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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  November 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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right now on cbs 2 this morning...demanding answers, neighbors in cedar rapids are rallying to get dash cam footage from a shooting earlier this month - why they might be waiting a long right now on cbs 2 this morning demanding answers. neighbors in cedar rapids are rallying to get dash cam footage from a shooting earlier be on the way for people who target iowa police and firefighters. on the wait for people who target iowa police and fire fighters. sexual assault prevention at the university of iowa is growing. >> right now we're taking a look at i-380 at 3rd avenue, southwest. traffic is starting to pick up but not too much traffic with a lot of company.
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i'm jenee' ryan. i hope your day is going well. let's start off with checking in with meteorologist justin roberts . he's got good news. it will be an easier drive that was yesterday. >> not too much dense fog today. temperatures are on the way up like they've been last few days. we have been as cool as 34 this hour. things will get turned around from there. a live look out the door over collins road. 34 degrees with a clear sky. 34 control city. 31 in waterloo. 35 in iowa city and 32 around monticello. the winds are calm and were out of the north but turning back to the south thanks to a warm front sting through. that will bring mild midshipman 60 degree weather. the satellite radar and not much going on.
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will be partly skies and more sentient tomorrow. it will be 59 at lunchtime and 64 this afternoon. your weather first forecast including what to plan for the next few days including the warmer weather tomorrow and a bit cool down for the weekend coming up. >> for two weeks friends and family of jerime mitchell have been demdi earlier this month the cedar rapids police officer shot mitchell. he is still in the hospital. family says he is paralyzed. last night his support system peacefully demonstrated at the cedar rapids council meeting and on the street letting people know he has not been forgotten.
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demonstrations we want to make sure our voices are heard and we are bringing awareness. we want to make sure where doing it the right way. >> his mother and nice post state mitchell is hanging in there. he is a fighter and they will continue to fight for him when he can't. >> police their cedar rapids police are responding to public demand to release dash cam video of jerime mitchell shooting. officer lucas jones pulled over 37-year-old mitchell at 1 am on november 1. they say mitchell started fighting with officer jones who shot him. mitchell drove away hitting two cars before being taken to the university of iowa hospital and clinics where his family says the crpd says they are following the advice of the linn county attorney's office and not releasing the video because it's part of the dci investigation. officer. jones still on paid administrative leave which is protocol for officer involved shootings. this is the second shooting were officer jones has been investigated. there are a number of cases where video in a controversial case came out in a matter of
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out of the ordinary. at issue here is the terminology of iowa's open records part - it reads public records - including it reads public records including video cannot be kept under wraps except in those unusual circumstances where disclosure could seriously jeopardize an investigation. police refused our request to see the video at the direction of linn county attorney. in a statement is to not release the video until the case is resolved. the bottom line iowa law allows police to release the video at any time but because of his interpretation of the rule it will not happen in this case or any other case in linn county. >> another shooting investigation is in the spotlight. the recent ambush of the two
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those new talks on how to handle those that target law enforcement. >> reporter: at the urbandale police department flags still fly half staff with it lining the sidewalk in front of a large memorial. it's been almost 2 weeks of the tragic shootings of two police officers. >> seeing the support an outpouring wonderful way of showing appreciation for what we do every day. >> another form of support for all law enforcement could come in the shape of new legislation. republican state representative plans to draft a bill pushing to -- for tougher bills who target firefighters and police officers. >> it could be in terms of murder, second-degree murder, vehicular homicide that may be
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enforcement or firefighters. >> he says he's meeting with other lawmakers to narrow down the details within the bill. the one possibility that could be brought into discussion is increasing the mandatory minimum of the prison sentence depending on the crime. >> there is still pain and grief going on at my agency and in the metro. i would like to see stiffer punishments for those who target polic chad underwood says regardless of what lawmakers decide it is still a officer's job to serve. >> we have an obligation to fulfill all laws made by the legislature. >> the aclu of iowa tells cbs 2 news is against any legislation calling for increased penalties. the organization says there are
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officer is already first degree murder which carries harshest penalities under iowa laws." in light of recent events - corridor police will hold a community prayer service with a number of area pastors. called - "to pray and serve" - the event begins this sunday afternoon at three at several locations.if you'd like to take part - you can go to the cedar rapids - marion or hiawatha police departments, or to the linn county go to cedar rapids, marion county sheriff's office. >> the woman accused of sexually exploiting a former student will being a judge this morning. mary beth haglin was fired after telling cbs 2 news she had a sexual relationship with month - her lawyer asked her trial be moved because media coverage made it impossible to give her a fair trial. the prosecution argued haglin put
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microscope by going on tv shows like doctor phil.stay on national tv shows like dr. phil. there was cbs 2 news and we will let you know what happens in court tonight on cbs 2 news live at five. >> sexual assault prevention is open to more university i was students. the daily i went report student and get additional training the on the initial course. the new refresher course was created in response to online surveys given to students and staff the survey shows a fit of women who answered questions reported being sexually assaulted. less what the university provided more money to sexual assault prevention programs in hopes of stopping sexual assault. >> many students at ui are on edge this morning. two dorm intrusions happen in less than a week. most recent happens in the morning when a resident woke up to someone entering the room. housing officials tell cbs 2 news all students need to be
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students to make sure when they are on their floors they are locking the doors. most times any burglary with fast that occur in the residence halls are crimes of convenience. >> police are looking at the possibility both intrusions are related. this is the six crime alert on campus this semester. >> university of iowa athletics is looking for some missing equipment. you could not see the field at kinnick. it was insane as you can imagine . it's understandable that in the mass of the celebration a few things got picked up by overly enthusiastic fans. they notice plans and coaches were not paying attention to their equipment and some of them took advantage of that opportunity. coke -- coach kirk ferentz said
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the ped mall. >> it sounds like they all got in the nest yesterday morning. i think the lesson got returned. we came back and the managers are helping. anything not nailed down was being accosted. >> coach ferentz say the fans were going after everything they could get their hands on even his headphones. as of right now all major pieces of equipment are good and ready to go for saturday's game in illinois. that's good news. >> new this morning hundreds of university of iowa students will have to find new ways to get to chicago. mega bus is stopping service here in iowa over winter break. the bus service came to iowa in 2010 and some fares were as low as one dollar.
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chicago line has been discontinued. mega bus blames low gas prices for the cuts. people can now afford to drive or fly. mega bus will and its iowa service on january 9.>> good morning. thank you for waking up with us on cbs 2 this morning. it is 6:12. i hope your morning well so far. >> more than 200 people have been hospitalized in tennessee because of wild fires. i'm stephanie johnson that report next. >> sunshine today and tomorrow with mild weather. let's look at yesterday where the mild right began. 60 cedar rapids and 60 and 62
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is now whether time. we have patchy fog and locations and mostly sunny skies. the fog turns away and we will be nice and mild. temperatures will be in that midshipman to lower 60s. 47 at 10 this morning. 59 at lunchtime and a high of 64 this afternoon. that with plenty of sunshine. we look sunrise in cedar rapids. right now it is cool and clear. it's 34 degrees. it feels 29 if you step out the door. visibility ranging from a half- mile in waterloo 25 in cedar rapids. we have patchy fog and -- so take your time. 32 and oelwein and 37 in decorah. were looking at 30 in waterloo and 36 in washington.
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. highs today in the upper 50s to 60s for us. upper 60s to 70 and look at the forecast for tomorrow. upper 60s to lower and midshipman 70s with mostly sunny skies. tomorrow is looking nice and mild with near record warmth . with those low 70s it puts us well within striking distance of record numbers that go as far back as 1941. we will see how it plays out. high pressure still to the south as a warm front lives in. that frontal boundary brings the mild air in the next few days and then that cold front is what changes our temperatures as we head from thursday night into friday and saturday. friday will be in the lower 60s. we fall through the afternoon to the upper 20s on friday night. there's more chart left over it would be in the form of flurries . colder air settles in and our high saturday is 40. our high sunday is in the low
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it is a quiet day today. not much going on. we will have a quiet night as well. here's your corridor forecast. mostly sunny and southeast breeze from 5 to 10. central city -- 65 iowa city and north liberty. no stealing area around 61 in decorah. 62 in oelwein. 62 in manchester . in southern part of the viewing area we're looking at 65 in vinton. 66 and the a man is. -- amana.>> here's the mild day for tomorrow. 71 and down to 54 as clouds build. a.b. we have a flurry or two on saturday. 41 on sunday. back to the mid-40s and upper 40s monday and tuesday with a small chance of moisture. the
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normal anywhere from 18 to 26 degrees above normal. we will still be above normal on friday. we then drop below normal on saturday and sunday. we turn things around by the end of next week. the full forecasts always at it is wednesday morning. you're halfway through the week. st send hundreds of people to the hospital. we will talk about
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welcome back -- it's now
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it is 6:20. we are looking at your busstop forecast. this morning it will be around 42 degrees. it will be chilly and some patchy fog but nothing like yesterday. it should be a good morning as you head out the door. >> breaking over night wild fires in tennessee sent hundreds of people with breathing problems to the hospital. stephanie johnson is at our breaking news desk. you've been looking many people have been sent to the hospital because of these fires? >> so far 200 people have been sent to the hospital. smoke from the flames have impacted the air quality in tennessee. here's a view of chattanooga yesterday. emergency officials report 15 fires sparked on tuesday. authorities believe arsonists are responsible for some of the fires that have been started. so far fire has burned nearly
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while fires have burned over 80,000 acres of land in north carolina, south carolina, georgia, alabama and kentucky. hospitals in those states have treated people with breathing problems and governors in the states have warned people to limit their birding outdoors. at the latest. i will keep up on this case. >> will check with you for any updates. it is good morning to you. still to come iowa senator is making an attempt to solve the states epipen issues. >> a clear and cool start to the day. here's a look at what's going outside. right now the temperatures are in the 30s. we will let you know how warm we will be on know how warm we will be on this wednesday coming up next. [ tower pinging ]
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>> we will get back to the 60s again today. good weather and get those holiday decorations out. you do what you want to do. i'm going to say there will be nice wea up. 59 at recess today n64 as we head through the afternoon. satellite and radar is nice and clear this morning. let's go to predictor and as we see a little bit of fog this morning. it will be gone by the late morning. sunshine through the afternoon and clear skies this evening. forecast 62 and oelwein and waterloo. 64 in cedar rapids. winds out of the southeast at 5 to 10. it's comfortable and warm. the seven-day forecast even warmer tomorrow. 26 degrees above normal tomorrow. will be down to the 50s
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rain and thunder showers possible on friday but a quote -- cold front moves through through the weekend. it will be dry and chile for sunday. midshipman and upper 40s for monday and tuesday. >> here's a look at some of the other things going on around eastern iowa this wednesday morning. senator chuck grassley is attempting to bring in the department about these epipen's. he says the government paid hundreds of millions of dollars to the company that makes epipen that should not have been charged. grassley schedules judicial hearing for november 30 in order to take a closer look at the charges under the medicaid drug rebate program. cedar rapids mayor ron corbett is encouraging lawmakers to increase minimum wage across the state. he tells cbs 2 news if lawmakers want to stop local governments from raising the weight the state needs to post
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this follows governor. brand sensed suggestion . four counties including lynn and johnson county have raised the minimum wage. lisbon is the latest city to consider opting out of the linn county minimum increase. city leaders past the first petey -- reading of the ordinance last night. the countywide mandate will increase the minimum to $10.25 in the next reading in lisbon is scheduled for november 20. >> just in time for the holiday season i'm excited about this. oreo is releasing a candy bar that incorporates a vanilla cream cookie and milk chocolate. the chocolate maker teamed up with company milka and is introducing the milka oreo
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can show it to you. they come in three sizes. the habits of oreo cookie in the middle layer of the vanilla cream filling. it's chocolate, vanilla cream, cookie topical cream, chocolate. the big crunch is a big can department for sharing. it is more than 11 ounces. before launching the treats that it was coming out at the ri want it. the treats are hitting isles this week. they will be out everywhere by the end of january. if you are an oreo fanned there you go. i don't think they are made in america. that's a big thing about oreos. it is 6:28. coming up the results of the election have some concern
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the butterburger is made of just three cuts of fresh midwest beef. nothing more, nothing less. so we got the sirloin, the chuck and the plate. no fillers; that's it. all prized cuts, all well-marbled for richness and flavor. this is where those three wonderful cuts of beef come together. you can just tell that blend is working in there.
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it doesn't get any better than that. and that's the culver's butterburger.
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...trump >> right now on cbs 2 this morning trump transition the bumps in the road that signal some problems may be brewing before and -- inauguration day. the campaign promise as environmental activist in i won't worry about the future of our natural resources. a coffee shop rants against police goes viral. what cedar rapids neighbors are doing to show their support for the men and women in blue. >> welcome to cbs 2 this morning i'm jenee' ryan. i am happy to be waking up with you.
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have a good day. >> 34 degrees in downtown cedar rapids. all is calm. let's take a look at what's going on. our sky cam this morning offers a pretty quiet and clear beginning. right now not too bad. we are above normal for this time of year. 30 and waterloo. 34 in oelwein. we are looking at 36 dubuque and 35 in iowa city. the winds are calm. will turn to the south and east of 5 to 10 later today. visibility is about 3 miles of visibility into puke. 5 miles and oelwein and a quarter-mile in monticello. just be careful out there. satellite and radar not much other than fog. run the state nursing clouds advanced into western iowa. all in all pretty quiet and nice and mild. 59 at lunchtime and 64 this
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will let you know what the rest of the week will look like in 10 minutes time. >> we are continuing to track -- here we go. we also continue to track the trump transition ahead of his january inauguration. this morning the head of trumps transition mike pence ordered any registered lobbyist to be purged from the team. yesterday to trump officials who have been handling the national security transition were also fired. both part of another purge headed by trumps son-in-law and close advisor. mike pence is charged with narrowing down another list of people still to fill key posts and open positions. among those rumored to take part our former rival ted cruz, jeff sessions and save money chin. democrats call on trump to fire
6:34 am
>> as long as the champion of division is in the office it will be impossible to take everything seriously. >> in a tweet former state department under bush called trumps team angry and eric and urging colleagues to stay away. late last night trump took to twitter and let the world know his transition disarray. he saying he is very organized. >> as donald trump's cabinet continues to grow so to concerns about his environmental policies. now the republicans have control of the house and senate there are growing concerns of changing that will impact the environment. some i wednesday as the president-elect's members whose cabinet the fear continues to " the alarm bells are going off .. this could be an
6:35 am
says knowing president elect trump believes climate change is a lie lie" it's all a hoax "and that two oil executives and alaska's sarah palin - are on his short list for secretary of interior interior- " drill baby drill " is scaring those who care about the environment.he says trump's promise to abolish the e-p-a - promote oil and coal usage - and abandon efforts on climate change - could spell disaer " he could not just delay us years, he could actually set us way back by doing new fossil fuel developments .. not just in this country but around the world .. he could set us back decades and we don't have decades to give up. " but some iowa farmers and business owners - argue environmental regulations are so restrictive they're hurting people and need to be rolled back.hogg says despite what some think - republicans have a history of
6:36 am
- george w bush pushed for solar - - and governor branstad has shown concern for water quality - and wind energ. energy." i still hope there's this republican tradition of actually acting on the environment and i hope that president elect trupm will take the opportunity to do that. " matt hammill reporting, hogg says for those who are concerned about the environment - watch for three trump appointments.he says those who end up as secretary of the interior, he says those who end up as secretary interior, secretary of energy and the head of epa will send a clear signal of what to expect from trumps administration. >> there's good news for environmental advocates this morning. the us army corps of engineers decided to delay construction of the dakota axis pipeline. they say they need to hold talks with the standing rock sioux tribe and look at more analysis. the 1200 mild of oil pipeline
6:37 am
illinois. the developer asked permission from the army corps to tunnel under the missouri river in order to complete that line. the standing rock sioux tribe which relies on the river ports drinking water said the line will put them at risk and also others downstream oil is leaked was spelled. protesters against the dakota axis pipeline say they will keep fighting this project. yesterda support for iowa landowners affected by the the court axis pipeline and the standing rock sioux tribe. there were signs and banners and speeches were part of the action against the pipeline including hundreds who gathered in coralville and des moines. the protesters say it's not enough to delay.
6:38 am
said the pipelines would help the us to become less dependent to foreign countries. >> that is not the only one that has islands rattled this morning. in iowa city a large group has been protesting hate speech. many say is cited by trumps comment on minorities. last night hundreds marched through downtown organizers stress this demonstration was not against trump himself but recent incidents. >> we discrimination. not against the president-elect but the hate in our country. we want everyone to know we love and respect everyone. >> organizers say they pulled the march together after some of them were called racial slurs at school. they start to feel afraid to go back to class. in cedar rapids friends and community members will meet tonight for support rally. the focus is to stand in solidarity with muslim americans,
6:39 am
minorities. if you would like to come out ahead to first avenue near seventh street near 7th st., northeast at six tonight. groups have also been coming together to find ways to heal after the election. this afternoon cornell college is welcoming everyone to hear from zen buddhist priest. he will share with them on compassion and other feelings. the event will begin at 11 to 15 -- 11:15. stephanie johnson is at the breaking news that she's been following president obama's trip to greece. >> we're not too happy that obama is there only because he is allies with their president. right now people are not too
6:40 am
especially their financial -- right now president obama is making his speech. he is talking about presidential transition, terror attacks, technology and how divided europe is. relations and your pet been strained since brexit. obama yesterday addressed obama -- folks in greece. speech he will head to germany to finish up his foreign tour. >> don't worry about your microphone. that happens to everyone. >> in cedar rapids business is showing its support for police after a viral video showed an interaction between a customer and who was asked to leave.
6:41 am
they launched -- launched a gofundme page. through the many ways they will offer free pastries and drinks to cops that come in there. >> we received over $600 in the last five hours. that's a lot of cups of coffee. >> brewhemia says not every officer takes a free drink but they will continue to offeth i have been tracking this this morning. that interview was from yesterday. last night they had $900 as -- and as of now it's $1400 in that account. that has gone up about $100 in the past hour. there have been a lot of donations since we first heard that story earlier this morning. that's awesome.
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news this morning. let's take a look at we're working for fox28 morning live. we will head into the kitchen for a thanksgiving treat. augusta chef is here to tell us how we can get our hands on a tour duncan. we will continue the holiday theme with hy-vee and how you can get your hands on demonstration and dinner this week just in time to figure out how your own holiday meal arrives. that's coming up on fox28 morning live eastern i was only local news at 7 am. >> plenty of sunshine today. we have a little bit of fog. as we head to break here's your busstop forecast. we're looking at 42 degrees and a little chilly with patchy fog . we will give you the details
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greet you at the wall of weather. we have patchy fog locations this morning but otherwise was the sunny and mild with numbers on the way to the 60s. 59 at lunchtime and 64 is a top temperature today. will do that with mostly sunny scott and turning partly cloudy this evening. we're looking downtown and there's a little bit of haze as the day begins. temperatures are around 34 degrees. there. on the board visibility about a mile and half in decorah. quarter-mile in waterloo and half a mile in monticello and 5 miles of visibility in cedar rapids. temperatures at 32 and oelwein. 36 in the puke. 35 iowa city and 37 in decorah. run the state of iowa 20s in mason city. 38 in ottumwa. our high to date will be upper 50s in the north and upper 60s
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as we look at the forecast. tomorrow's temperature will be upper 60s in the north and midshipman 70s in the south with mostly sunny skies. by the way that his record warmth for tomorrow. maybe we will set a new record. high pressure's drifting away slowly. it week warm front listened to the midwest and that is bringing the mild temperatures. behind it front that moves through and bring the clouds in on thursday evening. major storm and looking for a lot of snow around minnesota but luckily we get rain. we get a big shot of cold air. will have the low 60s on friday and watch as that front continues to move through. highs of only 40 if not upper 30s as we head through the day on saturday and more the same on sunday. the good news is up until friday we are try and still looking
6:47 am
from that we go to this. we have dry weather today. 64 fairfax. 65 in north liberty and iowa city. no part of the viewing area upper 50s to lower 60s like decorah. 61 postville. 63 in waterloo. south forecast looks like this. 65 in vinton. iowa city at 65. 66 in tipton. extended forecast 50 tonight and low 70s for thursday. we talked about that mild air. high of 60 around 6263 on friday. clouds and showers on friday night. 41 on sunday and midshipman 40s on monday and 40s on tuesday.
6:48 am
above normal through friday then a big cool down for the weekend getting back to above normal on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we pause here and ask you to spend some of your value will
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>> a recent ambush to des moines area police officers of lawmakers is pushing for action. can riser says he will draft a bill that will bring tougher punishment for those who target police officers and firefighters. one possibility being increasing the mandatory
6:51 am
he tells cbs 2 news he is mary beth haglin was fired this past summer after telling cbs 2 news she had a sexual relationship with a washington high student while she was substitute teaching there. she has been charged with sexual exploitation by a school employee.earlier this month - her lawyer asked her trial be moved because media coverage made it impossible to give her a fair trial. the earlier this month her lawyer asked for her trial to be moved out of linn county think media coverage says it's impossible for her to have a fair trial. she put herself on national news shows so cbs 2 news and we will let you know what happens in court tonight on cbs 2 news live at five. >> sexual assault prevention is open to more university of iowa students. the daily i went report freshmen or transfer students. the new refresher course was created in response to the online survey given to stduents and staff. it showed the new course was created in response to the online survey
6:52 am
showed a fit of women reported being sexually assaulted. last month the university provided more money to the sexual assault program as part of a new plan to stop sexual assault. >> hundreds of university of iowa students will have to find new ways to get to chicago. mega bus is stopping service in iowa over winter break. the discounted bus service came to iowa in 2010 and some fares were as low as one dollar. recently layoffs and cuts at the company have been -- mega because people cannot afford to drive or fly. students often took the cheap tickets to visit chicago to see families or friends. mega bus will and its i was service on january 9. >> estate representative advocating for the board of regents to extend their tuition increase to four years in order to help students budget. the board has been seeking a 2% increase in the next two
6:53 am
the students at the university of northern iowa say they support the idea that they are more concerned with the 2% increase for next year. we will see how that goes. it is 6:53 on this wednesday morning. when we come back we will take a look at the three stories you have to know before starting
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here are the three stories you need to >> here you need to know to start your day today. for two weeks family and friends of jeremy mitchell have been demanding answer. he is still in the hospital and famous is paralyzed. less than his supporters demonstrated peacefully. they are letting people know his plight is not forgotten. >> cedar rapids police now
6:56 am
the shooting. the department tells cbs 2 news lucas jones pulled over 37-year- old jerime mitchell at 1 am on november 1. mitchell drove away and had to pick -- vehicles and then he was taken to the hospital. the crpd says they are following the advice of the linn county attorney's office by not releasing the video because it's part of the dci investigation. officer. jones is on paid administrative leave. this is the second shooting for officer. jones who has been investigated and cleared in last year's deadly shooting. >> groups have come together to - cornell college welcomes everyone to hear from zen buddhist priest zuiko (zweek-oh) redding. redding will share wisdom on compassion and other post-election feelings many have shared. the event will begin at 11:15 at the allee
6:57 am
at ali chapel. >> plenty of sunshine in a little bit of fog this morning. it is cool to take the jacket with you. we checked in at 33 at cedar rapids. 28 in waterloo. dense fog advisory in effect yesterday but none of that sort of thing today. here is your
6:58 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, november 16th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? president-elect trump's transition is described as stalled and scrambling more top officials leave. but mr. trump calls the process very organized after dodging reporters to go out to dinner. plus, an undercover investigation into office depot. technicians urge customers to make expensive repairs for computer problems that don't even exist. and fox news host megyn kelly is here today in studio 57 and she will talk about being attacked online by the president-elect and accusing her


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