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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  September 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CDT

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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the powerful ways americans remembered the 9-11 terrorist attacks at the start of the week. the biggest questions yet about one presidential candidate's health on the campaign trail. the latest iowans getting arrested for trying to stop the bakken pipeline. welcome to cbs two this morning... cbs two this welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin barry. barry. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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overnight in new york city -- two giant towers of light illuminated the sky as a
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killed in the september 11th terrorist attacks 15 years ago. the beams were created from 88 searchlights that were turned on just after sundown last night.they were first put in place six months after the attacks -- now they've turned into a yearly tradition.they will stay up until dawn. americans all over the united states paused to remember the thousands of people who zero -- each of the nearly 3- thousand victims were remembered individually. individually.nats reading of nas names the victim's names were read in new york.crowds paused in shanksville, pennsylvania -- where where flight 93 crashed into a the pentagon
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urged all americans to stick together and defeat hatred. "e pluribus unum. out of many, we are one. for we know that our diversity, our patchwork heritage is not a weakness. it is still and always will be one of our greatest strengths." the 15 year anniversary was also the start of the n-f-l season -- and every terror all 13 stadiums -- a lot of fans saw flag's the size of the entire football field -- while coaches -- players and even politicans honored the country. vice president joe biden helped unveil a giant flag in philadelphia -- and former president george w. bush was at the coin-flip in dallas. "as the years go by, september 11th, 2001 can seem like part of a different era. for many, today may feel like any
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families whose loved ones were stolen 15 years ago the memory of that morning is fresh and so is the pain." pain."there were some players who protested racial inequality during the ceremonies.four dolphins players took a knee during the anthem -- just like 49-er quarterback colin kaepernick has been doing. the entire seattle seahawk team locked arms -- honoring the victims. new questions about hillary clinton's health have now emerg. emerged. democratic nominee for president left the the 9-11 ceremony at ground zero early and her campaign said she was o. -- she's cancelling events today and tomorrow in california.a doctor who examined her says she has pneumonia and was shows her stumbling to get into her van. clinton went to rest at her daughter's apartment nearby and left a short time later. "i'm feeling great, i'm feeling great. what happened?"
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with pneumonia on friday -- given antibiotics and told to rest.the clinton campaign says instead of scheduled events in california -- she will stay at home. republican presidential candidate donald trump was also at the ground zero ceremony.he told reporters he didn't know anything about clinton's health incident.both trump and clinton agreed to put their campaign activities on hold to honor the 15th anniversary of the attacks. trump also left the ceremony before it was over. through iowa again.the g-o-p nominee is holding an event in the des moines area tomorrow at the seven flags event center in clive.that starts at noon -- head to our website cbs-2-iowa-dot-com for information about how to get tickets. our mission at cbs 2 news is to connect the presidential candidates to our viewers to better inform and empower you. we have reached out to the candidates to participate in extended interviews not only with our station but our sister stations across the coun. country.we want to hear from
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please share your thoughts with us by email or facebook. developing overnight - police in alabama say six people were shot -- including one person who was killed -- during a peace rally. it happened last night in birmingham -- police say that all six victims were innocent bystanders.the condition of other five victims has not been released.right now -- police are investigating -- a motive hasn't been released. still developing this morning - a bus driver was killed in colorado -- after a school bus carrying se football players crashed at the denver international airpor. airport.the female driver died at the least 10 other people were taken to the hospital on sunday -- two of those patients are in serious condition.police say the bus was leaving when the driver turned back around. "the bus driver cirled back around, to this level, we don't know why. it is unexpected, she was one of three buses that were traveling outbound and the
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was quite curious to them, the don't really know why." why."the terminal near the crash had to be shut down while investigators worked the scene. authorities in iowa city want more information about a young man's body they over the weeken. weekend.the johnson county sheriff's office says 20- year-old nathan twedt was found dead just before 8 saturday night in the iowa river.his body was recovered north of the benton street bridge.twedt is from the marion area and was enrolled at the university of northern iowa. related to the incident or have any information - the sheriff office asks you call 319-356-6020. iowa city police are also asking witnesses for help after a weekend shooting. shooting.just before two sunday morning -- police saw people running near the corner of burlington and clinton streets.witnesses reported a person with a hand-gun. hand-gun.officers later arrested demontrae poole from cedar rapids.just after that
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emergency room with a gunshot wound.officers say there are still many unanswered questions.the shooting victim is expected to survive. protests continue over the dakota access pipeline being constructed right now in four states- including least 18 people were arrested in boone c. county."nats water is life, water is life." life."a large group of demonstrators gathered saturday to try to stop the work.people stood in front of construction e forcing authorities to handcuff them.many of the people risking arrest are landowners who say the state let them down. "the state seems to have stacked the deck against us and in favor of the dakota access pipeline company. it has come to this and we're ready to do what we need to do." do."before heading to the construction site -- protesters took non-violence training.the people arrested face trespassing charges -- but they say they wont stop until the pipeline is defeated.
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degrees.after the break...we hit the streets to see if you'd be ok with mandatory military service in the united . states. introducing longhorn's great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side.
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breaking news this morning out of florida.. florida..the islamic center of fort pierce caught on fire -- it's the same mosque that orlando nightclub shooter omar mateen attended. attended.right now -- investigators are still trying to figure out what started the fire.the islamic center has gotten many threats since the nightclub attack -- both online and in person. authorities say they're looking into the possibility of arson -- but they say it's too early to tell. sunday's nine-eleven ceremonies are a reminder of the terrorist threat and that
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against groups like isis. there are even some calls for mandatory military service. 2 anchor matt hammil has your thoughts in this morning's say what. what. " we're gonna make our military great again "a stronger military may be the only thing the presidential candidates agree terrorist groups continue attacks - it's even brought some calls for the u-s to - require young men and women spend a mandatory year - i service." giving an 18 year old a gun and sending them somewhere they don't want to be is never a good idea. " benjamin says a year of service to help others - great - but not military. " i just don't always think that our government makes the best decisions for our military and a lot of times sending our youth to die in countries that we otherwise don't need to get involved. " - switzerland - russia and most famously isreal all require time in the milit. military." they shouldn't be
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" i think the military should be a voluntary basis but i think if the crisis is big enough a mandatory draft would be smoething that might be necessity. " " we live in a great country and i think every citizen should give back. " keith says - a mandatory year is fine - but with options options" i think it would be a good idea but i wouldn't limit it to military service i would also consider peace corps work or other public service work. " on our facebook page ron writes - i have always said there should be a two year qu for college.and jessie says - this would be a saving grace, especially since millenials have become the weakest generation in history. " i don't thik it's a good idea. " but rosetta says - it's not a safer world when you force people to fight. " i remember during the vietnam war there wre many that did not want to participate because they didn't agree and didn't think it was right we should be over there and many moved to canada just to avoid the draft. " " bang bang "
5:17 am can share them right now - on our facebook page - just search kgan, cbs 2 news. it's now on this morning.and if you're in it's degrees. degrees.coming up next...the message coming from the hawkeye football team after winning one of the biggest games on the schedule. schedule.
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ton and i donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what
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from 20-11 through 20-14 - every cy-hawk game was decided by six points or less - last season - it was close the whole way - before iowa pulled away at the end - last night - it was never close... the hawkeyes went around, over, and right through the rival cyclones on saturday night at kinnick - in the end - it was a 39-point blowout - and the final score accurately indicates just how ?lopsided? the superior team - and they showed it in every phase... you obviously want to beat your in-state rivals - and especially when you have a trophy up for grabs - obviously you want to go out there and win that - and so to be able to perform the way we did - was just a sweet feeling.. we looked at the past - and we saw - that sometimes it didn't happen like we wanted to at home - but we just had to come in focused and focused on what we needed to do during the whole game to be able to come out with a win and that's what
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the cy-hawk coin - is the cyclones - matt campbell knew he had a young group in year one - but one of the building blocks he was counting on - is m-i-a so far this year... through two games -- sophomore mike warren has 19 carries for just 58 yards -- and while some of that can be explained by an inexperienced o-line - some of it falls on the running the n-f-l - the packers have seven straight playoff appearances - but last year - they did it ?without? jordy nelson - this year - jordy's back - the defense looks better - and once again - it's super bowl
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jacksonville against the jaguars... second quarter - packers down a field goal - aaron rodgers surveys the scene - buys some time - and finds his old friend - jordy nelson is back with a touchdown catch - 14-10 packers...but the jaguars come right back and answer - on third and ten - blake bortles goes over the top for julius thomas - they have an offense in jacksonville - 17-14 jags... then just before the half - more rodgers magic - with a defender all he threads the needle for davante adams - what a throw - what a catch - green bay up at half... 23 seconds to go in the game now - fourth and one - last chance for the jags - but allen hurns - nowhere to go - swallowed up by the packer "d"... and that's the ballgame... green bay squeaks out a road win in week one - 27-23 the final - they're back on the road next sunday night in minnesota... the vikings just traded for sam bradford - but shaun hill got the start
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defense took it upon themselves to score - that pass is picked off by eric kendricks - and the big fella's got some wheels - it's a 77-yard pick six for kendricks - vikings take the lead...and then in the fourth - more of the same - the titans put it on the ground - it's scooped up by da-neal hunter - and nobody's getting in front of that freight train - it's a scoop and score for the vikes... minnesota doesn't score an offensive touchdown - but they win anyway, 26-16 - you take 'em - any way you can get 'em... elsewhere in the n-f-c houston to take on the texans... closing seconds of the first half -- bears driving -- jay cutler puts some heat on this fastball - right into the hands of eddie royal - that was a dart - bears go into the locker room up four... but the offense disappeared after that -- fourth quarter down one -- brock osweiler dumps it to will fuller -- and the rook weaves his way in for an 18-yard touchdown... the bears offense sputters in its opener -- they fall to houston, 24-13
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next week - and do their best to avoid falling to 0 and 2... to arrowhead stadium for a wild one between the chiefs and the chargers... the chiefs were down 24-3 at one point - but rallied - fourth quarter - alex smith goes back shoulder to jeremy maclin - that'll help the fantasy team - we're within ten in kansas city.... this one went all the way to o-t - the q-b wants to take it himself - on the option play - smith keeps it - that's the game winner - the chiefs come all the way's the largest comeback in franchise history - 33-27 the final - they did it the hard way... cbs-2 news connects with the us with your story tips at 1-800-222-kganor email us at news at cbs2iowa.comor connect with us
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watching your favorite football team kickoff in a game against a bitter rival can pit a lot of fans against each other. but for two players who make the rivalry between the giants and cowboys so fun to watch -- the hatred just doesn't seem to be all that strong. strong.before yesterday's game -- the giants start wide reciever -- odell beckham junior came out on the field and was hanging out cowboys start wide reciever -- dez bryant.they even started having a catch!beckham had four catches for 73 yards -- dez bryant only caught one pass for 8 yards -- the cowboys still won.
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good morning again -- it's now right now it's degrees in after the break...the tall task of teaching the first group of kids who weren't 11th attacks.'re watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the corridor. we asked u.s. cellular customers to show us all the beautiful places they get coverage with our strong signal. you posted from the seashore.
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you posted from the farm. and you adventured way out there... a lot of amazing places. ?? u.s. cellular put towers where the other guys don't. so join our network, and start sharing your moments
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cbs 2 this morning...the eastern iowa group trying to learn from veteran's suicide. the popular u-s sport that's hurting more athletes who play it. the romantic end to the cy- hawk victory for the hawkeyes. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin barry. barry. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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there were memorials all across the country to remember the victims from 9-11 -- including in the corridor. corridor.saint stephens lutheran church opened their doors to everyone. everyone.the inter-religious council of linn county reached out to their communities to unite for a night of reflection.organizers planned for about 50 people -- more than double that filled the church pews.there were speakers and prayers from christians -- jews -- muslims -- and native tribes. important for members of every faith to come together and continue building bridges to create communities built on love and not hate. "one of the effects of 9/11 has been i think a great deal of fear and somtimes hostility suspicion and even hatred directed to muslim americans who had nothing to do with 9/11"
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conversation in the parish hall. the september 11th terrorist attcks are memorable to most people who lived through them. but corridor high schools are facing a new challenge with this year's freshmen class. 2 news reporter stephanie johnson is live in the newsroom to explain. good morning kevin---both you and i can remember september 11th like it was yesterday but most students in middle and high school are just now learning about it. social studies teachers say they are used to asking remember about 9/11 - but that's starting to be impossible.nathan hellwig - a history teacher at iowa city high school - has his students speak with their family members who lived through the attacks and document what they are told.despite being born post-9/11 - hellwig says his students are still interested in learning about that day. everybody's watching. everybody is engrossed in it. usually when the bell rings, it's 'hey, we're moving on to
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the year where students are very silent." silent."most middle and high school students use social media to gather information. information.hellwig says it is not uncommon for students to stay after class - asking him questions about why the terror attacks the newsroom stephanie johnson cbs 2 news. the v-a estimates about 20 veterans commit suicide everyda. everyday.people gathered in lowden to honor one of them -- sergeant brandon ketchum. cbs 2 news reporter m found out how his family and friends hope their loss brings to light the importance of v-a medical care and it's federal f. funding. on this beautiful day - veterans - friends - and family rode their motorcycles --in honor of sargeant brandon ketchum. : "we're happy to see so many cars and supporters and bikers show up." sgt ketchum served as a marine and in the national guard. he battled deamons upon his return and in july - took his own life. life.:"hopefully this will
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bring life to this, and just get help to those that need it."the first annual patriot guard ride and car show not only honors sgt. ketchum -- but sheds light on a darkness looming over many american heros."i don't want any more veterans to commit suicide." congressman dave loebsack says veterans don't get the care they need or deserve. :"we're still dealing with this, and we will be dealing with this for decades to come." those veterans who ?will fight for va medical care -- fought for our country because of what happened today --fifteen years ago. 9-11"we're not going to be ready for it unless we put more resources line."he says despite an annual federal deficit -- there is an appropriations bill for the veterans association each year."and we've got to make sure that we keep putting more resources into that because we don't have unlimited resources, but this has got to be a high priority."as for sgt ketchum - his mother hopes his story lives on as a cautionary tale for the government to save other suffering veterans. "brandon was very good about helping others. he helped some of his fellow soldiers that came to him. and with this being out there, i hope that
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senator joni ernst plans to visit the iowa city va medical center that sergent ketchum visited ?hours before he committed suicide. a group of veterans took to the streets of denver, colorado for a suicide awareness hike. hike.the group hike 22 kilometers while wearing 22 kilograms of gear - in honor of the 22 veterans who commit suicide every day.the organizers say it's meant to boost poking fun at the short shorts they're wearing during the hike. "the intent is to start the day with a laugh like immediately you see these big dudes with beards and little shorts you can't be serious." serious."the organizer of the hike - lost his friend to suicide.he said he chose to do it this weekend - because about 90-percent of the veterans on the hike - joined the military because of 9-11. more kids are getting concussions or being sent to
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soccer.a new study from nationwide children's hospital is showing an alarming amount of kids in the u-s are being sent to emergency rooms for soccer injuries.about 3- hundred kids every day are being treated in the e-r -- that comes from 25-years of data.medical experts say the new numbers show the sport is growing in popularity -- but also that there's a greater awareness about concussions in ?all sports. new federal data shows drinking and smoking among teenagers fell to new lows last year.the numbers the substance abuse and mental health services administration. the data says 9-point-six percent of kids from ages 12 to 17 used alcohol in 20-15 -- that's down from 17-percent in . 2002.20-percent of teens smoke every day -- that's down from 32-percent.the annual survey questioned about 67-thousand young people and adults across the nation. funding to fight the zika virus is just one of the major s
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get solved in congress.he's meeting with the top four leaders in congress today -- before a deadline to fund the g. government.congress needs to pass new funding measures or the government will shutdown sometime in october.the white house is also pushing for a deal to give more funding to fight the zika virus -- scientists say money has essentially run out.the president's agenda could be tabled while many lawmakers get ready for the november election. the state of iowa has moved 800 sex offenders to a prison in central iowa from a facility in mount pleasant. newton that state officials say is more secure.the mount plesant facility has a dormitory-style environment -- but in newton -- offenders will be housed in prison cells. the newton prison has just more than 12-hundred inmates now -- 800 of those will be sex offenders. the iowa hawkeyes are now two-and-oh - after winning the cy-hawk trophy -- and will have one more non-conference game before big ten play starts. the hawks climbed up three spots in the a-p top-25 poll
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that makes them the 5-th highest ranked team in the big . ten.even with the big win on saturday -- iowa actually dropped in the coaches poll one spot to number 11.iowa is back in action at kinnick stadium this saturday against five-time defending f-c-s national champs north dakota state. one hawkeyes career best night on the field turned into a night he'll never forget. forget.this is wide receiver matt vandeberg after hauling in seven catches for a high 129 yards and one score. this might be his biggest catch of the night -- vandeberg proposed to his girlfriend after the game -- and she said yes. it's and right now in it's de. degrees.after the break...the newest recruit to the harvard football team who's biggest challenge is off the football f.
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the harvard football team has a brand new player this morning -he just signed his letter of intent to play for the crimson. crimson.ken macleod explains
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field. meeting your teammates for the first time can be a bit intimidating -- when you're nine... and they're huge.nat- 8:56. we have .. us today. (:03)nat- 12:25. applause. (:02)but the standing "o" from his harvard football team felt pretty good... as young daniel grapski signed his letter of intent.nat- tim murphy. 9:27. he's got .. he's resilient. (:04)it's ceremonial stuff, of course... but enough to bring tears to the eyes of a youngsr kidney cancer... who'll spend his fall hanging with his new big brothers at practices, games, and events -- as part of a program called "team impact.":38 - :43certainly... the young cancer patient draws strength from the camaraderie. but harvard's coach sees equal benefit flowing the other way. :51 - 1:02nat- 15:18. cheer.
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brian hosited in air) (:02) daniel is one of a thousand kids matched to a college team thru this program... and his positive attitude was evident immediately.sot- daniel grapski. 17:06. we're gonna .. undefeated. (:03)perhaps.but as daniel posed for the team photo... his new coach was certain he'd be a perfect fit. sot- tim murphy. 15:46. this is a kid .. looking for. (:09) it's and you're watching cbs 2 this morning... morning...and if you're in it's degrees. degrees.just ahead...the next chance you'll have to see a major party presidential
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your??????? your??????? tesla will update the autopilot software on its cars sometime in the next two weeks.
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software would've prevented a deadly crash in florida four months ago.a driver slammed into a tractor-trailer that his autopilot didn't identify. tesla says the new system will rely more on radar -- instead of cameras because traditional cameras may not work well in some lighting conditions.after the crash -- the company came under two federal investigations. donald trump's childhood home is going up for auction next mo. month.newsday opening bid for the presidential nominee's first home in queens, new york will be 849-thousand dollars. the owners of the 36-hundred square foot -- 5 bedroom tudor say they wanted to see what its worth. "sully" landed in the top spot at the big screens this weekend. weekend.the film made 35-million dollars in its opening weekend -- so it's now one of the five best september openings of all time.the tom hanks movie is based on the
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"sully" sullenberger landed a plane on the hudson second place is the thriller when the bough breaks.coming in at third is the horror film don't breathe. this year -- a lot of football fans are hearing about 49er's quarterback colin kaepernick's protests during the nation anthem -- where he takes a knee instead of standing. standing.before the seatle seahawks first game -- some of their players said they would have a team-wide demonstration -- sunday -- we found out what they had in mind. mind. coaches locked arms while a field-sized american flag was displayed in the stadium. leading up to the game... game...seahawks wide receiver doug baldwin tweeted out this video with seattle's player headshots -- and a message about unity.the tweet said "martin luther king jr. once famously said "hate cannot drive out hate; "hate cannot drive out hate; only love can
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right now it's degrees in coming up next...we hit the road to one of the best spots to spend a fall afternoon. afternoon. why are you checking your credit score? i wanna see if it changed.
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i'll take it. sir, your credit... -is great right? when was the last time you checked? yeah, i'd better check my credit score. here, try credit karma. it's free. all right. no more surprises.
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the fall season is the best for day trips and weekend get- aways, especially if you don't always travel by car.this morning, cbs 2 news anchor matt hammill takes us road tripping to anamosa. anamosa. nats loud - four bikes go by camera (( 1:00:00 )) " blarrrrrrm blarrrrrrm blaaaaaarm varrooooom varoom "(( 1:00:14 bikes parked by building with people around )) it's a place that can get crazy on the weekends - - as a paradeof riders - rolls into anamosa (( 4:20:47 old biker dude grabbing gas can )) people who might never go on a shopping trip anywhere else (( blonde biker chick 45:17:56)) are here at one of the hottest
5:55 am
place to come and make it your own " ((4:18:39 picture garage )) dreamed up in this garage - with an old van to get to swap meets - ((4:45:40 picture john and wife )) john and jill par-ham kick started a hobby - that got way out of control.(( pan across store clothing to girl straightening stuff 4:19:41 ??? )) nearly 40 - years later - - bikers across the globe - know j and p cycles as the largest source of parts and accessories in the world. (( 4:21:38 pan across isles .. guy grabbing stuff on bottom shelf )) harley - honda - indian - kawasaki - you could come here and build your own bike (( 4:20:57 guy in organge tee shopping?? )) from the ground up.((4:32:47 rack focus on blinking lights from rumbling exhaust systems to announce your arrival - - to hanger handle-bars - cycle saddle bags - and luggage.(( guy waving as leaves 4:19:56)) an expert tech support desk - helps put it all together - and they know many riders by their first name.joanne hillery says - some are surprised to find all this in anamosa - (( 4:46:02 lethal threat designs sign lights up ))but now - its on their bucket list. joanne hillery - j&p cycles (( 4:27:50 )) " so from this cornfield in iowa j and p is now a destination for people not only for the fact that we
5:56 am
(( 4:45:45 two bikers looking at catalog at table )) also the fact that you can come and meet up with other bikers. " (( 4:42:15 ?? wide shot of store with purses and clothes ))j and p cycles doesn't just out-fit the rides - but the riders too. (( 4:42:01 red headed biker chick trying on leather coat ???? 6 second shot )) bikers and leather go together like harley and davidson - and it's all here - nat leather zipper ((4:39:53)) " zzzzziipppppp "custom designs and patterns - (( pattern on back of jacket on rack )) - some that might look fancy - - (( close up of pattern showing skull in leather )) but still give you some attitude. (( leather cap )) classic caps - to go retro marlon brandoand who knew - there was bling for bikes. (( 4:42:35 )) " clank clank clank " joanne (( 4:29:54 )) " i think there's lots of bling in motorcycle riding .. i don't think you can go down the (( cover end with 4:36:35 black purse with skull and roses in my hands )) highway without seeing some rider with bling. " (( 4:42:25 three purses with diamonds and skulls )) some of the brightest is right here - - studded purses - jewelry - belts - and anything else.((4:41:31 sales woman hanging up pink tee ))you can mix those with chopper tees - - (( 4:38:42 sons of arthritis skeleton tee )) a reminder that - some people never stop riding (( 4:43:57 red devil girl helmet or picture i emailed you ))and top it off with a designer helmet. ((4:41:11 underwear )) there's even biker underwear - - designed to make long rides more comfortable - and we'll leave
5:57 am
dressed up - you do have some place to you do have dressed up - you do have some place to go.joanne (( 4:30:22 )) " j and p throws some pretty good parties " nats party - band or varoooms with big crowd shot - " nats " (( crowds from their video )) that's being modest - their open house parties are legendary - (( drone video of cycles flipping )) high flying extravaganzas - - as tens of (( big crowd shot )) thousands of people show up at the anamosa store - bike-tober fest in florida - - and at the rally in sturgis.(( quick shots of two or three of the coolest special built bikes )) it's a chance to custom bikes around - - hang with friends and have fun.nat band (( 1:00:23 )) " not till it's over. " no waxers here - - these are riders - ((devil horns metalica dude giving rock and roll hand sign )) ... who come to celebrate all things motorcycle. zach parham - j&p cycles (( 1:00:11 )) " we're passionate right, people are passionate about riding motorcycles, we want to be passionate for them. " (( 4:24:47 natsot pan from girl stocking shelves across isles to tires )) " warehouse nats " while j and p - recently moved part of it's warehouse to a more central location in kentucky - joanne says a lot of merchandise remains right here -- they just singed a new five year
5:58 am
center isn't going anywhere. ((4:23:01 girl grabs empty bin box and slides on shelf then starts moving other products )) " nats sliding bins"joanne says (( 4:30:43 )) " the j and p open house started here, (( back to open house best stuff )) originated here, it stays here, born - raised and staying right here. " (( nats cycles - could use the nat from what you shot and just put it under a biker crowd shot from j&p's video if that works )) " blarrrrrm varoom blarrrrrm " we are road trippin - - on two wheels - - in anamosa - - i'm matt hammill you can check out all of matt's midwest road trippin adventures - from madison to kansas city - on our website at cbs-2-iowa-dot-com. just click on the big road trippin highway sign. if you're just getting up, good morning -- it's now right now it's degrees in after the break...the reaction from n-f-l teams across the country to remember the 9-11 at.'re watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the
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morning...the powerful ways americans remembered the 9-11 terrorist attacks at the start of the week. the biggest questions yet about one presidential candidate's health on the campaign trail. the latest iowans getting arrested for trying to stop the bakken pipeline. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin barry.


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