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tv   CBS2 News Live at 5  CBS  September 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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at five,students at jefferson high school are gathering tonight to support a fellow classmate who found himself suffering this >>i live at #50k. students at jefferson high school gathering to support a classmate who found himself suffering this morning. first there's severe twhaert could be on >> it's been an active afternoon for thunderstorms. some places up in the north have seen two to four inches of rain. a flach is in effect. generally north of highway 20. that's out until 1:00 a.m. in the morning. we have flash nood warnings in effect for breener, butler and kramer counties and flash flood
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until -- 6:15. already been some flash flooding and more expected as additional thunderstorms come through. you can see one batch of rain has lifted out of the northeast. another set to move in. right now heavy storms passing through the waterloo area. they'll be heading towards olewin shortly. you can see the line extends through the rest as we go through the eefrn hours. there will be thunderstorms around and kick off temperatures around 71 degrees. looks like the rain move outs by midnight and after that much better weather for the rest of the weekend. minutes after classes began this morning the school was put on lock down for a medical he was taken to university of iowa hospitals and clinics.
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until authorities were sure there was no threat to their safety. generally it's not our practice to report this case - we had to consider the many concerned parents and community members looking for answers. we also reached out to health experts in our community. they asked us to be sensitive in what we report - because apparently when a young person attempts suicide - it can increase the risk for others to do the same. all of us here at cbs 2 want to do what we can to try and help parents and caregivers of we can to try and help parents and caregivers of teens. anyone who can reach out to them when life seems overwhelming. cbs2 news connor morgan spoke with mental health experts and join us when w a critical stat in helping loved ones who are sufr -- suffering. >> reporter: it's no secret talking about stew sue side is
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those hard conversation is critical and can save lives. >> reporter: most all of us remember what it was like to be in high school. we still might not understand what teenagers are going through these days. >> they have a lot going on in their lives. it's hard for adults to understand a teenager might -- feel suicide ul about. something trivial to us like a break up or a post on facebook. >> the lens their -- lens they're looking through is different. read online can certainly cause them to maybe start thinking about suicide or having depression or anxiety." suicide rates are on the rise according to the c-d-c - and stress may play the biggest factor on teen struggles. having conversations about suicide may seem difficult - but "there is no research that shows that talking about suicide increases an
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suicide may seem difficult but -- >> there's no research that talks about suicide don't increase the risk. by talking to someone you care about that you might be worry roied about you're not going to flant idea of suicide. >> if nobody is willing to engage them, what's the they get worse. we need parents to feel comfortable to talk with their kids about suicide. if they have concerns, to talk concerns. >> reporter: this happens to be national suicide prevention week and they're asking anybody who comes out to attend the football game to wear purple in support of suicide awareness. >> a lock down briefly in place at cedar rapids washington high school. the district sent a message to parents saying someone made a threat online they were taking every precaution to keep
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10:30. theyed that thad student in custody within ten minutes. the 15-year-old boy faces harassment charges. sunday marks a tragic anniversary for all of us. it will have been 15 years since 9/11. reactions seen through the lens of time. >> reporter: we've been talking about it in our news meetings. every afternoon we meet as newsroom and get together to figure out our coverage for the we all remember exactly where we were when we heard about or september 11. we all remember exactly where we were when we heard about or saw those towers fall. i was on my way to school when it broke over the radio and we spent every class that day silent watching the news then went home and watched the news more. producer morgan lied in new york
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being in new york she had to leave to baby-sit her brother and sister because her parents got stuck in manhattan. chief meteorologist was here in the studio he tells me when he saw it he didn't think it was real and continued about his regular routine. he found oitout it was true. when you were here or in new york 9/11 affected all of us. it drove us conversations about raisism, testify richl, religious. say they still face discrimination. a member of the iowa muslim's association say here he doesn't. >> iowa is one of the best playses to live for muslims. i've been here for eight years.
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decent and accepting and appreciate diversity>> here in the corridor in efforts to keep the brifrjs -- bridges of peace. members will come together and going to serve a shelter in the community on saturday. sunday they'll rejoin along interreligious council of linn county for an interfaith prayer service at saint stevens. we can't do our job without care about. we want to know what you've learned or how you've changed since the attackings. you can tell us by heading to you are o our facebook and join in our conversation. cbs2 news live at 5:00. 15 years after the attacks cancer remains one of the biggest issues for first responders survivors and residents. as kenneth craig reports so far
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to 9/11. >> how are you feeling today snie i'm feeling okay. >> reporter: john says he has good days and bad days. he trying the -- tries to stay positive. the former new york city department police chief battling none hodgkin's lymphoma. the dust cloud blanketed downtown. >> it hurt to breathe. i was sitting in my office in one police plaza inside and it >> reporter: new research from the new york city department of helmet l health shows rescue and recovery workers as well as residents exposed to the dust and debris have an increased roisk -- risk of cancer. dr. michael crane leads the world trade center health program. >> the exposure at world trade had an impact on the rate of cancer in our population and we
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age effect. >> reporter: he says doctors in his program are now diagnosing 10 to 15 new cancer cases each week including rare cancers. >> you could go through an entire medical career and see a -- never see a patient with this. now we have 17 in our population. >> reporter: many patients have been diagnosed with multiple cancers. his prostate cancer is remission >> i'm luck you and blessed that i'm not as sick. >> reporter: he's sharing his story to encourage more people to take that first step and get checked out. kenneth craig cbs news. an alarming new report today showing iowa obesity rate has not gone down. cbs2 news shows us one way to succeed in your weight loss
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was no stranger in battling the effects on her body. >> i felt like -- i was surely going to die with some aspect of being over weight. >> reporter: fast forward to now. the certified nutritionist looks and feels great. >> i learned how to set my body to win, how to eat. >> reporter: foods that we're used to. >> a from pro teen, carb. pfc. ooement -- >> really the body confidence the big thing for me. feeling comfort in my close -- kroet -- clothes and just looking good. >> reporter: both found confidence that throwed a new business called new life nutrition. >> we do a ton of daily education in this and question and answering. and facebook allows us to live stream our meetings. >> we teach people how to maneuver through through the
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call the -- aisles we call the war zone. the prepackaged foods they -- they can live without. >> reporter: in the end it's about living and the state of obesity report motivates them more to share their journey towards wellness. some voters in iowa are working to keep the negative side of politics out of iowa schools. nat from iowa safe schools says heated political races at levels often result in more bullying in local school systems. just in iowa anti latino chants heard after a high school basketball game where the opposing team was ethnically diverse. ny we see the political implications of bullying that comes up each election cycle. especially when you have a candidate targeting
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as the weekend inches closer. storms are coming in. let's find out how they could affect your plans. terry? >> as you can see the thunderstorms are primarily in our western counts and they continue to advance to the east. so that could be an issue tonight for some of the high school games. there's been heavy rain and flash flooding in our northern counties. that's something we'll talk
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sfwl we had a thunderstorm through cedar rapids earlier today and dumped half an inch of rain. we're just cloud. temperatures east at 10 miles per hour. we have a flash flood watch in
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counties until 1:00 in the morning. our northern two tiers of counties in charles city down to ole win -- an area is it hit hard in the past couple of days. and more rain anticipated in this area for the next couple of hours and we'll get a nice break after that. a flash flood warning for bremer, butler and franklin counties. a warning for chickasaw floyd and howard and that is out until 6:15 and already been some flash flooding in the northern parts of our viewing area. you can see the thunderstorms are still active particularly in the western half of our region and they continue advancing east ward. we'll take you into our northern counties now. and you can see a strong thunderstorm passing sous -- south of west union towards oelwein. an inch of two of rain in a
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all uncommon with these storms. for this -- the line extends east of waterloo. so that will continue to work its way east across the region and in eastern iowa around 6:00 or 7:00 tonight about the time when the high school football games get underway. here's some rain totals that come in. clarksville, to the waterloo. 4.17 inches of rain. charles city with 3.85. 3 inches around new hampton. and many parts picking up two to three inches of rain in the storms. friday night football does include that chance of a shower or thunderstorm. could be delays around the area. temperatures at least on the mild side with readings around 70 degrees where the games do get underway. tomorrow the iowa state game in iowa city kick off there the temperature looks about 67
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the skies will have cleared out and nice conditions anticipated. as far as the current temperatures. quite a range as you can see. 64 degrees in charles city. 65 in waterloo. in our far southern and eastern counties. some places in the lower 80s. we've got a warm cutting across eastern iowa that's aattached the to this low pressure and kraed -- creating the force necessary for the rain. a tonight. by tomorrow evening it's well to the east of us and behind that high pressure will move into the mid upper midwest and sending cooler and drier air. we won't have to worry about thunderstorms for several days. tomorrows temperatures are cooler. 69 degrees at 5:00 and the dew points which were around 70, will start to crash as the cool dry canadian air moves in.
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will be in the 40s. that is the drier air that eliminates any rain through the weekend. >> over night look for temperatures in the range of 54 to 58 degrees. showers and storms will be around through the evening hours. some will put out heavy rain fall rates of an inch or two per hour. the rain is all gone. and the temperatures will be substantially cooler. readings in the 60s t north. at least the skies will be mostly sunny. breezy with gust up to 25. extended forecast has 74 fb -- for sunday. 08 on monday. and by wednesday looks like temperatures once again could be back in the upper 60s. things will cool down and dry out once we get through the storms. karen? >> thanks. if you bank with wells fargo
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compromised. the company is paying nearly $200 million in finance after they signed millions of customers up for phony accounts and credit lines and pushing customers into financial products they didn't need or ask for. just to hit sales goals. more than 5,000 employees have been fired in recent years due to inappropriate sales conduct. wells fargo is letting chus mers check the status of their accounts without paying the usual fee. >> sometimes living in a new place can make you feel like a fish out of water. we caught up with cyclones and bring you their experiences. a life look from done can i hill in mississippi. -- massachusetts. a farm that raises animals. they're in the stall where they
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the day in the pastture. more news and weather ahead. i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way.
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nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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iowa hawkeyes host the iowa state cyclones.the winner gets the cyhawk >> as you know the iowa hawk eyes host the cyclones and the
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melanie moor has more from where the competition will be settled. ny tomorrow the black and gold will meet the cardinal and gold. some cyclone fans are here all the time. today we went to talk to some of them to find out what it's like living in the heart of hawk country. >> it's mostly weird looks when you wear iowa state. i'm sure somebody driven by looked at me weird>> there will be trophy back. >> i will have a students dern have to wear a hawk eye jersey if we lose. >> reporter: the past four years iowa city in kinnick stadium, mellaney moore, cbs 2 news. "here's a live look now outside as the breeze blows in cedar rapids - shot courtesy photojournalist jason meyer.
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ed with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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>> a lot going on
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>> as you can see showers and some heavy thunderstorms continue to advance through eastern iowa. the strongest storms now extend from oelwein west of cedar rapids there. not too far. and down towards mont zu ma. they will advance here and delay some football games and some will produce rain fall rates of an inch or two per hour. the back end o -- edge rain in central iowa. i think by midnight most areas will be done with the rain and the rest of our weekend will be high and dry. >> that's good for the game tomorrow. i feel for the boys on the field tonight.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: an urgent phone message. the government tells owners of samsung's galaxy note 7 to shut them off immediately. they could explode. >> it was very surprising to me how quick the dash caught on fire. >> pelley: also north korean nuclear explosion sends shockwaves around the world. the south says the dictator is spiralg out of control. 15 years later, 9/11 first responders face new health problems. >> my short-term memory is almost gone. >> pelley: and steve hartman, when the man being stalked by a relentless lover. >> reporter: like you can't get away from her really.


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