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tv   CBS2 News Live at 5  CBS  November 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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right now, live at five,a somber day in des moines where thousands gathered to lay one of iowa's finest to rest. right now on live at 5 . a somber day as we laid one of the finest to rest. there is a lot of sunshine to start the day out and clouds are approaching from the west. we are seeing signs of these one amount to much, but we expect showers in the region later tonight. those are expected to end by tomorrow morning and we will see clearing skies and cooler conditions for election day. after that, the rest of the week looks dry and pleasant. in the corridor work, temperatures back to the mid-to upper 40s as skies clear from west to east
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were warm -- will not warm up whole lot. for new leadership in their police 2 news reporter mellaney moore learned about that process today and joins us live. departments in both coralville and iowa city are looking for a new chief.residents here are invited to be a part selection process. process.the search here in coralville is just beginning and still accepting applications.the hope is to have a new chief by late january.iowa city has their search narrowed to three candidates residents can meet this thursday evening at the senior center.the city manager hopes to have a recommendation for the council december sixth. sot scriptgeoff fruin, iowa city manager18:35:10 ...........over the last few ye. years.years. years.last few ...........over
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last few years. years.iowa city leaders say they are looking for community feedback on the candidates. coralville says they will also have an open house.covering the corridor in coralville, mellaney moore, cbs 2 news. new this afternoon - cbs 2 news has learned the young man who suffered major head trauma last wednesday while celebrating the cubs victory - has died. we also know who he is... his kyle leeney. he passed away this morning at the university of iowa hospitals. cbs 2 news was on scene last week when the young man climbed a light pole on the ped mall just outside of d-c's sports bar. the light fixture broke and he fell all the way to the ground hitting his head. right now -- a teacher is the young man climbed a leipold just outside of the dc sports bar. the light fixture broken he fell to the ground hitting his head. right now a teacher is investigated by police in mount
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authorities work contacted by the mount vernon school district in october with allegations of misconduct. dora miller reached out to school officials and joins us now with the developing story. >> reporter: this is an ongoing story. for now, the teacher is on administrative leave. a letter was read to students regarding an investigation. they released a statement on friday to the mount newspaper. they are working to investigate allegations of misconduct during the 2014-2015 school year. the student -- the district will be diligent and protecting students and adults at the school. we will bring you updates on this case. dora miller, cbs 2 news . there are changes to i-380.
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>> the problem with the interchange itself and those loop ramps is that everybody has to slow down to basically 25 miles per hour. when you are along vehicle like a semi truck, you slow down significantly. when you get to the bottom of the ramp, you are trying to merge into mainline traffic. >> reporter: joining us on cbs news -- cbs 2 news 10 at 10 , we will tell you what the chan will cost. now we will take a look at the first alert weather forecast with terry swails . when will those temperatures look more seasonal? i think they will drop tomorrow because of a weather disturbance coming in from the west. by election day, we think
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning - election day is just hours away and we're monitoring all the nubmers all day. what you
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the polls. that's tomorrow - on cbs 2 this we are in the weather center now joining meteorologist terry swails. it has been a beautiful past couple of days. a little bump in the road later tonight was showers and cooler temperatures for tomorrow and it won't last long. we will stuff by the end of the week. right now we are finding some light shower showing up on the radar and some of this is not reaching the ground yet. there is a sign that there is a disturbance from the west. i'm not expecting much in the way of rainfall and most of the activity is in the western and southern counties. there is interstate 80 and williamsburg and we do have
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-- nor to the southern parts of iowa county as we speak. as we go to the satellite, you can see the back edge of the clouds is advancing toward northwest iowa. once the showers. through here during the nighttime hours, by.-- by tomorrow morning, the low pressure will be in eastern iowa which will clear the skies and bring us a rip -- a respectable eastern iowa. showers to the east and then the skies will break out and temperatures will be back in the mid-to upper 50s around 7:00 in the morning. just a few spotty, light showers tonight and then we clear tomorrow and the high- pressure will dominate the whether the rest of the week. many dry and pleasant conditions for us probably going right through the upcoming weekend. of course, tomorrow is election day. whether you vote at 7:00, 12:00 or 6:00 in the evening, the temperatures look like they will be in the upper 40s to the
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not a lot of range there and it looks like they will be cool with a high of 60 degrees. typically we do see highs and the range of 50 to 69 through election day. we looks back through 120 years in records. the warmest day was 76 degrees and 1916 one were brought -- woodrow wilson was president. the coldest was 38 in 1992 when present -- when bill clinton was elected. on the satellite again, you can s disturbance spinning around to the south of us. it is not going to be a big rain producer. the worst of the showers will pass through the northern counties and then move quickly southeast. you will notice how quickly the skies clear. the wind will switch to the northwest and with sunshine tomorrow afternoon and breezy conditions, it will be quite a
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temperatures remain in the 50s as opposed to the 60s we saw today. total precipitation from this system looks to be quite light with amounts less than 5/100 of an inch. there could be a little more in northeastern iowa. there will not be much rainfall as this thing moves through the area. we will have mostly cloudy skies was scattered light showers and temperatures range from 43 in the in the southern counties, temperature should hold to the mid-to upper 40s for the most part was scattered light showers a possibility. probably not much more than sprinkles they get the pavement wet. then going into tomorrow we are back to sunny skies and will be a cool day.
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in manchester should be 56 and we will get that changed. in the southern counties, mid to upper 50s with mostly cloudy skies until we get to the afternoon hours and then things clear nicely. as we get to the extended forecast, you will noticed we are cool through wednesday and then after that the sun comes back and we have a big warm up for thursday at 66. another cool down for the weekend and then back to 62 on sunday. a lot of ups and downs in the nothing too bad in the long rain forecast. warren just a bit. we are down to the final 24 hours of campaigning for hillary clinton and donald trump and signs point to a possible nailbiter. where the candidates are campaigning today. we will look at i-380 at 76 than everything is looking good out there this evening. live at five continues on cbs 2
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circa?reid?mob that voice belongs to joel a gusto -- joe a gusto -- agusto. long before harry reid became a top democrat in the u.s. senate, he ran the commission that govern the las vegas casinos. his commission voted to find the stardust casino $100,000
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close the mob controlled can see no. he was eventually arrested by the fbi and in 1983 he became a cooperating witness. this 1983 document, obtained by circa says what he told investigators. in it he says he gave $25,000- $30,000 in 1977 to a friend to buy harry reid furniture was he was named head of the gaming commission. a year later augusta said that he met he risked his life to drive the mob out of las vegas. these men were the man who ran the investigating -- investigation. the now retired agents question his account. >> it was a corrupt relationship helping back door
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indictable probably. >> in the end, he was never charged with wrongdoing. his office did not return a call seeking comment. in 2014, when the fbi document surfaced, his office issued a statement dismissing his
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today - flags fly at half- staff to honor two fallen iowa officers. sergeant anthony beminio and officer justin martin lost their lives -
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today flags were flagstaff to honor to fallen officers. they were gunned down in the line of duty last week. they are sergeant anthony beminio and justin martin. just hours ago sergeant anthony beminio was laid to rest . steffi lee shows us how the overall community is paying tribute. a somber yet touching moment as hundreds gather in front of the lutheran church of hope to pay final your pain."as the community and even the youngest of iowans stood in solidarity - for a fallen hero. sot: chief wingert 11:46 if god could handcrafta&he would look just like tony."moments before the funeral procession -- des moines police chief dana wingert had no shortage of praise for sgt. tony beminio. sot: chief wingert 11:46 tony
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- tony truly cared.people filled overpasses as they watched the procession go from lutheran church of hope to glendale cemetery - sgt. beminio's final resting place. nat pop 03:14:37:21 "this one wants to be a policeman when he grows up."terry brauch is a retired police officer and wanted his grandsons to feel the bond of the men and women in blue.sot: terry brauch 03:15:06:23 "there's nothing like the support of the policemen when a tragedy ha people come out too that really helps."kathy karpinen watched - with her father on her mind.he was a police officer for two decades in arizona.sot: kathy karpinen 03:18:40:17 "it's very emotional -- thinking about the families of these fallen officers -- their police community and just the public." but even through an emotional time - iowans know how to come together.sot: chief wingert 11:45 tragic news - transformed into a call of action.steffi: officer justin
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badge dsm, steffi lee reporting. the visitation for officer martin is tonight from four to eight at a school in rockwell city. his funeral is scheduled for 11-40 tomorrow morning. 11-40 was officer martin's badge number. the urbandale police dep retiring that number. we're down to the final 24 hours of campaigning for hillary clinton and donald trump and signs point to a possible nail biter.our chief political correspondent scott thuman is in new york city tonight with our beyond the podium coverage. coverage.110716ape (pkg)-(on camera/scott)in new york because this is where both candidates will be tomorrow nighta&so if things go smoothly, we'll be here for both a victory and a concession speech in the same citya&but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. we've got a frantic 24 hours
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we're seeing so far, today: (video)it's five states in one day for donald trump, trying to break down blue walls in states that republicans typically have a hard timea&it's critical to his trump trying to play down -- break down blue walls. it is critical to his map that he turn a few if he gets the out -- if he is to get the electoral advantage. >> we are going to win the great strata florida.>> reporter: there is enough be eight -- fbi determination that enough to pursue criminal charges against hillary clinton. both candidates going up to midnight with an old -- 11:00 and 11:40 5 pm rallies. >> i'm asking you to vote for voted early or via absentee ballot. democrats account for just a half- of a percent ?more? than republicans. that's a drop from last cycle
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percent advantage.-(scott)of course, that's why both candidates won't be here until results start pouring ina&they'll likely be stumping until the last second but we'll be here to cover every new york city, i'm scott thuman. now cbs 2 news anchor scott sanborn joins us to show us latest in the polls. essentially, the race for the white house all but ends tonigh- tonight--as the candidates campaign down to the wire on this election poll numbers in key battleground states show just how tight the race has become for donald trump and hillary clinton. carries a nice lead in pennsyvania, and trump leads in ohio, however the races in flordia and north carolina are nearly tied. iowa - a real clear politics average of polls of iowa voters - has trump leading in this state by just three points. and before you decide who should lead the country - join us for a final look at the campaign tonight.don't miss iowa in focus - vote 20-16 election special - hosted by political reporter kevin barry.
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30 on our sister station fox 28. a group of future voters are going to let us know who they'd chose if they could vote. prairie high seniors held a mock election today. the goal was to find ways to get students to engage in the political process and they hope to get 80-percent student turn-out. the polls covered national and local races. that brings us to our question of the day... is there anything you could learn in the next 24 hours which could change your vote for president? to answer website cbs 2 iowa dot com and click on the question of the day link. "here's a live look a& terry will another look at your weather first forecast when live at 5 comes back. first - a look at what's coming up new tonight at six. this is scott sanborn, the new, unique way you can get to the polls on election day that won't cost you anything. that story and more, all new
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here is the cbs evening news tonight. trump and clinton make their arguments to voters with the world watching. we will look at where the electoral map stance and look at minority voters in key battleground states and we will have bob schaffer and dog -- john dickerson with their state of the race. all of that tonight on the cbs evening news. the latest internet craze is called the mannequin challenge. people freeze in place and that is really. one twitter caught a high school with this fun and impressive way with people frozen in place across the entire school. even celebrities have been getting in on the action. comedian kevin hart and his workout squad busted no moves during a gym workout. the steelers did one in their locker room. so, basically freeze like a mannequin in place and then there is camera movement. it looks really cool when there
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remember on saved by the bell wins accu stiff breeze people and then walk and talk and all of that. >> saved by the bell? he pulled that one out of your head. it is kind of interesting, that's for sure -- your hat. it is kind of interesting, that's for sure. we had showers that are few and far between and very light. after those are gone, we have clearing skies and cooler conditions for election day. looks dry and pleasant. you should see temperatures in the upper 40s and then after that by afternoon it will be sunny and cool. risk and 57. -- brisk and
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: a manic monday before decision tuesday. >> get out and vote. >> we can do this. >> pelley: four candidates crisscross eight states in a final election eve push for votes. >> tomorrow we face the test of our time. >> this is it. this is it. good luck. get out there. i did my thing. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: 82 weeks after hillary clinton declared her candidacy and 72 weeks after donald trump did the same, the


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