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tv   CBS 2 News Noon  CBS  September 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm CDT

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get the training they need to save lives and make sure they are already -- they are always ready. we are finding some of sunshine. temperatures have been okay. a lot of sunshine but the clouds will build in. 76 this past hour and we are on our way to 77-79 degrees. sunny in cedar rapids. 74 and waterloo. 70 few dubuque and decorah is will notice a hint of humidity is the winds turned south at five-15. the clouds are building into the forecast here. those clouds will continue to thicken up and we will see scattered showers this evening and overnight. upper 60s and 9:00 and i will let you know when the plan on
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academy back to normal after an incident near the school. cedar rapids police department says the school was secured as a precaution. while police say it may have been a custody issue when they got to the home they thought the officer -- the officer thought the man outside had a handgun. police took the man into custody within half an hour today sandra plans family reached a settlement in a wrongful death suit. bland was found dead in her cell at waller county jail outside of houston texas. the lawsuit settled for $1.9 million and that settlement includes several changes to jail procedures and compensation for bland's death. for more information go to our website today the corridor jury
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woman strangled and stabbed to death. david miller is accused of killing the woman in their home. today a doctor testified for the prosecution that several stab wounds contributed to her death. the defense said the doctor was not there so she cannot be 100% sure about what happened. if convicted of first-degree murder miller faces life in prison. "cbs2 news" will be in the courtroom and follow along with us on twitter or facebook live updates. hillary clinton returned today to the campaign trail for the first time since 9/11 when she suffered from human -- eight pneumonia related episode. donald trump will be in new york to address the economic club in manhattan. craig boswell has the latest from the white house. >>reporter: hillary clinton
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north carolina. it is the democratic nominee's first appearance after three rest from pneumonia. >> i am really glad that i did filing a -- finally follow my doctors orders and take some days to rest instead of keep powering through which i think is a common experience for people. >>reporter: the latest cbs two news poll shows clinton with a two-point lead in four we race women, 13-point and 83 points among voters while trump leads among men and white voters. trump is talking about his own health and his campaign made a one-page summary. it offers some information about his condition. the camping shows mr. trump is in excellent health and has the
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campaign. last night the republican nominee questioned his rival stamina. >> in this beautiful room that's 122 degrees do you think hillary could stand up. for an hour into this? >>reporter: trump speaks today in new york and new hampshire. craig's -- craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. hillary clinton says her campaign will release more information in the coming days. cbs news wants to and empower you. we've reached out to both candidates to participate in extended interviews. we want to hear from you. what would you like to ask the candidates. you can check questions and thoughts by e-mail or by facebook. an update on the story "cbs2 news" has been following. ruling now delayed for controversial build in iowa city. the iowa city board of adjustment pushback their
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the home representing the stadium. they want to build the 7500 square foot home but the owners board is now scheduled to vote wednesday- the 21st. a happy day for juice and smoothie lovers in the corridor! corridor!today the co-branded store jamba juice and bruegger's bagels opened in iowa city.the new store's is on riverside drive.the co- branded store will offer the same menu items other jamba juice and bruegger's bagels will also be available.jamba juice has 720 store in the us. bruggers has 275 in north america- and now five in the corridor. emergency crews continuously go through training so they're ready to keep our communities safe. sometimes those trainings can become a little repetitiv e. cbs 2 news reporter matt lange shows us how the cedar rapids fire department is changing things up. if you drove by the central
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first avenue theres a chance you saw this vehicle. vehicle."hi art my name is matt with the fire department, do you know where you're at today?""check a pulse, get a pulse ox on.""when was the last time his sugar was checked?""umm, it was checked yesterday.""does he have heart history?""get an oxygyn mask here, get a nasal canula."what looks like a decked out tailgate mobile on the outside, is actually training cedar rapids fire fighters on the inside. "we have one that's a breathing problem emergency.""sir, we have this mask on you so you can breath better.""the two-sets are up." "has this gotten any better?" "we can start a breathing treatment with him." him." "we also have a trauma pa" patient.""take a quick listen to his lungs here.""he got a pulse? yeah, he's got a pulse." "sharps over here.""so we are passing air?"it's a different form of training than cedar rapids firefighters are used to, brought to them, by the university of iowa's emergency medical services resource center. "it's a little nicer than just being in a classroom setting where we just talk about
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classroom every month and apply them to real life scenarios"because hands on learning in this truck, can help those firefighters, when they hop into one of these trucks. "it's very beneficial for our firefighters, for the citizens one of these trucks. >> it is beneficial for our firefighters and the citizens of cedar rapids. we are grateful to the university of iowa are coming up and helping us. >> that was matt laying reporting. firefighters worked on one of 324 hour long shifts. ems training captain matt conkle says roughly 140 firefighters will go to do this training by friday. still coming up on cbs2 news at noon, and event to bring out the kid in anyone says the owner of the balloon company where you can float away to childhood in the corridor this weekend. a little bit of sunshine and rain tonight. take a look at the weather summary. 70s today and 60s with shower late tonight and rain for
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
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lookin' for something to do with the kiddos this
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something to do with the kiddos this weekend's how about taking them to the balloon games. it is being hosted at the north liberty recreation center. it features more than 100 giant balloon structures and two giant fans that will blow below is everywhere. the owner has planned the event for months and it is not just for the kids. >> the memories of being surrounded by balloons, i am telling you, you watch the interact with the balloons and the adults and it's just amazing. >>reporter: the balloon games are free and open to the public. you can visit our website for more information. just to joins me now with the cbs two weather forecast. justin it has been a nice day today. everyone is trying to look forward to the weekend. what i miss as a kid, do you
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ball pit. >> if you think about it it is disgusting. all the germs in the ball pit, would you really want to get one. >> i can cleanse myself now as a baby i could not shower. anyhow, you have shattered my g -- shattered by dreams. as we go to our we can forecast 61 friday night. scattered showers and we will talk more about that in a moment. 76 for saturday. highs are mild all around iowa - the regional satellite/radar showers into the overnight. here is a quick peek at predictor. a better chance of showers moving in this evening into the overnight. hour by hour 78 is the top temperature. today we do that was partly to mostly cloudy skies. still seeing blue skies in cedar rapids as we look off towards the west.
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the same. humidity 74%. 73 in oh wine, 73 in dubuque 75 in iowa city and in decorah they are cool there and 72 in in st. charles city. winds south at five-10 testing to 15 miles per hour. here are the highs around the state. upper 70s the midwestern picture. we have 70s and 60s back to the north and west. here is what is cooking. another area of low pressure moving through the forecast and sleeping -- sweeping the warm front through. that will push the moisture into forecast for us and gives us the chance of rain as we head into the evening through the rain tomorrow. a little's -- a little shower chances and i think these move in through overnight and we have the rain for the first
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showers for the afternoon and early evening. rain will move out and it looks like we will find some drying weather late friday night and more sunshine and dry weather. here is how we break it down this afternoon. mid to upper 70s, even a couple of 80s possible. partly sunny and warmer. southeast light showers and 63 in the north and 66 and the south at five-10 miles an hour. extended forecast featuring 77 tomorrow and rain down to 61. if you're making plans going for friday night football probably a few scattered shower chances, not if you washout -- not a big washout, upper 70s for sunday. low 80s for monday. 70s and 80s tuesday wednesday. since we are talking football
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mostly clear and nice and calm. now the panthers around the road. let's talk about the cyclones first. they are traveling to fort worth. 79 for their game at 11:00 a.m. and the panthers going all the way west to play in the for eastern part of washington. that is taking on east washington with the kickoff and evening. cool weather to the area area at noon, thursday night football on cbs is back.why two northeast teams both need the win to start off the season on the right foot.
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"is that credit karma again?" "just wanna see if my score wanna check yours?" "scores don't change that much. i haven't changed." "oh really?" "it's girls'night. ah huh." "they said business casual." "i love summer weddings!" "oh no." "yeah, maybe it is time. maybe i should check my credit score." "oh woah. that's different."
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the new york jets are zero and one --ust like the the buffalo bills. first game in the new nfl season in both teams need to win to get momentum the need for the rest of the season. >> [ cheering ] >>reporter: the battle is on in buffalo. a city known for three things.
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of the original buffalo wing they will crank out all fans can eat in the first prime time game four years. >> we usually sell about 2000 wings a day and we're's -- we are expecting somewhere around 4000. >>reporter: a win would be tasty. the bills have beat the jets six of the last seven games. and ryan and his brother rob are in charge. the bills have the longest play out -- 16 years and they've never won a super bowl. >> we accepted and we deal with it. you have to be a resilient party person to be a buffalo bills fan. >>reporter: do embrace the fact that you lose? and they watched as they lost an unprecedented four street super bowls. there are new reasons to cheer. look at the online movement
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embraced by the players. >> it was a tongue and cheek joke. i was not looking to start a movement. >> the first $8 of each t-shirt goes back to local charities. >> we're in the helping business -- helping people business. >>reporter: broadcaster fills us in with the optimism this way. >> when they do make it it will be a joyous day. >>reporter: a long time in the making coming up on the "cbs2 news at noon" we take a look at some
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gallagher: this type of disaster hits, it's like, "man, what do we do? where do we start?" after the flood, when we came in here, there was nothing left. there's no way we're gonna do this ourselves. people like monica vernon really fought to get the assistance that led to the recovery. it took vision. it took courage. i don't think she asked anybody after the flood whether they were democrat or republican. she took the bull by the horns, saw a problem that needed to be solved, and she solved it.
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the following segment is
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it is time for two your finances. every week our friends join us to answer your questions on money and today we are talking about five essential ways to maximize the financial windfall. recently doing the best you can if you get a big sum of money for some reason. >> if you win the lottery or get a large inheritance. one of the first things would be to get with the tax expert because uncle sam will want a big chunk. you want to be prepared for that before you get the money, would be ideal. another thing to think about is if you are still at working age, don't go out and just tell your boss to fly a kite and quit working. you want to keep working. author if you're making $50,000
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because it will take about $1 million once you retire to have that same lifestyle. so bottom line is don't do something dumb and tell your boss good bye. >> there goes that dream forever . that is everyone's first reaction. also do not be too generous with it, right? >> a lot of people want to give to their friends and relatives. after a while they look around and they don't have any money left. i would suggest their own financial situation first and if you want to get charitable then start looking at other ways to do that. make sure you take care of yourself first. don't give it all away. having such a big responsibility with all that money it cannot be easy. you probably would like some help. >> if you have the opportunity i would suggest getting with
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game plan in anticipation of it so you can figure out the taxes and what is the best way to carry the money to your life the most advantageously. a we're talking a lot about the responsibility and what you have to do but there has to be some kind of fun when you get a whole lot of money. >> i would encourage that prudent. don't go crazy and buy five homes in 15 cars but if you want to pamper yourself do something and make sure it is in your game plan and you could afford it, which you should be to -- you should be able to, don't just go blow it all. >> what would you do? >> probably, the odds are not in my favor but i will not
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if i did i would want to invest it. i would want to make sure i am doing a prudent thing and still remain -- and still maintain my frugality not live a lavish lifestyle and maintain the same status quo but have more money doing it. >> that's always great. [ laughter ] thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, jenny. >> we will be back with your weather is her i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans
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9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what
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check out this time lapse of setup for octoberfest in munich germany check out this time lapse, a set up for oktoberfest. it officially september 17th and ends october 3rd. the festival is famous for its beer, food and dancing. oktoberfest in iowa city is scheduled for september 24th and there's also one in amana scheduled for september 30th
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that does it for us here on
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the older we get, the more we measure quality of life by the numbers. so when washington politicians like rod blum keep voting to raise social security's retirement age to 70, it's time to pay attention. for years, he's pressed to privatize social security, risking seniors' guaranteed benefits on the stock market. and blum even supports cutting social security benefits. that's a plan for our seniors that doesn't add up for iowa. responsible
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? >> brooke: r.j.! >> r.j.: oh, mom, dad, i'm sorry. i-i'm interrupting. i'll just come back. >> brooke: oh, no! you better come in here! >> ridge: hey! >> brooke: oh! >> r.j.: well, um, how are you guys? >> brooke: [ laughs ] >> ridge: we'll ask the questions around here. hey. >> brooke: why didn't you call u i thought you were up in ojai. you're starting your second semester. >> ridge: is everything okay? >> r.j.: i'm home. it's better than okay.


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