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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  October 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CDT

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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the next step in getting to the bottom of an active shooter hoax - on the campus of the university of iowa. how some corridor residents now have a brand new option to get around town. plus - the political fire- storm after flames erupt at a republican office in one battleground state. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm jenee ryan. ryan. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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new this morning - a shooting kills two people in a freeport mobile home park. park.the winneshiek county sheriff's office says they were called out to a report of several gunshots - just after 6-thirty.when emergecny crews arrived just north of old stage road - they found two bodies at the scene.right now - no arrests have been made - but deputies don't believe the public is in any danger. autopsies are now scheduled for two people found dead in their waterloo home. home.according to the waterloo cedar falls courier-- first responders were called to a home on east shaulis road just after 10 sunday morning.police say the deaths may be linked to a generator found inside the attached garage - however -that has not been confirmed. the home is located in an area hit hard by flooding last month along the cedar names have been released.two dogs were also found dead in
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developing right now-- a former jail administrator faces up to ten years in prison. prison.49-year old daron wilkinson worked at the cedar county jail for 2-and-a-half years before leaving in december 2015.investigators charged wilkinson with first degree theft this weekend. this followed a report by the state auditor that showed roughly 35-thousand dollars of undeposited collections - unbilled fees and improper disbursements during wilkinson's employment. investigators believe wilkinson used his position to embezzle the money from the cedar county sheriff's office over time. students at the university of iowa are now being questioned about a report of an active shooter on campus -that turned out to be a hoax. hoax.officers were called to burge hall on saturday evening just after five..a university spokeswoman says a student received a text message from a friend saying there was an active shooter inside the residence hall. after police arrived - the same student received a second text saying
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now - no charges have been filed. next month marks 25 years since the university dealt with an actual shooting. former u-i graduate student gang lu went on a shooting spree on campus in november 19- killed four faculty members and one student before turning the gun on himself. authorities say lu was upset that his dissertation didn't win the same prizes his former roommate won. law enforcement agencies in eastern iowa are now considering whether to provide could potentially save the life of someone who's overdosed.some concerns include - how many overdose calls officers go to each year - training for officers and the cost and storage of the drug. right now - authorities are investigating yet another case of arson along the controversial bakken pipeline. pipeline.jasper county authorities say someone set a backhoe and two bulldozers on fire near reasnor this weekend.
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isn't productive. "pretty senseless. they're not getting back at the pipeline, they're just hurting the guys trying to make a living and put it in." in." "whoever's doing it, they're not only affecting the progress of this but they're actually on private property when they're doing their pickets and burning stuff." stuff."in august, vandals set fire to pipeline equipment in reasnor, oskaloosa and newton. the controversial pipeline will cut th counties starting today in north liberty - residents now have a new way to get around town.the north liberty transit will open for the public at 10-twenty-five a-. m.the bus service is targeted to help people without cars get to vital places around town - like the grocery store. it costs one dollar per ride - but those on medicare and medicaid pay only 50 cents. rides are offered weekdays until 1-thirty.check our
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after a decade of planning - a new animal shelter in jones county is ready to help animals in need find their forever homes. homes.the public got to tour the new shelter during an open house sunday.some animals already live in the shelter. managers tell cbs 2 news - the highly anticipated opening will help make placing pets easier. "this day has been a vision and a goal of mine for ten years now and it finally here. we're all looking at each other saying is it for real. is it really here?" here?"the animal shelter officially opens tomorrow. both republicans and democrats are now condeming an attack on a g-o-p office in hillsborough - north carolina.authorities say it was vandalized and firebombed over the weekend. someone also spray-painted
5:07 am one was hurt and nobody was inside at the time of the attack. (dallas woodhouse, exec. director, state republican party): "it is meant to scare and intimidate people from volunteering, from working at this office and from working at other offices across the state. but we are going to take the necessary precautions to do whatever it takes to keep our people safe and keep them working."" working.""as of now - suspects have yet to be identified. both responded to the incident. donald trump bashed and blamed democrats for the attack - tweeting out - quote - "animals representing hillary clinton and dems in north carolina - just firebombed our office in orange county because we are winning." winning."both clinton and north carolina democratic party condemned the attack - both saying they are grateful everyone is cbs news reporter hena daniels, the candidates are now preparing for their next head to head debate this week.
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his surrogates spent the weekend casting doubt on the u-s election trump adviser rudy giuliani claimed sunday democrats ?could? steal votes in inner cities:(sot giuliani) "you want me to (say) that i think the election in philadelphia and chicago is going to be fair? i would have to be a moron to say that."trump's own running mate mike pence was more cautious:(sot pence/ meet the press) "we will absolutely accept the result of the election."clinton still faces challenges of her own as wikileaks continues to publish more emails it links to her face the nation) you can't assume that they're all accurate. the latest batch released yesterday shows clinton aides struggling to respond to the lgbt community after the democratic nominee praised nancy reagan last march for starting a "national conversation" about aids in the 1980s.activists have long criticized former president ronald reagan for his so- called 'slow response' to the crisis.hena daniels cbs news.
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remarks at nancy reagan's funeral in march. clinton is off the campaign trail today - while trump holds an event in wisconsin. the two contenders are set to meet face to face in their third and final presidential debate this wednesday in las vegas. as you can see on this map from the des moines register - iowa is one of six states that could go for either trump or the last four elections - iowa has gone to the democratic candidate three 2004 - when iowans helped re- elect george w. bush to a second term. term.and this is why iowa is a toss up right now.real clear politics - averaged all of the polls of iowa voters - giving trump a roughly four point lead over clinton. that said, the democratic nominee picked up another major endorsement.the des moines register announced sunday it's backing hillary clinton.several newspapers have endorsed the former secretary of state.the
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candidate mitt romney in 20-12. donald trump this weekend picked up the endorsement of the santa barbara news-press in california. after this week's third and final presidential debate be sure to join us for a live town can watch "your voice, your future," on our website, cbs 2 iowa dot com, thursday night at six. it's and right now in it's de. degrees.coming up next -the scary moments for one hotel clerk - after a face-to-face
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hero. he helped stop a robbery. he grabs the female robber's gun and wrestles her to the gro. ground.heather catallo spoke to the man - who explains why he fought back. back. dispatcher: 911 what's your emergency?caller: hey, you all need to come up herethe victory suites hotel. they just shot a ??expletive??gun. i got the ??expletive?? gun. they up here shootin'!stunned hotel guests - calling for help - after a woman wearing a mask walks into the victory suites in warren to demand cash. but midnight alan noel turns the tables on her - when she sets the money on the counter - noel grabbed that gun.[alan noel/victory suites clerk]at this time, i'm thinking to find any second to attack her or change the situation! and then jump on the table and jump on her the 58 year-old tackled the woman - and the gun fired. fortunately - no one got hit. [alan noel/victory suites clerk]when me and her fighting on the floor, she tried, she tried to shoot me. i make like this and the shoot is go
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the hoteli threw it to the lady who helped me, she helped me - when she called the police.she kept her gun,during the struggle - noel pulled her mask off so the hotel surveillance cameras could record her face.[alan noel/victory suites clerk]she thought it's easy. give me your money - ok take this money and run away. she did not put the plan in her mind, she put herself in bad situation. noel had planned to lock the woman in a bathroom untilhe arriveda& but she got away.he says his wife is a little upset with him for risking his life - but he doesn't regret fighting back.[alan noel/victory suites clerk]i saved my community, my customers, my job - save also for - i think this is my job!i did not want any people be harmed or injured or make anything, i tried to keep the
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it's now on this morning.and if you're in it's degrees. up in sports - the most important aspect of saturday's road-win against purdue - and how the hawks believe they can build on that heading into the toughest of the schedule. schedule. t karma again?" "just wanna see if my score wanna check yours?" "scores don't change that much. i haven't changed." "oh really?" "it's girls'night. ah huh." "they said business casual."
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of high speed internet for about 50 bucks a month for one year. speed may not be available in your area. call today. for a number of years now - [ centurylink sting ] the packers have owned the dallas cowboys - green bay has five straight wins over america's team - including - that memorable victory in the 20-14 playoffs... the two lambeau field on sunday... end of the first half - and the cowboys were giving green bay the business - dak prescott - a veteran throw from a rookie q-b - brice butler hauls it in - a 20-yard touchdown pass makes it 17-6 was 20 to 6 in the third - the packers inside the five - aaron rodgers runs with it - oh no - ball on the ground - a forced fumble by former cyclone david irving - a missed opportunity for the pack...late in the fourth -
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- rodgers finds randall cobb on the quick hitter - they needed more of that - they got the ball back but coughed it up it was a bad day in green bay... the cowboys get a win at lambeau - 30 to 16 - the packers fall to 3 and 2 on the season - and they have plenty to work on before they welcome the bears on thursday night... it was a cloudy day in chicago for the bears and the jacksonville jaguars... first quarter - jags driving - but the bears "d" gets stingy - tracy porter picks off the pass in the end zone - takes it - no damage done on that drive... second quarter now - bears put the finishing touch on one of their drives - jordan howard takes the handoff and plunges in from a yard out - bears up 10-zero at the half...but they're gonna be thinking about this one for awhile - second half - blake bortles finds arrelious benn - the former illini wideout gets to his feet - and dashes all the way to the end zone...that would turn out to be the game winner... the bears can't hold on in a game they led the
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from soldier field - this - is a tough one to swallow for chicago... iowa put on a show against purdue on saturday - and after the win - all the talk was about the hawkeye run game - leshun daniels and akrum wadley each gained over 100 yards on the ground - and as a team - they ran for 365 yards... that's domination in the trenches - and iowa did it on the other side of the ball is well - the boilermakers rushed 22 times for 46 yards on the day - and over the past three weeks - the hawks run defense is giving up just over 75 yards per game - a recipe - for a good defense... it feels good that we're getting our run defense established on the defensive side - and that's one thing that'll help us is taking away the run and forcing teams to pas pass to be a good defensive team we've got to be able to stop the run - we did a better job there again - that's two weeks in a row we've done a
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starting to understand the intensity we have to have to play the run - we're hardly a finished product but at least we're moving in the right direction and that's encouraging tough night at wrigley field for the cubs - clayton kershaw shut them down - and the dodgers even the series with a 1-nothing win - this series heads west for game three on tuesday... cbs-2 news connects with the us with your story tips at 1-800-222-kganor email us at news at cbs2iowa.comor connect with us
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a michigan barber shop is offering an incentive --to encourage young readers. who read out loud while getting their hair cut -
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the program not only gives the young men confidence - it makes reading cool. (ryan griffin/barber) "the kid couldn't read, so the kid just counted cupcakes for me, but what the kid did was put a book in his hands. that's the important part. the kid put a book in his hands. and the reason that the kid picked the book up is because there were other kids here reading." reading."the barber-shop supplies a variety of books for kids center around black characters or black history. good morning again -- it's now right now it's degrees in after the break - the new area of town that's asking for your help - to get back on their feet following flood 20-16.'re watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the
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right now on cbs 2 this you can still help businesses locally that are recovering from the floods. the national recognition local breweries received - all while dealing with the flooding threat last month. plus - making a difference
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helping inmates of all ages transition to life after jail. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm jenee ryan. ryan. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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following a big weekend in the new bohemia and czech village neighborhoods - eastern iowans will now look forward - to help other parts of town. town.on friday - and saturday - big celebrations were held at the newbo city market - and also for businesses that were left unprotected by flood
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in the kingston, taylor and timecheck neighborhoods hope to see the same enthusiasm in the coming weeks.scott pinter - who owns cedar river landing - says it's been a tough month. our friday and saturday nights are 50-percent of our weekly sales and we lost two of them so we lost almost half our month. budded to especially with all the road closures we had -- it;s been tough anyway. and then with the flood on top of it. it.pinter says they're already organizing a bike ride for saturday morning t biking community out.the mayor's gavel challenge specifically asked that group to go above and beyond while helping businesses recover from the flood. also affected by flood 20-16 - the salvation army is expecting more registrations this year for their toys for tots program - due to families savings going towards flood this morning - that registration process begins today for families in linn
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applicants need to bring - and where they need to go - is posted on our website cbs 2 iowa -dot-com. state lawmakers are still trying to come up with ways to prevent flooding in the future. future.iowa cities and towns have ponied up more than a billion dollars in plans to protect themselves from flooding threats.most include plans calling to buy homes and businesses near rivers, building levees and flood walls.but the state has not pushed for wetlands - detention ponds or upstream struct those risks.state senator rob hogg - says lawmakers have discussed those options - but those plans stalled during budget fights. two cedar rapids breweries displaced during the flood have now won national recogniti. recognition.lion bridge brewing and iowa brewing company have both received awards at the great american beer festival.lion bridge recieved a gold and bronze medal for their entries.iowa brewing received a silver
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brewers still work to get back on track. 8;33;58;14 we were closed for about nine or 10 business days but also the production side you know we couldn't brew for a week and a half or so so that was huge as well. all- 286 awards were won at the great american beer festival out of more than 7,000 entries. the council on american- islamic relations in iowa wants vandalism at a local mosque to be investigated as a hate crime. im someone spray-painted donald trump's name on the side of the islamic center on friday night.according to the waterloo cedar falls courier, the incident was reported after children planting trees around the building spotted the arrests have been made.several community members worked this weekend to clean the graffiti off the building. authorities in north carolina are looking for the suspects behind an attack on a republican party headquarters. investigators say someone
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window of the building in hillsborough.someone also spray painted "nazi republicans leave town or else" on the side of the building.fortunately - no one was inside at the time of the attack. a local panel is hoping to look past the sometimes inflamed rhetoric that occurs in the political world - with a panel discussion on immigration.this includes people who have had direct experience with the immigration process.the discussion starts tonight at 6- whipple auditorium at the cedar rapids public library. developing right now - both the united states and britian are now considering new economic sanctions on both the syrian and russian governme.'s in response to their conduct in the war- torn city of aleppo.secretary of state john kerry says crimes against humanity happen on a daily basis there - including airstrikes on civilians.a-f-p - a french news source - says at least 12
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airstrikes this morning. right now - a military operation is underway to take iraq's second largest city away from isis. the battle to reclaim control of mosul is backed by a us- led coalition.this is new video from the front-lines.the city has been under isis control for more than two years.united nations officials say the operation could trigger a major humanitarian crisis - since more than a million civilians still live in the area. terror group's last major stronghold in iraq. in linn county - a local ministry is offering spiritual guidance to inmates with hopes of a fresh start. cbs 2 news reporter connor morgan explains how the group is using music to make their mission possible. possible. conductor and choir - singer and song - music and melody - this concert on mount mercy's campus isn't just for's
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is the head of the music department here at mount mercy university, if he would mind doing a fundraiser for us and he said, oh he'd be glad to." this is the second annual fresh start benefit concert - raising money to help fresh start ministries and its rise program -its rise ministries and start to help fresh raising money concert - benefit fresh start second annual this is the glad to." said, oh he'd be for us and he fundraiser doing a he would mind university, if mercy here at mount department music head of the who is the head of the music department here at mount mercy university, if he would mind doing a fundraiser for us and he said, oh he'd be glad to."this is the second annual fresh start benefit concert - raising money to help fresh start ministries and its rise program -"which helps people when they get out of jail or prison to be able to know that they can come to some place for help with food, clothing, a job assistance, rent." convicts and composers may not seem like partners in crime - but insert a chapel - a choir - and some charity - and this mission starts to make sense - and dollars."last year i set the goal too high and we didn't meet it and so this
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the production's proceeds will help the program's staff - who - with 80 volunteers - offer guidance to more than 350 inmates at the linn county correctional center.the remainder of the money will fund the ministry's rise program - helping inmates transition upon being released from jail."if they don't have that support, they're going to get back on drugs or alcohol or whatever puts them back in prison again, want to have that happen. the more we can help them out, the better the whole community will be." prior to the concert - fresh start had raised nearly 3- thousand dollars toward its learn how you can donate - visit our website cbs 2 iowa dot com. flower lovers gathered in cedar rapids for the fifth annual eastern iowa orchid show and sale. exhibitors featured more than
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various displays. organizers tell cbs 2 news its a great way for people to get up close and personal with nature. "obviously i love growing orchids, but it's the people that we get to see, friends that we've made from all over, they come to our show, we go to their shows and we get to see them several times over the show season which basically runs october through " march."eight orchid societies from five different states took part in this weekend's show. and halloween is just a few short weeks away to see how you're celebrating the spooky holiday.send us in your photos of halloween decorations you've put up around your house.they could be featured right here on cbs 2 this morning - or online at cbs 2 iowa dot com. it's and right now in it's de. - the one way you can improve your diet - all while using a free service
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if you are trying to eat better for diabetes or lose weight - there's one resource that could help you .some grocery stores offer shopping tours with a dietitian. dietitian.liz bonies shows us what you can expect. expect. [supermarket shopping tours for better health/medical edge] ??? vo ???(( couple shopping )) linda and erwin gundrum recently took a healthy supermarket shopping tour. it's helped linda lose ??? sot ???< [linda gundrum/shopper] 3:08: 15 eighty pounds>???vo??? since they both are living with diabetes which means -- ???sot???
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is really good at dispelling myths. so say for example you have diabetes and you've always been told you shouldn't eat any suger. well believe it or not, some foods with sugar now can be part of a healthy diet, if you just balance the carbohydrate.>??? vo ???(( sugar free foods ))you see many sugar free foods such as jelly still ?have carbohydrate from the fruit or milk in them. ((label with hilite of carbohydrate))carbohydrate is what drives up blood sugar levels -- not just added sugar. ((apples))portion size is also important.??? sot ???< cover with apple/ 3:04: 48 this is a probably three portions of an apple, so we look at serving sizes, we look at how much fat is in the food, the sodium, and then the carbohydrates.> ??? vo ???the goal is to focus not on what you shouldn't eat-- but what you should:??? sot ??? < [erwin gundrum/ shopper] 3:11:46 green beans, cabbage, brussels sprouts.>???sot ???< cover last bite with healthy foods/shopping tour.3:05: 30 well just talk about a healthy meal plan, which would be helpful for someone whether
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the corridor offer those tours. if you'd like to get one started, ask your health care provider, or call the grocery stores customer service counter. it's and you're watching cbs 2 this morning...and if you're in it's degrees. degrees.the new feature that could be coming to facebook - and why iron - man himself -
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taking a look at your??????? your??????? there are now restrictions on what you can bring home - from . cuba.those who travel to cuba can now bring home as many 100 cigars and several bottles of rum.the obama administration has lifted the $100 limit...which could generate hundreds of millions of dollars for caveat: the rum and cigars brought back are only for personal use and cannot be sold. ben affleck is still a box office hit - outside of a bat suit.the accountant opened at number one in the box office. made nearly
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affleck is an autistic mathematician in the r-rated thriller.;in second place - the comedy concert film - "kevin hart - what now?" - it made nearly 12 million bucks on the big barely beat out last week's number one film - "the girl on the train." facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is looking for someone to be the voice of his new virtual assistant - a-i jarvis. jarvis.robert downey junior, who plays iron man in the marvel studios franchise, jumped at e downey junior says he'll do it -- but under a few conditions. he wants zuckerberg to pay the fees to paul bettany -- who plays jarvis, the voice of iron man's virtual assistant, in the movies.bettany would then have to donate the funds to a charity chosen by benedict cumberbatch. cumberbatch plays the leading role in "doctor strange" -- the newest marvel movie . it's right now it's degrees in coming up next - cbs 2's matt
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- to one of the newest
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cbs 2 reporter matt hammill is back on the highway this morning as he checks out some of the best day-trips and get-aways in the midwest.this a kind museum - as we go road trippin' to madison county, iowa. iowa. " sploooooooooosh " in a county where six beautiful bridges - - the duke - -- the courthouse square -
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and the clark castle tower create the patch-work of life
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if you're just gettin right now it's degrees in still ahead - the aftermath - following a vicious attack on a political office in one battle-ground state.'re watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the
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morning...the next step in getting to the bottom of an active shooter hoax - on the campus of the university of right now, the next step to getting to the bottom of an active shooter hopes on the campus of iowa. how some residents now have the option to get around town plus the political fire storm that erupts out of the battleground states.


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