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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  September 10, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm CDT

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very important that we in this time turn toward each other and work together."how these congregations team up to break down barriers in cedar rapids. rapids.then ... 15 years after the nine - eleven terrorist attacks."we have to learn from history so it doesn't repeat itself." why one of the memorial sites - still doesn't have a visitors and education center - - and what family members of those killed are doing about it . .and ... the latest from the 2016 campaign the the democratic presidential nominee after her controversial description of donald trump supporters., the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first ten minutes. this is cbs 2 news 10 at 10. everyone can tell you where they were - - and exactly what they were doing - when they first heard the news. good evening.tomorrow - marks a moment in time -
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september day - when terrorist attacks - claimed thousands of lives - and broke millions of hearts. hearts.this weekend - marks the fifteenth anniversary of the rememberence leaders from two corridor faith communities are joining hands in a labor of love. 2 news reporter connor morgan has the story. story. two congregations - one purpose."trying to put our faith into practice."members of st. stephen's lutheran church and the islamic center of cedar rapids spent their saturday painting - cleaning - to help those who use waypoint's many services. the weekend workers are also aiming to build bridges - "we're doing this together to show that we have solidarity and interfaith connection here in cedar rapids.""because of the environment and the things that are happening around the world, here in our country, it's very important that we in this time turn toward each other and work together."and
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muslims are terrorists // "it's a good opportunity for us to just prove that we are as much invested in this community, in this country as anyone else.""people fail to remember that there are extremists on all sides.""we are a minority in this country, but we really love this country // some of the comments might be unfortunate, but it's a good thing. it gives us an extra push and encourages us more to go out and do this kind of work.""we need to rch another and accept one another. // we all can work and live together in community.""this may be the first time that we do this kind of project - partnering with a christian congregation - but it's not going to be the last time."covering the corridor in cedar rapids, connor morgan, cbs 2 news ten at 10. the two congregations will come together again tomorrow 7 p-m - st. stephen's is hosting an interfaith service of prayer
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showing solidarity in the aftermath of the attacks. of the nine-eleven memorials - - in new york - pennsylvania - and washington - - the pentagon - is the only site - that still doesn't have a visitor's - center. center.but - family members of victims - - are raising money to change far - more than six million dollars - has been donated.- nearly twenty - million more is still needed.184 benches - at that memorial - represent the victims - - those on the plane - - and - lay-chak - - was just nine - when his father was killed in the attack. "we have to learn from history so it doesn't repeat itself." "the visitor center will be important to show what happened to our country and how our country responded." responded." just this week - the visitor center fund - received a two and a half million dollar donation - from the - diana davis spencer foundation. it's hoped the center can be built - by 20-20.
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address he says an ordinary september day turned into one of the darkest in united states history.but -- he also says -- america must remember those affected by nine-11. nine-11."we stand with the survivors who still bear the scars of that day. we thank the first responders who risked everything to save others. and we salute a generation of americans-our men and women in uniform, diplomats and our intelligence, homeland professionals -- who serve, and have given their lives, to help keep us safe." safe."president obama also says a lot has changed over the 15 years since the attacks. and the u-s has prevented other attacks and saved many lives. that brings us to our question of the you feel safer than you did 15 years ago?to answer- go to cbs 2 iowa dot com- click on the question of
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vote. cbs 2 news ten at ten continues now with more of the corridor's top stories. stories.right now cedar rapids police are investigating the
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and killed. it happened last night around seven on the 1900 block of first avenue east. police say a 71-year-old man was trying to cross first avenue when a westbound car hit him. the driver - 26-year-old britney marx of marion - was unharmed. as of tonight - no charges have been filed. in miami beach - - planes are back in the air - spraying for the mosqutoes that carry - zika. zika.but - those living in the area are protesting the decision. to know more about the chemicals being used and the risk.the spraying was delayed for a time - - so those who fear for their safety - could leave the area. test results show a growing number of mosquitoes - in miami - that are carrying the virus - - that is linked to birth defects. today - the campaign trail stayed fairly quiet for donald trump and hillary clinton.but -- both sides are still talking about a comment clinton made friday night. news correspondent
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new york. york. pkg:nats walking on stage hillary clinton says she regrets remarks she made about donald trump supporters at a fundraiser friday night.sot: (hillary clinton/democratic presidential candidate) "you could put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables." (laughter)(graphic of statement) clinton released a statement saturday that says, quote: "last night i was 'grossly generalistic,' and that's never a good idea. i regret saying 'half' -- that was wrong."she added that many of trump's supporters are hardworking americans.trump tweeted: "w was so insulting to my supporters, millions of amazing, hard-working people. i think it will cost her at the polls!"the republican national committee said clinton's comment showed her condescension and disrespect. standup: (wendy gillette/new york, ny) "clinton held one private fundraiser just outside new york city saturday. about 15 people paid at least one hundred thousand dollars each to attend. clinton will be here in manhattan sunday to mark the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks."trump spent a somber
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friend and supporter phyllis schlafly (schlaef-lee) in st. louis.(ap photos) the 92 year old died monday- she was a conservative activist, lawyer and author who opposed communism, abortion and the equal rights amendment over the course of her life.sot: (donald trump/republican presidential candidate) "phyllis was there for me when it was not at all fashionable. trust me."trump has no other scheduled public events until monday.wendy gillette, for cbs news, new york. our mission at cbs 2 news is to connect th candidates to our viewers to better inform and empower you. we have reached out to the candidates to participate in extended interviews not only with our station but our sister stations across the coun. country.we want to hear from you. tell us what you want to know from the candidates. please share your thoughts with us by email or facebook. as we mentioned earlier in the newscast - tomorrow is the fifteenth anniversary of the nine - eleven terrorist's a time when feelings of patriotism ran
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historic site - where the stars and stripes - gained an anthem - our sister station asked - what the
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that is cbs 2 news ten at ten -- the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first ten minut. minutes.still ahead tonight - - wild weather in the midwest. we'll show you where twisters caused extensive damage - not that far from the corridor -- next.
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ton and i donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president. 2 this morning.the heroin epidemic was already sweeping across the united states... states...but now -- there's a new kind of the drug that's more powerful than ever before. monday -- the fight against
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right now - some people in illinois are picking up the pieces of what were once their homes.the national weather service says four confirmed tornadoes touched down in east central illinois within a one hour period yesterday.winds reached up to 125 miles per hour during the strongest tornado- classified as an e-f two.thankfully - there no reports of any serious injuries at this time.let's go
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up next in sports - cy-hawk night in iowa city - and this turned into a black and gold rout - highlights next on c-b-s two sports...
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the teams have talked about it all week - the fans have talked about it all month - tonight - there's nothing left to say - it's time for a rivalry game under the lights at kinnick stadium... the 16th ranked iowa hawkeyes hosting matt campbell's iowa state cyclones... all hawkeyes early - first quarter - c-j beathard - clean pocket - and he throws a dart - he's got george kittle for six - iowa grabs a 7-nothing drive - more of the same - play action - beathard's got akrum wadley wide open - a 26 yard strike over the top of that cyclone defense - hawkeyes rollin'... second quarter - it's 14-3 now - beathard rolling right - what a throw - but a better catch by matt vandeberg - what a snag by the senior - it got out of hand in iowa city... the hawkeyes win big over iowa state - and hold on to the
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last week - u-n-i football played the role of "underdog" - and they played it well - by pulling the upset over iowa state - this week - they're the favorites against montana - but keep in mind - the panthers are 0 and 5 all-time against the grizzlies... u-n-i moved up to number-three in last week's poll... but they were down ten early in this one - second quarter - tyvis smith leaps - even when he doesn't have to - that's a panther touchdown to cut it to 10-7...later in the quarter - oh special teams - punt coverage comes back to u-n-i here - jerry louie mcgee just would ?not? be corraled - he dips and ducks his way out of trouble and takes it 81 yards - all the way home - it was 20-7 at half... fourth quarter - u-n-i makes something happen - aaron bailey takes a shot downfield - and daurice fountain comes down with it - but that's all the panthers can do... do...a let-down loss for mark farley's bunch - 20 to 14 the final - next saturday they'll head west to take on eastern
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had a lot of big plays we left on the field - and a lot of opportunities to score - so the frustration and the disappointment go together together we talked about it >> the frustration and the disappointment go together. >> we talked about it that i think tonight -- if you look at it now, take away seven points and is 14-13. it was all rams. a lot has changed and over the past 16 this has been cohawks. da lin leaves the play and he's got eyes for the end zone. very next possession daniel
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is. stapleton halted in an fantastic play and that leads to this. it was not a great saturday for a couple of local iowa conference teams - wartburg dropped their season opener to monmouth - 29-22 the final - and loras also went on the 29-22 was the final and the also went on the look to loss. playoff pressure has meant nothing so far this postseason. they quickly swept them in on saturday game 1. it is the third straight year they made it to the western division championship series. basis packed and alex jackson smokes a hard liner to left. clinton scores first and later
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just over a leaping nelson. it is 2-0. the kernels get one back. that's extra bases in the kernels cut two-one and the score plenty more after that.
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the biggest rivals in the state went head to head today! the cyclones versus the
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to tailgate with fans of both 2 news anchor scott sanborn was there too and i hear he played a ?mean game of
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