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tv   CBS2 News Live at 5  CBS  September 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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right now, live at five - governor terry branstad just announced a disaster declaration for several areas including linn county. the latest prediction a disaster declaration for 13 counties, lynn is among them. more than 1500 homes are in the path of flood 2016. meteorologist terri swails who has the numbers. the crest numbers have gone up in most locations. crest could be within 1-2 feet of the all-time record levels set in 2008. here's what we have for you. the cedar river and cedar falls expected to crest at 108 feet
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the crest is expected to reach 26.4 feet and downstream we're looking at a flood path there of 23.1-foot coming sunday evening and major flooding expected there and the big news in cedar rapids now is that the crest has been elevated to 25.3 feet well above the flood stage and that's the second all-time highest crest in cedar rapids. . as we take a look at our map here, you can see the main stem of the actual river here comes back to me here. i want to point this out with my finger going down through the middle of cedar rapids. the darker shades of blue and the lighter blews where the 25- foot crest would be 25 er blues in downtown cedar rapids
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it's a big issue once the crest gets going and that's on monday itself. here's a couple of benchmarks for you. when you get to 30 feet that's when the bridges start get uncomfortable. at 22 feet it reaches the second street bridge. it is expected to go over the bridges that go through downtown cedar rapids. that's only happened one other time. if it got is threat bed at 27 feet. the main thing is to not get anymore precipitation and that's not happening today or tomorrow. the rain is moving up into minnesota and on our model here you see as we go through the night we stay dry and on through the daytime hours saturday. here comes another front and with it showers and thunderstorms not expected until late in the evening saturday and during the overnight hours but there is another round of rain before
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whatever happens there will be important if we have to adjust the numbers further. that's where we stand now. thank you, we will check back in with terry in a moment. city leaders are telling residents if you're not helping with sandbags stay out of the city. we are showing you traffic stalling out on i-83 southbound because of an accident. it's moving along a bit but traffic was backed up a mile all the way be safe and stay careful on the roads. we have crews all across the city now working tirelessly all day to find out what residents are doing to keep their family and neighbors safe from flood waters that are coming. we begin now with cbs two news anchor kevin berry live outside city hall now with someone who lives in the area to tell us
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more perspective. >> reporter: we know how close the river is to city hall and right across the bridge on land here is the cedar river tower. tar rans lives here and has been living here and helping with the sandbags. >> i wanted to support everyone in my building considering the fact that last year and during the 2008 floods everything did come up for that. i hamy me from aerotech. that was helpful and everybody came together as a community to help out. >> reporter: what was running through your mind that the water was going to come up this high? >> i am high but i was concerned about getting from point a to point b so i asked my coworkers to come help and they were ready to volume. the mayor stopped by and we
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>> reporter: what's that experience been like? people have been helping crews and filling sandbags. what was your experience bonding with people? >> i definitely worked with a lady i never met before and a put a shovel into the sandbag she was filling. everybody worked together. i met some people from my building that i didn't even know. >> reporter: we have a long weekend ahead. what's your plans moving forward? are you doing more sandbagging? >> yes, we're headed down further to anywhere else we can help out. as far as for the weekend, i'm playing it by ear and evacuate if i need to. we will find out on sunday but i'll have a bag packed. >> thanks so much. we appreciate it. she lives over at the cedar river tower apartment building and something else we have been noticing all day long, you have a really good example of it here -- all the traffic downtown. the city has been on twitter telling people not to come downtown if they don't have to.
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they're trying to shut down some streets. they have heavy machinery on others and you can see it right here. this is light. we were down here earlier today and it was much heavier. this gives you the kind of idea they want to have people come down and volume but it would work much better if you could find a way not to bring the car pool down. we're coming back at 6:00 as well. we'll be here in downtown cedar rapids. . thank you, and of course car news learned inmates at the linn county jail will be moved to keep today inmates at the lynn county jail will have to be moved to keep them out of the water's way. the sheriff says women will be taken to the washington county jail. the men are being moved to anamosa. the sheriff wouldn't tell us when they're being moved. that's for security purposes. the sheriff's office is now closed because it's no longer
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the building. many cedar rapids residents are scrambling tonight to get their families and belongings to safety. one of the most effective ways to get help or reach out if you're able to help others is through the line 211. volunteers are needed to not only sandbag but deliver meals and help people with disabilities move somewhere else if they're in the floods path. >> the key is coordinating making in the direction to the locations as to where they should be and where the greatest need is. it changes very fluidly throughout the day. >> 211 by the way does not reach out to people in need. it only reacts to calls so if you need help you do need to call them. quality care in coralville is offering help to those in the flood path. the self-storage service is
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equal quality care at the number there on your screen. . one of the biggest conservation projects in the city is closely watching the rising flood waters. cbs two news anchor joins us again from downtown where how the cedar lake project could be affected by the flooding this weekend. >> reporter: a big part of the project is about making the water clean enough so people can swim in it. quaker oats factory. that's why the group friends of cedar lake are the active voice in protection plans trying to make sure the lake stays protected. the flooding that's expected this weekend will almost problem.the process to clean the lake up is so early on -- even dirty flood water wouldn't ruin much. i'm not concerned about it at
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not been any kind of midigation work done at this 0. >> i'm not concerned about it because there's no mitigation work done at this point. the dnr needs more information before they can determine what the long term goals for the lake would be. >> the group plans to start fundraising at some point. this year they plan to purchase the lake soon after. it's still owned by alliance energy and then they will start we'll keep you updated on new developments from lynn county leaders and we're joined by the city manager. we were hoping to talk to you about the mayor -- he just told us the city is looking into trying to get extra barriers from illinois. is that because the change in crest has come into effect now? >> that's correct. we want to do everything we can to protect the city.
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more equipment. >> how when did you guys decide you need extra help? >> a few moments ago. we believe now that we have located four miles of these barriers in iowa city at the university so it's not necessary we don't believe to go to illinois. >> so they will be coming up from iowa city. >> that's correct. >> will they start to come in tonight then? >> it's our intention to work through the night wherever possible. so we're going to lighting and then there's a number of areas that are already lit. we're wasting no time moving on these and getting them up as quickly as we can. >> thanks so much for your time. now we're going to go to melanie moore looking at efforts in the check village. >> reporter: i've seen a lot of work going on here since yesterday. store owners are trying to get everything they can out of their businesses.
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all of these sandbags ready to go. there's been a lot of volunteers here ready to help. those belongings and inventory have been loaded on to trucks. many have brought their own vehicles, equipment and things like forklifts. they have been bringing, unloading and placing these sandbags hoping to help protect these businesses. as the water's coming up around our ankles filling sand bags, we're trying to be down here and be a little more proactive and help with th 0. >> we're trying to be more proactive and help with the effort. >> volunteers say they will be here as long as they are needed to help. . the flood in 2008 destroyed the national shek museum and library. the building stands three feet higher than the flood waters in 2008.
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will be ten feet above current predicted flood levels. a generator is on its way to protect the collections and galleries in the area and keep it climate controlled if it happens to see water. another area that blossomed after the floods of 2008 is in danger again. connor morgan is live in the new boat strict, the city that just closed the areas to volunteers telling them to head to the old >> reporter: volunteers came down in full force to make sure they were taking care of things as the flood comes to town. as you look around not a whole lot is going on now. that's because the city is resdrekting volunteers to the old k-mart parking lot because here at newbo they ran out of sand. the crest projection is continuing to prize.
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worst flood iowa has experienced but the city is unfortunately gearing up for another disaster. that ymca was shut down three months after the devastating flood in 2008. water filled the facility causing two and a half million dollars in damage. time around. "we went into action mode we went into action mode right away and made some quick decisions to get our folks out of here so we could have good help to come in and help us really get this thing protected and do the best job we possibly could. it's just time to go. . >> the y is cancelling youth sports this weekend to allow families more of an opportunity to prepare for the flood this weekend.
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rapids, connor morgan, live at 5:00. let's head back to chief meteorologist larry swells terri surveils swails and the staff working hard on this. it's an important issue here -- do we get more rain? one of the things we're not dealing with is anymore of the heavy thunderstorms moving up in those will be staying there tonight but there will be some rain back into the weekend forecast. we'll tell you when that is due to arrive and what it means for the weekend crest or early next week crest in your weather
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welcome back. we are talking about flooding here in iowa. 2008 was a monster flood here in iowa and the benchmark for all floods and today look at this. >> a record fell from shell rock river at shell rock and exceeded a foot over the previous record in 2008 and went above projections and this is now a reason why some of the other this is video out of shell rock of people really just trying to get some of the water out of the area and sandbagging because it rose and got up to 21.5 feet and is actually still cresting now. they are hoping to get some relief there but we have had a lot of heavy rain over the last two days and that is now why we are starting to see some levels
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the projections in shell rock were lower and then because of all this massive rain you saw around the area, these are the estimates from manchester up to mason city there at a quarter of 6-14 inches. they realized it would crest higher there and have implications downstream. >> that's why we have been seeing these levels go up and last night we had some very heavy rainfall manchester now. . >> i lot of places last night, particularly south than what we have been seeing got into the bigger rain. a lot of central counties saw 2- 5 inches in reports we have there. so clearly the rivers are rising rapidly around eastern iowa and the big issue from here on out is heavy rain.
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you can see all the area in green here is experiencing flash flood or flood warnings so all across northern iowa and all of these areas where the rivers are actually diagonally running on to the southeast, i'm talking about these in here -- that's where the major rivers run and flood warnings are out. a lot of real estate covered here in eastern iowa. around cedar falls it's expected to crest at nearly 101 feet. over around waterloo it's up to 26.4 feet. these are within many feet set in 2008. we're expecting 21.1 feet coming on sunday evening and by the time we get to late monday around midnight, maybe 1:00 in the morning, the crest is now
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23.5 feet. there again you can see the mainstream of this cedar river running through the heart of the city. what you're looking at on either side is what is going to happen if we get this crest of 25 feet which we are now projecting. there's residential areas here going underwater once again and a lot of the downtown is experiencing flooding and here's the major rivers and bridges across the some will be shut down. there's no question about that. water may actually go over some of the bridges. once you get to that 22-foot level that's when the water starts to reach the bridges and eventually at 25 feet it will probably go up over the top of the first avenue bridge. so traveling is going to be very difficult around the city of cedar rapids once the flooding commences in the next 24-36 hours. so some flood flooding issues earlier today and now you see
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thunderstorms moving up into minnesota. our warm front has pushed out of here so we don't have the force necessary to get thunderstorms tonight. we're not concerned about those and our predictor here doesn't show rain in the forecast during the day tomorrow. sunshine and warm temperatures in the afternoon. another disturbance coming from the west and along that we're anticipating some showers and thunderstorms to develop but at this point it's coming through late at the nighttime hours and the situation doesn't look particularly good for heavy rainfall but there could be some locations that see at least half an inch of rain as the front comes through. it shouldn't cause major issues on the additional crest around eastern iowa. we are probably close to where the crest should be here in eastern iowa. as far adds tonight's forecast lows around 61-67 degrees with
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of fog. going into tomorrow, temperatures back in the upper 70s in the north and low to mid 80s in the south. any fog in the morning is burning off and a dry day saturday and by the time we get to late saturday night, our next chance for rain is moving out and temperatures cool down and drying off next week. we'll use those dry days to get the river levels down. here's a live look now at i- 380 southbound again this is just after accident has drivers moving slowly. it's been backed up for about a mile. here's the picture there. that's the exit near 32nd street. that shows you the back up well. city leaders are telling residents if you're not helping with the sandbags stay out of the city. remember stay safe and be
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and now a final look at your weather a lot of people are interested in the crest information so we'll go over it quickly once again. in cedar falls the crest expected at 101 feet on saturday at 1:00 p.m. waterloo, 26 matlock four on saturday evening at 7:00 p.m. downstream, sunday and at about midnight on monday night into tuesday morning the crest in cedar rapids anticipated at 23.5 feet. this is what it looks like if the river reaches 25 feet and the all the bridges will be closed and a lot of residential areas will also be covered with water as well. that's a very sad story. >> it is. you see the paramount theater right there on the edge.
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we'll see you again at 6:00.
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