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tv   CBS 2 News Noon  CBS  November 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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noon, people from all of the state and the country say their final goodbyes to a brother in blue, lost too soon. >> as your friends and neighbors -- >> our weather first warning weather forecast featuring sunshine but the clouds will build in. take a look at the numbers. the last few hours have been kind of cool. who got as low as 43 degrees this morning. well above normal in the 50s to lower 60s. right now in cedar rapids, a little bit of cloud cover building in. 59 degrees right now. elsewhere on the map, we're looking at 56 degrees in waterloo, 59 degrees in o-line. 60 degrees around iowa city. our winds at of the south at six to 12 miles per hour. and our satellite radar pretty quiet. not much going on. you see that cloud cover building into the forecast. here is a brush sugar -- the predictor with clouds this afternoon and a chance of mina
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minor rain this evening. partly sunny this afternoon, 67 degrees. pulse cloudy and 56 degrees tonight. the full forecast coming up in about 10 minutes time. today, flags fly at half staff to honor two fallen des moines officers. sergeant anthony beminio and justin martin both lost their lives, gunned down unprovoked last week in the line of duty. urbandale resident john green is charged with flags will stay at half staff until tuesday. right now, dozens of our corridor officers are in des moines to pay their respects to sergeant anthony beminio. this is a live look inside the lutheran church of hope. just over an hour ago, law officers from all over begin flooding in for the funeral, saluting him as they walked past his coffin. easley hundreds and hundreds of people in those pews. 1200 law officers alone.
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buried at glendale cemetery in des moines. the visitation for officer martin is being held tonight from 4 pm to 8 pm in rockwell city. his funeral is scheduled for 11:40 am tomorrow. that was his badge number. the police department will now retire that number in his show our support for our fallen officers so on friday we held a back the blue event. for about seven hours, we taped thin, blue lines to the backs of cars. the line represents the line of police officers that protect the communities they serve like ours. local police say the wind should not be removed until the final officer lost is laid to rest. the thin blue line is not just for cars. a corridor doughnut company started putting a thin blue
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the donut shop raised more than $27,000 in just 48 hours thanks to you and all that money is not going straight to the families of sergeant biminio and officer martin. many people have still been asking cbs to how they can help. there is a way they can support the families of these two fallen officers. the des moines police officers union set up a website to take donations. you can make contributions to one-family or both in whatever amount you wish. just go to our website and we have a link to the memorial page. another officer shot and killed overnight marks the 52nd officer killed in the line of duty this year along with two peach county deputies. they were responding to a neighborhood dispute when they were shot. deputy patrick sunder died of his injuries. the other officer remains in critical condition. ralph stanley elrod shot at the
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back and he was taken to the hospital. we're learning more about the cedar rapids police officer accused of shooting jeremy mitchell. almost exactly a year ago, officer lucas jones and another officer shot and killed jonathan gossman. gossman was trying to run away and started shooting at the officers when they fired back. officer jones was cleared of that shooting but right now, the investigation is focused on jeremy mitchell after officer jones mitchell started fighting him. he says that's when he started shooting at him. he what -- he is now paralyzed and the family wants dash cam video. new details after another earthquake in oklahoma overnight. as of now, no injuries or lost lives in the 5.0 tremor centered a mile west of cushing. it hit near one of the world's key oil hubs. oklahoma has suffered thousands of earthquakes in recent years, 19 alone in the past week. but this latest earthquake is
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history. it was reportedly felt in iowa and as far as texas. scientists tying nearly all of these earthquakes to oil and gas production. a political shift appears to be in iowa today. a new des moines register poll shows donald trump has a seven point lead over hillary clinton. only one day before the election, this makes trump the favorite to win iowa's six iowa, since hillary clinton has several opportunities to win the seven -- the 270 electoral votes from other states. clinton currently holds a four point national lead over trump. in the poll, few voters said their minds whatever change. today, the candidates are crisscrossing the country. craig boswell has the latest from washington. >> reporter: donald trump continued to hammer hillary
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discovery over new emails related to the investigation of her private server. >> i think that's called the mother load. i think they found them all. >> reporter: cbs news has learned the bureau found them on a computer shared by clinton is 'top aide houma aberdeen and that america's best years are still ahead of us.(standup: craig boswell cbs news washington, d.c.) clinton's email saga has haunted her throughout the entire campaign... despite the fbi's final decision the issue debate on capitol a statement sunday night -- house speaker paul ryan used the topic to encourage americans to vote for trump saying clinton "...simply believes she's above the law and always plays by her own rules."senate minority leader harry reid once again accused director comey of breaking the law for penning his original letter to congress...wri ting..."director comey created a political firestorm eleven days before a presidential election merely to confirm what we already knew: that secretary clinton's email practices were legal."voters will get their final say states this weekend for their thoughts and 71% say it won't change their minds or they have already voted.>> there are a
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the two candidates and 22 million votes have already been cast. >> reporter: the clinton campaign is doing everything it can to make sure it's supporters head to the polls. >> are any of you going to be distracted? >> reporter: a cbs battle ground tracker poll shows clinton with leads in pennsylvania, north carolina, and colorado. trump is up in arizona. craig boswell, cbs news the white house.>> donald trump will campaign today including florida and pennsylvania but will also be in pennsylvania and denton will be joined by bill and chelsea clinton, president obama and the first lady, and bruce springsteen. tuesday is election day but you can still castro vote early. you can vote today. right now, reporter stephanie johnson is live at a voting location in cedar rapids. stephanie, what is going on there?>> reporter: hey, there is lots of lines around me.
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joel miller. joel, i'm going to jump right into it. how long is the weight?>> probably 40 minutes right now. >> will it be like this all day? >> yes, we expect it to be this way all day long. >> reporter: can people come here and register to vote and vote at the same time? >> yes. they can also do that when the polls are open. >> it looks like we lost our live feed from stephanie johnson so we're going to try to get that back but we are getting a 40 minute wait for the absentee early voting weight. if you want to avoid those long lines at the polls tomorrow, they will probably be longer, today is the last day to cast her ballot absentee. on saturday, about 900 people went to the linn county auditor's office to take advantage of early voting.
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have a mail-in ballot but you haven't mailed, you can drop in at the voting office before closing. both the auditor's offices will be open for absentee voting today. at cedar rapids you can vote until 5:00 and in iowa city, the next 24 hours which could change your vote for president? to answer - go to our website cbs 2 iowa dot com - and click on the question of the day tab. don't forget - though - our ballots just presidential picks. long-time senator chuck grassley is facing patty judge in a senate race. grassley has held the seat for decades - but - after he refused to hold hearings for president obama's supreme court nominee - patty judge entered the race. as we told you last half hour- that seat is among several democrats hope to turn blue. meanwhile - republican lawmakers are on the trail - hoping to sway voters for several seats. congressman rod blum is campaigning hard to
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and avoid handing it over to democrat monica vernon. both have been touring their district - including cedar rapids - dubuque - marshalltown and waterloo. today - blum and senator joni ernst will hold a meet and greet from 11:30 to 12:15 at m-j's restaurant in marion. opposition is growing to a measure in iowa city. according to the press citizen - a local activists filed for measure c - getting more than 700 signatures which forced it onto the ballot. "measure-c" aims to lower the number of required signatures for petitions filed to the city. last year - the required number of signatures was raised to 25-percent voter turn out. the new measure drops the number to 10-percent
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good afternoon, let's take a look at the weather first warning weather forecast. the class will continue to build us a day rules on. it will be a mild day. mid-60s in the north and upper 60s in the south. the bottom line, our forecast is cooling. 67 degrees the top temp today. cloudy this evening and 58 40s overnight. right now in cedar rapids, a little bit of sunshine, still 59 degrees and winds out of the south at 8 miles per hour. humidity at 67%. 50 sleep -- 56 degrees right now . 59 degrees in decorah and down in washington, 64 degrees. hour winds are comment of the self. about 5 to 10 miles per hour. that will help keep things mild. around the state, low 60s in fort dodge, carol. look at the quad cities.
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highs today range from the mid to upper 60s to the lower 60s in central iowa. upper 50s and lower 60s in western iowa. satellite radar showing you cloud cover on the move now and some light rain developing and western parts of the state. this cold front will continue to move through and as it does, it brings some of those scattered showers to our forecast later this evening into the overnight. not a huge chance of rain. anything we get of the light and short-lived. clouds are out count high pressure ms. back in. here is our predictor. we will watch those clouds move into the forecast here and any rain we see is very light. i would say a quarter inch or less, even -- if even that. it's gone by 6:00, the clouds will do the same and we will have nice, sunny but breezy conditions as we head through election day tuesday. a clear, cool night for tuesday
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here is your corridor forecast for the rest of the day. those clouds are building with a south breeze at five to 10 miles per hour. 56 degrees around center point. central city, rather. cedar rapids 67 degrees. fairfax as well. 67 degrees in north liberty. the north part of the viewing area, those clouds are building with south winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. old whiny, decatur and dubuque 65 degrees. 68 degrees in iowa city. tonight, we are looking for an itty-bitty rain chance. the wind goes the north as i cold front passes through. cedar rapids 49 degrees. upper 40s to low 50s and 46 degrees in dubuque. election day tuesday, sunshine, cooler emma breezy, north winds at 5 to 15 miles per hour and gusting around 20 miles per hour. 56 degrees in manchester in cedar rapids, the d7 degrees in iowa city. even though we are cooling, we
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night. here is your election day planner. as you head out early, the polls open at 7 am, a few clouds and 50 degrees. 56 degrees the top temp tomorrow. upper 40s to low 50s by 8 pm. so, a cool night. wednesday, the same. 50s, low 60s thursday, upper 50s friday. saturday 50s and sunday and the 50s as well. >> so even though we are talking about this cooldown, we're still above normal for >> yeah, even our ten-day trend behind us, every one of those days except for this little guy right here. everyone still above normal as we head through the next 10 days. >> pretty lucky. still ahead on the cbs 2 news at noon, are you still trying to figure out how to get to your polling station? also, we are going to remember a woman who not only paved the way for hillary clinton but also women of crossed -- across
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right now - america mourns the first female u-s attorney
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goddaughter right now, america mourns the first female u.s. attorney general. the 78 year-old trailblazer passed away earlier today from complications of parkinson's disease. she was diagnosed back in 1995. hena daniels takes a look at her life and her legacy. >> reporter: janet reno was the first woman in u.s. history to become the government's top lawyer.>> i janet reno do solemnly swear terry -- -->> reporter: the branch davidian religious sect was in a standoff with the fbi. we know ordered agents to storm the property, saying she believed children were being abused. about 80 people died in that raid. reno took full responsibility. >> i approved the plan and i'm responsible for it. >> reporter: she also drew fire for her handling of the case of
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relatives. we know ordered federal agents to storm the house. cuban-american communities were enraged. that case and the fallout from waco haunted reno for years but she was also recognized for enforcing civil rights and her efforts to regulate violence on tv. she had been at the justice department for just two years when she noticed her handshaking and was diagnosed with parkinson's disease. her modest family home in the everglades and declared herself a private citizen. public life had brought dark times. looking back, she described her
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still trying to figure our how you're going to get to the polls tomorrow? tomorrow?well - a tech company is also making sure everyone gets out the vote. zipcar offers members free access to
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tomorrow night. you can sign up on zip-car's website or app. locally, zip car are available in iowa citythe car-sharing company says it wants to encourage people to cast their votes. uber's also looking out for voters - making sure they cast their ballots. they're teaming up with google - on a feature that will tell users their polling place. it's also giving new users a 20 dollar discount tomorrow. and lyft is giving a 45 some markets. although the settlement's agreed upon - volkswagen's emissions cheating crisis might not be over... over...california regulators reportedly discovered a new and different kind of emissions rigging software on audi cars with diesel ?and? gasoline engines - which let them cheat pollution tests. volkswagen and u-s regultors aren't commenting. a recall to tell you about
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ikea is recalling 29-million "malm and other models" of chests and dressers in the u-s. the move follows the seventh reported death of a child trapped by an ikea chest or dresser tipping over.the company is offering refunds and repair's asking people to make sure their chests and dressers are firmly attached to a wall. fast food not fast enough for you?soon you'll be able to cut the line at mcdonalds. mcdonalds. as fast food -- ready to launch a feature on its app that would let users order and pay for food ahead of time.the oakbrook based chain has lagged behind many other fast food chains when it comes to digital ordering. justin has a final look at your cbs 2 weather first forecast next...but first this is pretty exciting for people that like mcdonald's. justin has a final look at your forecast next but first, you can have a look at our
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just in time for thanks giving - if neighbors here don't have a turkey yet!early morning just in time for thanksgiving, this neighborhood in california doesn't have to shop for their turkeys because they have an onslaught of wild turkeys in their neighborhood. they are keeping parents from dropping off their kids, blocking traffic, getting into houses and it's quite the hustle but that's okay because they're used to it. >> i have a wild turkey at home but is not quite the same thing. gobble up these warm temperatures the next couple of days. cedar rapids 61 degrees, 63 degrees iowa city, 61 degrees dubuque come a 59 degrees in the core. we go from there to here and take a look at the rest of the day. 60 degrees this evening, a high of 67 degrees.
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