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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  September 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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faster than expected - and so are the miles of hesco right now, the cedar river is falling faster than expected and so are the miles of has go barriers put up to save the city. continuing coverage of flood 2016 is coming up. developing tonight, reaction and frustration after a young teen shoots and kills another teen. the cries for gun owners keep weapons out of the hands of kids. we are learning more tonight about the shooting death of a 13-year-old cedar rapids girl. street -- police tell cbs twos her name was ireshia parks and right now, a 13-year-old boys charged with involuntary manslaughter. cbs two news anchor jenee' ryan is life. police say this death was 100% preventable. >> reporter: yes, karen, cedar
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jerman says this memorial set up behind me where family is gathering once again tonight with candles to honor 13-year- old ireshia parks. the says -- he says those balloons and candles and teddy bears and those tears being cried over there would not be happening and ireshia parks would still be here if one thing could happen. if we could keep guns out of the hands of kids. >> guns and kids don't mix but cedar rapids police jerman says he has seen the combination too often. >> in more than -- in a little more than one years time, we have seen three of our young people, three of our children from our community die as a result of firearm violence. >> reporter: two of those three deaths accidental, including the tuesday morning shooting of 13-year-old ireshia parks of southeast cedar rapids. >> it was not an incident where there was a dispute or an
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jerman says it may have been to show off, but whatever the reason, it wasn't on purpose. >> i am at a loss at the death of our children. if a child does not have a firearm in their position, it cannot be used to coat >> reporter: the gun used to shoot parks while she sat in the car with five others had not been found but police found another done at the scene. >> it is illegal for anyone under 18 to possess a handgun and here, we have persons who are prohibited by code of possessing a handgun go >> reporter: chief jerman politte displease with gun owners to responsibly secure them. >> guns are lethal weapons. they should not be treated like a laptop computer this computer when you see young people handling weapons so carelessly in a cavalier manner - i know they take selfies and post them on social media, they feel its glamourous or provides themn some sense of power. again is it worth the death of a 13 year old child? i think not. the 13 year old shooter - who by-law can't yet be named - also faces charges for also faces yet be named - by-law can't shooter - who the 13 year old
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reporter: the 13-year-old shooter who cannot be named by law also faces charges for carrying weapons and interfering with official acts. there is also a 15-year-old boy and 18-year-old dquon morrow who both also face interfering with official acts , charges for being on the scene. if anyone find that gun that they haven't found or if you see any other gun, do not touch it cops can come out and pick up a gun and make sure it doesn't get in the hands of anybody. covering the corridor live in cedar rapids, ryan, cbs two news. the south carolina teen is in custody tonight after going on a shooting rampage at an elementary school this afternoon. two other boys and a female teacher were hurt but they are all expected to be okay.
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opening fire at the school. it is unclear what sparked the violence but we will be following this developing story and bring you up to the minute information on cbs to and the very latest this morning. just days after the university of iowa unveiled new plans to prevent sexual assault, another attack is being reported. university of iowa police say it happened over the weekend at the fraternity. the victim says she was was separated. and that is when the assault allegedly happened. last wednesday, university president. bruce harold revealed a new two-year plan to combat the here's a live look at the cedar river right now nowwhere the level is falling faster than first thought. 2 chief meteorologist terry swails swailshas been tracking the cedar's levels for the better part of a week now.he joins us
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life is now slowly starting to return to normal in benton couny countya number of roads are now you can see here, they include the 22nd avenue trail and highway 150- bridges in vinton.also open, 32nd avenue south in urbana, the benton-buchanan road and the brandon bridge. bridge.a number of street
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you can find complete list on cbs 2 iowa dot com. the salvation army will be in vinton tomorrow to help with the clean up efforts there.the army will have clean up kits available near the south side of the benton county courthouse. downstream in cedar rapids - clean up efforts are well - crews removed hesco barriers near the linn county jail and on second street downtown.more than 40- thousand feet of temporary barriers were set up to protect low lying areas along the cedar river. right now, the biggest question for many impacted by flood 2016 - when can people start going back to their homes and businesses?city leaders have narrowed the evacuation zone - and of the six-thousand people evacuated- about 25-hundred are now being allowed to can find a map of the new boundaries on cbs 2 iowa dot com. all bridges that cross the cedar river downtown are still closed.we're told they will reopen when hesco barriers across the city are taken down
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inspected.some people are going ahead and removing the thousands of sandbags placed all over the city.right now - though - city leaders are asking residents to ?keep the bags at their property. the city and a private contractor will come and pick up the sandbags at no charge.if you don't want to wait for the pick up - you're asked to take the bags to the linn county solid waste ??will be charged regular disposal fees there. contractor will pick up the sandbags at no charge. if you don't want to wait for the pick up, you're asked to take them to the linn county solid waste landfill and be charged regular disposal fees. flood debri placed in separate piles near the curb. the city will collect these while there is still a lot of work to do - there is also a feeling of relief. 2 news reporter dora miller is in the time check neighborhood neighborhoodwhere residents are being reunited with their houses. more than two thousand people have returned home after days of uncertainty. we're in one
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neighborhood where the extent of water is drastically different than what they saw 8 years ago. we talked to some of the people returning home today, after being away for days not knowing what to expect when they came back. we're happy to report -- people seem happy around here and for good reason.some folks who were here in 2008 are just happy to be able to come back home again because all that preparation worked in their favor. 4:18:51 "this time we are very happy with our leadership out of city good. they were really on top of things and all the hall. they were really on top of things. and all the employees in this city did an outstanding job. they were very pleasant and really working hard. >> reporter: like we said earlier, lots of smiles around time check neighborhood. you mentioned the sandbags around the home -- we want to
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we saw people moving the earlier but the city is trying to find a contractor to move those out sedo have to worry about them. for now, we are in cedar rapids, dora miller. planners in cedar rapids are analyzing the success of the city's flood defenses. today, leaders took fox28 news through towards through parts of the time were different flood measures were mobilized. despite a few leaks, the barriers, sandbags, and sewer plugs appear to have been the best -- done the job. city leaders said their biggest fear camphor but they could >> we are feeling good about the above ground protection we were nervous about thinking if we got every storm sewer underneath the real rate tracks -- railway tracks. where were the storm sewer weaknesses.>> had any of the defenses failed, davisville -- tells us the system was set up in grades. that way if one section failed, it would not have inundated
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governor brandstad and other officials toured areas in vinton, pillow, and cedar rapids. right now, 20 counties are included in the governor disaster area. estimates show that $4.3 million in damage has been done which could make fema funds available for recovery efforts. 10 at 10 continues with another look at news across the corridor. friends in iowa city sent to help fight the flood. the city sent shipping containers full of barriers and 2000 sandbags. crews were also dispatched to butler county to help with flood impacted communities there. after 11 years of fostering diversity and inclusion initiatives in the corridor, the nonprofit -- nonprofit diversity focus is shutting them. the directors accepted testaments of resignation
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organization stressed the decision to close it has nothing to do the flood. they say the type of work divorce -- diversity focus to god was critical for quarter businesses to succeed. >> cedar rapids leaders have been given the green light for a $30 million we tell this is a collins road. the project will take over the former auto site in a portion reimburse more than 580- thousand dollars in taxes that is cbs 2 news ten at ten -- the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first ten minut. minutes.still to come... come...the community stepped up to help protect the city from the rising cedar - now stories in the first 10 minutes. now there is a song to tell the story about the flood. white one vocal band said it had to acumen i went helping iowans. the river is falling and so are the temperatures in eastern
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is the humidity really that high? >> at this hour of the night, that is not unusual so don't get too freaked out about that. >> my here. >> yes, i know.
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expected to be 92%. >> the dew point visit 60 -- 51. when the temperature in dew point, is the same, the humidity is 100%. that is how that works. inspects a little bit at night because during the day, yet the sunshine that drives the atmosphere a little bit go but there are a lot of factors that go into it, so don't get so caught up in it. we aren't talking about floods, so let's do it. >> it is 53 degrees out there right now with a 92% humidity and there is a went out of the north, northwest strong enough to create a little bit of a chill if you are out and about today. that coat will come in handy. earlier today, there were a few spits of rain around northeast iowa but not much. you can see on the readers that has all ended and all the showers remain well to the east of us so no issues there. we are getting clear skies to develop around eastern iowa and
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overnight. here is a look at today's highs and this was the coolest day of the fall season so far for many areas. only 61 into cora, 62 in dubuque and 64 in waterloo in cedar rapids. we had a lot of clouds around today and that is one of the reasons why it was so cool, no incoming solar radiation to warm things up. but clouds are starting to go over it with the stars around, looks like our temperatures will fall back into the 40s around eastern iowa and we are certainly well on is already down to 53 in dubuque and cedar rapids reporting 53. in monticello and tama tonight, temperatures at 55 degrees. >> this weather disturbance is what is bringing the cool air into the midwest. you can see the circulation around that. that is rotating winds in from the north and that is why we are seeing a drop of a temperatures and overall
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this thing is cut off from the main jet stream flow and when that happens, there's nothing to push it along. it will sit and spin around the ohio valley for several days to come. right now, the overall weather pattern is locked up and we don't the major changes or any major storms to impact the midwest. when i say plucked up, watch what happens to this pattern as we go through the next five days. you are looking at the jet stream and there is our upper air flow going to conduct -- to it will finally head back toward chicago and by sunday, is working its way up into canada as we finally get a kicker to move this along. from time to time, spokes of energy will bring clouds to eastern iowa and there is a slight chance in eastern -- a few showers developing friday or saturday but they look widely scattered. our model shows 7/100 of rain but i think that is probably too high. we will wait and see but the
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rain in the next few days will be well to the east of us. >> who will deal with clear skies" temperatures overnight. the lows will be in the mid-or upper 40s around eastern iowa. for tomorrow, more sunshine then today. mid to upper 60s in our northern and central counties and about 70 from iowa city to washington. with mostly sunny skies will become north winds. the long-range outlook has that slight chance best chance for shower on saturday. it will be the light side after that. we are still on the 60s on sunday but start a warming trend next week that will get temperatures in the mid-70s. our next chance of rain comes wednesday with scattered showers and thunderstorms. pretty good-looking forecast. next, the rising cedar did not dampen the spirit of iowa. a story -- the story behind a new them for cedar rapids
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in cedar rapids.police tell cbs 2 news - there is a report or a car in the right now we are following breaking news in cedar rapids. police tell us there is a report of a car in the water near j st. and hawkeye downs road, southwest. if you are familiar with that area, that is where perry creek is and perry creek always floods with the cedar floods when the waters rise. they did have barricades down
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hawkeye downs road. i don't know if this car tried to drive around the barriers but again, it is only a report at this time. we have a crew on the way to the scene. i can tell you that bowling street is flooded around -- along perry creek where don't park is. -- where jones park is. but a car is reported in the creek at j st. and hawkeye downturn. >> and a reminder that community during this recent flooding event. a new song is giving words to the unity we witnessed in our community during this recent flooding. >> local band, four star fate new anthem rise above has been shared on facebook more than 2000 times. kelly d'ambrosio has the story
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the band four star fate wrote rise above from personal experiences.bandmember jeff spent his weekend helping sandbag businesses in the newbo area. it was great to see the whole community kids adults teenagers alike from all walks of life were all helping out doing thier part to help sandbag all the businesses around there.alizabeth lives and works in the newbo area and had to evacuate. her studio is in the cherry building where inspiration for some of the song lyrics were bo. born.i hadn't even gone around and met everyone yet to see peoole lift boxes of mine and walking them up three flights of stairs and putting them in safe spot was really incredible. and i didn't even know their name. butt to: thats the reason for that lyric. i didn't even know your name. coming together and rising above we literally took
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building and brought it to the third floor. local videographer, robb merrit is behind many of the band's music videos. when they found out he had grabbed footage of the efforts, they asked him to put something together. we saw one version of it and we were like good to go! done that's awesome its perfect. the music video spread quickly . grabbed footage of the efforts, asked him to put something together. >> salt one version of the video and we thought that was it. >> reporter: the music video spread quickly online.[ music ] >> people were commenting and sharing it to their friends and their friends were pointing out that they were in the video or their parents were in the video. foundation. covering the corridor in cedar rapids. rapids.kelly d'ambrosio cbs2
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receiver matt vandeberg what done with a foot injury, the hawks offense has been sputtering. fortunately for them, the same can be said for northwestern. and they're both going to have to rely on the run... "they're gonna run the wildcat, they're gonna run
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different than what iowa wants to do... of course i think it will be more leshun this week because akrum will be needed in the passcatching game... hawks haven't really turned the ball over, but northwestern has. plus dumb penalties! the hawkeyes had i think four false starts last saturday. that can't happen in the big ten" on saturday, mark farley and the panthers open conference play against southern illinois -- now the salukis have put up at least thirty points in each of their three games -- vegas' odds favor the twelfth ranked panthers. but u-n-i has faces is odd -- vegas odds favor the panthers. and this is the worst -- missouri valley conference. >> what happened in the conference that is most notable right now is there are 4 bcs wins in our league. if you want to compete, it is a 12 month a year deal to
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to compete in any mvc gave. you want your best at the last and thus you have to take, if you will, to go into the fourth quarter and be better than you were the first. repack year 3 of the bond comiskey project at the iowa volleyball team went 10-2 in nonconference play followed by 2 losses on the road to start template. but back at the friendly confines of carver hawkeye arena tonight, opening point remind the turpentine, this is their house. in the first set, up 5/2 and three. 10 kills for the senior tonight as the hawks sweep for the first conference win of the season.
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we have an update to the breaking news we want to tell you about. our crew on the scene confirms we have a car in the water at prairie creek at j st. our crew on the scene confirms we have a car in the water at prairie creek at j st., southwest and hawkeye downs road. prairie creek is flooded. it overflowed its banks in many areas there but there is a car in the creek. it looks like there is a window broken out of the car and right now, public safety is putting a boat in the water the situation. >> we will have the very latest coming up on cbs 2 this morning and on our website, before we go ? >> the sun will be out tomorrow and we start out cool and in the upper 60s for what
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