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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  September 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CDT

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welcome to cbs2 this morning. kelly has the morning off. you need the umbrella for tomorrow. it should be clear today. >> take a peek at what we have in store. we look ahead by looking back. our temperatures have been as cool as 58 this morning. as we start the day we find 57 anch 61 in iowa city. 59 and --. they will turn to the south and as the days roll- on they will continue to thicken up. we will call for a partly sunny day to day. that is the good news we will be dry. if you're heading to western iowa you will run into a few scattered showers.
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looking at 74 degrees at lunchtime and 78 degrees this afternoon. the full forecast including the we can outlet for football and for tober best and anything outdoors is coming up. in cedar rapids is postponing the protection of the play tribes. this comes after members of the deaf community spoke out after the casting choice. it has been a controversy week now. they have chosen a person who can hear to play the part of a deaf person. the theater said he should have done more and now they are trying to reschedule the play. we still do not know the future of in iowa city home designed to look like a stadium. the city postponed a decision on the home until next week. the 7500 square home has brick
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in july neighbors filed an appeal complaining about the home size and said it's a tailgating venue. the discussion about the home continues next went a. protesters against the pipeline have called president obama to stop construction. opponents say the dakota access pipeline is threatening to effectively on an waterson i will. the white house ordered temporary halt to construction. and i will group delivered 30,000 signatures yesterday to the department of justice calling for an end to the multibillion-dollar project. >> the department of justice must investigate the injustices of this pipeline. they must review all of the permits for cover the pipeline. that means the cord injury
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>> they say the pipeline is designed to be safe and environmentally meeting all regulations. a judge ordered to protect the workers after equipment was vandalized. please in ohio shot and killed a 13-year-old last night when responding to an armed robbery. the call involves several suspects. police were taking them into a robbery. the gun pulled t pulled a gun from his waistband. they found out later it was a bb gun. the boy died overnight at a hospital. also in ohio crews to down the gazebo were a boy was shot by police. he was holding a pellet gun when officers pulled up in a car. for the last two years the gazebo served as a memorial to the city so plans to remember him at the same location. several people have suggested a
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jersey was found with 30 packets of heroin in his lunch box. police want to know exactly where he got them. a teacher at the international academy said the child kept playing what looked like a candy wrapper. she realized it was a package of heroin. the child was rest to the hospital. so far, no arrests have been made. lawmakers and several media outlets are planning to opioid edition -- addiction. they are trying to bring better awareness to the issue with public service announcements and news coverage. one person compared the efforts to nancy reagan's just say no to drugs campaign.>> is a continuation of that legacy of telling the american people, of the terrible consequences of drug addiction and this new opioid problem that we are facing. >> it is not eight democratic killer or a republican killer
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today hillary clinton will be back on the campaign trail after taking a few days off to battle pneumonia. on wednesday, clinton's campaign released her medical records and her doctor called her healthy and fit to serve as president of the united rates. her doctor set aside from this bout with pneumonia or physical exam is normal. bill clinton campaign to prevent that she was supposed to be in las vegas.>> i just talk to her and she is feeling great here thinks she will be back out here tomorrow. it is a crazy time we live in when there's something unusual about getting the flu. millions of people get it every year. >> clinton herself has been front and sit -- front and center after leaving a 9/11 ceremony on sunday.
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results of a physical after a taping of the dr. oz show. dr. oz said trump was slightly overweight. he did tell the talkshow host he would like to lose some weight . takes medication or his blood pressure and cholesterol. he says even with a family history of alzheimer's trump shows no sign of the neurological disease. the said the republican candidate is the key to getting change. a rally in front of the i was they announced their new coalition for truck. lieutenant-governor kim reynolds and linda says that trump empowers women and champions working families and raising children well. a say his affordable childcare plan is a promising solution to a huge expense for many families.'s he promises new saving accounts so that families can set aside money for child care and tuition. >> family spent an enormous
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child care expenses. it often exceeds the cost of rent, a mortgage, college tuition. >> it's a trump supporters on the campaign trail says that he is hate and offensive towards women. this group launched a group called iowa women when. kicked the cedar rapids fire department is looking -- is working with the city of iowa to have its workers training requirements. inside this vehicle the universities medical services resource center has a mannequin that can adapt to different situations . and breathe, have a polls and taking iv. >> it's nicer than being in a classroom setting. they can take the things that they learn in the classroom every month and apply them to life scenarios.
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tomorrow. the neighboring fire department is now giving national attention. the marion fire department is for having effective and active programs that teach about fire's also being recognized for no fire deaths last year. it's and right now in it's de. degrees.just ahead...the arrest in florida for a fire intentionally set at a mosque.
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today we or partly sunny. we the chance for showers this evening into the overnight. 76 degrees this after lunchtime. we will have a high up 78 degrees this after we will have partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures this morning are 59. mid-50s and decorah. 60s and the cedar valley and 61 in iowa city. our temperatures around the state of iowa are in the 50s and even the mid-60s and western parts of the state. we will highs in the upper 70s to the lower 80s. we already looking at some scattered showers and western
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and clouds. the event area of low pressure and warm front sweeping through the midwest. that will bring more humidity and a chance for rain this evening. and eastern iowa and through the day tomorrow we will see some storms breaking out. we have a general mix of sun and clouds coverage as we head through the afternoon. in the evening clouds will continue to build. we will see scattered showers prev will continue overnight. we will keep that rain around through friday evening. most of the moisture is moving up as we head through late friday night. we will be clearing the sky overnight and have sunshine saturday and sunday. today is partly sunny. we are warm but they southeast reach. we have 76 in allocator. 79 in iowa city. your forecast tonight is cloudy
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southwest winds. it will be a myles white with temperatures around exceed three and decorah. were looking at about 66 in cedar rapids. tomorrow calls for the umbrella. 76 and waterloo. double sevens in cedar rapids. it will be a cloudy day. scattered showers continue until friday evening. the moisture will move out on friday night. sunday we will have 70s with mostly sunny skies. we're still looking good and comfortable with low 80s on monday. upper 70s on tuesday with a small rain chances. you will notice a small chance of showers for wednesday. the long-term temperatures we see mid to upper 70s as we head through next weekend. we will have more fall weather
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website. this weekend kids in the quarter will be able to attend a special event with a variety of balloon games. we before we get on to balloon games we're going to tell you what is going to happen about the event. can you tell me about the big event on friday?>> we have this giant project this man is building. we have a back of balloons that is very easy to trip over so be careful. we also have some giant globe lights that we have access to right here. >> this is all for the north to kota state university. can you tell me about how
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was 80 hours of work to get the bison going on. the designs for recreational center. it is totally free and then totally free on saturday from 2:00 at 7:00. >> reporter: and working people find out more information?
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find me with a picture with a giant chicken. >> the first thing you will see is the event page.>> reporter: we have so much to talk about. stephanie back to you kevin. it is now 6:16 on this thursday morning . it is 58 degrees and clear in fairfax. coming up next former secretary of state colin powell has for the two major
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your??????? your??????? welcome back. we're taking a quick look at the school day forecast. it will be 64 and partly cloudy when you drop the kids off at school. it'll be 74 recess. and when you pick them up still sunny and 75. colin powell has said how he fe presidential nominees. he did not hold back on either candidate. >> they want to see the debates , at least one debate. >> reporter: he has been quiet during the campaigns. colin powell is not holding back about the candidates. in emails hacked from his account and posted to facebook he describes trump as a national joke -- disgrace. they confirm the emails are
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the retired general and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff is what he calls a racist crusade over president obama's birth certificate. he lampoons this prediction. >> the end of for years i guarantee that i will get over 95% of the african american vote. i promise you. >> reporter: a schizo fantasy. trump inks we're idiots. paul is also look warm about hillary clinton. he says everything that clinton touches she screws up. i would rather not have to vote for her although she is a friend i respect her. she is unbridled -- unbridled ambition and he called her greedy. he also at an an insult about her marriage to bill clinton. he also resented being dragged into clinton's emails scandal.
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told clinton staff not to try that. he threw a mini tantrum at a party to get their attention. in an interview with cnn last month clinton was on damage control. >> he was incredibly gracious and helpful after i was nominated and before i took the job. powell dismissed the firestorm with clinton over the attacks in benghazi as a stupid witch hunt. it did not absolved one who was killed in the attack. he says basic fault balls like courageous ambassador and it also rest on his leaders in washington. rice responded i completely agree. trump responded on twitter and said he never was a fan of
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it is 6:21 on this thursday morning. its 51 degrees if you are in the colonies. to work in iowa they can change the way fantasy sports is played in the hawkeye state. we have one of those days where we have sunshine and passing cloud cover. on radar is already seeing the clouds this morning. we have a full forecast coming up next. cbs two connects with the quarter. call us or email us. you can also connect with us on
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. o as president. 60s and 70s. no it is not your favorite radio station it is for forecast. 78 is the temperature today. we will have a drive thursday
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we will have some sunshine from time to time. will notice some rain in western and north parts of iowa. we will stay dry in the cbs viewing area. the clouds will build and later tonight we will have rain move through the forecast. move through the forecast..most of the's tone for a soggy friday move through the forecast..most of the's tone for a soggy friday. today mid to upper 70s hot even some low 80s on the board. we'll have the southeast breeze from five to 10. we will have rain tomorrow and down to 61. if you are planning on writing night football to plan on taking some train car -- cure with you. low 80s for the day on monday. eastern iowa's top stories -- that will stay with us through wednesday morning. through wednesday morning. here's a look at the top stories for your thursday morning here's a look at the top stories for your thursday morning. two people has been charged at a brawl at the library. based -- they say several
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green square got into a fight and green square. and then moved in front of the library. one person was pepper sprayed. no one else was hurt. no one else was hurt. a new program series is underway at the university of iowa. might i was story is part of a week of inspiration celebrating milestones in research and education. people will share their experiences. the free series run -- runs through thursday from 5:00 to 7:00 each day on campus 5:00 to 7:00 each day on campus. the corridor is getting a major financial boost. a school was awarded $1 million. the school helps young entrepreneurs keep -- get their big ideas off the ground. they say the grant help many in the corridor for years to come. many in the corridor for years to come. uber is one step closer to getting rid of drivers altogether. they been doing some testing in pittsburgh. they are starting to put people into the cars they are starting to put people into the cars.
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that show up and have the ability to drive you around without help from a human driver. there still will be an emergency driver in my person behind the wheel just in case. the testing has gone well so far in pittsburgh. they navigate city streets and construction areas. the city specifically pittsburgh is a good area because of the tough conditions conditions, but pennsylvania makes it all possible by not having mating regulations that wo experience a show. in california where these companies are based the laws are too stringent. the laws are too stringent. it is 6:27 now on this thursday morning. coming up next on cbs to the coming up next on cbs to the latest olympic drug te
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afe driver ? ? accident-free ? ? everybody put your flaps in the air for me ? ? go paperless, don't stress, girl ? ? i got the discounts that you need ? ? safe driver ? ? accident-free ? ? everybody put your flaps in the air for me ? i can't lip-synch in these conditions. ? savings ?
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morning...the gruesome testimony prosecutors say proves right now the gruesome testimony prosecutors say proves one quarter man is guilty of murder. over it's controversial bathroom law. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin barry. barry. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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the murder trial for a benton county man will continue in just hours.david miller is accused of killing sabrina hustad janish in october.yesterday -- jurors were given a video tour of the crime scene where
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could see pools of blood in a trailer and splatters of blood on the wall. the lead investigator in miller's case walked them through the scene before it was processed -- but the defense questioned the investigator -- asking if he was thorough enough. "the footprints or the lack of taking pictures or the lack of taking impressions of everyone who comes in contact with that area, i don't know that it's overly important. like it could be depending upon the situation, but in this situation, i don't believe it was. why do you tape off a scene? to keep people out." out." testimony starts again this morning at 2 news will be in the court room - follow along on twitter and facebook for live updates. the first phase of a major highway project is almost done.
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stages on the highway 100 extension from edgewood road to are paving the four-mile stretch of road with asphalt instead of concrete -- using a method called perpetual paving.they say it will be easier to fix the road in the future and say it's already saving money initially this project was estimated at 20 million dollars the asphalt bid came in at 15 million dollars dot and the tax payers of iowa saw an initial 25% savings right off the top contractors is expected to be done by the end of november another traffic alert to tell you about now-- now--this one in marion.crews are still building a roundabout along one of the busiest roads in town.the 7-th and 7-th roundabout is in the final phases of construction. if all goes well -- crews will redirect traffic flow to the outer edges of the new road on friday while they finish up their work.the city still hopes to wrap up work later this year. a developing story out of ames -- where a former iowa state stt
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for their response to her sexual assault -- back in 20-14.she says the school actively discouraged her formally reporting it. it.not only does she claim it took months for the investigation to start -- but she also says the university placed her assailant in the same dorm during the next semester.her attorney says the whole case played a role in her dropping out of school. a sexual assault suspect who plays football at the university of north carolina carolinaturned himself in to authorities yesterday. yesterday.cour 21-year-old allen artis had turned himself in to authorities yesterday. court docket date 21-year-old had sex with a woman against her will. since been suspended from the football team. days after the n-c-a-a moved several championship events to please. he has been suspended from the football team . the ncaa of several events out of north carolina. a major sports conference is going to do the same thing.
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the state as well. they are doing this in response to the controversial bathroom law. that includes the football championship game scheduled for december. for other conferences teams are located in north carolina. democratic and republican disagreed about the meaning of the moves. >> this economic hemorrhaging will not stop until the governor steps up and apologizes. >> my concern for the ncaa is that they are applying a different standard. >> the last lawmaker questioned why the ncaa helt its final four in houston lester even know that city overturned and antidiscrimination ordinance. they say they arrested the man that started the fire at the same mosque where the polls like of shooter used to attend.
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he could face up to 30 years in prison. they found evidence linking him to arson and and anti-islamic media post. in other update to the world anti-doping agency story. they say russian hackers have leaked another batch of olympic athletes medical files. the group the information about 25 athletes and 10 from the united states. they first release information about biles and serena williams accusing both of them at doping. those claims were developed by the anti-doping agency. week two of the nfl season start tonight. many people tune in because of fantasy sports. is $1 billion business that cannot operate in the state of iowa. they are trying to change that you get an error message saying it's not allowed in iowa.but state representative jake highfill says he's
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can hopefully change's arguably one of the most popular activities - fantasy sports.but in iowa -- even if the big bucks catch your activities. fantasy sports. and i what you missed the big bucks catch your attention playing for cash means breaking the law. multiple tries to claim the awards have failed. >> we understand it is gambling and we want to make sure that >> reporter: he sponsored a fantasy sports betting bill last session. it died out. >> if you have a scam artist in one of the companies they would likely take your license away. >> reporter: he says it will be considered -- similar to can see no regulations. players must be 21. current laws for the gaming
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>> reporter: eric with the eye wall gambling treatment program cannot comment on the program. the state has a hotline were players can get help if they needed. people have access to the services and the appropriate information to help them make better educated decisions about the games that they might be playing. iowa is just a number of states like illinois and texas where lawmakers are reviewing the current laws against online bidding. tonight you can watch the kick off right here on cbs. the new york jets in the buffalo bills are coming from losses.
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the win column for the first time this season. coverage starts after the cbs two news at 6:00. the the six pack 38 here right now in eastern iowa. we have more to come that we're taking a look at what is going to happen on fox28 live. a dorm rooms sit situation with ron before the door makes moved in. and what they ha incurable disease easier. at this very appropriate time is look at today's weather first forecast. as we head to the bus stop we will find that it is a okay day. it will be 64 degrees this
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not a bad day today, partly sunny skies. we do find rain showers later tonight. humidity"up today. 67 this morning. 78 will be the top temperature today. we will mainly have cloudy skies for the afternoon. temperatures is mourning are in the 50s. we will at about 20 degrees today. 61 in dubuque. 61 in iowa city. look at theig 78 in dubuque. 79 into the -- des moines. upper 70s and western iowa. here in eastern iowa we will have some partly scouted skies. here is where the warmer weather in the humidity moves in today. that kicks off our showers and thunderstorms chances. those will be with us on friday.
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friday in the light at evening. today is strike, may be a stray pop up of rain by 9:00 tonight. more so in the late evening and overnight. we have scattered showers through our friday. we will keep a few more scattered showers around for friday afternoon. the evening does look like a few showers for friday night football. ohio city and 79. we will have a south east wind and partly cloudy. late showers and him i don't -- a mild night. our extended forecast looks like there's: mid-60s tonight, 70s for the day with rain showers, friday night football will be featuring some scattered showers. they have temperatures in the low 70s. you will notice the clouds, we will have mostly cloudy skies with the scattered showers.
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keep a saturday on the back of your mind. we will check the football forecast in just a moment. upper 70s for tuesday, with scattered showers possible and into the wednesday morning. his focus on saturday, kick off temperature for saturday morning upper 60s to low 70s as iowa takes on north dakota state. it will be mostly clear with a nice and calm morning. southeast. also at 11:00 the cyclones will be playing football copy will be doing that in fort worth. they will take on tc do. they will be dealing with some scattered showers and cloudy skies. the nightcap features the panthers traveling to the east, or to the west rather, two e. washington. that is very confusing. we will have scattered showers
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60 degrees there as the panthers take on eastern washington. either way two out of the three will be dealing with rain , but the hawkeyes will be dry. temperatures will be mid to upper 70s for next thursday, friday and saturday. all in all temperatures will be staying at or above normal. this weekend and north liberty they will be welcoming melendez. they are hosting a special event for all ages. johnson live this morning. >> reporter: good morning kevin. this company is icy blows. this is ballooning. >> it is a great profession. there are 10 jobs for everyone balloon professional. if you are looking to move into this industry can be great.
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>> well a man who taught me how to stilt walk showed the best and bam i lost my whole summer.>> reporter: you are part of the alumni association, you also have your first balloon event this weekend. how did you get your name out >> first i joined the chamber of commerce. then i got into referral groups. i had a networking group in cedar rapids. >> they are also my sponsor that is totally free. they came on board when i did a pitch for them. i pitched about 100 companies. 60% of the people joined him from the peripheral. it's just thank you so much the best networking group.>>
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kit off. >> connor and the unicorn was a big part of it. we did the ncaa, and then we did conrad the unicorn and got 30 million views.>> reporter: can we show the audience at home just how cool you make your balance. >> reporter: that is really cool. you do a lot of amazing things with police. a key for spending your morning with us. if you come out to the event for the balloon games this weekend you will have a great time seeing a lot of great dutiful blows. i am stephanie johnson cbs two news. back to you kevin. >> that was really cool. six pack 37. to the head we're updating the most important stories for you to start your thirst 80s.
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welcome back. if you are bond the mississippi in dubuque it is 67 degrees. theater cedar rapids is postponing its production of the play tribes. it comes after members deaf community spoke out after one important casting choice. we haven't following the controversy for more than a week. the play features a lead character who is deaf. leaders have chosen a person who can here. they say no deaf actors audition. after speaking with members of the deaf community they said they could have done more and now they're trying to reschedule the play. people against the oil pipeline on out calling on president obama to
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opponents say the deparment of justice must investigate the injustices of the department of justice must investigate the and justices of this pipeline. they must review all of the permits pipeline. that means the army corps of engineers nationwide permit as well is the permits they got on the missouri river.>> a spokesman says that the pipeline is designed to meet all safety and environmental regulations. earlier this year they said they would order state troopers to protect workers after construction equipment was vandalized. the cedar rapids fire
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theres a chance you saw this vehicle.inside -- the university's emergency medical services resource center has a mannequin that can adapt to different situations -- and can breathe -- have a pulse and have an i-v. "it's a little nicer than just being in the classroom setting where we just talk about things. they're able to take the things that they learn in the classroom every month and apply them to real life scenari" scenarios."more than 140 cedar rapids fire fighters take the training. it runs from through tomorrow. it's now on this now it's degrees in when we come back, we'll take a look at the three stories you'll need to know on this thursday morning. morning. cbs-2 news connects with the us with your story tips at 1-800-222-kganor email us at news at cbs2iowa.comor connect with us
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the older we get, the more we measure quality of life by the numbers.
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to raise social security's retirement age to 70, it's time to pay attention. for years, he's pressed to privatize social security, risking seniors' guaranteed benefits on the stock market. and blum even supports cutting social security benefits. that's a plan for our seniors that doesn't add up for iowa. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this message. here are the three stories you
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benton county man will continue in about two hours. welcome back. here are the top three stories to start your thursday morning. the murder trial will continue in about two hours. david miller is accused of killing a woman in october. yesterday jersey shore given a video tour of the crime scene. tickets equals the blood in the city leaders in iowa city are pushing pack a final decision on a home that would resemble the 75-hundred square foot would resemble the stadium. the plans for the 7500 square foot home have brick siding and a replica of the stadiums pressbox. last night, the decision was pushed back again until next week. in july neighbors filed an her sexual assault.she's now suing the school over the incident - which happened back in 20-14.the woman says the
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her formally reporting it.her attorney also says the whole case played a role in her dropping out of school. thanks justin.we'll see you will have 70s today and 60s was showers tonight and thundershowers tomorrow. friday night there will be scattered showers possible for friday night football. bear that in mind. upper 70s for saturday and sunday. we will have great weather if excuse me we have an oktoberfest on saturday. we also will have football. sunday 79, tuesday and wednesday
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, september 15th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? a new cbs news/"the new york times" poll shows hillary clinton and donald trump statistically tied. both candidates released new information about their health histories. children visit the dentist and leave with a potentially life-threatening infection. this morning, doctors fear hundreds could be at risk. and the wife of late apple found steve jobs takes us inside owner mission to reimagine education. how a meeting with gang leaders helped one principal revolutionize her school. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."


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