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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 3, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. and a new morning, it is. republicans ride a tidal wave of discontent to gain control of the house. and john boehner becomes congress' new sheriff. >> but the gop comes up just short in the fight sfr is senate. at least a few of the president's men and women hold their ground. red dawn. >> i spent my whole life chasing the american dream. >> republicans win big all across the country. the balance of power, shaken by a tea party revolt. >> we've come to take our government back. >> a second chance for republicans to be what they said they were going to be not so long ago. voters send veteran democrats home. >> the people of wisconsin have spoken.
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and i respect their decision. >> but a few defy the odds. >> today, you made possible what many called impossible. >> this morning, the triumph. the tears. >> i've never seen my brother cry. and we've been through a lot. >> the change. president obama confronts his greatest challenge yet. we are live and say good morning, america, to all of our viewers in the west. what a difference a day makes. it has shifted so dramatically. >> they're demandings change one more time. republicans win control of the house. representatives picking up around 60 seats. it could be a little bit more by the time all the votes are
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counted. the biggest mid-term loss for the democrats since the 1930s. three races still have not been called in alaska, washington, and colorado. this election, a strong wakeup call for the president, with most voters saying his policies will hurt the country. we'll see how he responds when he speaks to the american public at 10:00 a.m. west coast time. >> i tripped over a garbage can trying to get over here to this map. look at all the blue in the rockty mountain, the upper midwest, the southeast, the northeast back in 2008. let's look at what happened yesterday with the results. all that blue turns red. a dramatic change last night. we have our team fanned out all across the country. we begin with jon karl in las
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vegas, nevada. >> reporter: from losing the president's old senate seat to big losses in the house, it was a dreadful night for the democrats. >> it's clear tonight who the winners really are. that's the american people. >> reporter: an historic victory. so sweeping, ohio republican john boehner choked up as he recounted his path to becoming the likely new speaker of the house. >> i spent my whole life chasing the american dream. and i saw how out of touch washington has become with the core values of this great nation, i put my name forward and ran for office. >> reporter: boehner is about to become leader of the house and third in line for the presidency, thanks to a republican tidal wave that swept democrats out of power from coast to coast. >> tonight, republicans will take control of the house.
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>> reporter: at least five senior democrats who had served over 25 years each, knocked out. and in the senate races -- >> we've come to take our government back. >> reporter: big tea party victories in kentucky for republican rand paul. and in florida, for marco rubio. rubio issued a warning echoed by many of the tea party faithful. >> and we make a grave mistake if we believe that tonight these results have somehow been an embrace of the republican party. what they are is a second chance. >> reporter: but in nevada -- >> i'm not finished fighting. in fact, tonight, i'm more determined than ever. >> reporter: senate majority leader harry reid defied the national trend to win a stunning victory over tea party republican, sharron angle. and reid will face a tough senate, after victories by candidates like joe manchin, in west virginia.
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>> this is my 11th straight e lex victory. >> reporter: and barbara boxer in california. >> what a sweet one it is. >> reporter: it wasn't a good night for female executives. republicans meg whitman and linda mcmahon also lost. another republican who came up short, tea party star, christine o'donnell. >> i have never seen my brother cry. >> reporter: o'donnell shared the moment with her brother, a democrat. >> i couldn't be prouder. she believes in what she does. and she wants -- she wants to affect everyone in a positive way. >> reporter: outgoing speaker nancy pelosi did not speak last night. but she did put out a statement, praising democrats for taking courageous action over the last four years as they had the leadership. saying, george, the outcome of the election does not diminish the work we have done for the american people. left unsaid, though, is what speaker pelosi will do now. she has not said. democrats i have spoken to,
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expect that she will not come back in the next congress. we'll have to wait and hear directly from her. >> okay, jon, thanks very much. we should hear about that today. diane sawyer has an exclusive interview with nancy pelosi. we're going to turn now to the white house. obama not on the ballot but voters trying to send a message. 37% of voters said they were going to the polls to oppose president obama. that's about the number that were have tl to vote against president bush back in 2 on 06. jake, all through this campaign season, the white house said it was a choice, not a referendum. voters felt it was a referendum on president obama. >> reporter: that's the hope of every president in the midterms. saying this is not a referendum on me. it was a tough night for
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president obama. a lot of the races they were watching at the giping of the night did not go the president's way, the democrats' way. huge swaths were taken out in pennsylvania, new york. the president called house speaker to be, john boehner, congratulating him, talking about common ground. there's been over the last two years, a lot of skepticism in the white house about how much house republicans are truly willing to work with democrats and the white house on any legislation. they say now, they insist there is good faith. they will make efforts to reach out to soon to be speaker boehner. the president made more than 60 phone calls, largely those who
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were sorry to hear the bad news phone calls to members of the democratic caucus. >> that skepticism goes both ways. every time i talked to republican leaders over the last few years, they said the president used them as props. we saw the speaker to be, john boehner, say last night the president has to change course, joined by some democrats. this morning, evan bayh writing this is not a communications problem. the president has to have a change in direction. how much of that can we expect to hear in a couple of hours from the president? >> the wous is not convinced they need major course direction. they believe it was an admonition to the president, that the world wants washington to work together. they see a lot of economic anxiety in the exit poll numbers. >> we'll have a special report
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of the presidential news conference at 10:00 a.m. west coast time. >> let's talk to david wright. he's in los angeles to talk about the three undecided seats. >> reporter: this may have been a republican tidal wave in the rest of the country, but in california, jerry brown appears to have beaten meg whitman by a wide margin. the mes expensive non-presidential election campaign in u.s. history. still, $140 million wasn't enough to finish even ten points beheend. barbara boxer appears to have won another term. fiorina has not let conceded in the race. she told spothers, all the people that called the race, that may not have been a smart thing to do.
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by light of day, she still appears to be behind ten points. and finally, proposition 19, that would have legalized marijuana, that went down in flames. the proponents of that measure thought the young voters would come out. >> thanks, david. sharyn alfonsi is with us now. >> reporter: the race in washington state is still too close to call. patty murray is ahead of her republican challenger, dino rossi, but just a slim margin with a little more than half the vote in. this morning, we're told that both parties are planning on recounts. they expect it could be third, even friday before they know who won this election because it is so razor thin. this could last a few more days
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here. >> thank you. it will last longer even up in alaska. neal karlinsky is there. >> reporter: what an incredible race out here. in the lead is something called "write in." the lisa murkowski camp believes that is her. under alaska state law, there is 15 days before all of the write-in ballots are opened. where officials see if they're lisa murkowski, and if they're spelled correctly. there are expected to be a lot of challenges to the write-in votes. still, lisa murkowski is confident. she thinks she has the first write-in victory since 1954. that's also the last time the giants won the series.
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though in a different city. >> i'm sure the folks out west appreciate that, neal. thank you. and in colorado, michael bennet and ken buck are neck and neck there. >> that could be heading for a recount as well. you have to talk about the tea party. they brought so much energy no to primary. one of the earliest leaders, south carolina leader jim demint. i spoke to him earlier this morning. i know you don't take credit for the tea party movement. what do you think those voters were saying tonight? what are you going to do to advance their cause? >> the most exciting thing that came out of the election is the realization that the power here in america is in the hands of the american people. if they want to stand up and take it. i think that will maybe realign
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politics in the country. force a discussion on the role of the federal government in the country. this does give the republicans a second chance. i'm glad to see the determination from boehner and others in the house that this time, we'll do it the right way. >> your republican leader in the senate said last week in number one job is to make sure that president obama is not returned to the white house. is that your number one priority? >> no, don't think he should be our focus at all. this ram page of spending was rejected by the american people. the issues are much bigger than that. think right now, what i'm hopeful for, is republicans in the house will show what they stand for. they'll pass legislation and send to it the senate that we can debate and say yes to so we
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won't be in the position we have been the last four years on just saying no to really bad legislation. i hope by 2012, americans will know what republicans stand for. my hope sit is in alignment of constitutional limited government. >> you talk about that. the issue of jobs is on the minds of americans. about half the voters in the polls thought that government should do more to help create jobs. what would be your proposal to get that done? >> they don't necessarily mean more government programs and sending. we need to do a lot to clear up the quagmire of policies that have been created. we don't though our tax rates. the cost of health care will go up. the new financial regulations are making it harder for
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companies to get loans. the country needs some certainty. we have to assure people we'll beday the implementation of the health care bill. there's a lot we can do. that doesn't mean more federal government, more spending, and more debt. >> you will move to repeal the health care reform of president obama? >> oh, yeah. i think that's one of the most important things we have to do. the legislation will clearly hurt the practice of medicine, the quality of health care in america, it will raise the price. i think it will contribute to bankrupting our country. it's built on a platform of government control. we need to throw it out and replace wit the ideas we talked about in the health care debate. >> thank you, senator demint.
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now the other side of the aisle. senate majority leader, democrat harry reid is headed back to washington. he defeated tea-party-backed sharron angle. how did he avoid the republican wave? senator reid good enough to join us this morning. congratulations on your victory. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> when you hear the numbers, that the people in nevada believe you have been in washington too long, and they disawe prove of the job you're doing, over half of the people in nevada, what do you say to them this morning? >> i say thanks for voting for me. >> and how can you -- >> by nevada's standards, i had
7:17 am
41,000 more votes than my opponent. there was a choice to be made. the nevada people made the choice. i look forward to working with senator demint. i would like to call mitch mcconnell later today. i haven't been to bed yet tonight. john boehner and i worked together for many years. i look forward to working with him. we need to look at what happened. what happened is that we now have a new house speaker is a new speaker. the founding fathers set up the government in a unique way. we can't avoid the principle of moving the country forward unless we work together. that's my goal. >> people are thrilled to hear you say that this morning. and wonder what's going to be different this time? it hasn't been the case the last
7:18 am
couple of yoers. what is going to be different this time to bring about true compromise and move forward? >> any time you have a president with a sense of urgency, there's a lot we have to do. we found ourselves in a big hole as a result of the prior eight years. as happened in all presidencies, the second congress of a presidency takes a different turn. we're going to do that. i have spoken to president obama on several occasions yesterday. we all know that the majority is smaller than what it was. but i hope that the leader of the republicans, senator mcconnell who is a veteran, will understand that we have to work together. just saying no is not going to do the trick. we have to do constrictive work
7:19 am
together. we have an economy, nevada with the worst economy in our country. we're at the top of the food chain for so long. when wall street collapsed, we fell further than any other states. we have to dig our way out. >> i have a quick final question. very important to a lot of people. the bush tax cuts expire at the end of the year. can you work together to get something done? >> of course. my number one goal is to have tax cuts for the middle class. anything above $the 250,000, wee to work together. we need republican support to get the middle class tax cuts done. the middle class has been hurt. wealthy americans are doing fine. it's the middle class that hurt.
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>> congratulations on your victory last night. thank you for coming to us this morning. let's get to sam and the weather. >> there will be two weather head lines. the big heat into the southwest. and a soaking system into the deep south.
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and we promise we'll give sam more time next half hour for the weather. stay with us all day long for reports. the president, at 10:00 a.m. pacific time will speak. and diane sawyer will have an exclusive interview with nancy pelosi tonight on "world news." coming up, a test of sarah palin's power. did she help or hurt candidates she supported? we'll ask one of them. and check this out. this man doing cartwheels he's
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[ male announcer ] a big day deserves a better breakfast. choose from a dee-licious lineup of our newest $5 footlong breakfast melts, like the sunrise subway melt. [ strahan ] subway. build your better breakfast. we have breaking news to tell you about. two workers have been injured in an accident of the caldecott tunnel. it happened on the eastern side of the bore. this the scene right now live
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from sky 7 hd. there are fire trucks on the scene. there have been reports of a possible fire, paramedics and rescuers are headed there. the extent of the injuries to the workers is unclear at this point. we have also been told that there are reports that a confined space rescue team is being sent to this area. of course, as we get more information we will bring it to you. let's take a look now on the effect it may be having on traffic. >> live shot, you can see westbound 24 traffic was not impacted. this is completely in the construction zone. so right now the chp does not expect to have any lanes closed on westbound 24 heading to the caldecott tunnel. you might see some of the normal slowing out of antioch but lower portion of the screen, both bores open, no lanes expected to be closed westbound to the caldecott tunnel. a lot of folks are heading into san francisco for the giants
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>> all new. oprah and gayle's big yosemite camping adventure, part two. oprah: whoa, it's in my crotch right now. >> be there for the finale. oprah: uh, gayle, the bottom of
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we have a live look at downtown san francisco, few high clouds and warp weather for the parade. 72 degrees at the beginning of the prayed. at montgomery and washington streets and then about 72 by the end of the prayed and possibly up to
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7:30 am
e. to me, that's an earthquake. it is. it's a huge message sent. >> there's sarah palin reacting to election results last night. republicans win control of the house. she was not on the ballot last night. but she was in the thick of this campaign, endorsing more than 60 candidates. we're going to talk to one of the candidates who lost, christine o'donnell, in delaware last night. but a big night for sarah palin. we say good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> i'm robin roberts. also this morning, we're going to take a closer look at the tea party's staying power. one of its favorites, the new senator-elect, from kentucky, rand paul. he's going to join us this morning. a lot of election results still ahead. let's get to juju chang for the morning's news. >> there is nonpolitical news
7:31 am
this morning. awaiting a big announcement today. the federal reserve is expected to give the economy another shot in the arm by buying billions of dollars in government bonds. the hope is that will lower interest rates and get consumers and businesses to spend more. there are new concerns about whether iraq is prepared for next year's pullout of american troops. tuesday was the deadliest day in baghdad since may. 76 people died in a series of attacks. 58 died sunday when a christian church was attacked there. and in his memoir out next week, former president bush defends the invasion of iraq. but admits, he still has a sickening feeling about not finding weapons of mass destruction. in a copy of "decision point" obtained by "the new york times," the former president says he considered an offer by vice president cheney to drop off the 2004 ticket, saying cheney was seen as a dark and heartless person.
7:32 am
but in the end, mr. bush says cheney had done his job and was a friend. so, he kept him on. finally, in news headlines, it looks like the typical happy meal will soon be illegal in san francisco. city supervisors have voted to ban restaurants from giving away toys with any meals unless those meals have reduced calories, sugar and fat. that's a quick look at the news headlines at 7:32. back to you. >> all right, juju. if there was any doubt about it, last night's actions showed the tea party and sarah palin as a figure. in the house, 21 of the 41 candidates she endorsed came out on top. with more than half a dozen still to be decided. and of the 11 governors she backed in last night's vote, 6 will take office. there were some missteps on palin's part. and her future as a national candidate is anything but
7:33 am
certain. claire shipman -- good to have you here with us, claire. >> reporter: i did. all eyes are on sarah palin right now. she showed her power last night. she is certainly claiming that she had a big impact. it's interesting. when you look at her preprimary endorsement, she was battle a little better. about 69% on average. but she does with the clout, that's the question. >> woo, nevada. >> reporter: you might call call it the palin effect. the new republican kingmaker, demonstrating her clout on election day. >> that's an earthquake. it is. it's a huge message sent. it is a shakeup. >> reporter: from the start, she pushed her candidates into the spotlight. >> we need people like sharron angle. joe miller. rand paul. tea party americans who are standing up and saying, enough is enough. nikki haley. christine o'donnell. >> reporter: and many of palin's picks came out on top. tea party favorite, rand paul, in kentucky, where exit polls show a majority don't like the
7:34 am
job the president's doing and want to repeal health care. >> tonight, there's a tea party tidal wave. and we're sending a message to them. >> reporter: and one of her momma grizzlies, now senator-elect, kelly ayoed in new hampshire. and governor rick perry in texas. not all of her picks paid off, of course. high-profile sharron angle in nevada, and christine o'donnell in delaware, both conceded. >> thank you, governor palin, for your endorsement. >> reporter: and joe miller, in alaska, is likely to remain in a long fight. but a big win for mavericky, as she calls him, marco rubio. >> a second chance for republicans to be what they said they were going to be, not so long ago. >> reporter: many see the young cuban-american as a future party leader. and as for sarah palin, does she now turn her clout and her attention toward her own future
7:35 am
in 2012? some would argue, robin, she's not doing exactly what she should be doing. if she's really looking at a run, she's not holding the right meetings, courting the right people. being a kingmaker, not so bad. but it has conflict with the republican establishment. everybody on the republican side, wants to shut down the idea, in the republican establishment, of a palin candidacy. she responded angrilangrily, to as you might imagine. >> some said they want the election behind them. then, they will discuss sarah palin going forward. we're joined by someone sarah palin supported. you heard about her. a tea party favorite, who lost last night in the delaware senate race to chris coons. christine o'donnell is joining us live from dover, delaware. thank you for getting up with us. it was great to see the support of your family. we saw your brother, who was quite emotional last night. do you think sarah palin, if she had come to delaware, like she
7:36 am
said she was going to do, but she never did, do you think that could have made a difference for you? >> well, you know, here in delaware, it was a straight ticket loss for delaware republicans. so, i don't take it personally. if it was about me or if there was anything we could have done differently, the margin would have been different, than the other state candidates who loss. i think the only thing that really would have made a difference is if the delaware gop had unified. unfortunately, that still hasn't happened. and in states like kentucky, where the party leadership immediately rallied behind the people, the person that the people chose to represent kentucky republicans on the ballot. if we had done that here in delaware, i think there would have been a drastically different outcome. you know, we spent the good four weeks after the campaign reaching out to many delaware prominent republicans. by the time we had the support, we had about two weeks left. >> right. >> if there had been solidarity
7:37 am
right off the bat, i think the outcome would have been different, for all the republicans on the ballot. it was all about turnout. and there's a lot of independents in delaware. and polling showed that those independents didn't want their taxes raised, either. even with the top 2% tax that harry reid was talking about raising taxes on the top 2%, they're the small business owners. they're the small business owners in delaware, who are registered independent, but who are with us. and if we had united as a party, we could have reached out to them. i think it could have been different. >> you say you don't take it personally. and i can certainly understand that. when karl rove, who was extremely vocal in not supporting you. and even last night, he said, it gives me no pleasure to say that she was unlikely to win. but this, again, provides a lesson. what do you say to critics who say, someone like yourself, with some extreme stances, can win in the primary. but you are -- but you're not
7:38 am
electable in the general election? >> the lesson to be learned is to unite. let the people have a voice in their party. again, polling shows that independents are with us on the issues. but there was so much infighting, we never were able to get our message out. and to transition into a general election, with the way that we had to, it was too heavy of a lift for one campaign to do by itself. you know, my opponent had his state party, the dnc, the democratic senatorial committee, the president, the white house, all pushing down on this election. so, given the pressure that it was our campaign against the whole democratic establishment, including the white house, the margin should have been a lot bigger. we should have lost by 30. so, i'm very proud of our results. and it speaks to the potential that could have been there. and the only lesson that karl
7:39 am
rove should take away from this is to let the people of the republican party decide who is going to be on the ballot. once they decide, use your influence to get behind them. he could have made a difference. >> something tells me we have not seen the last of christine o'donnell on the political scene. is that true? >> i'll tell you, i've met so many people on the campaign trail that i've just fallen in love with. their stories are powerful. they're concerned about the tax increases coming, even on the top 2% because those are the small business owners. they're the farmers. the death tax being reinstated on january 1st. that's something i wanted to try to take up this lame duck session. so, our fight to influence what happens in this lame duck session isn't over just because the election's over. now, we have a voice. we began to raise awareness about what's going to happen, under the top 2% of income earners, are the small business owners, who have owned corner stores for years. even decades, like victor
7:40 am
rodriguez. if you've seen the families on our 30-minute video, they're real people with real stories, with heavy pressures about what's going to happen this january. and i'd like to see what we can do to continue to be a voice for them. and see what we can to positively change the direction of our country. then, i'll figure out what to do next. >> all right. christine o'donnell, thank you very much for being with us this morning. >> thank you. >> it is 40 minutes after the hour. 7:40. we'll give you more time for the weather this time, sam. >> good morning, robin. we're going to start with the area of low pressure that will run the southeast and curve up. big rain totals in louisiana, southern alabama and mississippi. florida will get some rain. it will be above two inches in some locations. then, the system runs around the north atlantic. it's probably late tonight into washington, d.c. and the following day in new york city, you'll get moisture out of that. then, there's a cooldown. but not for the next couple of days. we see 90 and 93 in l.a., we're concerned about the heat and the
7:41 am
wind together and some brush fires and wildfires in that area. you have one or two that have kicked up in the past 48 hours. likely we'll see more. keep an eye on that. it's gorgeous in the middle of the country. from midland to odessa, omaha. and all that weather was brought to you by walgreens. robin? >> thank you, sam. coming up, more on vote 2010. come on back. but what we can do is arm ourselves for the ones we love with a flu shot from walgreens. ♪ [ coughs ] [ female announcer ] with the most pharmacists certified to immunize... [ sneezes ] ...and walk-ins welcome everyday, we're making it easy for everyone to get their flu shot, no matter how small their motivation may be.
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which makes for a whole lotta happy. froot loops, apple jacks and corn pops, an oh-so-good source of fiber. kellogg's® makes fiber fun. so much to talk about this morning after the big election. so much to analyze. so much change to absorb. we're joined by two of my favorite analysts.
7:45 am
matt dowd, "gma" contributor, and donna brazile, long-time contributor for abc. matthew, we'll start with you. three-straight elections. 2006, 2008, yesterday in 2010, where you have a political earthquake every time. >> yeah. it's interesting to me. if you take a few steps further back, i think this sort of began when we had a dead-even election in 2000. and then, the country divided. obviously, 9/11 happened. but ever since the divided election happen, every, single election keeps sending a different message. they're saying i'm dissatisfied. and the speed at which we want change, has gone along with our technology. we want it now. there's no longer a wait. we're not going to wait two years. we're not going to wait four years. we want it now. >> and you bring up an important point of a more-divided country. you look at the republican party, more purists elected in the republican party. the democrats lost so many of the democrats who had crossed over and worked with the
7:46 am
republicans in the past. so, we're going to face this question going into the next two years, can anything get done? and will the cycle we've seen over the last several years, get even worse? >> with interest in the country, we'd like to see both political parties come to the middle and figure out common-sense solutions. many of the moderates and centrists of both political parties have been purged. they've been voted out of office. the president today will face a major character test. on one hand, he has to say to the voters, i heard you. on the other hand, he has to reach out to republicans and say, look, i want to work with you. but the president must reaffirm his principles. go back to the basics, so voters who voted for him in 2008, will see president obama reassert his leadership on the economy, health care, and other things going forward. >> i wonder where it leaves all of the voters in the middle. we've seen the independent voters swing, back and forth, on each one of these elections. the next election in 2012, they can lash out at a republican
7:47 am
house or at a democratic house and senate. >> i think they send a message. i think it's to speaker-elect boehner and to barack obama, along with what donna said. we want you all to get along and work this out together. and i think, as speaker boehner's margin increased, the pressure on him and the pressure on barack obama is going to increase. the other thing i think that is interesting about this election is what barack obama did, what ronald reagan, george bush, and dwight eisenhower couldn't do, which is give the republicans a solid margin in the u.s. house of representatives. this will be the most solid margen in the u.s. house of representatives since 1947 that the republicans have. >> most solid margin. looking ahead to 2012. ronald reagan and bill clinton came back from big midterm defeats. the president will have to do it with a much tougher economy right now. if you look at the map last night, he lost so many of the states that he'll have to win to get reelected. >> this was an electoral
7:48 am
earthquake for president obama. if he can display the leadership that the american people voted for in 2008, bring both parties together, voters will give him a second chance. >> i wish we had more time. we don't. let's look at one more look at ed perlmutter doing those ca cartwheels in colorado last night. cartwheels in colorado last night. we'll be right back. ldren scream [growl] i met my husband here. i got to know my grandkids here. we've discovered so much here together. but my doctor told me that during that time my high cholesterol was contributing to plaque buildup in my arteries. that's why i'm fighting my cholesterol... with crestor. along with diet, crestor does more than help manage cholesterol, when diet and exercise alone aren't enough. crestor is also proven to slow plaque buildup in arteries. crestor is not right for everyone, like people with liver disease, or women who are nursing,
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still to come, actress portia de rossi joins us in our 8:00 half hour, to talk about eating disorders. how she finally got healthy and happy. and all of the highlights from "dancing with the stars." i need to catch up tonight. the latest couple to leave will join us live. know what gets me out of bed early? breakfast at subway!
7:53 am
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we have an update to this morning's accident, inside the fourth bore of caldecott tunnel. a portion of cement collapsed on a worker who suffered minor injuries and was taken to a local hospital. it took inside the east side of the tunnel. this has the potential to mess with traffic but is it? >> so far it hasn't. we are seeing the normal slowing but really no big trouble. bay bridge toll plaza is backed up into the maze and heading into the giants game, consider
7:57 am
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8:00 am
and good morning, america, on is this morning after the landmark midterm elections. we'll talk to one of the stars of the night. that's kentucky's senator-elect, rand paul, who said in his acceptance speech that the tea party has to take back the government. >> that's coming up. we have a lot of other news to get to as well. something my girls are concerned about. and i think a lot of people as well. why is demi lovato getting medical treatment right now? she quit the jonas brothers tour for what's being called emotional and physical issues. what exactly does that mean? we'll look at that ahead. >> we certainly wish her well. and leann rimes, a star at the tender age of 14. her life has more drama than a country song.
8:01 am
and now, for the first time on camera, she talks about the breakup of her marriage. >> that's part of your big special on the night, in the spotlight, "all-access nashville." also, the secret life that nearly killed portia de rossi. she's here live to talk about the eating disorder that saw her shrink to an alarming 82 pounds. and a much happier life with ellen degeneres. >> she's very happy these days. and another couple leaves the ballroom floor. rick fox and cheryl burke booted last night. we begin with jake tapper at the white house after the elections last night. the president is expected to address the nation in about two hours. jake? >> reporter: we're told we'll hear from a conciliatory president obama in just a bit.
8:02 am
extending an olive branch to the republicans. making sure the american people know hat he hears the message, knows the message. they want washington, d.c. to work together. that's the message the white house is taking from last night. the president reached out to soon-to-be speaker john boehner, republican, or ohio around midnight last night. the white house was expected to lose the house. they did not know how bad it would be. one top democrat called it a blood bath, with huge swaths of house democrats taken out in pennsylvania, ohio, virginia, indiana. as the sun set from east to west, the next step, of course, for the president is trying to find areas of agreement. areas where he think he can work with the republicans. small business tax credits. maybe room for a negotiation on the bush tax cuts. the president does not want them
8:03 am
extended for those making over $250,000 a year. he might have to give on that a little. there's talk of compromise on issues like energy and education, the s.t.a.r.t. treaty with russia. he also called more than 60 members of congress, most of them calls offering his consolation for losing last night. a lot of democrats that the white house wanted to win, that they were holding out hope, watching the races, did not pull it out last night. the tongman from virginia, tom perriello. george? >> now we're going to talk to the man saying he was elected last night to take our country back. rand paul. the senator-elect from kentucky.
8:04 am
>> good morning. >> what were you elected to do? >> we have to balance our own budgets, but congress doesn't seem to have regard for balancing their own budget. the tea part want them to step up and do that. >> what does congress do about the tax cuts set to expire at the end of the year? the president said he doesn't want to extend the tax cuts to people making over $250,000. he says it will cost too much. are you willing to go along with him on that? >> it's a spending problem. not a revenue problem. we bring in $2.4 trillion. but we spend nearly $4 trillion. i think you can have a great depression on your hand and not a great recession if you raise taxes right now. >> will you come up with $700 billion in spending cuts to match that tax cut? >> if you're honest about how
8:05 am
large this problem is, you have to look at the length and breadth and width of the entire budget. every program has to be looked at and evaluated. waste, fraud and abuse have to be cut from all segments of the budget. >> but, senator, you know, the waste, fraud, and abruuse is on of the oldest phrases in the political playbook. the difficult job is when you get from the generalities of the spending cuts to the specifics of programs like social security, medicare, student loans. are you saying every one of those programs is on the table? >> you really have to look at everything. so many of the people who go to washington or who are in washington will say, oh, we're going to roll back discretionary spending to pre-obama levels. yeah. right. that will balance the budget in about 100 years. spending is way out of control. and we have to do something about it. so, i don't look at this as a career opportunity for me. i look at this as a chance to go and fix what's broken. and maybe come back to my medical practice. that's what i would like to do. and i think we need more people like that.
8:06 am
>> even if it means you're going to be a one-term senator, you're willing to say we're going to cut medicare, cut social security in order to balance the budget? >> let's figure out how to fund them. i don't think it's appropriate that we borrow money from china to pay for our social security. i don't think it's appropriate that we took money from the trust fund and put it in the general fund and spent it. those are things that fundamentally have to be fixed. >> the only way to get to the kind of cuts you're talking about is to have dramatic reform, which will mean fewer benefits for people on social security and medicare. >> ultimately, young people are living longer. the life expectancy is much longer than the 1930s. we will have to look at changing the eligibility, ultimately. or we have to say we'll keep borrowing for the programs. i want to put them on a sound foundation. the sooner we make the changes, the better. >> you also said we have to look at the question whether we will continue to borrow money from china, to pay for the programs. you're going to face that question immediately when you go to the senate this spring.
8:07 am
and you have to face the question of whether or not to raise the debt limit of the united states. so we can borrow more money from china and other nations. will you filibuster any attempt to raise the debt limit? >> i think exactly what tactics we'll use will have to be discussed. and i do plan on working with others to see what the best strategy is. i will tell you, though, that i don't think adding debt is a good idea. i think cutting spending is what we have to do. and you need some people with principle in washington who will stand up and say, enough is enough. >> if that means taking on your party's own leaders, are you going to do it? >> i think i'll fight for what's right. i think, for the most part, it's not really about individual personalities. i don't want to make it that way. i think i will find people that will reach across the aisle. like i say, i'm not afraid to point out hypocrisy. but i'm also a fairly pleasant guy. i'm willing to work with people. and i'm not as -- you know, as out there as people might say. i think most of the things that i'm for are very mainstream. >> if the president were to call
8:08 am
you today before his press conference and say, what do you think i should talk about? you won last night. what would you tell him? >> i would tell him that my kids would like to meet his kids. >> okay. >> as far as what i would tell him is, is that i think we can work together. but the compromise has to be where do you cut spending? it's not really raising taxes. the thing is, is that we're all interconnected in the economy. we work for rich people. we buy stuff from rich people. some people are rich newscasters, you know? we shouldn't say we want to punish one segment of the economy because that punishes the economy overall. >> senator-elect paul, congratulations. you have your work cut out for you in washington. >> thanks, george. >> maybe in the new washington, the obama girls will meet. >> who knows? >> the paul kids. we'll hear from the president this afternoon, at 1:00 this afternoon. i'll be anchoring that on the network for a special report. now, let's get to juju chang for the rest of the news. >> good morning, everyone.
8:09 am
supporters of a ballot measure to legalize marijuana in california are not celebrating. high times this morning. older voters were key in defeating the state's proposition, 54-46. the federal reserve is expected to announce new steps to jolt the economy today. the central bank is looking to lower borrowing costs, making it easier for businesses and consumers to get a loan. economists think it will do little to help with spending. overseas, indonesia's most active volcano is at it again, unleashing its biggest eruption since it began spewing ash last night. hot clouds were felt six miles away, forcing authorities to relocate refugee shelters. disappointing news in the fight against alzheimer's. a new study has found fish oil supplements do not slow physical or mental decline in alzheimer's patients with mild to moderate cases as was previously hoped. and a rare birth at the zoo in atlanta.
8:10 am
a 13-year-old giant panda gave birth just hours ago. and seems to be taking care of her newborn. who is about the size of a cell phone. the beautiful cub is a product of artificial insemination. and in keeping with the chinese tradition, the cub will not be named for 100 days. that's the news at 8:10. time for sam champion and the weather. sam, it was the mother panda's third baby panda. >> third baby panda. good morning, everybody. let it out. say hi to juju. it is a very large day after election day crowd. and you guys are from? >> milwaukee, wisconsin. >> milwaukee. it's you and i. and then, atlanta. taking all -- there are so many people here from atlanta. that town must be completely no lights on today. just no one. no one's in town. they're all here. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to talk about this morning as you head out the door. we're going to start with the blast of colder air. this is an important cold front. not only will it leave some rain from the deep south to the
8:11 am
mid-atlantic over the next 48 hours and maybe a few after that. but it will be a shot of cold air that gets in right after. from minneapolis, to chicago, well down to the atlanta area. you'll get rain and some cold air. here comes the heat in the southwest. when we see numbers this far above normal, in some cases 20 degrees above normal. los angeles goes to 93 degrees? yeah. palm springs, maybe in the record territory, as well. we're concerned about the brush fires. keep an eye open there.
8:12 am
>> there is a lot more coming from times square this morning. george? >> thank you, sam. so many of us were stunned by the news that demo lovato has left her worldwide tour with the jonas brothers to get medical treatment. she has had a blockbuster career so far. but was the pressure too much? andrea canning looks at this sudden departure from the spotlight. >> reporter: it is really sad. we're talking about a girl whose career skyrocketed at such a young age. there's been a lot of pressure. and she's been through a lot this year, including a breakup with joe jonas, and a history of problems that seem to have finally taken their toll. she's a disney princess. >> ready to be your queen. >> reporter: a movie star. >> camp rock, versus camp star, the final jam. >> reporter: and a musician. but life in the limelight for demi lovato has come to an abrupt halt.
8:13 am
in a statement from her spokesperson, it was announced that lovato left her tour early this weekend, in order to seek treatment for emotional and physical issues she has dealt with for some time. she's decided to take personal responsibility for her actions and seek help. >> a disney star drops out of her concert tour. >> disney star, demi lovato, in treatment? >> the 18-year-old has left her concert tour. >> reporter: the news has rocked the entertainment community. >> i give her great credit to go into rehab. >> reporter: and surprised fans. >> i feel with a girl that has all the money in the world, she should be happy and not mind what people are saying about her. >> reporter: it's cut short her international tour with ex-boyfriend, joe jonas, and the jonas brothers. something the teen sensations had been looking forward to during a visit with "good morning america" this summer. >> it's going to be amazing. >> reporter: a source close to lovato's family tells abc news, that demi has a long history of being bullied in school. and has fought through eating disorders and struggled with cutting. something long rumored after the appearance of photos like this. that source also tells us a recent physical altercation with another member of her tour
8:14 am
pushed her into making a decision to take control by reaching out for help. >> demi lovato has been struggling for a while with these issues. from what i understand, there was a fight. and that led her to realize that perhaps she needed to go seek help. >> reporter: the fact that lovato says she was a victim of bullying is hardly a secret. she spoke about it two years ago with ellen degeneres. >> so, here you were, popular. and getting bullied because you were popular? is that why? >> i never really understood why it was at the moment. until looking back. and i had a different lifestyle than everyone else. >> reporter: she says the verbal abuse from other kids in middle school was so bad, she decided to be home-schooled and has since become a supporter of anti-bullying efforts. >> bullying prevention is my top forum. anything i can do so that it stops. >> reporter: in light of her decision to get treatment, it seems a megastar can have trouble putting haunting demons to rest. >> best of luck to her. >> hope she gets better. >> i would buy her music.
8:15 am
i still like her. >> i would want to see her. she has an amazing voice. >> reporter: lovato said in her statement, she regrets not being able to finish her tour. but is looking forward to getting back to work in the near future. i have no doubt she will be wowing crowds very soon. >> no doubt. thanks very much. we want to know what you think about all this. go to and weigh in on our shoutout board. when we come back, leann rimes in the spotlight with robin. rimes in the spotlight with robin. looks mighty fine ♪ [ women ] ♪ pop-tarts happy sunshine time! ♪ [ man ] ♪ grab a pop-tart and you might just start ♪ ♪ to sing songs like a meadow lark ♪ ♪ stretch and yawn ♪ blow a kiss to mom ♪ cause pop-tarts mornings are the bomb ♪ ♪ so, rise and shiiiiine
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8:18 am
i'm delighted to bring you my hour-long special, spotlight all access nashville. consider it your inside look at the private lives of some stars. this morning, i'll give you a little sneak peek. a look at my candid interview with leann rimes, who opens up about her career, her music, and for the first time on camera, the affair that made so many tabloid headlines this year. ♪ oh, my love >> reporter: this is a leann rimes who burst on the scene in the mid-'90s, singing the classic, "unchained melody." a little girl with a big voice and a bigger future. >> and the best new artist is,
8:19 am
leann rimes. >> reporter: at age 14, she made music history, as the first country singer to win a grammy as best new artist. >> tomorrow, i definitely will sit back and let this sink in. i haven't had time to let anything sink in right now. it's just happened so fast. >> leann rimes. >> leann rimes. >> reporter: and there was no time for a childhood, either. a nonstop schedule of shows and recording dates would gradually wear her down. as would a chronic and severe skin disorder, that covered much of her body. and it would take years to control. >> it was very discouraging because nothing would really work. kids would look at me strange. oddly enough, all of a sudden, i had to be in the public eye in front of millions of people at 13. >> reporter: you wrote so eloquently in your book, "what i cannot change." you wrote, there would be days when i would wake up and not want to put on a show for anyone. when i didn't want to get
8:20 am
dressed and get prettied up to sing. what i just wanted to be, when i wasn't doing a show, i didn't know what to do with myself. who was i? >> you're going to make me cry. yeah. yeah. really emotional today. i didn't sleep last night. >> reporter: oh. >> yeah. i'm learning who i am without it. that's the coolest thing about my life right now. that i have all of these incredible things happening. and i have a family. and i'm learning who i am without it. >> reporter: rimes could never have predicted when she signed on to star in "northern lights" a made-for-tv movie last year. >> do you want to have sex? >> i -- i appreciate the offer. >> reporter: it received more publicity for its offscreen drama than its on-screen plot.
8:21 am
when rumors quickly spread that leann, who was then mar rid, was having an affair with actor eddie cibrian who was also married and had two children. the tabloids caught word of the romance. and the scandal became a sensation. was there one story that you picked up and went -- oh? >> one? >> reporter: i know there were many. but was there one in particular that sent you over the edge? that you read it and you were just -- >> the biggest one, was the one that said i was a stalker. i was like, really? the fact that anyone would print that without even talking to my side was shocking. >> reporter: their divorces are now final. eddie moved into leann's home in los angeles over the summer. this is the first time that eddie has spoken publicly about leann and their new lives.
8:22 am
>> the truth is that we're human beings. we make mistakes. and we learn from them. but we're human. we fell in love. >> okay, right there. >> you had two couples whose marriages didn't work, who really stumbled upon each other and fell in love. and never, ever was i thinking of hurting someone. >> boy, robin. i was really surprised by how emotional she got there. >> i was, too. especially at that point, when i was reading from her book. she's very open. really wanting this chapter of her life to move on. we talk about that and a whole host of things. but i really had the pleasure of talking to other country stars, like brad paisley, who will be here tomorrow performing. but i went on tour with him. foxboro stadium, which is a huge football stadium. and he filled it. and like you, george, one of the nicest guys. very easygoing.
8:23 am
he and his wife, kimberly. he'll be part of the special. and carrie underwood, who has exploded since "american idol" five years ago. she's newly married. went on tour with her. just couldn't pull it off. >> you have put so much work in this. it looks like it was a lot of fun, though. >> monday mornings, i would come in here with my tongue hanging because i was in nashville and other places so long. and miranda lambert, who has nine cma nominations, just terrific. i had a lot of fun. putting that together. so thanks for loaning me out and letting me do that. you can see it all tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central here on abc. looking forward to that. looking forward to that. [ female announcer ] keurig has over 200 varieties
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named the best of 2010 by money magazine. ally. do you love your bank ? california voters are sending jerry brown back to the governor's office. he leads by a 13-point margin. break-in served two terms 28 years ago. and san francisco will honor the world series champions. hundreds of people started crowding in civic center plaza before dawn and many of them spent the night. travel up market street to civic center plaza and you can expect hundreds of thousands of people to pack the parade route. another reason to take transit into the parade.
8:28 am
>> there is a lot of traffic heading into san francisco. we're also hearing about caltrain delays northbound, standing room only, cal trains is going to add an extra train. bay bridge toll plaza is backed up.ñcñcññññññññññññññ
8:29 am
welcome back. good weather for parade low to mid-70s, look at all the as tricks where we have possible
8:30 am
record high temperatures. we'll have upper 70s around san francisco ♪ did you all see this last night? rick fox, cheryl burke, two of my all-time faves. they were terrific. his highest scores yet. but yet, he and cheryl voted off "dancing with the stars." oh. and they're so good to get up bright and early with us this morning. so, we'll talk to rick. and we'll talk to cheryl, coming up. also this morning, we're going to have a conversation with portia de rossi. she is opening up about this medical disorder that almost cost her her life. she has written a brand-new book. and she wanted to write this book because she wanted everyone
8:31 am
to know that recovery is possible. we'll talk to her in a few minutes. >> i'm telling you, george, it is so raw. she truly opens up. we look forward to talking to her in a little bit. it's in stores tomorrow. but right now -- i was wondering why becky was doing this over here. microsoft kinect. why is the next step in video game technology being called revolutionary? i saw her in the corner of my eye. i thought, what is she doing? >> i'm trying to get high score here. >> becky's energy. also, have you come up with the absolute best holiday recipe. we want to know about it. we have a brand-new contest. it's "good morning america's" 12 days of cooking. your holiday favorites recipe challenge. that's a mouthful. >> it is a mouthful. five, lucky winners will come here to our studio. and they're going to cook for us, in our 12 days of cooking. >> send the recipe to >> i have no idea what we're
8:32 am
going to do next. how about you? i have no excuse. you have an excuse. up all night with the election. sam champion, ladies and gentlemen. the great sam champion. >> i was thinking that the 12 days of cooking has to be followed by 12 days of cardio. you know, whatever. we'll work it out before we get there. good morning, everybody. by the way, every now and then, some signs are so wonderful. and you guys spend so much time getting the artwork exactly right. that is the best picture of me anyone has ever -- i knew immediately who that was. wait, wait -- that's it. who drew that? who is responsible for that? that's phenomenal. >> thank you. >> the picture. the expression. i love everything. let's get to the board. one or two things going on this morning we want to talk about as you walk out the door. what about this storm, tomas? a lot of discussion about it in haiti. it slowed down a little bit now, meaning the path will be more
8:33 am
west than it was. we're looking at a very strong category 1 here. we're looking at winds in the 70-mile-per-hour to 80-mile-per-hour category here. 10 to 15 inches of rain in the mountains there. and we have an awful lot of people who were in tent cities, still after that earthquake. this is going to be a real problem for those folks to overcome. into the southwest, we have big heat today. that's more than a day of it. phoenix is 91 degrees, by th all that weather was brought to you by allied bank. robin? >> okay, sam, thank you. portia de rossi. you may know her from shows like "ally mcbeal" or "arrested development." or you may know her as portia
8:34 am
degeneres, wife of funny woman, ellen degeneres. she did take her name. but she suffered with anorexia and bulimia. her memoir, "unbearable lightness," talks about the turmoil she went through. portia, it's great to see you. >> thank you, robin. >> i'm a little winded getting upstairs. i'm hard-pressed to remember a book that was just incredibly revealing. and feel it's going to impact many lives. and it goes back to the root of it. and you were a model, which i didn't realize, at a very young age, at 12. it's tough being 12 anyway. but being a model and 12? >> yeah. it was -- yes. a 12-year-old model. i mean, from that age, i learned that what i looked like was more important than what i thought, what i did and who i was. i think when your self-esteem is based on how you look, you're always going to be insecure.
8:35 am
there's always a fresher face, a thinner girl. while i was thin at 12, i still wasn't model thin. so, i had to diet to be professional, to make sure that i kept working. and that's the start of it. >> that is the root of it. >> yes. >> so, when we see you, and the first time many of us got to know you, was on the beloved show in the late-'90s, "ally mcbeal." it was a pop culture sensation. and i understand now, through reading your book, that you were miserable at that time? >> yes. it should have been the time of my life. it's the dream job that actresses just pray to get. and yet, i was terrified of being exposed and gay. and i think that was really the hardest part of all of a sudden, having some kind of celebrity. and being on a hit tv show. who i was was completely unacceptable.
8:36 am
so, i had to create a character of someone i thought that people could accept. it was hard. >> there was one paparazzi in particular, that was just determined to out you. and she did. in hindsight, you were like, thanks a lot. it helped. >> yeah. well, she forced me to come out to my family. she forced me to live a more honest and more open life. so, how can you be angry at someone that makes you more honest? and ultimately, a lot happier. >> so, you had all these things that were going on in your life. and even ellen, at the time, did not realize that you had this problem, this eating disorder. but your family did know. and you wrote so eloquently about your brother. was it? who really thought you were going to die. >> yeah. it was actually when he saw me working out at the gym. and he saw how emaciated i had become. and i had never seen him cry before. but he just broke down and said, you're going to die. and although i didn't immediately gain weight, it kind
8:37 am
of punctured that obsessive mind, the anorexic thinking. and it made me try to get a little healthier. and eventually, i really do credit him with turning things around for me. >> because at 1 point, 300 calories? how do you eat just 300 calories? >> well, yeah. 300 calories for a long time. in fact, that was my diet, ever since i was 12 years old. i would starve myself daily. and then, binge after the job was over. and so, that was just the diet that i returned to every, single time i needed to lose weight. while i was in the depth of my illness, i would only eat 300 calories good morning. i'm george stephanopoulos.
8:38 am
we're interrupting your regular programming, because we're about to hear from the new speaker of the house, ohio congressman, john boehner. republicans have picked up 59 seats so far in the house of representatives. about nine seats outstanding. that's the biggest gain for the republican parent since the 1930s. three seats outstanding in the senate. that's not closed out yet. a big night for the republican parent. and an historic night for john boehner. what a climb to power. the son of a tavern owner from southwestern ohio. one of 12 brothers and sisters. he ran a plastics company out of college. began to run for public office. was pushed out of the leader ship in the 1990s. has fought wiz way back. president obama called him
8:39 am
shortly after midnight and congratulated him. i want to bring in jake tapper about that phone call. conciliatory? >> reporter: last night, the president called soon to be speaker boehner at roughly midnight. the president knew it was likely that the republicans would be taking control of the house. it was a question of how big the margin would be. there's been a lot of tension between the president and john boehner. both eyeing each other with skepticism. so far, what i'm hearing from the white house and aides to soon to be speaker boehne rx, they both want to go forth in a joint effort. >> good morning, everyone. as you heard me say last night, we're humbled by the trust that the american people have placed in us. we recognize this is a time for us to roll up our sleeves and go
8:40 am
to work on the people's priorities. creating jobs, cutting spending, and reforming the way congress does its business. it's not what ksh it's not just what the american people are demanding. it's what they are expecting from us. the real question now is this. are we going to listen to the american people? republicans have made a pledge to america and our sfloej listen to the american people. and to focus on their priorities. that's what we're going to do. last night, the president was kind enough to call me. we discussed working together. on the american people's priorities. cutting spending, creating jobs. and we hope that he will continue to be willing to work with us on those priorities. but as i said last night, the new majority here in congress will be the voice of the american people. and i think we clearly expressed that last night.
8:41 am
we're going the continue and renew our efforts for a smaller, less costly and more accountable government here in washington, d.c. i also want to say thanks to my colleagues. as most of you know, senator mcconnell and i have worked very closely together over the last five years or so. haley bar bowbour and i have be friends for the last 20 years. i'm proud to stand here today with both of them. mitch? >> you heard from john boehner, he will be the next speaker of the house. two top priorities, cutting spending, creating jobs, that's the big question out of the election, are we going to listen to the american people? we'll return now to regular programming. we'll be back at about 1:00 with
8:42 am
the president's address. we'll also have diane sawyer with an exclusive interview tonight on "world news" with nancy pelosi. see you in a bit. twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
8:43 am
8:44 am
and robin roberts is on her way downstairs because she doesn't want to miss this. these eliminations have been crazy an "dancing with the stars." sometimes they come out of nowhere, seemingly. the scores for the top couple. then, they're gone. rick fox and cheryl burke left the show.
8:45 am
here's how it all went down. >> the couple with the lowest overall combined total and therefore leaving right now is -- rick and cheryl. >> it's been a transformational journey for me. it's been amazing. my relationship has transformed with my girlfriend. my daughter. it's the most enjoyable time having her here. and cheryl, as well. >> we all felt that. rick fox and cheryl burke are with us this morning. good morning to the two of you. >> hi. good morning. >> morning. >> i think everybody felt it. that shock and surprise, it was on everyone's face. rick, when you got choked up and said, this has been such a transformational journey with your girlfriend and your daughter, what did you mean by that last night? >> well, this experience as a whole is something you can't put into words. when you begin, you have no expectations. you have no understanding fully of what will be asked of you. you know you're going to dance. you're going to meet a partner
8:46 am
who is great at dancing. as i look out at the last seven weeks, i think about the relationship with my daughter that has grown. she loves the show. she's watched it since second grade. but she got to come to the show and see my dad dance, instead of me driving her to dance practice, for the first time in her life. and just as a partner, with my girlfriend, getting through this pressured situation. as supportive as she was, i got to see her be the loving partner that i know she is. >> rick, that's actually a beautiful gift to come away from a show with. robin has just sat down with me. i know she wouldn't miss it. >> hey, rick. hey, cheryl. >> your best performance. said you were full-throttle. we talked about this. we talked about this on the show. when you're in the top two of the leaderboard, cheryl, do you ever really think, okay, you're going to go home? >> no. you never think that. you just -- you know, you hope for the best. you hope people are voting.
8:47 am
i think we may have gotten lost in the pack. people may have thought we were going to be safe and maybe not voted for us that night. but that just shows you, you really need to vote. every vote counts. >> my mom voted for you guys. just so you know. mississippi. >> thanks, mom. >> how did you deal with the height differential? you had to wear like four-inch heels, cheryl? >> yeah. i wore four-inch heels. my feet. i'm actually wearing uggs right now. my feet are killing me. i had to do whatever i could do to get close to rick's height. >> you know, this is a big frame. so, i had to dance -- keep my posture. and cheryl promised she would dance up to my posture. and she sure enough did that. of all of the dances we did, this is a fun one we did right here. rock week. my one disappointment is that we won't learn the fox trot, as a
8:48 am
part of the show. maybe we'll learn it together outside of the show. >> yeah. the one thing we know about this show is, people who go away don't go away. so, we know you're going to come back. and we know we'll get a chance to see you dance again. >> we'll be back. >> what is going to happen? guys, it's been a wide-open season full of surprises, you two? >> yeah. i know. >> you may have a closer take on this. i know i have my enjoyment. in regards to watching the fellow contestants perform. they're all great. all warranted to be where they're at right now in this competition. i'm looking forward to seeing it go down to the wire. >> yeah. i think it's going to be close. that's what makes the season so exciting. there's no, clear front-runner. everyone just needs to vote for whoever you think should make the finals. >> or they may go home. >> that's true. you're great sports. thanks for getting up early with us this morning. >> you're two of our favorites. sorry to see you go. those votes are important. coming up next, the future of video games.
8:49 am
i don't know. there's something different. becky worley's been jumping up and down all morning.
8:50 am
8:51 am
you know, every year, there's a hot holiday gift on everyone's list. we have an exclusive first look at connect for x-box 360. becky is trying it out. it takes playing games, watching tv, listening to music, literally out of your hands. it will be in stores tomorrow. we get to try it out first. let's get to becky worley, who is literally jumping up and down. it ee's hands-free, because the are sensors. >> you have no buttons to push. and it's more intuitive. >> but it's clearly microsoft's answer to wii. >> it's been four years since the wii came out. they're hoping this is the next big play. it's an add-on to the x-box 360 console. there's a camera that tracks
8:52 am
your movements in 3-d. and. >> it sees if you move. >> if i step out, watch this, it will go to a single-player game. you're running the show, juju. i'm getting out of the way. go, juju. go, juju. >> it's a little pricey, right? >> right. >> if you get the entire thing, it's 3,0 ee's $300. it has 17 games that come out between now and christmas. >> don't tell my boys. i think it's on the list. >> sam, come on. >> it's got yoga, guys. >> i want it really. >> i'll hold it. >> it's fine. it's on the ground. >> follow the instructor here. look. you did it right. your arms turned green. she's saying, okay. a little better. see? you got green. it won't let you get away with
8:53 am
being a lazy bum. >> okay. robin knows how to do this. robin, why aren't you here? >> you just follow it. >> look how big your abs are. >> my what is? >> this is really -- >> thank you, juju. >> it gives you a fitness test. and then, you say i want to work on toning, or strength, or cardio. it will tailor workouts for you. they are making a play for mom. >> thanks so much. becky worley. it's the x-box connect. >> that's right. >> we'll be back. stay with us. caca
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
what are you people doing? >> nice. >> have a great day, everyone. >> we'll see you tomorrow.
8:57 am
8:58 am
it's going to be an exciting day in san francisco as they prepare to honor the giants with a victory prayed. hundreds of people started crowding in the plaza before dawn. many had spent night there.
8:59 am
it begins at 11:00 a.m. on montgomery and washington streets and travels to civic center plaza, cal trains are s adding extra trains. we'll have live coverage beginning at 10:30. the weather is going to be fine. >> picture perfect, low to mid-70s with sunshine. record highs are possible this afternoon. many of the areas you see with a star next to them, in the 80s and mid to upper 70s along the coast. warm tomorrow, cooler friday and chance of showers friday night and sunday. >> it's backed up to the maze and caltrain has been letting people on for free because there are so many people trying to get on the trains. bart has very long lanes, try to bring a prepaid card i


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