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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 12, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm CDT

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a breakdown on live tv. >> i woke up in the hospital. and i knew nothing. >> revealing to "e.t." why she went into hiding. >> how scary was it for you? >> then, what it really takes to pull off a "dancing with the stars" premiere. >> i can't believe you're doing >> backstage surprises, last-minute nerves. no cameras have been allowed to go this behind the scenes until now. plus, we're first on the set of john travolta hitting the dance floor with his wife, kelly preston. >> we started that way. we met on screen. >> right? >> why is paula abdul working as a waitress? >> order's up!
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tonight." >> news from sharon osbourne. she dropped a bombshell secret today that she suffered an emotional breakdown. >> then in 2015, sharon took time off from the talk. we were told it was for pneumonia. but today sharon told me the real reason. >> i had a complete and utter breakdown. >> how scary was it for you when you really understood what was going on? >> it was really, really terrifying. >> sharon told me she was hosp too much. trying to be a kind of super when she broke down last may. >> i couldn't cope, just with everyday life. i just couldn't cope. >> what happened? >> i obviously don't know, kevin. it was just like, as i said, my brain fused. it was done. i woke up in seed ars. i honestly don't know.
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>> kelly sat in for her mom. the news broke that ozzie was cheating on her. sharon said she forgave him in july. >> i just can't think of my life without him. even though he is a dog. >> sharon made her revelation on this morning's season premiere of the talk, entering its seventh season. >> if i could help somebody else along the way, i would feel >> sharon says her recovery wasn't simple. she relied on meditation, yoga, group therapy, and counseling. >> until i did get put on the right medication eventually and found a great therapist, here i am. a year and somewhat later. and i'm good. >> you are? >> i am. >> you are. >> i love you. >> the reason sharon revealed this secret today is because she wanted to help other folks who might be out there struggling
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she was courageous. that's why we love her. she's a tough woman. >> so strong. yes, we do love her. another strong lady, shannen doherty makes her first red carpet appearance after undergoing chemotherapy. shannen doherty looked strong alongside her husband, her doctor. >> we have just a few more weeks of treatment. we'll be nearly finished with the chemotherapy. >> shannen's hubby has been her rock. she said it's made them stronger. >> it's even better now. >> i have the easy part, yeah. i wish i could do it for her, you know. >> shannen's longtime friend praised her strength by saying, she had chemo this week, but was still front and center raising awareness and money.
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done amazing things for me. allowed me to be more me. much more vulnerable, and the person that i always was. but i think i got behind a lot of other stuff. >> looking positive. >> stay strong. >> we wish her the best. you have got to see this. i mean, i'm not kidding here, on the red carpet. posing in a silver layered gown. it's absolutely beautiful, right? then this happened. yep, a horrible malfunction. the fabric on top moved out of place exposing everything underneath. all i have to tell you, thank goodness she was wearing understoodies. >> thank goodness. another show stopper yesterday, her show winning four emmys. julianne confirmed to "e.t." online that she is returning to "dancing with the stars."
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announce that i am coming back to judge, again. so yeah. >> you're a fantastic judge. >> thank you. i'm excited. >> family affair. >> yeah, we love it. >> do you like your sister as a judge? >> she's great. she's got great dresses. her hair looks all cool. >> derek's partner was pumped just 24 hours before dancing. >> i'm trying to keep my shoulders down. it's a game than any dancing i've done before. i cry every time i think about it. >> congrats! >> we were backstage as julianne and her cast celebrated their four emmy wins. vanessa hutchins said she called in a while ago to her text. >> i showed up the first time and said, tom, #the vibe.
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stars" star, along with his season 20 partner and new wife kim johnson. they're stoked about the third straight win. >> i'm a little disappointed i didn't win for my performance with "dancing with the stars." >> big "dancing" exclusive on the way. the secret last-minute prep. this is what they never let you see. we've got it before the show premieres tonight. keeping with the "dancing" theme, you understand dancing and she's doing the call right now and singing 24/7. she might as well be on pitch perfect. >> i think i'm an honorary -- we are corny. i'm addicted to the pitch perfect movie. two of the stars just said i do this weekend. they are a match made in heaven. love is in the air. >> excuse me? >> i can't believe it.
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family and a few of their pitch perfect co-stars. ?? brittany snow stood by anna's side as a bridesmaid while they exchanged their vows. ?? anna looking stunning in a strapless white gown for the romantic outdoor affair. after the 30-minute ceremony, the guests were seated tables. the couple got engaged in hawaii over new year's after meeting on the set of the first "pitch perfect" film in 2012. >> don't be surprised if the newlyweds are quick to have a baby. because erin told us she's ready to be a mama. our favorite mother took over the toronto international
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>> the name of the segment. in toronto. you could call it celebs singing for their supper. they glammed it up on the red carpet for the premiere of their new animated musical. but onscreen, well, for starters, matthew is a koala, and scarlet is a porcupine. >> pretty rock 'n roll punk? >> yeah. >> she's sort of just like loud and proud. >> how good does that feel? just to be able to back it out like that. >> like a prime al screaming therapyy >> call me many. >> the next show is going to be, drum roll, please, '80s singing competition. >> oh, no, i was hot stuff in the house for about three solid
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there's a selfish reason i'm doing these things. papa becomes number one for a few weeks. >> after three weeks it kind of tails off though? >> yeah, they're looking for another one. maybe tonight my status will pop back up in the house. matthew is always at the top of our list. reese as a pig, well, we're having a hard time with that. >> would you please tell them what a good singer i am? >> oh, yeah, he was great, honey. >> it's embarrassing when i try to sing songs. >> oh, that's good. >> i don't stop singgng. i enjoy it. it's fun. >> that was awesome. a girl after my own heart. here's what i need to see, though, i need to see your version of hot line. >> that would be great. >> her and her husband doing
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out singing along to her ex's song. what her best friend just told us. the new break-up album in the works. our exclusive with victoria beckham gushing about her husband who's a pretty good mr. mom. >> i couldn't do what i do if it wasn't for david. >> dancing with the travoltas. john and his wife in a new z2z22j2jiziz z zixixz
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taylor swift is back at it, reminding everybody she co-wrote her ex's song. taylor was out to support her pal's new tommy hilfiger collection. that's where she broke the new taylor news to our carly steele. >> she's ready to get back in the studio again and made time to be here for me. i'm so grateful for that. >> translation, break-up album is i her frenemy katy perry, asking if the two would collaborate, she said, if she says sorry, sure. i wouldn't hold your breath, katy. new york fashion week, victoria beckham debuted her new line. >> i couldn't do what i do if it wasn't for david. incredible husband. wonderful father.
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kids, making sure they do their homework, eat their dinner, get to bed at the right time. he's wonderful. >> david sat front row in support. but there's another beckham boy we're currently crushing on. >> you posted a video of him singing. ?? >> i liken him to justin bieber. >> we didn't even really know that he could sing. he just sings in the back of the car. and she loves to wear heels nd try on my clothes. she also loves makeup. she is very feminine. but she's also a bit of a tomboy as well. she likes to run around the garden with david and the boys playing football. >> so we all know victoria won't be a part of the upcoming spice girl reunion. is there bad blood? no. in fact, posh's honoring the girl group with her new este lauder makeup line.
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help noticing a spice name. is that a coincidence, victoria? >> i wanted them to have spicy names. i'm very proud of my past. i'm liking it. >> as for victoria's number one beauty tip -- >> love yourself. be kind to yourself. as women, we are really hard on each other, which i have no time for. okay? >> no, we do not. >> be nice >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i like it. girl power. spice girl. >> that's what it's about. a day in the life of the "dancing" stars. what it will take to pull off tonight's premiere. >> plus, john travolta's gotti transformation, how his 5-year-old son is helping him become a mom boss. >> he said, hmm, don't laugh at the end of that scene.
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waitress? >> who had the coffee? closed captioning
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president. order's up! >> yep, that's paula abdul, the
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>> you wanted decaf, right? >> the pop star and former "american idol" turned, so you think you can dance judge, now taking orders at a los angeles denny's. >> how long did it take for people to start recognizing you? >> my name is paula. some people weren't. some people said immediately -- >> my girl. >> all to benefit the charity "no kid >> $1 can provide up to ten meals for a kid who's hungry. >> paula said she's working on new music and maybe a tour with a throwback pop group. >> there was talk about you joining the new kids. >> not yet. >> the last time paula was on the road was 1992. which happened to be the same year that john gotti was jailed for being the head of the notorious crime family. he's getting the treatment and we were first on the set with star john travolta and his wife
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>> watch how we interact in the dance scene and wedding scene. for us to be in a movie playing other people is so much fun. and that's what we kind of live for. >> okay. you think john gotti, you think mafia crime boss and eventually a convicted murderer. but wait, he can turn on the charm. and in the life and deathhof john gotti which comes out in february of next year, travolta captured the swagger >> you're going to direct john travolta. >> it's amazing. to actually see him walk on the set as john gotti, you know, in the fancy suit, it just -- it really comes to life. >> the dapper don. >> there he is. >> i looked at him and the way he looked at me was -- i completely felt like iiwas in john gotti's arms. it sent chills. but also, too, you know, my husband is known for being one
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i said, tone it down, you've got to remember -- he said, you don't think i won't remember i'm not mee >> it's set in new york city. it's difficult to shut down city blocks to make the movie there, so they chose parts of cincinnati that looked just like the big apple. traveling to ohio were kids ella blue and ben who helped john run lines. >> i'm doing a scene, and it's a harsh scene, and i want him to know i'm kidding. i laugh at the end of it to make pretending. and he said, hmm, don't laugh at the end of that scene. >> the 5-year-old got the character. >> exactly. >> is there pressure playing a real person? >> i think you don't want to disappoint. when i played robert shapiro, he was so familiar, that i felt like it had to be accurate the way he looked, behaved, the cadences of the voice, accent,
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important when you're portraying an actual historical character. >> congratulations on your emmy nomination for shapiro. >> it was a beautiful surprise and acknowledgement. what a wonderful way to be welcomed back to television. >> john and the sweathogs reunited in 2011 for tvland awards. >> how about this picture right here. the new cast of "dancing with the stars," you've got marsha marsha marsh if ryan lochte can dance. we have an exclusive of what we're going to see tonight. only we got to take our camera inside the ball room for their final prep. >> vanilla ice will jump out of a convertible and dance to his most famous hit. we got a sneak peek of derek hough. and ryan lochte looked pretty
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draping his arm around her shoulder. country singer jenna kramer looked ready to go. the couple arrived at 8:00 a.m., and keet going up until tonight's premiere. >> we're going to go rehearse. she's going to go to bed, wake up, rehearse again. showtime. get the judges' scores, go home. >> laurie hernandez and val were dancing to "american girl. ". >> we are "dancing with the stars," aurie hernandez, i heard you have this amazing handshake. would you mind sharing that with us? here we go. >> ladies and gentlemen, you saw it here first. >> they want to one-up you.
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>> i refer to this kind of like "the hunger games." no one wants to see anybody go. but once again, it's a competition. >> with this being "dancing," the final test is break dance. >> bringing it today, people. >> i like laurie hernandez. but i'm not counting out tara. because boy, she fights.
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your first look at the sexy new trailer for fifty shades darker. plus, sandra bullock's most candid interview after becoming a mom of two. >> i have the loudest children on the planet. >> and fashion week. >> make the sidewalk your runway. >> she shows what a supermodel setting is really like. >> you just have to kill it.
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today kicked off our brand-new season. >> what a way to start. >> lots of big stars and big news on the way. >> bye, everybody. >> all this week on "e.t." -- >> we've been >> -- huge exclusives with your favorite celebs. tomorrow, we're first on the set of michael weatherly's wild new show. wednesday we're behind the scenes with jennifer aniston for her new movie. with justi- and friday, is kevin hart putting his career on hold? >> i'm just going o shine bright. >> this week -- bright. >> this week -- >> on "e.t."
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(through static): i didn't understand your e-mail. uh, can you repeat that? you're breaking up. i didn't understand your e-mail. ah. yeah, i had to get a little creative because the s, r and m keys on my laptop stopped working. "deaw aby, could you pleathe dwive be to the twain thtow thubtibe tobowow?" so, is that a yes? sheldon, why don't you get a new computer? you know that one's out-of-date. oh, but i like this computer. the video is failing, and the sound is cutting out. i'm sorry, i didn't get that. (through static): the video is failing, and the sound is cutting out. i'm sorry, one more time. the sound is cutting out.


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