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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  January 4, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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passed a one-year moratorium on the installation. the confrontation with pg&e contractor escalated nearly a week ago. two women were arrested. they were trying to stop an installation. one of the women was at the hearing. >> it's a tiny town. bringing in 10 trucks feels very intimidating so we felt we needed to get into the street and say "no". >> dozens of residents who are opposed to smart meters voiced their concerns. >> want to help what they're going to be. >> and and i and pg&e says they are safe. that city's former mayor says today's ordinance means residents can call law enforcement to help the installation. >> the police department can
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use the property. >> i don't think they're going to say to the police officer no, we're not leaving. >> but pg&e maintain there's is a legal right to go into the property per california public utilities commission but will likely not force their way in. >> legally i believe that we do have the right to go in but again, it's not our intention disregard customer wish autos lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow people to choose between the current wireless smart meet skbrer a wired one. >> we need to ensure public has a full range of choices. >> and this does go into affect immediately expiring december 31, 2011. the board would like to review upcoming studies regarding the device autos thank you very much. and a man in a wheelchair is
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in the hospital tonight after being shot by police. officers say they had no choice but to open fire. abc 7's vick slee live at the scene to explain what happened. >> dan, the shooting happened just around the corner from this building behind me, that is san francisco department of mental health. now a police source tells thaws the officer who was stabbed suffered a deep gash on the arm. and tells us the suspect went through surgery this afternoon for a nonlife threatening wound this, is what prompted a call to police this morning. a person slashing tires on cars parked around the department of mental health building. a spokesman says when police showed up, a suspect stabbed an office skbrer they responded. >> and a bean bag was
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deployed. >> this is video shot by a business. it shows the suspect on the wheelchair. words are ochl changed. the officers come closer, the suspect is in involved in physical altercation this, would be when he slashes officers two, shots are fired. one from the bean bag weapon and another around from a pistol. and that is a police spokesman told us investigators trying to determine if he was in the wheelchair or standing. the video shows the suspect was in the chair during the entire altercation. police are holding a news conference shortly at the hall of justice on this issue. and we'll of course keep you updated on this city.
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>> an accused murderer pleading guilty to charges he killed a community activist. he was gunned down in the shopping center in june. lewis led antiviolence etch yorts in east palo alto. police arrested his long time friend last month. detectives contacted them, telling him there was a tip in this case. prosecutors say he followed lewis to the mall. he can face the death penalty if convicted. >> oakland mayor jean kwan is not wasting time tackling the deficit, meeting with police and taking aim at the police department pension fund. and she wants police to contribute 9% of the pay. the union says would it be open if staffing levels were returned to prelayoff levels. >> we've been willing to talk
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about pensions and stuff like that. but idea is that we have to have fairness here. >> i didn't just decimate the parks and rec. as long as oakland is the only city where police officers don't pay anything into pensions it's going to be hard to keep numbers on police that we need. >> the mayor says she'll introduce a measure to reopen the negotiation autos political gainsmanship continues in san francisco. gavin newsom delayed taking the oath of office to allow a new board of supervisors to name a replacement as mayor. and this is beginning to feel like groundhog day, the fourth or fifth time that this item was on the agenda. and suddenly, it became very obvious skrks serious they're now asking legal questions as they try to begin this
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procession. this is the last regularly-scheduled meeting. four of the lawmakers are termed out of office. >> in 0 years we've opened doors to city hall. >> saturday, new members take their place this, was perhaps the last, best chance for lawmakers to make one what calls their most important decision, picking a interim mayor. and some gave advice. >> we need someone to run the task financially that is number one. >> and he comes to our meetings and to guys like me! >> the supervisors wrangled with this issue sometime but can't get a majority of the 11 board members to adwre on a candidate. and there is a hitch.
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gavin newsom is still in office. he's delaying swearing in because he wants the new board to choose. newsom believes he can delay heading to sacramento and cites article 20 of the state constitution saying an elected official doesn't assume office until taking the oath of office thachl they shall before entering upon duties of the respective offices take and subscribe. but abc 7's dean johnson doesn't agree with the interpretation. >> if i'm a judge ruling on this case, my ruling is that gavin newsom is now lieutenant governor of the state of california, to coin a phrase whether he likes it or not. so the mayor became lieutenant governor yesterday. and it is a legitimate controversy.
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and they tried to condemn the process of perhaps naming an interim mayor. >> thank you very much. and a development in the battle over same-sex marriage. the ninth circuit court is asking for advice on one key issue in this case. this was brought up during last month's proposition 8 hearing. now, the judges are asking the california supreme court for guidance. and whether supporters have legal standings. >> if the ninth circuit based on what advice it gets from california supreme court decides that the proponents dmot have standing to appeal, that means that the district court's decision that holds proposition 8 unconstitutional is the law of the land. >> is that huge deal because this could effectively derail
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this entire appeal. and if california supreme court says no standing the federal court loses jurisdiction. >> if they decide does it have legal standing the case goes back to the federal apep pelit court for a rule gs. that is when officers can say the ban is constitutional. >> we're pleased at the california supreme court to fight a pro pone nent. >> the court consider the issues, same-sex couples wanting to marry could northbound for a long wait. >> the part is hard. this will lead to some delay in resolution in this case. >> the california supreme court is under no legal obligation to act on a ninth circuit request for guidance.
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>> and a lot more to bring you tonight. one of the governor's first official meetings just head a sit down with local official what's he may give them power to do. the battle. >> and why the coast guard is so concerned. >> dense fog, perhaps freezing fog willing in parts of the bay area tonight. i'll show were you coming up. >> and prices in the dollar store that are more than $1. on a
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one of the first items on the agenda some smorng something he promised to do during the campaign. and nannette miranda is in sacramento. >> on the first full day on the job reporters met governor brown before he stepped into a meeting with county leaders to pitch a krorl controversial, but money saving idea. >> i do hit the ground running and i just look forward to it. ask and i think the total will be one in the beginning of good will. >> and brown's proposal is called realignment and like parole and welfare, shifting responsibility to counties making local leaders nervous. >> shifting responsibility needs to be accompanied by shift in revenue. there needs to be funding for the program responsibilities. >> the fact the governor me met them surprised them signaling a new type of
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leadership with a habit of he grabbing local money over the years. >> typically they'll call us only when they need us for something. this is to bring us to the table. >> lawmakers notice aid difference, rank and file politicians had meeting was governor brown. >> to so mazing the difference. and it's not meant as a criticism of governor schwartzeneggar but they come from different back grounds. they're different people. arnold is a showman. boy say jerry brown is a statesman. >> this good feeling of change may in the last long. the governor replaces a state budget proposal and there will be plenty of money-saving ideas there that people won't like. >> and there is next time you hit the slopes in tahoe look out for former governor schwartzeneggar.
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he invited russian president to go sking with him. the governor invited him skiing. and they have met several times, first when he visited silicon valley in june. >> and three crewmen on a fishing boat admit they had fell asleep before their vessel washed up on a beach. the crew abandoned the phyllis j after it got stuck around 1:00 this morning. the coast guard checked to see none of the gallons of fuel was leaking. >> this is probably trying to pull it back into shore. we'll try to get fuel off. >> and if the recovery operations succeeds, it witness return to the home court in nearly bipillar point
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harbor. >> a close call for a driver who escaped from a partially submerged truck today. you can see the it yefr turned. the driver told patrol he lost control around 10:45 this morning, he swam and waded through the water and back up on to the road. mayorra -- paramedics ended up taking him to the hospital. >> take a look. this emergency hot hole repair through oakland, the hole opened up on an elevated section of the nimitz freeway. the back up stretch forward a mile as you can see. all lanes reopened around 4:00 in the afternoon. >> they're going to be several days for repairs without rain and and so cold tonight and
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there is black ice on the roadways so be on the lookout and there is a live view looking across the and skies are clear. it's cool outside tonight and it's about to turn cool. take a look at readings there is 51 degrees in redwood city. and upper 40s in all other locations. and will be cold into valleys again tonight. patchy fog and frost likely. a stretch of sunny day as head, still. our image shows area of follow confined to this area. we're going to see the area expanding and becoming quite dense into the valleys and
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north bay and east bay. there is freezing fog and could be icy spots so lz drive with caution. there is a dense fog advisory and visibility could drop below a quarter mile. local fog and ice are possible throughout this area. and there is still going to be cold but especially north and east bay. there is a 49 degrees in napa. and there is near or just above freezing mark in other locations. and tomorrow going to be a nice pleasant day. high pressure very much the dominant feature, there is a jet stream well not north so we can expect more sunny day as head, tomorrow will be one of them. there is high temperatures san jose, and campbell mid to
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upper 50s and mid-50s on the coast. in and around san francisco, highs will be 54. and way up north there is much of the remainder of the north bay and highs in the mid. >>s and there is into east bay inland valleys 51 in antioch. there is near monterey bay looking for highs of 60 in jant cruz. and inland milder, 62 in salinas. here is the accu-weather forecast. pleasant weather is ahead, sunny days and chilly overnight hours for tomorrow, thursday, and friday. and there is fog and frost are possible. and there is a little disturbance. and we're not ready to say kboitsing to produce rainfall.
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an usual technique is now helping breast cancer survivors. it invochls use of specialized metal tools to dig into the muscle in search of scar tissue. >> that is where red comes from. >> this physical therapist is working to loosen hard yend tissue of the shoulder area.
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>> a lot of times with patients where their surgery has been there is a lot of scar tissue. >> she's using a set of immediate yeefal looblging tools first reported on last year. part of a system known as grafton technique, therapists say tools vibrate as traveling over hardened tissue. >> i end up doing kind of short strokes to help use befled age to break that up. >> julie wong runs pro active physical therapy. her clinic is increase lig using it and other massage techniques to treat women who have undergone mastectomies. >> and. >> we get encapsuleation. it's now more like this, is not moving at all. so at this point we need to work on moving the implant ask
6:24 pm
in different directions. to work on breaking scar tissue. >> other cancer surgery such as removeal of limp nodes can produce scar tissue. dr. wong is chief of breast surgery at ucs foo. breaking up finers you can have improved mobility and range of motion. >> therapies can be painful. and may take a number of sessions to produce results and therapists say and so we're at least the scar tissue this allows them to move their arm better and decrease their pain. >> as you might expect the side affects are bruising. it's one dollar getting you
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$355 million if you pick the winning numbers in tonight's lottery jackpot. one was not enough for many. we saw people buying $20 and $100. at one point it dropped to $330 million to $355 million in just two hours. and the odds of winning are about $175 million to one good luck. >> and exactly. >> and still to come settlements are in. the i team says how much money mta is playing by bus and cable car driver autos now they're in power how republicans plan to try to kill the president's health care plan. >> and a decision in to
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and money being doled out by san francisco mun municipal transportation agency. >> millions being spent to settle all sorts of legal claims. >> it's an incredible array of mistakes and misdeeds by the bus and cable car drivers. in the end it's san francisco taxpayers footing the bill. >> moving on to considered route yon will be acted on by a vote. >> if you're there you might not have caught it. >> there is the board approving settlements for 11 lawsuits. the total, $2.5 million. >> everyone of them won't be the case. and there is some just accidents happen. >> the i team found dangerous mistakes and outlandish
6:30 pm
behaviors, 95,000ses today a woman by a parking control officer. 52,000 to a woman in a wheelchair whose foot was crushed. 20,000 to a man hit in the head by a muni sign. 5,000 to a passenger slamming into a muni bus windshield when the driver stopped short. >> sadly this is the way muni work autos jeff hunt founded muni diaries. >> there is a lot of lip service, we do our fwoft make it safe. it's great drivers need to be as best trained as they can. >> the biggest payout approved today is for the car that derailed. the conductor got out to push but weren't able to stop the car. injuring several passengers. >> she flew off.
6:31 pm
and this seriously injured was a tourist from texas receiving more than $2 million knocked unconscious. and another passenger from texas and her son will receive 50,000 and a fremont man getting $75,000. there are settlements involving light rail crashes including one in july of 2009. the driver appeared to have fallen asleep. >> he's not going down. >> and all settlements and claims disturb me because it's an indication someone may have been harmed. >> and executive director says the city's mass trance jit becoming safer. >> there is good news is that our claims are significantly down.
6:32 pm
and we're lower in terms of complaints. >> that driver is no longer employed by mta. others still have their jobs. i'm posting eye-opening details in a new blog at abc 7 oo that is a lot of money. >> it s it's every month, every couple meetings there. >> thank you. >> and today was nancy pell ease's last day as speaker of the house. four years ago john boehner handed the gavel to pelosi, tomorrow, he will get it back. pelosi says she has no regrets and looking forward to leading a ten naishis opposition in the house. >> house democrats will continue to protect gains made on behalf of health and economic security for american people. >> 85 new house republicans will be sworn in tomorrow including illinois petes rea owner bobby shiling. >> we're here to get this back on track where it needs to be
6:33 pm
so our kids and grandkids have same opportunities afforded to us. >> boehner's aides say he will talk about making tough choices to deal with the $14 trillion debt. >> husband republicans moving to repeal the obama health care law. a vote is scheduled for next wednesday. mark matthews is in the newsroom to outline the plan after tack here. >> effort on this law is strictly symbolic. republicans know if they pass this repeal, it will die because democrat stilz control the senate but it's more complex than next wednesday's vote. the speaker in indicating is talking up repeel. >> we believe it will bankrupt our nation and needs to be repealed and replaced with common sense reforms to bring down the costs. >> on the democratic side, nancy pelosi is promising repeal will be defeated. >> we'll work to ensure
6:34 pm
children with preexisting conditions can continue to get coverage. young people can stay on their parent's plan until age 26. >> pelosi listed pro visions that most people like. but ask but what they think of it as a whole a poll shows support for the law at 43% and all-time low. and two thirds said they'd repeal all or part of it. why? >> people i think are happy with courage they have. >> this doctor in san francisco points out most people have health care coverage about 85% of the population. and says they're worried about stretching courage to other 15%. >> they're asprayed somehow their coverage will be cut. i think most have this under lying understanding that cost has to be addressed and that health care reform has hasn't addressed issue of how to cover everyone for all of
6:35 pm
needs people have? especially aging baby boomer autos some republicans will vote for repeal and when that fails, they plan to cut funding for the law. if that takes time, and many months, and our analyst says time is on the side of the democrats because feature that's roll out first are generally alike. >> the extension of medicaid, and allowing parents to carry children until age 26 and people will be coming to see benefits of it and will not want to have. >> today the new insurance commissioner weighed in. dave jens says he'll enforce regulations requiring inshufr dwrorz spent 80 cents of every dollar on medical care coverage rather than administration. it's another part of the law likely to court favor in the battle for public opinion.
6:36 pm
>> and navy removed a senior officer from command of the uss enterprise because of raunchy comedy videos made and showed to the crew. he made the video back in 2006 and 2007. he was the aircraft carrier's second in command. and the videos are filled with profanity, gay slurs and sexually suggestive scenes and shown to crew members on active duty as a morale booster. a defense official says the navy has chosen a commander to replace him on the uss enterprise. >> there is a judge in los angeles heard testimony to determine if michael jackson's doctorors should stand trial. his choreographer testified on the day of the death dr. conrad murray called him before 911 and asked for a ride back to jackson's tomorrow to remove cream from the singer's room.
6:37 pm
witness says he clashed with dr. murray and others over the star's health several days before jackson died. >> a mixed day on wall street. dow jones industrial average jumped 0 points. but nasdaq dropped so 10. and macy' creating 725 new jobs 200 will be in san francisco. and it's the nation's largest department store change. automobile sales are up in the u.s., reporting sales jumped 11% last year including solid improvement. there is a big jump. seven companies are suing toyota to try to recover opinion paid to cover crashes. and the l.a. times reports the insurers blame toyota for failing to install an override system.
6:38 pm
and still to come tonight they're some of the best and brightest. >> they are. just head why dozens of students traveled to visit some of the
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6:40 pm
>> every year 100 graduate students from m.i.t.come here
6:41 pm
to find out what is hot, what it takes to be a entrepreneur. >> this classic entrepreneur is co-founded four companies and invested in another 30. his latest venture is palo alto's social gaming network. he says thanks to facebook's mark zuckerberg the social experience is giving rise too a new business revolution and the market is hot. >> there not be a $50 billion company but there might be $501 billion companies based on social platt form autos and the students are part of an annual trek to silicon valley. >> first of all it helps if terms of learning. learning about what entrepreneur goes through, how they started and went about getting mentors and chose customer autos some students
6:42 pm
will get a chance to meet with an executive here at facebook. but the invite was to students only. no cameras allowed. other company that's keep visits private include google and ebay. students say every stop offers insight. the ideas with people like surebin is an extraordinary opportunity. >> this is time is money. taking an hour way is a big deal. >> they say whether company is public or a start up, they've noticed a common thread to success. >> not in it for the money or anything like that. they're in it because they're passionate. >> ez says in this age of social media you can appreciate value of old-fashioned networking. >> they claim everything costs $1. >> what michael finney found out when he went shopping in a
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breaking news now. i shooting either inside of a target store or in this parking lot. and there is is a car here, police confirm there has been a shooting and if you stop in a dollar store you might expect to pay $1 but one store was charging more and not giving any receipts. >> kirky lives in this public housing unit in san francisco. to make ends meet he shops at this dollar store.
6:46 pm
at least he did in until recently. >> look at the store. there is signs saying everything is $1 but it's not. >> he says these signs attract the poor with promise everything costs just $1. and there is item that's cost more. >> this upset me. i called 7 on your side. >> we checked and the sign out here claims everything is $1. but as soon as you go in and other signs say all clothes are $1.25. and all food is 1.25s skpdz sunglasses are 1.ta. he says it's cheap, and this may in the seem like much, but it means a lot to the poor, who shop here. >> they see a big sign saying everything, everything is $1.
6:47 pm
they rush into the store, everything is not $1. >> and i think it just taking advantage of the poor. >> and the store does not give a receipt. you have to ask for one head of time. this shopper was furious, her bill for two bags came to nearly $50. but there is no way to check the receipt. >> they told me they do not give receipts unless i asked for one. i asked her for one, she threw the things on the ground. >> the receipt showed she paid $1.25 for many items, others noticed, too. >> you're not going get anything for just 1s oodz it's right. but when you don't have that much money. >> the sign says one thing. >> we asked the owner why is sign says everything is $1
6:48 pm
when it isn't. he insisted that the sign is correct just that, there are some exceptions. >> the owner agreed to fix the problem. we're waiting to see that happen. >> and this turns out it caught attention of the san francisco district attorney telling the owner to make the sign preree flekt true price autos change the name or prices or remove the thing that's cost more than $1. >> so we went back to the store and this he told us he did change them. just hard to see. this print says up. >> and i think that is what is so sad. >> the district attorney tells us it's still reviewing this
6:49 pm
case, and why it's not providing receipts. >> and there is another check on the frosty forecast. >> and the sun. >> and there is a time lapse view and there is colors in the sunset and tomorrow morning there is highs up to 60 degrees today in santa cruz. and there is temperatures still into 30s by noon climbing into upper 40s and low 50s, by afternoon into mainly mid to upper 50s. there is chilly in the east bay. here is the accu-weather
6:50 pm
forecast. we'll have cold overnight and mornings possibly frosty but then over the weekend there is just sunny skies. and there is a at the moment not call fog for rainfall. >> and red hot.
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(man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. join me tonight at 9:00 and coming up then, this picture helps a politician solve his murder. >> and then at 11:00 the root
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cause of mail pattern baldness. researchers say this could mean a cure. it's coming up at kt 9:00 and 11:00. >> and there is giants fans enjoying an opportunity to spend moment was a coveted piece of hardware. >> the line stretched throughout the building. and there is where you can see the trophy tomorrow from 4:00 until 6:00 p.m. there is trophy visiting state capitol next. >> and every turn so wonder tofl fans about this. >> they have. >> and there is stanford fans have been celebrating. >> jim har daugh is a human trophy. >> yes. >> and there is where they
6:54 pm
carried football through unprecedented heights. and there is a return to campus following their route last night. and the 49ers want them. dolphins may be interested. and there luck has until january 15th. i was told money will not be the deciding factor. will not be. and there is comments on the situation. >> what is the perfect ses? >> this is talking on the phone, going from there. >> i won't put a time frame on it. i think it's jim's perfect ses. he's got four years left on the contract. we hope that he's at stanford
6:55 pm
just as long as we can keep him here. one when you're as good, others goring to come knocking. >> and he can probably have the university of michigan job if he wants it. and there is a question whether michigan may want to pay money. 49er woz love to introduce harbaugh as the coach. it may be the introduce of the gm we're told is imminent. and there is is dominoes lining up he may be leading stanford to the first 12 win season after night night's victory. and there is 49ers want to
6:56 pm
hire a gm first, john elway was at last night's orange bo. when asked about his future, jim has been evasive. >> and we're going to go out there and play as long as we can. >> and please, please, give me a break. >> players are anxious to find out whot new coach will be. >> there is going to be proud of guys in this room. what we bring to the table. >> if he turns to him there is a list of coaches coming for interviews including hugh jackman and as for raiders, the contract is up january 18th but has an option for a
6:57 pm
extension so. he'd have to let cable go, and jackson is in demand and may not want to wait around. cable has read rumor autos am i surprised? no. i'd like to discuss it with truewell. i don't know what the hell they're doing. >> and that will be a shame. and i've been through many of them. >> it starts with jim hardbaugh. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. closed captioning services, inc.
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