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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  December 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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right now on cbs 2 this morning...a wildfire claims more firefighters are progressing against devastating flames. it's officially december - and winter is on its you can give the gift of a warm place to sleep to someone in need. plus - new calls for a special prosecutor in an officer- involved shooting in the corridor. welcome to cbs 2!'s the first day of december, i'm dora miller,
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new this morning - police around the country are now grieiving the death of one
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stephanie johnson is at the breaking news desk with what happened overnight. stephanie?dora---officers are paying their respects to a fallen officer who was shot multiple times while on duty overnight in tacoma washington--- the suspect who killed the officer is still on the loose take a look at videoscene is active-- suspect has barricaded himself inside of his homeauthorities believe the suspect is armed and dangerous--- the neighborhood is on lockdown the officer on the police dept. for seventeen years. the officer died around 9 pm at a tacoma hospital--that's the latest from the breaking news desk--i'll continue to monitor this story as it develops--dora back to you. with deaths among law enforcement on the rise - lawmakers in the u-s senate have approved a new bill co- authored by chuck grassley.the public safety officers' benefits improvement act hopes to reduce the backlog of familes awaiting survivor benefits.the program began
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one year of a loved one's death.but the justice department is failing to meet that deadline in more than half of all cases.right now, 738 family requests for death benefits are pending approval -- including 175 still pending from the september 11-th terror attacks.if passed by the house and signed by the president, senator grassley's bill would essentially put the burden on the justice department to deny or withold benefits from any family of a fallen officer developing now in charlotte, north carolina... streets well into last night - angry over a prosecutors decision ?not to charge a police officer in the shooting death of a black man.people gathered in the rain - outside of police headquarters - many who don't believe that the man who was shot, keith scott - actually had a gun in his hands at the time of the shooting.the incident happened back in september - and caused two nights of violent protests. last night's demostrations remained peaceful. a jury will continue deliberating this morning in charleston, south carolina - in the trial of a white officer who shot and killed a
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the stand earlier this week. he's facing murder charges and was fired after cellphone video of the shooting was released.jurors deliberated for about an hour last night before heading home. there are now calls in cedar rapids - for a special prosecutor to handle jeremie mitchell's case. mitchell was shot by a cedar rapids police officer during a traffic stop that allegedly got violent last month. last night, newly elected linn county supervisor stacy walker called for a special prosecutor to take over the case. it's important he did so as a private citizen - and not a member of the board.the local chapter of the n-a-a-c-p agrees that it will help in the long run. "we've been trying to keep this things peaceful, we want to keep it peaecful and it hink that would go a long way to helping people trust that you know justice is going to be served. district attorney jerry vandersanden has been handling the case since it started.some believe - since he has a close working relationship with the police department - the most transparent move would be to have someone else handle the case.
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agrees with that call for a special prosecutor.many turned out to a benefit last night to help mitchell and his family in any way they could. mitchell's brother tells us they are heartened to see the outpouring of support from friends and even complete strangers -- of all different races. we never watned it to ever be about black vs white it's just about people being good peopel and supporting each other. if you look around, it's everybody in that room. it's all walks of life."there will be another at gabe's in iowa city.a number of local bands will play from seven until 10.. that's this sunday night. a spreading wildfire is now claiming more lives in tennessee.officials say three more bodies have been found in gatlinburg, tennessee - raising the overall death toll to of this morning - the wildefire is about 10-percent contained.the mayor of that town -- which is right next to the great smoky mountains - says search and rescue efforts are still going on.there are dozens of people that have been injured and sent to the hospital.
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central city - -are still trying to figure out what sparked a massive fire at iowa gold distributing on thanksgiving electrical expert will sift through the ruins to try to find the source.more than a dozen fire agencies responded to the fire.those small town departments like the one in central city are made up of volunteers.most volunteers have other full time jobs and that means not everyone is always able to answer a call. 17;21;18;20 as a volunteer for the fire department we're on call 24/7, you know that pager goes off if you're avalible you go if you're not avalible unfortunately thats the down side to it so you got to hope you have enough crews and members to help you out 18the fire at iowa gold distributing brought 14 diferent agencies together with 10 of those being other area fire departments.right now -- linn county emergency management is in the process of updating those mutual aid agreements between departments. now that it's getting colder
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coming into focus.the shelter house in iowa city wants to increase their services to help keep people 2 news reporter mellaney moore explains how they hope the johnson county community will help them make it happen. the shelter house in iowa city provides emergency shelter and helps those experiencing homelessness get back into permanent housing08:44:05 it's just given me a little more support to get ahead and get my life in order.mark sertterh, shelter house associate executive director 08:33:12 there's a lot of demand the year for emergency shelter here at shelter house, but in the winter time, it really does take on maybe a more serious aspect.sertterh says exposure to the elements can cause frostbite and even death. the last two years shelter house has opened an emergency shelter for those who can not or will not use shelter house. 08:34:26 we've had a lot of anecdotal data that states that we haven't had anybody from the streets of iowa city having frostbite and certainly not dying in the last two years, so we're excited about that.opening that emergency
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expanding services at shelter house takes additional support. the out of the cold campaign is hoping to raise 45 thousand dollars before the end of the year08:39:30 an average of 32 people a night and that was on top of the 70 people staying at shelter house08:50:36 i feel real grateful and you know what i'm saying, blessed that you know, i have somewhere at least to come in. mellaney moore reporting.the shelter house says the easiest way to give is online.we have a link at cbs 2 iowa dot at cbs 2 iowa dot com. the crisis center in johnson county is partnering with the university of iowa community credit union to get food to families in need this holiday season. every donation to the food bank will be matched by the credit union up to 10- thousand dollars. the kickoff event will be held tomorrow morning at the food bank. on this first day of december - it's beginning to look a lot like christmas - especially in new york city...3, 2, 1
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that was the annual tree lighting ceremony last night in rockefeller center. thousands braved the cold and rain in manhattan to watch the 50-thousand lights be turned on the 94-foot tree.this holiday tradition started all the way back in 1931. and be sure to send us in photos of ?your holiday traditions.for the next few weeks we want to see how you get into the holiday spirit. just download the cbs 2 news app and click see it, send it. the app is free and available for apple and android products. it's degrees.coming up in sports - u-n-i is back at home following two straights losses on the hardwood.stick around to see if they could right the
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if you're in it's degrees.up next in sports - the iowa women's basketball team welcomed the best team in the nation to carver-hawkeye arena with upset on their mind. find out if they could pull off the unthinkable - next. "credit karma, why are you checking your credit score?" "you don't want to ride the 13l forever, do you?" "credit karma huh?" "yeah, it's free."
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welcome back -- it's now we're
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here's a look at some of the other things happening on this thursday morning, right now -- a proposed change to iowa law could protect more kids.the drug-endangered children work group is hoping to better protect families from substance abuse at home. they want to change state law heroin and opiod use as additional drugs that could lead to a child abuse investigation at home.right now, meth is the only drug on the list.the workgroup is voting on recommendations.they are hopeful legislators will take up the issue next session. three companies charged with managing medicaid in iowa continue to lose tens of millions of dollars under the new private medicaid program. the governor still says the program gives patients more choices and independence. however, the press-citizen reports critics say the loses
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more payments from iowans. the report shows the three companies did save iowa about 29-million dollars. but each spent more than it got in payments from the state. meanwhile, iowa's health care leaders are trying to examine changes in the healthcare system. all day -- local and national providers will be talking about these modern day changes like telehealth, medicare and chip plans and what they will do for iowans down the line. the conference is being held in des moines. it's been nearly 3 weeks since u-n-i has been in the friendly confindes of the mcleod center -- but now they're back -- and that's good news because in the month of november at home -- the panthers are 26 and 1 all time. northern iowa looking to bounce back after 2 straight losses -- hosting george mason.kevin lehman doing his thing on the mic -- panther offense -- struggled early -- down by as many as 10 points -- but battled back -- specner haldamen knocked down 4 triples -- that one cuts the lead to 4 -- haldamen
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then bennett koch -- turns around and slams it home -- for two of his 10 points -- and later in the half -- jordan ashton -- gets into the action -- he splashes home the three -- panthers shot just 26 percent from the floor. patriots -- a tad better -- marquise moore -- sinks the floater -- and george mason gets the win-- 54 to 50.if there's a mount rushmore of women's basketball -- notre dame is on it -- that's what lisa bluder said on monday about her team's opponent in the big 10 / a-c-c more to say the irish are undefeated, are the number 1 team in the country, and have never lost to the hawks that didn't stop ally disterhoft from doing her thing -- the west high product -- dials long distance and connects from the corner -- ally finished with a game high 18. and then with time winding down in the first -- kathleen doyle dishes it to megan gustufson -- and she beats the buzzer -- another double double from her.but the hawks never led in the game -- ah- ree-kay oh-goon-bow-wall-ay
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falls -- 73 to 58.last season -- the xavier boys basketball team finished their season like every other team dreams of -- winning the last game -- but now the goal this season -- get back to the well to defend their crown -- and as pat moroney found out -- the saints are ready .xavier made history last season - but today - - that state title - is just a memoryit was incredible - definitely a feeling i'll never forget but - i know that it's a new season so - again we want to think about our success - but only in terms of thinking about it because we want to get back there - it's a whole new season and we want to continue to be successful for the saints - success - starts back at square one it's a new year - it's a new team - it's a new process - you've gotta go through the peaks and valleys and there will be valleys -
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we kind of are excited - to have those expectations - to know that our program is on the map - and that people look at us on their schedule as a big game - that's exciting - that's fun the best way to deal with expectations - experience - and with three starters back - xavier has plenty of it i think it helps a lot - we've all been in pretty big games /// we know we've gotta bring it night in and night outwe've got a pretty mature group in terms of the experience - they've been around it - and have a lot of knowledgethe saints have the smarts - the skill - the experience - it's a true everybody's getting along - everybody loves each other - it's fun to play with everybody - and the chemistry and talent we have here feels pretty good a team ready - to repeat - in cedar rapids - pat moroney - cbs two sports.four hawkeyes were named third team all cbs-2 news connects with the us with your story tips at 1-800-222-kganor email us at news at cbs2iowa.comor connect with us
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right now it's degrees in still to come - the victory tour for president-elect donald trump - more than a month before he is officially sworn into're watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...another attack on america's finest.a police officer shot and killed -- and an active stand off still happening this morning. a corridor highway extension is nearly complete...when it will be open to commuters. plus - the first victory for donald trump - before he even
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welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm dora miller,
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new overnight - another police officer has been shot and killed - this time - it happened in tacoma, of this morning - the police o been identfied - but city officials say he is a 45- year-old who has worked as in officer in tacoma for 17 years,take a look at this procession that was held for the officer around 11-p-m their time.the officer was responding to a domestic despute - and was shot mid- evening but died in the hospital overnight.a neighbor witnessed the shooting - and said the suspect started shooting first. "gunfire rang out, i will say very clearly, the police officers identified themselves, they were veery
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they approached the situation, they just said they wanted to talk to him and gunfire started and it wasn't them who started it.."right now - the scene is still active - and police have yet to take the suspect into custody.they believe the suspect is holed up in the home with a rifle.we will continue to monitor this developing story all morning long. we're now learning more about what happened in the hours leading up to a violent rampage at ohio state university. say the suspect - abdul - purchased a knife before the attack on monday morning.the f-b-i is also working to see if the 18-year-old was inspired by similar ?isis attacks overseas.investigators say he drove a car into a group of students and then stabbed several with a butcher knife.abdul was shot and killed by officers.11 people are recovering from injuries this morning. iowa senator chuck grassley is seeking more information about the attacker.investigators are trying to figure out if the somali-born student had any ?links to overseas terror
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chairs the senate judiciary committee, wants to know more about the suspect's immigration and criminal record. along that same line -- many are wondering what the donald trump administration and other elected officials face when it comes to combatting terror recruitment online...kristine frazao takes a look at an evolving battlefield in the fight to stop online radicalization. the suspect in the attack at ohio state university may have been inspired by what he read online, and isis is now calling abdul razak ali artan a soldier of the islamic state in a statement on its amaq news agency.also likely radicalized online - 20 year old justin sullivan who pleaded guilty this week in north carolina. his plan -to commit a mass murder in the name of isil.jill rose/u.s attorneyhe researched weapons he researched ammunition, he was communicating and getting ideas from the leadership of isil in syria.standup - kristine frazao/washingtonthe
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make it more difficult for online recruitment to take place - some lawmakers now suggesting taking a harder line moving forward.rep mike mccaul/r-texas"i think we need to devote more resources to the counter-narrative to the ideology but also engage the private sector - twitter, facebook google those companies to deal with the content on the internet that's driving this."rep. markwayne mullin/r-oklahoma"it is not a question of freedom of speech at this point - it's about individuals that are trying to kill innocent even if government officials crack down - other means of communication are popping up, presenting a challenge to those tasked with fighting terror in a battlefield that often begins washington i'm kf reporting. developing now -- the f-b-i is now investigating a threatening message against iowa state university.police say someone posted quote "we're bringing o-s-u to i-s-u." the post was made to a campus social media app.iowa state police tell us they do not believe the threat is credible.
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andrea farrington's family against the coral ridge mall has been resolved. farrington was killed by former mall security guard alexander kozack in june of 2015. although kozak was tried and convicted of her murder, her family brought on the lawsuit saying the mall and its security should have done more to protect her. last month, the suit was dropped.the family's lawyer says the matter had been resoved for both parties and would not say what the resolution was. schools in marion will operate as normal today - following some tense moments yesterday. police were along 14-th avenue for a person with weapons refusing to come took crews about an hour to end the standoff. police tell us the public was never in any danger -- but, as a precaution, police requested lockdowns at nearby saint joseph catholic school and emerson elementary. the city of cedar rapids and the iowa d-o-t says the opening of the first phase of highway - 100 is reason to celebrate.the first four miles from edgewood road to covington road should be ready to open in about two weeks.the extension should eventually
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interstate - 380 and edgewood road.d-o-t planner cathy cutler says you can check it out this saturday afternoon. catherine cutler - idot planner (( 1:06:02 )) "they won't be able to actually drive on it beyond the point of the ceremony, but if they want to bring a bike or take a cold stroll maybe along it that would be just fine.. they actually can go the full four miles and four miles back if they want " the entire highway 100 extension from edgewood road to highway-30 should be completed by early 2019. university of iowa police are now looking into a assault on campus.the alleged victim told police they were attacked at the hawklot -- near the hawkeye recreation fields.this happened on tuesday between 9 and 9-thirty.the victim did not see the attack and believes there could possibly be two people involved.u-i police are increasing patrols in that area now -- but if you have any information on this incident -- you're asked to call them. a cedar rapids man faces charges after pornographic images were found on his phone while it was being repaired. court documents show jeremy rodriguez's phone was at
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employee accidentally found the images. the employee told police photos of children engaging in sexual acts appeared when the phone was powered up. police say rodriguez admitted to downloading the photos. community members contacted us saying rodriguez is a cedar rapids school bus driver. there is a 'jeremy rodriguez' listed as an employee at the cedar rapids school district but it doesn't list what the person's job is. another cedar rapids man faces sexual abuse charges after an 11-year-old boy told police he touched him inapropriately. the boy says he was at joseph chesmore's home several times during a seven-month period. in that time, the boy says chesmore committed several sex acts with him. chesmore only admitted to a single act -- but says it was an accident. he is being held in the linn county jail. this morning - donald trumpwill travel with vice president-elect mike pence to his home state of indiana - to announce their deal with air conditioning company carrier.that company was about to ship off more than a thousand jobs to mexico -- but
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about 800 union jobs will be spared. republicans say it's a good sign. "and it symbolizes more to come and i think a lot of people are reassured that there's a president here who's going to look out for their well-being and their family's well-being."some of the terms of the deal are still unclear this morning.carrier says part of the deal includes the state of indiana offering incentives for them to stay -- but they have yet to say what those are. pence sat down with governor terry branstad on wednesday in rumored to be a candidate for ambassador to china.the governor has a decades-long relationship with chinese president xi jinping it's and right now in it's degrees.up next - could a specific sport help you live longer?a new study tries to
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it's no secret that exercise is good for your heart - but now researchers say the ?type of exercise can be just as important.rylee carlson has the study. (cbs video)natsa&when barbara karayi heads out on her bicycle, she knows she's getting more than just fresh air. (sot - barbara karayi/cyclist)obviously i know it's good for my heart, and i can feel after i'm done cycling my blood pressure goes right research published in the british journal of sports medicine reveals cycling might pay off big in the long run. (sky news) researchers studied the exercise habits of more than 80-thousand adults for over a decade. they found people who took part in certain sports
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of dying from cardiovascular disease -- they lowered their chance of dying from any health problem. (cbs)those who cycled routinely cut their health risks by 15 percent. (sot - dr. declan o'regan/cardiac radiologist) this is really the first time that scientists have been able to look at particular sports and clearly show that certain sports have a proven benefit. nats upa&.tennis (sky news) when it came to cardiovascular disease - people who played racquet sports cut their risk of death by more than half. (man in pool)swimming by 41 percent.(nats..aerobics class)(cbs)and aerobics by 36 percen carlson/cbs news/london) (already shot)while experts aren't ready to prescribe ?specific? sports just yet - they say consistent exercise is key.(sot - dr. declan o'regan/cardiac radiologist)(cb s)it's really finding a sport that's good for you and one that you could do sustainably for a long period of time. natsa&for barbara, that means sticking with her bike. (nat sot barbara/covered by video as she rides offa&)if you see me cycling, i've always got a
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good morning again, thanks for waking up with cbs 2 this's right now on
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your??????? scientist believe they have found a key piece of evidence that could stop a publ h crisis that affects many people across the country. cbs 2 news reporter stephanie johnson is at the breaking news desk with what health epxerts are learning.dora, binge drinking is a major issue scientist believe a link between the brain and liver may control people's alcohol consumption according to the world health organization in 2012 alcohol resulted in 3.3 million deaths.this gene they've discovered in certain people stops them from having
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alcholism but they still have to figure out a way to tranlate this to a treatment. that's the latest from the breaking news desk--dora back to you. it's right now it's degrees in coming up - democrats suffered a huge blow in last month's election - but now control is up for grabs in the house.find
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breaking news in tacoma washington...police have now entered the home of the shooting suspect that authorities say gunned down one of their own last night. that scene has been very active since the shooting. here's a photo from our sister station in seattle... you can
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suspect has been caught. we'll continue to update this story all morning long. here's a look at some of the other things happening on this thursday morning. in iowa city - the move-in date and official opening of the new university of iowa sted family children's hospital is now being pushed back.patients were originally scheduled to move in on december 10th -- now the hospital will transfer patients in january or february.a specific date will be announced within the next few weeks. we're now learning a report on the death of an ia is still months away.sergeant brandon ketchum -- who served in in iraq and afghanistan -- reportedly committed suicide after being turned away for care at the v-a hospital in iowa city.ketchum's family -- along with lawmakers -- including iowa senator joni ernst, have been demanding answers.yesterday, the inspector general told senator ernst quote: "we recognize the importance of this work and i expect it will be published in the spring of 2017."the senator tells us ?she will continue to monitor this investigation - and hold the v-
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president-elect donald trump continues to fill positions on his administration.sarah palin is now lobbying to lead the department of veterans affairs. the former alaska governor has been in contact with trump about the job.former massachusetts senator scott brown has also met with trump over the position. at the capitol - after suffering disappointing results in this year's election - house democrats have now held their own leadership elections.craig boswell is on capitol hill - with how the reigning democratic leader faired - against a new ril party. (pkg)california congresswoman nancy pelosi won enough votes to keep her position as the top ranking democrat in the house of representatives.(sot: rep. nancy pelosi/(d-ca) minority leader)"i have a special spring in my step today because this is a special one."democrats voted 134 to 63 to retain pelosi as minority leader.ohio congressman tim ryan - a former pelosi protege - says he may not have won - but he did advance his cause of
5:56 am
focus on jobs and the economy. (sot: rep. tim ryan/(d) ohio) "we got the message out that we wanted to get out and it's that as democrats, we need to talk about economics. it's the issue that unites us." ryan's supporters say pelosi now understands she has to listen to them.(sot: rep. marcia fudge/(d) ohio)"she understands, change has to come."(boswell)"and you feel like you got that change with that outcome?"(sot: rep. marcia fudge/(d) ohio) "absolutely, no question about it."(standup: craig boswell/cbs news/capitol hill) pelosi's message was simple - the democrats will need to put on a unified front to take on president-elect donald trump and republicans who control congress.(sot: rep. nancy pelosi/(d-ca) minority leader) "this is so much bigger character of america." democrats say they are expecting a fight on many issues including obamacare - which pelosi helped push through the house.(sot: rep. elijah cummings/(d) maryland) "there is no stronger, battle-tested person than nancy pelosi."democrats say despite the challenge to pelosi - they left the meeting energized and unified for the battles to come.craig boswell, cbs news, capitol hill. that new congress will begin work on january 3-rd. if you're just getting up, good morning -- it's now right now it's degrees in
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decision on an officer- involved shooting in north're watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the corridor. the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player?
5:58 am
my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look. whoa. right now on cbs 2 this morning...a wildfire claims more firefighters are progressing against devastating flames. it's officially december - and winter is on its you
5:59 am
need. plus - new calls for a special prosecutor in an officer- involved shooting in the corridor. welcome to cbs two this morning - i'm dora miller and it's the first day of december.
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doppler radar is clear to then a few flurries here. here cedar rapids, collins and blairs ferry in you. let's go to monticello, 36, dubuque, 36 iowa city, waterloo and online. we factor in the wind, 52 2 miles per hour , and we get the windchill of about low to mid 20s right now. satellite and radar, plenty of cloud cover in that flurry chance around decorah, act ii.


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