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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 13, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm CDT

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?? panic at "dancing with the stars." the terrifying moment you didn't see at home. >> i was in shock. >> ryan lochte right after the on stage ambush. how derek hough prevented a full-blown crisis on live tv. >> the changes the show is >> hi. >> amy schumer's vacation mishap. why she ended up in the hospital. shocking revelations from a "glee" star, sex on the set, a secret abortion and feuding co-stars. >> you felt like she was unprofessional. >> definite. >> naya rivera tells all. we are behind the scenes of michael weatherly's wild new show where anything can happen. >> we've been waiting for you. ??
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this is "entertainment tonight". "dancing with the stars" has never kicked off like this before. protesters invade the ballroom during the live show. >> forget monday night football, the best tackle of the night was on "dancing with the stars". >> target, disgraced olympic swimmer ryan lochte. >> our michelle turner was in the middle of all the madness. >> excuse me! excuse me! >> how are you feeling? what were you thinking when you saw that happen? >> honestly, it flt someone reached inside, took my heart out and just tore it to shreds. >>. >> take a deep breath. >> i was really hurt when i saw that, and i was in shock. >> excuse me! >> this morning abc released dramatic new video of protesters disrupting last night's show. ryan lochte had just finished his fox trot with cheryl burke and they were listening to carry ann i nabba's comments when two men stormed the stage.
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here's something else the television audience didn't see. derek hough confronting more anti-lochte protesters in the gallery. >> you guys got to get out. come on! >> did you literally go over to them? what did you do? >> went over to them, and i -- yeah. i said some words, but i basically told them that they need to leave because i -- you don't do that here. >> it's a positive show! get out of here! >> lokty is currently serving a ten-month suspension from usa swimming following his robbery scandal in rio. >> there are plenty of athletes -- [ inaudible ] >> when you saw those guys rush the stage, what were you thinking? >> well, we were out back, but you know, we watched it and this isn't the place for them. >> i was upset for a minute because the fun level in this room is at an 11 right now and that brought it down. >> let's not over complicate
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trespassing charges, but here's the question. how did they get in? >> they went through normal channels and they signed up for tickets on the website that provides shows with live studio audiences and we should point out the show does screen audience members with the metal detector and also members of the media. >> and as for ryan -- >> what do you think he did wrong? >> everything. >> he's not going to let this incident distract him. >> i'm going not let this distract me and do what i came here to do and dance. >> he'll dance for at least another week because ryan finished near the bottom. loriie hernandez and tied for the top and rick perry finished dead last. nancy back to you.
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>> amy schumers are hospitalizeo with a rare case of food poisoning, but in true amy fashion she turned her pain into a comedic moment. >> hi. okay, this is my first time making one of these videos. in a paris hospital yesterday hooked up to an iv. she and boyfriend ben had been suffering from food poisoning in bed, but for schumer it turned serious enough for her to go to the still she brought the humor spoofing a dating profile. >> i love music and food. >> oh, that food. her dining adventures in france did them both in. >> hours earlier in their hotel room, ben videotaped amy trying to eat room service chicken broth after surviving what she calls a pukefest. >> that's it. >> before that nasty tmi,
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at versailles and taking selfies near eiffel tower and now the regrettable eating. >> aimy and ben left paris today and they didn't stop to eat, but her next show was thursday in california, and she says she feels better and will do all her shows next week. >> llst night all eyes were on renee zellweger who looked stung at the premiere of "bridget jones' baby." >> your posture and posing on the carpet is hands down the best. what's a good tip? >> if the dress fits right, that helps. >> renee's dress came straight off the fall runway with the a-symmetric cut out top and it's been key for renee throughout the world tour of bridget jones' baby. >> and renee had to nail a killer pose tip. hand on the hips and show off a little leg and with a strappy heel. of course, thereeare a few other
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patrick dempsey reconciled with his wife. >> in the movie her character goes to any length to win the lady. >> he dropped this confession. i think i fell asleep in an interview about a month ago in london in the middle of the interview. >> you fell a leap? >> oh, yeah. i'm preety sure i fell asleep. i was still talking, but i >> dressed in assume owe suit, o she could destroy jimmy in a game of heavy weight wrestling and the best moment when she showed off her moves when she was a seventh grade cheerleaders. >> get ready, get fit! the tiger team is the best! >> how does she do all that? bridget jones' baby opens this friday, and since we're talking aboot babies, ryan gosling and
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the normally private ryan even more attractive as she got him gushing about daddy's little girl. >> i want to say congratulations about being a dad of two children. >> they're angels. the happiest time in my life. >> the proud papa of 2-year-old esmeralda and 5-year-old amada hit the carpet solo at the toronto film festival for the premiere of his new movie "la lalande." ?? >> the musical tells the story of a jazz pianist and aspiring actress and reunites ryan with emma stone for their third movie together. >> i love musicals. >> how was ryan in a musical? >> he was great. he's a great singer and dancer. it made it very easy, he's just a great actor. ?? ?? >> new dad john legend is
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as, what else? a famous musician. >> i love the snapchat that was posted of baby luna meeting stevie wonder. >> yeah. she has no idea. she doesn't know we're famous or stevie wonder's famous. >> chrissy has aspirations to become an actress? >> she's done a few things and she has great comic chops and anything like that would be great. >> taking care of baby luna. she is sin beautiful child. >> sunday is the emmms and the most exclusive and luxurious party of the night is the governor's ball and it's a star-studded affair because the nominees get an invite and here's the question and what happens inside those doors. don't worry. we'll tell you and we're breaking it down by the numbers. ?? ?? >> we believe we have the largest sit-down din or this side of the mississippi. >> the academy hosts three different parties on back-to-back weekends where
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the numbers are staggering. you're looking at 20,000 wine glasses. you're looking at 80,000 roses and 8,000 champagne glasses and 1800 bottles of wine. the numbers are crazy, but it's such a massive team. >> there will be over 250 chefs in the kitchen each night and around 1,000 employees at each party to serve 3800 pounds of beef. >> it's a very big party and everything has to be properly success. >> to add colors to the convention center there will be 150,000 flowers. >> this is mind-boggling. that's what we do, make it glamorous. it's like the emmys. of course, it has to be glamorous. >> it pays to host the emmys because it's glamorous and jimmy kimmel has his own table at the party. >> and that is impressive because tables are really hard to get, people. >> how does an in-demand hollywood designer deal with the
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clothes. >> christian siriano's style secrets. >> and cameron gets acting lessons with tv icon carol burnett. >> i would shoot it. >> i'm on the set of michael -pweatherly's new show. how does "bull" compare
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y226sy y12fy cmt named 2016 artist of the year, carrie i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult.
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i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump. i'm patty judge, and if you don't think washington has changed chuck grassley, try and ask him. the senate is broken. why are you leading all the obstruction? if you get your way and defund planned parenthood, if i'm paying more for medicine because your medicare plan passes, how do i afford that? are you even listening? i approved this message because, chuck, you've stopped working for iowa. now taylor swift makes being
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tay joined gigi hadid and her boyfriend zayn malik in new york on thursday. at the tommy x gigi fashion show over the weekend. here she is rocking a $345 dress from the collection with a $298 michael kors bag and $720 isabel marat sandals. gigi, on the other hand, went with an all-blank ensemble and $16 pink sunglasses. >> this gorgeous gown taylor christian siriano. we designed dresses for oprah j. lo, lady gaga and he's working with three stars for this sunday's emmies and senior news editor. >> what is your favorite red carpet look? one of the first times i dressed christina hendricks was really amazing aad i loved what sarah hyland wore.
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dress for her ghostbusters premiere. >> and christian stepped up and cemented his designer for women of every size. >> it takes a real design tore design for a real woman. >> i grew up with my mom was a 16 and my sister was a size 0 so to me, i never saw a difference. i was just, like, my mom loves the dress. my sister loves the dress. >> christian's new york fashion week runway was one of the hottest tickets in town last weekend and wrapping up in time for him to focus dressing some the emmys this weekend. >> we're still getting requests of my people! you know what it is! >> you know what it is, where it is. come on. >> what trends are you seeing for this awards season? >> it's been very sexy lately. like, everyone likes to show a lot of skin which is very interesting. what's it like, though? you design something that you're really proud of and of course, there's haters out there that are going to criticize. >> sometimes i will say thattthe
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>> let me tell you, it drives me crazy. i've had some ugly hair with some of my clothes, and you just take it and luckily, there will always be another red carpet. >> still ahead, glee behind the scenes drama you never knew. naya rivera tells us about feuding co-stars and the most difficult decision of her life. >> what was the main reason why -pyou decided to have abortion". >> i'm first on the set of michael weatherly's show. comedy legend carol burnett on her soap opera past showing e.t. her best stare. >>io you are husband is not really your husband and he's the reincarnation of your grandmother. >> closed captioning provided
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>> after 13 seasons it really was hard to watch michael weatherly leave "ncis," one because it is a family on the set and number two, he's a mad man in front of the camera. so i jumped at the chance do go visit michael on the set of his new show "bull." guess what? the more things change the more they remain the same in weatherly's world. >> my name is doctor.
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i've seen you somewhere before. >> bye-bye, agent dinozzo. hello dr. bull. >> i hate surprises. >> we're dealing the cool glasses and mr. rogers' sweater. he looks different, but michael is the same old cut up on the set. >> this is your tent, and where we want kevin to sleep. i'm like a bond villain. kevin, i go -- hello, mr. frazier. we've been waiting for you. >> i hate lawyers. phil's early days as trial consultant and oprah was one of his famous clients and dr. bull has the confident swagger and the set full of play things. >> over here we have a little bit -- why don't you take it? >> hold it. >> michelle was actually a serious legal drama where he's the famed psychologist who picks juries and pushes everybody's buttons. >> no hard feelings. >> you're a con man.
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high-tech set, you just know michael couldn't keep things serious. >> i like a challenge. >> these are servers, data. there is data in here. >> no, this is hillary clinton's e-mail file. >> although he doesn't sport a dr. phil-like mustache, the good doc has a bit of 5:00 shadow. >> do you have to keep the scruff going all of the time? >> no. >> this has become a continuity problem because when i started the day today i was clean shaven, but our days are so long that by the time and so they're just going to have to digitally do something with it. >> always a blast hanging out with that dude and michael will be close to his own home and starting tuesday "bull" will air after ncis. >> here life has had more drama than anything on the show. an eating disorder and plastic surgery and faced bonn of the most emotional situations that
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michelle visittd naya at her home. >> you found out you were pregnant and made a decision not to keep the baby. >> do you still think about it today? >> absolutely. it's always on your mind and it's one of those little scars in life. >> it was 2010, naya had just broken up with her boyfriend naya dorsey and the then 23-year-old had the abortion on her one day off from shooting "glee." >> what was the main reason why you decide to have the abortion? >> just a bunch of different factors >> naya doesn't hold back in her new tell-all, sorry, not sorry. including the drama between her and co-star lea michelle. >> you felt like she was unprofessional on the set. >> definitely. naya struggled with anorexia. at 18 she got breast implants and she addresses her past engagement to big sean. >> you found ariana grande in
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studio. >> it wasn't like anything was crazy when i went there. >> you don't think anything was going on when you two were together? >> i don't think so. >> if we would have ended up getting married it would have ended probably a month later. >> she's parents to her 1-year-old son josie. >> yeeh. i saw heather two weekends ago, and we took the boys around the corner. >> you love being a mommy. >> oh, my osh. he always greets me with a sme >> you want more? >> yeah. i would probably have another. >> so you -- are you trying? >> no. no, no, no. we're not trying yet. >> no. mama's about to turn 30 and needs a couple more cocktails before we do that. >> i love the honesty. >> naya is not the only star with a new tell-all. comedy legend carol burnett has written one, as well, but the real story is the same girl
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math son. >> i love me some carol and earlier this year she did this. >> i miss all my children so much. i miss you. you're such a great actor. >> i was such a fan of "all my ch children" and ryan leifry? and carol guest starred opposite susan lucci. >> no, honey, i'm not a fan. oh, my goodness. >> oh, lord, have mercy. look at that outfit. >> so since shooerz such a fan soap opera stare. >> your husband is not really your husband and actually a reincarnation of your dead grandmother. ?? ?? >> she's a master at the soap fake slap. >> i've been using you for your money. >> oh! >> that was really good! >> bravo, miss burnett.
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famous memories of "the carol burnett". >> i saw it in the window and i couldn't resist it. >> "went with the wind," i thought this is going to be one of the funniest site gags in the history of television. that outfit is in the smithsonian. >> listen, i remember watching that episode with my family in the living room. it was so good and carol is 83 years old, guys. when asked it's her grandkidss >> that is cameron matheson. >> he should be in the pmithsonian. not just the dress. >> we'll be right back.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
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he says he's leaving california. we have the real story. it's all at e.t. that's it for us tonight, but tomorrow, an apple bear asment of riches. >> translation. we will have so much and you're going to want to join us. bye, everybody. >> tomorrow, "e.t." breaks news with your favorite stars. >> featuring moi. >> one-on-one with justin timberlake. plus -- >> only e.t. is with jennifer aniston behind the scenes of her new movie and we're with gisele's sexy hubby tom.
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and the houseguests have no idea what's coming. it's time to let them in on the secret. houseguests, i need you all to gather in the living room right now. >> oh, no! >> julie: please sit on the side couches. do not sit in the eviction chairs. >> i like that, julie. >> julie: expect the unexpected. all five of you are there. i have some news for you. we are about to begin a surprise eviction episode, so, everyone, get ready because tonight, one of you will be sent to the jury house. i'll be back shortly to get things started. welcome to the surprise eviction


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