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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  September 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CDT

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let me tell you something traffic all over right now is really heavy. you know connor morgan our reporter as we showed you year tried to get to ellis park and he couldn't because of the traffic but i think he's still trying to get there. >> he's still trying to get
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on the southwest side where j- and c- street meet, children's park and skate park is taking just behind the czech and slovak museum which experienced devastating
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after the flood of 2008 the city of cedar rapids did a lot of work to protect its water and sewer facilities cbs 2 news reporter joe husinga spoke with them about some of those measures. what were are talking about here is the waste water treatment plant that handels the cities sanitary sewer systes systemsthis morning cedar rapids utilities director setev hershner said they have the highest walls they like to put it.they are protected from surface flow water up to 34 feet. to keep things running right now they are acually usung very powerful pumps to pull that water in for treatment.this was all part of 20 million dollars worth of work to make sure the sewers keep flowing. sot script as soon as the river went above flood stage at aproximately 2:30 sunday afternoon we've been on that
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comes into the facility needs to be pumped over that flood protection to go back into the . some areas there is water seeping out of storm sewers. this is separate from the sanitary sewer system and is almost impossible to avaiod in a major flooding situation. we want to update you with some more information on mail delivery to areas in the potential zonewe have now been told postal workers are still delivering mail in areas where they are able to do so safely. if you did not recieve mail you can go and pick it up at the west side post office at 19-30 wiley bulivard south west.if you have evacuated it is recommended that you put a stop on you mail at the west side office.
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cedar rapids police say scammers are already taking advantage of flood victims. chief wayne jerman tells cbs 2 news con artists are evacuees to leave their doors ?unlocked so officers can get into their homes.jerman says that is ?not true and that residents should ?lock their doors and windows - officers will not force themselves into homes in the evacuation zone. con artists are also calling victims offering free hotel rooms in exchange for credit
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the acts of preditors against our very vulerable citizens and it's deplorable chief jermain says if you get one of these phone calls don't give out any information and
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coming up - the city of palo is now experiencing devastation as the crest is hitting them tonight. how people are now coping with these rising waters and if you're lucky enough to be clear of the river - how you can help others in the
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the famous lyric that goes something like this. you take it in faith, you take to the heart. the waiting is the hardest part. >> and that's what we're all doing rights now waiting for the crest and then after the crest comes, we'll be waiting for the flood waters to go
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will go down. >> it takes a while for it to go up. so usually it does take a while for it to go down six and a half days but the worst of it is going to be in that 60-hour stretch there where it's 20 feet or higher and so far you know the bridges are -- have gotten water to stay underneath of them and all of the flood protection they've put in downtown seems to be holding pretty well. so that's a good thing but as you can see we've got a long procedure where that wall has to hold. fingers crossed on that. >> and we'll give you another update on crest here.
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cedar rapids. right now we've almost reached 21 feet. 20.95 is the official reading that's just come here in the past 15 minutes or so and once we get to that level, of course, we'll go up to 22 and finally 23 at 7 a.m. tomorrow morning. o.k. we're waiting. [ laughter ] >> get it over with. >> cedar rapids woman swept away by flood waters is now recovering today. more exclusive video from your ore cbs 2 droan. this afternoon, police were the woman was clinging to a tree. she she was in the water. they got her to safety by boat. we are still waiting on her conditions. cedar rapids city officials are asking anyone, anyone within the flood zone to avoid the area and please stay away from the flood waters you're not only risking you're but the safety of our first responders who are going to get out there to try rescue you. >> we want to talk about traffic again. we're going to show you the north part of the cedar rapids. this is 380 at 32nd.
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the left side of the lane. what direction is that? do you know? >> looks to me like i'm -- i'm trying to see. 32nd street. i think that's -- that looks southbound. >> o.k. it's backed up. is that -- that is, of course, 380 southbound. yeah. we confirmed that. so slow going. very slow going out there. and you know, people went back to work today thinking well, it'll be a weird day but it'll be a normal business day because they can get to work but now you have you have people veaskting and you have the rising river levels downtown. so people are using 380 much more. >> one more point . you can see this is the 6th avenue entrance. 8th avenue entrance. you can see it's just creeping along here. one of the problems is not just because of the abundance of traffic but
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they get down todowntown they want to look over. they're going to be rubber necking. that slows everybody else down. once you get on the s curve where you can get a good view, don't stop. don't slow down because that's just going to back up everybody. just keep moving at the speed limit or at least the speed of traffic. >> people have been going down to the river to look at it and look at the rising waters. police will make you stay out. the national guard will be there as well. we're looking at first aive. this is first avenue southwest 380 at first avenue southwest. it appears to be moving along pretty well. go ahead. >> this is northbound. >> this is northbound because you can see quaker oats. okay this is northbound past the first avenue accident -- it's even moving slowly. so just keep that in mind.
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get from one side to the other. >> if you need road lowtures just go to cbs 2 we've got all of the information you need and now here's loot automatic at i-380. so that's another reason why you don't want to slow down and stop when you get to >> let's look at another shot of 380, if we have it. our producer is morgan. morgan, if you would tell us again? the emergency lane. keep that lane open, the lane in the middle, because that is strictly for emergency personnel only for emts, for fire, for police, for anyone who needs to get through.
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open. and while we're watching, it appears some people are not heeding that warning. so if you have to go out tonight, that line is for emergency personnel. >> the cedar river cresting. mellaney, paint us a pitcher in palo. >> reporter: i have been sharing with you how that water is rising here. when we first got location this water was in the parking lot back there starting to come in there. now it has filled up this playground and it is coming up on the sidewalk behind me and it's even closer than the last time you came to us here in palo. there are residents doing the exact same thing that i have been doing, watching as this water continues to rise, watching as it creeps closer to people's homes, and residents have said that's making them memberrous. residents have told me that they even have water in their basements right now.
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zone in areas east of 1st street and south of vinton street. electricity is being shut off as needed. sigh... it's just overwhelming and then you have the people who live further down stream that are getting hit the hardest and your heart goes out to them, you know, it's just heart wrenching as you can see residents have been very emotional just went through this in 2008. covering the corridor in palo, mellaney moore, cbs 2 news. as the river continues to rise -- so are some of the same feelings of anxiety that residents experienced in 08. 08.but there is help for anyone who feels overwhelmed during this time.
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miller joins us from a section of town that's been affected before. if you were here in 2008, this probably looks familiar to you. ?walk and talk?which can bring back those feelings you guys were talking about.not knowing what's going to happen to your home, leaving behind your belongings, all of these concerns are common. common.but don't let those feelings're encouraged to reach out to your family, friends and of the most important things is to put everything in perspective -- which can be hard with the urgency and uncertainty.but counselors say we have to
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"we human beings are built for survival so when we're told that something is going to put our survival at risk, we're going to get elevated, our emotions are going to be on the surface, it'll be harder for us to think clearly, it'll be harder for us to go 'well the chances are, the odds are...that's a difficult thing for us to do.' the saying in neurology is that we are not really thinking brains that feel, we that think" think"there are people here for you.mount mercy university is offering free counseling to anyone who needs it.they will be working out of the olsen marriage and therapy clinic on the northeast side of town. please don't hesistate to
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they are going to be used to reinforce the flood system. you can find information on cbs 22 when we come back the major deadline being moved for everyone in lane county and how to spot scam artists trying to
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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so what do the trade deals supported by congressman rod blum really mean for iowa? blum's deals are just one of the ways the biggest corporations rig the system to make more money at the expense of iowa jobs. oh, and don't forget-- these corporations shipping our jobs overseas? congressman blum voted to give them tax breaks. these guys hope you're not paying attention... so maybe you should. the deals blum makes in washington are bad for iowa. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this message. we are going to take you up in the air again. this is edgewood road. exclusive video from our drone. you can see what the water has done. look how it's rushing right over into manhattan park there at ellis park.
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and this is just the initial stages of flooding that we're showing you right now. >> let's go to chief meteorologist terry swales. terry, you have essentially wrote the book on flooding and other natural -- unnatural disasters. tell us what -- bring some perspective to this. did you expect that kind of water at th thing to attain. there were similarities between 2008 and this year in terms of how much rain fell upstream that set this up months ahead of time. then we had one big event that came down and put the thing into orbit. so that's one of the things i talk about in there, along with some of the other historical floods that have occurred in cedar rapids. the biggest thing is this is the second largest flood on the cedar rapids and we are going
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once we get to that level, we will be there for about 60 hours. that's what's to come. you can see 2008. that 31.1-foot level. you know, that crest there was never ever projected to go higher than 27 feet. and it ended up at 31.1. so there was so much water coming in, they never did catch up to that one. the other floods are around 19 to 20 feet, and one of those goes all the way back to 1851. so it's pretty remarkable that we are in s we have records that go back 165 years. >> sure is. >> yeah. so let's take a look at some crest information out there right now. we will be able to show you the cedar river in vinton has crested there but it's high at 21.64 inches. it is slowly falling. the crest is approaching palo. look that house. a little island.
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palo but slowly. eventually cedar rapids. we think a crest of 23 feet. that should come sometime 7 a.m. tomorrow morning. that, of course, is major flooding. we are watching the river continue to rise at a very steady pace right now. as we showed you there, we have now moved into second place all time with our crest, which will end up around 23 feet. >> meantime, morgan has been trying to get his way to ellis park this afternoon. he has encountered traffic and all now he joins us with more. connor, tell us where you are. i didn't end up having. so jason and i made our way downtown. >> reporter: what you are looking at is the linn county courthouse. this year they learned from the flood of '08, fortunately, and they are pumping a lot of that
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this is one of about a dozen hoses the county board of supervisors has installed. they are making sure we stay as dry as possible. i am told that today when it was about 19 feet garth from the county, he said that it is the first time in his 18 years that he has seen the sub basement dry with that height. that is a great sign of things. it's clear that the effort has been paying off so far. as we pan, it's going to be the veterans memorial building has barriers. the city has implemented them throughout the downtown. three of the most major buildings, the courthouse, jail, and city hall have $100,000 in the barriers to make sure that they are protected. i am told by the county board of supervisors we are protected up to 29 feet. if it crests at 23 where we're projected, we are doing really well. i was told to get off of the bridge by a cedar rapids police officer.
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mindful of that. do not come down here as a member of the public. as a member of the media i am not supposed to be down here. so take my word for it. even though we are not doing traffic, i want to let you know stay out of the left lane. i know it's difficult and you want to get home to your family as soon as possible. but i am telling you we want to make this as safe as possible for everybody in the downtown and in cedar rapids. take it from somebody who was at the flood of '08. it was devastating but we made it through. if home safe and sound to your family. with that back to the studio. for flood effected areas areaspostal workers are still delivering mail in areas where they are able to do so safely. if you did not recieve mail you can go and pick it up at the west side post office at 19-30 wiley bulivard south west.if you have evacuated it is recommended that you put a stop on you mail at the west side office you will then be
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location cedar rapids police say scammers are alre >> cedar rapids police say scammers already are taking advantage of flood victims. chief germ-tells cbs 2 news con artists are telling vac whichs to leave their doors unlocked so officers can get in their homes. he says residents should lock their doors and windows. officers will not force themselves into homes in the evacuation zones. they are also offer free hotel rooms in exchange of credit card information.
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against our very vulnerable citizens. it's deplorable. >> he says if you get one of these phone calls don't give out personal information and call the police department. >> the cedar river isn't the only body of water creating problems. >> folks in anamosa are bracing for the crest. >> reporter: scott, we're just downstream from the see. to the right over here there are levies that are supposed to keep the water from cresting. they say the city will be completely fine. officials tell me they said the levies are able to handle up to 26 feet that's estimate today crest at 24 feet. if we take a look downstream, though, that's where the problem lies. already some county roads are closed, and earlier we shot a


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