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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  September 17, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CDT

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story of sacrifice"why a ce honoring fallen iowa carson. >> it is a phenomenal strip.>> what he cedar rapids post office carries the heroes name. walking in the war against a deadly disease. >> the more we talk about it the more people can learn they can be involved to help us identify.>> why your help in the fight against alzheimer's is so critical and historic home is getting a facelift. who is lending a hand in what is next. think you for joining us tonight.
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the hawks knew it could be a big battle and for the first time in 15 games it was all that and more. >> the hawkeye stick on the north dakota state bison today. pat moroney is here not to break down the nailbiting day.>> the hawkeye's new a dynasty was coming to iowa city. they knew about north dakota state championship history and the success they have had against the big boys. in the end it did not matter. iowa was bowled over by the bison. iowa and north dakota state, on the fourth route, the score is tied. hawkeyes - cam pederson from in the final seconds and here comes the heart break. cam peterson from 37 yards outcome on the money.
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another, this time it is iowa. 23-21.>> is painful anytime you lose. there is not a lot of value when you lose a game other than if you learn from it. delicateness press, we have got nine football games in front of us and that is where our focus has to go. we have been in this situation before. it is september an epic depicting is how we respond.>> we will have much more later on in sports. the weather was nice across the eastern iowa for yet another weekend. we had very nice comfortable conditions because high pressure is in control. if you clouds in the northern part of the state that nice thank you. further to our north and west is our next storm system to that will as close as the workweek begins. when shift out of the south on sunday so it will be warmer
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monday and we will have a chance for a few showers and storms later on monday afternoon and evening. for tonight all is clear uncomfortable. temperatures will be coolers in less than falling down into the low 50s area wedding temperatures tomorrow will get closer to the 80 degrees mark but still we will be nice and comfortable. coming up in your full weather forecast we will let you know how many times you may need the umbrella. joe harris was in cedar rapids i pushing for flood detection. corps of engineers to finish the cedar rapids flood control project. senator ernst reports legislation for work on dams and flood mitigation and she wants to see it done as quickly as possible for communities across the country and right here.>> is there a way to make it more efficient? i hope so. i am willing to look at all of those avenues to find a way to
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responsible for infrastructure in the protection of our people. >> you cedar rapids is getting ready to sell the first pieces of his $625 million flood control system eight years after record high waters devastated parts of the city in 2000 a. -- 2008.>> congressman does help to veterans with plates of pancakes but they serve to veterans senator ernst received an award for her artwork helping the veteran community. the congressman shared stories about his father and brother and his experience through them with the military.>> where people here in iowa that were on the uss missouri when the surrender documents were signed by the japanese. that is amazing.>> the freedom foundation helps connect veterans with services they need but also giving them a
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lawmakers joined the senator to honor and iowa guardsman who sacrificed his life for his country. together to rename the cedar rapids post office in his honor. the building will now be known as the sergeant first class terryl pasker post office. he was killed five years ago in afghanistan serving his second two were of duty. he died days before he was scheduled to >> it is a phenomenal story of sacrifice. the ultimate sacrifice and the more we learned about him the plaque - in his honor. that's the main post office on 6th avenue - south-east - that will now bare - his name. in the race for the white house- donald trump spent time in houston today addressing the rememberence project. project.the group wants
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there - trump pledged to give more attention to the issue.on the democratic side of the campaign trail- bernie sanders held several campaign events for hillary clinton.he visited college campuses in ohio today. later this month the first presidential debate will take place at hofstra university in new york. our mission at cbs 2 news - is to connect you with the presidential candidates. we've reached out to them - to participate in extended interviews - with our stations - all across the cou. - we hear from you. tell us what questions - you want us to ask the candidates. you can contact us by email - or on facebook. now a look at tonight's other stories across the corridor. tomorrow - the walk to end alzheimer's is in iowa city - and then makes its way to cedar rapids - next 2 news reporter - connor morgan - sat down with the director of outreach - for the alzheimer's association - to bring you the latest on this deadly disease - and
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it. angelica vannatta has seen countless lives affected by alzheimer's."in iowa, 63,000 individuals are diagnosed by the disease, and that equates to about 150,000 caregivers. and that's just in our state." from kathy good losing her husband dave to the disease - "i think that as caregivers of someone who has alzheimer's, you lose them a little bit at a time."to the ott family watching their mother duanne lose her ability to walk or talk -"am i your favo daughter? is it amanda?" "yes." ?laughter?still, vannatta remains hopeful."i truly believe that either in my lifetime or my children's lifetime, we're going to be able to find a cure or at least some method to slow the progression of the disease." and a week from today, that hope will be on display - one step at a time.stand-up: the walk to end alzheimer's starts
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the finishline is finding a cure."in cedar rapids, our goal this year is to raise $185,000."16-thousand more than last year."the walk is really important, two-fold. certainly to help us raise funds, but also to help us raise awareness. one of the number one reasons why we aren't a little bit further along with identifying a cure is because we need more people to participate in research trials. again, the more we talk about it, the mor in those things to help us identify a cure."covering the corridor in cedar rapids, connor morgan, cbs 2 news ten at 10. there are walks all across the state to help in the fight against alzheimers.. you can find all the information on our website - at cbs - 2 -iowa- dot -com. this week-end a cedar rapids home - - is getting a second chance - at life. the group - helping hands - is working to save the "frankie house".neighbors - students -
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the historic - wellington working to save the frankie has. neighbors, students and area groups work to help restore and repair the historic home. one year ago the house escaped demolition practical today, painting and landscaping. >> you will have new electricity, plumbing, everything except the bones of the structure will be new and it is a beautiful home.>> later this year the house will be up for sale as affordable housing. the quarters top stories and tomorrow's weather, sports in the first time is. still have, a battle that lasted until the last play. our sports team has complete coverage and reaction on where the hawkeyes go from here.
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to the weekend. read temperatures ranging from 66 degrees in decorah 280 degrees in iowa city but it degrees in iowa city but it fe the older we get, the more we measure quality of life by the numbers. so when washington politicians like rod blum keep voting to raise social security's retirement age to 70, it's time to pay attention. for years, he's pressed to privatize social security, k market. and blum even supports cutting social security benefits. that's a plan for our seniors that doesn't add up for iowa. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this message. house majority pac is responsible we upped the ante at culver's to create the new crispy southwest chicken sandwich. all-natural, whole white meat chicken breast. topped with spicy pepper jack cheese and jalape?o ranch. on a lightly buttered, toasted ciabatta roll. the perfect cheese for pepper jack
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the spiciness of the peppers. you're going to taste the cheese first, and then you're going to get just a little bit of warmth from the peppers. it's really good. a bold new flavor and only here for a limited time. mmmhmm. welcome to delicious. we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible
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2 this father's simple goal -- helping kids standing up for themselves -- quickly snowballed into something much bigger. bigger.catch his journey monday -- on cbs 2 this right now cbs 2 news is trying to figure out exactly what caused this major back up on southbound i-380 this afternoon. afternoon.iowa d-o-t right now, return to figure out what caused this major backup earlier on southbound i 30 this afternoon. iowa city camera showed both southbound lanes during the iowa river blocked. emergency crews were responding from both southbound and northbound lanes of a helicopter also flew in
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you the latest information when we learned. you can keep updated on our website and our social media. we have another beautiful start to the weekend here in eastern iowa. feeling a lot like fall out there and where going to continue to have a nice into the weekend with a nice warm day on sunday. it will be warmer than today but the humidity will be staying low. humidity does come back as a mentor the workweek and that will lead to a fall. the fall equinox is on thursday. marking the official start of fall but it is not a switch that turns on and says it is fall. that means we will have a reminder that the weather is still the weather and it is still a little bit like summer. we have high pressure and control, clouds in the northern part of the state. otherwise have plenty of sunshine areawide out to our
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system taking shape that will move closer to the areas the workweek begins and contribute to the humidity pictures because high pressure will slide off to the east, whence will shift out of the south and that will leafless dish leave us with warmer temperatures tomorrow. the cold front approaches on monday and some instability willy to the chance for a few showers and thunderstorms on monday. rain chances are low and it comes later in the day. the front will move through and on tuesday high pressu back in briefly in we will have nice weather on tuesday but there after we will be no more than active pattern, very much so like summer. the winds will be turning out of the south and pumping in warm air on wednesday. a warm front lives -- stormy conditions on thursday in the storm kids -- storm system will meander leaving to unsettled weather patterns for several
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and we will have a lot of moisture in the atmosphere and that will lead to the potential for heavy rain. there is some uncertainty about the placement of the showers and storms and really where they will be in the intensity. we know there is the potential to see heavy rainfall and as of right now we are pointing to the northern parts of the state which is an area that has seen a lot of heavy rain already this year and this month and we could see anywhere from a half an inch to maybe 4 inches rain in parts of the midwest. we cannot focus on the exact location with this model but the potential does exist in many parts of the area have already seen rainfall amounts higher than their normal amounts for the month. the court has seen over 8 inches of rain for the month of september. we really do not need it but it is coming. for tomorrow we will be dry. temperatures in the low 80s or even warmer on monday with temperatures in the mid-80s well above average for this
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chance for a few showers and storms. we trout on tuesday but here comes the unsettled pattern wednesday, thursday friday and saturday. rain chances will be elevated in temperatures will be in the 80s. heartbreak for the hawkeyes. how iowa let one slip away. hear from the players next. like my outfit? because you could be rocking this look sooner than you think meet brooklyn-based final frontier design"we make space suits for nasa"but that's not all they're makingthey also make high-tech gloves, pants and jackets"beyond space we kind of like to think about a terrestrial market"ted and co- founder nikolay moissev - who got their start making space gear in russia before working
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company focused on the 'earth market,' as they put it "there's a lot of parallels between mountaineering, camping and climbing and extreme sports and space"yeah, like as in earthfrom single- layer compression pants to jackets made of dyneema composite fabric (you know, kind of like the shiny foil stuff marathon runners get after a race?), final frontier is using designs made for the needs of space to create a need here a& and they're not aloneprofessors at the university of minnesota's wearable tech lab have been textiles for earthly purposes "the space environment is just the most treacherous environment you can imagine, so if there are analogs on earth that have some of those same dangers, then certainly what you have designed for space will be valuable on earth."especially if more companies get in on the commercial space apparel race "there's a huge opportunity and a huge trend there"i could totally wear this jacketfor circa, i'm natalia angulo-
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i'm chuck grassley and i approve this message because, as chairman of the senate judiciary committee i've worked on finding areas of agreement across party lines to help real people, with real problems. we've passed twenty-seven bills so far, each with bipartisan support. under chuck grassley's leadership, the committee has passed legislation that helps: promote adoption. aid families battling drug addiction. otect kids from sex offenders. hold sponsors of terrorism accountable. safeguard whistle blowers. modernize criminal justice laws. we've already accomplished more in this congress than in the last one, and we still have time to do more. a georgetown university study named chuck grassley one of the top five senators working across party lines. grassley works.
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when iowa scheduled north dakota state in 20-11 - they probably didn't know what they were getting into - since then - the bison have won five f-c-s national titles - and they've beaten went iowa scheduled north dakota state in 2011 they were getting into. since then the bison have one five national titles in a beat minnesota, kansas state and iowa state all on the road. on saturday they claimed another them. they entered the game ranked 13th in the country. first-quarter, a blindside under attack. the ball pops up in the air. that is a pick for the bison. they grabbed the early lead. second-quarter we are tight.
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third - tied at 14 - beathard making things happen with his feet - rolls right and connects with vandeberg again - his 2nd touchdown of the game - iowa regains the lead... but in the final seconds - the bison steal one in iowa city - cam pederson kicks a game-winning - 37-yard field goal - as time expires.. shocking the hawkeyes- hawkeyes-north dakota state shocking the hawkeyes dakota state wins 23-21. the hawks go 2- zero and their nonconference schedule. as zach that it after the game it is time for iowa to look in the mirror.>> reporter: for the first time all season i was punched in the mouth. cam peterson drilled a 37 yard field goal as time expired giving the bison the when and
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>> it teaches us a lesson. it stinks to lose. it does not feel good and we do not want to experience it anytime soon. >> this is a reality check for us.>> we did not overlook them. they are a good team. they were better than us today.>> reporter: a good team that bothered the hawkeye offense. >> the things offensively that we did to protect the football, making the catch is you have to make, basically eight dish executing good reporter: i was running game holding the hawks to 34 rushing yards and 25 carries.>> you are on track in the game after that you could not get back on track.>> we didn't come out and play our football. we left a lot of place out there.>> reporter: a lot more questions than answers after this one but there is no time to dwell.
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starts saturday.>> after losing, maybe iowa state need to leave dew homestay. the problem with that they have not won a road game in the big 12 since 2014. the cyclones get two first the hole -- and he is gone -- a 54-yard dash to the end zone -- that makes it ten-nothing frogs....same score - second quarter -- joel lanning keeps it on the read option - he's got some room - and then a little help from mitchell harger - the 'clones cut it to 10-7... but that's as close as this one would get - horned frogs pour it on in the second half - kenny hill sees hicks running free - and he doesn't miss him - that puts t-c-u up 31 to 7... joel lanning would rush for another iowa state touchdown in garbage time - but this one was decided long before then... cyclones go down, 41 to 20 - on the bright side - mike warren got it going in the run game - iowa state will try for
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against san jose state... and capping off a miserable a day for our local teams - u- n-i went down to eastern washington tonight - 34 to 30 - the panthers blew a 24 to 7 halftime lead - but the eagles came back and scored the go- ahead touchdown on a fake field goal with 34 seconds left - to drop u-n-i to 1 and 2... the coe coaching change is going smoothly - tyler staker has won his first two games after taking over for his dad, steve - that's a good start - your keep - in conference play... the kohawks welcomed loras to that is a good start but the stickers know you earn your keep in conference play. the hawks welcome lawrence on saturday. a field goal in the first. the handoff, nothing but does he said he to the house but he is stripped. is recovered in the end zone.
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score 7-3. if fourth-down conversion, six more. they win, 45-10. to to beat the defending iowa conference champs hosting simpson. first-quarter this is a big- time play. one-handed real and. spreads up 7-0. later on, beckley shows what is the nation's another to be touchdown. they win big, 41-20 tuesday and defeated. nebraska looks like dish hawkeyes in the big ten was. they upset oregon. here is armstrong showing off. a 34 yard run touchdown.
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gallagher: this type of disaster hits, it's like, "man, what do we do? where do we start?" after the flood, when we came in here, there was nothing left. people like monica vernon really fought to get the assistance that led to the recovery. it took vision. it took courage. there is a true community spirit. i don't think she asked anybody after the flood whether they were democrat or republican. she took the bull by the horns, saw a problem that needed to be solved, and she solved it. vernon: i'm monica vernon, and i approve this message. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what
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holy cedar rapids - batman! batman made a special stop in the corridor today- or at least his car happy batman day. celebrating the 50th anniversary of the movie being released. we have the batmobile at broadcast park. it stop at a couple of other places to celebrate the by adam west. some of our team got to check it out. it was pretty exciting.>> it was pretty neat. tonight will be nice. temperatures falling down into the 50s and tomorrow we will be warmer in we will have plenty of sunshine. nice and comfortable and then rain chances will go up in the humidity will go backup as we
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thank you for watching.
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. ring of honor wrestling is brought to you by the health alert hotline. if you have knee or back pain and have medicare please call.


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