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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  September 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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going to see much in the way of troubles but here is the watch. you can see it is roughly south of highway 20. it includes cascade, backed down toward iowa city, washington and synchrony. that is out until 10:00. i think there is an excellent chance that will be canceled as we go through the evening hours. here is the radar and you can't see too much happening. there are showers and storms cutting across the northeast and a few more down over our western and southern counties. into south-central and southeastern iowa. going in closer, you can see a strong story around natoma. that will not impact our area and these other storms in the northeast are not surface-based. they are behind that front so they may produce brief heavy rain but nothing too exciting. the bottom line is maybe a few scattered thunderstorms around the area this evening and a
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two but this tornado threat has gone down and i am not too concerned about that. road warrior is out tonight. anchor matt hammill is tracking the conditions in
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in the race for the white house - both major-party vice presidential nominees are drumming up support in iowa. tim kaine spoke to supporters in ames this afternoon.right now - mike pence is getting ready to speak in dubuque.he held a rally in mason city earlier today. mike pence is getting ready to speak in dubuque. he held a race meeting in benton city. statehouse reporter stephanie lee kicks off our vote 2016 coverage. voting in 10 days. with the latest polls showing a tight race, democratic vice president nominee tim kaine says it is not going to be easy to get to the white house and during his pitch to students, he encouraged them to get out and start volunteering because face to face contact is the key to victory. tim kaine says the millennial vote in this election is important because they are the
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most passion. for issues they are most concerned about, he also compared clinton's plans to donald trump's, saying she believes in lgbt equality, climate change and immigration reform. tim kaine says the trump-mike pence ticket is not about immigration reform, saying their plan would make the country a deportation nation and commented on recent controversy regarding trump and the birther controversy. >> this is not just a wacky guy saying wacky stuff. this is incredibly pain millions of people. >> reporter: another issue concerning college students is lowering college debt and tim kaine says clinton would work to eliminate debt and ensure free in-state tuition for families like -- families making less than $120,000 each year. stephanie valle reporting in ames. >> in less than an hour, mike pence will be drumming up support in dubuque. he just stopped speaking in chase city. kevin barry continues on the
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>> reporter: mike pence's town hall meeting in mason city felt like something you would see during caucus season rather than the last 60 days of a general election. mike pence has been doing these events where he opens the floor to questions. today, he was question from healthcare to prescription drugs, to problems with the va and how he and donald trump what's puts it all but he also connected with voters after a terror attack this weekend. he says he puts a softer edge on what can be trump was adjourned it is hoping in iowa. >> it is really resonating here. while we may deliver the message a little bit different, it's the same message and a could be more honored to be standing with him. >> reporter: he wraps up tonight at the geese factory. coming up tonight, see the power that mike pence has in getting more voters to mark the ballot for trump. in mason city, kevin barry cbs to -- cbs 2 news. one measure on the linn county ballot leaves questions.
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reconsider reducing the board of supervisors from 5 to 3 members. some people are worried that all the work the board is tasked with won't get done while others are looking for a way to save money. tonight on cbs 2 news at 10:00, we take a deeper look at all sides. developing tonight, the suspect allegedly behind to weekend bombings in new york and new jersey is now charged. just two hours ago, he was charged with five counts of gun related charges. the terror went off in new jersey. no one was hurt but another bomb went off in manhattan were 29 people suffered injuries. this morning, people -- police caught up with rahami. he opened fire on police and was later taken into custody.
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investigating a minnesota stabbing spree as a potential act of terrorism. a 22-year-old somali man went on a violent rampage in st. cloud. he stabbed nine people at random saturday night. all victims are expected to recover. an off-duty police officer who was shopping at the mall shot and killed the suspect, potentially saving more lives. in the wake of recent attacks, concern about public safety is growing in the corridor. connor morgan joins us live explain what local law enforcement once eastern islands to know. >> reporter: scott, officers say that terrorist threats are less likely to happen in places like here the in places like st. cloud were manhattan. weekend tragedies have cops in the corridor sending this message: cops are sending the message to pay attention. >> recent news, it doesn't hurt crack down on crime. "we don't
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every square inch of this county.""as much as we'd like to be everywhere, we cannot be."they say a person acting suspiciously could be nothing - but it could also be the makings of a terror attack. local schools don't specifically teach students >> we can't be everywhere. >> reporter: they say a person acting suspiciously could be nothing but it could also be the makings of a terror attack. local schools don't teach students about identifying threats. some spotting suspicious activity during annual orientation. experts say suspicious activity is behavior-based so you can throw things out like race, ethnicity and religious affiliation and focus on things attention to a building and its activities."people look in the area that they're normally familiar with, whether that's their neighborhood, their business, and if something looks out of place, they'll know it. probably more than we will."while these actions may seem innocent - "we do encourage everyone to, if they do have any kind of concerns if something looks out of place, they will know it more than we will start >> while these actions may seem innocent, we encourage anyone if they have concerns or they see something they deem suspicious, to contact us.
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call us rather than not call us. we can send a deputy out. that's great. if it turns out to be something, we certainly want trained people to deal with it. >> reporter: police and sheriffs departments train officers on what they should be looking for when investigating suspects and they are also in constant communication with the fbi to identify potential threats. covering the corridor, connor morgan cbs 2 news. it's all in the hands of the jury now in the case of david miller. he is the man accused of starving and girlfriend last october. the prosecution insists that miller should be convicted considering the evidence revealed. investigators found miller's blood on the victim and in a still to come on cbs 2 news - the hawkeye defense -- looking to regroup after saturday's heartbreaking loss -- what they say the solution is to a
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning. for two fifth-grade boys, one lunch period change their bond forever.the quick action from one of those little boys that saved his friend's life. tomorrow at 5 a-m, on cbs 2 this morning.
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perry has been very focused on a cap over our area. talk to us about the cap. >> it's not the kind you wear on your head but it is important in the world of weather. a lot of parameters going to severe weather including heating and moisture, or the fronts are located and the time of day. but this afternoon, we have a lot of potential out there but it hasn't been realized because of what we call a cab. if you took a bottle of pop and shook it, what do you think would happen? >> it would go all over. >> the top. we haven't been able to pop the top on the atmosphere. so far, the energy has not caused us any trouble. the longer we can do, the better because the front will get through before the cap breaks. that means no issues for us. so far so good. anyway, that is the bottom line. 85 degrees is our current temperature out there right now. you can see clouds to the west but nothing imminent in the cedar rapids area. winds at southwest at 12 miles per hour and with a dew point of 67, we had ourselves a very warm mid-september day in
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away up north. dubuque, delaware has been dropped from that but from the cell, it is still in effect until 10:00 tonight. if it does not get canceled earlier i think there is a good chance. i wanted to take you to the radar right now. most of this activity here in northeastern iowa is nothing to be concerned about. i don't see a severe weather threat there but further southwest, this atmosphere here is a lot more charged potential is there for stronger storms from highway 30 on to the south. you are looking out of our viewing area. this is the only really strong storm that is producing any severe weather in eastern and central parts of iowa. that one continues to move southeast. from the north, showers and storms in the northeast. these are elevated. they are not surface-based. they are behind this front. nothing to be too worried about. they could produce brief
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move to the east. there is still enough instability in our central and southern counties for the possibility of some stronger storms to develop as we go through the evening hours. so far, the cap seems to be holding tough and the longer we go, the lesser the threat of any severe weather here in eastern iowa. as we go to our hour by hour forecast, you can see by morning, temperatures back in the 50s as the front goes through. tomorrow looks to be a warm day but a quiet one. we will be in between weather systems and we into the low to mid 80s over most of the area. current temperatures showing a big contrast. 85 degrees cedar rapids, 86 degrees iowa city, 66 degrees in old-line. there has been cool air there. our front extends from dubuque to cedar rapids and onto the southeast. that is moving ever so slowly southeast and ahead of that, the moisture is trying to pool and you can see the dew point at 70 degrees in monticello and then you get up to charles city.
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that is how would determine where our fronts are. as this one drops to the southeast, it will take the threat of showers and thunderstorms with it as we go through the overnight hours and eventually the skies will be clearing out and we will get up to plenty of sunshine in eastern iowa. there is the front we are concerned about today. ahead of that, we have had enough instability for scattered storms and those will last until 10 pm or 11 pm and then the front goes through tomorrow. we may have a quieter day but eventually this looks back north end into wednesday. additional showers and storms will be back in the forecast at that time. tomorrow, you can see the temperatures won't be quite as warm as what we had today but still another toasty day for this time of year. a lot of places back in the 80s for highs and we still have enough moisture around to make it feel uncomfortable. on our predictor at 8 pm, you can see a scattering of storms so the model is not very
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by midnight, those are gone and you can see skies start to clear out with patchy ground fog towards morning. that would burn up very quickly and after that, a mostly sunny warm day expected in eastern iowa. tonight, some scattered showers and thunderstorms a possibility early on. a slight chance of a severe storm, especially south of alliance to dubuque an cedar rapids and -- cedar rapids and southeastern iowa. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s for lows. tomorrow, mostly sunny and a one day. a nice one. temperatures in the 80s from hwy 20 to upper 70s in the far north. in our extended outlook, 87 degrees wednesday, another chance of storms and a new -- 81 degrees on thursday with a threat of storms. temperatures staying warm through sunday. finally, we get a friend to come through sunday night and monday. that will cool temperatures sportsthere's a quarterback carousel in ames -- why matt campbell plans on playing both quarterbacks saturday against san jose state -- next on cbs 2.
6:17 pm us at 1-800-222-kgan email us at news at cbs 2 iowa dot comconnect with us on facebook at facebook/kgan cbs 2. 2. from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm jonathan elias. weekend's explosions in new york and new jersey, from the terrorism alert desk, on the bombings in new york and new jersey, president obama talked about dismantling isis abroad. >> as we take away more territory and expose isil is the field cause that is, it helps to undermine their ideology which over time will make it harder for them to recruit and inspire people to violence. >> right now, iraq and coalition forces have retaken
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isis. the terror group still controls mosul, the second-largest city. coalition forces are expected it read: 'emergency alert. wanted: ahmad khan rahami."it came shortly before 8 am with a piercing ring - the same that usually signals an amber alert or a tornado advisory. the notify nyc began in 2007 and all new yorkers are subscribed to it. it.and, in saudi terror cells have been busted up there all with ties to isis.police are saying the planned attacks had reached the advanced stages.from the terrorism alert desk, i'm
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i'm chuck grassley and i approve this message because, as chairman of the senate judiciary committee i've worked on finding areas of agreement across party lines to help real people, with real problems. under chuck grassley's leadership, the committee has passed legislation that helps: promote adoption. aid families battling drug addiction. protect victims of child pornography and human trafficking. protect kids from sex offenders. hold sponsors of terrorism accountable. safeguard whistle blowers. modernize criminal justice laws.
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in the last one, and we still have time to do more. a georgetown university study named chuck grassley one of the top five senators working across party lines. grassley works.
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"the punting game and kicking game... ron and now cbs 2 sports with zach hanley. >> the kicking game has really punt right now. he is really doing a great job there. that is positive. >> no offense to the iowa punting game bow -- but when that is the only positive thing the coach takes from the game, it's not good. the running game was nonexistent and hawkeye defense got dashed. that is becoming a trend early in the season. if you take away iowa state, iowa is giving up 198.5 games on the ground and 195 yards
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pretty simple. just execute. >> everybody gets tired but i don't think we were faced by that. we just needed to execute. we need to be in the spots were supposed to be in. we just got to know what is going to happen and anticipate. >> communication issues, fit issues. look at the film this coming week here tomorrow and we need to move on. on from three straight losses. three games with not much success on the offense of side. megan campbell released the depth chart for san jose state. jacob carp is the backup but brett campbell left the door open on making a change at qb. both played the last two weeks and campbell says both look -- both will continue to see the field. >> we will continue to compete at that position but i think
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gives us the best situation and opportunity to be successful. i think we will continue to dominate that game for game. they both got skill sets that i think can really help our football team be successful. >> a big night last night with the vikings opening their new stadium with a win over their division rivals but late in the third quarter, adrian peterson left the game and today, team announced he suffered a torn meniscus in his right knee. vikings head coach mike zimmer says he hasn't ronald peterson out yet for the game against the panthers on sunday but there is no timetable for his return. >> i think this is a pretty resilient football team. i think they are tough. i think they are determined. i think they understand that you win football games as a team. you don't when them with one guy.
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more we understand how to win football games, the more chances we have to do that. >> the big four classic has the new name but nothing else is changing up least for the 2019 season. the two-year extension was announced today. this year's event will take place on december 17 with the university of iowa taking on iowa university. released at a later date. the last two years, they sold out the whole thing and if i
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there is our tornado watch out for south and central counties. i really think that is going to be canceled early based on what i have seen. the radar is just not overly impressive.
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this is "e.t." >> are you ready for this? >> ready or not -- >> hello! >> -- "e.t." has all the surprises you didn't see. >> i've been here before. >> from a-list red carpet >> maybe if you grab him. >> oh! >> -- to the backstage tears. >> i love you. >> that will get you every time. >> we're celebrating the people versus o.j.'s big night. >> i'm going to take my shoes off. >> the allnight parties, the jaw-dropping fashion. >> the underwear? >> where was beyonce. plus, the emotional showstopper.


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