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tv   Full Measure With Sharyl Attkisson  CBS  November 6, 2016 10:00am-10:30am CST

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>> viveca novak tracks political money and taking us through the murky worlds of outside spends being. >> these groups can spends any amount of money and take in any amount of money. >> it fuels negative ads and social media attacks. >> donald trump's name is all over t m trump's son eric is busy promoting both the family business and his father's political image. >> you hear everything from ruthless to savvy to lucky. do any of them apply? do they all apply? >> maybe they all apply. >> patty criner was working at bill clinton's campaign office in little rock in 1974 the day hillary arrived. >> hillary stuck her head in and said patty. i said hillary.
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easy. i'm worried come november 9 it will be really hard to have to start to work again. >> and in these final days of the campaign we drop in to watch the cartooning of the candidates. welcome to "full measure." i'm sharyl attkisson. it is down to the wire. we will soon know who american voters choose as the next president the first woman or a wealthy business plan with no political experience. you can't say the journey has been boring. revelations continue to leak out by active f.b.i. investigations linked to the clinton including
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function leading to allegations of conflict and obstruction from within the f.b.i. and justice department. wickileaks has continued to post embarrassing e-mails from the account of john podesta. considering the tenor of campaign 2016 one could conjure up many post-election combinations. will the loser blame fraud or russia? we will leave the predictions up to others. we begin by investigating the big money tfi pulling strings behind the scenes in u.s. presidential campaign politics. >> clinton is winning support from some of the wealthiest despite her position on taxes. >> clinton bragged about her great relationship with the financial industry. that is where she gets all the money. >> it is pretty much the wild west when it comes to outside spending. investigative investigative traction money for response politics and takes us through the murky world of outside
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and super p.a.c.s that shield donor identity. if you are an average citizen one way it give is directly but that money is very limited. there are caps on what you can give. there's also what we call outside spending groups where you have heard the term super p.a.c. they can spend any amount of money and they can take in any amount of magic. people can give millions of dollars to super p.a.c. >> how can we trust the clintons to fight for us is it >> that is money that fueled negative ads organized opposition research news media outreach. when i see the hate donald trump has brought it terrifies me. >> i would like to punch him in the face. >> i don't know what i said. i don't remember. >> in florida they say she will
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>> there's a super p.a.c. called priorities u.s.a. action that is the super p.a.c. becoming hillary clinton. not that others are not helping but this one is totally devoted to getting her elected. it has raised a lot of money. donald trump has a couple of super p.a.c.s backing him. one problem has been it has never been clear which is the favored super p.a.c. so donors kind of don't know w to. >> the largest pro clinton super p.a.c. has raised nearly $176 million compared to the largest pro trump super p.a.c. which raised about $16 million. >> when we look at outside spending where is his support coming and who is giving to his outside spending groups? >> his outside spending donors look a lot like the campaign donors. retired people. real estate, miscellaneous
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favor clinton giving her 100 times as much outside money more than $78 million compared to trump's less than $1 million. so, wall street really comes out on top. besides wall street you have entertainment. people from hollywood and people from lawyers. >> who are the personalities with the deepest pockets? hedge fund billionaires. >> for clinton when you tractor in the super p.a.c. her top donald susman, james simons with a message fund and george soros. last time we looked there were no hedge fund billionaires supporting donald trump. now that he is the last man standing in the republican party that has changed. a lot of the hedge fund billionaires have not come aboard with trump but robert
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ted cruz until he decided to come over to trump. >> donald trump's biggest donors have been robert mercer who is actually with the same hedge fund that james bynums. jeff palmer a real estate developer in california. >> add it up and clinton has far and away more big donor support. $20 million from palumbo partners, $14 from simons. more than $12 million from another group and 10 million each from soros and saban capital. 20 donors have given her more than $2 million each. he has only three donors in that category. 15 by 5 million from renaissance's robert mercer, $2 from g.h. partly sunny and associates and $2 million from
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home depot's co-founder. within reason trump's numbers are not bigger is some conservative billionaires are on the sidelines. >> if some big republican donors are not contributing to donald trump, are they going anywhere or just saving their money? >> i think they are just saving their money. some have outright said they are not going to play very much this year. the koch brothers and their network is really staying out of the presidenti david and charles koch are industrialists from the midwest and they have been active in republican politics for a very long time. and they tend to be more mainstream republican than pro trump who is very much not. >> they are not helping him? >> they are not helping. >> by retirees are helping both
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and trump's top group at $19.5 million. >> then she relies on lawyers, people from the education field, people who work for universities who tend to generally be democratic. for donald trump's campaign he relies more on businesses that we call miscellaneous, chemical industry, restaurants, ones that don't fit other real estate. >> trump's donor by far is trump. >> why aren't you putting money into your own campaign? just curious. >> we will get on to one more question. >> trump has put more than $66 million of his own money into his campaign. >> i'm putting up $100 million. it will be more than that. >> if he is raising less than other republican candidates but at this point fairly neck and
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candidate what does it tell us? >> it tells us that he's gotten a lot of free publicity among other things. >> mr. trump -- >> he said that he doesn't need as much because he doesn't need to buy as much. the media just covers trump so much that he's everywhere you look and there is some truth to that. he may not need as much. >> the totals to date clinton supporters have given more than twice as much $687 million to million. and both candidates can brag of getting a lot of that money from the coveted small donor. >> i'm proud of the fact that we have more than 750,000 donors and the vast majority give small contributions. >> she is raised about 19% from small donors. a greater amount but smaller share than donald trump.
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funding is about 43%. >> i'm getting tremendous amounts like $61 apiece no republican has ever done that. >> how do the small donors he has compare to other candidates in the past whether bernie sanders or previous campaigns? >> bernie sanders got a lot of funding from small donors. his number was higher than trump alleys. obama was always successful with smallon it shows in mart some of the larger donors may be staying away from this candidate but he is hitting a chord with some real folks. >> how much of the candidates spending to get elected overall? that is calculated together aware closing in on $2 billion october 31 significantly more than what obama and romney spent
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billion. reports on hillary clinton and donald trump and what may be the
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>> campaign 2016 will be noted as one of most bit are in history the attacks have been deeply personal and will continue until the last hours of campaign. we thought on the eve of election we would take a different approach and offer the last good word on each decade from those who know them.
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feel in the interest of pure onlity we flipped this quarter and trump one the toss. here is scott thuman. >> donald trump, his name is all over the manhattan sky line. >> he's been a success in everything he's done and everything he ever touched turned to tkpeld. >> his son eric is busy promoting both the family business and his father's political image. >> he loves bricks and mortar and concrete and he is a great creator. he's great leader. >> and a father who from eric's earliest memories instilled a drive to follow a certain path even if he was 250 young. >> every day i would go into his room before i left for school he would look at me at six and say eric drinking no drugs no smoking and you better get good grades was six and didn't know what drinking, drugs or smoking was.
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his book the truth about trump. >> he believes that he can freelance at any moment so he is not strategic in that way. he is more about a confidence in his own talent and in the moment he will make the right choice and that if that doesn't work he has another moment and he can make another choice. >> three words that come up you hear everything from this is again ruthless to savvy to lucky. do they all apply? >> maybe they all apply. luck is a factor of the world. i think that the thing i would say would be work ethic, dedication. and striving to reach a goal and never stopping, never turning back. >> dantonio agrees. trump has no rearview mirror. >> if he wakes up on the day after the election and he's president, he's not going to be
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self-doubt. he will not be the guy who says what will we do now. he will proceed with great confidence, surround himself with men primarily. maybe a woman or two whom he trusts and imagines to be the best and he will proceed with great confidence. >> confidence ingrained in trump at an early age. >> the message that the trump boys got from fred trump sr. was you are killer an king. >> do you think he cares too much about legacy? >> no -- well, legacy is a big thing. legacy is a big thing. he built an unbelievable brand. he is the smartest guy i know. he is incredible. toughest negotiator and incredible spine and you need that feel >> there may be a donald trump we have not seen one other than the tough talking caustic candidate.
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that surprised me and it was a kind of sadness. he really doesn't have a sense that he's gotten what he feels he difference. and this is probably the reason for his constant striving and for the sense that there's never enough for him. >> in the end the quality that has brought candidate trump to the eve of the election might well be his secret weapon. >> he's done it by being human, by speaking out against politicians but seeking as a civilian, as a person. >> eric trump summed it up by saying plenty of team have underestimated his father over the years and have been wrong more often than not and lost a lot of money doing that. >> thanks, scott. next hillary clinton as seen only in the eyes of friends that
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!?
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k. but too often, washington stacks the deck against us. we need to build an economy that works for the middle class. instead of giving breaks to big business, we need to cut taxes for the middle class and small business. i'm monica vernon, and i approve this message
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>> hillary clinton has been accused of being a career politician but if her political career began in the senate in 2001, her political roots run much deeper and decades earlier in arkansas. lisa fletcher went to little rock. >> i don't have a political agenda. my days of working are over. i'm retired and i don't need a job in washington and don't want one of the. but i have nope there woman 35 to 40 years and i would trust >> the former 4reu8 rock mayor has put on thousands of miles crisscrossing the united states as one of arkansas travelers a group of friends that have campaigned for within or the other of the clintons since 1992. >> what is the most important thing you can tell a person about hillary clinton when knock on their door? >> if you want somebody who will get,every morning thinking about
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people, our children, men and women, better, and will do the work and thought it takes to make it happen, vote for hillary clinton. >> patty criner was working at bill clinton's campaign office in little rock in 1974 the day hillary arrived. >> hillary stuck her head in and said patty. i said hillary. she came in and we hugged and we since. >> she says it was obvious there was nothing ordinary about hillary clinton. >> when she came to arkansas, and was an activist, most of the governors wives had never worked, never held jobs. >> clinton worked at a law firm taught at the law school and krien are said every time she saw a need in the community added it to her to-do list.
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there was no such thing as legal defense fund in fayetteville so she started the legal aid clinic. she called me and said i'm going to establish the arkansas advocate for children and families. >> skip rutherford is the dean of the clinton school of public service. >> she led the effort to establish the first knee tphaeuflt intensive care unit at children's hospital which opened in 1980. she was pregnant with chelsea at the time. she madeff it started with six bassinettes in 1980. today it has 104 beds. >> hillary has been criticized sometimes for not emotionally connecting with people in a way that some other political candidates have managed to do. why do you think that is? >> somebody said she is not like bill clinton. i said that's right.
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she is better. she's got her strengths. part of that is just the personality but to be prepared to run for president and serve, you are not going to find anybody any better. >> the next president of the united states, bill clinton. >> in 1992 hillary clinton left arkansas but didn't leave her friends. they say she's grown but hasn't changed. but now they are counting on her to change -- the course of history. i have two daughters and a granddaughter. and two grand sons. i want a woman to be president. because i want to tell my granddaughter what i couldn't tell my daughters, that you can grow up and be president. there's nothing now saying that you can't. >> a few more personal footnotes they say hillary is an uber
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scrabble and absolutely the worst singer ever. and they love already sense of hraourpl but her laugh is so big in enters the room before she does. >> thanks, lisa. ahead, more positive vibes as we end this political season one
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>> many ordinary americans an seasoned reporters are counting
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but it is different for political cartoonest it is the campaign season that keeps on giving. >> the cartooning has been easy. i'm worried come november 9 it will be hard to have to start to work again. >> he can do donald trump it four minutes. it season he's gone through a lot of orange and yellow. >>ed a my yum yellow. the deep done parts of ocean where y their own light. i did this when he sewed up the republican nomination. it is like the little person after years of feeding the plant it got bigger and here the fertilize are is birtherism and vitriol. here is pat robertson in the pulpit labeled religious right and if you look closely there is the cross empty and step stool
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that struck a nerve i hope. >> clinton gave him plenty of material as well. >> it is somebody reaching out from the side saying ma'am and then suddenly it is red alert and she's thrown in the car and it zooms away, she is put in a helicopter and it drops her into the hillary submarine and it goes dive, dive, diver and it goes that was a close reporter nearly asked a question. we point out hypocrisy. the e-mail thing has been dogging her a couple of years and you would think a competent politician would have it go away. >> what is not going away are the risks that it exposed. >> one thing that is unique it 2016 is that it seems that people are much more motivated about no they are voting
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help america mend its fences. >> we have have to be able to disagree with each other and ideally we should be able to disagree agreeably and that has been tested this time in a way it hasn't been tested in long time. >> he says for him the work begins november 9 when the election is over and he has to look for new inspiration. we will see how that turns out. next week on full fell it was a policy point that rang out again and again in of manufacturing jobs. we go to one state that can't find workers fast enough. >> we had to hire 800 people very false and we couldn't find the qualified people on the job market to meet the needs of this facility. >> students skipping university and finding high paying jobs next week on full fell. that is all for this beck. thanks for watching. i'm sharyl attkisson.
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putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. when i come home and dinner's not ready i go through the roof. grab 'em by the p****". when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump. i'll go backstage before a show... yes.. and everyone's getting dressed. donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young as 15 were changing. standing there with no clothes. you see these incredible looking women. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. do you treat women with respect? uh... i can't say that either. alright, good.
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look at the people and events that shape our community.this is iowa in focus.this week -- final push to the end of the 2016 election.the tragedy in des moines -- nat pop -- changing policing in iowa. welcome to iowa in focus -- we're giving context to what happens in the headlines and on the campaign trail. trail.that starts with the barnstorm. the biggest iowa news of week had nothing to do with pol. politics.early wednesday morning -- two police officers were shot and killed while they sat in their patrol cars. 39 year old des moines officer tony bimenio and 24 year old urbandale officer justin martin were found with fatal gunshot wounds.their accused killer is scott greene -- who has a history of run-ins with police. that same day -- tim kaine and bill clinton were scheduled were to be in des moines.they


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