which will be distributed to food banks.experts say the lower prices could last
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with the amount of food grown and produced in iowa - it's easy to assume that everyone has enough to eat.sadly - hunger ?is a problem right here in the corridor. 2 news reporter mellaney moore spent the day with volunteers in johnson county.she joins us now live to tell us what they are doing. one out of seven people in johnson county doesnt have enough food.that's according to a report released by volunteers packed thousands of meals to try to help. help. the atmosphere is electric at the johnson county fairgrounds. but there is no carnival. ?this is a room full of people from the community excited to help others.mark koch, hills bank and trust and wealth management officer 17:32:39 it's actually quite fun in here patti fields, united way vice president for impact and engagement17:21:11 today is our meal packaging event that is engaging the community to package 20,000 meals this morning.fields says food insecurity in the area impacts adults... and our kids. 17:21:48 we're focusing on hunger and also this morning
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that children who have a healthy, nutritious food are also more ready to learn at school.leon sporrer, outreach event coordinator17:26:49 it's oatmeal, soy, and a cinnamon pack and applesthe roughly three thousand pounds of food is all staying in the area. leon sporrer, outreach event coordinator17:26:17 unfortunately, people in iowa staying in the area. >> fortunately, people in iowa -- unfortunately, people are in hungry. we are the midwest. why are people hungry? we supply the food to all the world. >> reporter: the meals will go to hunger re in washington and johnson counties and feed families here. >> i think it's very important to get involved and be involved in the community and especially appreciate that everything is staying local. >> reporter: this looks like something that you would want to be a part of, beau the united way and the outreach programs say they are always looking for volunteers. we have information on our to website.
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country's military will be the main topics of discussion during tonight's commander in chief forum. both donald trump and hillary clinton are expected to play out their respective plans for the military and protecting the country from extreme terrorist groups like isis. the republican nominee says he wants to spend billions beefing up the military with more troops, more ships, more planes. as for the former secretary of state, she's picked up the endorsement of the dallas morning news, making her the backed in over seven decades. our mission at cbs 2news is to connect the presidential candidates to our viewers to better inform and empower you. we have reached out to the candidates to take part in extended interviews with our station and sister stations across the country. tell us what you want to know from the candidates. share your thoughts with us by e-mail or facebook. still to come on the cbs 2news, the panthers upset iowa
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win the home opener this saturday. and we have had a couple of waves of thunderstorms already today. more to come tonight. we will be tracking those on the radar and give you an update on a flash flood watch in effect for the area. that's on your we i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat.
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the wind brought water to prairie farms. then windmills went away, but the wind remained. chuck grassley thought it was time to bring the windmill back. without the grassley legislation, and his effective leadership, the wind energy industry would not have succeeded. now, more than thirty one percent of all the electricity in iowa comes from wind.
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six thousand in iowa alone. google, facebook, microsoft and good paying manufacturing jobs have come to iowa for that energy. iowa produces more of its energy from wind than any other state. it started with a simple idea and the renowned work ethic of one senator. senator grassley is literally the father of the modern wind industry. grassley works. tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning. the september 11th terror attacks changed the way americans viewed security in the united states. some of the people most directly effected 15 years ago this week..tomorrow siren sound5 soundmany cbs 2 news viewers
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morning? many viewers contacted us about the tornado sounding. the national weather service said it went ahead with today's scheduled test of the state's weather alert system. those tests typically don't happen during stormy weather. there were no storms or warnings at least at the time of the test. >> that would be confusing. here to clear things up is chief meteorologist harry swales with the forecast. >> we had some thunderstorms those moved across the rest of the area today. that front hanging around here. we have more storms tonight and the heavy rain threat is around for parts of the area. 75 degrees the current temperature in cedar rapids, but with our dew point of 75 the humidity is at 100%. so the air is totally saturated and any thunderstorm that can form in an environment like this is likely going to produce some very heavy rain in a short period of time. and here is some of the rains
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and the worst of it was way up in our northern counties. not too far away from the minnesota border, 5.5 inches of rain. decor ah3 inches. dubuque1.92 inches. iowa city an inch of rain. mu five inches of rain and there is more precipitation in the forecast tonight. on the doppler you can see a big batch of thunderstorms that moved through during the afternoon hours and then things quieted down. right now not a lot going on in the northern counties, but some new development is taking shape down in the south. you can see now as you get down towards iowa city and up to cedar rapids, a few showers here. some more yellow there. so the showers a little bit heavier.
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the strongers storm is located in southern washington county. this one here could easily put out some heavy rainfall. right now no severe weather expected out of the storms. heavy rain will be a threat. as a result of that we do have flash flood watches out from about highway 20 on to the south in our viewing area. with the ground fairly saturated it wouldn't take much to produce some flash flooding. the big question is where are the heavy storms going to develop tonight. my gut feeling is the heavier and south of highway 30. the watch may be a little bit farther north here. the bottom line is it's one of those things we haven't finalized just yet. anywhere in this region the threat is there for some stronger to heavier storms as we go through the night. on our predicter here at 8:00 it's showing most of the activity down in our southern counties. we are out at 10:00. as we advance through the nighttime hours you see another batch of precipitation developing here, but it cuts
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so again it's pretty much along and south of highway 30 where the heavier rains are anticipated. you can see by tomorrow morning those have moved out and things quiet down. temperatures todays very warm. 86 in iowa city. 82 cedar rapids. here is the front that's causing the big contrast in temperatures. that will gradually sink southward and take the thunderstorms with it. after that we will have one more system out of the southwest and that will be in here storms. tomorrow we should be pretty much in the dry during the day. temperatures around 80 degrees. dew points eventually falling back into the 60s. so not quite so humid tomorrow. and your forecast then has lows tonight that will range from 63 in the north to 70 degrees in the south. scattered showers and thunderstorms, but it looks like the heaviest will be in the southern one-third of our viewing area from about cedar rapids on to the south. and then for tomorrow becoming mostly sunny. a little less humid, especially in the north. mid 70s in the north to the mid
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then as we get towards friday another round of showers and thunderstorms, but it looks like that system clears out for the weekend. we will have some sunshine and by then our temperatures will have cooled into the 70s. still to come, we preview right now, get the directv? select package from centurylink with up to 12 megs of high-speed internet for about 50 bucks a month for one year. directv has live sports... [ crowd cheers ] news... drama... -[ smooches ] -[ sobbing ] hit movies... [ film reel clicking ] plus hbo, starz, showtime, and cinemax for the first three months at no extra cost.
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to the hawkeye now cbs 2 sports with mia o'brien. >> to the hawkeye faithful, yes, iowa state lost last week. they have a new coaching staff and is rebuilding, but iowa state also plays in the big 12. if they are to have any chance of competing there, they have to develop a spread offense. and seeing as the more pro- style miami of ohio attack the hawks have to step up their game against the likes of mike warren and the cyclone receivers this weekend. >> don't kid yourself. matt campbell knows with a running back like mike warren, if you can at least establish the run, and miami did that last week, iowa state knows if it can do that, it makes that passing game all the more lethal. got to find a way to get more pressure on the quarterback. there is a reason miami threw for over 200 yards.
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>> you can catch eye on the hawks, a full breakdown of this week and every week's game panthers now turn their attention to what coach farley calls a true "up tempo" offense. offense....and that doesn't just mean montana goes no huddle -- the griz scored forty-one points in their season opener -- and return their quarterback and top two backs ... but just as u-n-i has quickly refocused on this to be able to bounce back quickly come saturday... "there's not a definition of no huddle. a lot fo people spend as much time in the huddle as people spend in no huddle.... the objective i believe is to get ninety snaps a game plus. and if that's the case then you know percentage wise you gotta do a great job to get back, get focused, get lined up. whether you just made a great play or just made an error. that's where the challenge and that's where the focus is." the kernels kick off their
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tonight -- but before they could get to that -- first baseman zander wiel honored today as the midwest league's player of the week -- he smacked four home runs and eleven r-b-i's in his last six games -- first pitch tonight is at six-thirty-five.... rubber game between the white sox and the tigers..... down one in the eighth -- justin morneau -- just what the doctor ordered -- r-b-i double knots things at four.... two batters later -- avi garcia -- will be haunting tigers' fans' sleep for days this one open and win 7-4....
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a cubs magic number at ten. also quick note. cardinals just took a 1-0 lead. >> there we go. i like that news. >> that's good news. the news about the weather friday, though, i don't know about that one, terry. well, mia, you are a toughie. nobody has melted from rain, as far as i know. i know it would be nice to have a dry night. meantime, thunderstorms pushing into illinois and wisconsin. new winds are trying to develop
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and south of highway 30 and right now nothing very impressive. but i do think it will intensify a little bit. there is that chance of some flash flooding along and south of highway 30. we do have flash flood watches out as far north as the highway. >> we get a little break right
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gallagher: this type of disaster hits, it's like, "man, what do we do? where do we start?" after the flood, when we came in here, there was nothing left. there's no way we're gonna do this ourselves. people like monica vernon really fought to get the assistance that led to the recovery. it took vision. it took courage. there is a true community spirit. i don't think she asked anybody after the flood whether they were democrat or republican. she took the bull by the horns,
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z2z23p3pvzvz z z1212fz y23pvy y12fy i pledge allegiance, to the flag [continues in background] they're bringing drugs, they're brigning crime, they're rapists... you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes... und] you gotta see this guy; "oh, i don't know what i said. ah, i don't remember." i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters... get him the hell out of here... get him out of here! get out!
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is halle berry back with her ex? the new twist in her divorce. >> are they secretly living together? what e.t." learned. >> and the cast is who are the front runners to watch. who is having second thoughts? behind the scenes with matthew mcconaughey's movie make over. >> how far will he go? could getting a bell belly win him another oscar. how amy schumer shocked an award show overseas. >> i thought i was model of the


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