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tv   Right Side With Armstrong Williams  CBS  October 15, 2016 4:37am-5:00am CDT

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>> where is the strategic lodge igfor someone who is trying to be president. >> where is the attack. he was never attack. all he wanted for people was to see what the truth is. and that is natural. that is a natural -- >> we spending valuable time this morning and other shows as well talking about tweets from presidential candidates at 2:00 in the morning. >> it's not the real issue. >> let me say before we go to break. >> armstro gentlemen, welcome to america's dilemma.
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? ? ? welcome back to america's dilemma. you the entrepreneurs is very interesting, when we were in the break. she said, donnell trump is love. explain na. >> donald trump is love. >> you have to realize that there's so many people who love donald trump. >> including you? >> including me. >> we love this man because he speaks sense, because he speaks to all the people, because he is
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what, you can feel, you go into any one of his. rallies. >> yes, you feel love. you go into any one of his establishments, you feel love. it's not coincidence, it's no coincidence, why there's such. i know someone -- where did you come from? they want to know somebody about you? i can feel the vibes. people for the longest have wanted to know, who have the trump people. no matter what trump says, at 3:00 in the morning, they only see the good, the love, the leadership, how did you get this way? >> he has great leadership. >> great leadership. >> and you know what, i get him and so do millions and millions of americans, and not only that, millions of people arnold the world. we get him, because he speaks the right thing. >> this is true. >> donald trump has ignited something in america that we haven't seen in years, but we
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dr. carson's campaign, the outsider candidate who are uncomfortable with politicians and politics as usual. eswhy, i do believe that he has ignited something in the american spirit. people who have never been to a political rallies, who have never voted a day in their lives are coming to the political process because of donald trump. this is the thing, i as a republican. i have been a republican since the first campaign i worked on, i was 12 years old in a republican campaign, and i'm proud of that. but to me to say that i will co-sign on everything that donald trump has said is unrealistic. i think that tears away my credibility in my community and as a republican. just let me finish, and i also believe that democrats who will stand up and say i support everything ridiculous thing that hillary has done. we have to be sensible.
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watching this show today are baffled, they're shocked at what they're hearing? >> you are to have the ability to critique both candidates. have you to have the ability to critique both parties. as it pertains to mr. trump and his leadership, i'm a policy guy. i love policy. you look at mr. trump's plans for information, i'm going to build a wall. i want to hear his plan on economics. we're going to stop various countries, we're going to bring money back. wait, there are ways you do these things. tell me how you are going to do them. i think many of his plans are right on course, right on track, but there's absolutely no substance as far as how to make these things -- >> wait a minute, does mrs. clinton. >> i will give this to her, she does. her policies, i don't agree with them, but they're in-depth. there's a road map on how she is
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accomplished. i may not agree with them, but they exist. mr. trump i would -- >> here is where you get that concept of all talk, no action. you know, all too often politicians are saying, oh, yes, and they spell is out in beautiful fluffy logistic terms. and they say this is what we're going do, this is what we're going to do. when you look at reality, there's no real practicality. >> what is trump's plan. >> she is talking about people who do -- >> i get it, but tell me where trumps plans are [ overlapping speakers ] >> we're on tv. >> chill. >> for example. >> excuse me. for 30 years. >> you can't name one. >> within 30 years, well, one plan is build a wall. >> how? i written about this do you know how much it's going to cost. >> of course,. >> , and maintain it. >> tell me [ overlapping speakers ] >> who is going to pay for this.
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like donald trump. >> i see about is the wall. the wall will be built, the wall is going to be in fact a very positive thing. think about it. it's going to be a beautiful wall, and it bring tourists. >> come on. >> it's going to be a tourist attraction, and imagine, i don't know if you know within that area of america, every year they have all kinds of art fests and things of that nature. it's going to happen against the wall on ser side and it will >> i can tell you that. >> we will go to break. >> this an important conversation. >> never in the history. >> you to, and you have the right to your opinion. >> and it's unrealistic. >> follow him. they still believe him, they're still fervent about him, so maybe you're out of touch. >> maybe you are. >> i am not saying you are. >> we're going to take a break. >> the bottom line is that we
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why they support donald trump and i respect that. i believe -- i know this show is upsetting some people today but you all need to hear the truth. now you're beginning to see the face of those who will not back down. this the reality. >> never. >> never, she says he shows love. >> that is a new one for me. >> we will be back, baby love.
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? ? ? shariz just said that donald trump doesn't have time to be racist, because he is too busy building. >> that's exactly right. that is exactly right [ laughter ] >> when you have built what
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the world, relationships, everything imaginable in the terms of building, you don't have time for all the nonsensical things of racism. this man reaches across the world. he does business with everyone, every time. you speak as a business woman, a very successful one. well educated. >> thank you very much, you're not talking to someone who uninformed. >> exactly right. >> and what happened. >> as a matter of as a woman, i would have voted for hillary, but coming back into this country, and just looking at just the surface, and that is how i ended up with donald trump. you know what caused me to get involved, and start looking at donald trump? when i heard a certain radio station talking about the so-called racist thing and i heard what they said and i was a gasp. and i wept to look at what he actually said.
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lying. i realized that the media is truly -- this is what caused me to start really looking at this man. and i've been looking at him, i realized this man is great. and i feel that it is no coincidence that so many people understand what i understand. i think he is divinely ordained for this position. >> oh, my god, okay. >> and i -- >> go ahead, at the risk sounding bizarre, but it is true. and you know,. >> by god. >> remember what, people were saying, they called him all kind of names at the beginning. he wasn't serious, he was a clown, and look where he is now. >> nobody took him seriously, but we can look at the entire campaign cycle and see that outsider candidates certainly had an insight edge because america is very displeased with
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that is, and i will be the first to admit, when he came down the stairs, the escalator, i didn't think that it would happen, either. i didn't think that we would get to this point, but this idea, i want to make sure that what we're doing is separating. i don't think that donald trump is a racist, here. i think that the media has -- >> i don't believe that he is definely -- i -- divine, i do >> wait a minute, you have had a lot of time. he speaks to the heart of america. he definitely addresses issues that are -- he speaks in a way that america certainly understands and resonates with a certain segment of america, but what i do want to see or concrete plans, i think that there's that, as he leads on immigration, we wouldn't be talking about immigration in the way that we are now, and there's a a lot of other things, we
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issue of immigration in the way that he has. but we do have to put concrete policy, and strategy behind what he is proposing. i am voting for trump but i'm telling you my vote for trump is more of a vote against hillary. and if we're going to win, andfer going to take back the white house then we're going to have to convince more people who are for him than people who are against hillary. because what we know of the new cycle is that the mainstream hillary clinton in the way that they track donald trump. trump needs to be smarter about his late night tweets and about his strategy. hold it, we will take a break. >> hold it! >> hold, hold! >> we'll be back. don't go away.
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i, everyone, my name is marianne a. it's about promoting a lifestyle healthy and wealthy. when i say healthy, i mean physical well being and wealthy being rich in knowledge. tune in on my knowledge, youtube, cacao culture. ? ? ? >> the fact of the matter, armstrong this guy doesn't have any plans. i'm a republican, i would like to see the republicans take back the white house. he talks immigration, he wants to build a wall. we can't afford to build a wall, armstrong. he doesn't talk about increasing the budget. he does not talk he talks building a great wall and it's going to be beautiful. that is not realistic whatsoever. >> he is going to increase the
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to 15% is very significant. >> which is unrealistic. >> it's significant, and it's not unrealistic. let's take away the fraud and the waste that goes on in washington. without even know about it, we know about it. just think of all the little things or not so little things that can be cut across the board that will help to decrease, and why do you want to increase the budget? we don't want to increase the budget. >> i didn't say anything about increasing the budget. >> i said >> it's unrealistic. >> go to his website. >> i have been to the website multiple times. >> read what? there's nothing there to read. so harris. >> that you are willing to sit here, and defend him. >> you have had a lot of time to talk. >> i've given her a lot of time in aur fairness. >> you have, you have. >> you talk about your support for this individual, which is fine. i'm all for that. when i ask you how he is going
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you have no answers, how is he going do that, you have no answers? you're a business person. i assume when you started your business, he had a plan, a detailed plan. >> yes. >> yet you're almost to.someone blindfolded who has no type of plan. >> armstrong: you're , you're. >> in association, i remember when i looked at the previous obama running. the thing was change, nobody ever said, what the change was. we will have change. no one said what the change was. >> i'm saying goodbye, because they're talking about over today. keep talking. >> i'm saying, goodbye. go for it.
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