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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 1, 2010 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. it's wednesday, december 1st. and this morning, washington's big battle. are your taxes about to go up, will the government shut down? can the congress agree to extend unemployment benefits before they dry up? our questions this morning for white house spokesman robert gibbs. also this morning, wild weather. severe storms tear across the south. here on the east coast, we're under a tornado watch. and our first glimpse of the teenager who took his classmates hostage before taking his own life. we'll hear from his family and the teacher who became a hero. and talk about roughing the kicker. this college player gets threats after missing two field goals and causing his team to miss a chance at the big title. this morning, hear how his fans are fighting back.
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>> fighting back on facebook. >> we love you, kyle. we do. >> it's a great story. >> it is. >> good morning, everyone. well, the rain is coming down in times square. and look at washington right now. they are set for a wild day. that's a live shot of the capitol this morning. they're set for a wild day. a tornado watch is in effect there. it goes all the way down to the carolinas. look at the damage from all these tornados that already touched down throughout the south overnight. and we're looking at political storms in washington. besides the pressures at home, secretary of state hillary clinton is trying to soothe tensions. she goes abroad after the latest release of sensitive documents. and the man behind it, wikileaks' founder, is calling for her resignation. but he's also a wanted man. we'll talk about all of it this morning with press secretary, robert gibbs. >> that's coming up. let's set it up with jon karl from capitol hill.
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jon, we saw democrats and republicans meet at the white house pledge to work together yesterday. not a moment too soon for the millions of jobless americans who are waking up to find their benefits have expired. >> reporter: that's exactly right, george. and later this morning, treasury secretary geithner will be here on capitol hill meeting with a bipartisan congressional group, as the efforts to finally hash out a deal to extend the unemployment benefits and the soon-to-expire tax cuts gets under way. in an exclusive interview with abc news, senate republican leader mitch mcconnell said republicans would work with the president but with limits. >> 100% of republicans and a reasonable number of democrats who believe that we shouldn't be raising taxes on anybody. we can discuss how long this extension of existing tax policy should be. >> reporter: negotiations are just now getting started. but time is running out. last night unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed started to expire.
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on friday, funding for the federal government runs out. and at the end of the month, if congress doesn't act, most americans face a big tax hike. >> there's significant pressure, i think, on both sides. to deal with some really crucial issues that can't be put aside. >> reporter: but frustration seems to be boiling over. last night, republican scott brown mocked the senate for spending a full week on a food safety bill. >> listen, i love to eat like the next guy. but give me a break. >> reporter: and an open mike caught this rant from democrat michael bennet, yesterday during a senate vote. >> the fact that we don't get a discussion before the break about what we're going to do in the lame duck is just rigged. >> reporter: the president is launching a charm offensive. he called personally to wish john boehner a happy birthday the other day and is now inviting congressional leaders for the first time to camp david. >> if the president wants to have a social event, that's great. i'm all for that. but the important thing that happened today is we figured out
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a way to go forward to solve the tax question. >> reporter: privately, congressional democrats say they will likely agree to something that would extend all of the bush tax cuts, even those on the wealthy. but, robin, not before at least trying to get an extension for just those in the middle class. >> so much there, jon. all right. thank you. we'll turn now to more fallout from the wikileaks release of thousands of diplomatic cables. secretary clinton is spending her day face to face with many of the people offended by them. jim sciutto has more and joins us this morning from london. good morning, jim. >> reporter: robin, good morning. it is secretary clinton's first overseas trip since the documents' release. an international security summit in kazakhstan. and while the official agenda focuses on terrorism and the war in afghanistan, hanging over it all, the cloud of wikileaks. the security meetings put secretary clinton face to face with many of the american allies panned in the not-so-diplomatic
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diplomatic cables. silvio berlusconi was described in one as feckless, vain and ineffective. one called dmitry medvedev robin to putin's batman. german chancellor angela merkel dismissed as risk averse. and rarely creative. it is all taking place in kazakhstan, the country whose prime minister enjoys nightclubs, says the cables. the former defense minister drinking himself into a stupor. as she arrived in the capital of sanaa, clinton put on a brave face. >> i, of course, have been reaching out to governments and leaders around the world over the last week. i will continue to do so. you have to get along with people. you have to listen to them, even if you disagree with them. >> reporter: but as clinton tried to unruffle feathers, wikileaks' founder, julian assange, was ruffling more of them. in an interview with "time," demanding she resign due to cables suggests diplomats were asked to gather intelligence. instructions the state department says were standard
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intel community requests which diplomats often ignored. >> she should resign if it can be shown that she was responsible for ordering u.s. diplomatic figures to engage in espionage activities in the united nations in violation of the international covenants to which the u.s. has signed up. >> reporter: it may be assange himself in more immediate legal danger. in addition to accelerating american efforts to prosecute him under the espionage act, interpol has issued an international alert related to an alleged sexual assault by him in sweden. george, it's an arrest warrant that he's appealing himself. >> thanks, jim. now, for the president's perspective on all this, we're joined by the white house press secretary, robert gibbs. we just heard jim sciutto say the white house, i mean the state department brushed off this call from julian assange calling for hillary clinton to resign, but assange is not alone. jack schaffer in slate says the
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cable that asked state department officials to collect on u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon and others is a sign that clinton has to go. he writes, diplomacy is about face. and the only way for other nations to save face is to give them clinton's scalp. there is no way that wick lekiw leaves her holdinged smoking gun. sooner or later, the weakened and humiliated secretary of state will have to pay. your response? >> i think that's absurd and ridiculous. i think secretary of state clinton is doing a wonderful job. i think the foreign policy that she and the president are pursuing will make us stronger in the world, will make our country safer. he appreciates greatly the work that she does. and we also appreciate both of them, appreciate the great work that our diplomats do around the world to further our american interests and keep this world safe from people that wish to do us harm. >> meanwhile, there's an interpol warrant out for mr. assange's arrest. are u.s. authorities actively
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trying to arrest him? >> look, there's an ongoing criminal investigation into the leaking and the posting of all these documents, george. i don't want to get into that. obviously, there is a series of criminal activities that have happened that are being looked into, and our -- >> of mr. assange? >> our government has not ruled any options out. and i'm certainly not going to do that here today. >> meanwhile, we've heard that wikileaks is seeking out other targets including corporations, banks, perhaps media organizations. is there any way to shut them down? >> well, george, i don't -- i don't know all the details of that. and probably wouldn't get into it here. but i think it's important for the american people to know that our foreign policy is stronger than one person and one person's website. >> let's turn to domestic issues right now. we heard senator mcconnell in jon karl's piece say that republicans are absolutely united that no one's taxes at all should go up. many democrats have also joined that position.
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doesn't that mean that there's going to have to be a temporary extension for all the tax cuts? >> well, george, as you know, the president yesterday in meeting with bipartisan leaders appointed our omb director jack lew and treasury secretary tim geithner to sit down with members and senators to work out a compromise. the president is clear. for the middle class, their taxes cannot go up when a series of tax cuts expire. his other line in the sand, quite frankly, george, is that many republicans would like to see the tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires extended permanently. that's borrowing $700 billion from countries like china, money we don't have. so the president has tasked those individuals to find some amount of common ground that exists in the parameters that i just laid out. i think the president's very optimistic, though, that we can get something that keeps our economy moving, that strengthens our economic recovery, and most importantly, doesn't raise taxes
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on middle-class americans. >> you said extending the tax cuts for the wealthy is a line in the sand. does that mean that the president would veto any bill that has a tax cuts for the wealthy? >> no, i said, george, something that would permanently extend the tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. >> okay. the question then we'll turn to because a lot of people seem to be coalescing around this idea of temporary extension. what can democrats and the white house get in return? and what are the president's top priorities there? it seems like, from what you said in the past, that the s.t.a.r.t. treaty and extending unemployment benefits seem to be at the top of the list. would that be a fair trade? temporary extension of all of the tax cuts in exchange for the passage of the s.t.a.r.t. treaty and unemployment benefits? 6 >> i want to put the two issues aside, george, because i think we have a responsibility, democrats and republicans, to figure out this tax issue by the end of the year when tax cuts are set to expire and taxes would go up for those that have not just been battered by this recession but battered by years before this recession.
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the president also strongly believes, and i think there was some agreement in that room yesterday, that the senate's going to be here for a little bit. the house will, too. and there are other things that we can and should get done, keeping our country safe from loose nuclear weapons, by approving a s.t.a.r.t. treaty that reduces our nuclear stockpile and russia's nuclear stockpile and gives us the ability to verify what they're doing with their nuclear arsenal, i think that's tremendously important and will keep our country safe. you mentioned unemployment insurance benefits, which are crucial for those that have suffered in this recession and need a little help because that money goes right back into the economy. i think those are a host of things that the president and i think bipartisan leaders can get done before we leave town for the year. >> okay. robert gibbs, thank you very much. you have ten seconds left should we expect that any staff changes in the white house will be announced before the president goes on vacation? >> you know, i think some certainly will. i don't know that all of them will be made before the end of the year, but i anticipate that some will. >> okay. thank you, robert.
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>> thanks, george. >> all right, george, we're going to move on now to the wild weather across the south and facing the east coast this morning. sam is smack dab in the middle of it. and he didn't have to go far. just right outside our studio here in times square. good morning, sam. >> good morning, robin. all that nasty weather from the southeast is head the to the northeast atha means heavy rain, gusting winds the work. let's show you atlanta, gentleman gentleman. georgia area, one to three uninches of very heavy rain and toward north carolina, up to four inches of rain fall, the kind on the midatlantic coast and into the northeast as we go through the day today. the possibilities of tornadoes as well. 14 reports in the past 24 hours, looking at some damage in gwinnett county, georgia and tornado watches in washington, d.c. tornadoes are a possibility as well. the best way to show the rain,
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heavy rain inland. lighter rain along the coast, all toward the coastline. watches and warnings for 14 states and we'll cover this all morning long. robin? >> a nasty one. come on inside. >> okay, robin, thanks. we're learning a lot more this morning about the wisconsin student who held his classmates and a teacher hostage for hours on monday. 15-year-old samuel hengel died tuesday from his self-inflicted gunshot wound. and his parents say his motive may forever be a mystery. chris bury is in marinette, wisconsin with more. >> reporter: good morning. as closs resume today the big question is why. why would a 15-year-old boy with no history of violence take two dozen hostages and then kill himself? a sketchy picture of sam hengel is beginning to emerge. seen here in his high school yearbook, he looks even younger than his 15 years. a quiet kid, striving to become an eagle scout. he never caught the attention of school officials. >> it looks as though this
7:14 am
student has a clean slate, and we were not made aware of any incidents. >> reporter: tuesday his family, distraught over sam's death and his taking of hostages, released this statement through a family friend. >> we wish we knew and could provide insight into what led sam to take these drastic acts. unfortunately, we may never know the answer to the question why. >> reporter: classmate austin stromeg recalled the ordeal. >> i was scared. you could tell by the way he walked in. he was too calm holding the gun. he didn't know what he was doing, or he had nothing planned. >> reporter: as this small ship-building town struggles to make sense of what happened, officials are praising valerie burd, the veteran teacher who stayed in touch with police, even as she comforted frightened students. >> i'm so thankful she was there because she helped us out so much, and she's really a good teacher. >> reporter: last night she shared the credit with them.
7:15 am
>> the kids were great. i'm glad we just made it through. >> reporter: for the students in the classroom and their families, six hours stand as a test of character. >> he was all crazy. i don't know. he wanted attention and wanted to talk. >> i think that's why sam picked that class because he knew they would listen to him. >> reporter: the district attorney here promises a full investigation, but he concedes the one person who can answer the questions that really matter is gone. robin? >> so incredibly sad, chris. thank you. well, the senate voted overwhelmingly tuesday for the biggest overhaul of the nation's food safety system in 70 years. the bill gives greater oversight to government regulators handling crises like the recent recalls of tainted eggs, spinach, peanut butter. dr. richard besser is here. and he worked on many of these issues when you were at the cdc, rich. >> that's right. >> we think about the egg recall and what was it, in august. and recently the fda resumed --
7:16 am
gave that plant clearance to resume shipping eggs. if this bill becomes law, what can the fda do now that it couldn't do back in august? >> this is really big news. it's something that those of us who worked in food safety have been hoping for for a long time. it gives the fda the ability to do what most people thought they could do. if there's a contaminated food, they can do a mandatory recall. they don't have to ask permission from the company and get them on board. they can get the food off the shelves. they can set -- they can penalize companies that are producing tainted food. they can set safety standards for raw produce so that spinach -- we've had these spinach outbreaks. they can say how much bacteria is allowable. they can make companies test that product to make sure that what comes to you in the supermarket is safe. and if there's an outbreak, in this bill the supermarket will have to post notice within 24 hours so that you will know that the product that you bought there is contaminated. these are really big changes in food safety. >> it's a huge change and a lot of people are saying, what? the fda could not -- you would
7:17 am
think that would be the case. so not off and running just yet? >> no, it's not off and running. this is a senate bill. the senate and house have to agree. a couple of other things. the senate bill excluded small producers, and we do know that small producers can also be a problem. but the big problem is there's no money attached to this. it gives them the powers. and each year, congress will have to decide does the fda get the money to get the job done? without money for more inspectors, you're not going to see safer food. >> here we go back to the money issue as we do time and time again. >> that's right. it comes down to that. >> it does. i know how passionate you are about this and how you worked at the cdc. thanks, rich. it turns out the federal government was watching "gma" on monday. and a "gma" investigation, jon karl told you about how the government was using your tax dollars to change street signs nationwide. well, not anymore. the transportation secretary says money should not be wasted replacing perfectly good traffic signs. remember they wanted to go to lower caps that it would be easier to read but they were watching jon karl.
7:18 am
>> save some money. >> there you go. nice to know the federal government is watching. sam, you didn't come inside. you're still outside smack dab in the middle of it. >> no, but it's a warm rain, a lot of rain and will blaert in the day. everybody else is in the middle of it. toughest weather, with the severe storms from will hmong tonto raleigh to norfolk, richmond, to dover, those are the toughest storms but not just those areas. look inland for some of the heavier rain and curves up to new york city and boston later on today in the night with more than three inch was rain possible. cold air rushes in behind this system and everybody will get a taste of that. that is the weather around the nation.
7:19 am
>> and we have a terrific story now about competitiveness and compassion. this past weekend, an idaho college football star choked in his big game, missing two key
7:20 am
field goals and costing his team, boise state, the win. after that he learned while some people are all too ready to kick you when you're down, many will help you up. here's john berman. >> reporter: competition can be cruel. people can be crueler. the boise state broncos were on the verge of history. the little team from the little school, undefeated on their way to a big bowl, maybe even a national title. on friday against nevada, place kicker kyle brotzman, missing only three kicks the whole season missed twice. first, at the end of regulation, that would have won it. and then at the end of overtime. the broncos lost the game, their undefeated season, a chance at a big bowl and a chance at the title. >> i was heartbroken. i teared up. just kind of had a sick feeling. >> reporter: and then for kyle brotzman, a nightmare. threats on the phone and vicious taunts on facebook.
7:21 am
on one site, "don't let anyone tell you it wasn't your fault because it was completely 100% without a doubt your fault." >> from the "i hate you, i hope you die" messages, "you lost us a ton of money." >> reporter: but then the other side. a facebook page called bronco nation loves kyle brotzman with more than 30,000 fans. "you're an inspiration to my son and every kid who has football in his heart." >> "you're a great kid. you're a great kicker. you know, keep your head up." >> reporter: a giant digital hug, proving that while sports can be captivating and even thrilling, people can be inspiring. for "good morning america," john berman, abc news. >> so glad to see that happen. >> i know. and you know how many games they've won because of that kid? >> missed only three all year. give him a break. you can see a lot more with his interview with kyle brotzman at 6:00 eastern on "sportscenter," on espn.
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good morning. i'm theresa garcia. the chp is investigating why a man was apparently walking on highway 101 in burlingame this morning when he was truck and killed. highway patrol reports a person on the ground in the fast lane
7:25 am
north of broadway. happened about 1:25 this morning. a driver was injured. four lanes of the freeway were closed for a time. it took about two hours to clear that accident scene. let's check on the traffic with myles. good morning. how are you doing? >> doing well, thank you, theresa. walnut creek no reports of accidents but traffic is low on southbound 680. northbound no problems as you can see. the bay bridge, the fas trakkers are moving fairly well. the pay booths are sluggish to 880. >> myles, thanks for that update. talking about the weather, remember g g g g g g g g g g g g
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next "oprah." >> welcome back. mount tamalpais why it's pay spare the air day. no burning of wood products. the poorest quality will be in the north bay. temperatures outside, frost. look at fairfield at 28. santa rosa and livermore at 31. 33 concord and about 34 redwood city. the rest of us should be above those frosty-like conditions. this afternoon we'll have high clouds and hazy conditions with some of the thickest in the north bay and east bay valley. temperatures mid to upper 50s. a stray shower possible as far as south at santa rosa. very, very light. same for clear lake. most of the rain north of us today and again tonight with the haze and the high clouds, temperatures in the 40s for the most part. fairfield 39. let's take a look at your 7-day
7:29 am
forecast. any rain that falls tomorrow will be the north bay. the rest will have us get rain
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there he is. good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts. also, do all of the high-tech gadgets fill you with high anxiety? we have your high-tech 101, just in time for the holidays. your advice for every techy on your list. also, the royal wedding coming up april 29th. prince william and kate middleton, trying to keep the details secret.
7:31 am
and we have more of the plans for the big day. that's coming up. first, the alabama man accused of killing his wife on their honeymoon in 2003 in australia. that man appeared in a alabama courtroom on wednesday. gabe watson waived his extradition rights and will return to alabama to face murder charges. andrea canning has the details. >> reporter: gabe watson appeared before a los angeles judge tuesday, who officially paved the way for his extradition to alabama. >> we have very little control over how long it will take for the authorities in alabama to go get him. but it's a ridiculous waste of taxpayer resources. and that he would already be back in birmingham, if he was allowed to travel on his own volition. >> reporter: watson has been charged with the murder of his former wife, tina. it's the second time he's being tried for her death. in australia, he served an 18-month sentence for manslaughter. but with no international sanctions on double-jeopardy, alabama prosecutors are going after him again because they
7:32 am
believe he planned his wife's death before leaving the states for the couple's australian honeymoon. it's been seven years hins citizen new bride drowned during a scuba diving trip. this is the last image of her taken on the sea floor by another diver. watson told police she panicked. and he couldn't save her. >> she was looking up. had both of her arms out, stretched up, almost like looking at me. reach her arms up to grab. >> reporter: police re-enacted the crime scene under water. prosecutors believe watson turned off his wife's oxygen tank because he wanted her life insurance money. prosecutors made a deal to keep him from being executed in alabama. but the state attorney general's determine to see him pay for the life of his wife here at home. >> when someone takes responsibility for their actions in another country, serves his time. now, he comes back to his home state, facing nothing more than a lynch mob from the attorney
7:33 am
general's office. >> reporter: gabe watson says he's just looking forward to the day he's vindicated. tina watson's family wants true justice for their daughter. for "good morning america," andrea canning, abc news. we turn, now, to tina watson's father, tommy thomas, who joins us live this morning. mr. thomas, good morning to you. and thank you very much for joining us this morning. i know this is something that you and your family, you've been dealing with for the last seven years. and i want to get your reaction to what we heard at the end of andrea canning's report. those are strong words from gabe watson's attorney, who said, in part this, is a lynch mob, led by the attorney general in alabama. how do you respond to that, sir? >> i don't really understand what he's saying. they were talking about him being willing to come back of his own accord. and yet, when he was in australia, they were talking about trying to get a temporary visa for him over there. and even discussing the
7:34 am
possibilities of seeking political asylum, to come back to alabama to face justice. so, i don't really understand what he means by all that. not only that, of course, the queensland government pretty much forced the state of alabama to take the death penalty off the table, as everyone knows. >> right. >> and make sure they only pursue life in prison without parole, as a farm of punishment. >> i'm sorry, sir. were you all right with them saying that that was -- >> the attorney general had actually called me to come to montgomery to meet with him to discuss that before they did it. but i had let them know even before that that i was fine with it. the fact of the matter is, we're not really concerned with what the sentence result is. what we want is to see him face the evidence for the very first time before a jury and stand before that evidence and answer to it.
7:35 am
whatever a judge and jury decide as the outcome of that trial, should be true justice. and it doesn't matter to us, it's immaterial to us, what that sentence would be, as long as it's a just sentence. serving a 12-month initial sentence that was appealed and actually only resulted in an 18-month sentence, due to a manslaughter plea deal, where he never went to trial, never faced the evidence. and none of the evidence was brought forth in the sentencing hearing. that is not justice for what happened to our daughter. >> manslaughter is like negligent homicide here. and he served 18 months. at first, you were not suspicious about the death of your daughter. but that changed when you met with another american diver that was there at the time? >> it really transpired over a period of a few weeks. initially, it was almost 24 hours before we had an
7:36 am
opportunity to talk to him, to hear his first version of some six statements that's been recorded by police and as a lawsuit against the insurance agency and travel agency, as well as some other versions he told other people. the version he originally told us, i actually thought that it was true, not knowing anything about diving. i thought that possible the only thing that he might have left out is that maybe he did, in fact, panic and leave her. and wasn't -- you know, that wasn't really something that we were blaming him for, not knowing the circumstances. but a couple of weeks after the funeral, as a matter of fact, it was the monday before thanksgiving 2003, shortly after her death, of course, a diver, ken snyder, who was actually on the boat with them, he and his wife and another couple were there. came to see me. he had called me about a week or so before.
7:37 am
and i didn't call him back initially because we were just under such a strain at the time. but he had told me on the phone that he had a daughter about the age of tina. that he and his wife had met tina and had just fallen in love with her. and if he was in my shoes, he would want someone that was there to come and talk to him about what happened. so, he came to birmingham to see me, from ft. myers, florida. the first thing that he did when we sat down was he asked me to tell him what gabe had told me, if anything. and i relayed to him the story that gabe had told us initially. when i got finished, he told me that i could put all of that out of my mind because none of that happened. and then, he began to take gabe's story apart and tell me things that were really shocking to me, compared to what i had been told. a couple of days after that, i met with gabe for the only time
7:38 am
since the funeral. the only time that i've ever actually met with him. at his attorney's request, in his attorney's office, where they wanted to make it clear that he had been married to my daughter for ten days. that anything that belonged to her, belonged to him. and if i had anything of hers that i needed to give it to him. in that meeting, i had asked ken about what question i should ask gabe, if given a chance to ask him a question. he said, the first question that he would ask, is that tina had given him a thumbs-up signal, which is a signal to go to the surface. why didn't he take her straight to the surface, instead of saying he was taking her towards the anchor rope? i asked gabe that question, when the attorney asked me if i had anything that i would like to ask gabe. and gabe never looked at me. but he took his right hand and
7:39 am
did a thumb signal like this. and said, she didn't give me a thumbs-up signal to go to the surface. she gave me a signal to go back to the anchor rope, which that was different than what he originally told me. and in my discussions with police and hearing other evolving stories that he had been telling me, or that he had been telling them, and accounts that they were getting from various witnesses of what he had told them, it became very evident, very quickly, that he was changing his story, as people challenged things that he was telling them, because they didn't believe it. especially the people that were divers. >> that's why, mr. thomas, you want it all to go before a jury and seek justice. mr. thomas, thank you very much. >> that's absolutely correct. thank you. >> we understand that. we appreciate you being with us this morning. let's go over to juju who has the rest of the morning's news for us. >> good morning, everyone. there's a development in the case of the three, young brothers missing from michigan.
7:40 am
missing since thanksgiving. their father, john skelton, is now charged with kidnapping. he was recently divorced and attempted to commit suicide. police no longer believe the boys are alive. google is in talks to buy groupon for $6 billion. the deal would make google a major player in advertising. general motors and chrysler are hiring again. they each plan to add 1,000 engineers. now, the u.s. military has a new enemy. fat. the army is revamping its fitness regime for new recruits. the biggest change will be in mess hall. milk and juice replace soda. even exercise drills will work encore strength and preventing injury. that's a quick look at the news headlines. >> i thought they had already done that. >> now, it's being rolled out. >> stay away from the mres. a lot of sodium in that. juju, thanks. let's go outside to sam, who
7:41 am
has all of the weather for us. >> let's start in the mid-atlantic. there's a mess for a lot of locations and travel. a live shot from philadelphia, shows the heavy rain in the area today. i'll tell you who has it covered in the new york city area, wabc. take a look at these shots. rain, rain, wind. even a little of the icy stuff in the inland areas. it crawls up the coastline. there's severe weather in the possibility of tornadoes, from the carolinas to washington, d.c., where there are tornado watches out in the morning, this morning. the rest of the day will have the wind and rain. behind it, there's some cold air. check out the morning temperatures, in bismarck, minneapolis, des moines, chicagoland. chicago will get up to 31 degrees today. that is it. there's a little mountain snow in the west. it's nice, if you're thinking
7:42 am
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anyone who walks into a electronics store these days risks being overwhelmed by all of the new gadgets on sale. more come out around the holidays than the rest of the year. but figuring out what they do and whether they're for you is harder than ever. that's what becky worley is for. she's joins us via skype with our holiday tech trimmer. lcd versus l.e.d.
7:46 am
and the l.e.d. is $600 more than the lcd. and is it worth it? >> the one letter makes it different. the l.e.d. is a thinner, lighter and more extensive lcd. here's the important part, it's brighter. if you have a room with a lot of windows and a lot of ambien light, it might make sense to make the investment. >> there's a difference between the 120 hertz, very the 240 hertz. >> when we started, it was 60 hertz tvs. and what the lcd tvs suffered from was motion blur. anytime there was fast action, like sports, it would get fuzzy. 60 hertz and 120 hertz, i can see a difference. when you go from 120 to 240, it becomes subjective. i don't see it, personally. and i wouldn't make the investment, just for that. you have to look at it yourself. >> you might make the investment for the l.e.d.
7:47 am
but not for the 240 hertz. and how about -- i'm watching the movies on the internet. more and more people are doing it. a couple of different actions. a roku box. and the sling box. >> the roku, apple, boxy. they connect your tv to your internet connection. and they let you stream movies instantly. you can't beat the convenience. you have the sling box which does the opposite. it takes the live stuff you have and pumps it over the internet, so you can watch it where you get an internet connection. >> the next idea got the most interest at our staff meet yesterday afternoon. tethering. >> a lot of you guys are road warriors. this is when you yooz our cell phone to create a miniwi-fi hot spot, so any laptop that has wi-fi can plug right into it. a lot of the new smartphones do this. and it uses the fast, cellular data networks that are getting
7:48 am
faster all the time. they have stand alone twices, like the my-fi, that creates a hot spot anywhere you are. >> we're out of time. we're going to tell people to go to our website and figure out how to work on all that. becky worley, thank you very much. when we come back, brand-new details about the royal wedding plans. the latest on william and kate's big day. hd 3.
7:49 am
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7:52 am
kate make a secret pact years ago to marry? we have brand-new details coming up. >> that comes from katie nichol. she will be joining us coming up. and david hasselhoff opens up his life to the cameras. he and his family join us live. that's their reality show. nt to. [ woman #2 ] i'd like to enjoy things again. [ woman #3 ] i feel these aches and pains. [ woman #4 ] the guilt. [ man ] my sleep just isn't right. [ woman #5 ] i'm so anxious. [ man #2 ] i need to focus. [ female announcer ] depression hurts. cymbalta can help with many symptoms of depression. tell your doctor right away if your depression worsens, you have unusual changes in behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported. signs include abdominal pain
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>> all the votes have been counted. they show jerry mcnearney winning re-election over republican challenger david harmer. it covers contra costa, alameda and santa clara. let's check in this morning on your commute with myles. >> good morning, theresa. caltrain 210 is 15 minutes late due to a medical emergency. other than that bart, ace and all the ferries running on time. here's mike with the weather.
7:57 am
>> myles, thank you. we have a spare the air day. poor air quality most likely in the north bay but all of us under that spare the air day. temperatures mid to upper 50s today and through the rest of the 7-day forecast forecast. look for rain friday and saturday. theresa. >> mike, thanks a lot. the news contitititititititititi
7:58 am
7:59 am
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like the melt-tastic new chipotle chicken & cheese fresh-toasted on flatbread. subway. eat fresh. ♪ marry me bill i got the wedding bell blues ♪ ♪ please marry me, bill good morning, america. a rainy monday morning here. it does feel like a monday morning with this rain. we have new details this wednesday morning, about the royal wedding. we're going to tell you how william and kate are bucking tradition, to make their wedding day very much their own. >> that's right. also, "the guinness book of world records" says he is the most-watched tv star in the entire world. now, david hasselhoff has opened up his home and family life. to the cameras for his own reality show. and the hasselhoffs are here live this morning. >> there he is with his two daughters, hayley and taylor ann. we'll talk to them coming up. also ahead, what's on oprah's gift list? gayle king is here to reveal
8:01 am
what oprah and her friends, from dr. oz to dr. phil, have picked as their best gifts of the season. >> get out your list. and we have our list for the "gma" advice guru. we've narrowed it down to 20 people. we'll see the final 20. who's got what it takes to help people with their problems. and this month, we are putting them to the test. >> we want to ask them questions. we asked each one to give us their top tip for surviving holiday stress. this morning, we hear from the first finalist. here's what phillip van munching had to say. >> three holiday survival tips. first, because so much stress is caused by expectations, dial yours down. don't have 86 traditions that have to be met. pick one or two that mean something and really enjoy them. second, beware of human vacuums. either politely walk away from or change the subject, when anyone tries to suck you into an argument. and the third one, forget about the diet for a few days. remember, the chocolate industry
8:02 am
is counting on all of us. >> i learned a new term. >> human vacuum. i like that one, too. >> great advice. we want you to get to know all of the finalists. check them out and submit answers on the, on the "gma" facebook page. now, to juju chang with the news. >> i think a know a few human vacuums. >> we're going to turn to the standoff on tax cuts. treasury secretary geithner meets with congress to try to broker a deal. president obama and fleersd both party as cree that extending the tax cuts is a top priority but dhoentd they don't agree on whether the wealthy should get them also. can on the table, whether to extend benefits to the long-term unemployed. president obama's deficit commission publicly unveiled its final proposal pose. it's sticking with some controversial recommendations, including raising the retirement age and cutting social security benefits to help slash $4 trillion from the deficit.
8:03 am
police investigating the murder of a high-powered publicist appear to be at a dead end. and a leaked coroner's report is only raising more questions. mike von fremd joins us from beverly hills with details. >> reporter: good morning, juju. this is the intersection where investigators believe ronni chaisson was gunned down. police have no motive, no witnesses. and investigators told us that security cameras that used to monitor traffic here were removed several years ago to save money. ronni chasen was a powerhouse publicist in the movie industry. and her closest friends say, she could work miracles because of her contacts. >> she was the elizabeth taylor of public relations. people wanted her because they knew she knew everybody. >> reporter: abc news has seen a copy of the initial coroner's report, which is now under a security hold. the report says, one bullet was recovered from her back while at
8:04 am
the hospital and is possibly a 9 millimeter hollow point. she received three apparent wounds to the right side chest area and two apparent gunshot wounds to the right shoulder. detectives suspect the gunfire came from an suv or truck pulling alongside. the detectives say, it appears the shooter was an expert marksman. >> i carried a gun for 38 years and had to qualify quarterly. i don't know if i could shoot that. >> reporter: gil carrillo was a homicide detective for more than 20 years here in los angeles. >> i feel somebody was contract ed to kill the victim. >> reporter: this area is now referred to as the bermuda triangle of beverly hills. it was 1946, that howard hughes survived a plane crash there. gangster buddy siegel was shot here. and it is now the location of one of the biggest hollywood whodunits ever. juju? >> mike von fremd, with all of the fascinating details. thanks. people around the world are
8:05 am
seeing red on this world aids day. dozens of iconic landmarks, including sydney's opera house, turned red to mark the day. new hiv infection rates are down by 20% worldwide but much work remains. the red campaign's goal is a generation of babies born free of hiv by 2015. now, diane sawyer has a look at a poignant update for tonight's "world news." diane? >> tonight on "world news," a very personal story from someone you know well, who tried to help an iraqi boy start a new life in america. what happened next? something no one expected. it's on "world news" and "nightline" on abc. >> and we look forward to that. that's the news at 8:05. time, now, for the weather and sam champion, who has been out in the rainy muck. good morning, sam. >> good morning, juju. we like to say if everybody else has to be in it we should be, too. it's a warm rain. it's going to be a lot of rain. it's not just the east that has weather problems. let's start with the west. some dents on icy roads in washington state
8:06 am
yesterday. and we shut down highway 2 for a little while, while they were trying to clear that one out. that looks like it will let up in that area as the weather shifts to the south. it moves to eureka and redding, california. into utah and salt lake city, winter storm warnings and advisories in that area. in the east coast, there's some colder air. boston gets down to 46 on thursday. 41 on friday. look at new york city, dropping into the 40s. it will be a lot more uncomfortable out tomorrow morning than this morning. even with the heavy rain, there will be travel problems. and issues with rain as well. but the temperatures will plummet once the front moves through. a quick look at the big board. we'll show you the cold air that's settling in around the great lakes and starts to swing east. it will dip a little to the south, as well.
8:07 am
and we are live. and a rainy times square this morning. george? robin? >> get inside, sam. circle the date on your calendar, friday april 29th. all eyes will be on westminster abbey, when prince william weds kate middleton. ever since the announcement of their engagement, they've been on magazine covers and making headlines. and there is everything going on behind the scenes for the celebration to prepare for the wedding of a generation. let's pick up with nick watt in london. nick? >> reporter: i have done the math. the wedding is now 139 days away. already, so much going on. so much to talk about. the excitement is well under way.
8:08 am
we know the location, westminster abbey. what about the guest list? apparently prince harry's on again/off again squeeze, chelsy, is eager for an invite. and elton john, who played at diana's funeral, just said he probably will play the wedding. is he serious? who will design kate's dress? clear favorite is now bruce oldfield, who has clad the likes of sce sienna miller and princess dieia. william is now damping down public desire for him to be britain's next king. a poll just found 64% of brits want william when the queen dies. his aides say there's no question that his old man, charles, will take the throne first. who curtsies to who? if charles is around, kate bows to camilla. if william is there, but no
8:09 am
charles, camilla bends the knee. got that? kate is winning hearts. a tip to getting hair that ochbt, brush often, don't wash too much. by the way, turns out kate was just ten years old when she first glimpsed her prince. he was playing field hockey at her school. she was watching from the sideline. she has, of course, strenuously denied that she ever kept a poster of him on her bedroom wall. now, george, my favorite piece of news, prince harry is apparently organizing the bachelor party. and he is, apparently, trying to book snoop dogg for the entertainment. >> yeah. >> reporter: that's a story worth following. >> and worth trying to get an invitation. nick, go for it. >> reporter: i will. >> okay. we're joined by katie nicholls, the author of "william and harry, behind the palace walls."
8:10 am
also a columnist for "the mail", as i say, you're the bob woodward of royal reporters. >> that's a great honor and privilege. >> and i love your scoop. you believe that the engagement's been in the works for a long, long time. and you think it may have been done in secret in 2007? >> that's when they split up. they got back together in the summer. william took kate away for holiday. that's bh where i understand they made this secret pact. kate wanted to know she wasn't going to be waiting around forever. and william gave her his assurance that this would end in a marriage. of course, we've always called her waity katy in the press. and it's a nickname that she didn't like very much, as you can imagine. but actually, she's been waiting but she's known at the end of it -- >> so, in her mind, she's been engaged? >> absolutely. and for a while, they were as good as engaged. she wasn't wearing a ring. they weren't ready to announce it. and i think the reason they they wanted to keep it secret so
8:11 am
william could protect kate. you've seen, as soon as it became official, kate's life changed overnight. could you imagine having police protection -- >> he couldn't get married -- he didn't want to get married when he was in training. >> he wanted to finish his training. he wanted to give him and kate that time to enjoy their relationship. they live in angle anglesey, they are very much behind closed doors. they live a normal life together. >> it wasn't a test? >> i think that was probably an element of a test to it. william wanted kate to know that she could handle life in the royal goldfish bowl. that's tough. it's not easy. as he said in the interview, one of the most telling lines, he wanted her to have a chance to get out, if it wasn't what she wanted. >> they seem so determined to do this, as much as possible, their own way. prince charles wanted william to use his private secretary, who helped arrange the wedding for camilla. women said no. >> you are talking about michael forseth. he helped pull together charles
8:12 am
and camilla wedding. william is not a big fan of his father's former valet. and he wants to be in charge of this himself. there's no wedding planner. there are four people overseeing the entire operation. and it seems spearheaded by the man he trusts more than anyone else. >> how much flexibility does he have? isn't so much dictated by royal protocol? >> yes. a lot of it is. the ceremony will be very traditional. we have yet to see if she will change her vows at all. but my bet is, it will be traditional. the queen, as we know it, going to host the traditional wedding day breakfast. it's the wedding day breakfast, but to you and i, it's a lunch. they will be doing the wave from the buckingham palace balcony. all of these things are from previous royal weddings. and we saw famously with diana and charles. so, yes the traditional but i think this couple will inject some modernity, a breath of fresh air. they're going to have a party. they're going to enjoy themselves. this is their wedding day.
8:13 am
>> what do we know about the guest list for the party? >> we know that sarah ferguson hasn't made the wedding list. that's not all surprising. but the princesses are and the uncle prince andrew. one of the most surprise additions is chelsy davy because harry is back in touch with his ex-girlfriend and he wants her to come. >> back in touch? but back together? >> back in touch. but he may be flying to south africa, to be reconciled with her. i say, watch this space. >> and how wild can the stag party be? >> that stag party will be phenomenal. funny enough, prince william and prince harry have been living together. they have two weeks at the end of march to plan the stag party. frankly, it spells trouble. >> sound likes a good party. >> it will be. >> katie nicholl, thank you very much. when we come back, does father know best? david hasselhoff and his daughters open the cameras to a new reality show. father know best? david hasselhoff and his daughters open the cameras to a new reality show. impressive resume. thank you.
8:14 am
8:15 am
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you know, you may think you know david hasselhoff from days on "baywatch," and "dancing with the stars." but he's about to show a whole new side on his reality show, that features him and his two, beautiful daughters. please welcome david, hayley and taylor ann. good to have you all here. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> can we get a shot of the shoes? look at david's shoes. >> these are my rain shoes. i only ware them when it's raining because they already look wet. >> they're not your dancing shoes? >> no. i don't dance. i have a show called "elimination of the stars." first-in, first-out. >> there you go. >> i was the lucky one. i had to go through eight more weeks of hell. that's hard. >> i saw the bruises when they all came here. it's one thing, you are a loving family. >> thank you. >> but to bring tv cameras in, girls, and let everything be seen. hayley, how difficult has that been? >> we actually -- we did a reality show together.
8:19 am
we're kind of used to it. in london. yeah. we did that with scott mels. it was called "meet the hasselhoffs." we're so used to having cameras around us, it's easy for us. >> it was really weird in the beginning, let me tell you. >> true experience. >> it was in our home. and before, we were traveling around london and the u.k. and doing different things. >> it's like the hoff road trip. and this is like everyone came into our house, like little ants. and they were everywhere. we couldn't get away from them. but the best part about it for us, is it almost became therapeutic. you were reliving moments that you kept in for so long because you're trying to keep -- >> sure. >> we don't like that press. we're okay. we're okay. sometimes you're not okay. and all of a sudden, we're in there talking about, hey, that does hurt us. hey, that does affect us. and all of a sudden, there's emotions coming out. taylor wants to come home.
8:20 am
no, stay in school. and all of the emotions came into play. and it's almost like we were kind of reliving a lot of moments we kept in on camera. >> and you said, all of you said, this is about moving forward. we're going to be honest. very public highs and lows for your family. we're not going to show the hamburger video or anything like this. >> oh, come on. please. >> no, no. >> show it. >> you probably get royalties. you've been public about the issues that you've had. and you said, this is like family therapy. has it been like that for you, too? >> we rarely get to tell anyone our side of the story. and i don't think people think that it affects us, and it does. and you can see how we're like back home. we're a real family. and we love each other. >> and we deal with that in the first episode. we hit it right on. >> for ten seconds. like, here you go. >> get over it. move on because we have. >> yeah. and you all really have. and that's what you want for everyone. >> yeah. >> i know you wanted, taylor
8:21 am
ann, to stay in school. in arizona? university of arizona. >> yeah. wildcats. >> i've seen a bit of that in the program. but also, when you were up for that big role, that huge role, dare i say? there's a lovely scene between you and your dad. let's look at a clip right now. >> all right, hayley, guess what? >> what? >> you got the part. >> yay. >> no way! >> oh, my god. you know how big that is? >> there's no way. >> you have come so far. but you deserve it. i know what you're thinking. but she has been through a lot. the tabloids have thrown some heavy jabs at me. i can accept that. i've chose this life. but she's taken shots she doesn't deserve. and that's impossible for me to justify. >> i'll bet we're going to see a lot of tears. >> crying.
8:22 am
>> yeah. >> the crying hasselhoffs. >> you're tearing up right now. >> that was a big deal. her whole life, you know. life is kind of a spiritual journey. i mean, here -- >> amen. >> here she is, going up and down in weight, when she was a kid. she battled issues. the first big role she gets after six callbacks, is about a girl battling those issues. and her name was haley amber. and the name of the role is amber. it's almost like god prepared her. >> and the critics really loved it, too. >> yeah. >> unfortunately, it didn't work out. but you two have formed a band? >> yeah. we're in a girl group. >> yeah. >> and we've already toured in germany and switzerland with our dad. >> went on tour in february. >> it's been amazing. >> that's what the show's about. about developing the hard work and the passion. and what it's like. >> you opened for your dad? >> yeah. >> we were in his concerts. we were going to open for him in
8:23 am
germany in february. >> so, yeah. that was the concept of the show. follow their journey into -- from the very beginning because they've taken hundreds of dance and singing lessons. until now, they've signed with the pussy cat dolls. and they're on the way. it took ten, solid episodes. we follow the journey. a little education there, too. >> continued success and blessings in all you do. it premieres sunday on a&e. you can get the calendar, too.
8:24 am
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jewelry store in america. ♪ the city of oakland is stepping up its its to keep the a's in town. the planning commission is holding a hearing on proposal for development near jack london square that includes a 39,000 feet stadium. the commission will consider what should be study as part of an environmental impact report. in addition to the stadium it calls for 18,000 square feet of retail, 54,000 square feet of offices and 700 condos. the planning commission's president is part of a private effort to keep the a's from leaving oakland. lou wolf want to move the team to san jose. an update on your commute. >> southbound 880 before stevens
8:28 am
creek boulevard, an overturned woop chipper. a sigalert to avert it. in the santa cruz mountains, a accident at summit roadblocking the left lane. >> wait untititititititititititi
8:29 am
>> welcome back. a look at the temperatures still freezing fairfield and santa rosa. the rest of us the frost should being melting from this morning. we have a spare the air day until midnight. temperatures the mid to upper 50s with hazy sunshine and high clouds. the mid to upper 50s just about
8:30 am
every day of your 7-day forecast forecast. >> the news continues now w ♪ ♪ blue jean baby l.a. lady ♪ ♪ sings for the band elton john, and leon russell, they are legend. they return to our fall concert series this morning. we say good morning, america. >> well done. i was upstairs, talking to anne rice. >> she has a new book coming out. also this morning, oprah's shopping list. gayle king is here. she has all of oprah and her
8:31 am
friend's favorite gifts. we'll tell how you to get many of them at a discount. juju, you have something to start us off with. >> i have a soap star. not the kind you would think. danny yang is the star of "the gazillion bubble show." and he's putting ashley inside a bubble. look at that. i think bubble brings out the kid in all of us. my kids love bubbles. danny stars in "the gazillion bubble show." there's not a secret to this soap, right? >> there is a special secret. >> you don't have to say here. >> i'm not going to say here. >> but you are also the world record holder. >> going to do a square bubble now. >> the world record is for the longest bubble, which is 175 foot long. this is a family business for danny. his mother does bubbles. his father does bubbles. his dad has 16 world records.
8:32 am
that's beautiful. is there a smoke, foggy bubble we're going to see? >> yep. >> that's beautiful. and the shows that you've done, the gazillion bubble shows, have sold out. 1,500 shows all over the place. >> that's right. >> and here we go. the piece dela resistance, the smoke in the bubble. and you're going to donate a coat. >> that's right. >> people can donate and bring in a gently-used coat. thank you, danny yang from gazillion bubbles. now, we check in for the weather with sam who is hanging out. >> hey, juju. we're in the middle of times square. and look what we found. oddly, a group of people with red umbrellas. this is world aids day. tell us who you are. >> we are here to use our power and use our voice for a beautiful world without aids. >> fantastic. they're kind of walking around, talking to folks about it here.
8:33 am
if you're stuck in the rain, talk to the folks in the red umbrellas. let's get to the boards. as you look toward the southwest, if you're looking for great weather, here's where we found it. l.a. to phoenix, it's in the 70s. on the east coast, this is going to not only slow down your drive time, but you fly time, as well. pittsburgh, to new york, to boston and d.c. there was heavy rain in d.c. this morning. gusty winds. and all that weather was brought to you by kay jewelers. george? >> thank you, sam. we're going to continue our countdown to christmas, with some of oprah's favorite things for the holidays. "o" magazine is out with its
8:34 am
list for the season. showing us the picks and how you can get many of them at a big discount, "o" editor at large, gayle king. >> i love your countdown clock. we are doing a countdown clock, too. we're calling it the days of christmas. >> we love a countdown. >> the camping trip that will never be repeated again. we call that a real reality show. >> our daughter, elliott, watched you and oprah camp. and now, we have to go camping. >> you and ali camping. i would like to see that. >> that will not be on oprah. >> chicken. listen, oprah, she says with these pajamas, you don't ever have to get dressed again. she's a pajama girl. she gave these to j.k. rowling. who knew that j.k. rowling liked owls? apparently oprah. $68. we have a code. they're normally $80. >> and life dvds.
8:35 am
>> oprah has few regrets. remember the discovery "earth" series, the first they did. they asked her to narrate it and she couldn't. so, when they came back and said "life," she said yes. special code again, $39. >> and this is your pick. >> yeah. george, listen. people say crocs are not attract if. these are really good traveling shoes, walking shoes. don't you hate to be at the airport and behind somebody with buckles, and bows. great traveling shoes. >> and a little chocolate. >> i call this a black santa. it's so funny. all of my white friends say, a chocolate santa. no, this is a black santa. $8. it's such a steal. chocolate, white chocolate, black chocolate, i love this. i was so rushed. i meant to bring my exercise
8:36 am
dvds. after you eat the chocolate, i got exercise dvds. >> it's too good to eat. >> oh, go ahead. go ahead. take a bite. >> i don't want to take his head off. now, this is very elegant. na nate. >> nate says, everyone needs three things in your home. a large pizza. and cards and family and friends to play them with. tiffany did these. you did a lovely shade of turquoise. >> i wanted my initials on there. >> i told them. >> dr. oz recommending chocolate. >> i know. interesting choice. he says chocolate is okay, dark chocolate, as long as it has 70% of cacao. >> he likes the dark chocolate. >> i personally like milk chocolate. but dark chocolate, they say is
8:37 am
healthier for you. and this is what he recommends. >> and dr. phil wants everybody to make the family tree? >> yeah. dr. phil, he's big on relationships, george. haven't you wondered where ali came from? >> my family came over on the mayflower. >> with the software, you can find out your tree and ali's tree. $30, normally $40. suze orman, of course. she says the best gift for most people is cash. i tend to agree. but he she says, let's do it in an honorable way. she has chinese cards. i don't speak chinese this morning. but they have life-affirming things. >> she is recommending this, now, right? >> she thinks privacy is important. so, she has a shredder. that's kind of snowflakey. again, shoutout to your team. it shreds this way and that way. this is black & decker, $40. >> finally, adam glassman. >> you know adam. this is for the boy and girl in
8:38 am
all of us. >> you're pretty good at that. i spoke too soon. >> thanks, george. that was not supposed to happen. it was supposed to land right back down. i should have practiced that part. we're doing something fun for the first time in the magazine. oprah's favorite thing show, for the first time, magazine readers or anybody who buys the magazine, gets a shot of oprah's favorite nings you get all of this stuff that's in the magazine, and what oprah had on her favorite things show. >> and all at a great discount. thank you very much. >> good to see you. we'll be right back. h@h@h@h@
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
anne rice isn't the first writer to portray vampires. but she has perfected the form. since her first book "interview with the vampire," he's gone on to write 29 more novels. now, an entire different set of legendary beings. her new book is a metaphysical tlirl about angels. we have anne rice. thank you for coming in. i call them legendary beings. is that how you think of angels? >> i actually believe in angels. i don't think it's crucial that a person believe in angels. but i do. i think they're real. >> active, real presence. >> messengers here from god, to
8:42 am
answer prayers and protect us. i think many people in many different religions believe in angels. >> across religions. >> across religions is a good word for it. >> i began the novel last night. but i was struck in the first few pages of what must be heaven. in a gorgeous phrase, you talk about the chorus, in which every soul was loved as i was loved, know as i was known. that's heaven? >> that's heaven. and i wanted to give a glimpse of heaven, as much as we can see maybe from earth. >> and that would be, i guess for anyone, that they're uniquely known and uniquely loved. >> that gives the idea of god. that there's a personality governing the whole universe. and that personality knows us intimately. >> and in the book, you send the angels out, back to 15th century? >> 15th century rome. the renaissance. right. >> is that the era and the place
8:43 am
that you would choose to go to if you could travel back in time? >> no. if i could travel back in time, i would go to jerusalem in the first century. i want to see for myself exactly. but in this series, i want to send my hero there back to many different periods in history. i love to research different periods. i love to be in them when i'm writing. and that's partly why i did this series. so that i would have this hero that i could move around in time. >> what would you have? >> i did deal with it in the book, with the devil. my hero, lestat, did encounter him and asked questions. >> how do you handle the idea that this all-knowing and loving god, can allow so much? >> i don't know the answer. but in some point in my life, i
8:44 am
felt i had a glimpse that he was the answer. and that someday, we would understand it. that everything would be explained. i think that's kind of the promise of faith for me. >> certainly in the hope. i remember, i was anchoring "world news" last summer, when dan harris did a story, an interview with you, based on your declaration on your facebook page that you had quit being a christian. it created an uproar all over the web around the world because you had famously written about jesus and angels and devils and vampires. since then, what has the reaction been like? >> it's been overwhelmingly supportive. i've gotten thousands of e-mails from believers who say they had the same reservation about organized religion. >> what were yours? >> i'll tell you. they were detheological preservation. what moved me was the social and political inclination. terrible things i had seen in the last year, really, that i
8:45 am
didn't want to be complicit in the eyes of my readers and friends, with those things any longer. >> and you thought the catholic church has become anti-gay? >> very much anti-gay. i think it's always been anti-gay. but what surprised me and upset me was the campaign to interfere with the rights of gay americans to have same-sex marriage in california. the fact that the church, which doesn't recognize any civil unions, would work so hard and spend so much to stop the gay americans from a civil union, which they're not going to recognize anyway. >> and you stick by the notion that you quit being a christian, not just quit being a catholic? >> right. i felt there was a lot i couldn't go along with. i think people of the westboro catholic church are the tip of the iceberg. and i wanted to step away. but my faith in god and jesus christ are strong. i did this as a believer. >> anne rice, thanks very much. the new nor
8:46 am
lightning fast. lightning strong. verizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world.
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8:48 am
the weather outside is yucky here. and major snowstorms in europe today. and our audience is bumming because andrea bocelli is stuck there and unable to join us for our fall concert series. we're so sorry. instead, we're bringing you a never-before-seen performance from two of the greatest artists of our time. eldon john, performing with leon russell. the two legends recorded an extra song. and i hope you were with us that amazing morning. to share with us today, "hey ahab," elton john, and lee january russell.
8:49 am
♪ it's a constant struggle getting up that hill ♪ ♪ there's a change of the guard every day ♪ ♪ when you're clinging on to a driftwood boat ♪ ♪ you pray a great white whale might come your way ♪ ♪ no freeway traffic in the frozen north ♪ ♪ just a chain link fence full of birds ♪ ♪ and when the harpoon's loaded in the canon bay ♪ ♪ you'll be rolling through the pages lost for words ♪ ♪ hey, ahab, can you
8:50 am
tell me where ♪ ♪ i can catch a ride out of here ♪ ♪ hey, ahab hoist that sail ♪ ♪ you gotta stand up straight ♪ ♪ when you ride that whale ♪ ♪ in a crumbling city we were trapped for days ♪ ♪ with a broken sun above the clouds ♪ ♪ caught like jonah 40 fathoms down ♪ ♪ and a sign on the wall saying hope allowed ♪ ♪ all the cryptic symbols carved on bone ♪ ♪ a far cry from
8:51 am
a tattooed rose ♪ ♪ and when the boys in the rigging watch the wind ♪ ♪ hey, ahab can you tell me where ♪ ♪ i can catch a ride out of here ♪ ♪ hey, ahab hoist that sail ♪ ♪ you gotta stand up straight ♪ ♪ when you ride that whale ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, ahab can you tell me where ♪ ♪ i can catch a ride out of here ♪ ♪ hey, ahab
8:52 am
hoist that sail ♪ ♪ you gotta stand up straight ♪ ♪ when you ride that while ♪ ♪ hey, ahab can you tell me where ♪ ♪ i can catch a ride out of here ♪ ♪ hey, ahab hoist that sail ♪ ♪ you gotta stand up straight ♪ ♪ when you ride that whale ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ hey, ahab hey, ahab ♪ ♪ hey, ahab
8:53 am
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we have nicole kidman live here tomorrow. and something very special right now. >> we have wonderful women from reading, p.a. they have donated 100 scarves for our warm coats drive. >> we want to say hello to emily. hey, you got groceries! yeah! i thought we'd eat at home. save some money. $200 bucks? that's not saving! [jacks voice] at my place i'm bringing back the bonus jack. two patties, melting cheese and my secret sauce plus fries and a drink for only $3.99. i get it. you can eat lot cheaper atouar placthan y c]n at home.
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♪ the chp is investigating why a man was walking on the highway 101 in burlingame when he was struck and killed. they reported a person on the ground in the fast lane of 101 north of broadway about 1:25 this morning. a black bmw and pickup truck were involved and one driver was injured. it took about two hours to clear the accident scene. let's see what the rest of the drive is like this morning. >> eric, rural contra costa county, marsh creek road. a medical helicopter is en route. at the bay bridge the metering lights are on and backed up to the maze. about a 20 minute delay. here's mike. >> thank you very much. spare the air day is it midnight. nobody's supposed to burn any wood today. the temperatures mid to upper 50s today witha


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