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tv   CBS 2 News Noon  CBS  December 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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an officer is now dead --after a shooting overing in
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say the officer was responding to a domestic dispute yesterday afternoon when he was shot.the officer later died in the hospital.this is a procession that was held for the officer around 11 p-m their time last you can see -- dozens of police officers lined up outside the hospital to pay their their time. dozens of officers lined up to pay their respects. the suspect is accused of shooting the officer and he was shot and killed this morning after standoff. a deputy says worse. the suspect is deceased, the kids are safe."the name of the officer has not yet been released... but officials say the officer was 45-years-old and had been with the department for 17 years. a new poll found that only one in four americans want the new president-elect -- donald trump -- to completely repeal -- the kaiser family foundation released a post-election survey that
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want the law repealed.the survey shows that 52 percent of republicans want the law gone -- that's down from 69 percent before the election last month.republicans wanting a shift in those that want the law repealed. 52% of republicans want a long gone down from 69% before the election. republicans wanting the law scaled-back have now doubled to 24%. just 11% wanted that idea before the election happening in wisconsin. recount underway. this is the first candidate driven recount 16 years. the last was in florida in 2000. green county candidate jill stein requested it. the recounts begin and 72 counties and they have until 8:00 p.m. december 12th to finish with another attack here in the u.s. many wonder if the administration can protect the average american.
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house, the tax like the one at ohio state be any less likely to occur? own -- under the obama administration terrorists have made their deadly mark all over . about a voice strong support for law enforcement and boast of pouring money into programs to counter violent extremism. >> the president is very focused on the issue. although he now says the focus will be on countries where terror is more prevalenta&he' s also disscussed needs for a muslim registry ?and? tweeted the ohio state attacker was: . (graphic trump tweet) a&a somali refugee who should not have been in our country." (scott/tag)as president, donald trump wouldn't need congressional approval to stop accepting refugees from countries he says pose a risk.
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i'm scott thuman. to stay on top of the latest breaking news download the cbs 2 news's free for apple and android devices.just search kgan cbs 2 in your favorite app store. developing now --the f-b-i is now investigating a threatening message against iowa state university.police say someone posted quote "we're bringing o-s-u to i-s-u." the post was made to a campus social media
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they do not believe the threat is credible. the lawsuit brought on by andrea farrington's family against the coral ridge mall has been resolved. farrington was killed by former mall security guard alexander kozack in june of 2015. although kozak was tried and convicted of her murder, her family brought on the lawsuit saying the mall and its security should have done more to protect her. last month, the suit was dropped.the family's lawyer says the matter had been resoved for last month the suit was dropped. the matter had been resolved tell us what the resolution was the city of cedar rapids and the iowa dot says the opening of highway 100 is reason to celebrate. the first four miles should be ready to open in the extension should take a lot of traffic from i3 80 in edgewood road. dot planner says you can check that out this saturday afternoon. >> they won't be allowed to
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ceremony. if they want to bring a bike or extension from edgewood road to highway-30 should be completed by early 2019. there are now calls in cedar rapids - for a special prosecutor to handle jeremie mitchell's case. mitchell was shot by a cedar rapids police officer during a traffic stop that allegedly got violent last month. last night, newly elected linn county supervisor stacy walker called for a special prosecutor to take over the case. it's important to note - he did so as a - and not a member of the board.the local chapter of the n-a-a-c-p agrees that it will help in the long run. "we've been trying to keep this things peaceful, we want to keep it peaecful and it hink that would go a long way to helping people trust that you know justice is going to be served. district attorney jerry vandersanden has been handling the case since it started.some believe - since he has a close working relationship with the police department - the most transparent move would be to have someone else handle the case. jerime mitchell's family agrees
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a benefit last night to help mitchell and his family in any way they could.mitchell's brother tells us they are heartened to see the outpouring of support from friends and even complete strangers -- of all different races. we never watned it to ever be support from friends and complete strangers of all different races. >> it is just about people being good people and supporting each other. if you look around it's everybody it's all walks of life. >> there will be another benefit on sunday and iowa the wildfires in the south -- and the rescue efforts
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rescue crews in tennessee are looking for possible victims of the wildfires. track rescue cues -- rescue crews are looking for victims of the wildfires. the death toll and three more bodies were found. more than 700 structures have been destroyed or damaged and people are getting anxious to get back into their homes officials hope to announce today the people in certain parts can get back in the area to see if they have a home left to get back to. >> the rain helped yesterday cyclically that helped firefighters get ahead. >> still a sad situation. >> that's just awful. i've seen some of the pictures. my parents live in georgia and they've got some of the rain and stuff coming through,
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let's talk about the clouds here. no rain or showers. a few flurries this morning. a little cloudy and normal. 38 degrees and there's doppler radar and as you see it doppler radar is nice and clear this afternoon. now all in all looking nice and quiet there too. let's take a look at what is happening out there in cedar rapids. we've got cloudy sky and wind not too bad definitely cloud cover. clowns road -- collins road traffic is moving fine. 37 degrees with westwinds at 18. it feels like 27 degrees and feels breezy with jacket weather. 37 monticello, 360 wind dubuque. 37 in washington. wind chill not horrible and right on the mark. winds west at five-15 gusting to
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temperatures. 34 at carol and 37 in des moines and 38 in the quad cities. highs not too much theater and maybe two more degrees than we are now. but that will be it for today. ledee of cloud cover that will stick around this afternoon and overnight and we will keep the clouds for tomorrow too -- a lot of cloud cover -- as the clouds diminish we head through the afternoon and even more sunshine revealed for saturday. here is local predictor and as we look local moisture cloud cover sticking around into the overnight predictor puts another flurry across north east iowa not out of the question but don't expect much more than a flurry friday starts cloudy and the clouds slowly diminishing and more so into the late afternoon and evening. clearing overnight saturday we call it a partly cloudy sky as we head through the first day
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rain and snow mixing early sunday. keep an eye on that. temperatures in the 40s but more of rain and snow flurries instead of snow with rain. most of the precipitation is white and not white. today 37 in center point. 38 cedar rapids. cloudy skies getting flurries in the morning. northwest breezes five-15 gusting to 28 this afternoon. let's go to the forecast for everyone. 36 degrees charles city. decorah 38 in in washington and tonight upper 20s and lower 30s cloudy skies and still calm. a quiet night with a northwest breeze five-10. extended forecast features a little more sunshine tomorrow but if you are looking for sunshine saturday is the day with the upper 30s and cloudy saturday night and light snow and midday 4244 monday low 40s tuesday with upper 30s
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-- high temperature trend upper 30s to 40s and cooler air moves in but the end of next week but that is normal because again we are in december. this is the beginning of the meteorological winter. average temperature today is 38 and by the end of the month it is 28 and normally in december we get seven-point aged -- seven-point-inch -- seven-point eight inches of snow. >> when does actual winter start i expect december 21st. >> 20 days away from now. >> it is cold to me. will we get that's no? >> i don't know. i will tell you december 31st. >> there you go. still ahead. we are joining stephanie johnson and the unique catwalk being
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listen throughout the day for
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later this evening iowa fashion project will host their
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johnson is live at the double tree to give us a preview of tonight's event. show, slay the runway show in downtown cedar rapids and that's where we five stephanie johnson who is live to give us a preview. stephanie? >>reporter: i am so happy to be here. as you see behind me there are are close in here -- they have brought their close in here and it will serve as a the models and all of the fashions featured are from designers around the corridor like melissa marie collins. she has been selling for most of her life. she sold her jacket for today's interview and her style is lady funk. >> i like a woman to look beautiful but i love style that has funk factor to it so a little bit out there but still
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the racks are empty but they will not be empty for long. tonight the president and founder steve schreiber and are own kelly -- kelly d'ambrosio will host and you can no longer purchase vip tickets or online and if you want to come down you have to pay $20. covering the corridor, stephanie johnson. a cedar rapids woman the walk at the fashion show yesterday. 18-year-old walked in the paris fashion show and featured performances by lady gaga and bruno mars. you can catch it monday right here on cbs2 on the -- at 9:00 coming up at noon.
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the following segment is sponsored by tryon investments. welcome back. it's time for twoyour finances. every week we answer questions on money. today we are talking alternative assets. we talked about this before the show tell you guys no mike. been. are you guys having fun. i will kind of be nice to you. what are alternative assets. >> i will answer that. physically alternative assets are assets that are nonstandard to the traditional stock and bond market there two different classes nonstandard assets or
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accredited investors. regulation t -- typically you are investing as an equity owner and not mall or those types of assets. historically they perform on average between 19% and 89% and with returns to the investors. you will be a participant in a mall project in the company that does it just about to other investors. that's one type and then there is securities regulation a +-plus-sign securities that is a corporate depth and weight -- that and we have companies that offer 7% annual returns. it's not like the traditional bond markets. like it might retort in six years. thousand dollars matures at $1000 [indiscernible] 7%. so they are different and
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get richer because they know about things and we want to cater to those types of needs the client may have that's right. how do you invest in one of these? >> just call try and investments. our whole mission -- called "tryon investments" and make sure you our -- you are educated and don't put everything you ve sprinkle those in your portfolio ? i will turn it over to mr. woods. >> there you go. hey, then. >> we've highlighted a few reasons with the traditional stock and bond markets you, those markets can be volatile and higher risk to you are exposing yourself less to those markets and therefore your overall risk is being reduced. as mentioned earlier, you are
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investments that are out there do not know about pics when you have this information you can invest like the rest -- which and when you invest like the rich you better you better annual returns. >> are the risks involved with this? i'm sure there are risks involved with everything but what are some of the risks for alternative assets? >> just like any investment there's always risk. you want to take calculated risk and don't want to go beyond your comfort zone from a risk standpoint especially you -- if you are an older person. if you can't pay the debt on the bonds you bought or that the projects that they have doesn't materialize to their expectations. there is always that kind of risk.
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invest in any projects unless the companies have a solid track record. the ones we use typically have been doing it for 20 plus years and they've got a great track record and it's been proven. they've got it down to an art. >> it sounds good. >> thank you for your time. >> always seeing you -- always good seeing you, door. >> always good seeing you guys we have your weather first
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cloudy skies as we head temperatures upper 30s. take a look at the satellite radar. plenty of cloud cover and maybe sunshine by tomorrow afternoon and i think you will find more saturday. predictor says plenty of moisture but other than a flurry this afternoon that's about it. here is your forecast. today 36, decorah, 39 iowa city. forecast looks mild. a couple degrees above normal.
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?? ? >> bill: the jet's waiting, and it won't be long before we're in st. bart's. we'll be married by tomorrow. i have to believe that you want that. look at me. tell me you still want to be my wife. >> r.j.: well, if she wasn't into you before, she is now. >> ridge: i don't know about that, r.j. >> r.j.: you drew a giant heart in the sand, re-created one of her favorite memories, and you showed that you love and care


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