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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  September 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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after a gunshot is fired right before the together to support a student
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continues now with the corridor's top stories. stories.shortly before classes began today at jefferson high school - police tell cbs 2 news a 15-year old boy attempted suicide near the auditorium.he was rushed to university of iowa hospitals school, a 15-year-old attempted suicide. he was rushed to the university of iowa hospital, with life- threatening-injuries. students were kept inside of the building, until there was certainty there was no threat to the safety.
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suicide or attempts, but in this case, we considered the impact on students and parents and the community. experts said to be sensitive about the situation. they said, when a young person attempts suicide, it can increase the risk for others considering it. in honor of the 15-year-old, students from both jefferson and other schools turned out wearing purple, color of suicide awareness. >> counselors were there during the school day today. >> cedar rapids, washington high school was on lockdown today. a teen made an online threat against the school allegedly. officers were called to the school and took the suspect into custody. that 15-year-old is now charged with harassment. >> some voters in iowa are working to keep the negative
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schools. nate from iowa state school said, heated races result in more bullying. just in iowa, he references anti-latino chants and the opposing team was diverse. >> we see the political implications, it comes up each election cycle. >> same long-term effects as other forms of abuse. >> right now, federal authorities asked builder to see suspect the pipeline. this comes after a federal judge denied a motion to halt work on the line. the pipeline cuts through the standing rock reservation in north dakota. demonstrators have been protesting. it cuts through 18 iowa
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570,000 barrels of oil to illinois every day. the world is voicing condemnation after north korea conducted another nuclear test. cbs first told you about this during our news, the test generated an earthquake. the council met today to talk about the issue and made it clear that their actions can't honor of the 15th anniversary of 9/11. it was carried out by al-qaeda. four flights were hijacked, they crashed two of the planes into the twin towers of the world trade center and a third plane crashed into the pentagon thousand injured. that brings us to our question of the you feel safer than you did 15 years ago?to
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question link of the home page of cbs 2 iowa dot com. the attack forever changed american's perception of security.and that's especially true for american muslims. 2 news anchor jenee ryan begins tonight's team coverage with their perspective on the increased america. we begin the team coverage on the increased scrutiny since 9/11. >> it affected all of us. york or anywhere. it drew us into difficult conversations about racism and terrorism and religion. advocates worked to dismantle the perception that a religion was at fault for the attack. some states, muslims still face discrimination but a member of the iowa muslim association
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>> i think iowa is one of the best places to live for muslims. i've been here 8 years. most people are decent and accepting and appreciate diversity. >> here in the corridor, in an effort to keep diversity alive, members of the church will come together to serve a shelter in the community tomorrow. then on sunday, they'll together along the with interreligious county for a prayer service. we can't do our job without knowing you, we want to know what you've learned hawaii you've changed since 9/11. you can tell us on our facebook
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there. and now the other stories. performances have begun at the university of iowa's all new performance venue. people lined up for their first look at new hancher auditorium. they had self guided tours and performances. there's another open house for sunday, 2:00 to 5:00. the biggest rivalry is stadium. fans will be coming hoping their team takes the trophy. there are more isu fans in the area than one might think. they might turn the heads of hawks but the rivalry is fun. officer is overcoming that obstacle and many more.only on fox 28 news, reporter dora
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willpower and support can make for an "iron" woman. woman. they call her ashlete for a rea. reason..."i've done two ironmans, this will be my third ironman, hopefully by the end of this season i'll have four.what's an ironman you ask?iowa city police officer ashten hayes knows them pretty well. well."it's 2.4 miles of swimming, it's 112 miles of biking and it's 26.2 miles of running."you can imagine training for a competition like that takes time and dedication...for officer hayes that means roughly 25 hours of takes time and dedication. four the officer that is 25 hours of training a week. >> a month ago, her determination was tested. i was out for a ride and 23 miles in and i was on a highway, and that i usually bike, often, and there's no much traffic and this day was not my day. i was in the line an had my arm
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and came through the stop sign and hit me in the highway. >> this was the scene, bike ruined, training halted and body scarred. >> i had severe hematomas in my leg. but you don't wait a year for the ironman to give up. >> it comes from your heart. >> so with a new bike. >> i work with kyle's bike and he let me bike. >> you and the police department can cheer her on. >> what gets you through is your family and the people supporting you. >> officer will compete in wisconsin and the next race is in arizona in november. >> that's the top stories and the forecast is in the first 10
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the unbeatens, the west takes on cedar rapids. see which team falls for the first time this season. >> and showers and thunderstorms are winding down. we've got better days ahead.
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2 this morning.the heroin epidemic was already sweeping across the united states... states...but now -- there's a new kind of the drug that's more powerful than ever before. monday -- the fight against
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earlier, four confirmed tornadoes in east central parts of illinois. these aren't overly strong but at least ef-1. there was minor damage. that's impressive. they were out in the open country and no injuries. and back home, severe weather of our and here you can see a shelf cloud, shot by brent, interesting, you get updrafts and downdrafts and where they come together is where these take shape. and sometimes they can produce strong winds. and this was in conroy, that
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up in the north, 2-4 inches. and you can see clarkesville, one of the larger totals. now the showers are starting to weaken. no more thunderstorms and now to the northeast, this is this general corridor. this is in clayton and fayette and further southwest, light showers and located north of cedar rapids. and some are in washington county. that will not last. and the back edge of the rain is now getting into our central counties. and hour-by-hour, much better weather tomorrow. the sun will be out. and our temperatures will be in the upper 60s to near 70 and
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outstanding. the temperature is 67 and readings fall through the game. and down to 60 towards the end. winds are 10-15 miles per hour. we got to 84 here in cedar rapids. that temperature contrast that created the storms. and now everyone is back in the 60s and the cold front is michigan, it takes that air with it and the winds will be coming in from the northwest and that dries things out and cools us down. high temperatures in much the northern half are not out of the 60s. the dew points have been in the 60s and 70s, they'll be back in
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tonight, the showers and thunderstorms are over here. just a few light showers. lows are 54-58 and tomorrow, breezy and cool, mid 60s. and then your extended forecast, sun on sunday. that is a great day. 74 for the high. and then monday, back up to 80 and next front squeezes by on tuesday but overall temperatures are comfortable as thursday and friday. still to come, marion, fresh off the first one in 19 games back at home.
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that's my plan. z2z22626szsz z z1212fz
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it's week three of high school football -- not districts yet in school football. no districts in 4a but a playoff in iowa city between west and cedar falls. pat posted, and this is the first time they've met. >> they haven't faced each
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who does that favor? it was advantage defense. both defenses in this one. the tigers and the trojans at trojan field. pocket collapses quickly and he gets there. he drags him down for a sack. it was a punting party. and he takes a shot. it's finds traevis buchanan for 34 yards, that sets up a field and finds him for 34 yards. that's setting up a field goal, and it's 3-0, west and then early, the big shot, he has play action and it's to oliver martin.
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receivers around. cedar falls scored a touchdown but west will take care of that. it's 17-10 with 3 seconds left. they're going for a miracle. we'll have more highlights later on. >> tonight, it's a battle for the little cy-hawk. they've never lost, and no score in the daylight and it's a nice game. then later, he keeps it and runs up for another big game and they were touchdowns and last check, they're up 10 in the fourth quarter. homecoming for the jayhawks. both looking for the first win and this is the dylan hart
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the second, it's hart, rolling to the far side and didn't like it, so coming back. and that's a good idea. jeff goes up 14-3 and then hart is making me dizzy. in around out-and-out running everyone. linnmar comes back. and still to come, xavier opens
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when it comes to 3-a it's been xavier and everybody else -- they can run it -- when it comes to 3a, it's been xavier and everyone else. they can play some nasty defense. but lots district play. eric rodriguez is in from a couple of yards out. and the saints are up. and the leading rusher in the whole state makes it 14-0, saints and they open up with a 47-14 win. first meeting between solon and the spartans are ready and
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up 7-0 and then he swings it out and rumbled down to the 1- -yard line. spartans, knocking on the door and he breaks it down, solon rolls a 42-0. >> in score in the second but the indians move. chris runs hard and keeping and then later on the drive, four and nine and he drops back and rips it to grant and gets the first down and don't worry, that would lead to this. he sneaks it if from a yard out and indians are up and that's all they need. they get the win, 7-0. elsewhere, vinton hosted
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in the third, they go for it, they just missed the receive. still, late in the third. vinton going for the field goal, just short. they lead late, but decorah wins. >> district openers are happening. they host top ranked north fayette. it looked to be a battle and it was a first quarter, cascade for the punt and the snap isn't the best. he bulls his way in from a yard out. tiger hawks go up 6-0 and same score in the second, and it's him again and this time, well, he gets lost in the rain. somehow, he find the end zone
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in. north fayette wins. >> another battle, monticello, the panthers host the knights and he runs all of the way down, and that's the red zone and the knights are in business. and then it's the speedster. around the corner and in for 6, union is answers. he loses the snap and keeps his composure. he throws a dart to cooper and he's gone. >> mount vernon looking for the first win and jack on the end, and he throws it back to his quarterback adams and that's inside is of the 15-yard line.
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adams gives it to him. and then on their next drive, adams, airing it out to him and that's a touchdown. they scored them. mount vernon, 78-0. springville and lone tree. that's off to the races. but he coughs it about this? he dives it and lone tree is up, 6-0 and still 6-0 in the second. and they look for anything. they were on the move later in the quarter. check out this, running like a man possessed. he runs over two on his way in. and lone tree is unbeaten.
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looks like the rain is moving out. the last of the showers are moving into the central parts of the region and the gone by the morning. nothing heavy and back to sunshine tomorrow. thanks and thanks for joining us. tomorrow. see you tomorrow, enjoy your
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the wind brought water to prairie farms. then windmills went away, but the wind remained. chuck grassley thought it was time to bring the windmill back. without the grassley legislation, and his effective leadership, the wind energy industry would not have succeeded. now, more than thirty one percent of all the electricity in iowa comes from wind. these turbines don't just produce clean energy, they produce jobs. iowa alone. google, facebook, microsoft and good paying manufacturing jobs have come to iowa for that energy. iowa produces more of its energy from wind than any other state. it started with a simple idea and the renowned work ethic of one senator. senator grassley is literally the father of the modern wind industry.
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captioning sponsored by cbs captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: welcome to the "late's show's "enchanted forest. why am i in the the enchanted forest, you ask? because we paid to have it made, and the band that insisted we didn't-- let's just say, they didn't work out. and let me tell you, that was not welcome news to the worker elves who built the set or did all that ridgeital rendering back there. these are union elves, not known for their whimsy. ( laughter ) that's not the only magical tale i have to tell you. oh, no! because once upon a time there was also a guest who assured me he was up for anything. just surprise him, he said. so i rented a sheep because we


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