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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  September 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CDT

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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the latest developments after a right now on cbs 2 this morning the latest developments after a former substitute teacher is fired for an inappropriate relationship with a student. the most recent presidential candiadte making a low key
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welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin arry. barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio. let's get a check of our cbs 2 weather first forecast.
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developing story right now - -cedar rapids police are still looking for a former substitute teacher accused of sexually exploiting a student. right now -- mary beth haglin is ?not in the linn county jail. jail.a warrant was issued for her arrest after police say she violated a no-contact
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worked as a substitute teacher at cedar rapids washington high school and admitted to having a sexual relationship with a student in a june interview with cbs 2 news. she says the school was trying to cover it up. earlier this month -- she pleaded not cover it all up and earlier this month she plead not guilty to the sexual exploitation charges. also developing in cedar rapids, authorities have released the names of the two police officers who shot and killed a stabbing suspect. the iowa division of investigation tells cbs 2 news officers jeremiah white and ashleigh steil are on paid leave this morning after the shooting monday night. they responded a domestic violence call and found a woman with multiple stab wounds. she's expected to recover. the suspect was 25-year-old markell bivins, he died at a local hospital. after taking three days off the campaign trail to recover from a bout with pneumonia, democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton returned to the campaign trail. clinton gave a clear message
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fine. she quickly turned back to politic calling on all american voters to take a closer look at both candidates. >> and i will never give up, i'll never walk away no matter how tough the going gets. i'm actually asking americans to hold me accountable for my ideas and hold my opponent accountable for his. >> clinton is planning campaign stops now in the coming make up for lost time. her runningmate tim kaine will visit central iowa on monday. starting back in the caucus season donald trump has been the candidate calling other people the embarrassing nick names. i spoke to some trump supporters about why hillary clinton calling them at least half of them a basket of deplorables, really doesn't matter all that much to them. >> for a candidate who normally speaks very carefully. >> to just be grocery general
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around the world. deplorables. right? they're racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamaphobic, you name it."donald bouslaugh is from ankenyis my face getting red now? that was my first reaction.while my opponent slanders you as deplorable and irredeamable,i call you i call you hardworking american patriots.but -- in a 2016 election that's been so polarizing -- even in a room with this many people -- it would probably be prety hard to find a clinton supporter. i'venever had a her...never.some supporters say it makes them like her even less -- but it's not like they were going to vote for her in the first place.even new york's former mayor rudy giulliani -- who worked with then-senator worked with then-senator clinton after the september 11th attacks -- proudly wears it like a badge. and you know what she said about all of you don't you?and i'm proud to be one of ya!"im in the same basket you're in." clinton's said that she regrets being "grossly
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kaine -- stood by the idea that donald trump is giving a voice to racist and dangerous ideas and feelings. this week -- on iowa in focus -- we sit down with libertarian party candidate gary johnson for the first time.i'll explain why he and green party candidate jill stein have been so hard to get in touch with -- and the one big issue that might make johnson very ?unpopular in iowa.join me for iowa in focus -- this sunday morning at 10:30, right here on cbs 2. a presidential candidate was in iowa last night -- former c-i-a counterrorism officer evan mcmillin jumped into the cia counter terrorism officer evan mcmillan jumped into the race a month ago . the conservative independent candidate campaigned in des moines saying he is the right choice to unite americans. what sets him apart from trump and clinton is his experience in the cia and congress on isis, he says the united states needs to work better with their allies. >> our allies right now don't
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going to work. any strategy that's going to be effective in defeating isis has to involve also constraining carrying out massive things against syrian people. >> his visit to iowa marks another visit from a third party candidate. gary johnson and jill stein campaigned here earlier this month. just as the new edward snowden movie is about to hit had the big screens new documents are being released su investigation into the former nsa contractor. the report says he is not a whistleblower and a vast majority of the documents he stole were actually military and defense secrets that had nothing to do with the privacy of ordinary americans. right now, snowden is living in russia and just asked for a presidential pardon saying he helped the country by revealing domestic surveillance programs. wikileaks founder says he's ready-to-serve time in prison in the united states but only under certain circumstances.
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wants president obama to grant chelsea manning clemency whose a former army intelligence analyst serving a 35 year prison sentence convicted three years ago of handing out massive amounts of classified material to wikileaks. he has been live in the ecuador embassy in london for the past four years now. 6:08 on your friday morning 64 degrees. coming up next on cbs 2 this morning the big reason the hawkeyes will still get a big fight out of their opponent. rain creeping back into the forecast this morning, we'll keep scattered showers throughout the day take a look at our planner and you'll see 73 degrees by lunch time and rain moving in from the west, details on your forecast that
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well hard to believe but
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fall or i should say of summer. we're heading into fall next weekend but let's give you a look at what's going on as we head through friday, saturday and sunday. don't forget that says morning, afternoon and afternoon. that should say friday, saturday sunday. do have rain in the cards today. tomorrow mostly sunny and plenty of sunshine as we head through the day on sunday as well. today cloudy skies, scattered showers should be a great weekend for us. once we get rid of the rain late tonight we'll have weekend conditions. keeping those scattered showers through the morning and midday afternoon and then everything clears out later tonight and there is nice sunny skies for saturday/sunday. here is your hour by hour numbers 70 at 11, 73 at noon today and 77 this afternoon with cloudy skies and some scattered rumbles of thunder. doppler radar picks up on some quiet moisture and you can see around dubuque a little bit of rain moving through there now off towards the very southern
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see light rain and waiverly, waterloo and thundershowers back over to the vinton area, even over towards williamsburg they are getting a little bit of rain and south of our area more thunderstorms developing. right now at cedar rapids cloudy skies, 63 degrees out there, winds out of the south and west at throw that humidity translating into a bit of fog this morning, 65 iowa city, 68 in dubuque, 62 waterloo and 61 up in charles city. statewide temperatures look like that and as them about 63 in des moines, 61 right now in fort dodge. highs today well 70s and 80s on the board, so little muggy out there, even with the cloud cover. scattered showers rolling into the picture again this morning let's take you to the midwestern surface map and there you'll see an area of low pressure continuing to move up towards the north and east eventually moving a cold front through the forecast that will reduce the humidity and give us some perfect weather for
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scattered shower chances for us on predictor those will stay with us through the evening time but loafing late tonight, clearing overnight and there is the nice sunny sky expected for saturday and sunday. today 74 to about 80 degrees cooler in the north warmer in the south with those clouds and thundershowers southwest winds 5-10. tonight forecast offers the 50s mid and upper in the north, upper 50s to lower 60s in the south mostly cloudy we'll have showers ending extended forecast 76 tomorrow, 78 for the day on sunday and another friday night football here in eastern iowa. you can catch the ot right next door on cbs 2 and fox 28 at 10:30 tomorrow or is it 10:30? what time is that show on again? >> 10:30. >> 72 with scattered showers for football tonight and then looking good saturday and sunday upper 70s to low 80s monday showers monday night into early tuesday upper 70s to
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probably should watch the show because i have a nice t-shirt with the logo on back. >> oh, do you, good. >> and you can do, you can be a billboard when you tailgate. >> exactly. >> that's the whole point. well the hawkeyes do return so more tailgating this weekend playing tomorrow against five time defending fcs national champion north dakota state. >> yeah, we have a new show that airs on fox 28 every thursday that previews each game. i know when that one is on i saw itde eye on the hawks. >> north dakotas state plays in the missouri valley conference but they don't play like it. the bison line up and hit you kind of like teams in the big 10 but the hawks have been preparing all week long. >> they are good players really well coached and they play hard, they play physical. to me their style of football reminds me of the last two teams we played at the end of the season stanford and michigan state. >> they look like a big 10 team, they come off the ball
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mouth and reminds me of wisconsin and michigan state big guys to get low and underneath you. >> a great team overall, a lot of effort, they can run the ball, the quarterback is pretty good, can run and pass so we have to be ready. >> 37 points per game, 500- yards of offense per game, they're the real deal. >> running back from waterloo, lance dunn, one of those guys who i think iowa is a chip in the shoulder tea big 10? they don't have all of the recruiting stars and come from the great fancy places. i think north dakotas comes in with that. a guy like lance dunn. iowa didn't lock at him or give him an offer. he comes in with a chip on his shoulder but i did take a poll yesterday of iowa players, josie jewel not offered by north dakotas state and neither was ben nieman. it's a chip in the shoulder war.
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maybe north dakota state thought they couldn't get those guys? >> josie jewel was out there for the taking though. it was luther. >> they don't stray that far from fargo sometimes, you know? iowa doesn't get up to north dakotas either which yesterday was maybe a mistake on their part. what struck me is you could see the coaching in those fights. they're in the heads players. there's no under estimation. okay? but you're a team that went to the rose bowl last year. you're the favorite. you're the big boys in this belt. the trick is to act like it and from the sounds of things their heads are going to be in the right places. >> with that being said how does a game like this help them get them prepared for the big 10 season? if they're preparing for a big
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>> right, i think the physical it that north dakota state will bring that's their trademark on their level and its worked. you can't argue with that. how does it prepare iowa? i think there's a perception game going on a little bit. iowa fans look at north dakotas state and iowa should win and never mind the best school ever, that doesn't factor in at all for some people, but it's a perception more that they will have to fight and i think that kind of pulls bit. >> see, i think this is really almost incredible. this is a game against an fcs team that if you win you gain national respect. now nobody will say okay, you should move up five spots in the national rankings but they will say that was a goodwin. you'll compare it to a lot of games big 10 teams are playing this week and you'll say that was better. >> eye on the hawks airs every thursday on fox 28 at 6:30.
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you can watch it again right before the game at 8:00 a.m. also on fox 28. what's really cool is when those guys come in and money out the show they are right next to my desk we'll get to that in a second. if you money on heading to the game you can come see us before kickoff, tailgate with us, see scott sandborn there destroying a bunch of college kids playing bags. cbs 2 before every hawkeye game we have the stage set up right next to the statue of nile king that show out right next to my desk and it's awesome to hear those guys talk about how much they talk to the football players and everything they say and behind the scenes stuff so i sit there and listen the whole time. >> oh, yeah? they actually use my desk for the show. >> do they? transformation thursdays here. >> by the way mark morehouse polled us we also were not offered scholarship by any means. >> yeah, i was an undrafted
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give us a call. >> we've got fresh legs too. we aren't tired or beat up, no broken bones. >> well i'm older than you. every day is a little bit more of a struggle. 6:18 on this friday morning if you're waking up with us in hazelton, 62 degrees, we'll be back after the break a touching moment when two flood victims are brought back together
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last month during historic flooding in louisiana - welcome back. last month during historic flooding in louisiana david fong jumped into flood water toss save one woman and her dog trapped in a car. this week all three were
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historic louisiana flood, 27 year old david fong jumped into the waters in baton rouge to rescue a woman in this red car sinking to her certain death she had gotten into the deep part of the water and that's be in real trouble.(nat pop from video)in the chaos...phung managed to pull 53-year-old haley brouilette out to safety rescues he made that week, as part of the cajun river rescue squad."get my dog, get my dog now"but he wasn't finished with his rescue operation. rescue operations. >> so i took one deep breath and gave it one last friday and was able to retrieve the dog. >> he had just gotten out of the hospital after kidney surgery. she was on her way to pick up medication when she drove into the floodwaters with her
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than anything. more scared for her. >> a month after her brush with death, brulet is still homeless. >> it is so hard. >> it is. >> because you don't know what it's doing. >> this week, she was reunited with the stranger who rescued her. he brought her supplies and dog treats for sassy. >> i think it is divine intervention. i believe that in my heart. >> proving the only thing is human nature's best. >> it's just who we are in louisiana. we help people in types of need and i was put in that place to help her out. >> cbs news, denim springs, louisiana. now 6:23 on this friday morning 65 degrees in clairmont and cloudy outside. still to come on cbs 2 the developing details about what your cbs 2 weather first forecast we have...
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there this morning as we head to school take a look at the temps and conditions mid 60s is what we will plan on. we do have those scattered rains i'll let you know when
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have being said that, hi. glad to have you here, be careful for any large objects
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weathercast. 63 degrees right now in cedar rapids, 65 iowa city, dubuque says 68 degrees and that's the picture in the background with clouds southeast winds at 14 and a we head through the day we'll have scattered showers and thunderstorm chances nothing severe is expected though, 59 as we head through friday night saturday/sunday mid to upper 70s with sunshine 84 as we head for the day monday. we do have scattered showers monday evening and early tuesday at 79 and and 79 thursday, full details online at cbs 2 that's the latest forecast i'll head to the cbs 2 first aid kit and see if we have any ice. >> thank you, justin. a caught a corner on a desk a little too tight and hit my ankle right on the side. ouch. moon in the sky.that was the case -- until... until...typhoon meranti sent a had ensued when the typhoon
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rolling through the city, drivers got this shot of the balloon rolling through the streets indiana jones style making one woman on an electric bike freeze swallowing up cars whole and also ruined the festival itself by blocking out the moon and this is the kind of inflatable balloon that you'll see here that took off and no one could seemingly catch it and then just rolled over people. no reports of anybody actually getting hurt but you'll see that one poor woman doesn't know where to go so pretty out of china. 63 in st. luke as you're waking up with cbs 2 news this morning. coming up after the break the big surprise for one local
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get a casino in right now on cbs 2 this morning the next attempt to get a casino in c rour first look iowa's senators after an iowa veteran committed suicide. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin arry. barry. welcome to cbs broadcast park i'm kevin barry, kelly has the morning off so latakia check of our cbs 2 weather first forecast with justin roberts. we really are taking a chance. it's going to rain. >> you had that ankle injury now it's all falling apart. >> we're powering through. >> if need be i can run home and get stuff for you. >> it's okay. >> weather wise, got a little rain out there this morning, nothing severe expected but we are planning on a soggy friday,
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high of 77 this afternoon. those rain showers every scan of the radar continues to see it diminish and we'll still see rain rolling through vinton and iowa counties, dubuque is a cloudy start to the day. they are at 68 degrees currently on the board and let's show you morning temperatures. 62 waterloo, 63 cedar rapids, 65 iowa city and 63 and winds are out of the south at 5-10- mile an hour not much stronger than that. there is the statewide satellite radar. there you can see that first wave of rainfalling apart this morning and we keep the clouds and showers in the forecast throughout the day today just scattered showers expected again nothing severe, we'll keep that rain chance in the forecast through about 9:00 tonight which means you still might have rain drops to deal with as you head to friday night football. 67 at 9:00, 75 at noon, and 77 this afternoon. full forecast for you coming up here in about 10 minutes time. kevin? thank you.
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proposal, cedar rapids has a new plan now to bring a casino to the city of five seasons again. developers say it could bring more than 200 permanent jobs adding millions of dollars to the downtown payroll. cbs 2 news anchor karen fuller explains why city leaders say there's reason for optimism that this proposal will succeed where the last one failed. >> reporter: calling it a boutique style of gaming center wild rosa pounced plans thursday to build a $40 million 25,000 square foot casino in that's less than a quarter of the cost of the previous proposal, known as cedar crossing. that casino plan failed to get state approval in april of 2014. >> we were really disappointed and that was a big setback for our community. >> this time the plan comes from a company that already operates casinos. something corporate says could be an advantage when decision day arrives. >> so maybe this scaled back version has a greater chance of
6:34 am
commission. >> but a favorable response would mean a number of local businesses would have to get out of the way. among them sub city which has operated in downtown cedar rapids for more than 25 years. >> i have mixed feelings about that. >> owner shawn elaine says for her the project represents an uncertain future for a business she's put so much into. >> it will be hard to move to somewhere else to make it exist like it does now. >>n say that the more compact casino will drive more business downtown to area restaurants and the city owned hotel. and, he reminds everyone, this ?new? plan is not a done deal y. yet.this is just the beginning of a long process." wild rose already has three casinos throughout the state. the most recent one was built in jefferson just a couple years ago -- with casinos in emmetsburg and clinton.wild
6:35 am
iowa for more than a decade. this isn't the first time timecedar rapids has considered a march - 20-13 linn county voters overwhelmingly voted to in march of 2013, lynn county voters overwhelmingly approved building a casino downtown. five months later lynn county applied for a gaming license and a year after that the iowa racing and gaming commission stunned cedar rapids city leaders by rejecting the application. at the time the commission placed a three on approving any gaming licenses. some of the cedar rapids city council do want to roll the dice on new interest in the land that was originally set aside for the other casino. cbs is 2 news first reported list week at least three councilmembers are asking the city to look at other uses for the property. a development subcommittee is pushing city leaders to examine 1300 city owned properties all for redevelopment potential. the newest edition to the cedar rapids skyline has now
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crst cut the ribbon on their new $37 million headquarters, it's 11 stories tall with 113,000 square feet of office space. crst will be moving into the fourth and fifth floors the sixth floor is saved for future growth. board chairman john smith says they're excited to be moving into their new home. city leaders are glad to see the new development downtown. >> feels great. we've been thinking about it and visualizing it for four and a half or five years and it's fantastic feeling. >> remember this site was an old parking ramp that was on its last leg after the flood that property was demolished and now this new $37 million building has emerged. >> crst will continue to use all of its offices on the west side of cedar rapids. iowa's two senators have been critical of the va medical center in iowa city and they
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committed suicide and his friends say it happened a day after he was turned away from the iowa city va. senators both sent letters to the inspector general's office demanding answers and helped prompt an investigation . that tour will happen this afternoon so be sure to tune into the cbs 2 news at 6:00 for the latest developments. today a small innovative corridor school is making big plans for their future thanks to one iowa big was awarded $1 million from xq, a super school project that rewards groups who rethink and redesign high school. it takes kids out of the classroom and puts them on projects to help educate them and help the community while igniting their own passion. leaders hope to use this award techonology barriers, no transportation barriers, so all kids can enjoy this kind of experience if its what they
6:38 am
students got to iowa big out of the of the six-thousand corridor kids in high school. x-q will award the million dollars over the next five years. right now -- monticello residens residentsimpacted by a gas leak are back in their homes this morning.the city lifted an evacation order last evening.authorities tell cbs 2 news a construction crew hit a gas main earlier thursday forcing dozens of homes and businesses to one was hurt. iowa is a leader in flood research -and experts at the university of iowa got to show off their work at the iowa flood center. center.the center was established after the devastating floods of oh-8. during the open house -- researchers showed their work -- systems and instruments. together -- the programs work internationally and? locally to forecast what's going on in iowa. we always keep in focus the fact that we are here to help
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heart, you know, take it very seriously and i certainly hope take it to heart and take it very seriously and i certainly hope that we do. >> the open house was part of a celebration for the inks haitian of university president bruce harold. pilot error is now the main cause of a blue angels plane crash in tennessee this summer. navy investigators just released their preliminary report. it says marine captain jeff cuss was practicing for airshow when he lost control of his jet while flying too fast and too low. investigators also say he was anding strangely the morning before the crash. the report says weather and fatigue all contributed as well. in minneapolis a bridge along interstate 35 was glowing blue last night to honor jacob wetterling. it the color of child a bruce prevention and the bridge will be lit every night for the next 11 nights ending on the 25th the same day a memorial verse will be held for jacob.
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when he played sports his body was recently found after he had been missing for 27 years. it's 6:40 now on your friday morning, and in worthing ton iowa it's 68 degrees and a little bit cloudy. there's still plenty more cbs 2 this morning to come but first we are taking a look at what we're working on for fox 28 morning live. the new whiskey and wine that cedar ridge winery is rolling out that you can try as early as this weekend. also the latest technology that could be in your home, it's all coming up next morning live, eastern iowa's only local news at 7:00 a.m. kind of a rainy start to the day in eastern iowa as we head to break let's take a look at todays weather first forecast an as you'll see it the day not too bad. we'll find scattered showers this morning and scattered
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6:42 let's take a look at
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feature rain today, sunshine tomorrow, and sunday. our temperatures are in the 70s for the next couple of days, at least here it is rather our headline graphic letting you know or watching today cloudy skies, scattered showers out there, might even have a few little thunderstorms this morning we already had some earlier this morning and then as this moves out tonight we're drying late overnight in a gorgeous weekend comes our way here in eastern iowa. taking a look at the numbers, 69 at 10, 73 at high of about 77 degrees this afternoon. all-in all nice weather is expected tomorrow. today the doppler radar has been watching a little rain now as you can see from dubuque county back to delaware county, nice quiet conditions and there we go towards where we can see scattered showers and light rain just west of cedar rapids down to our south around vinton area and some scattered showers and thunderstorms in the southern part of the viewing
6:44 am
morning too iowa city revealing fog 65 degrees there, humidity 97% and on the board 68 in dubuque, 70 in monticello, 62 waterloo and highs today upper 70s to the lower 80s so we're still above normal despite having mild air out there. forecasted highs look like this, 77 in cedar rapids, 79 omaha can as city even cooler back to the northwest. area of low pressure and cold front moving through forecast here and that is what's driving that rain and cloud cover this afternoon and evening and overnight tonight we're clearing out and there is high pressure that moves in for the day tomorrow and keeps the weekend nice and comfortable. clouds with scattered showers through out the morning and we'll keep scattered shower chances in the cards this afternoon. on into the later oning overnight we're clearing out and will find nice weather as we head through the day tomorrow. taking a look at the forecast 74 in the north, 80 south
6:45 am
but nothing severe is expected. rain moves out late tonight upper 50s to the north low 60s in the south mostly cloudy, those showers should end later tonight we will have a chance for scattered shower and friday night football forecast 59 overnight 76 tomorrow 78 for sunday and take you back to friday though where we talk about friday night football. now not everybody is going to see rain and whatever rain we do see will be very isolated. temps in the lower 70s as most of our games 7:00. extended forecast 10 day trend well, we've got 70s and a few 80s in the picture as we head through next early week 80 for monday upper 70s to low 80s tuesday, wednesday, thursday next friday, saturday and sunday we are in the lower 70s. full weather details hour by hour forecast and much more at kevin? >> thank you. here is a lock at eastern iowa's top stories. this morning the johnson
6:46 am
after an incident yesterday that forced the school to lock their doors. cedar rapids police say it was all donnas a precaution while officers handle a situation just across the street. police thought a man outside a home had a handgun. they liter realized it was an air pistol. the man was in custody within half an hour. sporting goods store gander mountain is now moving to the northeast side of cedar rapids. the company will be closing its location on edgewood road and opening up a new one at the new north town market on blairs along with gear for hunting -- fishing and camping. if you're looking to buy a brewery in cedar rapids -- now may be the time.turner alley brewing is for sale while its owners prepare to head back to california.the brewery started on 12-th street in cedar rapids about two years ago -- with beers inspired by its hometown -- including the mays island i-p-a and the czech village pilsner. good morning, it's on this morning, and if you're in
6:47 am
and it's raining with 63 degrees. just ahead we're updating the
6:48 am
6:49 am
welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your??????? your??????? welcome back 6:49 now on your friday morning taking a quick look at what you can expect outside clo thunderstorms through out the day not very severe though. 70% chance of rain and some clouds as well, 77 in cedar rapids and manchester 80 down in washington, 77 in chuck city. let's take a look at what it looks like outside not great for your morning commute little bit foggy obviously visibility not great this is i380 where it crosses u.s. 30 south and no accidents or delays to report so far this morning but give yourself a little bit of extra time don't forget those headlights as well.
6:50 am
a 13-year-old boy dead is now being investigated to see if charges should be filed. authorities were investigating a robbery in columbus, ohio where three suspects took off running. officers say one was tyree king and then he pulled out a bbox gun that locked like a real weapon. police shot and killed him and the cities less chief showed a picture of what that gun looked like. >> and this is what that gu looked like. in addition to this appearance, it also had a laser light attached to it right underneath the barrel. our officers carry a gun that looks practically identical to this weapon. >> right now police are still attacked a police officer with a meat cleaver during rush hour happened a meat clearer during rush hour yesterday. it all happened after two officers responded a call for a suspect who pulled a meat
6:51 am
he tried to use a stun gun, the suspect is in critical but stable condition. the officer is expected to be okay. after taking three days off the campaign trail to recover from a bout with pneumonia democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton returned to the campaign trail. clinton gave a clear message about her health saying she was fine. she quickly turned back to politic calling on all american voters to take a closer look at both candidates. >> and i will never give up, i'll never walk how tough the going gets. i'm actually asking americans to hold me accountable for my ideas and hold my opponent accountable for his. >> clinton is planning campaign stops now in the coming days to makeup for lost time. her runningmate virginia senator tim kaine will visit central iowa monday. starting back in the caucus season donald trump has been the candidate calling other
6:52 am
so i spoke to some trump supporters about why hillary clinton calling at least half of them a basket of deplorables really doesn't matter. >> normally speaks very carefully. >> to just be grossly general. >> this is like the shot heard around the world. >> you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deployables. >> the races had-- >> donald boslow says-- >> is my face getting >> while my opponent slanders you as deplorable, i call you hard working american patriots. >> but in a 2016 election that's been so polarizing even in a room with this many people, it would probably be hard to find a clinton supporter. >> i've never had a good view of hillary clinton never. >> some trump supporters say it makes them like her even less but it's not like they were going to vote for clinton in the first place. >> and you know what she said about all of you don't you?
6:53 am
rudy guiliani who worked with then senator clinton after the 9/11 terror attacks. proudly wears his new title. >> i'm in the same basket you're in. >> clinton said she regrets being grossly general and both she and her runningmate stood by the idea that donald trump is giving voice to racist and dangerous ideas and feelings. this week on iowa in focus we got a chance to sit down with libertarian party candidate gary johnson for the very first party candidate jill stein have been so hard to get in touch with and one big issue that might make johnson very unpopular in iowa. join me this sunday morning at 10:30 here on cbs 2. 6:53 on your friday morning we finally made it and if you're waking up with us in vinton just about 62 degrees and raining outside where we come back we're taking a look at the top throw stories you
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need to know to start your friday morn are still looking for a former substitute teacher accused of sexually exploiting a student. right now -- mary beth haglin is ?not in the linn county jail.a warrant was issued for her arrest after police say she violated a no-contact order with that student. earlier this month -- she pleaded not guilty to the sexual exploitation charges. authorities have released the names of the two police officers who shot and killed a stabbing suspect.the iowa divisi o investigation tells cbs 2 news officers jeremiah white and ashleigh steil are on paid administrative leave after the shooting.monday night -- they responded to a domestic violence call and found a woman with multiple stab wounds.she's expected to recover. the murder trial for david miller will continue this morning.he's accused of killing sabrina husted janish in october of last year. prosecutors say he stabbed -- then strangled her to death. the trial will pick up again at 2 news reporter
6:57 am
reports on twitter and on cbs 2 iowa dot- com. 6:00. cloudy skies a little bit of drizzle and fog out there this morning as we show you that skycam currently in iowa city kind of an overcast go at it this morning here are the temperatures where we see 62 cedar rapids, 67 iowa city, waterloo and dubuque also in the 60s doppler radar featuring just a little bit of rain this morning. here is your seven day forecast should be superb upper 70s with sunshine, 80s return monday showers monday night early tuesday, we're dry wednesday,
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the more we measure quality of life by the numbers. so when washington politicians like rod blum keep voting to raise social security's retirement age to 70, it's time to pay attention. for years, he's pressed to privatize social security, risking seniors' guaranteed benefits on the stock market. and blum even supports cutting social security benefits. that's a plan for our seniors that doesn't add up for iowa. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this message. i'm hillary clinton d e this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, september 16th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? donald trump reignites controversy over his stance on president ob his campaign says the president was born in the united states, but trump, himself, refuses to answer the question. the government blasts samsung and records the recall of nearly a million smartphones and people are urged to stop using them immediately because of the risk of explosion. and what is inside your tattoo? the fda warns about dangerous side effects from ingredients also used in printer ink and car paint. we begin this morning with a


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