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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  September 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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vote of 2000 it was the boat harbor. so many of those houseboats in ellis boat harbor broke free, crashing into the bridge that it is holding pretty good. this is our drone view of the cedar river where the boat areas. this is about where tornadoes is on the extreme southern tip of the newbo district.>> this has been a good destination everybody. the way that the barriers and sandbagging, it has been essentially -- through the businesses have been left out. the line is right in the middle. >> at least the makeshift sandbags around the business has been holding. there getting water in the basement but otherwise they are holding out. want to show you really promising views of czech
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check village is pretty much dry. >> it is coming up soon.>> right now the check villages dry where the businesses are so that is cool. this is upriver practice would have been the direction the houseboats went when they broke free they crashed into that bridge. you can see how high the river is. we are down from the crest right now chief meteorologist terry will give us exactly where the river level is.>> reporters have been following the cedar as it has crests in multiple cities.>> the high waters have reached cedar rapids.
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river.>> reporter: i am just a little bit east of the river and as you can see the water is moving pretty rapidly. fortunately as you have mentioned we crested at about 21.97 feet so not quite damaging enough to the downtown area. sounds like it will get out of here unscathed. i want to show juice city hall behind me.>> we lost our life picture with connor. anything can happen right we appreciate your patience. right now we are talking about the crest and where the river level is because go to meteorologist terry swails.>> deep big news is -- the big news is the river has crested and gone down a little bit. another important factor is the crest was about a foot below what we were anticipating yesterday ticket officially came in this morning at 21.97 feet.
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have come down about 2/10 of a foot so that is progress but we have got a long ways to go and we continue to be in major flooding in cedar rapids. now we are at the 21.9 level. you can see eventually the river starts to tell off but only slowly for the next 24 to 48 hours. by the time we get to 2:00 i am wednesday we're out there 20 feet but beyond that dish but how many two friday afternoon we wen eventually later on in the week the crest passes by where back down to about 10 feet and that will be a big change rest assured. now we have a different perspective of the flooding. we been trying to determine who has been flooded and who has not. here you are looking at the river from south to north so here's downtown cedar rapids. we put the next picture up the area that has been flooded. you can see we built this levy,
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just to the south of the levy worldly water has been found so that has does that did a very effective job. here is another shot, once again you are looking at 16th avenue so that is about where the levy was located and you can see the ground drive. this is the about where quaker is located to the north. you can see much of this area just south of the le we are talking about tornadoes and is generally area. newbo is located here. the wall did its job. if we had not had that in place all of the water would have backed up and would have been setting on top of newbo. fortunately we had that in place. will be showing you more pictures of a few moments. now that we are in the midst of rush-hour or on the tell and, we want to give you a live look
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let's go to dora miller. how's it looking out there right now?>> reporter: as you can see there's still a lot of bread lights in fact all three lanes at one point where backed up bumper-to-bumper traffic. trinity left lane has cleared up a little bit which is good news. that will be for emergency vehicles only. we were out here at 5:00. it took from 42nd street to seventh street so from exit 23 two 220 be it took us 26 minutes. traffic is moving a lot slower than normal. we just had an ambulance drive by on our right side. there using the lanes specifically so they can get to people who need it. if you're in the left lane which is what they will be using, the not -- do not be in
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a couple of traffic updates. h avenue north and southbound 380 g are open. exit 18, wilson avenue, it frees up after that. earlier today there was an accident so blocked traffic. right after exit 18 you are free to go if you are heading to iowa city. we will continue to stay here for a little bit longer trto be as safe as possible while you are out here. we will also back to you. >> looks like folks not heeding the warning to stay out of the left lane but that is good news if you are heading to iowa city. stay out of the inside lane both north and south on those are reserve for emergency vehicles. if you are having an emergency he will want them to get you as
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of the week in cedar rapids. to school district make that call this afternoon and that applies to parochial students with the cedar river's crest falling short of early predictions and flood protection holding many are now wondering when they can go e homecbs 2 news reporter joe huisinga they can go home. >> reporter: at this morning city briefing some residence where asking why part of the evacuation homes while their homes are sitting on dry ground. it was set up with flood level of 28 feet but the water crested today at just under 22 and that has a lot of people hoping they can head home earlier than originally thought. public safety officials say they are preparing to scale down the evacuation area. fire chief mark english said they want to get people home but first they have to worry
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pressures like into the sewers and storm sewer. as the river goes down in we are able to the more area safe and we will collapsed the zone but not until then. we will do it sooner than later but i cannot give you an exact date and time but we will do it as soon as possible. took the ground is still heavily saturated in many of the evacuated areas of that creates concerns for the safety of buildings abasement in area. sitting county officials say they learned a lot from the overprepared this time around. around. "....overprepared rather than underprepared" d"the county supervisors
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courthouse. in 2008 - the courts operated at kirkwood for several months before the downtown location could be reopened. the owner of tornados grub and pub says he's not leaving his building until the water recede. recedes.we've been following this story since flood preparations started.tornados says they were left out of the flood protection can see the line of hesco barriers clearly separate four businesses from the district.tornados owner - bob slaughter - says pictures show just how detrimental that decision was.right now -- their own barrier of plywood, sandbags and pumps are keeping the water from destroying the basement. developing right now tragic news to report - a 13 year old cedar rapids girl is dead tonight after she was shot in the head. police do have three people in custody
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jenee ryan joins us live now from the wellington heights neighborhood where the shooting happened. jenee - what do we know? scott -- we know it happened here on the 800 block of 15th street southeast around 7:50 a- m.we're told the 13 year old girl was shot in the head while sitting in a car. police havent released her identity. and we're still trying to figure out exactly what led up to the shooting. shooting. but - as you mentioned scott- we do know - police arrested three suspects- one young man and two boys as they ran away. police caught two of the suspects running on bever avenue and the third on washington avenue southeast - all within ten minutes- with i come back and the girls are crying and crying and i'm like what's going on? grandma our friend got shot! got shot
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over here. i say oh my goodness, right around the corner? right around the corner, this don't make no sens" sense."police say there is no threat to the public with this case. they believe they have everyone involved in custody. again - the 13 year old girl's identity is not available at this time --- and it is an ongoing investigation. of course we will continue to follow this developing story to bring you all the latest
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corridor in cedar rapids - jenee ryan cbs 2 news. police tell cbs 2 news there have been four homicides and 67 shots fired calls in cedar rapids this year. back to flood-related news-- the road warrior is out tracking the latest conditions on interstate-380.
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so what do the trade deals supported by congressman rod blum for iowa? blum's deals are just one of the ways the biggest corporations rig the system to make more money at the expense of iowa jobs. oh, and don't forget-- these corporations shipping our jobs overseas? congressman blum voted to give them tax breaks. these guys hope you're not paying attention... so maybe you should. the deals blum makes in washington are bad for iowa. house majority pac
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before. woman: blum voted to cut social security. we've got to raise the retirement age. woman: blum would raise the retirement age to 70. then there's monica vernon... a hardworking mom. started a small business while raising three daughters. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. monica vernon gets it. vernon: i'm monica vernon, and i approve this message. people aren't the only ones who had to leave their homes to prepare for flooding. 2 news reporter mellaney moore is live at the cedar valley humane society to explain people not going to had to leave their homes.>> melody is live at the humane society to explain the role of evacuated pets.
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humane society so they are at capacity. as you can matching having that many animals means needing a lot of supplies. this is pressley who is helping us out. she is available for adoption and in addition to all the animals they have for adoption, shelter staff say they have taken a more than 70 dogs, cats, birds and reptiles. about half of those are here in the shelter and the other half are in foster homes. you can helping caring for these pets. the humane society needs cleaning supplies, money to pay for things like vaccination, microchips, clean blankets, towels, food in crates. that way staff can help focus on the care. >> the ones that are temporarily housed from flooding are completely from the general public and we don't want to risk if one of them has some sort of weird illness getting in the general population of the shelter." shelter."there are several
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off doantions with cbs 2 news at broadcast park, bring them here to the cedar valley humane society or donate -- a broadcast part. you can bring them here to the cedar valley humane society or he can make a donation online. for days with an waiting for the crest in cedar rapids and today at 10:30 this morning it silently passed official level was 21.97 inches. that is about 1 foot lower than what we were expecting from yesterday but it caused plenty of problems around here. the current level is nine point it would be but it will be a slow process for the crest to move on to cedar rapids. even at 2:00 i am wednesday we're at 20 feet here for a level so will take about 24 hours for this to make some progress but eventually bite
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be down to 16 feet and after that will steady progress as we get back down to about 10 feet by the time the weekend comes to a close. it will happen but it will be a slow process as we mentioned. this is the second highest crest officially in cedar rapids history. we reached the 21.9 level today. the previous record you can see back in 1950 -- 1851 got to 20 feet. this is the actually been about 20 feet here in cedar rapids. kind of a historic crest for us to say the least. also a new perspective to show you. this is on our mapping program and you can see payload here known as lynn drive-in here there is a cemetery with a residential area. the residential soft to the east half a mile away but you can see, the water came up and
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regions in palo but the river has been steadily growing doubts you will see improvement there in the next 24 hours. here's another view, this is pretty interesting you can see ellis boulevard and there's the harbor you can see the boats that were attached to that. we wish we would look like with the flooding and you can see it extended east of the area with the boats in the water. it is a unique picture thanks to our drawing to give you an idea where the flooding was the worst here in the cedar rapids area. getting onto the weather seeing tonight. we have got temperatures back in the 60s and northeastern iowa, 61 around decorah, sandy iowa city, with the cooler is being driven by an upper air low which is sitting up in wisconsin this will dominate the weather for several days to come. interesting it will do is bring clouds to the area tonight and then perhaps a few sprinkles of rain or a brief shower especially in northeastern iowa. with got to moved to quickly
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and will get partly sunny conditions. as far as the rest of to make as you can see some of the light rain had to approach the northeastern corner of the state that is the most likely area to see any precipitation overnight tonight. here's the upper air flow is it a spinning round of the great lakes pick the circulation around them is pulling the jet stream and from the northwest so that is in high school try flow in major change in the overall pattern that we've been experiencing run here and that will see to it that the temperature stay little bit below normal for several days to come. tomorrow afternoon's reading at 5:00 we're at 61 degrees in with the brisk northwest wind we will have ourselves a fall like day. tonight's forecast has the clouds coming to come low temperature pretty uniform somewhere in the mid to upper 40s around eastern iowa in the chance for a showers will be appear in the far northeast. for tomorrow where back in to partly sunny skies in the afternoon but probably some morning clouds and temperatures
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degrees, one of the coolest days of the season so far, 30 blustery. years the extended outlook. no rain as we go through monday. the next chance of and a shower and storm not until about tuesday and then we can see a chance we will: 30% chance picked the forecast looks pretty dry and pretty fall like as we go through the next six or seven days.>> the son will come out tomorrow i think that is what they are thinking and check village. the museum's drive but along 16th avenue in the downtown avenue, that is a welcome sight for the businesses that had to
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more than a 120-people evacuated from the flood zone and spent the night in emergency shelters. to give you an idea more than 120 people evacuated from the flood zone and spent the night in emergency shelters. if you find yourself in need go to the cedar hills community church on e avenue northwest or saint. paul's united methodist church
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i'm chuck grassley, and i approve this message. in twenty-three years, chuck grassley hasn't missed a single vote. in just six years, senator patty judge
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missed seventy-six percent of their meetings. iowa economic development commission member judge, missed sixty-nine of seventy-two meetings. the register called patty judge a ?habitual no show.? grassley works.
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we will see a little bit of clouds coverage, showers might be in the north east corner of the state. not expecting much we chance of
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so what do the trade deals supported by congressman rod blum really mean for iowa? blum's deals are just one of the ways the biggest corporations rig the system to make more money at the expense of iowa jobs. oh, and don't forget-- these corporations shipping our jobs overseas? congressman blum voted to give them tax breaks. these guys hope you're not paying attention... so maybe you should. the deals blum makes in washington are bad for iowa. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this message. we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters.
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content of this advertising. ?? ?? tonight, we're tracking down brad and angelina as angie turns to her inner circle. >> angie doesn't make any decisions without them. >> why she trusts these two women with her deepest secrets, and why the custody battle is getting even bigger. what her lawyer once >> there is crying and there is yelling. >> then -- >> dancing surprises, big injuries and clothes coming off. "e.t." has all the backstage gossip. >> plus on the set with the new hunk of "ncis". >> wilmer valderrama's newest take, and which of the stars is pranking him behind the scenes. >> i will find out. >> and -- >> we are in the shower with john stamos who is stripping down with the scream queen star


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