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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  September 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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attend family and friends remember 18 shot and killed in cedar rapids.>> was the hardest thing i ever had to do in my life. >> why the family says this example of going violence should be a wake-up call for everyone. >> a former substitute teacher says she is not guilty of sexual exploiting a student. >> will have the latest on heavy rains and the potential for any flash flood. >> the damage is extensive and there's a lot to do. >> bouncing back after a massive fire. >> now the top stories and tomorrow's weather forecast in the first 10 minutes. this is cbs two news can attend. >> after a soggy day storms with the potential for more rain on eastern iowa. >> meteorologist terry swails joins us now with the latest. >> most of eastern iowa has seen one to 5 inches of rain in
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the radar. they have shown uptake interactivity and intensity over the past hour. we will have to deal with these for several more hours. most of the rain is sought of highway 20 from waterloo to dubuque. you can see scattered storms from tipton and iowa city southwest of iowa city -- cedar rapids. some of the cells could produce some rain in a short. of time. other ce . we do have a flash flood watch for our southern and western counties. it looks like most of the heavy rains will take far enough south that flash flooding should not be a big issue for us tonight. >> a former substitute teacher at cedar rapids washington high school says she is not the of having an inappropriate relationship with a student. mary beth haglin entered the
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haggling admitted to sexual contact with the student. she is charged with sexual exportation by school employee. she says the school tried to cover up the controversy. longtime washington principal along with activities director resigned the positions as the district it human resource officer. this week district leaders completed their investigation into the incident say school family and friends of a cedar rapids teen gunned down year ago tonight gathered again today to remember him. him.15-year-old aaron richardson -- was found bleeding on 16th street southeast last september.he died a short time later at the . hospital.days later, 14- year-old robert humbles was charged with richardson's killing.but in december, humbles pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter.he is now being held in juvenile detention. richardson's death was just one of several shootings in cedar rapids last year.all
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calls for action. 2 news reporter dora miller has been following all of this and joins us with where things stand right now. following all of this. >> those closest to aaron richardson say they hope his death serves as a wake-up call. then violence does not have to be the new normal. today they reflected on his life and prayed no other family experiences that loss. >> feels like it happened yesterday. very tragic."aaron richardson's been a year of ups and downs for her and her family...and at times, unbearable. unbearable. "i hope that no mother ever has to bury her child the way that i did, that was the hardest thing i've ever had to do in my life." richardson died on september 7-th last year... year..."watching that young man bleed and throw up blood wasn't a joyful thing..."a whole city impacted... and pleading for people to realize what was taken. taken. "people are gonna miss him a lot, especially his sister and his family. people don't understand what they
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now -- his grave site stands as a reminder of the consequences of violence... violence..."it's going to take a community, everybody as a consequences of violence. >> will take everyone as a whole to change. >> richardson's mom says we have to be present in our children's lives and put them first so they do not have to strive for attention from others. >> i always worked and i was not at home as much as i should have been. now i would >> as the years continue to go by she asked for continue support and that aaron's memory never be forgotten. >> this year there have been three homicides and one involuntary manslaughter charge. overall richeson's mom says this year has been relatively calm. >> we are learning new details of the plea negotiations that resulted in the discovery of jacob wetterling's remains. wetterling was kidnapped,
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27 years ago. the man suspected of killing wetterling danny heinrich agree ll plea guilty to one count of child pornography in exchange for maximum change of 20 years in present. attorneys say they did not have enough evidence to go for murder charges. >> we believed he was the one who did it well we did not have the proof. >> if heinrich would've been sentenced for murder he would've been to only serve 17 the wetterling's family agreed to the deal last year. the family says they were hoping the deal would deal to a confession because they simply want closure. >> new tonight attend at least seven children are recovering after the school bus crushed -- crashed into a creek. take a look at these pictures. the clark county sheriff's office says the bus was traveling near squaw creek when it slid into the water.
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. investigators say heavy rains may have played a role in the crash. >> a popular restaurant is moving forward after a damaging fire. starting this friday morning, riley cafi will be serving its usual breakfast menu down first avenue at daisy's garage. while the owners tried to reopen the original location they want to make sure their staff will get a paycheck. most of the damage was contained in the kitchen and dishwashing area. other parts of the smoke and water damage. >> people love this location. it's iconic. the owner of the building would love to have a stay here. hopefully we can make it work and have the support of the community to continue here. >> owners say because of where the fire was most of the photographs and cedar rapids memorabilia will be safe. >> there is a play coming soon
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there's backlash because the actor chosen to portray the character is not death. today ryan is live in downtown cedar rapids on how it came about. >> reporter: when theater leaders of the theater rapids opened at these stores for auditions and casting calls no deaf actor showed up. being a community theater they have to cast from those who do volunteer. they say they did the best they could and they are proud of their cast. >> earlier this week theater cedar rapids sent a catalyst for tribes. a hearing actor will play the main character billy. this man calls it an erasure of deaf culture. this woman says if the woman would not be put on at all. this discussion is why she picked tribes. >> which is tries because it
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that is, how do we hear the voice of the deaf community. >> the play is about a family who can all hear learning to connected with yet, putting tribes on the bill gave a way to do that. charper says the theatre advertised casting calls in all the ways they usually do and reached out to at least one organization involved in the deaf communitiy. but no deaf actors auditioned.174053 im sorry we didnt get some deaf actors, that would have been a truly so we had to make a decision. she says she debated pulling the play - but chose to push forward173834 it's my belief it's worth doing. maybe the emotion over the casting will carry over into some meaningful discussion. 172854 we really dont want this to be something that is an argument and thats when it stops. we'd really like to own our
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them with the people that it affects most. the show premiers october 21st. an american sign language professional is serving as a consultant on the play.after sunday matinees - the theatre crew- along with the intepretor will host post- show discussions about this controversy. is it important for a deaf actor to play the role or is theatre just theatre and as long as the story is told is that enough? tomorrow night on cbs 2 news - we hear from a member advocate of the local deaf community. covering the corrridor in cedar rapids jenee ryan cbs 2 news. now ten at ten continues with a look at tonight's other stories across the corridor. linn county is now just one step away from increasing the minimum wage. today the board of supervisors passed the ?second reading of the ordinance. if approved, the minimum wage will increase one-dollar each year over the next three years to 10-25 an hour.the first bump in pay would take effect in january. the final vote - which will
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right now - the new university of iowa children's hospital is putting together its final additions. designs were drawn specifically to make chilredn feel less stressed.the new building is completely patient driven with one of the key features being single patient rooms.the 360-million-dollar project is on track to be complete by the end of the year.if you're interested in seeing the hospital - public tours will be held on on november fifth and sixth. a 100-year-old iowa city home is now being considered for the national register of historic places.the home - located on west park road will be reviewed by the iowa city historic preservation commission tomorrow.after the meeting, the commission will forward its recommendations to the state historic preservation office.built in 1917 - the home blends tudor revival and craftsman-style elements from the 19th and 20th centuries. according to social services, one out of seven people in
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hundreds of volunteers went to the fairgrounds today to work on packing 20-thousand meals. the meals will go to hunger relief organizations in washington and johnson counties that is cbs 2 news ten at ten -- the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first ten minut. minutes.still to come... come...the issue of national security and why some say the presidential candidates still need to work on their plans.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning. the september 11th terror attacks changed the way americans viewed security in the united states. some of the people most directly effected 15 years ago this week..tomorrow morning at 5 >> i think we have had enough rain. >> turn it off.>> events this have been over and over. this is the fifth time -- we have had at least 5 inches of rain and that's exactly what happened last night. up in bluffton there was five and have inches of rain. the core getting popped once again. a few weeks ago they had 8 inches of rain and this time around they had 3 to 4 inches
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all of eastern iowa has seen 125 inches of rain in the past 24 hours. we are still looking at thunder storms and showers on the radar tonight. at this point everything is south of highway 20. if you're up in the north you have no concerns tonight. showers and storms are becoming more numerous as we get into east central iowa. you can see tipton and iowa city and there's a concentrated area of rain. back in johnson county and west northwest of cedar rapids south east of trhs are some thunderstorms kicking up there. these storms can produce a lot of rain in a snap of a finger. there is a lot of saturated air
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with these storms having that potential of producing heavy rain there is still a flash flood watch in effect tonight. you can see it's not include our northern counties anymore. this has been pinched back. if there's going to be any flash flooding the chances will be passed along south of highway 30 and even there are not too concerned about it as a storms are moving very quickly and should be out of here by three or four clock in the morning. to give you an idea to our predictor and this is a model. this shows you where the rains will be expected to be at given times. a 2:00 in the morning you can see a lot of the heavy showers and storms have shifted off to the south east. by for or 5:00 most of the rain is out of our viewing area and tomorrow morning will start things off on the dry side and we will get sunshine back in our skies and have a much better day tomorrow. here's today's temperatures. it
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monticello to cedar rapids. there are much cooler conditions up in the north where the winds were coming in from the north. this will not get a kick to the southeast and be the end of the rain. it is not the end of the reign in our future. another system is coming out of the southwest. this is what's left of her k norman. heading northeast. that will be back in the area on friday afternoon and evening and that's when will see another round of showers. in some areas that could be heavy rains. tomorrow will be dry and temperatures around 80 and you can see the dew points started to back off in the afternoon. it should be more comfortable with that -- out that extra humidity. the heaviest activity will be
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should end by three or four clock in the morning. tomorrow will be with sunshine and temperatures pretty comfortable. the winds will be turning from the northwest from 5 to 10. when you're extended forecast we have that rain back on friday but it is gone by saturday. will be it freeze and cool day on sunday. there will be a warm-up on monday and another front comes through and temper news...going beyond the podium. the topics many voters say aren't being discussed on the campaign trail.
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it was not a head to head matchup -- -- >> it was a head-to-head matchup but it was the first presidential form featuring the democratic and republican nominees. >> touched on topics like national security and beefing up the military. i will do everything in my power to make sure that our men and women in the military are fully prepared for any chal. challenge.i have a substantual chance of winning...if i win...i don't want to broadcast to our enemies what my plan is. is.both nominees vowed to defeat isis - and said more attention is needed for mental health care for veterans.trump
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their first debate, on september 26th. also tonight, cbs 2 news is launching a new series that digs a little deeper. deeper.right now, investigative reporter lisa fletcher -- --takes a closer look at national security, in tonight's beyond the podium rep. report. foreign policy is front and center this campaign and military strategy to deal with isis is often the centerpiece. and while the candidates often have decidedly opposite isis often the centerpiece. while both candidates have decided opposite positions you have to take out their families.""he has said that he would order our military to carry out torture and the murder of civilians who are related to suspected terrorists"but what specific military strategy and intervention looks like under each candidate still lacks details for many.both of them have created some broad outlines of how they view the military and how they would
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they would get there."philip lohaus works on national security and future warfare strategy for the american enterprise instutite.he says whether it's clinton suggesting no-fly zones without explanation of how they'll work, or trump broadly calling for more ground troops, critical details are often absent.this week, donald trump suggested the military simply lacked a sense of urgency to defeat isis."so i'm going to convene my top generals and give them a simple instruction, they will have 30 days to submit to the soundly, and quickly defeating isis.""i think the generals already have sound plans to defeat isis. the question isn't what the generals think plans to defeat isis. the question isn't what the generals make and whether it's feasible or not. the question is if it's politically feasible. >> trump released a list of endorsements and quickly answered by the clinton campaign
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>> there is a big debate in the national security community whether it's appropriate or not for these generals to come out and make endorsements. one comes out with a list and another with another list. >> voters will be looking to the debates for a window into the military under each candidate. i am lisa fletcher in washington dc. >> our mission is to connect the presidential candidate to our viewers to better inform and empower you. we have reached out to the candidate to take part in the extended interviews like the when you stop station but our sister stations across the country. we want to hear from you. tell us what you want to know from the candidates. you could share your thoughts by email or facebook. >> still to come the kernels in >> still to come the kernels in the opening game of the missed megared omega-3s... but did you know your eyes, your brain, and your joints really love them too? introducing megared advanced 4in1... just one softgel
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gallagher: this type of disaster hits, it's like, "man, what do we do? where do we start?" after the flood, when we came in here, there was nothing left. there's no way we're gonna do this ourselves. people like monica vernon really fought to get the assistance that led to the recovery. it took vision. it took courage. there is a true community spirit. i don't think she asked anybody after the flood whether they were democrat or republican. she took the bull by the horns, saw a problem that needed to be solved, and she solved it.
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>> and now cbs to sports mia o'brien. >> yes i will state has a new coaching staff and is rebuilding but i will state also plays in the big 12 and if they are to have any chance of competing there they have to develop a offense and seeing as the more prostyle of miami attacked 424 yards against the hawks iowa will have to step up
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>> don't kid yourself. you can at least establish the run -- and miami did that last week -- iowa state knows that if you can do that, it makes that passing game all the more lethal.... gotta find a way to get more pressure on the quarterback. there's a reason miami threw for over two- hundred yards... force them to get happy feet, and make some throws he doesn't wanna throw." and don't forget -- you can >> don't forget you can catch i am hocks and a full breakdown of this week and eve game on thursdays on our sister station fox28. >> the panthers now turn their attention to what coach farley is calling a true uptown offense. that does not mean montana goes no huddle. they scored 41 points in their season opener and returned their quarterback and top two backs. just as you and i refocus on this week's opponent, they will need that same mindset this
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>> there is not a definition of no huddle. >> the objective is to get as many snaps. even if we made a great play or fairplay that's where the challenges and that's where the focus is. >> on the ice former waterloo black hawk captain. has been named of team usa. they are in action later this month in taranto. it's 3-zero dished -- the
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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>> thunderstorms will be south of highway 20. there will be some spots with heavy rain but the rain will be gone by norman and tamara will get sent in the afternoon. better things for tomorrow afternoon.
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