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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  September 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm CDT

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falls.the cedar river there is cresting right now. we begin with a live look at cedar falls. the river is cresting right now. we'll go back in a bit to hear from jeff kennedy for more. >> we have a lot of information for you tonight as the wall of water moves closer to the corridor. >> all bridges that cross the river in downtown cedar rapids is close. interstate 80 moment. >> the onramps are closed. >> you can angle sess using wilson avenue northwest and 7th street northeast. night as well. well.a curfew is now in effect in the palo evacuation runs through six in the morning.palo city leaders are
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effect right now in cedar rapids evac area - it will last until seven tomorrow morning.voluntary evacuations which are strongly recommended-- are to be completed by 8pm tomorrow and the curfew will repeat each night until further notice. the american red cross now has three emergency shelters open for residents who are forced to evacuate. in cedar rapids a shelter is now open at the cedar hills community church which is on east avenue falls - a shelter is open at the west gym on the campus of the university of northern iowa.a shelter is also open at grace baptist church in waverly.more shelters will open as needed. needed.- if you need help, you are asked to call 2-1-1, again only if you need help.- if you are looking to volunteer, call the red cross 319-393-3500
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swails begins our flood 2016 team coverage with a look at
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the cedar river in cedar falls has now crested. crested.let's go to cbs 2 meteorologist jeff kennedy who continues our flood 20-16 team coverage live in cedar falls- falls-with a look at what's happening there right now.
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down the river - so many in
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property as possible- but some business owners feel left out. cbs 2 news anchor kevin barry is live from newbo- newbo-with why the city says tough decisions had to be made. tornados bar and some of their neighbors are on the wrong side of the flood protection laid down on while theit flood barrier, tornados were trying to fend for themselves. >> the city of cedar rapids excludes me and these other businesses blatantly to exclude us from protection from this water. they had put us in the river. they put us in the river. >> once we moved down the river from 16th avenue, there isn't a
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control for a couple of reasons. >> reporter: those reasons include having a hard surface to put it on. this roadway is concrete and asphalt. what is when it's most effective and they need land. as you go south it goes unand low. putting flood barriers in low lying areas wouldn't make them as effective. we're protected to 12 feet here. this was an incredibly tough decisions but tha the flood barrier is here and some of these businesses are on the wrong side of it. the most popular visitor stop in cedar rapids is not a hot spot tonight. matt hammill also live tonight. what is going on there? >> reporter: take a look at this. we're almost burning the midnight oil. we have a lot of strong backs
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take a look at the rest of this place. normally on a saturday night this place would be hopping. it's a ghost town. the good news, people are taking this seriously. the bad news is, it will probably be another 48 hours until they know if it did any good. a major sandbagging earth here in afternoon -- here this afternoon and this evening. continuing as volunteers gather at the market. a number of businesses moved here to revitalize after the last flood now it's piled high with sand dags -- bags. brewemis just opened a few weeks ago and had to empty the entire coffee shop. >> building community inside our space was phenomenal. it'sheartwrench ing and i think
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the flood. >> reporter: on the upside, the city has never been so prepared for a flood with all of the sandbags like you see here. the barriers and a lot of experience from 2008. covering the corridor tonight, matt hammill "cbs 2 news" at 10:00. in northwest cedar rapids people at one of the most miller is live- live-at the mother mosque with how they the flood this year. this mosque lost all of their archived material in the 2008 floods...because they weren't might not look like much -- but these sandbags protect the basement -- which they're hoping doesn't sustain a lot of water . damage.earlier today, they moved everything from the basement to the top floor. since this mosque is the oldest one in america, you can imagine they want to preserve
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of this mosque says eight years ago, they didn't take it seriously...this time -- they're worried, but they're handling it a lot differently. "this time we take it serious, last time i'm telling you, we were not that serious about it, we thought it would not happen. we did not expect the volume of water would be as high as it was last time." time."the crest is not projected to be as high as it than sorry.he also says he appreciates the gratitude from this community so far.covering the corridor in cedar rapids, dora miller cbs 2 news for many people leaving cedar rapids tonight -- this isn't the first time they've left right before a flood. flood. "very emotional because i don't want to lose everything
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happen next." next."lynn stansbery says she never thought they'd flood again after 2008.she and her husband were part of the city's presentation in denver that secured its 2014 "all- america city" designation. one of the biggest ?opponents to the cedar rapids flood protection plan is is among those who will potentially have their homes washed out again. "quit crying about flood that will potentially homes flushed out again. >> get crying about flood protection and tell people to get flood insurance that they're supposed to have. if people have flood insurance like we do, this is a blessing. >> greg's home is just feet away from the cedar river on northwest of the he plans to stay as long as he can and will be back in his house in a few weeks.
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residents are evacuating their to be bused to shelters or town homes until the flooding threat is over. local animal shelters now have their own emergency.they are friends houses. local animal shelters have their own emergencies. they're in great need of foster families to take in pets evacuated from their homes. last hope animal rescue and animal control are housing pets that evacuees brought in. once the shelters are full the animals need to go to home in safe areas. they received a lot of offers for people temporarily foster animals but still in need. if you're willing or able to house a pet for a few days or week. go to last hope animal rescue and fill out an application. >>s that "cbs 2 news" 10:00 at
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as the crest continues to move, we're monitoring showers and thunderstorms in central iowa. we'll track those and tell what you it means for the crest we're you it means for the crest we're expecting so what do the trade deals supported by congressman rod blum really mean for iowa? blum's deals are just one of the ways the biggest corporations rig the system to make more money at the expense of iowa jobs. oh, and don't forget-- these corporations shipping our jobs overseas? congressman blum voted to give them tax breaks. these guys hope you're not paying attention... so maybe you should. the deals blum makes in washington are bad for iowa. house majority pac
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way.
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nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. we'll be keeping an eye on the rising water levels all weekend long so monday on cbs 2 this morning. morning.join us for the most up to date information about how to s the river is expected to crest. monday on cbs 2 this morning. let's go to meteorologist rebecca for more perspective. >> the cedar river has records
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know that 2008 -- 1851. and we know 2008 was a historic year. it was the first time the river exceeded 20 feet. the other record date back to 1851 go back 165 years. we have records in 1851 and 1929 of 20 feet that fall in number two and three on our records list 19.6 feet 1961 and 1993 a big flood year we reached a crest of 19.2. in the coming days, it will likely make the number two slot with our records which would be the second time in 165 years that the cedar river were to exceed 20 feet. this is likely going to be a
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meteorologist terry has been tracking it. >> we have good news the river is no longer rising in cedar falls or waterloo. the crest have been met and they're a little be low the from jekss of yesterday. that play -- from the projections of yesterday. downstream are expected to be what as what lower. today, major flooding around cedar falls. this i the city with open spaces. this pavilion has water up to the roof and highway 57 east out of north end of cedar falls have been closed with water over the road. that water is going to come downstream and approach vinton and the crest there is expected to reach 21.5 feet but that's down half a foot since this afternoon and that crest is expected around 1:00 a.m. on monday morning. further downstream, a bit of
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another half of a foot. that's a foot in the day today. we're down to 23.5 in the crest but that's still a significant crest. it will cause a lot of flooding and problems in the cedar rapids river area. there's the cedar river running through the heart of down. there's the 380 bridge. obviously there's a lot of flooding downtown with businesses there but a lot of residential areas off to the west or be experiencing flooding that will get into quite a few homes. now is the time to take action if you haven't done so. it will get trouble some and here the next 24 hours. the river is at ten foot but starting tomorrow morning it's going to take off and rocket up to 23.5 feet. a big rise in 48 hours of
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get flooding underway. it will last a long time, too. it will be above the flood stage of 12 foot for at least 154 hours and the crest of 20 foot, that level, should be at 48 hours duration. so 20 feet or greater for 48 hours time so almost two days at that major level there. so don't expect this to be over with any time quick. the crest will be around for quite a while before it tails off later in the week. now we want to take you to the radar and show you rain that's going on in central iowa. there have been places are over two inches of rain. as you can see, the rain was going more north and than east. some of this will go into eastern iowa but the heaviest should go into our west. this is at midnight and there's charles city one of the heavier storms located to the west of
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the energy starts to lift. and this area here which is the crucial area, we don't see a lot of heavy rain. we'll keep our fingers crossed and hope that's the case. as it looks now the heaviest rains should stay up in our northern counties, northwestern counties meaning the crest levels should remain constant from the model show as .25-inch in cedar rapids we'll take you out the rest of the week. between now and friday another .25-inch expected. once the rain sends on sunday that should be it next week no more heavy rain in the forecast for six or seven days and even throw there's a flash flood watch in the north i don't think
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it's showing signs of lifting the northwest and taking the rain with it. tonight, scattered showers and thunderstorms and especially the north, northwest and temperatures 64 to 68 degrees. tomorrow lingering showers in the morning. lots of clouds. temperatures in the 70s for high temperatures. your extended forecast has the rain gone from the forecast on monday and stays as throw the week. no rain, no thunderstorms all week long and plenty of sunshine to help things out. now we'll take of sports. in football, a win is a win and the guys will take it. all your iowa football coverage is next.
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even after last week's loss - the hawkeyes still have high hopes for this even after last week's loss, the hot guys have high hopes for this season. dwellers... iowa traveled to rutgers for their conference opener on saturday... but they didn't score until the end of the first half - goo here - c-j beathard has a wide open george kittle - he makes a man miss and lumbers in for a touchdown - hawks up 7- nothing at half... it was tied in the fourth - after iowa forces a fumble - akrum wadley finds some room - and scoots past the defense for a 26-yard touchdown run..... that's all they would need - hawks win ugly, 14 to 7 - mia o'brien has more from new jersey... for most of this one - the
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at these - but when the moment was right - the hawkeyes stepped up - just in time - i feel like the whole game was long then the sun came out - but most important thing is we came out with a win - it would've been a long flight home if we would've lost - but we came up big in the last quarter the best thing our team did today was the fight we showed at the end of both halves - first half - second half - that was really kind of the highlight for us right now it just took awhile - we need to be more consistent on offense and fly by night we were in a game down to the wire - and responded after last week as coach ferentz says - a win is a win - and so the hawks will take this one - and head home to play northwestern next weekend - in new jersey - mia o'brien - c- b-s two sports iowa state hosted san jose state today - in search of their first win... they got the monkey off their backs in a big way - first quarter - joel lanning takes a shot to
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what a snag - 7-nothing cyclones... second quarter now - new q-b - new receiver - same result - jacob park finds a streaking dondre daley for a 23-yard pass - cyclones rolling... matt campbell gets his first win, 44 to 10 the final... thats a check of sports -- we'll be right back with another look at your weather
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here in cedar rapids our new crest level is expected at 23 ant five foot.
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. ring of honor wrestling brought to you by the health alert hotline. if you have knee or back pain and have medicare please call. and have medicare please call. ? ? ?


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