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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  September 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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belongings to higher ground. the red cross set up a shelter at grace baptist church. the governor signed a disaster proclamation for 13 iowa counties including lin and black hawk counties. it includes counties along the cedar river. it allows each county to apply for state funding to recovery. thousand sandbags and four truck loads of sand has been provided to the areas impacted by terry branstad, lt. gov. kim reynolds will be touring the damage.they will be making stops in clarksville, shell rock and cedar rapids. in cedar rapids, not the news we wanted to hear. just about three hours ago - the national
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point-three-feet. first chief meteorologist terry swails
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alliant energy customers in the flood's path can get their power shut off as long as they call the utility. utility.alliant vice president doug kopp joined the city's news conference this morning
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a long way from 2008 -- and its infrastructure is protected now better than before. in addition, they're also taking individual requests to cut power to homes. "electricity and water don't mix so please follow the good advice, don't go into flooded basements, that is taking a risk you don't need to take.." take.." in addition, midamerican energy crews will be shutting off natural gas service to properties that could be affected by flooding starting at 8am corbett says nearly 14-hundred homes and just under 400 commercial properties are expected to be in the flood's path.also, the linn county board of supervisors voted to shutdown the county the linn county board of supervisors voted to shut down the courthouse, the juvenile center. >> we can be mobile. we'll start meeting at the community services building,
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activated, we'll have to be spending time out there and then touring our districts and making sure that the smaller communities are getting the resources they need as well as taking care of any and all other needs. >> county staff has the option to access parts of the county building but will be working out of other buildings depending on their department. it is closed until further notice. the city market. workers are helping the 26 vendors move out with trucks they are trying to protect the building today. if the most recent flood projections pan out, the market is expecting feet of water. the market put out a call for help as soon as they learned
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>> you can see the love for this place and there entire area just how they helped out and everyone who showed up to help sandbag around the market. but activity at that location is now over. up to help sandbag around the remaining sandbagging locations on its website - we've placed a link to that information on our website - cbs 2 iowa dot com. the newbo district has grown into a hub of activity since cbs 2 news reporter connor morgan is live there therewhere volunteers showed up in droves. connor? volunteers came down to newbo in full force today to prepare for the forecasted flood - as you can tell - there's not a whole lot going on at the moment. that's because the city is redirecting volunteers to the old k-mart parking lot because here at newbo - they ran out of sand. eight years after '08 - the
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disaster.the helen g nassif ymca in downtown cedar rapids was shut down for nearly three months after the flood of '08. more than seven feet of water filled the facility - causing 2 and a half million dollars in damage. the ymca president says he was in disbelief when he found out of the impending flood - but says the downtown branch is better prepared this time around. we went into and made some quick decisions to get our folks out of here so that we could have good help to come in and help us really get this thing protected and do the best job we possibly, so it's just time to go." "we didn't think we'd ever have to do it again after the flood of 2008, but we are. we've got a great crew, absolutely wonderful help. it's been fantastic. we wish we didn't have to go through the process, but we've got a lot of time to make sure we've got it done right this time." time."youth sports are cancelled for the weekend as the ymca staff wants to allow families to prepare for the flood.covering the corridor in cedar rapids, connor morgan,
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the national czech and slovak museum and library. took four years for destroyed the national museum and library. it took four years for the museum to open again. the new building stands 3 feet higher than the flood waters in 2008. staff hopes that means it will be ten feet above current levels. >> we're safe, but that doesn't mean that we don't have concerns, our property will minimize what's going on for ourselves but especially for our neighborhoods and our colleagues and friends. >> a generator is on its way to keep the museum climate control to collect the galleries there if the area sees water. even though the museum should be above flood water, there are buildings next door that may not be. melanie learned about the
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those. >> the museum owns three properties here in the village and i've seen people trying to get ready since yesterday have been trying to move out inventory and belongings. volunteers have also been helping by brining, making and placing sand bags.some of those bags will go to the loading dock area of the museum, which is one place that could be vulnerable.they will also go into czech village...and some of volunteers have done this before. " 23:56:44 this time rather than as the water's coming up around our ankles filling sand bags, we're trying to be down here and be a little more proactive and help with the eff" effort.."volunteers say they will be here as long as they are needed.covering the corridor in cedar rapids, mellaney moore cbs 2 news. dozens of volunteers also brought their shovels to the ellis park pavillion. pavillion.sandbag filling
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afternoon at this location. traffic quickly backed up because of the high demand for these bags.but volunteers kept the line moving as best they could and hauled whatever was needed to help those who showed up. one big conservation effort in cedar rapids is breathing a sigh of relief tonight. 2 news reporter kevin barry is live downtown with why the flood water won't won'thurt efforts too much to clean up cedar lake. the flood water won't hurt too much to clean up devin the whole idea of cleaning up cedar lake is to make it so clean that people can swim in the water. that hasn't happened for quite a while it's harder to do if the water keeps on flooding. the upside is that much of the work to clean it hasn't started yet, so if and when the water reaches cedar lake, it won't have undone any of the work that's been done so far. they have been heavily involved
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and that process shows that the friends of cedar lake have gathered a lot of momentum. >> it can't be ignored we have a lot of community support and that was really recognized by the mayor and city staff and so that really makes them supportive of their efforts because they know it's something that the community wants. >> the group plans to fund raise to buy the piece of land end of the year. once they have the land, they say that the beautification process should start in spring of next year if everything goes according to plan. >> cbs 2 news has coverage. the city leaders will be updating conditions in the city every day the threat of flooding exists we will carry the news conferences for you here at
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also. viewers like you are a great resource capturing severe weather and pictures across eastern iowa. if you can can safely take pictures, we would love for you to send them to us you can connect on facebook and waters.this is a live look at the czech and slovak museum where as we mentioned inventory is being moved rapids mayor ron corbett will be in the studio to discuss the hard work crews are putting into to brace for
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here and i'm with rebecca, our meteorologist as well. and we have been talking about 2008 as the flood of all floods. the mother of all floods. this particular flood is getting right up there, kind of flirting with it a little bit and today we had some interesting numbers coming in from the shell rock area. >> we had a record fall with the shell rock river exceeding the old record crest set in 2008
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21 1/2 feet which is major flooding there and that exceeded the record that was set in 2008. that was from some very heavy rain that occurred last night and now this is actually having results downstream because now we have seen some of the forecasts going up. >> you're going to see in the video, some of the impacts of it happening in the area. because the river crested about a foot and a half higher, that information absorbed into the forecast that we use to make our own crests here. and so all of a sudden, the crests have been rising around waterloo and cedar falls and down toward cedar rapids. >> they were trying to sandbag there once again and the river roads, they were trying to get some of the water out. affecting some of the
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still cresting but expected to go down. we had some heavy rainfall that lead to some of the rivers now rising faster than was anticipated around the manchester area. >> what you're looking at here is the last two days of rainfallen and there's a distinct corridor from manchester into flood and butler county where probably 6-14-inches of rain and with the ground already saturated, it was primed for flooding and that is what has precipitated the flooding. >> it's going the come downstream and now we have some of these forecasts that have gone up and flooding that is occurring in parts of cedar falls and waterloo and we had all of these rainfall totals to over 5-inches of rain in manchester. >> you can see, most of the heavy rain occurred in most of
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the larger ones was in manchester. 4.3-inches was measured on the northwest side of town. more big downpours, the last thing we want to see in iowa. you're looking at the flood warnings in effect and much of the viewing area, all of the rivers and the streams are running high or above flood stage and you can see the major rivers that moved through and also involved in the flood warnings here in the eastern part of the state. we're anticipating 101 feet and that's major flooding and that's up about 2 feet from yesterday. in waterloo, major flooding expected there. the crest anticipated at 23.1-foot on sunday evening. the crest went up to 25.3 feet and that's expected to occur on tuesday evening and again you
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the actual cedar river and at 25 feet, you can see how much overlaps into the downtown region and into the areas on either side. there's expected to be quite a bit of flooding and going to go over the tops of the brims if we reach 25 feet traveling will become difficult. at least, no additional rain is expected, that's up into minnesota tonight and the predicter, you can see the showers and the thunderstorms over the next 24 hours expected to b tomorrow should be a dry day, finally, here comes the front toward saturday night and that brings the next round of showers and storms at this point, they appear to be light enough to not affect the crest levels that's some good news there. with that in mind, little get to the forecast as we go into the weekend, there's generally less than 1/3
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for lows around 67 degrees, maybe some areas of fog and for tomorrow, fog early and otherwise, skies sunny and temperatures in the upper 70s to lower 80s. once we get past sunday, it's dry. great news for everyone in great news for everyone in eastern iowa and great news for everyone in eastern iowa and i'm chuck grassley and i approve this message because, as chairman of the senate judiciary committee across party lines to help real people, with real problems. we've passed twenty-seven bills so far, each with bipartisan support. under chuck grassley's leadership, the committee has passed legislation that helps: promote adoption. aid families battling drug addiction. protect victims of child pornography and human trafficking. protect kids from sex offenders.
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modernize criminal justice laws. we've already accomplished more in this congress than in the last one, and we still have time to do more. a georgetown university study named chuck grassley one of the top five senators working across party lines. grassley works.
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joining me now in the studio is mayor ron new crest joining me now in the studio, new information. i wanted to ask you now that the crest projection increased to 23.5 feet, how will that impact, any changes with regard to that? >> there will be more houses affected. the preliminary estimate about 13.50, you have businesses and
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more homes. we also are going to put out more barriers we put out a call for about 4-miles worth of barriers we have some coming from coreville and reached out to the army corps of engineers, we want to make sure we are doing everything we can to keep the water in the nf river and reached out to a company to see if they can bring in some temporary lighting for us to work around the clock the rest of tonight, tomorrow, sunday and into monday to do everything we can to mitigate the high waters >> mark english the fire chief said he would be announcing the timing of the evacuations
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might begin tomorrow. can you confirm that? what's the situation? >> here's our philosophy with evacuations it's stressful to ask someone to leave their home especially for an extendedded period of time it's an emotional thing for people to leave their belongings and leave their home. we want to make sure we're not getting people out too early we don't want to wait until the last minute either. over 500 boat rescues that's not safe for the emergency personnel and not safe for the residents we're watching the forecast and the estimates from flood crest and determining the appropriate time to ask for people to evacuate. >> the announcement will still come at this point tomorrow. >> yeah, at 10:00 tomorrow morning, we'll have a better idea of the evacuation process
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evacuation. i ask for everyone's patience and understanding we're not always, the forecast has changed and so we have to be somewhat flexible but my guess is, there will be evacuations and almost certain that there will be. it's a matter of the timing of it. >> we appreciate you coming in you have a meeting to get we're going to be back with an we're going to be back with an update in so what do the trade deals supported by congressman rod blum really mean for iowa? blum's deals are just one of the ways the biggest corporations rig the system to make more money at the expense of iowa jobs. oh, and don't forget-- these corporations shipping our jobs overseas?
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these guys hope you're not paying attention... so maybe you should. the deals blum makes in washington are bad for iowa. house majority pac
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en an update on football. 13 games, tune into fox 28 10:30. >> as you can see, tonight's storms are well to the north around minneapolis, dry tonight and tomorrow and the next round of rain doesn't arrive until later, we'll say saturday night early sunday morning. that looks light and that's a positive bit of news there. >> that is a good piece of news >> we are continuing to get updated information into the cbs two news room, until you see us again tonight, you can find all updated information that you
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traffic or bridge closings or evacuations. we'll have it for you. thank you for joining us. >> we join et live.
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