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tv   CBS2 News Live at 5  CBS  November 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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right now, live at five, cbs 2 continues to follow breaking news on the ohio state university campus.what we're learning about the alleged swailswho's been reporting on tornado warnings in eastern
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right now, an 18-year-old is dead after supposedly attacking the campus of ohio state 2 news reporter kevin barryis following the latest information at the breaking news desk. reports -- chemical engineering building had been evacuated -- legitimate issue - fire department on scenecar pulled up -- deliberately hit people
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driver got out -- started stabbing people18 year old -- abdul artan -- somali -- lived in pakistan until 2014. shot and killed by police officer near by -- alan horujko - less than a minute - ended less than a minute9 people hurt -- 1 criticallycampus
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new information right now about a a deadly car crash over the weekend.cedar rapids police tell cbs 2 news 21-year-old martell watson and 22-year-old kaitlyn hall-stougart--both of cedar rapids-- died after their car crashed into a police vehicle on i-380 downtown.two officers who
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at a local hospital and released.those officers were responding to an earlier crash that was blocking the southbound lanes of 380 near the 1st avenue exit when watson lost control and slammed into their s-u-v. this picture shows that police unit. cedar rapids police tweeted this photo with a caption: seat belts save lives. the crash remains under investigation. trader joe's is trader joe's is right now, a judge is considering evidence in the trial of a former cedar rapids substitute teacher accused of sexually exploiting a student. mary beth haglin--whose trial began today in linn county-- is charged with sexual exploitation by a counselor, therapist or school employee. her charge had been upgraded to a felony after she appeared on national tv shows like
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she -- her charge had been upgraded to a felony after she appeared on national tv shows like doctor phil. today the charge was brought down to an aggravated misdemeanor as the video of the tv shows was disallowed as evidence. a judge will review only the child protection interview and her interview with police. >> i will proceed in that fashion and consider evidence that has been agreed upon by the parties. i will make a determination as to whether or not you are guilty people look -- beyond a reasonable doubt based on that evidence. >> reporter: an aggravated misdemeanor carries a two-year minimum sentence upon conviction and there could be a sentence within the next month. trader joe's is coming to the core door in coralville. it will be the second half of next year. right now the closest trader
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county board of supervisors say they are borate -- pineland just of south -- just south of squawk creek park -- squad creek park -- squaw the candy expects to sell what is left of the land for private development or for further conservation. and initiation in johnson county that is harvesting thousands of pounds of food for people in need is asking for your help. mellaney moore has more information about what you can do. >> reporter: those in johnson county are thinking about how they can increase harvests for next year. the chart -- the johnson county farm has been around since the 1800s, but last year for the first time, they have food for
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they grew 12,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables and all of that went to local hunger relief organizations. another goal is to grow growers in johnson county is looking to see what they can do to increase efficiency with new tools. >> we have a broad list and we help the community can help purchase these items before january 1. we are hoping to raise $10,000. the link on our website, mellaney moore, cbs 2 news live at 5 reporter joe huisinga is live in downtown cedar rapids where the christmas tree is in place and he has what is needed to get people into the holiday spirit. >> reporter: scott, the crews put up this christmas tree today and the donate a tree will be lit this saturday as part of another cedar rapids christmas tradition, the fire
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there is hopes of bringing people downtown and spreading holiday cheer.>> it is a time for experiencing something that is experience -- that is an show. there are so many excited i love seeing a downtown that's happening on saturdays in the middle of winter.that's not something that you see usually.start with a stroll through newbos very cherry christmas then grab a carriage to the czech village old world market before heading downtown for some musical entertainment. merry tuba christmas is one of the most unique events we've ever done is a national event the local group has their event here at the library and we're so grateful for that. when the tubas taper of carolers will pick up the chorus with a not so silent night of when the tube is taper off, the
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night of caroling. >> there is attachment of memories that come with music. whether it is a holiday carol that you remember from growing with a bonfire and food trucks in greene square park and get ready for the big finale with the holiday delight parade seeing the kids with santa is get ready for a holiday to light parade. >> the holiday to light parade and seeing the kids >> reporter: there is cheer and festivities to light up the night which is just the start of christmas in the corridor work. now, fire and ice is organized by the cedar rapids metro economic alliance. there is still time to sign up for the caroling contest. if you want more information on signing up for that, or a full schedule, you can go to our
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in your weather first
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning - we've been through black friday and cyber monday - tomorrow what you can do to help others this holiday season. that's right here on cbs 2 at 5 a-m. during the late afternoon hours, thunderstorms popped up in the counties along with the strong cold front.
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that dev one of these was in extreme northern grinding county not too far from parkersburg which certainly has a history with tornadoes. what an interesting shot here. you can see the leaves are off the trees and there is no green around and everything is brown. you expect to see tornadoes and more lush environments. today conditions were just right with a lot of share in the upper levels of the atmosphere to create these thunderstorms. -- penn jones -- pam jones near stout. we probably had five or six tornado touchdowns from what we have been able to see in the weather office so far. now we go to the radar and you can see a batch of rain. there is none been reported with this line, but this is the region that had the strong thunderstorms this afternoon. right now the strongest storms
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western portions. it is just east of brooklyn and it is producing thunder and lightning and it is expected to move northeast. chicago -- good go close to ladora and then toward blairstown and norway too. it is not producing severe weather right now, but there will undoubtedly be downpours of rain as it moves north east. it is moving north -- this one is approaching wa we are not showing too much in the way of lightning and this one will eventually get to fairbank and then maynard as it moves to the north east. the rest of the line extends to the minnesota border and there are pockets of heavy rain. the atmosphere is not as unstable in north eastern and central iowa as it was to the west and it is not expected to produce as much severe weather. this is along the strong cold
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iowa tonight. it will advance to the counties if it has not are be done so. the rest of us will get out of the showers and thunderstorms by midnight tonight and then we start as substantial cool down in eastern iowa. tomorrow morning, the commut around the corridor or looks this way. this guy should clear and temperature should be around 35- 37 degrees. it will be breezy with wind out of the the west/southwest at 10- 20 miles per hour. here is the overall weather situation. this is what is causing the severe weather. strong low-pressure in southeastern south dakota producing strong wind up that way. there is a jet stream across the central portions of iowa and the sun came out and the temperature got up to 60 there. then we have this flow in the upper level of the atmosphere
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surface. that created the share environment the drop the tornadoes down in the afternoon hours. that threat is pretty much over with and now we have to look forward to the colder air rotating back in on the backend of that cold front. you can see there are still scattered showers and storms around in the eastern counties and then by midnight does shift off to wisconsin and illinois and the skies will clear up. as we get to six a clock more will appear in the northwest. some of the clouds will finally start to return to the skies and then eventually everybody will be back in the clouds with colder temperatures. by the time we get to the middle of the week, there could be scattered showers. certainly colder temperatures as we move through the week. in the north tonight, scattered
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then tomorrow morning it should range from 33 in new hampton 236 and dubuque. temperatures will be 35-39 degrees from sigourney over to cedar rapids. there will be showers and isolated thunderstorms through the evening hours. tomorrow the skies will be mostly sunny and it will be a mild day with temperatures around 45-47 degrees which is well above n in the southern counties, expect temperatures to be around 46 or around 50 and iowa city. 52 in washington and the skies will become mostly sunny. then the clouds return to the area and so does colder air. flurries on thursday and about 36. then a system comes in on sunday and that could produce light snow. we will have to see how it pans out on that. you will notice a definite trend on the corridor temperatures. coming up on live at 5, find out how you can
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christmas. in the meantime, take a look at this live picture from cedar rapids. folks are making their way home after this first day back at work after the thanksgiving
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with the holiday season now in full swing - cbs 2 news
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explains how you can give families with the holiday season in full swing, connor morgan explains how you can give families in need the holiday of their dreams. >> reporter: scott, i don't know about you, but i am pretty drained from the holiday shopping. one nonprofit hopes that residents have a little bit to do some more. they have about 500-600 families in need of holiday many of the families are part of operation backpack which helps defeat kids and low income homes. having a little bit of money during the holidays can go a long way. >> i know that sometimes a lot of donors think, is this in my budget? it could be $100-$200 and the families provide a wish list. the donors had -- not have to
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>> reporter: so far there are $162. to find out how you can become 163, visit our website, . cbs 2 news live at 5 this week scientists are launching a test trial for an hiv vaccine in south africa. they are enrolling more than 5000 african men and women who are sexually active in they will monitor them for e 5 injections. here in the u.s., 1.2 million people are living with hiv and some don't even know it. this vaccine will come in the year 2020. shoppers taking advantage of cyber when -- cyber monday are expected to spend at least $3.3 billion. experts say that the convenience of shopping at home and better bargains are fueling the growth of online sales. overall, this holiday season
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sales. who knows, maybe some of these folks are trying to get last- minute deals or maybe they are returning some after a busy holiday shopping weekend.
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and now a terry is back once again to update us on all the craziness in the weather.>> i wasn't expecting this for this afternoon for sure. the storms have fallen below severe weather limits, but the cold front will produce scattered showers and isolated storms as it rolls through this evening. transition to cooler temperatures, but it won't be a bad day. temperatures in the upper 40s. by the end of the day we will have more december weather moving in.>> is just amazing we
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: attack at ohio state. >> we have man with a knife running around killing people. >> o'donnell: a student from somalia targets pedestrians as others rush to safety. >> i heard a loud noise, like a crash, and just saw people running. >> o'donnell: also a day of remembrance and reflection on the fiery and controversial leader of the cuban revolution. >> o'donnell: a warning on cyber monday: thieves are targeting smartphone apps. >> we found that there were hundreds of fake apps -- hundreds. >> o'donnell: and... >> i panicked. i thought she was gone. >> o'donnell: tossed 30 feet enter a drainage ditch. how did this eight-month-old


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