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tv   CBS 2 News 10  CBS  November 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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right now on cbs 2 news ten at 10 - end of watch for a at 10, a fallen hero. a final respects to sergeant tony beminio. how local police departments are working to fill critical roll ins the public safety field. election day in your forecast. i-380.
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over each other, and construction cones. >> the corridor's top stories and the forecast for the next 10 minutes. 10 at 10. the brothers and sisters in blue for your family. >> thousands say goodbye to a fallen iowa police officer, grad, along with urbandale police officer were shot and killed wednesday, family, friends and hundreds of iowa law enforcement officers gathered to pay their last respects. 2 news statehouse reporter steffi lee, was there. there. steffi: a somber yet touching tribute as hundreds gathered to pay their final respects to sgt. tony beminio.a stream of law enforcement cars drove down jordan creek parkway - sot: jane potthoff 03:12:28:13
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your pain -- we share your pain."as the community and even the youngest of iowans stood in solidarity - for a fallen hero. sot: chief wingert 11:46 if god could handcrafta&he would look just like tony."moments before the funeral procession -- des moines police chief dana wingert had no shortage of praise for sgt. tony beminio. sot: chief wingert 11:46 tony wasn't just good - he was just great - tony truly cared. people filled overpasses as they watched the procession go from lutheran church of hope beminio's final resting place. nat pop 03:14:37:21 "this one wants to be a policeman when he grows up."terry brauch is a retired police officer and wanted his grandsons to feel the bond of the men and women in blue.sot: terry brauch 03:15:06:23 "there's nothing like the support of the policemen when a tragedy happens and to have all these people come out too that really helps."kathy karpinen
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her mind.he was a police officer for two decades in arizona.sot: kathy karpinen 03:18:40:17 "it's very emotional -- thinking about the families of these fallen officers -- their police community and just the public." but even through an emotional time - iowans know how to come together.sot: chief wingert 11:45 tragic news - transformed into a call of action.steffi: officer justin martin's funeral is tomorrow in rockwell city at dsm, steffi lee reporting. right now, law enforcement is not the most attractive profess. profession.this year alone - most attractive profession. this year alone 117 officers have been killed in the line of duty. 5 of those deaths right here in iowa. making an event today at mount mercy university even more relevant. cbs 2 news reporter dora miller
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more there has been a number ofinvestigations into police conducted, to tell them that it is not just what you say on social media and what qualifications are looking for and how each student can get involved one is about to lynn county sheriff's already and it is good people that need to do it. i do see a lot of issues happening in america with law enforcement. >> people are put under a microscope, there is a lot more issues with police. >> law enforcement is an honorable profession we're
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be good to people. >> as the colonel just said, he has that opportunity right now, are starting to accept applications starting next week. covering the corridor in cedar rapids, dora miller cbs news 10 at 10. and as election day we've seen a few showers on the radar, a weak disturbance in iowa and these showers concentrated and they should be exiting the area after midnight tonight by tomorrow morning clearing out the skies and that will set the stage for a dry election day and today after that the rest of the week for pleasant conditions right on through the end of the week and into the weekend too, back in the mid and upper 40s as the
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and eventually a little bit now ten at ten continues with a look at tonight's other stories across the corridor. >> 10 at 10 continues with a look at tonight stories across the corridor, they are learning new details about a man who fell from a light pole during a cubs celebration, friends tell news 21-year-old kyle passed away today, celebrating the world series when they fell. first responders serious head injury he was taken to the university iowa hospital and clinics where he died this afternoon. a teacher is the focus of an investigation now in the hands of police a parent tells cbs 2 news officials read a letter to students about the investigation so cbs 2 news reached out to the school they tell us police are looking into allegations of misconduct
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administrative leave. and protecting students and adults at the school. >> in iowa city a dedication for the new university of iowa children's hospital is scheduled for friday. more than 10,000 people got to see the tour of the state of the art facility this weekend the $360 million hospital has 14 floors and 100 patient rooms. >> tonight voters are seeing the major party presidential candidate for the last time in person before election day. >> cbs 2 news reporter and host of iowa in focus kevin berry is at our breaking news desk tracking with the candidates are tonight. we're watching feeds in from cnn and cbs we're taking a look at grand rapids michigan ted nugent the country and rock star, these donald trump rallies in michigan, that is a battleground state voted for presidents headed all the way
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republican they voted for for the highest office in the land was in 1998 ted nugent was in detroit tonight in grand rapids before donald trump arrives there part of the last big swing what's normally a blue state red this year, who the battleground states, but the hillary clinton campaign, just tonight in north carolina to get voters excited. now while both the candidates will talk about policy proposals mostly to get people excited and to get them out to vote tomorrow morning, trying to increase that turn out for those voters turn out the states like michigan, for the republicans in this case, north carolina for democrat and send it back to you guys.
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fi the iowa in focus before you head to the polls tomorrow. you can watch it here tonight at 10:30 on our sister station fox 28 of course we'll be here all day and night tomorrow watching the results come in both here in iowa open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. when they close you can watch our live coverage on cbs 2 news 10 at and watch bets on wall street ahead of tomorrow's election. . investors ahead of tomorrow's election the industrials notched a triple digit game today analysts say the markets are betting in the white house, warn if their prediction was wrong and could skyrocket.
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serving attorney general, janet reno on the administration also a polarizing figure most notably the raid in waco texas in 1993, the removal of the refugee from his extended family in 2,000, for five years after diagnosed family says that disease contributed to he were death this morning.
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning
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away and we're monitoring all the nubmers all day. what you need to know as you head to the polls. that's tomorrow - developing right now across eastern iowa. iowa.many of you received an . developing right now across eastern iowa many of you received an unusual text message on your phones cbs 2 received a number of calls from viewers that received a wireless emergency alert was no emergency and the alert did not come from them iowa along with several other states is working to determine how the false alert was sent out to carries they said not to call 911 if you get a bogus alert. governor terry branstad extended a disaster declaration for 2 dozen counties, state assistance for cedar rapids
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to the iowa department of
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terry thanks.corridor drivers could see a few trouble spots on the road tomorrow morning. 2 meteorologist rebecca kopelman continues our
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next on c-b-s two news... news...revamping the busiest road in the corridor.the plans for i-380 and how they will ease congestion from cedar rapids to iowa city.
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. ahh i don't know what i said, ahh i don't remember! i moved on her like a [expletive] and congressman rod blum said. send me back to congress, and you send donald trump to the white house. rod blum still supports trump today. and even attacked republicans who spoke out against trump.
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priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. travelling on i-380 is just part of getting around the corr. corridor. . traveling on i-380. >> joining us with now with future plans. >> scott and kerri, there are 3 big changes that are coming to i-380 the iowa department of transportation is about to
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i talked about getting improvements. >> they've been a driver for the service for years, even though she has never been late to pick up or drop off a passenger. >> i always get to the airport on time. >> the traffic on 380 is an obstacle she battles every day. >> very interesting 4 to 6:00 when people are coming and going from iowa city to cedar rapids and north getting backed up. the iowa department of transportation knows carol isn't the only one affected by the traffic. >> here is a problem getting into the other line. kathy cutler the transportation planner for iowa dot says there are three big improvements coming starting in 2018 an interchange will be created for evergreen road this is between north liberty and coral green. later traffic to this new path.
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start in 2019, place all ramps on the interchange with what's called turbine ramps. >> that's kind of a stacked interchange, everybody is on a bridge. >> this area has frequent crashes because of the weaving. >> there was 23 brand new bridges, but what that allows us to is stack the ramps, 380 south to 30 east, directional ramp where you keep going and merge into traffic. >> the new ramps allow vehicles to keep a faster speed and more easily merge into traffic and this causes drivers to slow down and say it is especially hard for semis to regain that speed. the third step will be the widening of lanes through 380
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lanes. >> this will be continuous projects construction in the areas. >> it will be worth it in the end. >> projects be nice when they are done but a pain when they are working on it. >> to help your commute the iowa dot is creating resources like quick commuter buses ride shares and a program called highway helper go to to see how you can use these resources. another area the iowa dot is looking to change into 6 branch no date is set yet on this improvement it is still in the planning phases. cbs 2 news and fox 28 will also help you stay ahead of your commute every day you can join the fox 28 core commuter group
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it's a battle of bottom dwellers in the big twelve - and for iowa . it is a battle of bottomdwellers the cyclones are traveling to kansas this week and this the is their best chance to get a conference win this season the jayhawks give up over 200 yards a game on the ground, and the clones will lead ahead of the three-headed
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plate and get a win u-n-i earned a big win on saturday - with a little help from prairie alum jalen rima - the true freshman wideout caught a 40-yard pass in the game - his third straight game with a catch - but his biggest impact came on special teams - rima took a 94 yard punt return back to the house - and that's a school record... moving jalen back on punt return has really ignited that phase of our game - so he did a nice job - good front blocking for him - but i tell you what - we had to find points on special teams - and he did that - he made a huge play at the time - and those punts boy - they're backbreakers u-n-i hoops will take the floor this saturday against coe - but ben jacobson isn't worried about games right now - he's worried about practice - and he wants to see a good week leading up to their matchup with the kohawks we need to get locked in on some things - and get it simplified - and get everybody in the same lane - and build our base - build our
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right position - making the rotations - just making the easy or the simple plays on offense - not trying to do to much - those are the kinds of things where we have to get a lot done this week
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. election day we'll be dry, excellent for voting temperatures in the range of 48 to 57 all day long. do get out and vote. >> thank you for watching cbs 2 news 10 at 10 we'll see you tomorrow.
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>> yesterday "the new york times" reported that donald trump's staff took away his twitter account. the following is a cartoon reenactment of his reaction. >> all right. here we go. all right. all right. let's see what i can pinch out. "crooked hillary along with jay-z and beyonce-z totally incited violence at my rallies. sad. hashtag "99 problems and hillary is all of them." end tweet. kellyanne, i can't tweety tweet. >> donald, i told you. your twitter has been disabled. >> unacceptable. i'll tweet about it.


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