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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  January 3, 2011 12:00am-12:35am PDT

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good evening, everyone. in a move raising eyebrows, governor schwarzenegger commuted had manslaughter sentence of the son of fab yuan nunez. esteban nunez pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter for his role in a fight that killed louis santos. the order comes in the final hours of the governor's term in office. and abc7's lilian kim is in the newsroom with reaction from the santos family. lilian? >> alan, the victim's parents say it is politics at its worst. the sentence was the result of a plea deal. >> it is an injustice by a governor natter. -- govornator.
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>> their son was stabbed in a fight two years ago. today they found out esteban nunez, one of the men convicted of the killing, will serve a reduced sentence, courtesey of arnold schwarzenegger. it was one of shardz -- schwarzenegger's last moves in his last day of office. >> it was a sneaky move he did on the last day and did not have the courtesey of notifying us as the vic tunnel's family that this case even came to the governor's office. >> esteban nunez was supposed to serve 16 years for the death of louis santos, but will now only serve seven years. he is the son of former assembly speaker fabian nunez who worked closely with schwarzenegger. in his statement schwarzenegger made no mention of the relationship. instead, he wrote how the younger nunez was not the instigator was not the one who stabbed santos. according to schwarzenegger, given his role, and he had no
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criminal record before, i believe nunez's sentence is excessive. kathy anded from santos say that is a cover to what is really going on. >> yes, arnold schwarzenegger essentially just said it is okay to stab other people. it is okay to destroy evidence as long as you come from a connected family. >> as unfair as it seems, they say the nunez family knew how to use the system to their advantage. >> there is a legal process they follow. they followed the process. he was no doubt heavily lobbied. by people who had the insight and the wisdom to go to the decision maker early on. >> to date governor schwarzenegger issued 10 sentence come mutations. governor pete wilson did not grant any. governor ran nold rai -- ronald regan granted 17. >> thanks, lilian. governor schwarzenegger awarded a full pardon to rose
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parker sterling who was sentenced to life in prison for killing her abusive ex-boyfriend. cheryl jennings interviewed her when she was paroled by governor gray davis. she requested a full pardon and today she councils battered women. and they reduced the sentence of another woman who was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. she was 16 years old when she shot and killed her former pimp inside a motel room. schwarzenegger commuted her sentence to 25 years to life with the possibility of parole. the san francisco senator leyland ye says she turned her life around in prison. her case was the centerpiece of the failed bill to reduce life's sentences for minors. and the governor offered a job to former state senator carol migdon today. the 62-year-old lost her seat in 2008 following a crash in
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which she rear-ended a vehicle on interstate 80. she will serve on the agriculture labor relations board. in his final weekly radio address, schwarzenegger said history will be the judge of his administration's accomplishments and although he was unable to solve the state's budget crisis, he talked about what he did do for california. >> i mean, working together with democrats and republicans to begin rebuilding california with the largest investment and infrastructure in the generations has been a fantastic success. we returned almost $50 billion to taxpayers. and we made california a world leader in clean energy and environmental protection. with the redistricting and with open primaries, we passed the greatest political reforms since johnson. >> he came in and said he would solve the fiscal crisis of california, and he hasn't. the big bottom line has to be
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he didn't do what everybody hoped he would which is solve our problems which is the reason gray davis was recalled and set out to pasture. >> schwarzenegger did not mention what he plans to do now that his term is up. there has been talk about him working for the obama administration in an environmental role or behind the camera in hollywood. and governor elect jerry brown will be sworn in for his third term tomorrow. the ceremony will take place at sacramento's memorial auditorium. they are offering tickets to the inauguration and we have a direct link to the application at go under see it on tv. preparations are underway for the inauguration of oakland's first female and first asian mayor. gene quan held an inauguration celebration tonight where she retraced her history and the history of oakland. residents got a chance to talk with the mayor-elect and explore the science center.
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quan will be sworn in tomorrow morning at fox theater. abc7's cecilia vega has more on how she plans to tackle some of oakland's problems. >> as she prepares to be sworn in as the next mayor, history is in the making. she will be the first woman and the first asian to lead the city, and she plans to hit the ground running. >> starting early 6:00 the next morning, we will be appearing in front of all of the police lineups the next day. we will be talking about our situation in terms of the violence in the city and what we can do. >> quan managed to pull off one of the biggest upsets in bay area politics. more oakland residents chore done perata as their first pick for mayor. but the voting system pushed quan from the city council into the mayor's office. >> the question is she will have the political will to actually make some of the decisions right away.
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she doesn't have the excuse that jerry brown had. they don't know the see. gene quan does. >> the road for quan will be even tougher. oakland is among the most violent cities in the country. the first murder of the new year came just 10 minutes into the start of 2011. anti-violence activists say quan, a former neighborhood activist herself won't be able to do it alone. she will have to risk political capital and push bureaucrats to low wages. >> on january 30th, something should be working. >> whether quan will be able to work with the police union which did not support her run for mayor remains to be seen. both sides hope to reach a compromise that could bring back the 80 officers laid off last year. one thing though is certain. quan inherited a million dollar budget deficit and fixing the many problems won't
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happen overnight jie. we all have high hopes. we believe she will make these changes. >> she will be sworn in tomorrow morning here at oakland's fox theater at 11:00. she says it is an event that is going to focus on the youth of this city. reporting in oakland, cecilia vega, abc7 news. in san jose, investigators are trying to figure out how a light rail train struck and killed a pedestrian tonight. the valley transportation authority light rail train hit a man around 8:00 in downtown san jose, just two blocks south of city college. witnesses say the man tried to cross the tracks even though the railroad crossing arm was down and warning lights and bells were going off. >> it came across the first tracks and then once he got to the second track he stumbled and fell. and then we were over there and coming from dede's walking home. the next thing you know we are like, it is going to get up. >> the name of the victim has bt -- hasn't been released yet. there were 12 passengers on the light rail when it
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happened. alternate bus services are in place for the southbound mountain view winchester line. a day at the beach took a scary turn for one man and his golden retriever. david perez says his dog got excited and ran up a trail. he tried to rescue him, but the cliff was too steep. firefighters had to repel down the cliff. they strapped sunny into a harness and hoisted him back up. perez says he has been taking his dogs there for years. but this is the first time something like this has ever happened. up next, tau dree tops. -- taudry tapes. it is a navy captain making homophobic jokes. and iphone users set their alarms this morning and nothing happened. apple's new glitch and when it is supposed to be fixed. and snow falling on the grapevine. it is shutting down the area between southern and central
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california. >> and the rain for the bay area was finally gone. we have a string of dry days ahead. we have cloud cover here with this live shot. i'll have all of the details with the temperatures warming up in your
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to the captain of the world's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier supped investigation for making raunchy videos filled with sexual and homophobic humor. >> laced with profanity, anti-gay slurs -- >> now let's get to my favorite topic and something to the gay kid over there, chicks in the shower. >> pictures of women in showers together as well as men. on a nuclear powered aircraft carrier, the uss enterprise. all obtained by the virginia an pilot newspaper. the navy confirms the videos were made in 2006 and 2007. the skits shown on the ship's internal system when the captain was the number two officer on board jie. he has done and i think he ought to be consulting somebody to get some advice on the next
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chapter of his life. >> tonight he is the commander. >> the navy won't go that far saying owens' status has not changed. but the navy says the videos are inappropriate and that officers are accountable for setting the proper tone and upholding the standards of honor, courage and commitment and the navy has initiated an investigation. >> as usual the admiral and the captain have no knowledge of the video. >> he claims the superiors are unaware of offensive comments and jokes. >> the question is whether they should have known. >> the navy says when the admiral learned of the videos in 2007 he ordered them stopped. but their very existence raises broader questions. >> i think the sort of insensitive behavior was looking to change when they repealed "don't ask, don't tell." and this will be a test for not only the navy, but for the
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services as a whole. >> david curly, abc news, cash cash. an -- washington. >> an iphone glitch left users without their alarm clocks. users who set their iphone alarms for a single wake up alarm found it didn't go off. it started when the calendar rolled over to the new year. apple promises it will be fixed tomorrow, so no excuses to be late for the workweek. it is not known how many people were affected, but studies show half of smartphone users rely on their phone as their primary alarm. and the grapevine of i-5 is shut down as blowing snow and ice are making driving conditions treacherous on the main highway between southern and central california. the artery was closed intestify natalie around -- closed indefinitely because of 4 to 8 inches of snow expecteded it as low as 2,000 feet. so far no major crashes have
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been reported. francis lawson is in for leigh glaser. >> sunny skies and a string of nice, dry days ahead. we are still under clouds, but we have this beautiful live shot looking toward the embarcadero. it is still lit up for the holidays. but for the most part the rain event is over. here is a look at live doppler 7hd, and there is not much rain out there, but there may be a sprinkle or two in parts of monterey county as the low continues to move south. for us, we can expect dry days ahead. here is a look at temperatures right now. if you are heading out the door, in the 40s. if you are not heading out the door, this is what you can expect. 49 in san francisco and a lot of 47s in oakland, fremont and mountain view. things will cool down overnight and into tomorrow morning.
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we will be cool and dry, and no rain the rest of the week. you can put your umbrellas away for awhile. it is a well deserved break. take a look at how much rain we are -- we have year to date. we are well above normal in santa rosa at 18.9 inches from july 1st to today. and in san francisco, 153% of normal and above normal elsewhere with the exception of san jose, we are at about 93%. so it is close. here is a look at that low that is continuing to move toward southern california. and it will continue to bring them some wet and cool weather tomorrow. but it has left the bay area, and that's why we will see sunny skies tomorrow. it will be a cool start monday for your back to workweek. 44 in san francisco. low 40s in palo alto, fremont and san jose. the cool spot in santa rosa at 35 and 38 in napa. and check out these numbers.
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mid50s and upper 50s tomorrow with some sunshine for you. we've got 57 from oakland, fremont and 52 in antioch. and also as we head a little further south, you have mid50s through the inland areas, morgan hill, gilroy and hollister and 58 in watsonville. here is the accu-weather forecast. the seven-day forecast is what you have been looking for, waiting for for a longtime. no rain in sight. sunshine all week. there is a lot of moisture in the ground. we will see that in the mornings of tuesday, wednesday and thursday. and it stays dry through the week. i changed that with the latest models to let you know we will have dry weather. and temperatures almost near 60 degrees. >> can't wait. thank you very much, francis. on to shu, and it is the end of the nfl reel season. >> both local teams ended up
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on a good note. the raiders have done something that hasn't been done until 1970. and what a surprise what a relax how you can excel.
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well, the 49ers drop their rigid approach under mike singletary. tom silva told his players to let it loose against the cardinals and it is amazing how well, you can play when you relax. he had some fun out there today. arizona in town first quarter and perhaps his final game as a 9er. alex smith throws a perfect one. 10-749er teaze half. the niners really open it up. smith to a wide open vernon davis. he cuts to the outside and he's gone. one of the fastest tight ends in the league. 17-7 newspaperers. should have been doing this all year. 79 yards rushing and two
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touchdowns and in the fourth, 9er defense was not allowed a 100-yard rusher allton and terrell brown picks off bartell and returns it 62 yards for his first nfl score. 49ers finish the 6 and 10 season with an entertaining 38-7 victory. letting loose was the post game theme. >> and they just played their hearts out. they finished. and it was just -- that was just football. you can see those guys with smiles on their face. and it is pure football. >> we put our head on a little bit. we made plays. >> i think he thought all year we would play cautious and we didn't do that and didn't enjoy that all week. i thought the whole team rallied around, and we did let loose. >> the raiders and kansas city and reports swirling that tom cable won't be back next season. it is 10-3 raiders.
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the game tied at 10. michael bush took care of that. 26-yard score. bush ran for 137 yards. the raiders score seven. then in the fourth. jacobi ford and what a season he has had. he is very fast. he gets his way in for six. the raiders double -- they doubled their score. seven sacks, two interceptions and he picks off matt castle and returns it for six. the raiders are the first team since the merger in 1970 to sweep its division and not make the playoffs. the raiders finish the year 8 and 8. the playoffs begin saturday and we'll have the match ups. and the nfc wins in seattle. it is the first team to advance to the playoffs
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the rams. seattle with one of the best home advantages in the league. first quarter and charlie whitehurst in for matt hasselbeck. it is to mike williams and seattle is up. rams down seven and driving. harr ny g picks -- harring and picks it up. the -- here is your wild card weekend in the nfc. the seahawks host the saints 1:30 on saturday and sunday the packers are hosted by philly at 1:30 and falcons and bears get a bye. in the afc, a rematch of the conference title games, the jets and colts at 5:00. it is the ravens and chiefs on sunday morning at 10 and
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patriots and steelers get a bye. the stanford women get to the 800th win and beat xavier and then thursday snap the ncaa90-game win streak. today they top it off over a win at cal. the first half and clarendon drops in the jumper. the buyers roup 2-0. the only lead for cal. a great move and two of her 14, but left with a shoulder injury. more of the same in the second half. my favorite player and she had a game high of 15. stanford cardinals roll 78-45. they are now 10 and 2. stanford and cal men kicking off pac-10 play. jorge gutierrez getting through tough traffic. he had 11 and cal down four at the half. stanford on the second half and jeremy green cans the baseline. game high 21 and cardinals up 7. and then the alley.
11:31 pm
foul of 20 and cardinals up by 9. he shot 50% from beyond. stanford cruises 82-68 the final. two, 10-win teams, the giants and buccaneers not in the playoffs while the seahawks at 7 and 9 are in the playoffs. maybe it is time to think about receding. >> any super bowl predictions? >> everybody says the patriots and the falcons. the falcons have the advantage. >> thanks a lot. good night, everyone.
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today, we gather to recognize the selfless decision of one of the most influential women of our time. the woman who, after having one too many drinks, chose not to drive home buzzed. here today to honor rachel is the family whose lives she spared.


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