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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  November 4, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm CDT

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. right now on cbs 2 news 10 at 10, two families torn apart. >> i want my son back, that's not going to happen so my son is going to do great things in heaven. >> how families of fallen officers are finding strength through grief. a band of brothers and sisters. >> that's what law enforcement is all about reaching out when people are feeling pain and anguish. leaders with pushing forward and serve. >> nice to see the community come out and su officers. >> how the corridor is coming together to back the blue. >> cbs 2 news 10 at 10 starts now with ongoing coverage on the attack of iowa's finest. bond is now set for the man accused of killing two central iowa police officers at the same time the officer's families are trying to move forward good evening tonight cbs 2 news has new details on the investigation into the attack on iowa's finest the man charged with killing two des
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faced a judge today. >> scott michael green is being held in the polk county jail on a $10 million bond for each officer he is accused of shooting and killing urbandale police officer justin martin and des moines police sergeant tony beminio. authorities caught up with green in rural dallas county where he surrendered to police the daughters of the suspect are speaking out today in a statement to cbs 2 news they said, quote, as the say and express our deepest sympathy to the families of the lost and the officers themselves we do not condone what our father has done. funeral arrangements are set for both of the officers services for justin martin will be in his hometown of look well city visitation is monday from 4:00 until 8:00, it will be held at south central calhoun middle school the funeral will
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the school. 11:40 was officer martin's badge number. the urbandale police department is now retiring that number. visitation for sergeant anthony beminio is sunday afternoon at lutheran church of hope in west des moines, his funeral will be at the same church on monday at 11:00 he'll be buried at glendale cemetery in des moines officers across the country are expected for the funerals. when police arrested scott green on wednesday they the handcuffs of the fallen officers they say it was personal. >> they were his. he carried them because it was part of him because he had them on every day just anything, i don't know, i think it is personal. >> i think it is because it
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did finish their job because their handcuffs brought him into jail and even though they were not there to put them on him, that symbolizes they were finishing what they started. >> officer martin had only been with the urbandale police force for about a year and a half his mother says she wants her son back but knows that he will do great things in heaven. a national charity is donating funds to help if family of sergeant beminio and officermartin the foundation announced it will offer support along with giving funds to each family the foundation also says it will pay off the mortgage on sergeant beminio's home, also the iowa law enforcement academy.right now - the academy's current class is trying to push forward to serve just like their fallen br. brothers.instructor's at the academy tell cbs 2 both basic academy classes are taking care of each other - still
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classes are taking care of each other still working towards a career goal in law enforcement. the students are feeling pain but they are sticking together like family. >> we're going to grief, we're going to question and we're going to, but at the end of the take care of each by using the program called blue courage. all afternoon today cbs 2 - fox28 employees taped blue lines to the backs of cars. and supporting our men and women in blue.after about seven hours of taping in the broadcast park parking lot - we taped more than 150-cars.we would like to thank everyone who came out to show their support. that idea was started by the wives of police officers in des moines - - following the shootings on wednesday. in the corridor - many of you told us - - this was a priority - you felt you needed - to stop by. by.
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>> how are you today? >> well, i think that we take for granted all the freedoms that we have and for those that lay their lives on the line every day and the sacrifices that their families make, they are there. they see no race or color, they really do not, they are there to help us. >> they are out there every day the police are every day for us and it is a really small gesture that my support for them. >> i saw you guys on the news last night that you were going to do this it just really touched my heart. i wanted to put a stripe on my car for my dad. >> i was an emt for 10 years and some of my best friends are now retired police officers so that's why you've got to show support for these people. >> it is nice to see the community come out to support the officers that's a
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nationwide really just good to see the public turn out. >> you can continue to share your thoughts on back the blue right here on our facebook page. and today was the eighth straight day we were above average here in cedar rapids as this mild start to november we'll continue right into the weekend clear and calm tonight that will allow for patchy fog to develop tapering off quickly tomorrow sunny and perfect temperatures near 70 slightly temperatures in the 60s will be well above average. high and dry across the corridor as we expand the view high and dry across eastern iowa as well as we take a look at satellite not much to show as far as clouds in southwestern iowa but we'll be clear through the evening tonight. your corridor morning forecast clear and calm tomorrow a little bit chilly so might want to grab a jacket if you're heading out areas of patchy fog along and north of i-80, 43 in
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starting today 3:00 temperatures will be right around 70 degrees so an ideal november day all the way around and i'll let you know how long these mild temperatures will last in your weather first forecast coming up. brandon, thank you. tonight we now know the name of the officer involved in a shooting tuesday morning in cedar rapids. the dci is talking to officer lucas jones. police tell cbs 2 news jones stopped jeremy mitchell at about 1 a.m., they say a fight started and the officer fired. mitchell then hit before being arrested and then taken to the hospital. mitchell's family wants to see the dash cam video officer jones by the way was involved in the 2015 shooting that killed jonathan guzman he was cleared in that investigation. tonight cbs 2 has learned the names of two girls killed in a crash in lynn county just a horrible situation for this family. 16-year-old selina and he were
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severson, that's isabella died after a pick up truck rear ended the car they were in, they were waiting to turn when the truck slammed into one of them the girl's mother jennifer perez and two other daughters were also in the car, one of them has a life threatening injury the driver of the pick up was not seriously hurt. a go fund me page for the family already has exceeded its goal so far it is than $32,000 the money will help to pay for the funeral for the two girls. developing now in marion a former linmar employee admitted to sending an inappropriate picture to a minor. >> she is with us with the latest information, dora. >> officials say did their job, followed state law and reporting the incident involving marcus cane, they say they cannot release specific details about cane's history with the district but they did
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high school and involved with a program to help special education and needs. cane was arrested on monday after admitting to sending an obscene picture to a 17-year- old student something they say they are seeing more of since social media has become more prevalent. >> those numbers have just expanded exponentially over the last several years every different type of app or different type of program is another thing we have to worry about and it can be consuming. >> if cane is convicted he could face fines up to a year court next week.dora miller, cbs 2 news ten at 10. that is cbs 2 news ten at ten -- the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first ten minut. minutes.still to come... come...cedar rapids washington - is trying to get back to the dome.see if they could get trying to get back to the dome see if they could get passed city high coming up in sports. . the last time we were below
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60s today thanks to cheer skies and plenty of sunshine, the mild start to november will continue into the weekend i'll have the numbers for you coming
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iowa is changing. who would have thought that we'd become a major energy producer? or, attract high tech jobs from california? or, for the first time in a long time, we've actually had significant growth in population? we've done it together, but we're not done yet. monday is one day before the general election - with presidential, and several state and local races - we'll give you a preview of what you need to know before election day, . hi again, a little bit of summer or early fall how many times do you run the car air-
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gosh sakes? not that we're complaining. tomorrow flirt with 70 degrees, typically when we see a 70 degree temperature was a week ago, unfamiliar territory in the first weekend of november as we take a look at live doppler radar, high and dry as we expand the view across eastern iowa, not much to show either no rain in the forecast into the weekend and the early part of next week here is the satellite as we take a look at right now a high pressu clouds away sunshine we saw that plenty today and we'll have sunshine in the forecast again tomorrow as well as through sunday so clear and calm tonight with a high pressure that will lead to some light fog areas along and north of i-80 that will taper off, temperatures a few degrees warmer close to near 70 degrees then slightly cooler for sunday but temperatures still be well above average with sunshine and
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60s. your corridor forecast, tomorrow morning clear and calm it will be a tad chilly, you might need a light jacket north of i-80 patchy fog possible 43 in cedar rapids, 44 in iowa city as we start your saturday. here is high pressure in control you could see not much of any clouds around the midwest is all as we put our predicter into motion the high will shift to the southeast tomorrow at 3:00, southwesterly flow will boost temperatures in the upper 60s to 70 as we go through the over night hours into sunday afternoon around 4:00 we'll have the southeasterly flow so temperatures will be a tad cooler you could see not much of any clouds will keep the sunshine around as we get into sunday. here is the predicter as we get closer 7:00 tomorrow morning areas of light fog will clear that out, clear skies sunshine in the forecast for around 3:00 tomorrow afternoon we'll start sunday, some areas of fog right along the mississippi patchy fog as well that will taper off by sunday late sunday morning we're back to sunshine by
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mid-60s so tomorrow morning at 8:00 we'll be in the low to mid-40s, warm up to the upper 40s to near 70 degrees by sunday morning readings in the low to mid-40s and sunday afternoon around 3:00 readings should be slightly cooler in the mid to upper 60s still pretty fine fall afternoon the hawkeyes traveling to penn state tomorrow at beaver stadium state college kickoff is around 6:30, partly cloudy, cool it will be nice for fa to 10 miles per hour as hawkeyes look to get a win patchy fog possible areas in the north to the low 40s your forecast in the south clear and calm chilly again patchy fog mainly along north of i-83, 43, 45 for temperatures in the north, sunny and mild an outstanding day with readings in the upper 60s we go down to the south mostly sunny and mild
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extended forecast don't forget to set the clocks back tomorrow night 67 sunshine on sunday, 65 on monday, we're looking at 60s above average temperatures by the time we get to late next week we should be down in the upper 50s. coming up next on your news trips to the dome on the line tonight could xavier continue
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this is it -- the road to the dome ends tonight -- win your quart . this is it the road to the dome ends tonight, headed up 380 to play where the panthers play. cedar rapids washington trying to get back to the dome after coming up one win short last season, won't come easy, pat joins ut in studio, might be playing the best ball all season. >> that's especially true on the offensive side of the football, the season. in last week's play off win over north scott tonight they matched up with a defense up 10- 0 early, second quarter little hawks not ready to go home nate goes over the top to vance dillon, nobody is catching number 19 a 72-yard bomb that
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the half, 13 to 6 now, ian thomas is feasting on the defender the senior bulldozes after scoring he has something to say about it. it is the pile on, they win 30- the dome - for the second time - in three seasons - zach - they get the winner of the regular season rematch between prairie and west -- the p- hawks won that onebut in this one -- the trojans started fast -- first drive of the game for west -- evan flitz hits austin west -- and runs in from 26 yards out -- trojans go up 7 nothingback comes the p-hawks -- dalton rayner -- drops back -- and throws the bomb to levi usher -- 67 yards on the score -- game tied at 7west would answer -- fakes the handoff -- and drops a dime -- into
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move on with a 38 to 21 win. diamond trojans move on with a the first meeting -- all saints -- a 42 to nothing thumpg thumpingmitch fick -- is in the newsroom -- and mitch -- xavier's just been a class above everyone in 3-a this year they've got the offense, they've got the defense, and they've got the chip on their shoulder after that first round exit last season...but wavery-shell rock bring same to saints don't think they aren't a little hyped for some revenge? revenge?the go-hawks haven't lost since that shutout...they' re letting the saints know they're bringing the fight in the first quarter...bryce schulte goes deep -- and jordan chandler is there for the pick. xavier still leads three-nothing after one... second quarter -- schulte finds his rhythm in a big -- and going deep again...perfect to nolan butkowski for forty four yards and the score. ten-zip saints.
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schulte-butkowski connection...this is eighty four yards for six...that's gotta be fifty yards in the air alone!xavier -- eleven and oh and heading to the three-a's a xx-xx final. xavier heads back to the uni-dome for the second time in three seasons as a class three-a school -- last time, they got knocked out by pella...and there's a chance at a rematch... thanks mitch -- tough test f taking on pella -- the number 1 team in the stateand they showed their dominance early -- blayze griffis floats one up -- but avery van zee comes down with it for the interceptionstill scoreless in the 2nd -- pella on the move -- nick finney --rolls out and connects ryan van whyk for the move, nick finny connects with
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then pella with the season 28- 14 was the final. and still to come, powers collided at west union will the knights get revenge and knock
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in the first meeting between union and north fayette valley -- the two were playing for a . the first meeting the two
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title round two higher stakes at west union winner heads to the dome, north valley won by 35points you could say isaiah von, and von is gone. 70 yards on the score, just like that it is 7-0 knights. still 7-0 in the second tiger hawks answered tate rolls out and hits josh gunther he is in for six, fail on the 2 point conversion attempt a union went, it is all von here is one more of his first three half touch down runs, union gets revenge and headed to the dome with a 28-12 win. mount vernon williamsburg played two weeks ago the mustangs won that one and first play from scrimmage there goes some moore, 63 yards up the sidelines mount vernon galloped out to a 7-0 lead, williamsburg
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games, six points raiders would miss the p-a-t. so would seven, six and the second. the stangs, finding his bff in the corner of the end zone, headed back to the dome with a 42-32 win. >> and also trying to stay alive, wolverines were rolling to the dome with a 54-14 win over pmc. i think it is safe to say that this game should have been played two weeks from now with the title one hosting number two pella christian both teams undefeated brian joins us did this game live up to the hype ? we won't get into the politics whether this happened this week or in the dome we'll dive head first into what may rival this year's game seven of the world series as the game of the century 9 and 1 hosting pella christian,
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regals draw first blood in what would prove to be a real brawl, levi gets picked off by jack jensen his second pick of the quarter four picks for the first 12 minutes the second quarter regina, to jensen, 28-7 a 2 point game with three minutes to go but a third jensen pick seals 43. the final as regin action is on to the dome once again but would they face belleview or denver? that's on for grabs north of highway 20 let's send it back to zach in the studio. >> a battle of unbeaten, cyclones up 7-0 eli barrett goes straight up the gut untouched denver goes up 14-0
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daughtry trying to make something happen but didn't want this sam yager picks up the pass and he is dragging a commit with him down inside the red zone and that would lead to this. fletcher anderson takes the hand-off, too easy, denver heads back to the dome 34-6 the final. last year finishing with 10 straight wins most importantly a class a state championship. matt lane joins us in thestudios the rebels have been on a tear all season. >> the 10 rebel victories this season have come by an average margin of 31 point victory. but last week in the first round of the play offs the defending champs only put up 13 total points defeating linville sully by offense. hosting montzuma. parker fakes out the official
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again -- and if he can score from 40 out -- eighteen yards is no problem -- 14 nothing and the rebels weren't done either.- this time quarterback hunter lott will fake it to bown and everyone bit -- leaving gage murty to appear from the pile -- 43 yards to the end zone -- it was all reb's tonight in gladbrook 35 nothing the final. final.a convincing win tonight for gladbrook- reinbeck but who are they playing next week in the dome zach? that's a check of sports.
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ald trump. wrong for iowa. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. . it will be a chilly start to the morning tomorrow with
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. i'm chuck grassley, and i approve this message. iowa is changing. who would have thought that we'd become a major energy producer? or, attract high tech jobs from california? or, for the first time in a long time, we've actually had significant growth in population?
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> cnn's new national poll shows only four point separate the two rivals. >> stephen: i've got to find some escape from this election! just a moment of peace. i know, i'll relax by finishing my ship in a bottle. let's see, just straighten the mast here and then pull the rigging over the spar... you son of a bitch colbert! you stabbed me! as sure as the sea is wet, i will have my revenge! you will rue the day you tried to murder captain bainbridge! i have need to take my mind off this severe puncture wound.


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