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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  September 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CDT

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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the damage after a night of severe weather in eastern iowa. the important results from a university of iowa right now the damage after a night of severe weather in eastern iowa. hangs in the balance. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin barry. barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio.
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now here's video from now here's video from damage left after last night's storms in floyd county..powerful winds knocked trees into roadways -- closing some of them down. other large tree branches also fell onto powerlines. powerlines.we want to thank the cbs 2 news viewers who shared their pictures of the storms.a number of people posted pictures of the tornadoes that touched down, including this picture taken by sean britt near greene in
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you can track storms anytime - by downloading the cbs 2 weather's free for apple and android devices. still developing this morning -- a civilian shot last night during a second night of violent violentprotests in charlotte, north carolina is still on life support right now. now.police say they were not responsible for this shooting. most protesters left around 2- a-m eastern time.governor pat mccrory declared a state of emergency in the city and is sending in the national guard. police fired tear gas on hundreds of protesters other people. people.demonstrators were protesting the death of keith scott - a black man who was killed on tuesday by police. authorities say scott had a gun - but a realtives and neighbors say he was only carrying a book. "i can tell you a weapon was seized -- a handgun. i can also tell you we did not find a book that has been made reference to. i can just tell you what i know, based on what
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the scientific process of going through the evidence. we did find a weapon. the weapon was there." there."the police chief says there is video of the incident - but he has not viewed all of it yet.the u-s department of justice is looking into the shooting - but has not opened an official investigation. the university of iowa now has a better idea about how many students expereince sexual misconduct -- dating violence and stalking. stalking.about 26-hundred students completed the speak out iowa survey since it was available to them last fall. 21-percent of undergraduate reported being raped.the anti- violence plan created in response includes prevention -- education -- and an intervention policy. yasmeen rose, ui sophomore 08:47:55 "knowing that they see this as a problem and they're trying to do things to make me safe and every other female, every person on this campus safer is very, very comf" comforting."officials say they will continue to survey students as part of the plan. if you would like to look at the results yourself, we have a link on our website, cbs 2 iowa dot com. next year's incoming freshman
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the results for yourself we do have a link to our website your mixtures incoming freshman at drake university will get some help with the tuition. the school is guaranteed to students will pay the same to wish and every year until they get their undergraduate degree. leaders hope the new plan will help student retention and boost enrollment. considering a change to the iconic field of dreams. they heard arguments wednesday about if dyersville acted appropriately when it changed the zoning for the field of dreams from agricultural to commercial. the area. the court has not of dreams from agriculture to business. the court has not made a final decision and that case. point-five million dollars last month to a company working with wild rose.wild rose wants to build a boutique- style casino with a skywalk connected to a city parking with wild rose. rose wants to build a casino
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the eye will gaming and racing commission still needs to approve a license for the venue. it is 6:07 right now . it is 68 degrees and cloudy. after the break the latest attempts for police to bring communities together in chicago . rain continues and northeast iowa. heavy rains as much as two inches an hour. we will talk about that it means for us here in southern
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the good morning, doppler radar is where we begin the weather cast. you can see just north of the ames area all the way back up, rain moving to the forecast. the heaviest of the which are rolling right now from fayette
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some of the areas that are seeing the heavy rain this morning as you can get around the waterloo area and waverley. over the conrad area, let's go back to parkersburg and can see around butler county into northern butler county as well. these folks have seen anywhere from eight to 10 inches of rainfall. a continues to pour down. we can see into buchanan and they county with so heaviest rain backed up to west union. these folks are all dealing with heavy rain. i will take you right over here where you can see from harpers ferry there is the river road up to the soto and wisconsin where i just reported mud slides on highway 82. that is just over the border. if you come off the iron bridge
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south , that is 82, and that is where the mudslide happen. we will keep an eye on that. this is the estimated rainfall totals for the past 24 hours. you can see were in the heavy rains here at -- we will see wanted in and show you the green area. right here in this bubble where we're seeing a blue and white. this is substantial rainfall. as well as the green area. they have seen as to 10 inches of rain there. it continues to fall this morning. rockford was take you there where they have seen 9.8 inches of rain. green area has the same area -- story. because of that and all the heavy rain that is in the north all the way from seven to 10 inches of rain in other parts of the viewing area. flash flood warnings are in effect until further notice. a
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the entire area until 7:00 tonight. what does it mean for us in cedar rapids and iowa city? we will have mostly cloudy skies today. must -- muggy weather. 70 in cedar rapids and 69 in iowa city. highs today around the state can't call rain with clouds, 80s and the south, 70s in the north. there is the satellite and radar with heavy rain continued toar the south. it is all along this warm front that has stalled out. slowly start to move to the east this afternoon. as it does it drives more of the moisture with it. cedar rapids iowa city back down towards the quad 80s. we will see scattered showers and thunderstorms showers as evening into the overnight hours. we will stay cloudy until ride a good morning. by friday afternoon were clearing out. the rain is gone by early afternoon. the clouds will move out by early afternoon as well.
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southern part of the skies -- the area. extended forecast is offering up 84 with dry weather for saturday. that is a short break. we need a longer one. the rain will be the back at us sunday through wednesday with 70s on the board and mid to lower 60s rather 70s by thursday and dry day the upper 60s to low 70s. we will keep a very watchful waterlogged i across north and east i was this morning. some of the numbers we saw those storms last night, they just that part right across north and eastern iowa. the same rain again today.>> unreal! the chicago there is a program created for preventing a deadly confrontation with
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between law enforcement and the community. >> we sat in on one of their most recent meetings. >> we need you to clear up the area . >> got a few noise complaints.>> reporter: the adults shirts our police. and say the following)"what, what's the problem?"(track)and these teens, acted as police...(nats/shouting. ..situation escalates)(track) ...back up arrives after one officer draws his weapon.(nats 01;31;17;11 teens start shouting // cops points gun) (nats: 01;31;24;12) "hands up! don't shoot! hands up! don't shoot!" (track)this role playing exercise was used at a high school assembly - run by the chicago chapter of the law enforcement executives. (new track)the goal is for students and police to learn from each other.(sot/rodney) "it was very helpful and to actually get the experience and perspective."(track) seniors rodney jackson, kiara jefferson, latrice williams and ayo taiwo. (sot/02;23;43;24) latrice: they showed us their everyday life in little scenes. (sot/2:23:11:06/rodney) you have your own perception of it...but then when you get that other perception you kinda see how it plays hand in
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this close to your face while you're trying to talk to somebody, it's not your ideal way to handle it.(track)south holland police chief gregory baker says he became an officer after a friend was gunned down by police. (sot/baker)"we protect. we serve but the part that's not mentioned a lot is we care. 99% percent of the police officers got into this job because they care about people. that's what it's al caeana (say-on-a) sanders (sot/caeana)"everyone is not against the police just like the police are not all against the community. people still really do want that partnership. they want to feel safe."(sot) jd: overall, did this need to happen?(sot) yes. (all say yes...)(sot8) ayo:change has to start somewhere.. and i think this is a good place to start...(track)with a conversation to avoid confrontation. jericka duncan
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it's now on this morning. morning.and if you're in it's degrees. degrees.coming up next...the unique look at the pipeline debate from one farmer in the c.
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right now, several right now, several groups are welcome back. right now several groups are fighting to put a permanent stop to the dakota access pipeline. >> since he 4 billion project was first announced it has been focused -- the focus of intense
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that has a perspective on this special report. >> reporter: elmer, and his wife sharon say on this 160 acre farm their animals are part of the family. they know they would never risk harm to mikey, molly, smoke, wore blue. giants they know there are pipelines everywhere crisscrossing the slant. >> you are standing on top of them right now. >> reporter: they state police for pipeline stretch across the property. this one is carrying oil. after watching months of violent protests against the talking pipeline about to be built across iowa they could not stay quiet any longer.>> i get very upset it people are
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talking about. >> reporter: they say that her view may not be popular but people need to look behind the curtain to find the truth. he says these pipelines have read here for more than 50 years. people have driven over them planted and pick corn and soybeans on top of them and raised cattle near them. he says it logic suggest pipelines are best for both public and environmental safety. >> this country has lost it common sense tells you this is the way to transport that kind oil product. >> reporter: elmer says look at the oil train explosion that killed 47 people in canada three years ago. an alaska were the biggest oil disaster came not from the alaska pipeline but from the 11 million gallons that flowed out of the x con tell the's. >> i don't think to the worst disasters in fact they are probably less damaging than an
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it was an explosion.>> reporter: wally is on the front lines of the protest. he organized resistance and knows club members who went to jail trying to make sure the access line never crosses i want. he says half a million gallons a day could endanger i was rivers lakes and aquifers. this rupture in michigan - as what could happen here.the leak went un-noticed for 18 - hours - million gallons of toxic crude to flow into the kalamazoo river.clean up costs are at a thirty inch diameter pipeline .. so we have never had a pipeline with this kind of material going through it and this kind of volume and this risk of damage. " " shoooooooooooooooooooo oooooosh" " all of a sudden the flames just went way into the air " some people in the corridor share that concern after seeing natural gas pipelines explode - due to corrosion or tiling accidents. accidents. " shooooooooo
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corrosion or tiling accidents. but the industry insists that is rare. >> that is just a what was type of scary thing you tell little kids. that they say's nearby and was prince pipelines come within two blocks of the school and run right next to houses and apartments and no one is protesting here. he says he does want people to know there is >> these oil companies are not going to allow a spill go far. because that cost money and money makes the world go around. right now it's degrees in still to come...the end to one corridor murder trial after two days of deliberations.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what
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the you're watching scattered thunderstorms. hours saturday forecast is moisture rich. we will we will be in the 80s tomorrow. 84 with dry weather on saturday. 70s for sunday. there is a marginal risk of storms again today. more so through the afternoon . we have a flash flood watch for iowa through 7:00. can see a predictor, more rain moving through the forecast this afternoon and on into the evening time. once again heavy showers in north iowa. we will slowly move off to the
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again the flash flood watch will take you to splatter light -- satellite and radar. with predictor bringing those reins again this afternoon, the same skywarn flood warnings continue across northeast iowa. dry weather will move in on friday afternoon. we will be dry on saturday but more rain on sunday into monday, tuesday and wednesday. we have flood concerns and warnings and much more coming up and on our website. the it is 6:27 right now. coming up after the break the new legislation in washington dc after a corridor that arendt takes his live. we will also all blew up on flooding. this is a live look in butler county. it is a road that is impassable
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the latest details about major damage after sever weather hit parts of eastern iowa. right now on cbs to this morning at the latest details about major damage after severe weather is part of eastern iowa. the a new bill in iowa after a veteran commits suice. welcome to cbs2 this morning. here is a look at five 380. you can see the sun coming up. everything is running smoothly. the a key for joining us right here at 6:30. let's check our forecast. we're still dealing with heavy rain up there. in some spots have eight to 10
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take a look at what is going on. heavy showers and strong storms around the black hawk county. waterloo and independence and marshalltown all you folks are dealing with heavier showers is mourning. let's move towards the north, moderate to have your showers. we will see amount and you can see that we are still seeing rain across northern p the viewing area this morning. let's go to that -- let's go to that severe rest. that is where you can see some scattered thunderstorm showers again this afternoon. back to the doppler radar and we had been quite. the rain is beginning to advanced through our forecast. let's show you the last 24 hours of rainfall here. again, this is where we have seen some of the highest about. these red areas anywhere from 2
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the area and black is as much of eight to 11 inches of rain. they have seen just a substantial amount of rainfall in some of those areas. 11.6 inches on the doppler. 9.ages -- 9.8 inches in some other areas. just be mindful of this friends lo there. again we had a slight risk for storms today across the north. the flood watch continues until 10:00 tonight in northern iowa, and flash flood warnings continue until for their -- further notice. the river is quickly rising. the cedar river will rise and it will all run downhill. so we need to be mindful of
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we will talk about that impact that might have for us coming up in the main forecast in about 10 minutes. the much of the damage is of employed in butler county. we have a reported their and she is on a county road 10 miles east of green. >> reporter: right now i am sitting on see 13 west a secondary road in butler county. the road is significantly flooded. road patrol. they have been out here said 10:00 p.m. last night. the man i spoke to from the patrol says the road was much more flooded last night at tpm -- at 10:00 p.m. the flooding has decreased. the rain was coming down hard in the flooding has decreased. right now, the weather is still coming down hard. other than that there is not much going on.
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on and the roads he said there are many roads impassable. all car should careful if you're trying to drive, if you see a flooded road turn around and do not drown. take another route to get to where you are heading. that is all we have here. stephanie johnson. the investigators are still piecing together the plot that led to a series of explosive this site is devices on the street of new jersey. they ar witnesses. the fbi released images of the two men that are thieves that took one bomb out of a piece of luggage they stole. >> they stressed the men are not considered suspects but they want to know what else was in the bag work as for the suspect he remains hospitalized for gunshot wounds received during a shootout with police. there are accusations of violence against his family in the past.
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charges against him in 2014. the u.s. fighter jet has crash of the pacific ocean off the coast of japan. official say it is unclear how many people were on board. one person was rescued from the crash site. cbs two news is continuing to track story for update your the peer learning details about a military spy print in a crash in california on tuesday. one air force pilot was killed and another is receiving, is recovering in the hospital this morning. they were on a training mission. one of the pilots and the other was an instructor. they are not saying which one survived. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. the corridor murder trial has come to a close. david miller will be going to prison for the brutal death of sabrina, he will not serve life behind bars. he was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and not the first- degree murder charge the process was pushing for. instead of like he will now face up to 10 years.
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could not give them, we could not give a time of death. we could not give them a reason for an argument. the verdict in the case that the jury believed that he killed her, but maybe they want something we could not give them. >> he was also convicted of two counts of theft in the second grade. the prosecution is pushing for 15 years for each of those counts. a sentencing date has not been downs road wednesday morning. another woman d were driving in an s-u-v were taken to the hospital but are expected to be okay.a man in a pickup also went to the hospital -- there's no word on his condition this morning. police are still trying to figure out how the accident happened. one suicide in the corridor -- has led iowa congressman dave loebsack to call for new legislative action. action.loebsack is among several iowa lawmakers speaking out after sargeant brandon ketchum killed himself. the veteran reportedly tried to get help at the iowa city v-a earlier this summer but was turned away.hours later --
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life.congressman loebsack introduced the "never again" bill on wednesday.loebsack says it would ensure any veteran seeking in-patient psychiatric care at a v-a center cannot be turned away.a number of military and veterans groups are backing the bill. congress is addressing the national outrage over the spike in costs of the epi-pen. epi-pen.mylan makes the auto- injection devices that contain life-saving epinephrine.the company recently raised the price for a two-pack to more than 600-dollars.parents and hand in case children have an allergic reaction.the c-e-o - who makes 18-million dollars a year - defended the price hike - saying that the profit is the ceo who makes $18 million a year defense the price hike thing the profit is much less after rebate and various fees. >> i think many people incorrectly assume we make $600 off of each pen. it is not true. recent epipen price increases
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that many assume. after subtracting epipen related costs are profit is 100 or $50 per pen. >> at the hearing they plan to sell a generic version for $300. cbs football is back on tv tonight. the new england patriots will host the houston texans. they will be without their starting order back tom brady and their second string quarterback. he was hurt last sunday against miami. the nfl network analyst michael irvin explains why he should not be nervous.>> well, he is probably thinking i am the master. i have the master with me. bill belichick this guy is incredible. he knows that all i have to do is stay within myself and play my game, and the master will be able to help me get to a
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>> watch the game right here, kickoff is at 7:30. also pitcher i will hawkeye football fixed tonight. see what our hawkeye experts think i one needs to do to bounce back into their big ten opener. eye on the hawks errors on our sister station. if you missed the tonight it airs again saturday morning before the game. the follow up in chicago were a man who pushed a popsicle cart to pay the bills just received a paycheck. yesterday, this to retire. more than 17,000 people submitted donations on a go fund me page. they raised over $380,000 for him. the original idea was to raise enough to give him a day off. a picture of him was your 400 times on facebook an increase those donations. >> his first up of retirement should be buying an ice cream cart for somebody else. is 6:39 right now.
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will take a first look at what we're working on for live. teaching crucial inmates lessons on life. we have an event you will not want to miss it is family friendly and fun. the your weather first forecast is offering plenty of rain and showers and thunderstorms and flooding. everything has been running downhill and it will eventually get into the cedar river. here is the effect on in cedar rapids the flood stage is 12 feet and
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face.
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it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president.
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the northeast iowa area . we have reports of street lighting and evacuations. that is in the green area. we will zoom on the radar. the heaviest rain is falling in the green areas. if you can gentoo box 1. you will be able to see what is going on out there. and ro that is where the entire area has been seeing rain. within the bubble, anywhere from eight to 11 inches of rain this morning. you can see some of those numbers there. i will clear the board in just a second. i want to hone in on what is happening on that green area. we will clear this off and get it nice and tight to the radar. you can see the green area of and all the roads are
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we will go right into the middle of the bubble. this area friends, anywhere from eight to 11 inches of rain and it continues to fall there this morning. luckily, the good news is cost some of the heaviest of rain is moving off towards the east. 11.6 inches of rain. flash flood warnings continue for north and east iowa. and flash flood watch is until the late evening tonight. this includes waterloo all way up to prairie dishing. we will watch the rivers rise particularly the cedar river. it is expected to get 96.8 the by sunday. the cedar river in waterloo is currently 10.9 feet that will get to 20.9 feet high monday. that is moderate flooding.
6:45 am
up river. it is knocking on the door of 2008 levels there. in cedar rapids let's show you what we're looking at. currently we're at 9.4 feet. the forecast is shy of 20 feet that is major flooding. that should happen on monday. this does have a major effect on us even though we have not on the rain it moves downstream. we will stay very vigilant on that we need to be on the outlook as well river. highs today with cool air we will have 70s in the north and 80s and the sad. there is the rain this morning you can see it moving slowly off to the east and the south, it's all on a funnel that safe park across north iowa. we watch that and rain moved to
6:46 am
will see more scattered showers and thunderstorms is evening into the overnight hours. we will keep the clouds, showers and storms to friday. fighter afternoon we will start to see the rain twiddle and the clouds are to thin out. we will find some drier weather for friday night and drier weather for saturday. saturday mid and upper for decorah back down to the view. 83 and 85 respectively. today's forecast 60s mostly cloudy scattered showers posted and ending late. we will keep a few around to friday midmorning with a partly cloudy skies. we do committee, and temperatures tomorrow. 85 cedar rapids and 86 and iowa city. down to the 80s today and tomorrow and saturday. noticed the overnight lows is staying into the 60s. we will have sunshine for saturday. sunday the rain will come back in with 70s and scott and
6:47 am
the latest river levels, the latest flood warnings car radar and much more are available to you right now on our website. we will take a look at some of the top stories on this thursday morning. a man in dubuque has been arrested and charged with attempted murder. he is wanted for hiring a gun. now charles is also facing weapon charges. early this morning officers found and blood but no one reported being injured. after the shooting a 22-year-old man was arrested in the same area. they say he had a handgun. they are trying to piece together the investigation. if you have information call the police. traffic alert in cedar rapids. if you take first avenue east near 15th street you will want to find an alternate route. first avenue east between 16th street and 14 street and being reduced to one lane.
6:48 am
are doing sewer maintenance. it will last three days as long as the weather cooperates.
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your??????? your??????? welcome back. it is expected to on your thursday morning. 83 in cedar rapids and 85 in washington. what you do not see on here is the rainfall and potential last flooding that will happen to the north of decorah, even down by waterloo, that will not be down in cedar rapids until later last week. here's a
6:51 am
university of iowa has a better idea about how many people have experienced sexual misconduct, date violence, and stocking. they had a survey last fall. 21% of undergraduate women who completed the survey repeated -- reported being raped. antivirus plans created in response to it includes per pension policy. >> they see this as a problem and they're trying to do things to make on campus. it is very comforting. >> they say they will continue to serve the students as part of their plan. if you would like to look at the results there is a link on the website. the an extra incoming freshman at drake university will get help with tuition. the school is guaranteeing those students will pay the same tuition every year until they get their undergraduate
6:52 am
help student retention and boost enrollment. tuition next fall will go up by 11% making it nearly 39,000. the the supreme court is considering a change in the iconic to address. they heard arguments went eight about how they acted appropriately in changing the zoning for the field of dreams from agriculture to commercial. the new zoning lets businesses move into the area. the court has not made a decision on the case. the national conference coming into the area that september could bring a spike in business. they bring dozens of spore planets together with city and then you representates rapids hopes that hosting the conference will bring business for cities like cedar rapids. >> it is much more then facilities, it is getting down to who will help me run my events and who will help me do a better job and check more athletes. >> they have millions of dollars in sport business each
6:53 am
as they can. cedar rapids sold for one- point-five million dollars last month to a company working with wild rose.wild rose wants to build a boutique- style casino with a skywalk connected to a city parking garage and the double-tree.the iowa gaming and racing commission still needs to approve a license for the venue. it's now on this morning.right now it's degrees in when we come back, we'll take a look at the three thursday morning. morning. whatcha' doin?
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and blum even supports cutting social security benefits. that's a plan for our seniors that doesn't add up for iowa. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this message. here are the three stories you need to know to start your thursday morning. morning.a state of emergency is in effect right welcome back. we're taking a look at the top three stories, -- a state of emergency is in effect right
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the deadly police shooting. one person is now on life support after they were shot last night during a second night of violent protest. the victims family says he was killing of his girlfriend, sabrina hustad janish.a jury convicted miller of voluntary manslaughter in the october death in benton county.miller was charged with first-degree murder, and could have received life behind bars.he could still get more time in prison for two theft convictions. rolling through northeast iowa - causing flooding across the butler county, many roads are covered by floodwaters this morning - as river levels continue to rise. this comes after multiple tornados and funnel clouds were reported throughout the area wednesday.the flooding to the north will likely mean problems in the corridor in the coming days - as the waters flow downstream. we could have flooding as the
6:57 am
roberts. let's zoom in on north of waterloo. heavy rain continues. not as heavy as what we saw earlier this morning. but still a lot of rain. it is moving off to the east and the south. it is moving very slowly. it will most likely work its way towards northern linn county. you can see going to melbourne
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, september 22nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? charlotte is under a state of emergency after a second night of violent protests over the police shooting of a black man. police officers are injured. one civilian was shot in the chaos. the wife of the accused new york and new jersey bomber reportedly flies back to the united states. a bloody journal recovered on the suspect reveals a possible motive. nypd counterterrorism chief john miller is here. fresh off his emmy win, john


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