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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 7, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm CDT

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is halle berry back with her ex? the new twist in her divorce. >> are they secretly living together? what e.t." learned. >> and the cast is who are the front runners to watch. who is having second thoughts? behind the scenes with matthew mcconaughey's movie make over. >> how far will he go? could getting a bell belly win him another oscar. how amy schumer shocked an award show overseas. >> i thought i was model of the
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"entertainment tonight." halle berry and her husband get a divorce ultimatum. the court is demanding they make a decision. go through or announce it off. >> they filed a year ago. could a reconciliation be in the works? where has he been living? here is what a source is telling us. >> living in one of three homes in which halle owns in los angeles. right now the main focus on their children. son together, maceo, and 8-year-oldal nahla, halle with her ex. >> it gives them three options. move forward with the divorce, file a dismissal, or the court can dismiss based on default. >> it was anger management issues. everyone remembers he shoved
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seat. he got in the thanksgiving brawl. now we're hearing they're not fighting as much. >> the pair with the kids vacationed together in mexico last year and halle turned 50 last month has been active on instagram showing off her body and flat out enjoying life. the couple reconciled? not so fast. a source tells us the divorce is, quote, happening.. >> the divorce ultimatety tum is nothing new in hollywood. patrick demp see got one last may. gwyneth got one in february. she finalized her divorce 21 weeks later. it's a way for the courts to say dismiss it or move. >> here's the most important thing. they can coexist and coparent. they're doing a great job. that's all that matters. >> kid are the most important.
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from the premier of "dancing with the stars." the cast got together in new york city. i think it's going to be entertaining cast. >> a lot of fun. for one star it's not about dancing. i'm talking about ryan lochte. jennifer pirro said he's looking for a second chance. >> are you hoping everyone can move on and help you mirror ball trophy. >> yes, hopefully this helps. i think it hit me like, about three or four rehearsals ago like, crap, i'm doing the show. >> i'm going to love it. >> yes. i'm going to love it. bedazzled and all. >> ryan hoping for a little image rehab. vanilla ice prefers dancing to ballroom. >> it's happening. you're not backing out anymore.
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i was like what kind of dancing is this? >> are we going to see baby dances this weekend? >> i'm requesting it here on "entertainment tonight." week two or three? >> i have no idea. i follow whatever they say. i hope i don't step on toes. >> you have a favorite this season? >> yes. >> did you it make you more -- or no pressure? >> well, my competition is i'm setting the bar high but i want to just be as good as i can be. >> there's really good dancers. >> derek's friend mark ballas broke the news. he's heading to broadway. >> "jersey boys" final run of an 11 year stretch. how honored? >> i'm incredibly honored and so grateful. ? ? ? my pretty baby ?
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frankie valley. mark is the number one friend. >> he is in new york. he keeps me sending me "jersey boys" poster. >> you can catch it january 15th. another major project in the works his wedding to singer "bc jean." >> no snap chat, no instagram. we whole time. >> do you have a date set? >> yes. >> we do. it's a secret date or share it? >> it's a secret date. >> it's a secret date. it's going to be -- >> soon. >> soon. >> speaking of heading to the altar. last night on "bachelor of paradise" didn't get any better. whopping three couples got engaged. three. that never happened before. and host chris harrison stopped
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see on tv. [ crying ] >> will you marry me? >> will you marry me? >> the last one carly saying yes to evan was one of the biggest surprises of the season. especially when you consider she didn't want to go out with him in the beginning. >> the kiss was so terrible. >> i mean, i don't understand how this man has two children. carly said yes to evan. did that come as a shocker to you? >> 100%. let's that i was at. i was hosting the guinness world record date. she was shooting daggers at me. >> i wanted to give him the book "she's just not into you." out of the couples, i'm going to make you make some prediction. are they going to last? >> i'm doing three weddings this year. >> yeah. i'm doing three. actually, four. >> we saw the break upcoming.
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the bachelor saying goodbye to jen. >> i wanted to say i'm in love with you, but there's something in my heart that said i can't. >> he said on the show i don't think i can say "i love you." >> that's my goal this season. >> yeah. >> are you surprised he said that? >> no. he's been so unlucky in love. he feels a little bit broken. he feels it's got ton the point maybe it's not them. >> i've been a champion for him. >> nick's choice as a bachelor came as a surprise who assumed that luke pell. they were concerned with luke's motive he seemed more interested in his country music career. >> the more we talked to luke and making the final decision, we just had our questions as to is he really ready? is he sincere about this?
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"bachelor" doesn't get underway until january. chris is set to crown the next miss america this sunday along with espn. >> are you afraid you might present the rose instead of the crown? >> right. >> here it is. >> it will be the most dramatic pageant ever. >> i knew it. how do you prevent -- the steve harvey mess up. >> i watched it. >> your heartbreaks for the >> it does. >> what are you doing to prevent this? >> i'm going to read the right names! i think that's everybody's greatest fear on live tv. two premiers last night. first, new york, carly found out that tom hanks anddrita have a lot to celebrate. >> you recently celebrated your 60th birthday. coming up october it's rita's turn. >> what do you have in store? it better be good. >> for her?
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i have a magical thing. we're putting it together. . >> right now they're celebrating the release of "sully." >> i like it to be wobbly. come on, flying through the clouds. let's go! >> the only thing i like bouncy is my hair. >> on the other coast the talk was about eddie murphy and >> i met with arnold and danny, and we had a great meeting. then we didn't hear anything. >> it's hilarious. and then nothing happened. >> what is happening is award season buzz for eddie's "mr. church." his first film in four years.
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go there and have a fun night. >> i wish he would host the oscars. >> eddie scored an oscar nomination for his dramatic role in "dream girls" he can make the series turn. >> for sure. did you know there's an underground hide out for models only? >> that's like saying there's a stable for unicorns. >> okay. in is real unlike the unicorns. we take you new york's secret model lounge. >> it's like a secret safe haven >> and on the set of matthew mcconaughey's movie. and check out the transformation. bald head and big belly. is it real? closed captioning provided
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tomorrow an "et" exclusive.
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the last time matthew mcconaughey changed his appearance, dropping nearly 50 pounds for "dallas buyers club" he won an oscar. now he's nearly unrecognizable. >> look at the plan.
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>> no, it's not your television set. that's a balding, beer-bellied math you mcconaughey. the belly 100% real. the thinning hair is hollywood magic. matthew is wearing a cap, you can see here. it was shaved down to achieve the look and a smile loaded with prosthetic teeth. it was inspired by true events. mcconaughey stars as a man whose life changes when he makes the >> here in indonesia, that's where we'll find the gold. >> kenny, look. >> we got to go. we got to. >> it's about what a man will do to keep his dream alive. >> bryce dallas howard stars as
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>> all of that glitzes is not gold. >> this is the fbi. >> the gold is mine. i found it. >> the only question i left with ps, how did $17 billion disappear overnight? ? ? an underground manhattan hot spot for super models only? >> it's kind of like a sorority. >> our cameras are taking you inside new york's model lounge. >> around the world with amy schumer. her boyfriend ben. plus, a new york housewife gives us a tour of her 11,000 square foot mansion.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is.
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i'm patty judge, and if you don't think washington has changed chuck grassley, try and ask him. the senate is broken. why are you leading all the obstruction? if you get your way and defund planned parenthood, where am i going to get my cancer screenings? if i'm paying more for medicine because your medicare plan passes, how do i afford that? are you even listening? i approved this message because, chuck, you've stopped working for iowa.
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the honorees in london last night. cameron and i had the honor of sitting across from her and talking to miss schumer beforehand. it's scary! you have to be on your toes. you never know what she's going to say next. >> last night was a great example. >> amy's speech had jaws dropping. >> the human of the year finally we're celebrating men! >> it's why we love amy. cracking us up. we can show you the tame jokes as the year award. >> thank you for calling me a woman. ben, i love you. >> it's hard to believe it was schumer's first red carpet event with her man of nine months. they color coordinated. she told me he's not like her >> he's not a narcissist. he's supportive and loving. >> i thought i was the model the year. the speech doesn't make sense.
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recalling the last time she was at a podium in london. >> i woke up in the morning and there was a viral video of me at the glamour awards. i'm probably like 160 pounds now and i can catch a [ expletive ] whenever i want. so, i decided to keep it a little lower key tonight. just say, like, thank you. >> backstage amy graabed selfies with ricky stewart. she took time for pranks with ben. >> he loves us. >> do you think amy is funny in her clips? wait until you see her stand up on the comic tour. it will bring her home one week from today with three dates in california. heading east with our exclusive home tour continuing with the real house lives of new york city. and the widow of a former partner a hedge fund company.
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million. what does the money buy? well, she's going to show you. >> welcome to blue stone manor. >> it haa nine bedrooms, and i would say it's about 11,000 square feet, but who is counting? >> 18 serene acres. d it has been her sanctuary. >> i want to light my house on fire. right now. burn it down. >> okay. her sanctuary when the housewives aren't visiting. >> i made it nice. i decorated! all go home. >> they're here, you know. we have our saying. we have our drama. they leave and i let the energy leave with them. >> from the bill yard room to her bedroom and once in awhile we film up here. the producers find i snuck away and i'm laying in bed watching
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occupied by luann and ramona. she faced nasty accusations last week from sonya. >> everybody knows you do drugs. >> i don't do drugs. >> everybody knows that. >> i'm home every night. >> i think it's funny. i think poor sonya is trying to be relevant. >> but bethenny -- >> made the comments and sonya had to run with what does she have? i mean, consider the source. >> part two of the reunion promises to be just as dramatic. >> bethenny hurt my feelings. >> listen. >> all of us have barely spoken ssnce the reunion. i've been laying in bed thinking how can you go back in the fall and all sit together and have any kind of friendship for anything? because horrible things were said about persons based on nothing. based on no facts.
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throw it out there. i never saw the house wife goes to that level. so i think people are really damaged. >> part two airs tonight on bravo. new york's fashion week kicked off today. what is a super model to do not on the kat walk? we're allowed to take you inside manhattan's sanctuary where models go when nobody is looking. >> it's a secret safe haven for space where you can congregate and feel safe. >> it gets tiring. in between gigs and she and other models have an underground hang out. >> carly has been here. abby, geordan dunn. >> think of a starbucks for models. the model member repped by an
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there are no mee allowed. gawking makes the ladies uncomfortable. >> what is offered here is snacks. what mooel doesn't like snacks. there are often massages, which is great. >> they also offer work out classes and seminars. >> keep it simple. >> membership is free and so is the swag. it's picked up by product sponsors. it's phoned by joan smalls entrepreneur >> during new york fashion week, we see anywhere from, you know, 200 to 300 girls per day. did you get to talk with other girls and have the same experiences. it's kind of like a sorority. >> wow. >> i like the underground sorority. >>well, here is another way the ladies -- i like that idea. there are video games there for them to play. i know you want to lounge now. >> now i love super models. they want to play video games.
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chin, cheeks, eye brows, nose, jaw -- all thht good stuff. >> jwoww reveals everything about her plastic surgery. why he won't stop with procedures. plus lindsay von not over her ex-ticker woods? >> we text a little bit. >> anddthe latest on taylor and tom split. it's all on e.t. >> travel considerations provided by -- denzel washington is teaming up with chris pratt.
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ethan hawk is part of the game. >> it's a great cast. it's a remake from 56 years ago. we're going to leave you with a little look behind the scenes. >> bye, everybody. >> 500 crew men, hundreds of stunt men, real dust, real heat, real sweat. >> there will be some mountains digitally put in there, but as far as the town goes, every bit of wood, every horse you see, ever real stuff. >> i was kidddng chris. he's very, very fine young man. >> told you. >> denzel was offered to direct here, too. >> oh, good. >> and look closely. that's vincent behind the beard. >> after each take all of us are constantly looking at each other. it's been so much fun.
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>> announcer: previously on "big brother," nicole and corey made a final four alliance with paul and victor. >> final four! >> announcer: and together they sent >> sorry, i have to evict you. >>. >> announcer: they all took a crack at seizing power. but victor exterminated the competition. >> congratulations, victor. you are the new head of household. >> announcer: wanting to remain loyal to corey. >> last week corey gave me the $5,000 bribe. now i can show them how much i trust them by keeping them safe


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