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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  November 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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working its way inside 3 minutes. >> aaron: a situation where you are trying to score and preserve time. a sack is about the worst thing you can do. it gives them a little bit more field to work with. they had success doing that. a kind of a crazy way, you wonder if this will open things up more for the gators. jackson with his second sack of the season. >> brad: lost 35 seconds and still taking 2.5 to go. this might be the last time they touch it on offense. del rio throws to the end zone. it's knocked down. callaway looking for a pass interference. he doesn't get it. >> aaron: that's collins in coverage. turns and looks for the football. wow, he got away with one. that should have been a pass
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no. callaway probably correct. it turns it over to arkansas offense with 2:20 to go. florida can only stop it once with a timeout. >> aaron: the play before that, mark thompson had the football at his fingers tips to give the gators a touchdown. now the end this game. this is the best and most fun part of a football game for offensive linemen. >> brad: right in the middle of the heap. whaley didn't let that pile drive him back. using that 216 pounds to his advantage. >> aaron: he does. a lot of losses from this offensive line a year ago.
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award. a new award. it recognizes the most outr outstanding offensive line. they were finalists. they changed their offensive line coach. anderson came in. even today personnel changes. 200 yards and counting on the ground. against one of the better rush defenses in the country. >> brad: breaking out of the pack is whaley again. stays inbounds. flag is down. maye throws >> referee: holding number 72 on the offense. penalty 10 yards. replay 2nd down. >> brad: ragnow the holding call. stay tuned for the jeep post game show after our game and
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the battles in the bayou in death valley. alabama and lsu will cap off our triple header on cbs. >> aaron: i don't know if you can block that play better. he had his hands inside. the defender trying to flail. it's academic at this point. >> brad: 1:25. you have to think about the rest of the season for arkansas. we will talk about that this snap. >> aaron: the rest of the season for kentucky. >> brad: they are getting ready for the georgia bulldogs in lexington. arkansas has lsu coming in here next week. then at mississippi state. and at missouri the day after thanksgiving. the way they have played in november and the way they played today. they look like a team that could run the table maybe. >> aaron: there is no question.
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the matt. they got whooped against auburn. coach bret bielema said who are we? that wasn't us. they took accountability. they stepped up. they played a hell of a ballgame today against a very good defense. >> brad: they got a whipping 2 weeks ago and gave one this afternoon. that will do it. the hogs win their 6th. they have teams. their 3 losses to teams that were in the college football top 10. they just picked off number 11 this afternoon. 31-10. big win for the razorbacks at home. florida loses their second now. they for dangerous ever losing their spot in the sec east. the play of the game. it was early. santos ramirez off the ricochet
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razorbacks. a pick 6 put them up 7-0. they never looked back. never trailed after that. austin allen a nice job in leading the offense. alabama and lsu later. from all of us. brad nessler no long. final score the hogs from begining to end. dominate 11th ranked florida and win 31-10 going away at razorbacks that's it from fayetteville. have a good weekend. the jeep post game is next.
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cbs sports presents the jeep post game. >> adam: welcome. i am coming up at 8 eastern an sec west showdown. number 1 alabama and 13th ranked lsu. less than hour away. the game you just saw arkansas over florida 31-10. what a difference a bye week makes. the sec east standings now. struggling with the best. florida is a tie with kentucky. who they defeated and tennessee still around.
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kentky right now. the wildcats could jump into the lead for the end of the night. lots to be determined before the end of the year. >> rick: did you error that? >> brian: i heard that. should i get credit for them turning this around. >> adam: brian jones and ric bucher. it it's -- rick neuheisel. arkansas looked l >> rick: today the razorbacks defense holds them to 12 yards rushing. >> brian: from is no i in team. mr. del rio was on target early and often. this is the first drive of the game. pick 6 here for the razorbacks. just misfires on the wide open callaway. throwing into double coverage.
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a poor showing all afternoon long. we have seen this since his return from the knee injury. >> rick: eason runable to set his feet. and luke del rio 6 interceptions. >> brian: great job by arkansas. >> adam: scored 31 on at a team that allowed 30 in the last 3 games. gators fans have company in texas a&m. going down. >> rick: fitzgerald scored early a bulldozer type run. 4 yards for the touchdown. 35-28. >> adam: a monster game. trevor knight left when the deficit was mounting. his arm in a sling. the west continues to beat the east. but it took a lot for auburn to get past vandy and cunningham. >> brian: vandy trying to win 3 straight. i am talking about vanderbilt.
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to block the field goal there. you don't bite unless the bait is good. that bait was good. baited the quarterback into that throw and selus the fate of the commodores. >> adam: pettway with a buck 73 on the game. hold on to the top 10 ranking. chad kelly left the game. an mri tomorrow. tennessee cruising on tennessee tech and south carolina up0 remaining. when the jeep post game continues. we will tell you about michigan and clemson rolling right along. ? ? well, if you want to sing out, sing out ? ? and if you want to be free, be free ? ? 'cause there's a million things to be ? ? you know that there are ? ? and if you want to be me, be me ?
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jeep post game. tuesday night on cbs sports network. leslie sits down with the patriots head coach bill belichick. fournette said we need to talk. lsu gets set to face alabama here on cbs. >> rick: he needs to be danny decoy. give him the ball and take it back and have open guys down there. >> brian: lsu avera rushing. they need at least 200. >> rick: they are playing alabama. >> adam: back to the scoreboard. watson needed a break. he went down on a shoulder and left the game late in the first half. didn't return. clemson didn't need him today. 54-0 over syracuse who had dungy get knocked out. rough day around the country.
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defensive coordinator. rick, no defense can shut down lamar jackson. 7 touchdowns. >> rick: he was on his game. doing it through the area and with his legs. 53 yards to pay dirt. just a fabulous performance by the youngster. gives a little bit of a sign. >> adam: was a float slash. the fans said no it's a zippy mouth flash. they do it all the time. lamar 7 touchdowns against boston college. the concerns that baylor was going to wear. tcu ran three all of them. 55-22. 5 touchdowns on the ground. oklahoma state taking advantage of a baylor loss. they had an interception on the last play to hold on at kansas
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final. in control of the coastal division winning at duke. 24-21. look out. washington state. on fire. first time in 19 years washington and wazou started like that. win over northwestern. b.j. >> b give it to him at 3rd and 2. >> rick: no complaining. 341 rushing yards. >> adam: michigan state 7 straight losses and army losing to air force today. thanks for watching the jeep post game show. the nfl on cbs kicks off tomorrow with a double header action. most will see the steelers and ravens. then the colts and packers. is it starts at noon senior with the nfl today.
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it's 8 and 0 number 1 alabama and 13th ranked lsu in an sec west battles.
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right now on cbs 2 news, a community coming together to back the people in des moines are showing support . ? ... the race for the white house heats up."we are just three days away" "you've got time to get everybody else to get out there and vote"where candidates are stumping with just days before the the race for the white house he's up. where candidates are stopping just days before the election. jump on board -- >> i think people will be surprised historic building once ones -- we go on a unique tour of cedar rapids your first we're in the weather center. outside today, a postcard a, beautiful. >> we had a high temperature of 71 in cedar rapids. >> i don't believe it, but i believe it, the mild weather will continue into tomorrow.
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a southwest winds at five miles per hour. what you need to know? it is quiet and cool. sunshine and mild tomorrow with mid to upper 60s and temperatures will be above average as we start the week. this look at the doppler radar. pretty quiet, we're high and dry over eastern iowa and that will be the case over the next few days. clear skies and calm tonight. lows around 42-44 degrees. don't forget tonight we fall back at daylight savings time and it will end around 2:00 a.m. we will fall back to around 1:00 a.m. turner clocks back one hour before you go to bed. i will let you know how long this mile stretch will continue and when we will expect a cool down -- cool down in the forecast. an honor of the two officers ambushed in des moines a candlelight vigil is scheduled at the police station.
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tony and justin. the vigil begins at 7:00, 40 minutes from now. we will bringing full coverage of the event tonight after football. a bond is now set for the man accused of shooting the officers. scott michael greene is being held in the gate -- in the jail on a $10 million bond. he is accused of shooting and killing the police officers justin and anthony early wednesday morning. rural dallas county when he surrendered to police. funeral arrangements are now set for the officers. services for justin martin will be in his hometown of rockwall city. a visitation is set for monday evening from four to 8:00. the funeral is set for tuesday morning at 11:40 at the school. 11:40 was officers martin's batch number. the police department is
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for tony and in yellow is tomorrow afternoon from to -- 2:00 to 5:00. his funeral will be at the church on monday at 11:00. he will be buried at glendale cemetery in des moines. officers from across the country are expected to attend the funerals. many people have been asking how they can help? there is a way you can support those grieving the pollen officers. the police officers union has set up a website to take donations for the families of the officers killed. you can make contributions to one-family or both and -- in any amount you wish. go to our website for a link to the memorial page. three people were taken into custody last night after a police chase. the chase came to an end at the intersection of north maple street and east third street in monticello. it started when the monticello police say they tried to pull over a car that was reported
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front end at 40 last night the car then took off trying to get away from police, the car hit a police vehicle and a jones county sheriff's vehicle, both agencies were helping out in the case. at the end of the chase kevin, jackson in macon were taken into custody. they also found multiple guns in the car. one person is now dead after an crash in cedar falls.police responded to a two vehicle of highway-57 just after happened on the bridge east of main street. several other people are injured.police tell us that both cars were heading in the same direction when the crash word yet on the name of the person who died. police are still notifying family members. to stay on top of breaking news -- download the cbs 2 news's free for apple still notifying family members. to stay on top of breaking news, download our
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search kgan the cbs2 in your app store. with three days left until election day surrogates are heading to as many battleground states as possible. the republican presidential candidate has four campaign stops scheduled. he started in florida and that's where the democratic presidential candidate began heard a. at the second top of the day he spoke to a group of i'm asking you to dream big because with your vote we're just three days away from the change you have been waiting for on the democratic side -- hillary clinton started her day in florida.she spoke to a group of supporters in pembroke, florida.clinton commented on her appearance at a concert last night featuring beyonce, jay-z and other
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supporters in pembroke. clinton commented on her "so i gotta ask are you ready? how many of you people have already voted, ok so that means you've got time to get everybody else to get out there and vote." vote."democratic vice preseidential candidate tim kaine is also campaign today. he too is in florida at get out the vote events. claims of a rigged system have of this campaign but this isn't the first time we're hearing about this.early on the same charge was made by senator bernie sanders who said democratic leaders were never on his side. 2 news national correspondent kristine frazao has more. more. bernie sanders/former presidential candidate/may 2016 the establishment determined who the anointed candidate will be before the first voters got into the process
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bernie sanders continue gaining traction months later, just days before the election...with the daily release of hacked emails by wikileaks.james peterson - attorney, judicial watchto see how certain parties and the media are working together behind the scenes. i think from a public interest standpoint, we all ought to be troubled, you know, by what's now being revealed.examples troubled by what is being revealed.>> reporter: include this. emails sent by this official donna brazil senate debate questions of the clinton campaigns in ahead of time. others showing reporters with for perusal before they were published. including this one from glenn thrush to called himself a hack and said please don't share or tell anyone i did this.>> reporter: pete is the editor of
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there is media bias.>> there's a level of coziness that is not expected to be there.>> coziness which donald trump has seized upon.>> we are in a rigged system. and a big part of the rigging are these dishonest people in the media. >> reporter: they have bowed to release more emails every day between now and the election. there's a good chance there will be increased scrutiny on the relationship between in washington on christine frazel reporting. coming up at 10:00 as presidential candidates worked her way up on the campaign trail there is one town that has become popular with donald trump's campaign. cbs two news takes you to a town just outside cincinnati ohio to find out why the candidate keeps coming back. and before you head to the polls on election day be sure to join us for it i don't look at the campaign on election eve.
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kevin barry. you can watch it monday night at 10 30 on our sister station fox28. if you want to vote before the general election on tuesday you do have one more chance in johnston county's and linn county. both auditors offices will be open for absentee voting on monday. in cedar rapids you can vote from eight -- 8:00 to 5:00. iowa city is voting from 45 more than 800 people showed up to cast their ballots today. for some people election day is a paid holiday. workers across u.s. will get the day off to kosovo's. general motors, ford motor company square are among the company said they said an email to workers saint every vote counts. their closing all retail stores
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to workers can go on cast their ballots. right now, there's no federal law that requires workers to get time off to vote and state laws dewberry. still to come a new few of cedar rapids. this tour is bringing you to more than just these landmarks. we been above average for nine straight days. that streak will continue as we head into or sunday. we will start of the day in the
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