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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  September 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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lying areas want those barriers to stay in place. the biggest question facing many impacted by flood 2016 - the biggest question facing many with the flood of 2016 is when they will go back to their home and businesses. all bridges that cross the cedar river downtown are closed.we're told they will reopen when hesco barriers across the city are taken down and the bridges have been inspe. inspected.some people are going ahead and removing the thousands of sandbags placed all over the city.right now - though - city leaders are asking residents to ?keep the bags at their property. the city and a private contractor will come and pick up the sandbags at no charge.if you don't want to wait for the pick up - you're asked to take the bags to the linn county
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be charged regular disposal fees there. there.flood debris should be placed in separate piles near your curb.the city will collect these items for free. we have specific information on what will be picked up and to how to separate the debris. just go to our website - cbs 2 iowa dot com. life is now slowly starting to return to normal in benton couny countya now reopening as you can see here, they include the 22nd avenue trail and highway 150 bridges in vinton.also open, 32nd avenue south in urbana, the benton-buchanan road and the brandon bridge. bridge.a number of street closures are still in effect - you can find complete list on cbs 2 iowa dot com.also, the salvation army will coordinate cleanup efforts in vinton starting tomorrow. they'll have clean-up kits available on the south side of the benton county courthouse.
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one concern we did not have was the weather. >> lots of sunshine and now cooler temperatures. that is something we will touch on in a second. i wanted to show you the improvement we made after our crest at 21.97 feet. we are at 20.45. half. we will slowly dropped for another 24 hours and we will improve dramatically. we will eventually have a much betty 12 foot in seater rack -- cedar rapids. if you sprinkles of rain and we think the clouds will break out tonight and tomorrow we will
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other day with temperatures in the 60s. we can tell you what you can expect in a few minutes. when the evacuation order was given thousands gathered with they could. some of the people are being allowed back home. dora miller is in cedar rapids. this is a representation of the neighborhood because most of it is dry. they can get a look at what it looks like. we talked to some of the people after being away for days and not knowing what to expect. people are happy here and for good reason. the city does not -- wants to
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you are spared. >> i left my house in 2008 and a had to go back through the alley. once i seen that it was not that i came back. i don't have a floor drain. >> reporter: the city will begin collecting trash on monday. melanie more toward today. >> reporter: the first stop here in cedar rapids and they had the chance to ask questions and to see it for themselves.
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government and went through the communities to see the damage. right now 20 counties are included in the emergency proclamation. the state has helped out with resources. the governor says he has seen how much iowa has learned from 2008 and the way everyone has pulled together. >> i was here on saturday made and it is great to come back here when we are past the crest and things are looking up. we avoided what could have been a terrible disaster. >> reporter: if the group estimates there has been more than $3.4 million that governor could request a proclamation that could make fema money available. covering cedar rapids melanie
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crews began removing the temporary walls around the sheriff's office today. the barriers along second street are coming down. people are supported of the barriers and people are asking them to keep them in place. we find out why that is not option. >> reporter: workers and volunteers built nearly 10 miles of barriers and berms but it won't fly for future protection. they did their purpose of keeping the floodwater back. the temporary system did let the water through but they managed it with pumps. it does not meet long-term
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that's not what you want to see from a permanent protection system. >> there is a lot that goes into that as far as ordination and testing requirements and certain types of materials and documented and considered to be permanent. >> reporter: the city the barriers and berms and seed them down with grass. most of the work will come down. several businesses and organizations are looking for help removing sandbags. st. patrick's church is one of those places. volunteers are asked to show up
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developments by downloading the news at. it is free and available for apple and android devices. we are learning more about the shooting death of a 13-year- old girl. her name was a ratio. a 13-year- old boy is charged with manslaughter. we are life with the latest. st., south east where the 13- year-old was shot. here are the remains of last night's vigil and throughout the day people put things here. there are teddy bears and balloons and the chief says that the 13-year-old that is in custody for shooting her did not do it on purpose.
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but it was not intentional. this is the third child to be killed by a gun in cedar rapids in a little over a year and it is the second to happen by accident. he said deaths like this are 100% preventable and he is with the number of handguns and other unlocked cars and vehicles within thei city. when we continue to plead an d publicize to the residents here to practice responsible gun ownership. secure your guns in the appropriate
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faces charges for carrying weapons and interference wiht offical acts. another fifteen year old boy and 18 year old d-quon morrow both face interference with official acts charges. police have not found the gun used to shoot parks. but they did find another - second - handgun at the scene.if anyone ever finds a gun - the one used in this shooting - or any other gun - chief jerman says - don't touch it and immediately call 9-1-1.we'll continue this story and have much more tonight on cbs 2 news ten at ten. covering the corridor in cedar rapids jenee ryan cbs 2 news at six. after 11 years of fostering diversity and inclusion initiatives in the corridor the non-profit diversity focus
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the board of directors accepted president chad simmons' resignation down. they accepted chad simmons resignation took the decision to cease operations has nothing to do with the flood. the type of word -- work they took on is still critical and they hope to find others to help. the race for the white house has both candidates continuing th left. donald trump was drumming up support. today's events are the first since his debris with -- his debate with hillary clinton. clinton will speak downtown near the arts center. it is free but you need to rsvp. we have placed that information
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song to tell that story.why the band says they had to document iowans helping iowans.
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i'm chuck grassley, and i approve this message. in twenty-three years, chuck grassley hasn't missed a single vote.
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state fair board member judge missed seventy-six percent of their meetings. iowa economic development commission member judge, missed sixty-nine of seventy-two meetings. the register called patty judge a ?habitual no show.? grassley works.
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i was in the weather center and was told the river is falling quicker than we thought. specs it helps that it did not get to the highest level. it is thrust of the crest is gone by. we are still at 20.45 feet and as we all know the river has only been above 20 feet two times. it is at a high level that it is down a footnote half that occurred at 10 1030 yesterday morning. as you can see the river will continue to drop as we go
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on thursday and by the weekend we should be back to 12 foot and we should be back to where we were. another river that has been in fact it is the mississippi. a lot of water coming down from minnesota and wisconsin. that is flooding into the basin. in dubuque it is 17.42 feet. the river should crest tomorrow morning at 18.1 feet. it is considered to be moderate flooding. that is quite unusual at this time of year. we really have seen a change in the weather. we have easterly winds that brought us clouds. a few sprinkles of rain but the main feature was the cool
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this will go away quickly. by tomorrow morning we will break out of the clouds and get us another cool night. the readings are already 62 in cedar rapids. it is feeling like fall around iowa tonight. the upper air is centered right here. it is pulling up moisture and throwing it see brains but we will have lots of cloud cover and that will be in and out of the forecast for the next several days. the interesting thing is that it will not move that much. we will put it into motion. between now and sunday look what happens.
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and pushes off to the northeast and later on it heads off into the northeastern portion of michigan. it will take five days to get out of the great lakes. we will have a sprinkle or two and temperatures will remain below normal. as far as rainfall goes, the worst of the rains will be close to the great everything that falls in eastern iowa between now and sunday is expected to be lights. your forecast as lows in the mid or upper 40s around eastern iowa and after the evening hours we will see clearing and winds will be north at 5 to 10. for tomorrow we will see mostly sunny skies for the afternoon but temperatures will remain cool. upper 60s and most locations.
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looks good into the weekend with a slight chance of a brief shower on saturday. 66 for a temperature there. 68 on sunday and we are back into the 70s next week with our next chance for showers ends storms next week. stack -- so what do the trade deals supported by congressman rod blum really mean for iowa? blum's deals are just one of the ways the biggest corporations rig the system to make more money at the expense of iowa jobs. oh, and don't forget-- these corporations shipping our jobs overseas? congressman blum voted to give them tax breaks.
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the deals blum makes in washington are bad for iowa. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this message. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. house majority pac i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? at women with respect?
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a new song is giving lyrics to the unity we've seen in our community during this local band forced has been shared on facebook 1900 times. we have the story behind the song. before they flood of 2016 hit the community linked arms and solidarity to prepare the city. now there is a song to tell the story. the band four-star fate will rise above from personal experiences. jeff spent his weekend helping many businesses in the area.
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community helping out doing their part. building where inspiration for some of the song lyrics were bo. born.i hadn't even gone around and met everyone yet to see peoole lift boxes of mine and walking them up three flights of stairs and putting them in safe spot was really incredible. and i didn't even know their name. butt to: thats the reason for that lyric. i didn't even name. coming together and rising above we literally took everything from the cherry building and brought it to the third floor. local videographer, robb merrit is behind many of the band's music videos. when they found out he had grabbed footage of the efforts, they asked him to put something together. we saw one version of it and we were like good to go! done that's awesome its perfect. the music video spread quickly .
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video spread quickly online. >> people were commenting and sharing it and their friends were pointing out that they were on the video. >> reporter: it is now available for purchase and 100% of the purchase is going to the greater cedar rapids foundation.
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i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. i'm chuck grassley, and i approve this message. in twenty-three years, chuck grassley hasn't missed a single vote. in just six years, senator patty judge missed a hundred and eighty-two votes. state fair board member judge missed seventy-six percent of their meetings. iowa economic development commission member judge, missed sixty-nine of seventy-two meetings. the register called patty judge a ?habitual no show.?
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?? ? tonight, a janet jackson world exclusive. the pop star pregnant at 50. only "e.t." has the first photos of her baby bump. ?? >> now baby bombshell straight from janet's sister. >> how is the ppegnancy? are you ready to meet your new little niece? >> brad pitt does how he's shifting his strategy tonight and the one thing he has to do or he'll risk losing his kids. then -- >> stand back! make way for this hot stuff. >> my first day, first scene. >> behind the scenes with rob lowe. why his new role has him nervous. >> it's overwhelming. then -- we do the time warp with the stars of the rocky horror remake. >> put your hands on your hips.


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