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tv   CBS2 News Live at 5  CBS  October 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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right now, live at five,after years of planning - a corridor mayor now has a green light on right now on live at five of -- on live at five, there's a green light on the capstone project. first, we're talking about hurricane matthew that is bearing down on florida. i want to show you a live look from west palm beach as the storm approaches. hurricane winds have the bahamas today. up to 125 miles per hour and at least 27 people are dead from the storm in the caribbean. forecasters predict that matthew may become a category 5 before hitting florida tonight. it is expected to be the strongest hurricane to hit eastern florida since hurricane andrew back in 1992. 65 people were killed in that one. that one was a category five. let's go to meteorologist
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matthew.>> you are actually from florida and you have perspective.>> this is the first time that a major hurricane -- hurt the state in 11 years. the last one was wilma that impacted southeast florida. this one will have impact because it will continue up the east coast. it is going to move closer to florida through the evening and through the night tonight and it is going to maintain its strength as a category 4 and a possibly category 3 hurricane through tomorrow. it is going to continue up many coastal communities with big population areas. there have been a lot of evacuations. because it moves up the coast, there will be impact from storm surge and strong wind over the next 24-36 hours.
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iowa. we will have showers and storms tonight ongoing in parts of central iowa. the risk is a long and south of highway 20. mainly for strong winds that could accompany thunderstorms later this evening. that starts to ramp up after 7:00 tonight. we will have widely scattered showers and thunderstorms, some of which could be strong. they will continue east through the night and we will gradually dry out after midnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. behind all of these storms actually comes cooler weather. i the temperatures will get in your full weather first forecast in just a bit. details on the deadly new jersey train track -- crash. investigators say the train was going twice the speed limit before the crash. they also say that the engineer hit the brakes moments before impact. the train crashed last week killing one woman and injuring more than 100 other people. flood 2016 has passed, but
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felt regardless if they took on water. how it is hurting family budgets. jo.>> reporter: the water never reached many homes, but the flood has caused financial damage for families and individuals already on a type budget. as people prepared for the worst , they faced lots of costs that they did not plan for such as moving vans and trailers and disconnecting and reconnecting ap work. the costs can add up quickly and leave people scrambling to make ends meet. area nonprofits are preparing to meet a higher level of need when demand is already high at this time of year.>> this is different from the last flood that happened in the summertime. this is the time of year when the holiday season is just around the corner and people are starting to think more about that. coming up at 6:00, we will tell you how long
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covering the corridor or and cedar rapids, joe huisinga , cbs 2 news, live at five . a new transit program for north liberty. mellaney moore is live to tell us about the way people can now get around town.>> reporter: this station is just one stop on the bus route and it's also an example of how the service will connect people to community. transit has been anita north liberty for years. this afternoon the program got final approval. from 10 a clock-2:00, everybody can get on and ride between two and 6:00 -- and right between the two stops. you can order a direct pickup for two dollars. there are discounts available if you are on medicare at -- or medicaid. >> i think this will mean that residents will be able to get
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more people will be able to live in north liberty that have wanted to live in north liberty because they were transit dependent.>> -- >> reporter: bus service is expected to start next week. we'll have more on our website at covering the corridor, mellaney moore, cbs 2 news members will be talking about the student survey cbs 2 semester telling district leaders what they experienced in their school district them -- environment. there were three focus areas that the district is now working on. teacher and mental relationships. creating a more inclusive community and a disciplinary environment. they will make resident -- wreck -- make recommendations to the board in december.
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lights to show national breast cancer awareness month. we will show you a live look starting at five-30 - so about 25-minutes from is first come first served. also - by showing up and wearing pink, a two-dollar donation will be given to the especially for you fund. hy-vee is breaking into yet another market, the grocery chain is now adding "fashion boutique" to it's letter head. the first foray into store in des moines. the practice of clothing boutiques in large stores like hy-vee is common in european cities.and a change up isn't really something new to the hy-vee brand which has opened fitness centers and bars in some stores. hy-vee is targeting millenial moms with busy lifestyles. a new fellowship from stanford will pay for you to go to school - with one have to promise you'll come back to the midwest after you
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news statehouse reporter steffi lee explains what kind of impact it can have on this growing region. region. nat pop carsat men's style lab in downtown des moinessot: derian baugh, founder & ceo - men's style lab 22:46:07:22 "basically we make it possible for men to look great without having to go to the mall to go shopping."every clothing item on the racks and hangers is all about style.the business runs on a simple concept - enter your sizes online or have an in-store appointment.a stylist either helps you shop - or ships you a custom outfit. ceo - men's style lab 22:54:30:22 "they simply keep what they love and send back what they don't and only pay for the items they keep afterwards."almost three years later - sot: derian baugh, founder & ceo - men's style lab 22:46::41:07 "now we're at a point where we send clothes to guys all over the country -- the majority of our customers come from california and new york and everywhere in between."the company's reach - shows it's not impossible to find success in the midwest. sot: derian baugh, founder & ceo - 22:50:56:14 "you can do a lot with a little here in between.>> reporter: the company's reach shows that it is not impossible to find
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12-15 years ago, that was one of the state's biggest concerns. governors in the past have said, we have to figure out a way to keep young people here. >> reporter: that's the idea but -- behind the stanford university fellowship. starting this year, three students can attend school for free. in order to apply for the fellowship, you must have a connection to iowa or any of these states in the midwest. after graduating, they are required to start or work f grow in this business. -- to growth in this region. >> it would not surprise me at all if the population here doubles or triples in the coming years because people discover how to great -- upgrade it is to have a family in the midwest.>> reporter: in
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news. we are going to have nice weather and you will feel it when you step out the door tomorrow. however, we will have to get through some showers first. a strong frontal system is moving through the -- the
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dawn to dusk. chuck works. tomorrow on cbs 2...after a i'm chuck grassley, and i approve this message. baby is born -- one of the most important times is skin-to-skin contact with its p. parents.learn about the itemized bill showing it cost one father 40-dollars to hold his newborn.tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning. back now in the weather center with meteorologist rebecca kopelman. we have a specially for you run/walk on saturday and sunday . >> we have a potential for storms tonight, but really nice weather is coming. like, you have to pull out the
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boot season. >> we have to get through the rain first in and we'll have beautiful fall weather on the way. it is all behind the storm system. we have storms on going in parts of western in central iowa. we have had clouds overhead and there are peaks of sunshine in western iowa. the atmosphere is not stable enough for the storms to keep going. it will be the main cold front along the western iowa order. storms and we do have potential for some of the storms to be on the strong side. the storm prediction center and the risk is low for the overall storms. there could be some stronger storms with strong gusty wind and possibly small
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risk goes down in southwest iowa and down into kansas and parts of missouri where there is a tornado watch right now. there have been confirmed tornadoes in parts of kansas this afternoon. for us, we will see the rain move in after 7:00. by 7:00 it will enter the western counties and move through. once again, some storms could produce strong wind that could potentially get up to 50 miles per hour or so as they move through. they will continue through the overnight hours. we will gradually start to clear out and try out by morning. by the morning commute on friday, the cloud start to plenty of clear, sunny skies through the afternoon on friday and into saturday. it is all because of this big storm system that is producing a couple of things right now. we have rain and thunderstorms ongoing in parts of iowa. down to the south, we have tornadoes and as i mentioned, we have tornado warnings and parts of kansas and nebraska. some places are even experiencing snow right now.
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midwesterners, but for me from florida, this is kind of unusual. this is indicating that we have cold air moving in. if -- we are not expecting snow here, but cool air is moving in behind the system. cool air will move in and stay in overhead through the weekend. we will have some really nice conditions with temperatures already starting to drop in parts of the midwest. we have had warm temperatures this afternoon, it has been kind of on the warm side close to 70 degrees. out to the west, temperatures have dropped 15-30 degrees in the last 24 hours. that is indicating the cool air that is on the way. you will feel it and by morning we will have the storms to get through tonight. they will clear out and temperatures will fall to lows in the 40s. tomorrow afternoon we are going to see sunshine as the day goes on and the highs will only
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some areas may even be in the 50s in the afternoon. that nice weather continues to the weekend and we will have plenty of sunshine on saturday and sunday. high temperatures in the 60s and just below 70 degrees. friday night be a cold one with temperatures in the 30s across eastern iowa. then as we head to the work week, 70s once again. overall, f volleyball team has a unique assistant coach literally barking orders from the sidelines. we will introduce you to walker winstin. now let's look outside at the cedar rapids skyline. it's looking good now, but you may need an umbrella later tonight. we will have more when the news continues right here on cbs 2.
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traditionally volleyball doesn't have cheerleaders on the sidelines.but a junior high school in north liberty 2 news anchor kelly d'ambrosio explains the extra spi traditionally volleyball does not have cheerleaders on the sidelines. but north liberty there is extra spirit in today's be on the books.>> reporter: walter winstin is not a traditional cheerleader. he is trading pom-poms for a wet retail. attacks.he's one of the reasons that helps me keep going.the french bulldog is such a big help to her, she thought she'd start bringing him along to practice so he could help relieve stress in the players. players. i've seen them go from being really stressed is such a big help to her that she thought she would bring him along to practice to help relieve the stress of players. >> i have seen them going from
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getting the goals they want right away to the stress just going away.>> he reduces my stress it makes me more happy in the morning.>> reporter: walter helps when she is facing a taste and -- a test later in the day. >> walter winstin.>> he accepts everybody just as they are. it is a lesson we can learn from walter. he is also top of players to believe in themselves. >> i tell them to be like walter when it comes to the wall. to be like that and instruct -- and trust his instincts. i don't ever see him doubting himself. >> reporter: this little doggie is captivated by volleyball it never takes his eyes off the court. >> he watches the ball and it shows us to keep our eye on the ball like walter does. >> he gets excited when he sees the girls play. he is over there and most of
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other times, i want to get to the ball and you can get to that ball. >> reporter: you can follow him on instagram.>> he is a little dose of happiness.>> reporter: she says he is against -- an example of perseverance. he is taught her to live in the moment and never give up. >> it's hard not to smile when you look at him. especially the wrinkles.>> reporter: tiki 12.>> he does have an instagram account in if you would like -- cbs 2 news .>> he does have an instagram account and if you would like to follow him, you can find it on we will have the forecast
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vernon: i'm monica vernon, and i approve this message. congressman blum's smear campaign -- the truth -- monica vernon donated every pay raise to charity and helped build a homeless shelter for women and children, but multi-millionaire blum promised he'd take only half his salary. then in congress, blum broke his word and kept all the pay. now he wants to cut social security and raise the retirement age.
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the cbs evening news is next tonight on the cbs evening news. power pole matthew is coming ashore. we have correspondents up-and- down the southeast coast and we
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hurricane to hit this part of america in 10 years. that is tonight on the cbs evening news. before we go, kentucky woman got the wedding party of her dreams this past weekend. she is a special education teacher that works with children with down syndrome. when she was getting married, she said the wedding would not be complete without her students. she was able to expand the wedding party, as you saw, and get >> these may be some of the cutest wedding pictures of all time. did you see them all dressed up? they are so adorable.>> and they came down the aisle with ricin flowers. absolutely adorable. let's talk about your -- our weather with the race on sunday and other activities. tonight is going to be a little bumpy out there, but by the
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showers and thunderstorms will move into eastern iowa after about 7:00. four cedar rapids i think it will -- it will be closer to tama by 7:00. by 7:00 in the morning, we will have rain in the by the morning commute, the rain will let up and we will have clouds. clear skies all the way through friday and saturday and the temperatures tomorrow in the afternoon will only get up 63.>> per -- brrr. thank you rebecca. we will be back here for live
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: a killer off the coast. powerful hurricane matthew approaches the eastern shores of florida. >> you need to leave now. so if you're in an evacuation zone, get out. >> pelley: waters are rising. the wind is how long. the rain is c four states order evacuations gee, i live right by water, so i'm leaving. >> pelley: streets and airports empty out. shelters are filling up as the storm that left more than 100 dead in the caribbean approacheses the southeastern united states, forecasters make a dire prediction. >> this could be not only a very expensive hurricane, but a very deadly hurricane.


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