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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  November 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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right now on cbs 2 this morning...a corridor restraurant responds to claims it discriminated against customers based of how they voted. a corridor restaurant responds to claims it discriminated against customers based on how they voted. >> president-elect donald trump gets his first taste of foreign affairs this morning. find out what world leader is coming to the u.s. for a visit. >> plus, when we wi fay pipeline that cuts through iowa can be finished. >> we are takenning a live look at i-380 at diagonal drive southwest. it is 6:00 on the dot. a lot of headlights heading our way. if you are heading out, just be aware there are other drivers
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as president elect-donald trump continues to work on his adminstrations transition into the white house- he'll receive his first tase of foreign diplomacy today. today.japan's prime minister is heading to new york to meet our future commander-in-chief - where he will likely look for reassurances that the u-s will remain committed to being strong allies with japan.he might also try to sway trump on the trans-pacific partnership - which is a trade agreement trump opposes. president-elect trump is still weighing his options on several cabinent members for
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he's denying alleged turmoil inside his transtion team - he isn't behind schedule for making these appointments. appointments.looking at the last three presidents - president obama hadn't made appointments until three weeks after the election.president george w. bush waited until mid-december to make his picks. and bill clinton waited seven weeks before announcing cabinent nominees. trump's former opponent - hillary clinton - made her first public remarks last night - since her concession speech a day election.the divisions laid by this election run deep - but please listen to me when i say this: american is worth it, our children are worth it. believe in our country, fight for our values and never ever give up. clinton was honored at the children's defense fund's "beat the odds" gala in washington d-c.her speech was part reflection -part pledge to remain strong in the face
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new details now - on a controversial cover charge in iowa city from last weekend.. weekend..stella ruffled a few feathers after saturday night's hawkeye 2 news talked to one man who was shocked to see the cover charge was doubled for people who voted for donald trump. trump.but the man who says he was working the door that night - tells cbs 2 - the cover charge for each person was determined not only by who they voted for but also what football team they rooted for -- as a joke.he says if customers pushed back -- he would let them in at the minimum charge. my employees shouldln't feel threatened. i have a lot of great employees. people live in that building. they shouldn't have to worry. it was meant for humor and somebody didn't find it that humerous and it got out of hand. hand.the man didn't want us to give out his name because he says they've gotten calls from people threatening to burn down the restaurant. continuing coverage - of the
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downtown cedar rapids last continuing coverage on the protests around the country. demonstrators gathered in downtown cedar rapids last night. the group positive words displays like this are just one way to counteract the rhetoric, especially on social media. students marched in ames too - at iowa state on wednesday. many of those students are asking the univsi a pledge - and that is not to cooperate with any future crackdown on immigration at the school.president-elect donald trump has promised to deport millions of illegal immigrants. in the wake of those protests at college campus - you've probably heard of the iowa state congressman who plans to propose the "suck it up buttercup" bill next legislative session. session.(state rep. bobby kaufmann, (r) wilton, iowa) "people say well, suck it up buttercup, that's kind of an over the top thing to say.
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happening."representative bobby kaufmann wants to clarify state laws - while fining iowa colleges for any tax dollars spent on so-called cry-rooms for students upset over the would also allow authorities to fine protests who try to block busy highways. (state rep. bobby kaufma >> it would allow authorities to fine protest whose try to block busy highways. >> you've got a right to be a brat. you have a right to protest. you do not have though a temper tantrum on pratt 80 and put my iowa lawmakers are preparing their agenda for the next fur. at the capitol right now, iowa lawmakers are preparing their agenda for that next legislative session. in the house, republicans are choosing their new leaders for their caucus next year. the re-elected yeptive linda upmeyer as speaker of the house
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as speaker of the house. >> making sure we are listening to people and working hard to address people's priorities and have good open discussions about people's priorities and some of those things will be very successful. other things will take more time. >> upmeyer all says their caucus is still analyzing the state budget before lawmakers decide on any specific proposals. this morning in cedar rapids, the the linn county board of supervisors swears into office. stacy walker made history as the first african-american elected to the board in its 177 year history. walk are will be sworn in by the first african-american judge appointed to iowa's sixth judicial court, kevin mckeever. in iowa city, an upgrade to the ped mall is closer to safety in the area.this week -
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agreement with a des moines company - who will now take the next steps.that includes having a premanent stage - replacing the pavement - and working on landscaping. "this is a signature area of iowa city and we think it's >> this is a signature area of iowa city. we think it is very important that we communicate as a council our commitment to the long-term vibrancy of our downtown. >> updates will also include things you can't see like infrastructure. work is expected to start sometime over the next two years. breaking overnight, wildfires are continuing to spread across southern states in the country. stephanie johnson is at our breaking news desk now and she has been following this. what are people facing when it comes to these fires today? >> reporter: they are facing a lot of things, jenee. right now, officials have told people who are drying into work today to be careful.
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wildfires. the wildfire has threatened more than 1700 structures in the area and has sent more than 100 people to the hospital. here is some footage from yesterday in georgia. fires ripped through some of the forests there and it burned more than 100-acre of lapped, not only there but in places like north carolina, south carolina, georgia, tennessee, alabama and kentucky. now, officials have asked people to limb out their outdoor activity. today in north carolina, officials say the thick smoke will be transfer today the west part of of the state and they say the wildfires that are happening in the southern states right now they believe 20 of them were started by arsonists. they are investigating that and looking more into that. that is the latest. back to you. >> thank you. court documents now show a federal judge probably won't decide until early next year on
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on whether to allow a developer to finish that project. the army corps of engineers sioux tribe. it's and right now in it's degrees, and thanks for waking up with us on cbs 2 this morning. this morning. us on cbs 2 this morning. in your cbs 2 weather first forecast we have...
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get ready for a mostly sunny day. this is a day we tell everybody about for a while because here it is, almost second half and p almost towards the end of november and we are looking for highs in the 70s today actually lot of people out golfing today. a lot more i suspect today. a lot of folks getting those holiday decorations out too on a nice day like 67 at lunchtime and a high today of 73 degrees out there. we noticed clouds building in as we head through the afternoon. a live look at iowa city. pretty quiet this morning there. let's look at cedar rapids. also quiet. 55-degree with -- 55 degrees with a south wind at 12. oelwein at 48.
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in mason city and spencer. 40s around sioux city. waterloo, 71. cedar rapids, 73. we have a cold front, a big storm off to our west. a lot of snow possible around the dakotas. we'll just get a little rain as we head toward our friday and maybe some flurries into saturday. we told you last hour the big cold air that moves in. we'll go from the 60s just after midnight tonight into early friday to the 40s by saturday which means our temperatures throughout the day friday are cooling. it will be a breezy and kind of just miserable day out there with some off and on moisture, cloudy skies. windy conditions and colder temperatures. so we all mix it together and show you predictor here where we see the clouds starting to build this afternoon and evening into the overnight hours. plenty of cloud cover.
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drive for us. we'll see light rain tomorrow afternoon. those of new north iowa will probably see some flurries late tomorrow night into very early saturday. then quickly the clouds move out saturday early morning. sunshine is expected for the weekend. today, mostly sunny, breezy, 73, cedar rapids. 73 at mount vernon. 72 in central city. we've got upper decorah and postville. oelwein at 70. chester and elkader at 71. 73 at vinton. 74 in iowa city. notice the winds out of the south at five to 15 gusting to 25. near record warmth today. here is what is forecast. 73 at cedar rapids. that is our record that goes back to 1941.
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city, 74. their record is 75. waterloo, that is the record. in dubuque, tying that record today should they retch on the forecasted high of 7 -- reach the forecasted high of 71 degrees. 60 tomorrow, about a 30% chance of showers with clouds. 29 tomorrow night. a for you early flurries saturday, 41. we'll have the low 40s for sunday. sunny and up are 40s mondayment upper 40s to low 50s, back above normal as tuesday and wednesday with showers. -- sunny and upper 40s on monday. if you're in it's degrees. it is 6:16 on this beautiful morning.
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being trained to do extraordinary things in a place
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dogs can be people in so many ways - even in life-saving situations. there's one dogs are pretty easily trained. they can be trained to help people in so many ways. even in life saving situations. there was one pack training to be therapy dogs. most of them needed to be
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is walking whom. it is day one for the seven week old german shepherd training to become a therapy dog with tony jones. >> her name is wrigley. she is named after the cubs wrigley field. i just got her yesterday. they are part of a program called helping paws and newcomers like wrigley and her sister tracker will be here for the next year or so. alth the logan correctional center in lincoln. melissa monday mooney has been in charge of the program. >> the dogs live in the rooms with our offender. they are responsible for their care. they feed them, groom them and train them. the training has to be seven days a week. >> reporter: to participate, unmates must get their ged and
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among other things. paws giving independence in peoria provide some of the dogs from shelters and rescues. huffinglike grabbing an inhaler during an asthma attack.(nats - trash!)or - with daily duties.experts already in delivering unconditional love...and providing a sense of and providing love...unconditional delivering unconditional or with daily duties. >> good girl! >> reporter: experts already in delivering unconditional love and providing a sense of purpose. >> i thought i had before. i d i thought i was okay. i thought i had it together even though i'm here. now, i'm like dang, i'm worth a lot more. >> reporter: upon release, inmates receive a certificate it the department of labor to help in the job search. the pups are eventually matched with a recipient leaving behind paw prints on hearts and this wall of fame. >> doing my time like this has been so much helpful for me
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go back out there and do something that i'm passionate about. >> reporter: for now, wrigley will only know life behind a fence. she is one lucky dog though for tony, a future recipient and perhaps the cubs. >> that was lindsay mills reporting. that program is actually funded by the inmates and it doesn't take any taxpayer money at all. funds for the project come from items those inmates make and sell back to the public. so they're feeding thing financially as well as emotionally. it is 6:22. if you are in anamosa, it is 52 degrees. coming up, the important work a local fire department is doing to help raise money for muscular dystrophy awareness. >> it will be a mild day today and a much colder day tomorrow. take a look at the numbers as we head to break.
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let's go outside. beautiful look at our skycam at a sunrise at a very mild day today. temperatures, 55 right now in cedar rapids. 52 in iowa city. 51 in waterloo. 48 in decorah. very fine mild air as to the bus stop this morning. we'll plan on the mid-50s. 71 at lunchtime and 73 this afternoon, well above normal just about breaking a record there too. a little bit of cloud cover out there on the satellite and the radar. let's go to predictor t too gives us a pretty quiet start to the day. we'll see some passing clouds. those will continue to thicken as the day rolls on though into the evening time where we turn
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we'll get a little rain tomorrow and that turns to a flurry or two tomorrow night. mostly sunny with near record highs. 106 in the north. low 70s in the south. our seven-day forecast has the 50s tonight, 60s tomorrow. sunshine, sunday. rain chances with up are 40s to lower 50s above -- with up are 40s to lower 50s above normal temperatures for tuesday and wednesday. here a look at some of the eastern iowa on this thursday morning. right now, cbs 2 news is learning new information on a gaming proposal for cedar rapids. wild rose casino says it will partner with a new nonprofit board. the cedar river alliance for gaming would help oversee and distribute gambling revenue to local charities and other community projects. if approved, wild rose will build a $40 million boutique
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southeast near the doubletree hotel. since 2006, they have given already more than $35 million if our local nonprofits. this morning, cedar rapids firefighters are praising around labor day, fire crews were out at cedar rapids intersections as motorists association. around labor day, fire crews were out at cedar rapids intersections as motorists filled up to fill the fire boots with cash and that "we had all of the fire crews out three days and every staion was out on every corner collecting money and the citizens of cedar rapids really came through for us this year. " "it's just really exciting to have them here in our hometown and theyre also the number one fire department in the state so 32 almost 33 thousand is a huge number we're just so lucky to have them " the international association of firefighters has helped
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there's a cure. in just a few hours - don bosco will play for a state championship.the 8-man football title game will kickoff the final round of the state tournament in the uni-dome.the game starts just after can catch the highlights tonight on our evening newscasts.tomorrow - iowa city west and iowa city regina will each play for a title in their respective divisions. tomorrow, iowa city west and iowa city for a tight until their respective divisions. -- a title in their respective divisions. if you are in north liberty, it is 54 degrees out there in north liberty for you. here is a live look at i-380. a lot of people heading out for their work or whatever they may be going on today. coming up next, over the next
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streets, there will be be a big hazard. deer are on the road. what experts say you should never do if you do see one encounter you while you're driving.
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morning...a convicted corridor killer will find out today how fur. right now on cbs 2 this morning, a convicted corridor kill are find out today how long he will spend in prison. >> where the trial for a former substitute teacher will be held after it moves from cedar rapids. >> plus, the new charges for a minnesota police officer accused of gunning down a black man during a traffic stop. welcome to cbs 2 this morning.
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great mood because justin, we have a great day ahead of us. >> a lot of mild weather today. then not so much mild tomorrow through the weekend. let's get right into the numbers and show you what is ahead. the last few hours have been warm. in fact, we are already about 10-degree above normal already this morning with 55 degrees in cedar rapids. a beautiful sunny sky out there as that sun is poking through the clouds as the horizon. 51 waterloo. 52 iowa city. 57 washington, oelwein and dubuque. before it is the gusty winds that have kept fog away and pushed some warm are air in and we'll continue to do that. there is the satellite and radar. we see some thin clouds this morning. high of 73 degrees. clouds thicken up tonight. we'll talk about the rain
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flurries late tomorrow night as well. much cooler air coming your way in the seven-day forecast which we'll have for you in 10 minutes time. a cedar rapids man convicted in the deaths of two year in two separate murder tri. trials.last month - he was found guilty of killing sharon mead - before that - a jury last month, he was found guilty of killing sharon meade. before that, a jury convicted him for the murder of raymond ursino. both killings happened within days of each oer years for each count of murder. his sentencing is this afternoon and make sure to watch cbs 2 news live at 5:00 or you can follow us on facebook and twit are for the updates on this case. the trial for a teacher accused of sexually exploiting one of her washington high students has been moved out of cedar rapids and will be held in tama county. mary beth hagelin is charged with felony sexual exploitation by a school employee. it supposedly happened while she was a substitute teacher at
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rapids. the scandal led to the sudden retirement of long time principal dr. ralph clagmam. hagelin will be back in court next week. breaking overnight. flyers from the ku klux klan were found in cars in upstate new york. stephanie johnson is at our breaking news desk and stephanie, when did people discover these flyers that i'm sure their windshields. >> reporter: it sure did. these flyers were discovered just an hour and a half ago in a parking lot in upstate new york. now, the flyers were meant to recruit people as kkk members. the flyers read our race is our nation and the kkk is advertising as a loyal white knights of the kkk. now, things like this and advertisements for the kkk
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right now, investigators in upstate new york are looking into this to get to the bottom of this to see what is going on. that is the latest. back to you. >> thank you. the police officer who shot and killed a minnesota man during a traffic stop is now facing charges of manslaughter. >> it is my conclusion that the use of deadly force by officer yanez s >> officer yanez shot philando castile in july. his girlfriend started life streaming the aftermath. this is it. investigators say the officer asked for castile's identification and he calmly told the officer he was carrying a gun. a minute later, the officer shot him seven times. yanez will make hi first court appearance tomorrow. the iowa city police department is now offering jobs to more minority officers. right now, there are two open positions and the city council
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two positions so four. now, three of the four highest ranked candidates in their existing list are african- american. the city manager told press citizen that the hires will help diversify the force. and the percentage of african- american officers will jump from 3% to eleven people have been injured in a gas explosion in canton. the blast shook the city at about 5:45 last night. investigator are trying to determine the cause but for now natural gas to the city of canton has been cut off as a precaution. -- investigators. deer. they are everywhere right now. you've no doubt seen them on the side of the road or in a field as you are driving around and cbs 2 news anchor matt
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four in the whole country for crashes between cars and deer. some of them are deadly. a warning, some of this video you are about to see is graphic. >> reporter: it happens just that fast. >> i didn't see him until i saw his face on the side window. >> reporter: jim clay says yesterday afternoon this young buck jumped out of a ditch and nearly totaled his mustang on highway 6. >> when a drive early in the morning or later in the evening, i slow can watch more carefully but that is about all you can do. >> reporter: biologists say mating season makes deer crazy and it is just now reaching the peek. >> reporter: dale says the carnage is towed in almost every morning. >> usually where your impact points are like here where it crushes. that is where you got to start looking for frame damage. >> reporter: he says a 200-
6:38 am
70 can cause $13,000 damage and put a little fear in your heart. >> on friday, we had a lot of them come in. so you immediately tell your kid, please don't go out of town tonight. they are out there. >> you see one deer, you need to look for two, three, four. >> reporter: cedar rapids police say probably a hundred have already been struck just in town and often the only option is hit the deer. >> instinctively, you want to veer out of way. but if traffic, it will be a catastrophic strike another vehicle. >> the mating season continues into january. make sure your senses are extra high through january income year. yesterday, paul barnard,
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to his friends on the route, died in algona. the register called his voice the most famous sound. he yells pork chop to the riders as they are handing out the delicious treats. he leaves behind 11 children. gifts, gatherings and just basically all that comes with holidays can take a toll on our mind and our body. when it comes to thanksgiving, is salt. according to nutritionists, a traditional thanksgiving meal can come with about 2,000- milligrams of sodium. that is about three times when a meal should contain. couple that with the stress of the whole holiday and you got a giant spike some blood pressure and a greater risk of heart attack. some hospitals report a 25 to 30% spike in the number of cardiac arrests on thanksgiving
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the famous butt are ball hotline is now gearing up for another busy holiday season. this year, of this a high-tech option for you turkey chefs out there. they now offer a new 24/7 texting service. operators can help those in need way reply or even a link to somehow-to videos. the butt are ball text hot mind is open starting today until thanksgiving next week. you can see the number on your screen. if you need it, write it down. 3456 what i think is so great about this texting one is can you ask questions without anyone in your family or kitchen knowing that you need help to make your turkey. they think you are just doing it on your own when you are get a little bit of help. i think that is fantastic. as for traditional phone help, that is already available and that is available through christmas eve in case you do turkey on christmas as well. this year, you will be
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thanksgiving meal. a holiday meal now costs just compare that to last year's cost of 50-dollars 11 cents. last year - the price for turkey spiked due to the bird flu. it's and right now in it's degrees.there's still more cbs 2 this morning to come.but first let's take a look at 28 morning live. live.we head into the kitchen with nina!she's here to tell us about a sweet holiday favorite you'll want to make for the relatives this year. plus, if you're looking for the perfect pairing for your holiday meal - look no further than cedar ridge. they're here with us next with their newest wine and it's going fast. that's coming up fox 28 morning live, eastern iowa's only local news at 7 a-m.
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first forecast we have...
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mild day today. our winds will be out of the south at five to 15 gusting to 20. that will help warm us up to near record highs today. upper 60s in the north. lower to mid-70s in the south. we'll do that under a mostly sunny sky. 06degrees at 10:00. 67 at lunchtime. -- 60 degrees at 10:00.
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right now, a very thomas kinkade-esque painting of a skyline this morning. wind are out of the south at 12. our humidity 72%. temperatures on the number board, 50 in oelwein and decorah. 50 in the dubuque area. 51 in waterloo. 57 in washington with statewide temperatures thus far, 57 in fort dodge. 62 in des moines. her is the highs on the forecast. 66 at mason city. low 70s waterloo. 73 in des moines. notice the cole are air back to the north and west. big old storm is moving through the midwest but lucky for you and me, he just get a little rain out of. it the bigger take-away, our parting gift, will be much colder air. today it is the 70s. tomorrow will start in the 60s after midnight and those temperatures just continue to drop as cold are air settles
6:46 am
lower 40s. our hoe for saturday night and sunday night in the lower 20s. let's talk about the precipitation here. really, there is not much to be found. all of the moisture and the heaviest of rains an even snows are well back to our north and west. we watch the clouds thicken up as we roll through the afternoon and evening today. there is rain overnight in we were iowa which eventually turn into his snow. you will notice pretty dry. maybe a little drizzle or evening, those of new north iowa could get a flurry or two. that stays in the cards through early saturday. then the clouds move out. we are sunny but cold as we head through our saturday, sunday and monday. today, mostly sunny with a near record high, breezy. 73 at cedar rapids. north liberty, iowa city at 74. to the north, upper 60s to the
6:47 am
like. low to mid-70s in the south. vinton at 73. 75 in washington. near-record warmth. we are looking to tie our record in cedar rapids at 73 today. looking to tie it in dubuque at 71. those records go back to 1941. tonight, we are still mild, 54 with clouds. cloudsy skies, some rain drops as we head to our friday. those do saturday with a high of 41. quickly the clouds move out. sunshine sunday, monday. up are 40s to low 50s tuesday and wednesday with clouds and showers. we are dry for thanksgiving day with a high in the upper 40s. a look at black friday. shawl business saturday, 45 degrees. right about where we should be so get ready to kiss those 70s good-bye.
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south we are now at i-380 atetteth street northeast. it is starting to be a bright morning out there, warm morning. so keep the windows down. just the regular amount of traffic out there. just a regular day when you are heading into work. except crazy warm for this weekend..stella ruffled a few feathers after saturday night's hawkeye 2 news talked to one man who was shocked to see the cover
6:51 am
trump.but the man who says he was working the door that night - tells cbs 2 - the cover charge for each person was determined not only by who they voted for but also what football team they rooted for -- as a joke.he says if customers pushed back -- he would let them in at the minimum charge. my employees shouldln't feel threatened. i have a lot of great employees. people live in that building. they shouldn't have to worry. it was somebody didn't find it that humerous and it got out of hand. hand.the man didn't want us to give out his name because he says they've gotten calls from people threatening to burn down the restaurant. continuing coverage - of the protests around the country - demonstrators gathered in downtown cedar rapids last night.the group - positive words actions - held this event in support of muslim
6:52 am
say they want to make all of their fellow citizens feel welcome here at home and that displays like this are just one way to counteract the corridor and displays like this one are just one way to counteract the negative rhetoric on social media. i know how to say rhetoric and i always say that when i read it. and my producer in my ear every time, thanks mike. students marched in well and iowa state on wednesday. many of those students are asking the university to make a pledge and that is to not cooperate with any future crackdown on immigration at that school. president-elect donald trump has promised to deport millions of illegal immigrants when he is in office. starting at 7:00 this morning, so in about eight minutes, drivers heading into downtown iowa city on dubuque street could see some major delays so be aware of this.
6:53 am
iowa city, the city is closing the southbound lanes between iowa avenue and washington street to repair a street panel. that road is expected to reopen sometime tomorrow. so again, be aware of that. in about seven minutes, they are going to close that down. officers across the corridor year on the roads - and that thanksgiving is the busiest time of year on the roads and that increases the risk of crashes. last year, hundreds of pe died on the roads that weekend alone including five iowans. the linn county sheriff's deputies will be working on a project to make sure drivers are always careful and always wearing seat belts this thanksgiving weekend. good morning to you. if you are just heading out, i hope you have a fantastic day. if you are staying n i hope you have a fantastic day.
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the butterburger is made of just three cuts of fresh midwest beef. so we got the sirloin, the chuck and the plate. no fillers; that's it. all prized cuts, all well-marbled for richness and flavor. this is where those three wonderful cuts of beef come together. you can just tell that blend is working in there. and we sear them, and that seals in the juices of the burger. it doesn't get any better than that. and that's the culver's butterburger.
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here are the three stories you need to know to start your thur. thursday.president elect-donald trump will meet with the here are the top three stories you need to know. president-elect donald trump will meet with the first head of a foreign country today since he won the election last week. japan's prime minister is heading to new york now to meet our future commander in chief where he will likely look for reassurances that the u.s. will remain committed to being a strongally with japan. trans-pacific partnership which is a trade agreement trump opposes. travis stanley will be sentenced today. he was convicted of the murder of two homeless people in cedar rapids. he faces a maximum of 50 years for each count of murder. make sure to catch cbs 2 news hiv at 5:00 or follow us on twitter or facebook to get the updates on that case. mercy medical cent enter cedar rapids is now the fourth hospital in the corridor with
6:57 am
heart final approval to offer the new service and buy equipment. >> you just have to have a doctor's note. >> it's breezy and comfy start to the day. 55 in iowa city and waterloo. dubuque at 50. we'll keep the winds throughout the day. they help warm us up. 71 at recess. a high of 73 this afternoon as
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, november 17th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? donald trump meets japan's prime minister today. his first face-to-face talk with a foreign president-elect. and cbs news has learned who the front-runners are for several key cabinet positions. campaign manager kellyanne conway is here in studio 57. >> a deadly natural gas explosion rocks an illinois city, causing widespread damage. the shock waves were felt miles away. we are at the scene. >> jon stewart's first interview since the election. he talks with charlie about the power of government and the question he says nobody asked donald trump. we begin this morning with a


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