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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  September 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CDT

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right now on cbs 2 this morning...some of the biggest debris found after the water starts to go down along the cedar river. the next steps while the city and county start to remove temporary flood protection. the local elected officials who told one presidential hopeful about cedar rapids battle with flood waters. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio.
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there are new details overnight - about a car found in prairie creek. creek.we broke they story on the cbs 2 news ten at ten last night.police tell us no one was inside when they arrived. arrived.first responders were puzzled -- they told our crew on scene that they called the owner of the vehicle -- who apprently didn't know their vehicle had been missing.the owner then reported it stolen. rescue crews used a raft to pull it out of prairie creek near j street and hawkeye
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in the water. in cedar rapids -- clean up efforts are well under way while the cedar river starts to slowly recede back to normal levels. levels.that still could take several days - but crews have already removed some hesco barriers - near the linn county jail and on second street downtown.more than 40- thousand feet of those temporary barriers were set up to protect low lying areas along the river. right now, the biggest question for many impacted by flood 2016 - when can people start going back to their homes and businesses? businesses?ci narrowed the evacuation zone - and of the six-thousand people evacuated- about 25-hundred are now being allowed to can find a map of the new boundaries on cbs 2 iowa dot com. all bridges that cross the cedar river downtown are still closed this morning.we're told they will reopen when all of those hesco barriers across the city are taken down and the bridges have been inspected. inspected.some people are going ahead and removing the thousands of sandbags placed all over the city.right now -
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asking residents to ?keep the bags at their property. the city and a private contractor will come and pick up the sandbags at no charge.if you don't want to wait for the pick up - you're asked to take the bags to the linn county solid waste ??will be charged regular disposal fees there. there.flood debris should be placed in separate piles near your curb.the city will collect these items for free as well.we have specific information on what will be picked up and to how to separate the debris.just go to our website - cbs 2 iowa dot com. now analyzing the success of the city's flood defenses. defenses.leaders took cbs 2 news on a tour through parts of town where different flood control measures were mobilized.despite a few leaks, the barriers, sandbags and sewer plugs appear to have done the job.those in charge of the plan say their biggest fear came from what they ?couldn't? see. "i think we were feeling pretty good about the above ground protection but really where our nerves were, did we
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coming underneath the railroad tracks, did we get every outlet to the river where were the storm sewer weaknesses." weaknesses."had any of the defenses failed, davis tells cbs 2 news the system was set up in grids.that way if one section failed it would not have inundated everyone on one side of the river. the state's top executive looked at flood damage in eastern iowa. iowa.on wednesday -- governor terry branstad visited vinton -- palo and cedar rapids with the lieutenant governor -- members of the iowa national guard.the governor says he has seen how much iowans learned from 2008 and said he was impressed by the way everyone has pulled together. governor terry branstad: it makes me proud to be an iowan. it makes me proud of cedar rapids and the way people here have governor kim reynolds: first of all, again, i saw how resillient iowans are and how the coordination, the collaboration, the ability to take lessons learned from 2008 and actually execute the plan planif damage estimates are
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dollars -- the governor could request a presidential declaration.that could make fema money available for recovery efforts. friends to the south in iowa city sent supplies north to cedar rapids to help fight flood 2016.the city sent shipping containers filled with hesco barriers and three thousand sandbags were sent to help protect the city from the cedar river.crews were dispatched to butler county to help with flood-impacted communities there. meanwhile - life is now slowly starting to return to normal in benton county countya n now you can see here, they include the 22-nd avenue trail and highway 150- bridges in vinton.also open, 32nd avenue south in urbana, the benton-buchanan road and the brandon bridge.a number of street ?closures are still in effect - you can find complete list on cbs 2 iowa dot com.the salvation army will also be in vinton to help with the clean up efforts there.tomorrow - clean up kits will be available near the south side of the benton county court house.
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clean up efforts there.the army will have clean up kits available near the south side of the benton county courthouse. cedar rapids police now say a shooting that claimed the life of a 13-year-old girl this week - was 100-percent pre. preventable.ireshia parks was killed tuesday -- and now another 13-year-old is been charged with involuntary mansla. manslaughter.two other suspects were taken into custody -- a 15-year-old and 18-year-old d'quon morrow were both with the shooter and ran away from responding police chief wayne jerman says the shooting was an accident -- and that there was no dispute before it.he says there's no reason for kids to have hand-guns in the first place and urges gun-owners to secure them responsibly. in just a little more than one years time we have seen three of our young people three of our children of our community die as the result of firearm violence. right now -- the gun used the
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was found.police say if you happen to find a handgun -- call police immediately -- and do not touch it so it. a school shooting suspect in south carolina is now behind bars - -police believe he shot and killed his father and then went to an elementary school and shot three other people. people.two 6-year-old boys and a female teacher were injured - two have been released from the hospital but one student remains in the hospital in critical condition this morning.the shooting happened at yesterday afternoon in town-ville.classes at the school have been canceled for the rest of the week. at the capitol -- congress has passed a bill billkeeping the government open through december 9-th -- while handing over more than a billion dollars in funding to battle the zika virus. virus.the votes came after congressional leaders broke through a disagreement on how to help flint, michigan deal with its water crisis.they plan to get the city funding later this year. also at the capitol - for the first time in his presidency - congress has voted to override one of president obama's vetoes.
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to sue saudi arabia.some say the saudi government provided assistance and funding for the terrorists behind the attacks in 2001.the president says the bill would allow foreign governments to sue the u-s for counter-terrorism efforts. saudi arabia is threatening to pull billions of dollars from the u-s economy. days after a heated debate - the democratic nominee for president will be returning to the state of iowa. -- hillary clinton will speak in downtown des moines at the cowles common center -- near the des moines open at is free -- but you need to r-s-v-p through the clinton webiste. we've placed that information on cbs 2 iowa dot com. local leaders briefed hillary clinton by phone on wednesday about flood 20-16.linn county supervisor ben rogers says he would advocate for changes in how the federal government funds flood says if clinton wins the election -- he wants her to submit a budget that would
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rapids. republican nominee donald trump stopped in western iowa last night in council bluffs. he's made several trips to the state since he secured his party's nomination.this event was one of the first since his debate on monday with hillary clinton. it's and right now in it's degrees. degrees.just ahead...the latest updates to the evacuation zone in cedar rapids -- letting some people back into their homes. your cbs 2 weather first forecast we have...
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main weather- your planner shows what's ahead for the next hoursa&- now a live look outside courtesy of our weatherfirst skycama&- a bit of fog in the area this morninga&-temperatures around the areaa&- taking a look at regional temperatures we see highs are mild all around iowa - the regional satellite/radar is keeping conditions quiet - let's move ahead in time by taking a look at the midwest surface mapa&- moving into a closer view with our 'predictor' forecast we see mainly quiet conditions - today's forecast features clear skies & cooler temperatures- tonight's forecast has us looking for mainly clear & chilly conditions- the next three days show more dry and cool weather- our 7 day forecast does bring more cool weather
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a follow up story now - a maryland bus driver was honored again - for saving the lives of the 20 students on her bus. bus.just more than two weeks ago -- the bus she was driving burst in to flames -- this is dash cam viceo from a police ca. car.amy aubert was at the special assembly that was held in assembly that special was at the amy aubert amy aubert was at the special assembly that was held in the driver's h.
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glenarden woods elementary school in lanham on wednesday... she never imagined... she'd walk into ?this?(nats, drums, trumpet, cheering)the prince george's county bus driver... being called a hero.?dave zahren, television specialist?"even though she says, 'i'm not a hero. i'm not a hero. i was just doing my job.' she said, 'i was really just being a mom.'" when the school bus caught on fire... she saved the 20 kids on board...?jordan richard, 5th grader?"the tragic thing was, the thing was in flames and it could've exploded.""to make doubley sure she had gotten each and every one of them, renita went back into that burning bus. imagine that."those 20 students... 20 smiles... saying 'thank you' to their hero.?lai tung, parent?"i was in tears when i saw him come back, i was like, 'my god! my baby! you're home!'"?amy aubert, lanham, md? "each of the more than 300 kids held up a 'thank you'
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driver."a celebration honoring a bus driver who goes above and beyond.?renita smith, bus driver?"i promise i didn't do it for this. i did it because that's what i am supposed to do. i'm a mommy. and mommys look out for her babies."a mom... that day... she says... to 20 more. it's now on this morning. morning.and if you're in it's degrees. degrees.after the break...the biggest challenge for iowa after losing one of their biggest wide recievers. recievers. cha' doin?
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i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either. welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your??????? your??????? here's a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories -- on this morning... after 11 years of fostering diversity and inclusion initiatives in the corridor the non-profit diversity focus is shutting down. the board of directors accepted president chad simmons' resignation earlier this week.
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nothing to do with the flood. they tell cbs 2 news the type of work diversity focus took on is critical for corridor businesses to succeed. a burglay took advantage of the recent flooding of the cedar river in waterloo.the cedar falls-waterloo courier reports that someone stole equipment from river-frint stadium sometime between last friday and when employees discovered the break-in on tuesday miorning.a t-v, a radar gun, camera and i-pad were all taken from the stadiu on capitol hill -- an amendment trying to speed up efforts to get cedar rapids ?permanent? flood defenses moved forward.the measure was submitted by first district congressman rod blum.if it's signed into law -- the republican's amendment would order the army corps of engineers to make the cedar rapids flood project a top priority.the corps is still researching the plan to protect the east side of the river.right now -- state funds over the next 20 years will pay for protection on the west side.
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mattt vandeberg went down with a foot injury -- the hawks' offense has been sputtering -- fortunately for them -- the same can be said for northwestern...the 'cats have weapons in all-conference studs? justin jackson and austin carr -- but they've also coughed the ball up six times through four games -- and like iowa, they've been tagged for their fair share of penalties.... so --they're both sputtering -- and they're both going to have to rely on the run... run... wildcat, they're gonna run some pistol. but they're gonna wanna feature jackson. no different than what iowa wants to do... of course i think it will be more leshun this week because akrum will be needed in the passcatching game... hawks haven't really turned the ball over, but northwestern has. plus dumb penalties! the hawkeyes had i think four false starts last saturday. that can't happen in the big ten"and don't forget to catch "i on the hawks" this and every thursday at 6:30 on
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on saturday, mark farley and the panthers open conference play against southern illinois -- now the salukis have put up at least thirty points in each of their three games -- vegas' odds favor the twelfth ranked panthers. but u-n-i has struggled in the fourth quarter of late -- and this is? the missouri valley confernece... "but what happened in the conference that's most noticeable right now is there's four b-c-s wins in our league... you wanna compete -- it's a tweleve month a yea deal to compete in this league.... that fourth quarter is ultimately the key to the game in any m-v-c game... you want your best at the last and thus you have to have the tank if you will to go into the fourth quarter and be better than you were in the first." hy-vee classic times finalized today -- iowa and u-n-i tip off at 3:30 on e- s-p-n three -- with drake and iowa state to follow at six -- all the action will be held at the wells fargo center in des moines on december 17th...year
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project started with a bang as the iowa volleyball team went ten-and-two in non-conference play... followed by two losses on the road to start big ten play.... but!back at the friendly confines of carver hawkeye arena tonight.... opening point, jess janota reminding the terps that this -- is her house -- hawks on the board....still first set, up 5-3 -- ashley mariani smokes one --10 kills for the senior tonight -- hawks sweep for their first conference of the season.... cbs-2 news connects with the us with your story tips at 1-800-222-kganor email us at news at cbs2iowa.comor connect with us
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need to pass a kidney stone? ride a roller coaster. coaster.a new study published in the journal of the american osteopathic association says the bump and jolt of a roller coaster may knock small kidney stones right through your system. a surgeon behind the research tested the idea after a patient said she passed three kidney stones while riding an orlando, florida, coaster. good morning again -- it's now right now it's degrees in
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written about cedar rapids that you can download right now.'re watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the changes to cedar rapids' evacuation zone that's letting some people back into their homes. the latest sexual assault at the university of iowa -- right after rolling out a new plan to keep students safe. the brand new song inspired by cedar rapids rising above the flood. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio.
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check of our cbs 2 weather
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the long road back to normal has taken a big step forward. forward.right now -- thousands of people in cedar rapids are returning home after an major flood. flood.but after days of hard work and planning, most parts of the city stayed is a relief to the thousands told to leave for fear that the water could breach temporary flood defenses. and those who did evacuate - are very happy to return to their homes. 2 news reporter stephanie johnson is live right now - in the area that's now back open to residents. residents.that's right guys - many people in this neighborhood left last weekend
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their homes - but this morning - some are waking up in thier own beds. 2 news caught up with some of those residents - who were out of their homes for days - not knowing what to expect when they came back. some people who also experienced flooding in the time check neighborhood in 2008 - are just excited to be home.they told us all that preparation seemed to work in their favor. "we didn't get the flood but hey, that's good. i mean now we're going to do some house cleaning so there's furniture in there and clean carpets and do that sort of thing. even though we went through all that work and the flood didn't come, hey that's what we wanted" wanted."now if you used sandbags to protect your home - you can leave them on your property - and the city will pick them up for free. free.and for the thousands who are not back at home, the city
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patient. covering the corridor in cedar rapids stephanie johnson cbs 2 news. for the thousands of homeowners -- --who ?are able to get back home -- there are some things you need to keep in mind. be sure to check for any standing water in your basements or drains. if you find some near any outlets or wires -- call your utilities provider right away and get the electricity turned off. a licensed contractor has to come in and repair any you can verify if your contractor is licensed by calling the number on your screen. before you turn the lights back on -- have the city inspect the area to make sure it's safe. another danger to keep in mind is carbon monoxide poisoning. some generators, stoves, water heaters, and other gas powered equipment could release toxic fumes if they're not properly maintained. carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that can kill.when you go back
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your pilot lights are lit. if you have a generator - public health officials remind you to keep it outside. just days after the university of iowa unveiled a new plan to prevent sexual assault a person reported an assault at a fraternity house. the report says a group of friends showed up at the fraternity house over the weekend but got separated. that's when the victim says the attack happened.last wednesday, university president bruce harreld revealed a new two-year plan to combat the issue which has become a ?major concern on more on that plan, head to our website, cbs 2 iowa dot com. the n-f-l is back on cbs 2 tonight -- while two struggling a-f-c teams are looking to right the ship. ship.tonight -- the miami dolphins will travel to face the cincinatti bengals.both teams are sitting at 1-and-2 -- it's the bengals worst start to the season in five years.n-f-l analyst boomer esiason says this is an important game for his former team -- the cincinnati bengals. cincinatti needs this one desperately, it's in their building. you can't be losing
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your building if you want to go to the playoffs. the fact of the matter is cincinatti has not played well on offensively either so i think this is going to be a mid-20 something type game where both teams will have a chance to win it in th fourth quarter. quarter.the game starts at 7-30 right here on cbs 2. coverage follows the cbs 2 news at six. before the n-f-l game actually kicks off -- tune in to our sister station fox 28 for an in-depth look at this week's homecoming game in iowa city. cbs 2 sports zach hanley with catch up with gazette writers mike hlas and marc moorehouse on all things iowa football."i on the hawks" starts at 6-thirty on fox 28. a new song is giving words to the unity we've seen in the cedar rapids community during the past week -- while people near and far came together to fight a common foe. of this morning, local band, "four star fate's" new anthem "rise above" has been shared on facebook more than 21-hundred times!we featured
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here's the story behind the son. song. before the flood of 2016 hit, the community linked arms in solidarity to prepare the city and now there's a song to tell the story. the band four star fate wrote rise above from personal spent his weekend helping sandbag businesses in the newbo area. it was great to see the whole community kids adults teenagers alike from all walks of life were all helping out doing thier part to help sandbag all the businesses around there.alizabeth lives and works in the newbo area and had to evacuate. her studio is in the cherry building where inspiration for some of the song lyrics were bo. born.i hadn't even gone around and met everyone yet to see peoole lift boxes of mine and walking them up three flights of stairs and putting them in
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incredible. and i didn't even know their name. butt to: thats the reason for that lyric. i didn't even know your name. coming together and rising above we literally took everything from the cherry building and brought it to the third floor. local videographer, robb merrit is behind many of the band's music videos. when they found out he had grabbed footage of the efforts, they asked him to put something together. we were like good to go! done that's awesome its perfect. the music video spread quickly . online.people were sharing it to ther friends and their friends were pointing out they were in the video or their parents were in the video they were like we're in a rock video its cool! four star fate's new flood anthem "rise above" is now available for purchase. 100 percent of the proceeds are going to the greater cedar rapids foundation. covering the
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it's and right now in it's degrees. degrees.after the break...the massiv emistake during one of the biggest moments of one couple's lives. your cbs 2 weather first forecast we have...
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you may have seen this story floating around social media - a yankees fan almost made a terrible error in the stands. stands.and it was caught on television earlier this week.
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botched a he almost alex denis how he almost botched a marriage proposal. proposal. after only 8 months of dating, drew fox knew heather terwilliger was "the one" and got to work arranging the perfect proposal disguised as a birthday surprise. ((sot)) 5:56 :25 " i remember she said she always wanted to go to a yankees game in nyc. (but to) 5:56:40. "i searched for yankees marriage proposal and it came up first thing". ((track))clueless, heather never suspected the trip to the dimond would end with her wearing one. ((sot))5:57:44 " th of was that he was going to put on the board "happy birthday heather" i had no idea he was going to propose! ((alex stand up))everything was going according to plan. drew would ask heather to marry him in the fifth inning. so-with plenty of time to spare- he did what guys do best- and got something to eat. ((sot))5:58:29 "i lookup at the game. there is one out at the top of the fifth. there could be two outs quickly. i said we have to get back to our seats. she had no idea we had just waited 20 min. (her) we were the next in line" ((track))rushing to their section, the couple made it
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faces on the big screen. ((sot))5:59:38 i start pulling out the ring as i'm bending down on one knee. i open up the ring box. and it just instantly fell. ((nats)) we're you able to pop the question? ((sot))6:00:17 "no i didn't." ((sot)) 6:01:22 " he's like i dropped the ring. i was like no"((track))the couple, and everyone around them frantically started searching for the rose gold stunner. ((sot))6:01:34 "they were like shake out your jacket. look the the fries" ((track)) panicked he'd lost the game, drew started to cry. but, his teammate came in with a it was in the bottom of my jeans in the cuff" ((6:01:58 nays))did you finally ask her to marry you? ((sot))6:"1:58 of course (but to) 6:02:09 i got down on one knee again and proposed to her. ((track))the stadium erupted in cheers as andrew finally slipped the ring on heathers finger thankfully he didn't strike
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it's and you're watching cbs 2 this morning... morning...and if you're in it's degrees. degrees.still to come...the overwhelng a bill directly affecting september 11th victims'
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disney is remaking the lion kin! king!the studio's official twitter account made the announcment on wednesday. wednesday.disney says the studio will reimagine the lion king in a way similar to the jungle book that debuted in april.walt disney studios said
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it's right now it's degrees in after the break...the eastern iowa destination you can out to while the leaves change in fall. your cbs 2 weather first forecast we have...
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the beginning of fall marks some of the best weather for day -trips and get-aways all year long. but a growing number of people are leaving the cars at home - this morning - cbs 2 news anchor matt hammill wraps up our road trippin adventure in anamosa... on two wheels. wheels. nats " varoom - varoooom - varooooom . " they look like they could go back out on the open road tomorrow showrooms filled with the most iconic names in
5:55 am
davidson - curtiss - indian - - and everything in between - gleemingat the national motorcycle museum. john - (( 5:34:21 )) " if you build it they will come .. sort of famous for iowa, but that's what we did. "john moved the museum from sturgus 16 years ago - knowing he could keep the shiny side up amid anamosa's long history of motorcycle - riding - racing - and hill climbing, tens of thousands of visitors - now come to see than four hundred bikes.john (( 5:37:31 )) " you know, older people who remember when they were a kid or when they were younger and had one .. (( 5:37:42 )) ... it's fun to watch and listen to them talk about it. " along side an old school shell station - - where the attendant actually pumped your gas - and a harley shop - showing off some of the rich riding past john admits he's completely addicted to vintage cycles ,john - (( 5:38:37 )) " we call it the best of the best .. which is mainly
5:56 am
they're shiny like a new penny but beautiful pieces of art really. " master pieces indeed - some of the most incredible bikes on the planet - making real deal riders stare in this 1913 sears deluxe - - a 1906 curtiss twin with aviation frame - - - - and this sparkling blue 1923 ace four cylinder - that headson the street even today. add some scooters for fun - and - some really rare rides .nat john - (( 5:39:52)) " well they're birght orange .. haha " they have seven of the surviving flying merkels - orignally made in milwaukee in the early 1900s.some worth as much as a beautiful new house. but others come looking for ape hangers and the most iconic motorcycle ever.bill (( 5:52:50 )) " this is the easy rider bike .. it's
5:57 am
copy of the original. "bill barber says the 1969 captain america chopper ridden by peter fonda - still represents freedom.the bike crashed at the end of the movie was re-built and here for years before it was sold - for one point three million. bill barber - national motorcycle museum - (( 5:54:04 )) " we have people from all over the world, it's just kind of a (( 5:25:52 biker dude taking (( 5:25:52 ke close look at bike )) hidden treasure in iowa most people don't know it's here. "(( 5:56:43 old pics racers )) nats racing ?? ch?v=ff9zfsigr3y (( 3:14 into clip )) " varoooooom varoooooooom " the same for these guys - - racing back in the day at frontier park - now hawkeye downs.the museum created an exact replica of a board track - used around 1910 - and not for the faint of heart.john - (( 5:43:11 )) " close to one hundred miles an hour .. no brakes and it was a dare devil type deal. " - you might not expect to find x-rays at the motorcycle museum - - but can you guess who was held together with screws - pins and wires. the goal is to have something here your grandpa
5:58 am
women were not just along for the ride - as pioneers they were seeking the wind in their hair too part of a huge celebration of a lifestyle that tells the story of motorcycle riding from the beginning - and does it better than anyone else. john - (( 5:41:33 )) " the big thing about out museum is we have the memorabilia that came with it .. (( 5:42:11)) ... that's what separates us from the rest of the museums. "nat cycles out front of museum (( 5:57:23 )) " varoooooooom varoooooooom anamosa - i'm matt hammill you can find all of matt's road trippin' adventures on our website -cbs 2- iowa-dot-com. next monday - he will take you to the bridges of madison county. if you're just getting up, good morning -- it's now right now it's degrees in coming up next...the latest information about a deadly
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this morning -- covering the corridor. i'm chuck grassley, and i approve this message. in twenty-three years, chuck grassley hasn't missed a single vote. in just six years, senator patty judge missed a hundred and eighty-two votes. state fair board member judge missed seventy-six percent of their meetings.
6:00 am
patty judge a ?habitual no show.? grassley works. judge? mmmm, not so much. right now on cbs 2 this morning...some of the biggest debris found aft right now we have some of the biggest abrade down after the water starts to go down along the cedar river.


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