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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  October 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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for at least the first half of the weekend. 71 in cedar rapids with the wind south around 10 mph. mostly cloudy skies on the area starting to see some clearing in the far north western counties. 11:00 we see partly cloudy skies. the clouds thicken up by 8:00 i am tomorrow morning and mostly cloudy 5:00 tomorrow night. we will see effects of sunlight during the afternoon hours. it the patchy fog overnight, low 50s to the north, upper 50s to low 60s to the soutar should boost the temps up to 71 degrees per the second half of the weekend much cooler. we also tracking a chance for showers. for the second time he cedar rapids man has been convicted of second-degree murder. just minutes ago a jury found travis stanley guilty of strangling sharon meat. this is the second time he has faced teacher this year. he was convicted of the same crime in june for the strangling death of raymond
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both crimes happened within days of each other in september last year. developer without fbi director james comey said the bureau is revealing -- reviewing emails that hillary clinton. with 11 days to go before the election the fbi set this information, which they have not disclosed, was found while investigating former new york congressman anthony weiner for a different issue. the former congressman separated from clinton's top aide after a 16 incident. the fbi ha congress agents are reviewing the new information to decide whether warrants looking further into the clinton investigation. stomach will that story is developing this afternoon clinton supporters gathered in the newbery district to see them a candidate. cbs news to was there. mora -- mora -->> hillary
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emails. we have seen, talk radio says there standing by for press conference with hillary clinton the local iowa press was not invite -- invited to attend. we will keep you eye on that it we know that. campaign chair talked about the emails earlier today. when she was here, she was over the market talk about something incredibly important to cedar rapids residents, flood protection. the spoke at the market where just a month ago it was a town because it was the flood evacuation area. clinton said of she gets into the white house she will push the permanent flood protection that cedar rapids needs but that has been held up for years. >> the process that you have made in rebuilding cedar rapids especially right here in the newbo district proves what is possible when we work
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latest information about what the campaign is saying about the emails that were just released from her press conference in des moines. we also taking a look at how they are pulling out all of the stops with just 11 days until election day. >> did not get to take part of our question of the day. today's question is, do you think the wikileaks scandal will affect the outcome of the presidential election? to cast your vote going to cbs2 question of the day link and choose your answer. >> across the river supporters of donald trump are gathering right now at the mcgrath amphitheater. steffi lee continues our coverage.>> reporter: karen supporters of and filing of a couple of hours. as you can see behind me it is a ready packed kratom for a lot of people they will be waiting to hear and see if trump addresses any flood protection policies because this is a city that was preparing for high
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will be waiting to see if he will be tied to capitalize on the news about the fbi investigation in regards to the emails that were found on a device that was linked to hillary clinton. cbs2 news also talked to the chair of the republican party of iowa last night during our your voice, your future roundtable and he waited on the email scandal.>> temperament is one thing but not finding 33,000 emails, that bothers me a whole lot more temperament. >> the first time the news today that the fbi has opened up an investigation about her email. >> i am confident, whatever they are will not change the conclusion reached in july. there for it is imperative that the bureau explains this issue in question, whatever it is without any delay.
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forward to focus on the important challenges facing the american people, winning on november 8 and working with all americans to build a better future for our country. >> have you or any of your advisors heard from comey or anyone from the fbi today and are you concerned at all that these two emails that they say they have found willing anyway reveal classified information that you sent >> no we have not been contacted by anyone. first we knew about it is i assume when you knew about it when this letter sent to republican members of the house was released. we do not know the facts which is why we are calling on the fbi to release all the information that it has. even director comey noted that this new information may not be
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>> you happy 11 days to go what would you say to a voter who right now will be seeing you and hearing what you are saying, saying i did not trust her before, i don't trust her anymore right now and they are heading to the ballot box tomorrow.>> i think people a long time ago made up their minds about the emails. i think that is factored into what people think and now they e i would urge everybody to get out and vote early in all the states that have early voting because i think americans want the president who can lead our country, can get the economy working for everyone not just those at the top and can bring our country together. i offer that's, i can do that and i am very confident that the american people know that and we are going to continue to discuss what is at stake in this election because i believe that it is one of the most
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secretary clinton there are some reports that these emails or found on devices that belong to your aid, huma abedin and her husband anthony weiner. have you spoken to whom i wish able to give you information?>> we have heard these rumors and we do not know what to believe. i am sure there will be even more rumors. that is why it is incumbent upon the fbi to tell us what they are talking about because right now your guess is as good as mine and i o is good enough so we have made it very clear that if they are going to be sending this kind of letter that is only going originally to republican members of the house, they need to share whatever facts they claim to have with the american people and that is what i
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>> hillary clinton in des moines, iowa is speaking about the revelation today that the fbi is reopening its investigation into whether classified information was exchanged on the private email servers that she kept while she was secretary of state. you will recall that the justice department closed that investigation in july with no charges but today was revealed by the fbi director that thousand more emails have been discovered on a laptop that shared by her top aides, huma aberdeen and her husband and now the fbi is looking to see whether there is classified information on those emails. there has been no determination on that yet. john dickerson our cbs news political director is with us now. john, hillary clinton said to the fbi in the news conference release which you have so we will know what we are talking about.>> there was some
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anyone and she was quite different -- urgent by getting all this information out for the american people and that insistence obviously comes from the fact that there are 11 days until the election but then when asked about what a voter should make of all of this will they were trying to make up their mind, hillary clinton said she thought it was already baked into their decision- making and that they weren't going to decide on a whole other set of terms be better for the country and a better president. those two things are at odds. obviously they worry about what this could, what effect this could have on people as they try to make the right decision. >> we have major garrett who has been covering the trump campaign from the beginning. major one of the things that hillary clinton set at the beginning of the news conference was that she expects the results of this investigation to be exactly like the one back in july which found that she had been careless with classified information but found no
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about this today? >> reporter: at donald trump is welcoming the fbi's decision to reopen the investigation. up until just last night he was very critical about the original investigation essentially calling it a miscarriage of justice saying that the fbi did not pursue all the relevant facts nearly aggressively enough and others in american life have donald trump's words far left have been prosecuted to a much greater extent. that has been donald trump's continuous criticism at the fbi investigation until today. when this october surprise let them -- landed quite work only in his arms and his campaign's arms and the exploited it immediately. one thing to point out, donald trump's running mate indiana governor mike pence and today he also wants the fbi to release all pertinent information and do so as soon as possible.>> let's go back to
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what they used to be. there are more than 30 states voting already, our latest count is more than 18 million votes have already been cast. what effect is this likely to have?>> reporter: october surprises there used to be one in october, not an entire month at them. i think the biggest effect here is going to be, or could be on in terms of democrats weakening turn up. depressing democrats. as hillary clinton said and the guys i talked to today he said pe there minds about hillary clinton and the server issue. they are hoping this is not as big a problem on the republican side the republicans like the fact that this puts hillary clinton in the center of the news a spotlight on her toughest issue where when she is explaining herself, voters are not immediately, do not immediately believe fairly some of the ones i have talked to pick it keeps donald trump out of the spotlight and they have seen when he is not in the
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risky 10 to draft back towards him. >> this was a big surprise today when the letter written by the fbi director went to the chairman of the relevant congressional to me. you hurt hillary clinton so several times this was released to republicans in congress. that is because the republicans in the house, or the chairman of the relevant committees. john dickerson, donald trump is going to make a great delight at this.>> you been watching a special report in the analysis of hillary clinton's statement to the press. we will keep wallowing this for
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it was a mild late october afternoon. the high temperature in cedar rapids was 74 degrees making it the 13th time we were over 70 for the month of october. we have not had a month like this in the last 16 years. cedar rapids now 71, mild with south went around 10 temperatures area y, decorah 68, iowa city 72, mid 60s from decorah back toward monticello. on doppler radar from cedar rapids to iowa city, as we backout we see no rain in the forecast. that will continue to tonight into tomorrow but there is a disturbance coming through tomorrow night that could generate showers. id of clouds over eastern iowa as well as all over the state of iowa. we will see little bit of clearing as we do get into the
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temperatures back in the upper 60s to low 70s tomorrow and then a front comes to that will generate showers tomorrow night and much cooler temperatures expected on sunday when we will be back to average people at the southerly flow of mild temperatures that will continue into tomorrow. the front nixes went to our northern counties by early tomorrow morning and all the way through eastern iowa by tomorrow afternoon but that should it our temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s before the low pressure system tracks to the east 11:00 tomorrow night bringing scattered showers to the area and high pressure and much cooler into sunday. here's the predictor for the nighttime hours. around midnight thing mostly clear up to our northwest, partly cloudy everywhere else the clouds make their we hunted as we get to 8:00 tomorrow morning and then we see mostly cloudy skies by 4:00, maybe -- temperatures will be in the amount side and then scattered showers start to move through
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tomorrow night and by the time we get into sunday round 1:00 we are seeing decreasing clouds but much cooler temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. as far as rain not much of the system, not a lot of moisture to work with. a few hundredths of an inch to maybe a 10th of an inch here in cedar rapids and that is about it. mostly cloudy and a mildly. we could see here is a patchy fog. our average high temperature this time of year is about 56. look at the of those we will be in the upper 50s to lower 60s areawide. a big game tomorrow taken in kansas take a couple be around with a light northeast wind and you and i taken on north dakota state and of the hawkeyes remember the team. 65 at kickoff, clouds to build was somewhat showers moving and probably by the time the game doesn't. early sunny and myopic a shower late tonight, temperatures low 60s to the north -- low 70s to the south finger extended
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sunday right around average in the upper 50s. 73 for halloween looking like a mild day for trick-or-treaters. 67 on tuesday before showers moving tuesday night into wednesday with temperatures above average in the low to mid 60s by the time we get to the end of next week. coming up in sports, peter has been working hard all off-season, what the hawkeye starr has to
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broke out for iowa basketball last season - upping his scoring average from seven points per game as a iowa basketball the season, -- to 16 a game as a junior. now as a senior, this is his team. the concern how the hawkeye card will adjust to the extra tension from defenses. the answer, a score in a variety of different ways. and post game in the off-season in iowa will ride with them asked our senior. i just look at being a leader - and getting a different role than i have the last few years - and i've been looking forward to it - i've been trying to do my best - it's playoff time in high school football -- and during the post season iowa city regina is unbeatable --
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city is unbeatable. tonight the regal start directory back to the dome for the seventh time. they are ready for everyone special.>> reporter: for years it has been a regal rain in 1a football. >> pretty amazing. we have grown-up like since fifth grade watching all the high schoolers lay. i remember all of the guys now that it is my turn into surreal to be in >> iowa city retainers 16 consecutive state titles in that kind of success can be a lot to live up to.>> it is a lot of pressure on you. to not screw up. carry-on.>> it is their term. if you of these guys have been there and done that but a lot of guys haven't for the most part so it will be exciting to see how the younger guys in the older guys handle the
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gunning for you.>> we know are really really talented and can beat anybody on a given night - so you have to be ready these regals are ready - we don't want to think too far ahead - we just want to work as hard as we can - to get one more game - one more win to strive for their seventh straight - state championship - that's definitely how we want to go out - winning state - you don't want to be the team to lose the streak - whatever happensin iowa city - pat moroney - cbs 2 sports to lose the street. whatever happens, happens. down and i was to the interception numbers about the same this season for the renick award winner. teams are basically throwing to the opposite side of the field. desmond king is still having a good year. the coordinator has plans
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think he's been playing very well-- and he's been leading the team very well, so.... how can we get him in better positions? [shoulder shrug] that's a check of sports-
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a lot of clouds on the satellite right now. they will be with us through the evening and a little bit of clearing as we get into the overnight tonight. mostly cloudy and model patchy fog. our average high temperature is
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above where our high temperature should be tonight. low 60s around iowa city in washington. tomorrow will start out cloudy. a few breaks in the cloud by the time we get into the afternoon. another mild day with highs
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?? mariah, the billionaire fiance and the wachup dancer in the breakup rumors. >> he's a hot guy. >> normally -- >> wait until you see who we caught mimi with last night. >> oh, darling. >> then is "will & grace" coming >> e.t.'s judge judy exclusive. why she's calling in her husband to help her in the courtroom. >> you'll have to tune in. >> as we flashback to our first interview with the shined lynns. >> i'm on camera. >> let me explain something to you. >> behind the scenes of halloween's lip sync war for the ages. ?? p7? ?2016, for october 28,


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