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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  September 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am CDT

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and he's not done yet. right now on cbs 2 this morning...the mayor speaks to cbs 2 news about how the city is getting ready for it's largest flood the river the marriage takes -- speaks to cbs two news. stomach the west to save
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rapids downtown businesses before water rises. stomach latest information of the more night to protest over community relations with police. stomach this is us 30th 1670 southwest. you can see a huge raindrop is kind of obstructing our view from seeing what is happening. you can see cars headlights going by. we want to show you u. s. 30 because they're afforded for spots on highway 30 that are blocked because of flooding. keep that in mind as you are this morning. us 30 west bank roadblock because of flooding, us 30 in both directions and so us 30 westbound also the roadblock because of flooding. this is all from the iowa dot website, so you can check that . d'ambrosio. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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in more than 160 years, the cedar river in cedar rapids has passed the 20 foot mark only once-- in, it's
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eight years after the catastrophic flood. flood.major flooding is now forecast along the cedar river wants in 2008. now it is expected to happen again just eight years after the catastrophic flood. major flooding is now forecast along the cedar river from waterloo to them, halo and cedar rapids. the river is not expected to reach the levels seen in 2008. it is forecasted to crest around 24 feet early next week in cedar rapids. there could still be major impacts on homes, and businesses. we are tracking the latest measures this in cedar rapids is taking to prepare for flooding. last night scott sanborn set down with mayor orbit. >> we have been doing a lot of for boarding today about businesses that are preparing what they are getting ready for. but we know that a lot of homes, specifically the time check neighborhood will neighborhood will be hit hard. new neighborhoods? >> i do. one of the things we wanted to
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that was what happened in 2008. the people couldn't believe that the river could get as high as it did. there was a sense of denial. nobody nobody can get that high. and so the 24 mark would probably affect right around 1500 homes. i think maybe 1350, right in that area. of course there are apartment complexes and i'm looking at the numbers somewhere around 40. so people's dwellings will be affected by that. that's why, if you need help call 211 preview need people to come out and volunteer to help with sandbags. if you need help moving some of your furniture and items for higher ground, call 211. of course if you want to volunteer and help people out, we ask you to call 211 also. >> i know the city worked very hard to secure resources for
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federal government from the state, and you were successful at securing those funding promises. however, there has been a lot of criticism already looking at that time that it is out of fear or frustration are facing criticism that the city did not do enough fast enough for flood walls in place. how do you respond to that criticism? >> we did flood protection money from the state, it was a 20 year award. it type of reimbursement that the state has. so that's about 280 million, we are just two years into that. the federal government has appropriated, not appropriate, they have approved the bid not appropriate resources that they promise. so we continue to lobby congress, particularly saturday -- senator grassley and senator ernest to get the money appropriated. in the meantime, we've taken some steps as i mentioned with
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moving some of the businesses and homes out. the buyout was part of that effort too. but today, we really want to caution people to take heed, move all of your stuff so that it does not get damaged like before a group have a few days to prepare for this and we should not waste one hour. >> mayor corbett added crews will begin setting up barriers today. city leaders and the win county board of supervisors are meeting this morning to update conditions on on cbs 2 iowa dot com.the both here and we will have a live stream available on cbs to iowa .com. the first meeting starts at 10:00 a.m. hundreds of businesses in cedar rapids are in preparation for what is to come the next few days. and some businesses like meat pizza doing the best they can to reduce the amount of damage they can sustain. co. owner of a popular pizza restaurants
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inventory. >> water is finicky. it can do tons of damage and getting anywhere. so we are just trying to be proactive and safeguard as much as we can. everything else is up in the air. so prepare, but don't worry too much, because what will happen will happen. >> widener says they plan to that killed a black man e doing earlier this week, week,despite a newly imposed curfew that was supposed to run from midnight to 6-a-m, demonstrators remained on the streets into the early morning hours this morning.but unlike the past few nights- those protests were largely peacefull.police officers say that's why they didn't start arresting protesters. "it's just not been necessary. it's been a very peaceful group tonight. there's been a lot of people inside the group that have been helping to make that happen, helping to just pull people away from the agressors and stand in between. this gentlemen here has been working with us very hard...and from the inside. their doing the lion's share of the work." work."violent protests on
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businesses damaged and looted - several officers and civilians were hurt - and one person was shot in the head and died. so far - authorities have resisted releasing police dashcam and body camera video of the shooting.the family of 43-year old keith lamont scott saw the video yesterday - this is video of them leaving police headquarters.they're now demanding the video be released to the public.a family lawyer even said he couldn't tell whether scott was holding a gun.police say if they did release it right now - it would investigation. it's and right now in it's de. degrees.just ahead...the other midwestern communities battling flood damage just as fall starts. your cbs 2 weather first forecast we have... have... damage as false starts. i weather summary featuring showers and thunderstorms this morning but clearing this afternoon and evening. and sunshine tomorrow, we will talk about the good news in the way of dry weather.
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more rain this weekend.
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you'll notice the latest river levels of flood stages. temperatures yesterday were in the 70s and 80s it was off amount of rain. waterloo got over 3 inches of rain before midnight last night. .27 inches of rain in dubuque and just over six tenths of an inch in iowa city. that was from yesterday we turn the patient had scattered showers and thunderstorms into the forecast as we have through the day today. our lows were in the 60s out there so bear in mind take a look at the full pictures you see scattered showers and storms that continue to roll through the forecast this morning. and as we hear a nice clap of
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across eastern iowa. so we go from there to take a look at our headlines today. and as you see those here we come. we've got the rain gauge on the picture there because we are dealing with more scattered showers and thunderstorms chances this morning. as we look at those, here's what is heading in our forecast today. anytime now in the computer. come on, give us the headlines. morning storms it will be a dry midday, that's a good news. the unfortunate news is that short-lived rain as we have through the day on saturday. 73:10 a.m., 77 a lunchtime and eyes in the upper 70s to the lower 80s. we could see a little bit of sunshine moving into the forecast this afternoon. i still think a primarily cloudy day up there. doppler radar featuring all the shower and thunderstorm chances from prayer, blair said, williamsburg pac over to iowa city with heavier storms rolled
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county. waterloo back over grundy center come up to waverley and all one even toward independence more scattered showers and thunderstorms this morning over toward iowa falls. use the estimated rainfall. as you see it for the most part 2 inches - 4 inches of rain in parts of the viewing area but there were a few spots i got even more than that north of waverley, north of manchester. some of those spots to overestimate anywhere from 6 inches - 7 inches of rain. so brand-new flash flood warnings as one for buchanan in delaware county. those are being affected among 45:00 a.m. and that for benton and lynn county as well as northern johnson of an iowa county flash flood warning goes until 10:45 a.m. a flash flood watch is also in effect for dubuque, jackson, jones, as well as delaware, buchanan, lynne, and all of those counties back toward the west. right now in dubuque the cloud cover, you see that there was showers we are raining here in cedar rapids and 16 entries
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nine. take a peek at river levels. as you see in the cedar river cedar falls currently 90.0 that is expected to crest sometime saturday at 97.63. that is 6 feet below where it was yesterday, so there is possibly some good news. waterloo the cedar river 22 feet is where it is expected to crest. it is currently at 10.8 feet. then we could have cedar rapids and watching the cedar river here as you see 9.2 feet currently that 21 feet on monday. here the temperatures 60s and 70s up there with the showers and storms is warning look at the temperatures on the board 88 in ottumwa today in the 70s in the north and right without change from hot to cold is where we find although showers and storms today. so what it means is as the slow moves up toward the north and east to drugs or shower chats
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evening time. overnight stay clear and dry and nice sunshiny weather for saturday. there was a rant about by the afternoon it should be dry for friday night football. but we will still have a few clouds in the picture. the 60s and 70s in the in the north, 70s and 80s in the south mimic cloudy storms this morning and it was afternoon during our extended forecast offers dry weather afternoon and evening, 63 night, 83 tomorrow and 75 for sunday, clouds, showers, and storms. dry monday were dry weather was 60s and 70s tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. river levels, river announcements, flood announcements including school delays can be found at cbs to iowa .com. 67 0 in central city. after
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the iowa hawkeyes will have a chance to bounce back from their first loss when they travel to rutgers tomorrow. despite being in the same the iowa hot guys love a chance to bounce back from their first loss and they travel to rutgers tomorrow, despite being in the same conference the two teams have never played. some players have a connection to school. zac hanley touched on that in this weeks episode of i am the hawks. >> affair saturday for the nieman family that makes picking the team to cheer for hard for mom. the boys have to prepare light after i had to do it like i have to and my wife is caught in the middle. she is trying to be loyal to me and to them and to me she has to be a mother first.
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passionate about cheering for bed and hoping that he plays well. for me, i hope we win the game and i hope he plays great. >> it is a different dynamic but i'm just trying to look at it like i have the first three games and not really focus on that. just go play football. it's going to be hard for the family but pretty cool at the same time. finally he now stolen moments for these guys. you know families after football games is not like get to spend an hour with the kids afterwards. we've seen a number of times. we get basically from the locker room to the bus to the plane from that little trip to the bus, that's the moments they get there but at least they get that this week, so that's a good thing. i asked jay niemann was his wife might wear to the game saturday. didn't i'd have an answer for that. then said the company thinks maybe something really neutral. so maybe something hot peak, i
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story. ask coach fares. >> it is kind of amazing you know with three sons who were deeply in the football, he has never had to go through that. maybe he's lucky that way, right? >> jimmy coach at northern illinois when nick was a group -- recruited iowa. had jamie rubin in the rutgers hampshire db plan to rutgers right now. but yeah can you imagine your coach at northern illinois, good player you tell a head coach commando by the way he's my son and, we just lost. >> here's what parents had to say about getting them to come to iowa. it was a really painful conversation in some ways, just because i know as a coach how special it is to have a sun on the team, that's a pretty good deal. so on one hand it all made sense for him to come here. on the other hand it's kind of
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some ways. except i was stealing something. >> only two players on the roster from new jersey. more excited and more excited probably if it's nervous i just wanted to good. definitely excited. you would think you'd be hard for him to get some tickets for this game. >> i asked him about that he said it is all love with this team he didn't have to trade away nikes or any gear. everyone picked up tickets i guess it's good that way. if you want to go on stub of you can get some for $15 write-down. is only 50 minutes away from workers but he wasn't really heavily recruited. tonight he said he got a phone call, maybe an e-mail he's never been to a game and is been to a few basketball games.
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stick with him. and he had to finish the question, he was already ... that stuck with me. very motivated player last week i was one of the questions. he's been nursing a bruised knee. i think he is fine, think he's a little bit more on the playbook this week. eye on the hawks airs every thursday on fox 28 at 6:30 p.m. if you missed last nights episode you can watch again tomorrow before the game at 8:00 a.m. on fox 28. admitting they have a plan to assassinate another world leader. scattered showers and thunderstorms this morning. some spots in the viewing area as much as 5.5 - 6 inches of
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right now scattered showers continue along the river they are at 67 0. a cora 64, cedar rapids 69, i was to be at 70 doppler radar still sing shower and thunderstorm chances this morning. heaviest of which from waterloo back down to about the iowa city area. there are parts of our northern viewing area this morning that is 4 inches - in this one is not moved much pretty heavy rain back to forecast around denton, blair's town and black -- backcourt players down with iowa city where they are about get slammed head-on with scattered showers and thunderstorms this morning. let's move out just a touch. old to show you real quick were some of those spots are. some of that 4-inch - six and rainfall. we will reorganize and re- positioned rainfall and show you how much rain fell over the past 24 hours, as we should be able to see where
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we'll have that here we'll show it in just a bit. what we can also tell you is that our seven-day forecast is featuring some scattered shower and thunderstorm chances through about midday today. that 63 tonight, 80s tomorrow and sometime with 70s and more rain for sunday. 55 on sunday night and the dry with 60s and 70s monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. we'll keep you up to date about those river levels. don't forget that is online with school delays and cancellations and let more
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the iowa lawmaker
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taken the federal government to get flood protection to cedar rapids. the weekend events the iowa lawmaker critical of how long it has taken the federal government to give flood protection to cedar rapids. weekend events already cancer. wide downtown businesses had to protect themselves. the communities of river already battling rising floodwaters before they get to cedar rapids. we are looking right now earlier we told you about four different spots on highway 30 that had been blocked because of flood water. listen to this, good news they are back real hackers don't have to travel on us 30, those are back up and it is smooth
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right now - rivers are swelling up north of high way 20 - where there have been multiple evacuations and several roadways closed. 2 news reporter stephanie johnson is live right now in waverly - stephanie - how are conditions this morning. morning.kelly - the cedar river was already expected to flood as high water levels moved downstream - but another round of rain last night in these areas did not help.???writing script---will send an updated versionmedia release #4: flooding predicted other low lying locations near the cedar river.river levels in waverly are rising faster than forecasted. southeast waverly will experience major flooding and residents need to evacuate immediately because the flood water is beginning to overtop 7th avenue se and 4th street se will be impacted very soon effectively and fourth street southeast in waverley where floodwaters gushed into the street yesterday and early this morning. another waverley police department has asked residents living in the southeast part of town to evacuate their homes by noon today. if you are a resident in need of shelter would have a number on the bottom of our screen where
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across from mcdonald's is offering shelter. and of course, the waverley, shell rock community school district is not having school today. also, if you are driving around waverley you want to be careful and be vigilant of roads like this. if you see something like this do not drive through. turn around, do not drown. be careful during this time. in waverley, stephanie johnson. for those floodwaters to move downstream. if predictions hold true it will be the second worst flooding event ever. early next week is is expected to crest at 24-foot. the iowa floods and at the university of iowa provided this flood inundation map. these are some of the year as it would be affected if the water goes over the banks there. the city is in the stages of building protection for some of the areas near the river banks like the mcgrath at the theater. city leaders say that will help in the coming
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>> those acquisitions allow in many of the areas, the river to breathe and so those strategic measures we've taken. we talk about a number of those will definitely put us in a much better position to face this kind of event. >> you might ask why the city does not have been flood defenses since the 2000 and floods. it took several years for city leaders to finalize the plans with federal and state agencies still several years away.just last week, iowa senator joni engineers to speed up the federal government's portion of the work. because of the flooding threat, newbo city market in cedar rapids will be closed starting today - tomorrow and s. sunday.but, just like two years ago, the market will host sandbagging efforts in the new bohemia district. volunteers began that effort last night and will resume this morning in just a few hours at nine a-m.if you want to help you can go to newbo city market on the east side of the river, or the national
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asked to bring your own shovels. business owners in czech village are in the process of figuring out what can stay and what needs to go.if water reaches 24 feet, like it's projected to, owners say that could mean three or four feet of water in their business. back in 2008, some say it reached nine feet.the hope of course is that this preparation wont be needed after all. jennifer stewart, czech village association president 02:28:43 that would be the best case scenario. i would preparation will not be needed after all. that would b scenario. i would like to see none of the business is disrupted. stomach if we did this once we can do it again and we will, we would just get it done. all buildings.any and all city volunteers are welcome to help. of course cbs 2 news will have continuing coverage of flood 20. 20-16.local leaders will be updating conditions in the city every day the threat of flooding exists.we will carry
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here on cbs 2 at 10 in the will also be streamed on cbs 2 iowa dot com. day the threat of flooding exists. we will carry a live news conference right here at 10:00 a.m. it will also be streamed on cbs to iowa .com. viewers like you are a great resource for capturing severe weather across eastern iowa. if you can safely take pictures of them to us and we can show them to oppose. you can connect them to us on facebook at kgan cbs to end up sweaters at cbs to iowa. stomach and installed as go barricades rolled -- hold back the rising sit around. vin's mayor says this is the fourth time they've had to deploy the barriers but once they've not been used to hold back the amount of water expected this weekend. he says they are concerned but he is confident the community will come together when they need each other most. >> it is always great to see but it is something that we all expect of each other.
6:38 am
together and fix things and do the best we can in small-town iowa is a normal thing. >> today they will continue stopping -- stopping stand for the sandbags. stomach butler county emergency management opened a shelter for those forced out of their homes. several homes and businesses have already been damaged by flooding. one of the two gas stations in town is hoping to avoid the floodwaters. my store store that did not give flooding. i am lucky i set up high enough but the whole town is underwater. i'm hoping it won't get as bad as 2008. >> the high schools being used as an emergency shelter. school is again closer today at the football game has also been postponed. stomach it is not just iowa that a single flooding, neighboring states are suffering as well. train derailed near ferry the wisconsin spilling diesel fuel into the river.
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border with iowa just across the river near lansing. local and state officials are on site and are planning to pace -- place a boom on the river to contain the fuel. stomach heavy rains have swamped parts of southern minnesota were some areas do with up to 14 inches of rain over two days. schools were closed over the waseca area and the state dot had to close a few busy highways. some were also forced to evacuate their homes. 67 in marianne there's more let's take a look right now what we're working on for fox 20 morning life. how you can make a huge impact for women affected by breast cancer. stomach we give you tips to help with your garden and how to get ready for fall. that and more coming up on fox 20 morning life, eastern iowa's only local news at 7:00 a.m. stomach as we go to break let's take a look at the river levels. coming up we will put them at the bottom of your screen as well. cedar river in cedar falls 97.6
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waterloo on the cedar river.
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you are looking at a map. this is a lack of the us geological survey. this is the cedar river. this is what the river would look like you will look like at a 24-foot class. i want to clear the form of cricket as we do that is where we're at right now. if you have driven over the cedar river in the past couple of days you'll notice the water seems a little to hide. over the next couple of days to watch the rain continued to filter in. so 16 feet we still see the river starting to come out of his bank across northern part of the city. you can sit around the cedar lake area kind of near the quaker oats area. let's go to 24 feet. here's
6:43 am
expected. here you can see cedar lake has quaker oats, those greedy soothers kennebec quaker oats area. they put the cold stream that they built that wall there on the quaker oats. cedar lake is underwater resume out and had down to the south and now you can start to see more landscape. there you see the time check area. there is the northwest neighborhoods are there periods of time check park is underwater. let's go live the river there's three of you making this clear through his maze island, there you see the first, second, and third avenue green square park we head down towards clare park and they can see some of these other areas so go park as well. these areas go underwater atoning court. court. so we'll keep a watchful eye on that is what the river to continue to rise, and crest sometime late sunday into monday. from there to the weather graphics, and we will show you what has been going on doppler radar and as you see the
6:44 am
and thunderstorms on it still. we are hearing the constant rumble of showers and thunderstorms up to this morning as we fly around the area. let's run some of these spots and show you what has been going on. but jerry west of cedar rapids cedar rapids around the county gobbler sound, williamsburg these folks are dealing with heavy rains this morning. let's go to the north still have the right from the hubbard area back over toward iowa falls to read over the edge of our viewing area somewhat heavy rain. and here are doppler estimate anywhere from 4 inches - 6 inches of rain around waverley, oh one, independents and manchester. depends officially in town 2.25 inches of rain. around manchester closes to the foreign trained. as we get more of the numbers in late hotels are crude flash flood warning in effect for buchanan in delaware county until 9:45 a.m. and flash flood warnings in effect quickly rising streak since streets around britain as well as lynn johnson and iowa county.
6:45 am
this afternoon. the storm system that has been bringing this rain that is stalled out across iowa finally moves up toward the north and east. takes the showers with it this afternoon, so we will dry out after lunchtime into the afternoon. evening time the strikes might as well with clouds moving out of her diet we are dry as we have to the day on saturday. watch what happens late saturday night, as we advance predicted is that dry saturday with nice sunny skies expected that we start to see more sc showers build into the forecast for saturday night. here's more about rain late saturday and through the day on sunday. river levels of the bottom of your screed. those river levels will be affected by the rain today and the rain for sunday. remember, the projected river levels have not taken into account the rain has fallen today, nor the rain that has fallen on sunday. so we'll see these numbers continue to fluctuate. we saw the projected levels for
6:46 am
so that is going to the right direction. wall said that is what is going to happen across the board, we are going to get another update between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. this morning on the cedar river for cedar rapids as well as it did, it back up to waterloo and cedar falls. we will be able to bring that to you and we will be bringing victims in bremer, chickasaw and floyd counties.a spokesman for the governor tells cbs 2 because of the flooding. the order will help flood victims in bremer, chickasaw, and floyd counties through spokesman for the governor says that additional declarations are likely to come in the days ahead. stomach high school football games tonight have been affected by flooding. you can still tune in to eastern iowa key for full
6:47 am
it kicks off on the cbs two news 10 at 10:00 p.m. and continues at 1035. we will have all the options, scores, and highlights from hometown heroes. coming up right now it is 65 0
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6:49 am
taking a look at your??????? your??????? we want to let you know we have an update to school delays and closures right now bitten with the delayed by two hours as well as west delaware. again delayed by two hours, closed today at north butler, trusted in cedar falls. waterloo schools will be getting out in our little early. xavier schools will be out at 11:00 a.m. for students who would like to
6:50 am
in 160 years the cedar river in cedar rapids has passed a 20- foot mark only wants come in 2008. that's expected to happen again just eight years after the catastrophic flood. major flooding is now forecast along the cedar river from waterloo to vincent, halo, and cedar rapids. rapids.but, there could still be major impacts on thousands of people, homes and businesses. as cedar rapids begins is second day of preparations for major flooding they do have a little help from history historythe floods of 2008 were devastating for much of eastern iowa but lessons learned back then - are helping the planning stages now.the high waters allowed them to accurately map how different flood stages will impact cedar rapids.that is a big advantage in preparing for
6:51 am
04;37;28;21 we now have maps that show us exactly what those levels look like prior to that we had nothing anywhere close we didn't really know why in this case what 24 feet look like now we have it down to i'm going to say within feet on these maps of where the waters going to be. english says if we get to 24 feet, several homes and businesses will be impacted. hundreds of businesses are now in preparation mode for what's to come in the next few days. and some businesses -- like need pizza -- are doing the best they can to reduce the amount of damage they could of the popular pizza restaurant says many people have already reached out to help move inventory. "water is finicky, it can do tons of damage it can get in anywhere so we just try to proactive and safeguard as much we can. everything else is up in the air. prepare but don't worry too much because whatever will happen will happe" happen."wagner says they plan to stick it out and continue doing business as usual.
6:52 am
an officer-involved shooting that killed a black man earlier this week, week,despite a newly imposed curfew that was supposed to run from midnight to 6-a-m, demonstrators remained on the streets into the early morning hours this morning.but unlike the past few nights- those protests were largely peacefull.police officers say that's why they didn't start arresting protesters. "it's just not been necessary. it's been a very peaceful group tonight. there's been a lot of people inside the gr that have been helping to make that happen, helping to just pull people away from the agressors and stand in between. this gentlemen here has been working with us very hard...and from the inside. their doing the lion's share of the work." work."violent protests on wednesday night - left businesses damaged and looted - several officers and civilians were hurt - and one person was shot in the head and died. so far - authorities have resisted releasing police dashcam and body camera video of the shooting.the family of
6:53 am
saw the video yesterday - this is video of them leaving police headquarters.they're now demanding the video be the shooting. the family of 43 -year-old keith lamotte scott saw the video yesterday this is footage of them leaving police headquarters. they are now demanding the video be released to the public. family lawyer even said he a look at the three stories you'll need to know on this friday morning. morning. whatcha' doin? just checking my free credit score at credit karma. what the??? you're welcome. i just helped you dodge a bullet. but i was just checking my... shhh... don't you know that checking your credit score lowers it! just be cool.
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here are the three stories you need to know to start your friday morning. morning.there are several roads block north of highway 20 this morning - due to flooding.this is a live look at waverly - residents in the southeast part of the town are adivised to evacuate by noon.a shelter has been set waverley. you can see the water on the roadway. residents of the southeast part
6:56 am
they shelter has been set up at grace baptist church. stomach water up north will be heading downstream towards towns like benson and cedar rapids. this map was provided by the iowa flight center at the university of iowa and shows the areas expected to be impacted by flooding along the cedar river in the coming days. right now it is projected to crest at 24 feet. that would be the highest since the floods of 2008. stomach because of the flooding threat of a city market in cedar rapids w tomorrow, and sunday. volunteer efforts to sandbag will pick up this morning again. volunteers are also needed at the czech village and i hope to move property of the basements of their first floors by this weekend. if you're interested, sandbag starts at dynamic earth might bring a shovel. they will get a lot of people but not necessarily enough shovels. so go get a shovel. stomach doppler radar. with heavy raids south of the doctor benton county moving off
6:57 am
hours. flash flood warnings in effect until 9:45 a.m. for buchanan and delaware counties. some folks forages - 6 inches of rain.
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>> welcome to "cbs this morning." new protests in charlotte overnight. demo tape. they demand to see video of the police shooting of a black man. hackers attack at least half a billion yahoo! accounts. the fbi is now investigating who is behind what could be the largest cyberbreach in history. only on "cbs this morning," oprah winfrey joins us from the smithsonian national museum of african-american history and culture before its grand opening. she will share her personal mission. >> we begin this morning with a


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