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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  October 14, 2016 12:52am-1:22am CDT

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? i wish more than anything ? more than the moon i wish ? more than life i wish we had a child ? i want a child ? ? >> cut. >> james: dude, we crushed that! >> john: we nailed it! >> okay, james, take five. and john, can i have a word? >> john: great job. great job. yeah. >> hey, john, listen, you're married to emily blunt, right? >> john: yeah, yeah, definitely. >> can we get >> john: whoa, easy. ( laughter ) >> yeah, we just think she'd be perfect for this. ( laughter ) >> james: sadly, all great partnerships, they come to an end. hall and oates. simon, garfunkel. george michael. >> john: all right, i think we got it. >> james: ultimately, the truth is this: our time together has made us stronger as individuals.
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>> james: and this individual just landed his first big movie! meryl streep, johnny depp, anna kendrick. this is hugely exciting-- >> john: it's for a musical. >> james: and this is only the beginning for me. like, it's just going to be movie, movie, movie. now, tv, firmly in the rearview mirror. thank god. you're never going to see me-- you won't see this on that tiny annoying box again. no way, oh god, i'm not going back there! i am sorry for you, though. i am. i'm sorry for you. >> john: looks like waiting tables-- again. ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) >> james: huge thanks to john krasinski, we love him. stick around. we'll be right back with john, jimmy butler and adam pally. come on back!
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coming up on "look! famous people!" we catch flo, the progressive girl, at the supermarket buying cheese. scandal alert! flo likes dairy?! woman: busted! [ laughter ] right afterwards we caught her riding shotgun with a mystery man. oh, yeah! [ indistinct shouting ] is this your chauffeur? what?! no, i was just showing him how easy it is to save with snapshot from progressive. you just plug it in and it gives you a rate based on your driving. [ light laughter ] laugh bigger. [ laughter ] [?diggy? by spencer ludwig]
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( band playing ) ( applause )
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now, let's meet our guests tonight. he directed and starred in the new film "the hollars," please welcome john krasinski! ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) >> james: he stars in the upcoming fox sitcom "making history," and the new film "joshy," it's adam pally! ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) >> jameshe medal winner and n.b.a. all- star, it's jimmy butler! ( cheers and applause )
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>> james: oh, wow! look at that. that is so kind of you to give me that. no one's ever given me-- >> no, no, no! >> james: --a gift like this on the show before. >> it's not a gift! >> james: i appreciate it. it's so kind. >> don't-- >> james: thank you for being here. >> don't put it in your desk. >> james: that's amazing. thanks, guys. thanks for being here. >> you jt like donald trump won that purple heart. >> james: whooo! and it was way easier. >> it's not yours! >> james: it's not mine, i know. thank you for being here, jimmy. >> of course. >> james: and i want to show you something you haven't seen. you haven't seen this. >> i haven't seen this. >> james: look at this. jimmy is on the cover of the cornflakes box! ( cheers and applause ) >> i had not seen that. >> that's amazing. >> would you say i look good there? >> i think you look fantastic. >> james: you look incredible.
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>> yeah, better-- i think you look better there than do you now. ( laughter ) >> james: wow, he gives with one hand and takes with the other. >> i mean, it's just, it's football jerseys. football jerseys are so hard to pull off, without-- >> i should roll my sleeves up, so you can see my muscles. >> --even then, you know, a casual football jersey is tough. >> you know who, this is antonio brown-- >> i know it's antonio brown. and you're like a gold medal athlete, much respect. you still kind of look fat. ( laughter ) no, it's true! i mean, krasinski? don't run away from me, krasinski! >> the bottom two abs, just the bottom two. >> that what i'm saying! look, he's jacked, he's jacked, but like, the football jersey without pads, it's like, you know. >> i feel like this bit ends with him taking his shirt off and us looking like idiots. ( laughter ) >> hey, man, whatever it takes. >> i won't do that to you. >> james: but, you two guys, you're both big basketball players. we have a picture. this is, this is you, john. what age are you here? look at that. >> that is me at 35. ( laughter ) >> james: were you any good? you look like you 'd have been good. >> do i look like i'm good?
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i was saying that because-- >> it looks like i'm wearing a parachute. >> james: i'm saying it because you're tall. >> no, i was decent. my brothers-- i'm the runt in my family. >> james: right. >> my brothers are 6'8" and 6'9". so, i was not as good as them. >> why is that picture in black and white? that's all i'm saying. ( laughter ) >> ah, i don't know, because i like art? i mean, come on. >> yeah, art, or you're old. >> sorry you're on a cereal box, but real art looks like that. okay? >> you got me. >> james: adam, but still play! you play in a pickup game, right? >> i do, yeah. >> james: what position, what position do you play? >> i play jew. ( laughter ) i'm starting jew. >> do you play in these? >> no, i don't play-- are you kidding? no, no, i play in jordan 11's. ( laughter ) >> oh, excuse me! >> no, i mean, look, i don't want to-- i don't want to-- >> no, no, no. >> i'll ( bleep ) you up. ( laughter ) >> oh, wow! >> i'm a knicks fan, i mean, i'll ( bleep ) you up, jimmy butler. ( laughter ) >> yeah, you're a knicks fan. good to know. november 4 comes real soon. >> yep. >> real soon. >> yep. >> carmelo anthony-- >> yes, it does.
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kidding! >> really serious, right now. >> james: i'd actually quite like to see you both have a fight. >> i was just going say, not only could i smoke you on the court, but i think i could take you physically in a combat. >> really? see, that's how know-- you said combat. this is not combat. this is a fight. it's not combat. >> you're right, it's not combat. i meant, in a video game. >> oh, yeah. >> james: in a video game of "mortal kombat." now, talking about controversy, we should talk about your fellow team u.s.a., what was it like? because, you were in the midst of, like, going for gold when that whole story came out. what was it like for you, over there? >> it was the same. we were on our little boat, ship, whatever you want to call it. >> james: yeah. >> couldn't go anywhere. thanks, ryan. i really appreciate that. >> james: oh, really, it was because of him? >> no, it was not-- don't do that. don't, don't do that. >> james: no, i'm not doing that. >> don't do that. >> james: of course i won't do that. what am i doing? >> you did do it. >> did you hear what he said? >> you did do it. you did do it. >> james: you've got adam on your side?
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>> james: what was it like with ryan there? like, you know-- >> he's such a great athlete. that i was just like-- i'm a fan of the guy, so-- i will stick with that. ( laughs ) i really was. it's like michael phelps. >> james: yeah. the other guy. >> not "the other guy." why are you-- you're doing that again! >> james: no, i'm not! >> yes, you are! >> he just did it again! >> you're doing it again! and i think you know you're doing it, too. >> i'm just trying not to interrupt. >> james: yeah, i-- yeah, i-- >> you know what? i'll ( bleep ) you up, corden. ( laughter and applause ) here we go! >> james: well, let's talk about happier times, because, john, we've known each other-- honestly, i was thinking, we've know each other a very long time. >> very long time. >> james: we met in 2006-- >> that's right! >> james: --when we first met. but do you remember-- >> i was in high school. >> james: when we-- do you remember when we danced, we danced together? >> at the met ball? >> james: yes. >> yeah, i do. because i'll never forget what you said to me.
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stage-- because he takes the stage, he doesn't perform. ( laughter ) >> chicago guy. >> takes the stage. all right. we've heard enough of chicago, you know what i mean? boston for life. listen, the-- >> james: yeah, go on. >> and you were, you were waiting for kanye, and you turned to me and, without irony, you just said, "j.k., let's go make some shapes." ( laughter ) >> james: and we did. >> and i've never heard someone invite me to dance by saying let's go make some shapes. i think about it all the time. >> james: it was exceptional, though, because no one was really dancing. aren't. and we went in and we actually, we just made shapes. we just busted out and everyone joined in. >> that's what i do. i can't dance. so, i just sort of freeze, like, here, do this. >> james: just make shapes. let's do it now. let's make some shapes. let's go. jimmy, make some shapes. jimmy, make some shapes! jimmy, make some shapes. there we go! we'll be right back with these three!
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>> what are you doing? >> stacy started seeing somebody. >> this is stacy's house? >> yeah. >> come on! you divorced her, like, years ago! >> i agreed to the divorce. i didn't agree to some strange man hanging around my daughters. >> okay, ron, we got to go. this is ( bleep ). >> get down, get down. get down. get down! >> what is it? >> he's at the window. >> oh, my god, mine doesn't work. >> what? >> mine doesn't work.
1:10 am
>> get down. don't talk. >> he's coming. he's coming. he's coming. >> he's coming over? he's coming over? >> i'm going to kill you. i'm going to kill you. this is very-- this is very upsetting to me. ( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> james: that was a clip from "the hollars," which opens in theaters this friday. i already told you how much i just love this film. >> you are so nice for that. >> james: it's so good. and you starred in it and you directed it. for anyone who doesn't know, tell them what it's about? >> it's basically, i think, the most honest take on family i've seen in a while. it's a funny movie, but it's very heartfelt. it's about a guy who comes back from new york to see his mom, who gets the call that she's very sick. and when he goes home, he realizes he's from a dysfunctional family, and decides to make this the time he bonds everybody back together. >> james: it's such an amazing cause. it's like-- >> unbelievable. >> james: you, anna kendrick, richard jenkins, josh groban,
1:11 am
copley. it's amazing. and everyone is giving the performance of their lives. is it difficult for you as a director? because you as an actor, you have a super human power. >> do i? >> james: you do. you know what it is. >> i do know. >> james: go on. tell everybody what it is. >> i can cry immediately on cue. >> james: like that. >> yeah. sometimes. i mean, if it hits me. hey, antonio brown, cool it, okay? sorry, i get confused, i-- >> james: jimmy, jimmy, what's your cry face? give me your cry face. not your sex face, your cry face. ( laughter ) >> oooh. that was, like, three seconds! >> maybe they're one in the same. >> so, to say that that was my sex face in three seconds is jumping to conclusions. >> james: no, i'm saying, the impact. adam, what's your cry face? >> my cry face? >> james: yeah. look at-- >> is this still going on? is this still going on? >> no, no, no. >> james: he's really doing it. look. ( laughter ) >> come here. come here. come here. ( audience reacts )
1:12 am
( applause ) >> james: adam, you posted a picture, here, of you with the democratic v.p. candidate, tim kaine. how was it? how was it meeting him? >> it was, um, real-- >> james: you look photoshopped in that picture. >> i was going to say the same thing. no. >> james: but i believe it's true. >> it's 100% true. that's me and my cousin-- >> why are you more well lit than everybody? >> because my head was actually blocking the entire key light. >> james: how was it? >> it was awesome. he's the greatest, most, like, genuinma and just from talking with him a little bit, you get the sense that he's in it for the right reasons and he really believes that growing an economy that works for everybody, and women's health, are issues that are kind of no-brainers in this election. >> james: do you know what i don't understand? why tim kaine, when he went on stage at the convention, or when he goes on stage to speak, doesn't come on to, ? tim kaine in the membrane tim kaine in the brain ? ? tim kaine in the membrane tim kaine
1:13 am
>> i know! >> james: that would be absolutely incredible. shouldn't he do it? >> i know! >> we'll see what happens tomorrow night. >> james: i'd love that so much. >> before you all start doing that-- >> what? warn you? >> yeah, because i didn't-- >> you think he warned me, man? it's all for one out here. >> james: oh, you want to join in? okay. ? tim kaine in the membrane. >> tim kaine in the brain. >> james: don't do it like that. >> how much more warning could you get? >> james: if you're going to do it like that-- ? tim kaine in the brain! >> it's old now. like, i wanted to be in on the hip, now. you know, i was born in '89. >> why are you blaming me, jimmy butler? >> somebody has to take the blame. >> james: now, when you are going to meet the v.p., do you have to get checked out with secret service? >> yeah, it was crazy. so it was at this fund-raiser in colorado. and they made everyone leave the house and then they-- the secret service like-- went through the entire house and then they brought everybody back in. so i was walking back in and the secret service was like, "wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, who are you? you staff?" and i was like, "yeah."
1:14 am
and i was like, "oh no, i'm--" and they're like, "you're not staff but you said you're staff?" and i was like, oh, no, i'm a guest." and they're like, "a guest? he's just a guest." and like, other secret service members were coming around. >> james: oh my god. >> and then someone had to come and be like, "he's the comedian speaking tonight." and the secret service is like, "there's no comedian speaking tonight." >> and i was like, "comedic actor." ( laughter ) >> james: i don't really have a- - >> i was like, i came up in improv. it's... well, long-form improv was created in chicago, and-- ( laughter ) the secret service was like, "do you belong here, jew?" ( laughter ) >> that's exactly what they said. >> and i was like, "yes, i do belong here." and then i got to introduce tim kaine and it was the thrill of my life. >> james: tim kaine in the membrane. >> tim kaine-- >> oh, come on! i thought you'd enjoy this. jimmy, you like a sing along. >> hold on. hold on. hold on. you did it again.
1:15 am
around his chest. you did. you should be able to pull this off. ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) >> speaking of, get my medal out of your desk. >> james: i thought you'd like it. you love a singalong. you posted-- this video made me laugh so much. look at this video that jimmy posted. >> what video are we looking at that's so funny? >> james: have a look at this. vanessa carlton singalong with usa team. >> am i in the video? i am in the video. ? ? ? ? ? ? >> james: ha-ha. ( cheers and applause ) he's, that's carmelo anthony, right? >> [ singing ] >> that song haunts my dreams.
1:16 am
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it's troubling. congressman blum actually co-sponsored a bill that could make it legal for a woman to be fired just for being pregnant. and blum tried to defund planned parenthood, even though women depend on it for critical care, like cancer screenings. i was diagnosed with breast cancer, and i know it was early detection that made a difference. it's not a political issue.
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>> and your arms are weirdly heavy. >> i'm a big, thick kind of oxy- jew. >> you kind of are. you're like someone's cousin or a boy from camp who is like my crush. >> what camp did you go to? >> really? >> yeah. i went to camp on the east side. >> me, too! >> where? >> blue star. >> shut up, i went to blue star. >> you shut up now! >> no, you shut up now! >> prove it. >> blue star where the jews are >> oh! >> oh, snap! ? ? ? [ cheering and applause ] >> james: that was a clip from "joshy" which is available now and on demand and on itunes.
1:21 am
it's so good, great cast. ( cheers and applause ) tell everybody what the film's about. >> the film is about a guy who was supposed to get married and the marriage doesn't end up happening but he goes on his bachelor party with a group of his friends to try to kind of cleanse the situation. and i think it's important to, when you talk with these movies that go right to itunes or on demand, it's so important-- i feel like people sometimes look at them in a differe w theaters-- >> james: sure. >> with some big advertising thing. it's so hard to get a movie like in the theaters. it's so expensive. and i find that people are enjoying it when they order it to themselves. >> james: 100%. >> i feel like it's a singular viewing experience that's totally worthwhile. i would urge you to check it out. >> james: it's absolutely brilliant. ( cheers and applause ) reggie, do you have a question for any of our guests this evening? >> reggie: uh, yes.
1:22 am
jarn. >> that feels like it's for all three of us. >> that's right. anybody jump in. >> reggie: okay, assuming that you could purchase a remote- controlled eagle, would you work on its wings first or would you work on some of the aviaonics on the tail section or would you de-claw the talons? >> that's a long ass question! >> great question. >> that's not a good question. >> why don't you take this one? >> that's a long question. i don't remember anything that you just said. all i heard was eagle and remote. >> i think if this was a family, we'd know the problem child. you know what i mean? >> just because i'm different. >> james: why don't you answer, john? >> obviously work on the tail first because that's the guiding system, but then you have to go straight for the inner bits, the heart and soul and all those things. wings comes last. that's decorative. that's when you put the decals on at the end.


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