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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  November 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm CST

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be at lutheran church of hope in west des moines. that starts at 11:00 tomorrow morning. services for yus tin martin will be his hometown of rockwell city. visitation is tomorrow evening from 4:00 to 8:00 at south calhoun middle school. 1140 was his badge number. they are now number. many people have been asking how you can help. the des moines police officers union has set up a website to take donations for the families of the officers killed. you can make contributions to page. that is cbs 2 news ten at ten -- the corridor's top stories and tomorrow's weather first forecast in the first ten minut. minutes.still to come, come,a tour of the new university of iowa children's hospital.why this new building is truly -- one of a kind.
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vernon: they're like a lot of iowans -- they get up early, get the kids to school, and get to work.
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we need to build an economy that works for the middle class. instead of giving breaks to big business, we need to cut taxes for the middle class and small business. i'm monica vernon, and i approve this message
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monday is one day before the general election - with presidential, and several
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need to know before election four years and nearly 400 million dollars later - the university of iowa children's hospit four years and nearly $400 million later the university of iowa children's hospital is now opening their doors to the public. we go on a tour and see how this hospital is one of a kind. >> in the four years it has take top build the university of iowa children's hospital the iowa football team has gone from average to amazing. now back to average i'm sure the hawks won't mind sharing the spotlight with their newest neighbor. from a parking garage for patients and families to the tallest building in all of iowa city. the university of iowa stead family children's hospital is gearing up for guests. >> i think that really -- everyone -- makes their way into kinnick stadium, you can't help but notice the construction
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years. there is a natural coursety. >> that curiosity drove more than 10,000 people to see this space. >> one of the best things about our project has been driven by parent participation. >> it is a nice culmination of the input from families who stayed here for long periods of time. >> 14 floors and more than 500,000 square feet are sure to draw your attention. the facility is now fully looking at the farmlands and of course our special neighbor to the west, kinnick stadium."
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was bustling with people during the weekend open house - and the facility will take on its first patient december 10th.connor morgan, cbs 2 news
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weatherfirst team coverage -- continues now with meteorologist rebecca kopelman
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tonight in sports - basketball is back - in ames - and in iowa city - the highlights are next on c-b-s two sports..
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after another disappointing season on the gridiron - they are celebrating after another disappointing subpoena on the
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the start of basketball season. the cyclones are in the top 25. they hosted sioux falls in an exhibition night. first half transfer holden with a big time block. that leads to morris in transition. iowa state up 10 early. couple of minutes later another new guy shows off a little stroke from deep. donovan jackson one of his two triples on the night. second half now this guy is human highlight. he rocks the rim. cyclones win big 101-57. also in exhibition action on sunday, the iowa women. last year the program missed out on the ncaa tournament for the first time since 2007. that made it a long off season for them. to new beginnings the hawks welcomed few di vision two lewis university to carver. early on they fed their spectacular sophomore. he spins and lays it in.
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in this one. later on new faces making a splash. freshman meyers spots up and knocks it down. iowa up by 15. then the reigning miss iowa basketball got it done on defense too. active hands - up the court to davis - transition game in midseason form... and after the game - lisa bluder - is excited about the influx of talent... "the freshmen are playing energy level is incredible.... the offense is awlays a little bit slower... and i just think you know they were really excited to be out here in an iowa uniform." uniform.""thats the fewest points we've given up in a really long time so that's iowa uniform. >> that is the fewest points we have given up in a long time. that is exciting. looking forward to the next
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embarrassment. what went wrong? pretty much everything. the most telling stat of the game rushing yards the lions racked up 359 yards on the ground. the hawks ran for just 30. here is some more stats. penn state was 7-14 on third down. they played well - they played tough - they played better than us today - and we were close on some drives - we just couldn't convert on those times and it's tough - it's gonna hurt - it's never fun going somewhere and losing like this - so it's gonna sting - but i'll have it and just losing like this. it will sting but -- i'm ready to go next week. the packers and colts last played each other in 2012. luck's rookie year. in that match up green bay led 21-3 and then luck led indy all the way back. today a rematch. aaron rogers and the pack
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firing. just before half luck goes back shoulder to him and he goes silent. colts up two scores. the rogers and the packers battle back. here is adams holding on to a fourth quarter touchdown pass. lead cut to 12 and on the next drive rogers all day to throw finds randal cob. it is a one score game but the defense couldn't make that final stop. the colts win 31-26. packers now 4-4 and they are third place in the nfc north. that is a check of sports.
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taking one final look at our weather. nice happy look too. it will be a nice day tomorrow. we will start with temperatures around 41 degrees. by afternoon we will be up to 65. later in the day a few clouds coming in here but overall temperatures a good 15 degrees about what you should expect to see this time of year. >> thank you. you have a wonderful night and thanks for watching cbs 2 news 10 at 10. our next newscast >> dickerson: welcome back to "face the nation." i'm john?? dickerson. u.s. intelligence warn this week about a possible al qaeda terror attacks. how real is the threat? senior news analysis fran townesend and washington post's
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more. how serious is this? >> it's important this is corral saisacoreal qaeda. i'm told this?? came after the killing of a key al qaeda operative, an operation planner in the provence of northeastern afghanistan two weeks ago. his discussion of operations plans is it is taken seriously. it's specific. it snakes three states and a time. one reason an official says we're not?i in panic mode about this is core al qaeda is a great distance away. it has a difficulty organizing and is not a top threat. what is the most is the lone wolf, home grown problem.
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polling place, motivated by all stuff?i on-line. in terms of this threat it was specific and disseminated. the reason officials think it's not a three alarm fire. >> dickerson: the reason is the ability to carry out an operation is degraded the last three years from a stacks of al qaeda. >> this is a key operation planner who survives, now dead but survived in his conversation with operatives. the question carry out the plans. people think that's limited. >> dickerson: fran, what happens on the homeland security end with this operation? what can be done what?i is being done? >> first of all, john, they have a dent phid over a dozen operatives that have been deployed. they have been trained over the course of three years in the afghanistan and pakistan region
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as david points out dhs will work with state and local officials, law enforcement. here in new york they have a task force to try to identify investigations where operatives have traveled and may fit the profile to try to disrupt it. >> dickerson: okay, fran. a little laryngitis there. thank you for. that david, let me ask you, another threat on election day people are worried about is a threat of disruption. a talk about the vice president said the hacked e-mails, the wiki?i leaked e-mas trace back to russia. what is the status of u.s. operations responding to russia and a z)(ruption on election day? >> two top officials. james clamor and jay johnson issued a statement last month. they were very specific. they said that the most senior
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have approved the hacking that has been done of democratic officials, hillary clinton's campaign?r chairman. i'm told that since then there was a private warning, i believe by president obama himself to vladimir putin saying any further russian attempts to fear in the u.s. elections would have the most serious consequences. i'm told further that officials believe the russians have not escalated they saoepbl to have gotten the message. people are very careful and watching each event. there is a cyber war room set up for tuesday to monitor any attempt to intrude. i'm told finally that all vyings president biden warned of u.s.
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>> dickerson: fran, on election day, how may we see disruption from those that want to mess with the election returns? >> you know, john, i think we think about it like the recent attacks we saw. i worry more about a pervasiveness. massive text messages going out to voters saying polls are?i closed or poll locations are closed to affect voter turn out. think that's insidious and more to and detect. >> dickerson: instead of hacking the infrastructure, but more misinformation and different messages. david, i will switch quickly to the?? fbi at the end. the director has come under criticism for his handling of the e-mails. there are leaks from the fbi that are more messy then we have seen before. what do you make? >> first the fbi now is leaky.
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claim to be speaking on be half of fbi agents or speak en to them whether it's true or not. it's a law enforcement agency ii turmoil. that's something everyone should be worried about after the election. if secretary clinton wins on tuesday it's possible she may end up being glad that james surfaced this issue of additional e-mails on a investigation. it reduces the possibi suppressd and rigged. it's conceivable. now within the clinton camp the director of the fbi is not their favorite person, obviously. if she wins she can say it's a more stable transition. >> dickerson: thank you, fran and david for being with us. we will be back with our
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>> dickerson: we're back with our politics amy walter, john heilemann, jam heel bowie and mark leibovich. john heilemann, what is going?ln in the race right now. >> it's almost over, john. the blessed day is nearly upon us. what is going on, the races
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the end. it's the case hillary clinton has never been behind in the race, not for one day sings the general election started. her lead is small but it's the case the clinton campaign feel more confident about where they were then those with the obama campaign in 2012 felt at this stage in 2012. they feel she has a narrow but durable lead. that donald trump is behind has few -- electoral votes. they're not over confident but quite confident they will win on tuesday. >> dickerson: amy, what do you make of the donald trump schedule change? was suppose to be in wisconsin now in michigan and in minnesota. is that a crazy last minute genius or a sign of spreading himself too thin? how do you read it. >> two things. going to john's point about feeling like 2012.
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moment. a time machine and back to 2012. we're talking about the same things we did at this point in 2012. back then can mitt romney win driving up votes among white voters and growing that base. we are litigating that again. we said can mitt romney tip a rust belt state that has been a democratic hands for years and years, at the last minute with no effort or on the ground work in 2012 it was pennsylvania this. year it's michigan. so, we know what the answer was in 2012. this is, it?? looks -- it looks like we're heading down the same path in 2016. i think your point that you raise to reince priebus was the right question. it makes perfect sense that michigan and pennsylvania would be donald trump's?? targets. if you win with white working


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