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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  September 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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school are gathering tonight in honor of a fellow classmate. minutes after classes began today, the school was put on lockdown for a medical emergency. police tell cbs 2 news the 15-year-old boy tried minutes after school began the school was put on lockdown for a medical emergency. they are told the 15 drove boy tried to shoot himself outside the auditorium. he was taken to the university of iowa hospitals. students work health inside that building until they knew there was no safety. >> in general we don't report suicides. in this case we have to consider the many concerned parents and community members looking to us for answers. we also reached out to help experts in the community. they asked us to be sensitive in our reporting because apparently when a young person attempt suicide it can increase the risk for others to do the same. all of us here at cbs want to help parents and caregivers of teenagers and anyone who can
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seems too hard. reporters talk with dental health experts today and it's here now to explain one very important way we can help loved ones were suffering. >> reporter: it is no secret experts say having those hard conversations can save lives. lives. most all of us remember what it was like to be in high school - but we still might not understand what teenagers are going through these days. in high school we still might not understand what teenagers are going through these days.>> teenagers have a lot going on. it is hard for adults to understand some of things that teenagers feels to asylum about. it might be a breakup or something like a post on facebook. >> reporter: adults are lucky world is a lot smaller than an adult's world, so something like a breakup or a facebook post or some interaction on social media or something they read online can certainly
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thinking about suicide or having depression or anxiety." suicide rates are on the rise according to the c-d-c - and stress may play the biggest factor on teen struggles. having conversations about suicide may seem difficult - but "there is no research that shows that talking about suicide increases an individual's risk of suicide. there is no research that shows asking someone about suicide increases their risk of suicide. by talking to someone you care about, that you might be worried about, you are not goin idea in their head of suicide." mental health experts urge parents to take action by talking to their kids."if nobody is willing to engage them, that's only going to get worse. we need parents to feel comfortable to talk with their kids about suicide -- if they have concerns -- to talk with their child about those concerns." this happens to be homecoming week.for the j-hawk community - they are asking all those attending tonight's football game versus linn-mar to wear
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corridor in cedar rapids, connor morgan, cbs 2 news if you or someone you love is struggling with depression or considering suicide, there are resources out there to help you. for a full list and their contact information - visit our website - cbs 2 iowa dot com. a lockdown was also briefly in place at cedar rapids washington high school. the district sent a message to parents saying someone made a threat online and that authorities were taking every precaution to keep students safe. police were called about the threat at 10-30 and had the student in custody within ten minutes. the 15-year-old boy now faces harassment charges for making threats to cause violence at the school. some voters in iowa... iowa...are working to keep the 10 minutes. the 13-year-old boy now faces harassment charges for making threats to cause violence at the school. some voters in iowa are both -- working to keep the negative side of politics out of schools. the group says that political
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bullying in local school systems. in iowa anti-latino chance were hurt after a basketball game in des moines iowa. the team was ethnically diverse. >> you can see political inclinations of bullying. becomes up each election cycle. ashley when you have a candidate that is targeting populations. >> they say bullying has the same long-term effects on victims as our mission is to connect the presidential candidates to our viewers . we have reached out to the candidates to take part with extended interviews with our station and sister stations across the country. tell us what you want to know from the candidates. you can share your thoughts with us by email or facebook one candidate helping local people who are homeless or nearly homeless get the help
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who came to veterans memorial stadium. they were then given access to a wide variety of local "they're going to pick you up. they're going to make sure you've got everything you need. all you gotta do is ask and let them know that you're down and they will pick you up. me, that's all about what we are as a country, community by community, neighborliness. the resource fair has been going on for the past 11-years. community by community. it is neighborliness. a quarter police officer is getting back on track after an incident interrupted her training. why she still is gearing up for tomorrow the iowa hawkeyes host the iowa state cyclones at kinnick.the winner gets to keep the cyhawk trophy for the next 2 news reporter mellaney moore reports from the spot where the rivalry will be settled. settled.
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gold here at kinnick stadium, but some cyclone fans are here all the time. today we went to talk to some of them to figure out what it's like living in the heart of hawk country.just because you grow up a hawkeye.... doesn't necessarily mean you stay one when you leave the nest.conrad gredell, isu fan in iowa city 18:57:56 if you told me that i was going to go to iowa state when i was 15 i would have said no way.but now...from license key car floor mats.... there's no doubt gredell went from hawk to ca just weird looks when you wear iowa state stuff, like i'm sure somebody who has driven by has looked at me weird.he wouldn't get a second glance from fellow iowa state fan greg would probably be more like a high five. 19:06:04 i went to undergrad school at iowa state in the 70s and i went on football scholarship.even though he also attended the university of iowa later, he says playing schooling i was the in the 70s. i went on a for folks scholarship. >> reporter: although he attended the university of i
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>> you develop lifelong friendships and it's great to reminisce with the guys. turkey says it's not too bad being a cyclone in eastern iowa and the rivalry is fun.>> occasionally i will have to wear a hawkeye jersey if we lose. things like that. bring cookies, something fun. >> rep years the away team has come away with the trophy. we will see what happens tomorrow after the kickoff at 6:30. covering the corridor melanie cbs two news. tomorrow the hawkeyes and the cyclones will look like 1 million bucks. they will be wearing uniforms provided by nike. the uniforms are part of the deals with nike which total $3 million. just this year. that is only part of it. the contract with nike totals 12.1 million and isu 11.9 million. that is over the course of years.
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should could see even bigger contracts when the current ones are over. coming up next, the wait is over, the stage is set, when you can had to iowa city to view the new cancer auditorium. we are watching storms advance across eastern iowa. they are moving right along. they will be gone by the night. the rest of the week and is i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way.
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nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. 2 this morning.the heroin that's my plan. epidemic was already sweeping across the united states... states...but now -- there's a new kind of the drug that's
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monday -- the fight against the stage is set and hancher auditorium is ready for it's g the stage is set and the auditorium is ready for its grand opening. today spectators lined up for the big reveal. it included speakers and performers on the stage. they were also self-guided tour central 7:00 tonight. if you cannot make it out today to see the new auditorium there are no worries. there will be another open house scheduled for sunday from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. that is right once this front crosses the region that will be it for
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like conditions. i wanted to show you a picture i just got. it was taken by travis. it is near conroy southwest in cedar rapids. that is a shelf cloud. usually some gusty winds and the rain begins shortly after. that'll be coming through here in the next 15 to 30 minutes. we will show you out to the west of cedar rapids that you can see that the distance . >> dark line of clouds. that is what is across eastern iowa right now. the temperature is back to 74 after dropping into the 60s earlier. that is with shower that brought some rain in a short amount of time. the winds are pretty calm. here's a look rainfall totals and from earlier today. in clarksville over four and half inches of rain. there are a lot of reports of 2- 3-4 inches of rain.
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less flooding is ongoing in parts of that area. we still have flash flood watch that is in effect until 1:00 a.m. this morning. i think once the rain comes to an end here the next hour or so that should be it for the flash flood threat. hopefully those will be canceled a little bit early as far as the doppler goes you can see light to moderate rain. the strongest line of storms continues to advance east and that is working its way through closer on the radar you can see some of the lighter rain. here to the west they are starting to getting to some of those thunderstorms. those have passed their independence and closing in on manchester. they will go eventually to eastern counties. it will be in iowa city at 6:38.
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in our eastern counties this evening showers and thunderstorms will be around and they won't play games when there are lightning strikes. there may be some cancellations. be sure to check that out. tomorrow things are much better in iowa city. the rain is long gone. we will have mostly clear skies and nice conditions for the iowa -iowa state game. the 60s. we still have to mid upper 70s and some counties. you can see it's snacks off the moisture and by the time we get to tomorrow afternoon the sky's will have cleared out in the winds will be brisk. we will have from court and try canadian air established. we're expecting temperatures late tomorrow afternoon. we'll be in the upper 60s at 5:00. that is pretty cool this time of year.
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definitely want to take a coach. noticed the dew points there's much drier air moving in. your forecast which night we have some showers and thunderstorms scattered through the evening hours. they will be gone by midnight. for tomorrow it will be coming mostly sunny but it will be a breezy and called a. we have temperatures 272 down south. we will have a beautiful day on sunday. by wednesday we will be back into the upp coming up in sports iowa
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and now cbs to sports is only weeks three. there's a game between unbeaten i will west and unbeaten cedar falls. it's the first time in a while these two teams have met.>> reporter: yes i think it's the first meeting in five years. i'm here with the head coach brad. coach 2-0 what have you guys been able to do early in the season to win your first couple games? >> we went down to fort dodge . we have eight new starters. the kids got better between week one and week two.
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our defense played well.>> reporter: averaging six yards per carry and able to run the football, how much will this come into play tonight when it is wet and rainy? >> hopefully the rain will hold off but if it doesn't we will hope to rush the for fall. our kids will have a big challenge with the on -- office of line. >> reporter: defensively they had some good wideouts. you can can limit their passing attacks? >> we will have to. they have some good we have to keep it in front of us. and forced them into third and some longs. we need to get them into situations they are uncomfortable with.>> reporter: to look at this as a measuring stick game to see where you guys stand?>> it is. they had two wins against southeast polk. we have to goodwins and we need to find out where we are at. we have an outstanding atmosphere here and we hope the
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luck tonight and it should be a good one if the weather holds up. >> reporter: don't forget to turn in two weeks three . but 14 games across eastern iowa plus variable stop by for some talk. everyone remembers cj passing touchdown passes. they also pounded out 260 yards for the win. they are prepared to do again. last week they combined for 204 yards and four touchdowns. it is day two of that does not experienced guys - older guys that have demonstrated consistency - so hopefully - in a perfect world - we can play both of them - let them compliment each other - we have a good situation right now with me and akrum - being able to go in and alternate and we have opportunities to go out there and make plays - so we're each fresh -
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state -- u-n-i's home opener against montana -- the grizz come from the big sky conference -- one that's not a stranger to mark farley and the panthers -- remember eastern washington and cal poly from last year? -- and even thought it's not a conference game for u-n-i -- but this one feels like one. "the big sky is probably the most challenging league besides ours right now in f-c-s football.... it's also will determine a lot of things when it comes to december.... this i those people looking at big sky vs missouri valley... you know there's an upside to that, but yet its very early in the season. so i don't know if everybody's playing their best football right now but every football game's a championship game."
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right back to take one last look at your weather first forecast after the break. happens. happens. we will be z2z23p3puzuz z z1212fz
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out!corridor police officers spent their morning the check this out. police officer spent their morning and some unique stakeout. they were raising money for a good cause.
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restaurants. customers could make a donation at the register or through the drive-through. each year the officers raised $900,000 for i was special olympic athletes. those are some special athletes. if you've ever seen them play they have the best spirit of all. thank you to the police officers to take the time off duty to do some fitting for us. this was just sent into us. that was on the north side of cedar rapids. that is the shelf cloud. it's a biggest in through eastern iowa. we had another view over here. while there's no warnings there will probably be some gusty winds. the rain will come down and temperatures will be cooling off. here is the line now. you can see financing through eastern iowa. we will have torrential rainfall and maybe an inch in
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our western counties. we are moving quickly ease. we will be going to the evening hours tonight. by tomorrow it is all gone. >> that will help the sports
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?? a network news mom's new alcoholic revelation. the binge drinking that tore her familyyapart. >> why are you drinking two bottles of chardonnay every night? >> ignoring her husband and her career, were her kids in danger? then jonbenet ramsey's brother. what he knows about the dr. phil on the buzzer first interview. >> when he's talking about dark content, he's smiling. >> i remember viewing the casket. it was small. plus -- what celine dion only told "e.t." about her emotional new song. >> just for you. then meg ryan and tom hanks on their big screen reunion. >> i will work with her till the cows come home. and -- chris pratt marriage confessions. >> dress up like a little cowboy


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